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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the oakland police department. this morning we are finding out about a new report highly critical of police chief batts. it came out the day before he announced his resignation. the story coming up in a live report. temperatures in the 70s, maybe 80s today. good morning i'm sue hall. live look at the golden gate bridge flowing smoothly. we have ace train delays and amtrak issues. happy thursday. more on that in a few. we are tracking all of that for you. 6 a.m. on this thursday day morning. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. right now developing news investigators and amtrak engineers busy inspecting tracks in oakland hoping to resume rail service shortly after one train rammed into another late last night at the jack london square station. more than a dozen passengers were injured. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: we have progress to report.
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they've moved one of the trains off the tracks in the last few minutes. clear track behind me. theyhave one more train they have to get off the track before they can open the station. -- you can see the damage done. we have a good advantage point of the front of that train. you can see the point of impact was it ran into the other train. the trains were pulled apart at 4:00 this morning. they were joined together after a head-on collision that happen 10:00 last night. 16 people were hurt. they all suffered minor bumps and bruises, possibly one broken arm reported. both of the trains did have people onboard. one was at the station unloading the other was pulling in. amtrak says waits a low speed crash. -- amtrak says it was a low speed crash. >> i was on my phone all of a study heard a big crash and didn't know what happened. everyone got off the train, couple people hurt looked
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pretty serious. >> what happened to you? >> i just got jolted a little i got hit in the back. train hit and threw me in the back of my seat. >> reporter: firefighters last night side one of the operators ran through a red signal lie. amtrak says it has no comment about that. -- this is still under investigation. the train coming in was on the san joaquin line from bakersfield to oakland it was rifing from fresno. it hit a train from -- from the coast starlight line which travels from l.a. to seattle. bus bridges between emeryville and oakland stations that is available if you need to get between the two stations if you den want to mess with the hassle of it all. -- amtrak is offering refunds. their goal to have the station open by 6:30. they've made progress. we'll let you know if it going to happen. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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also, the bay area will find out later today who will replace anthony batts as chief of the oakland police department until a permanent chief is hired. batts announced his resignation this week. now we are finding out he quit a day after receiving a report highly critical of his department. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland police headquarters. >> reporter: that report said the oakland police department is not moving fast enough to implement court-ordered reforms. we are finding out that chief batts got that report monday. he announced his resignation tuesday. take a look at the press conference with where he announced his resignation. he was blaming tuesday the city council and bureaucracy saying he wasn't allowed to do the job because of a bureaucracy that made change impossible. >> no chief wants to be in a position where he or she has been held accountable but does not have power to make an
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impact. >> reporter: the report obtained by the chronicle says the oakland police department was going backwards in making reforms required stemming from the case in 2000 when four officers were accused of beating and traumaing suspects. the officers called them self the righters no convictions in that case. the city paid million as a result civil cases. the report from a court appointed monitor lays the blame on the leadership of the department. saying it must be the impetus for reform. the report says that mayor kwan is fully committed to making these reforms. if the city of oakland can't prove to that federal judge in january, that it is going to the right direction, federal government could exert influence, take over the oakland police department. as far as that new chief announcing 1:00 this morning. looks like assistant chief howard jordan. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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we are going to follow that story. it will be on our website. new report this morning indicates foreclosures on the rise again. the number of homes that received a first time default know up 14% from last quarter. california has the second highest foreclosure rate in the u.s., 1 in 88 homes in the state received a notice. a sign that banks are moving more aggressively against borrow are -- borrowers who have fallen behind in payments. several businesses, churches and neighbors in san jose found effective way to protest against corporate america and what they are calling corrupt banks. they are withdrawing money from two of the country's biggest banks and putting it elsewhere. a community group is behind the divestment strategy. the gel to increase loan
