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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 13, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. computers who use amtrak heads-up this station is closed. crews work to cleanup the aftermath of a train crash. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the oakland police department. could a controversy in the department from 11 years ago have played a role in the resignation of chief batts? i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. what offshore wins will mean for temperatures today? live look of the bay bridge toll plaza. we will be following that amtrak delay for you with ways to get around that. that means a lot going on this morning. 5 a.m. on this thursday. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze.
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let's begin with that developing news. no amtrak service through oakland after two trains collided at the jack london square station last night injuring 16. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: the station is still shutdown. check out the scene behind me. crews are hard at with work trying to the trains moved from the tracks. they are still here. they will be offering a bus bridge this morning between this station here in oakland and the emeryville station. there's no word about when this will be reopening. the two trains were pulled apart a little after 4:00 this morning. they hit head-on 10:00 last night. ones with stopped unloading. the other coming in. they both had passengers. amtrak is calling this a low speed collision. 16 were hurt, injuries all minor. still, the passengers say it was scary.
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>> i was on my phone and i heard a big crash and didn't know what happened. everyone got off the train, couple people hurt. looked serious. >> what happened to you? >> i got jolted a little. i got hit in the back. i was leaning forward and the train hit and threw me into the back of my see the. >> reporter: a firefighter said the inbound train operator ran through a red signal light. amtrak officials wouldn't comment. they say this is still under investigation. of course, the federal officials will be coming in this morning to take a look. the two trains are the san joaquin line between bakersfield and oakland and the coast starlight which runs from l.a. to seattle. again, bus bridges go you need to get between emeryville and oakland. amtrak will be offering refunds. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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5:02. bay area will find out later today who will replace anthony batts as chief of the oakland police department. batts announced his resignation this week. we are finding out he quit following the release of a highly critical report. terry mcsweeney is live at police headquarters. >> reporter: oakland police are not moving fast enough to make the reforms that were ordered, required by a federal judge. the order came down seven years ago. that report came out this week, a day or two hater, batts resigned as police chief. -- or two later, batts resigned as police chief. he says he was not allowed to do what he needed to do to fight crime because of a bureaucracy that made change impossible. >> no chief wants to be in a position where he or she has been held accountable but does not have the power to make an impact. >> reporter: the report obtained by the chronicle says
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the oakland police depend was going back wars in making reforms, stemming from the case in 2000, when four officers were accused of beating and framing suspects. the officers called themselves the riders. no convictions in that case. the city paid out millions to victims. the report from a court appointed monitor lays the blame on the leadership of the oakland police department saying it must be the impetus for reform. the report says mayor kwan is fully committed to making reforms. oakland is going to be in court in january trying to show the judge that they have made an effort to make these reforms if that doesn't happen, the federal government could exert more influence on oakland pd. as far as the next chief, interim chief howard jordan that announcement will be made today. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. we are learning this morning that the ceo of the bankrupt bay other solar panel
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maker solyndra has stepped down. court documents show brian harrison resigned last friday, two weeks after he appeared before a congressional panel and refused to answer questions about the loan solyndra received. solyndra wants to hire our todd nielsen to handle the case. nielsen has a background in forensic accounting. san francisco's d.a. is opening a formal investigation into possible improprietys involving donations to mayor ed lee's campaign. the go-lorrie's company is at the center of the controversy. the employees were reimbursed by the company. mayor lee denies doing anything wrong. he says he's already returned the money. he says his campaign will cooperate with the investigation. >> our campaign is running a very clean campaign. we have rules that when we established with the cooperation of --
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[ inaudible ] our books wide open. i would be there to open them. >> the california fair political practices commission is probing the toe nations as possible launder -- the donations as possible laundered contributions. bay area registrars are busy adding languages to their elections material and hiring bilingual workers. if 5% of adults or 10,000 people speak the same language, that county must provide help for that language. that means alameda county has to add vietnamese. napa has to add spanish for the first time. the rules are effective immediately. the state says they will be enforced in the next election. new report indicates foreclosures on the rise again. the number of homes that
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received the first time default notice up 14% from last quarter. california has the second highest rate in the u.s.. 1 in 88 homes in the state received a foreclosure notice last quarter. increase seen as a sign that banks are moving more agrees civil against borrowers. real estate -- the latest foreclosure report certain to add fuel to the occupied movement protesting wealth inequality. members of occupy san francisco took their message to headquarters of wells far san francisco yesterday. police arrested 11 after they tried to force their way into that building. the groups say they want banks to pay their fair share of taxes and to accept responsibility for their role in causing the economic crisis. >> the occupied movement is making its presence felt in suburbs. the same message of corporate
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greed, anti-wall street was on display in walnut creek yesterday. again people were asking for banks to be held accountable. activists plan to hold a rally in richmond today. time for the forecast. i need to ask leigh glaser how easy it was for her to get up this morning many she did this shift for 13 years. >> i know. -- being the÷(dp bearer of good news should help. >> i haven't even been to bed, i'm teasing. check out some of these current temperatures oakland 64°, 63 in redwood city now. san francisco clear, 61, 58 san jose north bay chilly with napa clear. folks it is offshore winds, the arch moving in winds moving from land to sea will warm us up today. santa rosa 86. 80 for san francisco.
