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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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trains had mostly minor injuries including bumps and bruises and in one case a broken arm. most of the injuries occurred on the train that wasn't moving. >> at this time is under investigation. >> besides a brief statement after the accident, amtrak is releasing few details, however, an official says he was informed by amtrak the southbound san joaquin train failed to stop. >> my understanding is that the train was traveling 15-25 miles per hour. i've been on amtrak trains i know how fast they can go. this could have been a very bad incident. >> after the damaged trains were removed and overnight repairs on the track, the station reopened and service resumed at 8:00 a.m. >> i know there has been accidents. but i can walk on the street and get hit by a car. >> we're back live this, is a southbound train just pulled in minutes ago showing things are back to normal here at the
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station that. train is actually on track number two. the accident happened on track number one. and this is closest to me. amtrak is advising anyone with a ticket to contact them for a full refund. in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and the number of white supremacist groups in san francisco is growing acording to the district attorney who says people should be concerned about this. abc 7 is live in the tender loin. the neighborhood says seems to be a gathering place for neo nazi autos why san francisco is in the district attorney says it's well known that this city offers good services and it's a good place to come and operate. and now, this is through a hate crime pace kais in november, nearly a year ago gascone started to realize the problem.
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three men were arrested for attacking two mexican nationals here in the tender loin. all admitted to being white supremacists. the d.a.say they yelled "white power" and "get out of town". one arrested ended up testifying against the other two men and weston gave an array of information on how the groups are growing in san francisco. >> i think the most san franciscoin woz never thought they'd have three white supremacist groups between the city. and nearly another 150 are so that are associates operating within the city. >> and one of the victims still lives in san francisco, and was at the press conference, we decided not to show his face because, understandably he is fearful.
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he's also under protection of the mexican government. the other victim returned to mexico after at tack. but he did manage to testify against attackers. he says many of the white supremacists actually start out in prison coming out of california prison system they're highly organized there, somehow, some are coming here to san francisco, and gascone described it as a very serious and threatening problem in san francisco. i'm live in the tender loin, abc 7 news. >> and santa clara county district attorney plans to reveal what his office found during a new investigation that baseball players from deanza college raped a teen-aged girl. the d.a.promised he'd take a look at what happened at that house party in march, 2007. the previous d.a.declined to press charges, citing a lack of reliable evidence.
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a civil injury determined earlier players were not liable for assault. the victims sued for $7.5 million. >> and this is quick. oakland mayor decide whod will fill the role of police chief. the interim chief is howard jordan, a veteran who has done this job before. abc 7 is live with the story. vick? >> howard jordan served as interim police chief before anthony batts was appointed two years ago. now, jordan finds himself in the same spot. the city searches for another permanent replacement. >> congratulations. you have to sign a piece of paper. >> the interim police chief has been with the department 23 years and served in almost every capacity. >> i bring to you a very well rounded and balanced career. >> i intend to make solid decisions. the term interim will not apply to my decisions. i will make decisions though i
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am the chief. >> anthony batts resigned on tuesday after serving only two years. that said he was frustrated and felt his authority as chief was undermine bid city officials. it was no secret they often had conflicting views, today, qan said she has confidence in the interim chief. >> i saw howard take on every tough job the city had. whether drugs, tax squad. >> jordan will take charge of an undersized police force facing a budget crunch. he'll face a city council expedited the departure setting aside three of the main crime fighting measures, gang injunctions, curfews and beefing up a loitering law this, was not lost on police union president. >> all about tools you're given. about let the chief be the chief.