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modifications. most holy trinity -- catholic church closing two accounts with bank of america and moving three million dollars in annual account activity to a credit union. >> we have 5,000 or more families in the parish. the word spreads. the word will spread i hope it makes a . >> bank of america says it has modified for than 193,000 mortgages in california since 2008. wells fargo has also been targeted. this morning two hikers imprisoned in iran will meet with secretary of state clinton. the state department is not releasing details of the meeting. both bauer and fattal acknowledge the department in their first public statements after being released last month even saying officials found creative ways to lessen tensions between the two countries. fattal, bauer and shourd all cal graduates were arrested in july of 2009 after straying across the unmarked border
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between iraq and iran. iran convicted all three ofs knowledge. about 6:07 on this thursday. mike is off this morning. leigh glaser is here. >> and you are turning up the heat lady. >> i don't know if i'm it or not. high pressure building. especially at the coast temperatures today are going to be in the mid to upper 70s. possibility of a few 80s. high pressure is keeping the storm track to the north. those of new the north bay, high clouds out there this morning that is about i. temperatures in the 60s, 6 -- about it. temperatures in the 60s. 61 san francisco, santa rosa 55. 57 in san jose. here's a look at the numbers for later today. get ready for warm conditions. 86 napa, downsloping winds will affect the coastline with half moon bay today 76. 80 san francisco, owning land -- oakland 82.
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86 for san jose. santa cruz later today in the eighty° range 84 expected there. monterey 76 intear year locations gilroy 88. -- again tomorrow, high pressure stays with us on friday after that winds shift saturday and sunday the cool down. here's traffic with sue. good morning. capital corridor still running with delays no service through the jack london square station in oakland. ace train 1, 15 minutes behind, ace train 3 on time, there is a bus bridge in place between emeryville and oakland. coliseum, hayward or fremont would be alternates this morning. accident west one 580 grant line -- pardon me big rig stalled. drive times highway 4 out of antioch 580 there's your drive towards dublin and 680.
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almost 6:09. confidence crisis. chick red flag coming from bay area businesses. plus, did he -- break the law. new criminal investigation for san francisco mayoral candidate ed lee. new fa
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:12. with we are learning that the ceo of bankrupt bay area solar panel company solyndra has stepped down. documents show brian harrison resigned two weeks after he appear before a congressional panel and refused to answer questions about the 500 million dollar government loan guarantee solyndra received. the chronicle reports solyndra launch -- hired todd nielsen to handle the bankruptcy case. area business leaders asked to predict the future of our economy locally are expressing big disappointment with the pace of the recovery. bay area council surveyed 450 chief executives and found only 2% expect the economy will be better over the next six months. 33% say it will be moderately better. 46% belief it will be the same. another sixteen% -- 16% say it will be worse and 2% predict
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it will be substantially worse. no new highering in the next six month. san francisco's district attorney opening up an investigation into money laundering accusations to ed lee's campaign. the go-lorrie's airport shuttle company at the center of the controversy. 17 employees donated $500 a piece to the mayor's campaign. the employees were reimbursed by the company. mayor lee denies doing anything wrong and says he's he has already returned the money. he says his campaign will cooperate with the investigation. our campaign is running a very clean campaign. we have rules that we established with the cooperation of the ftc we welcome any inquiry our books are with wide open. >> the california fair political practices commission is probing the donation as what they call a possible laundered campaign contribution. one of lee's challengers has
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asked federal prosecutors to look into the matter. it is fall, great beach day. >> half moon bay area with the pumpkin patches. go if you have the afternoon off. don't forget the sunscreen even if you don't go there the kids are going to need that as they head out this afternoon. good morning. beautiful shot from our sutro cam showing you incredible visibilities out there right now. you may have noticed even a nice full moon out there to brighten the sky up overnight. we do have a few high clouds they drifted by overnight last night in some locations you can see that high pressure is billing in all of this is pushing up through the -- is building in all of this is pushing up through the nor. offshore wind with will warm us up especially our beaches as we head through the afternoon. temperatures already mild in the 60s, 62 oakland, redwood city 60.