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half moon bay 76. antioch 87. concord 87. livermore 898. santa cruz 84. -- hollister 8 -- 78. temperatures will start to cool off a bit saturday, sunday as more high clouds start to move in. winds shift to more onshore, cooler wind direction, cooler next week too. here's traffic with sue. we are going back to the amtrak situation. you can expect delays if you travel via amtrak this morning on several of the lines capital corridor, coast starlight and ace train san joaquin because of this earlier accident that amy hollyfield has been reporting. jack london square station, service suspended for the time being. bus in place. we have a cal game this evening at at&t park expect
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delays around game time, 6:00. southbound 680 moving well towards the 24 junction. san mateo bridge moving well, no problems, taillights headed in westbound towards hayward, no problems. 5:10. the candid online posting that one google employee regrets sending. local business leaders predict the future of the bay area economy. what it says about the local job market. plus, the effect the economy is having on the nation's birthrate. the orange and black sf one of the best known logos in the bay other, but it turns out the giants may not own it. the surprising reason why, coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. probably going to cost more to heat your home this winter. oil to average 8% more than last year, propane 7% more natural gas up 5%. heating with electricity should be 1% cheaper. after saying the wealthy bone pay enough in taxes, warren buffett is revealing his income. he says he made almost 63 million dollars last year, 40
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million taxable and paid under seven million in taxes or about 17% that's america's money. i'm rob nelson. he blackberry, e-mail and messaging is back up this morning but continues to have problems with browsing. service interruptions started monday overseas. yesterday it had spread to north america. this after two days of sporadic outage across europe, mideast and africa. this was the biggest outage in years for blackberry users. bay area business leaders expressing strong disappointment with the pace of the economic recovery. bay area council surveyed 450 chief executives and found only 2% expect the economy to substantially be better over the next six months. 33% say it will be moderately better. 46% believe it will be the same. another 16% say it will be worse. 2% say it will be substantially worse. 60% say it is likely to mean
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there will be no new hiring for the next six months. slow down in the economy has lead to a slow down in fertility. report by the pew research center found fewer babies were born last year in 2007 before the recession began 4.3 million babies were born in the u.s.. three years later that number fell to four million. >> we are looking at 1% decrease with older women and 6% with younger women. those younger women will have kids but it will be delayed. it is not a dramatic dip. but it is another indication of how the recession has impacted americans. >> the report found hispanics who were hardest hit bay the recession had the biggest fertility decline. the only states that didn't see a decline was north dakota, which has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. 5:15. several businesses, churches and neighbors in san jose joining the protest against corporate america.
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they are withdrawing their money from two of the country's biggest banks. a community cup is behind the strategy to get banks to reduce foreclosures and increase loan modifications. a church is closing two accounts with about bank of america and moving three million dollars to a credit union. >> we have 5,000 or more families in the parish. the word spreads. the word will spread. i hope it makes a difference. bank of america says it has modified more than 593,000 mortgages in california. wells fargo is being targeted buy the group. you used to hearing about apple engineers -- now a google engineer messed up big time the engineer published to the whole world a long honest rant on google's failure to create a powerful platform that encourages outside developers to build on it.
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he even calls out the co-founders and ceo. it was all moved to his google plus profile instead of just for google employees. he has taken it down saying it was his own decision. there's a trademark battle over the san francisco logo that you see on giants jerseys and jackets. the chronicle records giants and major league baseball never trademarked the logo. in march it was used on knock off clothing. the company is suing the giants in an effort to protect their right to use the logo. the suit is not expected to go far. federal law still protects unregistered trademarks and the logo is associated with the giants. are you kidding me! suing the giants? >> that's right. something they did hundreds of millions of years ago, but they didn't. >> leigh nice to have you. >> thanks guys.