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>> san francisco police chief tony rivera heads a law enforcement think tank and says for chiefs to succeed sh they need to demand conditions before accepting the job. >> if the political leadership is not committed to giving them that support they need to be effective, then should accept the job. >> there is a lot of questions about why jordan thought he would be successful when his predecessor was frustrated. questions asked by what he plans to do, how he plans to mend fence was city officials. and he deflected saying that he was bringing about leadership qualities affecting thes changes. one footnote, i think it's safe to assume he will apply for the permanent job. >> this is a very quick appointment. batts resigned only a couple days ago. why soft? maybe if you can elaborate on
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whether jordan is perceived as a long term candidate for the job. >> i think he is. i mean, he's, as i said will throw his hat in the ring. it's a good question, rarey. mayor kwan wanted to appoint someone quickly. the city has to report back to a federal judge at the end of january and tell him how much progress oakland has made this, police department has been under a decent decree for nine years after the so called riders scandal. the court appointed monitor for the decree has been highly critical of oakland and what he calls a slow pace in achieving reforms, now as a veteran, jordan is familiar with police culture and with the consent decree reforms. i think he's a good choice. >> and there is late news this
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afternoon. police arrested a teenager for last month's shooting of a 5-year-old girl, shot while walking into the bay view with her sister and father. police used series video to identify the suspect and they caught him with a group of other young men who were rounded up on weapons charges. the shooting suspect is a 16-year-old facing felony charges including inflicting bodily injury on a victim five years or younger. >> and the family of injured giants fan brian stow reports he is making progress before being moved to a long term rehabilitation facility. his family acknowledged he faces a long road, saying quote we're determined and excited to help brian in any way and any possible way we can. stow knows answers to some questions but encounters moments of confusion and answers some personal questions incorrectly. he's being weaned off of the drugs right now.
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>> and time for our first check of the forecast. it's fantastic. >> and what a great night for a football game. >> and this evening, we'll see mild conditions, clear skies, during overnight hours, will be warm and temperatures from upper 60s near the coast to around 80. tomorrow morning early, sunny, mild, temperatures ranging from mid-50s to low 60s, then, the peak of after warming it will be warm again, highs ranging from 72 at coast to 88 inland. that represents the lowest of the coastal highs, some locations will have highs into mid to upper 70s tomorrow, so how different will weekend be? stay tuned for my accu-weather forecast. >> and still head one dietary
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change that could keep you from consuming lots of calorie autos if you haven't ordered the new iphone, be prepared to wait. and 20 years since oakland fire storm. firefighters give us an up close look at challenges they're still facing.
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we're live with sky 7 above the palace hotel. you can see a few people marching outside of the hotel right now. and educators and parents are planning to picket outside of an education conference taking place tonight this, is an extension of the occupy wall street movement. among those scheduled to appear tonight are billionaire rupert murdock as well as pro
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voucher advocate jeb bush and educators and parents are in opposition with the views of murdock and others. we'll keep you posted as this continues. and if we get details or any interviews from the scene at the palace. >> hnly living news this afternoon, doctors believe a simple is a lifa test may help them diagnose pancreatic cancer. the disease often shows symptoms until it's begun to spread. new research in the general suggests saliva might hold the key to diagnosing earlier, experts caution that test is still in earliest stages of development. >> and research from australia suggests paying attention to percentage of calories from proteins can play a big role in helping you watch weight. the study found people with a diet of 10% protein consumed 12% more calories. and some experts believe
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protein content determines how hungry we feel and how much we eat. the study appears on web md. >> safety engineers report parents have more options than ever when it comes to buying booster seats. the insurance institute looked at 62 models of seats and checked how they worked in a variety of cars and minivans. a record 31 model as lou forward a seat belt to be typical for a 4-year-old to 8-year-old child. >> there was a 5% decrease in the per capita rate of injury and a 17% decrease in the rate of serious and fatal injuries. >> and experts warn that it's always a good idea to check the proper fit of a seat belt if the booster has high safety rating autos in businesses, investor goesing gaga over google. again. and the new iphone could set a sales record for apple. let's go live to bloomberg
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west with today's after the bell report. >> good afternoon, so much for a slow down, wow, not only did the search giant earnings grow, they were 11% higher than what the wall street analysts were expecting in response to a surge in ad sales and the ceo said several times the company's gang busters growth continues and this is with businesses like you tube, also singling out you tube, which now has 40 million users. and this stock shot up after hours. and that is the google stock story. let's talk about the rest of the stock market. a mixed day for stocks. dow closed lower, nasdaq
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mostly a gain. we did get off to a weak start after jp morgan reported disappointing results. your bloomberg index was a winner up slightly more than 1% thanks in part to shares of apple and google. now another big story about yahoo, bloomberg news terned two private players are now considering bids, sources say they may become part of a partnership cooling financing needed. the sources add that this is very early on, they don't know if they're going to make it a decision on the deal f they do move forward they're going to need to move with alibaba. we've reported in the past the company talked about doing a deal with another private eni ti firm and this is coming up as yahoo reviews all options after firing its boss, carol
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barts last month. and bloomberg news learned apple sold out of presale of the iphone 4 s, carriers at and t, verizon and sprint. and larry, back to you. >> thank you. >> anything apple touches turns... >> golden. >> yes. >> it's just golden weather out there. >> there goes the human barometer. >> yes. and there is a spencer christian, then what are you? >> describing what she's reflecting. >> yes. take a look at the forecast. >> there is a look at the weather from our sutro camera. looking towards the golden gate, just a hint of haze. lots of blue skies, looks like this at the golden gate this time of the year, meaning a warm day. that is what we've had so far. high temperatures so far 87 degrees and there is 83 so far
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in san jose. 88 in santa rosa. 82 in san francisco. and 87 in half moon bay. and there is 87 in half moon bay? that is beach weather. and right now a little bit of a cool down. should i say moderation of temperatures, half moon bay, 77. 79, san francisco, and lots of upper 80s inland. these are the highlights, clear skies with us again tonight. warmth holding on throughout tomorrow, cool down begins this weekend. and this is overnight, low temperatures on the mild side, mainly upper 50s to around 60. and there is some valleys cooling down to mid-50s, follow the time line. remaining sunny at the coast and to the inland locations until about mid afternoon, we'll see high clouds coming up from the south indicating that that is beginning to weaken just a tad.