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san francisco 61. napa a couple degrees in the last 45 minutes, now 54. 57 san jose. antioch right now 62. here's our highlights for today. it is going to be a warm day inland as well as at our beaches. clear, mild conditions overnight. as we head into saturday, sunday, the winds shift more onshore that is going to mean temperatures start to cool off. at least today and tomorrow, my pressure to the north, lower pressure to the south. circulation around both of these is going to sandwich the bay area between the hot temperatures, hot air mass and southern cal to the most warmer mild air mass, northern and central california. bay area in the 70s and 80s today. delightful afternoon, get out and enjoy it. 86 san jose, cupertino 85°, los gatos 88. check out the coast, half moon bay 76.
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pacifica no fog, 72° in your neighborhood, 84 palo alto. san francisco today warps to 80, daly city 73. north bay temperatures flirting with 90, cloverdale 88, 86 santa rosa, 86 sonoma on the east bay. hayward 82. interior east bay mid to upper 80s brentwood 88. walnut creek 86. 87 concord. santa cruz 80s, 84 expected there. plenty of sun. seven day forecast, we do it again friday mild to warm temperatures. winds shift saturday and sunday, the fog returns and that's when temperatures will start to cool. in your afternoon. good morning. we still have issues with your corridor capitol corridor train commute this morning.frvv amtrak is running behind schedule. service suspended, bus bridge still in place between emeryville and oakland, jack
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london square shutdown. one train has been moved off the tracks. they are hoping to reopen that station at 6:30. amy hollyfield is following that for you. we will be on it as well. ace train 3 on time out of the central valley train 1, 15 minutes late. stall blocking right lane. drive times this morning out of antioch, 580 towards the all themont pass livermore, 101, a little over 30 minutes. golden gate beautiful drive, nice and clear, no traffic issues headed southbound out of the waldo. toll plaza looks a little bunched up, metering lights off. fast track car pool lane is the way to . for the latest. 12 minutes before 6:30. we'll see if the tracks are cleared by then.
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from a jazz great to a -- [ unintelligible ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: one of the bands in the bay at treasure island the weekend. >> time to start looking --m;$ >> reporter: hop aboard a streetcar. the dance features bay area -- [ inaudible ] redwood city saturday the belly dancer of egypt. ♪fux ♪ one of the s of jazz, powerful trumpet of(úprgl sandoval retug for the weekend. annual rodeo horse show, two weekends. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the couple struggles to reconnect power
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and relationships after katrina in the world premiere of a new play from theater works at mountain view's center for performing arts. the half moon bay pumpkin festival has it all. annual exhibition at the arts cultural center on brandon street. the hula show awarding winning dance company that explores link between san francisco and hawaii. palace of fine arts theater. don sanchez, abc7 news. 6:20 now. apple puts its head in the clouds. the quickly, let's take to you washington, d.c. where president obama is hostinging this morning the president of south korea. you see them standing on the podium there. new trade agreement between the two countries was passed by congress last night. we'll have more on that.
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apple is reportedly getting ready to offer movies in the clouds. the cloud rather. the los angeles times says consumers would be able to buy through itunes and access them on any apple device but only apple devices. most studios are working on cloud services.