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you can't beat this 70s and 80s. those numbers will be at the coast at well. if you have the afternoon off go to the beach. beautiful live shot from our sutro cam. incredible visibility this morning as higher pressure is bidding in. temperatures starting off this hour quite -- building in. temperatures starting off this hour mild, oakland 64, chilly in the north bay napa 53. 53 in antioch and 60 in mountain view. san jose clear 58°. today warm, inland at our beaches as well temperatures climb into the 70s and 80s clear and mild overnight. as we into saturday, sunday, temperatures will start to cool off. high pressure starting to build. all the clouds heading to the north of the bay area, a few
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high clouds reported, otherwise high pressure will be in today and tomorrow. weather fronts, jet stream well to the north of us. circulation between high pressure to the north and lower pressure to the south, going to have to generate those warm offshore winds. warm for us here in the bay area as you head into southern california, los angeles yesterday close to 100° they are going to do that again this afternoon. for us, how about warm conditions with 80s expected in san jose, 86, 88 los gatos at the beaches is where you want to be today, 76 -- 76 half moon bay. in the north bay, 80s with 86 for santa rosa. sausalito 80. 86 napa. east bay oakland down sloping winds will warm up to 82. intear -- interior east bay
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mid to upper 80s close to 90°. livermore 88. 88 brentwood. 87 concord. santa cruz this afternoon 84°. 88 gilroy. the next seven days, tomorrow much like today. more nice, warm weather. saturday, sunday, onshore winds moves back, cool us down a little next week even cooler. here's our traffic now with sue. good morning. still looking if you are just joining us, looking at amtrak delays. capital corridor jack london square station service suspended bus bridge in place between emeryville and oakland. this could affect the coastal starlight, capital corridor, ace train number 1 getting a 15 minute delayed start out of stockton. i have a feeling that will be
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the case for ace, certainly for amtrak. drive times out of santa rosa to novato less than 30 minutes. highway 4 not bad, 580 good ride towards the dublin interchange. 280 san jose northbound headed towards cupertino light. bay bridge light behind the toll plaza, no lights so far. for the latest. 5:21. the hack attack targeting some of hollywood's best known celebrities, next. researchers develop a touch screen tablet computers tailored for the blind. taxes or about 8%. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson. [ beep ]
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a jacksonville, florida man is facing 121 in federal prison for hacking celebrities's website. federal officials say christopher cheney used a program that sent a duplicate of any messages the stars received to his own account even if they changed their passwords he would know about it. >> using these methods cheney stole not only private and personal photographs of the victims, he took financial information, movie scripts and conversations that the victims believed to be private. >> he with was arrested after a year long investigation called operation -- he was charged with aggravated identity theft. illegal where wiretapping and computer hacking. bay area contact lens
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manufacturer is being pressured buy the federal government to reissue a recall. they announced in august it was recalling 600,000 tack lenses under the -- contact lenses. the fda says the company needs to do more to alert wearers that the defect may cause red eye and blurred vision. visit for more details on the lenses that have been recalled. engineers have developed a new app that creates a braille keyboard and computer tablets. it could revolutionize how the visually impaired use computers. key as line and adjust based on finger size and spacing. the program turns pages of braille into readable text. >> who knows what we are going to get because of this device. it is opening a door that wasn't open before.
5:26 am
>> currently, the visually impaired must use desktop-based software or special laptops with braille displays. 5:26. no service for amtrak in oakland after two trains collide. injuring passengers. we are live with the early results of the investigation. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the oakland police department. we are finding out about a new report highly critical of the police department leadership. also chief batts had a copy of it before he announced his resignation this week. the story coming up. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser most of the country today enjoying mild temperatures, chilly in seattle today, 58, hot in phoenix, 98, dallas 80, 60 five in chicago with rain there, 73 in new york city. -- no problems statewide
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towards the east chicago o'hare reporting 30 minute delays for departing flights. you can see the rain is coming down. you may find problems as you head towards new york, laguardia airport 30 minute delays. for more information stay connected with us, with
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good morning. amtrak crews are hoping to have this station open later this morning. they are with working to clear the after fact of -- aftermath of a train crash. a partnership said to be stimulating the downed economy. why is the government trying to put an end to it? medical marijuana dispensaries and media advertisers are being targeted. the story is coming up. this hour, temperatures in the mid 60s. get ready for a warm-up today.
