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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> it happened at the amtrak station at jack london square. more than a dozen people were hurt. alan wang is live at the station for us with the latest. alan? >> carolyn, we are a few blocks away from the oakland amtrak station where a major emergency response is taking place. you can look down there. the olympic -- the oakland fire department says 18 people were injured. we are told one of the trains was boarding and de boarding when another amtrak train on the same track slammed into it. the impact derailed one of the trains and now railroad inspectors are trying to figure out how this all
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happened. we are told it was the pacific starlight from seattle to l.a. that struck the other amtrak train that we have not been able to identify yet. the rare road worker said the mechanism was not activated and it is still in the wrong position that lead these two trains to collide. again coming back, the oakland fire department says at least 18 passengers have been injured in this collision of two amtrak trains. the railroad inspectors have arrived and they are trying to figure out how exactly this happened. for now alan wang reporting live at jack london square in oakland, abc news. >> thanks, alan. the memorial day drowning of an alameda man sparked a wrong of the death lawsuit. he walked into the water in an apparent suicide attempt. members stood and watched because they were not certified in water rescue. the rescue program was stopped in 2009.
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alameda officials admit it should not have happened, and the program should not have been canceled, but it is ment's -- it is little solace for his brother. >> i was truly shocked and outraged that there was no action taken to try and rescue him. >> the findings are we had a failure of leadership. we had a communications failure. people were misunderstanding each other. >> the alameda city manager says the water rescue program involved two former city officials. they have two rescue boats and have trained 60 firefighters in operating a boat and rescue swimming. >> the government is going after a new target in the battle over medicinal marijuana. according to california watch, the center for investigating president aring says other media outlets could face prosecution. leslie brinkly is following the story from san francisco. >> according to a california
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watch, federal prosecutors may be in the process of putting a letter together they send out to newspapers, radios, tv stations and on-line outlets. it tells them they are in violation of federal law if they air pot ads. now, all of the outlets told us they are shocked by it. >> the whole thing comes as a surprise to us. we always believe we were following the law and this is a legal product. we feel with all of the problems going on in the country today, why is the owe ba you ma administration -- the owe dash deesht bo ma administration cracking down on medical marijuana? >> they are accepting ads for medical cannabis. they place thousands of dollars in ads every month. it is the largest collective in california. just this one medical marijuana dispense repaid out $2 million in sales tax to the state of california last year and a million dollars in taxes to the city in oakland.
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>> one has to question this kind of an attack on a legal business that is creating jobs and tax revenue at the time of economic crisis. we have created over 120 well-paying jobs, and all of this stands to be lost due to the federal attack. >> there are fears that a crackdown could put some media outlets out of business because of the loss of ad revenue while california lauper mitts the sale of medical pot, federal law prohibits people from placing ads for illegal drugs. >> will you continue to sell ads? >> as long as it is legal in the state of california and the u.s. attorney doesn't tell us to stop. if we get a note from the u.s. attorney saying sze to stop selling these ads, we will have to make a decision at that point. >> federal officials could go so far as to seize property or prosecute. everybody is holding their breath to see what happens in the next couple days. reporting live in san francisco, leslie brinkly,
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abc7 news. >> thanks very much. >> the district attorney is opening a formal investigation into possible improprieties to mayor ed leigh's election campaign. the shuttle is at the center of the controversy. 17 of the employees donated $500 apiece to the campaign. the employees were reimbursed by the company. mayor lee denies the charges and says he returned the money. he says his campaign will cooperate with the investigation. >> our campaign is running a clean campaign. we have rules we established with the ethics commission. we welcome any. >> the commission is probing a donation as a possible laundered campaign contribution. one of lee's challengers, the city attorney, also asked state and federal prosecutors to look into this question.