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tomorrow's highs 70s on the coast, upper 80s to near 90 inland. satellite image that ridge of high pressure beginning to shift as it does so and weakens there will be cooler air and we'll see temperatures tapering off over the weekend and into next week. tomorrow, another day like today into south bay. highs reaching into upper 80s in spots. there is mid to upper 70s in half moon bay. downtown 78 tomorrow. 76 into the sunset district z there is 86 in santa rosa. mid 80s in castro valley. and there is upper 80s near monterey bay. 86 in watsonville z there is the accu-weather forecast. just mid-80s inland saturday mid to upper 70s around the
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bay. mid-60s on the coast. and sunday, further cooling only about 80 into warmest spots, temperatures tapering into 70s, mid week, next week. and there is some delightful weather ahead. >> how about we call you doppler king? is that okay? >> anything with king in there. >> yes. >> and there is some truth in advertising here. >> yes. yes. >> and julia roberts this, may sound hard to believe, she has to fight to get movies into theater autos that is hard to believe. >> there is that and. >> awards season is heating up with announcement of the american country award nominees. zach brown band lead the pack, joining taylor swift and lady
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andebellum. julia roberts for the premier of "fireflies in the gardens". >> it's nice to have a little fight. a little, you know push to get it to a place where people can see it. >> and another big star is expected back from a trip to liba. she planned to work with officials and the people there to work towards a better viewer. alec baldwin making a move to radio, working on a show with new york public radio. get more celebrity news at >> and still ahead this, is why base jumping is banned on this bridge. then, later at 4:30. >> this is one example of a series of steps they've taken to create violence. >> the president's harsh words
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for iran. what he's saying in an assassinate platt ploth. >> looking into questions of big bank collusion on new bank debit fee autos taking a look at the skyway. it's packed in both directions. beautiful day out there. just enjoy the drive. it's slow. we'll be back with more on the news at 4:00.
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next week marks 20th anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm that killed 25 people, destroying more
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than 3,000 homes, today, crews demonstrated the challenges they still face combatting fires in that area. >> this is a good thing we like to do here. all of the grass cut down. >> and since that catastrophic fire, the oakland fire department has constantly advised residents in the hills to trim bush ask keep roadways clear, it's not always that easy. you can see on this trip the fire rig could not clear a car parked on the street. and fire officials say they're still at the mercy of the elements in the hills. >> there is oakland hills, it's still here, we cannot influence weather, if we get a wind event with high temperatures, low humidity there's is not much we can do about that. >> those weather conditions back in october, 1991 when what started out as a small fire grew into a 1500 acre fire storm to avoid a repeat of the high death toll officials say residents should respond quickly when
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evacuation orders are given. >> and a late night leap from california's tallest bridge ended up as a daring rescue. a base jumping daredevil got snak snagged on a tree. take a look. this man jumped from the 30 foot bridge last night. he ended up dangling about 60 feet from the ground about an hour before calling 911. and rescuers had to use a helicopter to get him down. the man, police say was unhurt. and he was then arrested and booked into county jail. and love he had a cell fon on him. >> yes. they decided all right. >> and don't do that. >> no. >> still ahead google beats the street, big time. what the internet giant is doing to keep making so much money. >> i've come here because i need your help. >> president obama's under dog strategy what. to gain by being the little guy. >> looking down on to the bay, no hit of fog or cooling yet
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but things will change. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] what's so great cash? no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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no exclusions. with jcp cash get $10 off when you spend just $25. storewide. unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with... exclusions. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. as mentioned earlier google is weeting the best guesses despite fears about a double dip recession. >> today's report better than analysts expected.