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ace train delays and amtrak issues. all that and more coming up. it is a thursday. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> developing news out of oakland. the capital corridor train will be delayed and riders will be taking a bus from emeryville to oakland because the tracks are blocked at jack london square by wreck from a collision last night that injured 16. amy hollyfield is there. there's new information from amtrak? >> reporter: we are just now hearing that they are hoping to have this open in time for the 6:30 train if you take the 4:30 or 5:30 train it is not coming through here. look behind me and check out why the trains that crashed are still on the tracks. they are working hard to clear them off. but, they are still here so the 4:30 and 5:30 don't expect
5:31 am
them to come through. the two trains were pulled apart after 4:00 this morning many crews are trying to clear the tracks. and figure out why the crash happened. one inbound train slammed into a stopped train that was unloading at 10:00 last night at the oakland station. amtrak says it was a low speed collision. estimates put the train traveling at about 10 miles per hour. the people who were hurt suffered minor injuries. 16 people were injured. those onboard and those who saw the accident say ways a scary experience. >> me and my mom were waiting for him. all of a sudden we hear this big explosion. we thought i was a forklift. we were trying to see what was going on. the conductor walked me back in with way and i seen all that rubble it was a head to head collision with the trains. i find out my brother, fell off his wheelchair rolled all the with way back, got a nick
5:32 am
on the face. now he's in agony right now from his neck to his back. >> reporter: his brother was coming in from fresno. --. this morning they are running bus bridges between the emeryville station and oakland station if you need to get between the two. or amtrak is offering refunds if you don't want to mess with the hassle. again, they are hoping to have it open in time for the 6:30 train. stay with us, that could change. live in oakland, abdulmutallab -- amy hollyfield, abc7 news. oakland's mayor and city administrator are set to namevç the police chief this morning. word that batts' resignation came after a new report ripping the department's
5:33 am
efforts to cleanup after the rider scandal. >> reporter: the interim chief is going to be announced 1:00 this afternoon, expected to be howard jordan. whoever it is, they are going to have a lot to do the report released this week says court ordered reforms in the oakland police department with were not done under chief batts. batts making his resignation tuesday saying he couldn't get anything done because of the bureaucracy. the mayor and city council would not let the chief be the chief, he said. and he gave example. >> i have a crime-related problem that is in the community, i have to be able to move resources. there's laws within the city of oakland now that says i cannot touch 75 officers. >> reporter: the report released before the resignation says the court ordered reform stemming from the case in 2000 are not happening fast enough f at in
5:34 am
2000, four officers were charged with beating and framing suspects. the officers called themselves the riders. no officers were convicted. the city paid millions in a civil suit. also, these reforms were required as part of that settlement. one priorities with was to implement reforms. the report says there has been a reversal in reaching those goals. if the city does not get its act together and prove to the federal judge in january that they are making progress, the federal government could exert a control over the oakland police department. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:34. first landlords were put on notice. now the justice department says it will go after newspapers and broadcasters that run ads for medical marijuana. medicinal pot is legal under california law, but not under federal law. >> reporter: sticky situation.
5:35 am
some media outlets and medical marijuana dispensaries in california are on the same side of a legal battle. california watch has uncovered a plan by federal prosecutors to begin targeting newspapers, tv stays and radio stations that run advertisements for -- medical marijuana dispensaries. federal law does state it is illegal for a person to place an ad for an illegal dug, including marijuana. medical marijuana is -- in california. california watch talked with an attorney who specializes in defending marijuana cases. he says the law is legit but not clear. the director of a dispensary in oakland wonders, why now? >> one has to question the wisdom of this kind of attack on a legal business, with which is creating jobs and tax revenue, at a time of economic crisis. we have created over 120 well-paying jobs.