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we are used to hearing about apple goofs leaving pro he times in bars. now it is google. published a ran on google -- [ unintelligible ] he even calls you the co-founders and ceo posted to his google plus profile instead of just for google employees. he has taken it down saying it was his own decision to do that. >> say honest rant? oh my, bosses don't like honest rants. something you likely use every morning. now california may begin calling it a carcinogen. the new battle over what is in your toothpaste. >> what police are saying may have lead to a shooting at a california salon that left eight dead. >> the latest on the developing thus as investigators and engineers continue looking for -- for a cause in last night's amtrak
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collision that has the jack london square station closed this morning. what east palo alto's mayor is now vowing to do after a 6-year-old girl was hit and killed at a busy intersection. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser if you are traveling today much of the country looking good. phoenix 98°, great falls, 55. rain in chicago 65 expected high there. in new york city 73°. flight delays good across california. elsewhere slow downs up to 45 minutes chicago o'hare because of the rain there also laguardia, newark even washington national reporting delays. stay tuned with us onúúúúúúúúúúú
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6:30. the opening bell has rung. the labor depth says the up in of people applying for unemployment benefits was largely unchanged last week. suggesting the market isn't getting better. we'll see how that affects early trading when we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. >> more on our developing news. amtrak service flew oakland will hopefully be restored shortly after engineers race
6:31 am
to inspect tracks after a collision between two trains last night. amy you told us they were aiming for 6:30, right? >> reporter: they are going to miss that deadline. check out the scene behind me. still one of the trains sitting on the track. they are working hard to move it out. so far, it has not happened. we are hoping -- they were hoping to get the 6:30 trains, done count on it. they've made progress. check out this video we shot, when the trains were still stuck together they pulled them apart. since then they've removed one of the trains from the track. they still have one to go. they were joined together after a head-on clerk 10:00 last night. 16 people were hurt. i was minor bumps and bruises -- it was minor bumps and bruises, possible broken arm. one was loading, one was
6:32 am
pulling in. amtrak says waits a low speed crash. -- says it was a low speed crash. >> me and my mom were waiting for him we hear this explosion we thought with it was a forklift we were going back and forth trying to see what was going on. the connor walked me back and i seen the rubble and it was a -- head-to-head collision with the train. my brother fell off his wheelchair rolled all the way back, got a nick on the face. now he's in agony from his neck down to his back. >> reporter: his brother was coming in from fresno he was on the san joaquin line which runs from bakersfield to oakland. it hit a coast starlight train which travels from l.a. to seattle no word on why this crash happened, except the firefighters told us last night one of the operators ran a red signal light. amtrak has no comment on that saying the investigation is still underway. they are running bus bridges
6:33 am
between emeryville and oakland stations. if you need to get between those stations you can. if you don't want to mess with it, amtrak is offering refunds. 6:30 was the goal, the station is still closed. now it is a wait and see matter. obviously they will get it open as soon as they can. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the city of alameda now faces a lawsuit over a controversial memorial day dunning. ramon zack walked into the water in an apparent saw side attempt, -- consider members of the fire department said they could only stand by and watch because they were not certified in short base water rescue that program was stopped in 2009. at officials admit it shouldn't have been stopped. little solace to zack's brother. >> i was shocked and outraged that there was no action taken to try to rescue him. >> the findings are we had a
6:34 am
failure of leadership. when a communications failure, people were using jargon and misunderstanding each other. >> robert zack intends to sue the city. his lawyer says an report doesn't explain why the rescue program ended even though it had funding. that program has since been reinstated. mayor of east palo alto is promising to make the city's intersection safer, including the one where a 6-year-old girl died last month. she was kill in a crosswalk at bay road on gloria way while walking to school. the hope is changes will protect residents while crossing streets. >> i would like to say i'm 100% confident. one never knows. we are looking at all intersections. we spent over 3 1/2 million dollars in the last 2 1/2 years. we are going to keep trying to make this community as pedestrian-friendly as possible. >> the mayor and the police chief said the district attorney is still determine going the teacher who hit the girl should face charges. as for the intersection, the
6:35 am
city is waiting to hear from a traffic consultant on the best way to proceed. this morning, investigators in southern california have identified the man they say killed eight and critically injured another at a salon. the shooting in seal beach appears to be the deadliest in orange county history. 42-year-old scott evans dekraai has been arrested on suspicion of murder. friends say he he was the ex-husband of a stylist who worked there and may have been involved in a custody battle. >> we knew him to be a problem with weapons and we kind of thought this in the back of our hearts, i was like this could happen. -- it was like this could happen. no surprise i didn't have to accident who did it, we knew it was him. >> police officers arrested dekraai a half mile away from the shooting at salon meritage. he was wearing a bulletproof vest. investigators found a number of weapons in his truck.