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>> police in southern california say they are confident they have in custody the one and only gunman responsible for today's mass shooting. eight people were killed. another is in critical condition tonight. it happened at a hair salon in seal beach where friends of the salon owner say the gunman is the ex-husband of a stylist who works there. diana reports. >> reporter: as police took the suspect into custody, it was clear he was prepared for bloodshed. >> they had him by the shirt. when they pulled his shirt up, they realized he had on a bulletproof vest. they took the vest off. >> they pulled out body armor and magazines. >> a search of his truck yielded more weapons. just minutes earlier police say he unleashed a hail of bullets in the salon. >> i'm sure at this point if he shot from the entrance and people as they were shot ran seeking cover or shelter, but
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we have fatality throughout the salon. >> he killed eight people and critically wounded another. police have nomo tiff for the masacre. one woman says she believes the shooter targeted one of the victims. >> local reports suggest the suspect and one of the victims may have been involved in a custody battle. abc news, los angeles. at a town hall meeting, the mayor of east palo alto is promising to make the city's intersections safer including the one where a six-year-old girl died last month. she was killed in a crosswalk at bay road and gluer -- gloria way while walking to school. the hope is the changes will protect residents while crossing the streets. >> well, i would like to say i am 100% confident, but one never quite knows. we are looking at all intersections and we spent $3.5 million over two years. we will keep trying to make this community as pedestrian
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friendly as possible. >> rawero and ron davis believes they are still working on the case between the teacher who hit him. as for the intersection, the city is waiting to hear from a traffic consultant on the best way to proceed. more than a year after the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion the barricades have come down in the neighborhood. they held a ceremony to mark the occasion. the removal of the barricade that divided glen view drive opened up the street to those people walking and some even runing to celebrate. they went up after the explosion destroyed the neighborhood and killing eight people and leveling 38 homes. the crater caused by the blast was filled last month. the rebuilding process is getting underway. well, a lot more to bring you tonight as we continue the occupy movement expanding around the bay. up next, how today's march in san francisco ended with several arrests. >> and dozens of the bay area's corporate chiefs predict the future of the local economy. >> and most of us tip 15%. and now restaurant workers say
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they want a raise from all of us. >> and then late other "nightline." >> i'm bill wier. coming up, chilling testimony of how dr. conrad murray allegedly failed when michael jackson's life hung in the balance. and "avatar" director james cameron invites our cameras for a first look for his off the grid estate, and he tells us about
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to the occupy movement in san francisco as people tried to enter a wells fargo branch. it occupied both sides of market street. we spoke with a protest organizer as well as an unidentified wells fargo employee. >> personally my parents lost their home. it was foreclosed on. when they moved into my uncle's house, his house was foreclosed on. >> i know what their message is. it is not corporate greed. it started because people bought houses they couldn't afford with money they didn't have. >> the groups involved in today's protests say they want banks to pay their fair share of taxes and to accept their
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responsibility in their role. and the occupy movement makes its presence felt in the suburbs. the same message against corporate greed was delivered in walnut creek today. people were asking for banks to be held accountable. all of the banks received the bailout money and claim the money has been paid back with interest. bay area business leaders say the economy is expressing strong disappointment with the pace of the economic recovery. the council surveyed the chief executives and fell 2% and the economy will be substantially better over the next six months. 33% say it will be moderately better. 46% believe it will be the same. another 16% say it will be worse. 2% predict it will be substantially worse. 60% says it likely means there will be no new hiring in the next six months. america's second richest man is revealing how much he made last year. warren buffet says he earned
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almost $63 million in 2010. the billionaire investor disclosed the amount in a letter to republican congressman. they have been sparing over the president's plan to increase taxes for the wealthiest americans. buffet supports the plan. he says he pays less tax than hi secretary as a percent -- less tax than his scekt -- than his secretary as a percentage. a contra costa times reports there is a move on to make 25% the standard tip in san francisco restaurants. it is not clear how this would be enforced. right now the restaurant norm is 15 to 20%. the irs says 15% is a good rate for tax purposes. well let's move to the weather forecast as we hit midweek, and it is not looking too bad. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is next with what is ahead jie. you will need short sleeves tomorrow and a cold drink. it will be warm again tomorrow afternoon. back by popular demand, here
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is a look at the highs for today. 84 in concord and up to 82 in san jose. napa, 83 in santa rosa. look at the coastline. it was beautiful weather. sunny skies and 78 in san francisco. 76 degrees in half moon bay. santa cruz reaching 83 degrees this afternoon. count on the temperatures to be about the same, if not slightly higher tomorrow. the high definition east bay hills camera showing you a view from this evening. you can see as we look across the bay we have midand high clouds this afternoon and evening. it gave us a nice colorful glow there as the sun was getting ready to set. and tonight this is a time lapse from a couple hours ago. it is a wayneing moon. 99% of full, and it is so clear outside, no fog to speak of. we got this crystal clear image of the moon. the temperatures in the upper 50s to the upper 60s. so it is still quite comfortable outside. here are the highlights, fog free and a few high clouds. warmer weather through friday. and then it is going to turn a
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little cooler by this weekend. no rain inside, at least not yet. here is a look at the satellite picture. higher pressure over the pacific northwest providing us with the offshore flow. north, northeasterly wind which is what has kept us nice and clear in terms of keeping the fog away this afternoon. and the fog will stay away. tonight do look for clear skies and mild conditions and mid50s to the low 60s by morning. when you wake up, you head out the door for the morning commute, and it will be clear. fog is not going to be a problem. the sun will be out early. it will be a warm afternoon again with 70s to 80s. the temperatures running above normal this time of year. and it is not just here locally. look at the numbers. los angeles 98 degrees. you had a record high of 99. 102 in palm springs. a warm afternoon tomorrow in yosemite, 84. 81 for reno and 87 for sacramento. highs for thursday in the bay area, really nice, warm day. 88 in los gatos and 86 for san
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jose. on the peninsula, 80 in san mateo and 84 in palo alto. sunshine near the coast, and you will enjoy another beautiful fall afternoon. 76 in half moon bay. it is beach weather. 74 in the sunset district and 78 in downtown san francisco. north bay communities, mid80s for santa rosa, petaluma. 82 in san rafael. head out toward the east bay, and it is up to 82 degrees in oakland and 80 in hercules, berkeley. the inland areas are really running warm. they are warmer than average. 87 in concord. for the monterey bay, 84 degrees in santa cruz. enjoy this beach weather. we have 70s the next two days. upper 80s inland. it is going to change. cooler and a few more clouds over the weekend. and we are looking at much cooler weather by tuesday and into wednesday. dropping back down into the 70s. right now rain chances re-enter tuesday night into wednesday. but it is still far away. >> thanks, sandhya. stay with us, we will be back in a moment. >> we will have m m m m m m m mm
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blackberry e-mail and messaging is back up tonight, but it continues to have
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problems with browsing. service interest interruptions -- service interruptions started overseas and then spread to north america. this after several days of sporadic delays. this was the biggest outage in years for blackberry users. a local police department is warning parents about a new method that teenagers are using to consume alcohol. ready for this one? hollister police posted a warning about kids soaking gummy bears in vodka. they learned about them from tutorials on youtube. the booze bears take a day or two to make. the biggest thing is many don't realize how many they -- how much they are ingesting and eating them like candy. it has turn need a nationwide problem. >> who would have thong? -- who would have thunk? you have to hear jim harbough on how to keep the 49ers razor sharp. he is looking for a tiny
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little man. he is a big man from texas and he has the rangers on the verge of heading back to the world series. sports is next.