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google stock is with a forecast that was almost a dollar less. >> and abc 7's david louie joins us live with a look at how what google is doing right. i guess the answer is just about everything? >> that is true. google knows the u.s. economy is still we can. -- weak. it's boosting profits by going to other country for online advertising. >> this economy is not hurting google. >> the word springing to mind is gang busters, revenue up 33%. our quarterly revenue just short of $10 billion. >> google made a profit of $2.7 million for three months up from $2.2 billion from a year ago but the operating margin is slipping. 31% this quarter compared to 35% a year ago. 31% means it made 31 cents on
4:31 pm
every dloor it took in. google winning praise for investing in 3 d map graphics and a payment system. critics say it spends too much on ideas that zront a practical need. and chris jones follows google. >> encouraging employees to try something new. some will work, some won't work. >> google did hire 2600 people, most new college grads, another concern. >> and by houring us to be manageable to be balancing our short and long term needs. >> google continues to believe it's wallet payment is tim will pay off. >> we shouldn't expect anything to happen too quickly. it's going to be two, three year process in terms of getting financial instit yugs
4:32 pm
and technology companies involved. >> google's larry page not indicated whether he'll reign in hiring. we'll be hearing from another bell weather when apple reports its quarterly earnings on tuesday. >> thank you, david. the president made clear today he believes evidence tying the iranian government to a plot to assassinate a saudi diplomat is indisputable. obama says evidence of an iranist government complicity has been shared with key u.s. allies. the u.s. ambassador met over this incident. the direct contact is highly unusual since two countries do not have diplomatic relations. two men charged with conspiring to kill the saudi ambassador to the u.s. in a washington, d.c. restaurant. and iran denies involvement. >> second thing we're going to do is apply the toughest
4:33 pm
sanctions and continue to mobilize the international community to make sure iran is further isolated and that it pays a price for this behavior. >> the president speaking in a joint news conference with south korean president. the two praised a newly-signed trade deal experts say it's the biggest u.s. free trade deal since 1994 north american free trade agreement, nafta. >> president obama planning to visit the bay area soon. a white house insider says he'll be here october 24th, the president is campaigning for reelection and for elements of the jobs bill. this trip just a month after president obama's visit to silicon valley. where he did fund-raiser ootz president is trying something different. sometimes, mr. obama portrays
4:34 pm
himself as a confident front runner, lately he says he's an against the odds under dog. >> i've come here because i need your help. and i've come here because we have to finish what we've started in 2008. >> start of the decision to embrace the under dog role is acknowledgement he's running amid a shaky economy. the president approval ratings have fallen into 0s, the nation's unemployment stays stuck above 9%. given troubling numbers, political analyst darrell weflt says he has to admit that he is not the front runner. >> advisors just ak nolging reality. if they didn't acknowledge that reality they won't be projecting confidence as much as false confidence and nobody would believe them he ran in 2008 but the role may have been a better fit back then
4:35 pm
then now. poll numbers are low, he's still the sitting president. and with income bents comes fund raising advantages and ability to fly air force one into swing states at a moment's notice. why ask -- does he want to be the under dog? >> the advantage of being an under dog is that it allows to you energize your base and to draw a contrast between you and the opposition. and most are better candidates. they take more risk and willing to present themselves as a fighter for the little guy. >> mr. obama is hoping at approach will keep supporters from getting complacent and shows them he needs them just as much now as he did in 2008. >> we can do it again as long as you have the same sense of urgency. let's meet this moment. let's get to work. >> for now, he is an under dog
4:36 pm
running without an opponent. once there is a nominee, don't be surprise fd that candidate tries to cast him or himself or herself as the under dog. a poll puts herman cain in the lead with 27% and former massachusetts government mitt romney next followed by texas governor rick perry at 16%. >> still ahead an expert witness in the trial of michael jackson's doctor detail what's he calls recipe for disaster in jackson's death. >> there is a lot of screaming. a lot of chaos. >> the woman suing because of a bumpy flight. what she says about the pilots on that plane. >> there is a look at weather conditions and this is like yesterday, only part of the country experiencing travel delays is this area in the northeast. both airports reporting delays
4:37 pm
because of thunderstorms, all three new york-area airports have delays because of low clouds ceilings. now, how much longer will this lovely bay area weather continue? i'll have the answer coming up in just a moment. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues.