6:36 am
newspapers and radio and tv stations are fearing they could be reluctant players in the battle over medical marijuana. the federal government is ready to punish media outlets that run ads for pot clubs. katie marzullo is live with more. >> reporter: another phase of the federal government's fight against medical marijuana could target the media. california watch has uncovered a plan by federal prosecutors to begin targeting newspapers, tv and radio stations that run advertisements for medical marijuana dispensaries. federal law does state it is illegal for a person to place an ad for an illegal drug that includes marijuana. but, medical marijuana is legal in california. california watch talked with an attorney who specializes in defending marijuana cases. he says the law is legit, but not entirely clear. the executive editor of the sfa guardian says, he's in a hold pattern. >> will you continue to sell
6:37 am
ads? >> as long as it is legal in california and the u.s. attorney doesn't tell us to stop. if we get a note from the u.s. attorney saying we have to stop, then we have to make a decision at that point. >> one has to question the wisdom of this kind of attack on a legal busy which is creating jobs and tax revenue, at a time of economic crisis. >> reporter: the health center claim to have paid out two million dollars in sales tax to california last year and one million dollars to oakland. this targeting of the media comes weeks after the federal government began sending letters to landlords and profit owners who rent space for medical marijuana dispensaries. those letters warn landlords they could be criminally liable for what their 10 tphafpbs are doing. -- 6:37. two bay area state assembly men are teaching up to fraud legislation that could force utilities to stop using a potentially dangerous type of plastic gas pipe.
6:38 am
-- explosion and fire on august 31st, destroyed a condo in cupertino. i was caused by a leaking plastic pipe -- it was caused by a leaking plastic pipe. pg&e with will replace the pipes at the site next month. in '98 federal safety officials recommended that utilities phase out or replace the pipe. assembly members say pg&e and state regulators never acted on that their measure will require them to do so immediately. 6:38 right now. dressing kids for school? take a tip from leigh. >> short sleeves and don't forget the sunscreen temperatures heating up today. 70s at our coast, 80s around the bay area. already in the 60s, san francisco mainly clear. a few high clouds here and there. oakland 62, redwood city, peninsula already in the low 60s most locations
6:39 am
half moon bay 55, north bay cooler readings with napa 54°. let's get you out the door and plan your day. 8 a.m. much of the bay area already in the mid, maybe upper 60s. offshore winds get ready for lunchtime temperatures mid to upper 70s even the coast half moon bay in the 70s by later this afternoon, 76 by 4:00 for san francisco and a lot of 80s inland locations. antioch at 4:00, 86°. we do it again tomorrow. the fog returns saturday and sunday. enjoy this afternoon. here's traffic. good morning. we have still this issue with amtrak. the hot spot for your thursday morning commute. jack london square station service suspended still. they missed their 6:30
6:40 am
deadline getting those trains out. bus bridge in place between emeryville and oakland that is your best alternate. ace train 115 minute delay, number 3 on time. left lane grant new stall reported north flynn lane blockage there as well. san jose, 280 live that's northbound headed from 17 towards cupertino. bay bridge toll plaza looks as though metering lights are on. sun beginning to rise, pretty morning, delays at the bay bridge, metering lights on, no problems but in a lot of company on the incline and upper deck. 6:40. still ahead, the irs digging into new accusations that google's hiding money. the latest on early trading live from the new york stock exchange. here's a live look at the big board now. dow is off almost 90 points. new feature that could
6:41 am
make finding what you are looking for on ebay as easy as snapping a picture on your smartphone. drunk on gummi bears. the trick teens are using to get drunk that every parent needs to know about. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in oakland. new report is highly critical of the police department's administration. we are ing out the chief had the report the -- the day before he announced his resignation. the story comininininininininin