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two trains collided at the amtrak station at jack london square. >> more than a dozen people were hurt. alan wang is live with the latest. alan? >> we are just about two block frtz oakland amtrak station. they say they were on the amtrak train out of bakersfield. many were still in their seats when they were slammed from behind. it jolted everybody and knocked a lot of people out of their seats. this train behind me which we believe was the pacific starlight that runs from seattle to l.a. it is now about 18 passengersthat are injured. most of the injuries from what
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we saw were whiplash and those to the elderly and people who were in wheelchairs there. we are not sure what happened, but we can see some inspectors looking at the switch which is just behind me. upon looking at it myself, the train railroad switch track has not switched over in the position that would push the pacific starlight on to the other track so it could go around the bakersfield amtrak train. so that appears to be what happened. how this train slammed into the back of this other one. there is a derailment, a small derailment here, but there is no major injuries that we have heard of at this time. i'm alan wang reporting live down at jack london square at the oakland amtrak station. back to you guys. >> thanks, alan.
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good evening, everybody. the texas rangers reached the world series last year only to be beaten by the san francisco giants. now the rangers themselves are one win away from returning to the fall classic. game 4, alcs was delayed by more than two hours. a long night at the yard. rangers are up 3-2 in the seventh. a solo homer and tie itself at three apiece. to the eighth. men at the corners and a flyball to right. nelson cruz and he has a cannon for an arm. cabrera tagging up and he runs like a tank and is toast. that was not even close. tigers' closer lights out in the regular season, but this was an 11th inning to forget. a bloop to single and hamilton is safe. 4-3 texas. next up nelson cruz again and he did it with the arm and does it with the bat. aloha. his fourth homer of the post
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season. a three-1 rack. -- jack. texas is victorious. cardinal legends included bob gibson and stan the man for game three. nlcs in st. louis. albert pujols, hue strong is -- how strong is he? the cards with four runs in the first. milwaukee comes back and former athletic mark kotsay deep on carpenter to make it a 4-3 game in the thirdment -- in the third. brut the scoring ends there. 4-3 the final. the cardinals take a 2-1 series lead. the death of al davis has lead to a void in the raider organization. head coach hugh jackson now has more input on personnel and the raiders made a move. they are going to acquire curry from seattle for a pair of draft choices. two years ago curry was the fourth overall selection out of wake forest. the raiders play the browns on
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sunday and jackson says mr. davis would only want one thing. >> it is the bottom line, coach wouldn't want it any other way. he didn't want anybody in there talking about him or going through this, that and the other. he wants this team to play football. we have done our grieving and paid our respects the right way and will continue to do so. >> meanwhile, the 49ers' linebacker patrick willis' stats were unbelievable last weekend. 18 tackles and a fumble recovery in a huge route over tampa bay. for that willis was named the nfc defensive player of the week. there is jim harbaugh. he has the 49ers in first place at 4 and 1. they face 5 and 0 detroit lions on sunday. coach harbaugh says overconfidence for his club will not be a problem. he is looking out for one thing. >> there is a guy that walks
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around by the name of fed rick p soft. frederick soft is a guy that sits on your shoulder and talks into your ear. if we see or hear any evidence of him being on the premises we will act quickly and decisively to get him out of here. >> if you see frederick p soft lurking anywhere be sure to alert jim harbough. that is your toyota sports report. >> he is about yay big. >> i am a little concerned, dan. >> i hoe coaching in the envelope is stressful. -- in the nfl is stressful. >> that was confirmed. >> little four inch men wandering around. >> freddy soft. >> freddy p soft. >> we will be on the lookout. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. 1r* a great night.
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