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we have breaking news out
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of san rafael. these are live pictures from sky 7. a small plane just made an emergency landing in a field there this, is near the smith ranch air strip. it's also near mcguiness golf course on exit off highway 101. waiting to see if there have been any injuries as far as the pilot of a plane or anyone on the ground. >> we know that that pilot had a problem after take so far. and he landed here in this field. we know it's okay. it's being called a successful crash landing. >> if there is such a thing. >> right. >> in other news, prosecution of the michael jackson manslaughter trial expected to rest next week, today the jury heard testimony on the anesthetic propofol, the drug dr. murray used to treat jackson's insome kneea. another doctor testified his anxiety over performing likely caused that and he should have
4:41 pm
known that. >> mr. jackson was receiving inappropriate therapy without appropriate monitoring and this cocktail was a recipe fr disaster. >> he says that since murray did not keep medical records, doctors were kind of flying blind when trying to save his life. the defense is expected to begin the case next week with one witness prepared to testify propol and murray has pleaded not guilty. >> and a woman is keying continental airlines following a rough flight saying she's suffering post trau maltic stress disorder and colleen o'neal claims continental air lines risked lives by flying into bad weather saying the 20 minute flight turned into two hours of violent shaking with alarms sounding in the cockpit. >> there was a lot of screaming going on and a lot
4:42 pm
of chaos. and it was a nightmare i experience was the plane cracking open like an egg. all of us falling into abyss. >> the flight was under contract with continental. and and he says they're well trained to handle the situation autos still ahead authorities are looking for the guy, just in time. >> then this,. >> do you see another rider? and you can chat with them. >> and the app could cut your cab fair in half. [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest!
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a tri-tip sirloin, and endless salad bar, all for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh every day.
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we're hearing about ways to save money on commuting like an app can help you find someone to share a cab. >> if you shudder at the thought of a $50 cab fare, remember, there is probably someone else who can't find a cab and would love to split the fare with you if you can find each other. >> i've had the idea for years. >> dan is not a programmer, he's a lawyer who spent a lot of time trying to catch a cab. >> needing to get to work on a
4:46 pm
weekday morning. and wanting to take a cab and no open cabs and cab after cab going by me with one person in it. clearly going downtown. >> on the days he was lucky enough to get a cab he decided to try something. >> i with a wo just pull over for people waiting or trying to hail a cab ask if they wanted to share the cab downtown. i was never turned down. >> like any self-respecting innovateor he found a need. >> you see another rider you can tap their icon and share with them. >> it's social nest working meets transportation. and there is a tap where you're headed. >> and with help, dan showed us how it works. >> you can tell by color coded dots they're going to your destination and this balloon shows in this case, pier 39.
4:47 pm
>> this app let's you use pay pal to split the fare. >> okay. that is going to go into at kt. >> everyone wins except maybe the driver. >> they probably won't be enthusiastic about it this cabby says chicago cab drivers can charge extra and san francisco drivers can't. he says maybe the city can change that. >> and probably not because there is financial incentive. >> and so dan is hoping he can save venture capitalists they'll have left over to fund him for an iphone version. >> and subway riders couldn't believe their iz. a train sped beneath manhattan's lower east sichld a college student posted a video of this man cling together side of a j train traveling through a tunnel. the train stopped after a passenger alerted the conductor to what's happening.
4:48 pm
and this subway server then disappeared into the tunnel. >> this is like... 2:00 in the morning and i'm trying to get home. so can who know what's could happen? >> he got off the train before it crashed a bridge. 135 feet above the east river. the new york police department is investigating the incident. >> i wonder if he's realite yaited to a base jumper. >> bad idea right? >> really bad. >> still ahead this afternoon another reason to celebrate in happiest nation on earth. >> last place you want a halloween horror show is at your home. and the safest way to carve a pumpkin is straight ahead. >> and an admission from an artist whose work has been commissioned from here to the white house. it could kill his new city it could kill his new city
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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's.