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. hi everyone i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. this daughters a travel plans take to you southern california get ready for a -- scorcher l.a. today, fresno 88°, tahoe comfortable 72. now back to the news. 6:45. the first votes in the 12 presidential race could be cast in less than two months. new hampshire is considering moving up its primary to december 6th. if the primary vote were to take place today it appears herman cain could be the republican nominee. new "wall street journal"/nbc poll has cain leading all challengers with 27%. mitt romney 23%. within the margin of error. cain says it is no fluke and he's here to stay >> there's a difference teen the flavor of the week and
6:46 am
haagen-dazs black walnut, because it tastes good all the time. >> cain is gaining recognition with a simple tax plan he calls nine, nine, nine. 9% income, 9% corporate and 9% national sales tax. critics say it will make middle and lower americans bear of the tack burden. in morning the irs is searching for -- tax irregularities at gaggle. >> jane? good morning, google taking heat from the irs. source tells -- irs is auditing google to see if it is -- this has to do with offshore deals [ inaudible ] google spokesperson calls it a routine inquiry. another day, another story about what apple is up to. it is in talks with hollywood
6:47 am
studios to provide films to its icloud storage system that would intensify competition with netflix and red box. financial shares among stocks trading lower now. jpmorgan chase first of the big banks to record. it do post a drop in quarterly earnings. they used a change in the value of is own debt to cover a drop in income from investment banking. a little accounting trying , not enthused about chase's result. the dow under pressure. down 85, 90 points, s&p, nasdaq trading lower as well. by the end of the year, san jose-based ebay will introduce technology to help customers track a product by taking its picture. yesterday company official announced they would add an image recognition feature to its mobile apps.
6:48 am
you see someone wearing shoes you like take a picture, upload it to ebay the service will find similar items for sale at its website. already you have the apple you can scan a barcode. [ unintelligible ] 6:48. are you ready for warm weather? >> not as ready as you are look at you. i can do the shortsleeves. the strawberry blonde hair might be a -- >> okay. beautiful morning happy thursday everyone. the sun is coming up, we have a few high clouds. it is going to be a terrific day. the wind is just about calm, although starting to flow out of the north northeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour, higher elevations. current readings, we are in the 60s, getting ready to top
6:49 am
off in the 80s even 70s even for our beaches. san francisco 61. 62 oakland, antioch 62°. 60 mountain view. these numbers 24 hours ago quite a bit -- check out oakland up 8° from this time yesterday, 2° san francisco from this time questioned. napa up 6°, hayward up 1. clearly, the warming trend is going to be with us throughout the course of our day. warm today not only inland also at the coast. clear and mild overnight and we will start to trend things down a little as we head into saturday and sunday. really the cold breeze is going to bring higher pressure pushing storm track to the north and bringing slight offshore winds. winds from land to sea going to warm us up today. definitely look for mid to upper 80s inland. even topping out at our coastal beaches with those winds cop pressing close to
6:50 am
the surface in the 70s -- winds compressing close to the surface in the 70s. 85 cupertino at our beaches, 7 half moon bay, peninsula, just a delightful day in the 80s -- downtown san francisco 80 in the north bay, mid to upper 80s, santa rosa 86, 86 napa, only land today 82°, 80 newark interior east bay close to 90, flirting with it, 87 concord, santa cruz 84°. we'll do it again tomorrow, friday and after that the winds are going to shift more onshore it will be cooler saturday, sunday, the fog will come in. cooler next week as well. here's traffic with sue. good morning. happy thursday. still experiencing delays. amtrak and capital corridor delays mostly because of the accident at the jack london
6:51 am
square station still shutdown bus bridge in place between emeryville and oakland. train number 1 still 15 minutes late number 3 on time out of stockton. two stalls, one just now cleared 580 big rig past grand line out of lanes. another suv stall westbound at north flynn. drive times this morning out of antioch 580 sluggish up and over -- in towards livermore. 101 marin county good dive. west one 80 at carlson reports of an accident -- blocking a lane there live look at the golden gate through san rafael, mill valley, looking good. beautiful drive this morning. bay bridge toll backed up to the west grand overcrossing metering lights are on. for the latest.