5:36 am
all of this stands to be lost due to the federal attack. >> reporter: the health center claims to have paid out two million dollars in sales tax to california last year. and one million dollars to oakland. the guardian runs medical pot ads the executive editor there says he did not see this coming and he too believes the country has bigger problems. this targeting of the media comes weeks after the federal government began sending let landlords and property owners who rent space for medical marijuana dispensaries. those letters warn the landlords they could be critical -- criminally like for what their tenants are doing. alameda faces lawsuit over a controversial memorial day dunning. a man walked into the beach in an apparent suicide attempt. the rescue program was stopped
5:37 am
in 2009. alameda officials admit it shouldn't have been stopped. little solace to zack's brother. >> totally shocked and outraged that there was no action taken to try to rescue him. >> the findings are with we had a failure of leadership. we had a communications failure people were using jargon and misunderstanding each other. >> robert zack intends to sue the city. his lawyer says an independent report released two weeks ago doesn't explain why the rescue program ended even though it had funding. that program has since been reinstated. two state assembly men representing the bay area are teaming up today to introduce ledge that could force utilities to stop using a potentially dangerous type of plastic gas pipe. an explosion and fire august 31st, destroy a condo in cupertino. it was caused by a leaking plastic pipe manufactured decades ago. pg&e says it with will replace
5:38 am
the pipes at the site next month. in 1998 federal safety officials recommended that utilities phase out or replace the potentially about it pipe. assembly members say pg&e and state regulators never acted on that. their measure will require them to do it. 5:38. mike nicco off today. leigh glaser is here, did you see how she is dressing the part? >> absolutely. 80s? >> 70s and 80s. you have to does the part today. leave at -- leave the wool home. san francisco clear 61, oakland 64. 60 mountain view, 55 half moon bay in the north bay napa chilly clear, 52°. most temperatures from this time yesterday, check out oakland up 7° from this time yesterday. up 2° for san francisco and novato up 1° half moon bay and
5:39 am
livermore. offshore winds, we are going to heat up nicely today. by noon, much of the bay area mid to upper 70s. by this afternoon, get ready for temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 80s. 85 livermore. even the coast warms up with downsloping winds half moon bay 4:00 this afternoon around 74°. terrific day on tap for the entire bay area. here's traffic with sue. capital corridor issues once again amtrak is us is spefpbed at jack london square because of a collision. bus bridge in place, this will affect the ace train 1 off to a 15 minute delayed start out of the central valley. stall san francisco northbound 280 at caesar chavez blocking the off-ramping.
5:40 am
westbound 580 central valley just getting of an accident cheered out of lanes past grant line. bay bridge toll plaza light, mites are off. -- metering lights are off. why soon a human may not be at the other end of a line when you call a major transit agency. holiday parking bonanza that has turned into a moneymaker for san francisco. many of us tip 15%, 20%. but 25! why restaurant workers say they deserve a raise from us.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. golden gate transit and ferry customers, the next time call the information center you may get an automated voice. today the district's transportation committee is scheduled to vote on chains to the customer service center. the plan includes reducing hours of operation, employees and switching to an automate voice system. the move could save three million dollars over the next decade. the district is facing an 89 million dollar shortfall for the next five years. new report says san francisco is raking in tens of thousands of dollars in parking meter fines on holidays that used to be tree. starting last july the city started operating meters on memorial day, 4th of july,
5:44 am
labor day and veterans day. the examiner reports the city has raked in an extra $75,000 in fines on each of those days. many times from drivers caught by suprise. city parking control officers are issuing 72% more citations than before on those days. the only free parking days left in the city are thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day. eating out in san francisco can be a great experience. is it great enough for a 25% standard tip? there's a move on to make 25% the standard tip in san francisco restaurants. it is not clear how that would be enforced. right now the norm is 15 to 20%. the irs says 15% is a good rate for workers tax purposes. >> >> 5:44. another airline starts charging extra for passengers packing extra pounds. the bloomberg business report is coming up. nine, nine, nine catching
5:45 am
on. the big boost republican presidential candidate herman cain is getting from his controversial tax plan. >> the dangerous new trend among teens golfing gummi bears and alcohol. ebay's -- ton make shopping for anything a snap. [ beep ]
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good morning. if you are traveling around state today, checkfqyç out los angeles, the city going to be hot with 98°, palm springs 104. 90 in san diego. if you want cooling head up to the north coast eureka, 63°. 5:48. the first votes in the 2010 of presidential race could be cast in less than two months. new hampshire is considering moving up its primary to december 6th. if the votes were to take place today, there might be a surprising victor. new "wall street journal"/nbc poll has herman cain leading with 27%. romney 23%, within the margin of error. cain says he is more than just the flavor of the week. >> there's a difference between the flavor of the week and haagen-dazs black walnut, because it tastes good all the time. >> cain is gaining recognition with a plan he calls nine, nine, nine, 9%, personal
5:49 am
income flat tax, 9% corporate business nat tack and 9% national sales tax. critics say it will have americans paying more in tax. congressman spear is hoping to put an end to the debate over online sales tax collection. spear has co-authored a bill to allow the tax called the amazon tax giving states more authority to require online retailers to collect taxes even from companies who don't have a physical presence in sthaoeutss. ebay is set to introduce technology to help customers track a product by taking is picture. adding an image recognition feature to ebay's mobile app. you see someone wearing shoes you like snap a picture upload to ebay and the service will display similar items on its website.