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>> halloween coming up. and there is pumpkin carving means knifes in the hands of little one that's can be disastrous. >> i got to tell you yes. you're right this, is a lot bigger deal than i thought. and there is this family is in the emergency, consumer reports has tips to help you avoid a halloween horror. carving pumpkins is a tradition for many families and a thrill for kids. the pumpkins can be perilous. according to a study, halloween is among the top holidays producing the most e.r.visits for kids partly due to finger and hand injuries. >> every year i see two to three patients in that age range that sustained a pumpkin
4:53 pm
carving injury. >> hand surgeons have to repair the damage every halloween. >> the common injury are lacerations to the tendons that bend your finger. >> consumer reports medical advisor has some tips on avoiding a halloween accident. >> pumpkins are slippery. knifes are sharp. it's a bad combination. instead pick up one of these kits which are available just about everywhere wr these days. >> there are tool that's can saw through the rind. >> stabilize the pumpkin, point the blade down. and with careful not to put your hand inside. >> advise that will hopefully treat you, and your family to a happy halloween.
4:54 pm
>> there are plenty of ways to involve children in pumpkin carving. that way, they'll be part of the fun without risking a trip to the emergency room. >> and this is good and they work. >> and they need to avoid knifes as well. >> spencer christian is here with a final look at the accu-weather forecast. >> there is national weather picture for tomorrow, looks like going to be a day of no extremes across 48 states, cool weather across northern tier with 74 in new york. and there is no extremes, 87, miami, 81, new orleans, 99 at phoenix. state wide tomorrow, here in california we'll be looking at mild to warm conditions and
4:55 pm
this looks like a rain free day across the state. 87, sacramento and 85 in yosemite. 100 in palm springs and los angeles it's been sizzling. yesterday they were locations in the greater l.a. area with readings above 100 degree asks things are moderating now. 75 tomorrow, and 79 in big sur. and closer to home this is how things are shaping up. at the end of the warm week, inland locations once again tomorrow, we'll have highs into mid to upper 80s to almost 90. there is inland east bay, 87 concord 86 in san jose. around the bay, 81 in oakland and on the coast, 78 in half moon way, which is pretty warm for half moon bay. monterey bay, highs into mid-80s, and we'll see upper 80s inland and a high of 90 in
4:56 pm
hollister. sandhya will be along with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> thank you. >> and this is fantastic weather, here. >> crews are working to protect bangkok from the worst flooding in decades. workers digging new water ways to ki divert the water, bangock has been mostly spared but authorities are concerned flood waters rushing from the north will combine with rain to flood the city. >> revolutionary fighters in libya going street by street in muammar gaddafi's hometown trying to track down loyalists. they're searching inside of his residential areas and there has been resistance, his die hards using snipers and rocket propelled grenades to fight back. >> she just won the nobel peace prize but liberia's president has not won enough votes to avoid a runnoff and shows 42% of the vote and challenger trail was 25%.
4:57 pm
she would need support of a third place candidate to win a majority that could be unsafeory for the peace prize winner. the third place candidate is a exwar lord once videotaped himself drinking beer as others cutoff ears of the former liberian president. >> crews removed through chunks of the central tower today. >> stones shifted off their base, they were hanging over the edge. it is scheduled to reopen on november 12th ooj a wedding at the most sacred monastery in butan ignited three days of celebration. butan's king got married. butan is known as happiest place on earth, taking a happiness survey recrate -- creating policies aimed at improving well being.
4:58 pm
like how happy are you on a scale of 1-10? >> more questions include how much sleep do you get? one policy is influenced this government-sponsored meditation courses which i think is wonderful idea. >> and thanks for joining us at 4:00. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm p a five. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and talk about it at 7 news, i'm a five in a lot of area autos we'll just leave it at that. >> news at 5:00 continues right now. >> and put on notice, pg&e warned after ignoring safety warnings on plastic pipes. >> animal abuse admission that could kill a sculptor's art contract with the city. >> the local company going to bat against giants in a showdown over logo rights.
4:59 pm
>> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings 1200 miles of dangerous plastic pipeline is being used in pg&e's system. >> we saw damage they can cause when a natural gas leak caused this fire this summer. and we're live with the story. >> right. the fire at this complex, unit behind me and one last month in roseville did not kill or hurt anyone, but pg&e critics say they could have. and they say there were warnings from regulators more than a decade ago that this plastic pipe had to be replaced or... phased out. >> two bay area lawmakers say this gas line explosion in cupertino august 31 and this dramatic plastic pipeline fire in roseville september 28th should have never happened.


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