6:52 am
6:51. public health officials praising a vote at the state capital against listing fluoride as a carcinogen. a panel considered a proposal that would have placed fluoride on the list of possible cancer causing agents. doing that would require warning labels on products containing floor right. supporters say fluoride can causes tee yo sarcoma, a form of bone cancer. during the mid childhood growth spurt ages 5 to 10 linked to higher levels of osteosarcoma in males 10 to 19. >> the science is clear and definitive this is a safe and effective tool to prevent dental decay and it in no way has any ill affects on any individual's health. >> after some debate the panel voted against tooth pay -- paste warning levels saying the finding ares inconclusive.
6:53 am
parents warned about a method teens are using to get alcohol. police have posted a warning about kids getting drunk by soaking gummi bears in vodka. the practice has gained popularity in part to tutorials you can find on youtube. the booze bears are odorless and take a day or two to make. the real danger is many teens don't realize how much alcohol they are getting by eating the candy. this has turned into a nation wide problem. amtrak service at jack london square has been shutdown all morning. investigators try to understand why two amtrak trains slammed into each other last night, injuring at least 15 passengers. >> amy hollyfield is live at jack london. they hope -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that was an ambitious gel. check out the scene -- ambitious goal. check out the scene behind me.
6:54 am
they are working on the pedestrian platform and over this way, one of theh#b ÷ trains involved is still on the tracks. it looks like it is going to be a while before the station reopens no word on when they are estimating at this point. the 6:30 goal has come and gone. they've made progress. check out this video we shot around 4:00, the trains were still stuck together they pulled them apart a little after 4:00 this morning after the head-on collision at 10:00 last night. 16 were hurt, they all suffered minor bumps and bruises, possibly a broken arm was reported. both trains did have people onboard one at the station unloading, another pulling in. estimates put this train going at about 10 miles per hour. amtrak is calling this a low speed crash. those involved say it was scary. the train was coming from the san joaquin line from tpwres
6:55 am
know -- from fresno. it hit a train from the coast starlight line that travels between l.a. and seattle. they've been runningóq[iz#bus bridges all morning between emeryville and oakland station if you need it. if you don't want to mess with it, they are offering refunds. oakland station shutdown no word on when it will reopen. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we'll keep you posted. 6:55. newspapers and radio and tv stations are fearing this morning they could become reluctant players in the battle over medical marijuana. it appears the government is ready to punish media out lows that run ads for pot clubs. medical marijuana is legal in california, federal law says it is illegal to place an ad for illegal drugs, including marijuana. one final check on weather and traffic. nice one today. >> it is. here's a quick look at expected highs. northeast even south bay
6:56 am
locations in the 80s even coast half moon bay today expected high of 76°. santa cruz today in the 80s as well. gilroy 88 expected high, 84 santa cruz. one more day, high pressure will be with us for friday. then we start to cool down saturday and sunday. enjoy your afternoon. here's traffic with sue. bus bridge still in place between emeryville and oakland. those trains delayed out of jack london square, ace train 1 still late, number 3 on time. stalls west one 580 jammed commute north glen stall still blocking a lane there highway 4, 580, up and over the altamonte earlier accident at carlson westbound. breaking news about a fire at highway 24/580 split, a lot of smoke could be delaying traffic.
6:57 am
abc7 news crew is on the scene. that's 24 at 580 the split, fire and smoke. maybe some rubbernecks looking that way. bay bridge light headed into san francisco, not too bad of a delay this morning. sue, thank you. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest on twitter and talk about it on facebook.
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