5:50 am
not clear if the technology would only work for clothing or for any other product. >> i don't know, taking a picture of the ferrari on the street will result in another ferrari appearing there. 5:50. >> i'm sure they are working on it. >> nice day to have a convertible. temperatures 70s and 80s. i love this time of year, because that's when we get those offshore winds. we are concerned about the possibility of [ inaudible ] this time of year we have to be concerned about that. what a beautiful shot we have interest our cam, looking down towards the bays, wonderful, clear visibilities across the bay area. mild temperatures right now. if you are walking out 64 oakland. 61 san francisco. 63 redwood city. clear skies bringing cooler temperatures this hour. napa 52. 55 novato. 58 in san jose.
5:51 am
half moon bay 55°, half moon bay will climb into the 70s by this afternoon. get ready for a warm day. not only inland also at our beaches. the coast 70s maybe low 80s. chief and mile overnight. we start to cool -- clear and mild overnight. we start to cool into saturday and sunday. ridge of high pressure building, pushing the low clouds and fog well to the north of the bay area. high pressure to the north, lower pressure to the south. combination of these two is warming us up warmer today with slight offshore winds warming from land to sea. warm the bay area. hot temperatures expected in southern california. get out and enjoy 88 for los gatos. cupertino 85. 86 san jose. beaches, half moon bay 76 .
5:52 am
pacifica, finally no fog, 72 today. 83 menlo park. redwood city 83. san francisco 80°. daly city 73. in the north bay, some locations near 90 could possibly top off 90°. novato 85. 84 vallejo east bay oakland downsloping winds, hercules 80°. interior east bay mid to upper 80s possibly 90s for brentwood and livermore. concord today 87. danville 86 at the coast santa cruz terrific beach day there, 84°. we do it again tomorrow, warm temperatures for the bay area. saturday, sunday, onshore winds, cooler wind direction that's when we start to cool down. cooler next tuesday and wednesday. that's your forecast, get out
5:53 am
and enjoy today. we still have a hot spot in your commute that would be the capital corridor amtrak strains still delayed through jack london square. bus bridge in place between emeryville and oakland due to over light crash the tracks, still on the tracks. 4:30, 5:30 trains have not gone out. ace train delay number 115 minutes behind. train 3 is on time out of the central valley. 280 northbound caesar chavez to san francisco stall blocking off-ramp and right lane. highway 4 toll plaza metering lights still off. we are moving right long, thanks a lot. 5:53. >> ia we are sorry for letting you down that's the message for bay area research in
5:54 am
motion to its blackberry users. >> here's jane king with the business report. >> research in motion apologizing to blackberry customers for service disruptions. customers experiencing problems for three days on some continents. the company says a core switch failure is the course of the problem. apple getting ready to raise curtain on a new movie streaming plan. apples in talks with hollywood studios to provide films to its icloud storm system intensifying competition with netflix and red box. airtran adopting controversial policy requireing customers' size. starting march 1st, that does for any passenger who can't fit in one seat with the arm rest lowered. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:54. new report says california's proposed high speed rail project could cost more than
5:55 am
three times the official 43 billion dollar cost estimate. a trio of bay area analysts, including entrepreneur warren figured the true cost will be 138 billion dollars. the revised costs comes from new construction developments, lower than expected federal contributions and the cost of borrowing the different. former board member conceded the true cost to be -- could be well more but says they are not qualified to make projections for the project. hundreds of tons of oil spilled now appears to be breaking up. once pristine beaches are a mess. authorities are trying to keep the back half of the ship from sinking. if that doesn't with work the only other option is to work the leaking ship into shallower water before it sinks.
5:56 am
dozens are of cargo containers have fallen into the water. police department warning parents about a new method teens are using to consume alcohol. kids getting drunk by soaking gummi bears in srod chasm the practice has become more popular in large part to, tutorials found on youtube. the booze bears are odorless and take a day or two to make. many teens don't realize how much alcoholer ingesting. officials say -- teens could get drunk dangerously fast. multi-million dollar withdrawal. the new protest tactic that could hit banks where it really hurts. big meeting coming together for -- coming today for two hikers. the political heavy hitter they will be sitting down with this morning. >> reporter: we have an estimated time this oakland amtrak station will be opening.
5:57 am
i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland, all the details coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. crews are hoping to get this amtrak station open this morning. they are working to clear the aftermath of a head-on collision


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