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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 14, 2011 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, where toasted oats, with rich dark chocolate, or sweet honey come together in the most perfect combinations. ♪ yeah, i was just thinking ♪ i hope this will never end sweet & salty nut bars... they're made from whole roasted nuts and dipped in creamy peanut butter, making your craving for a sweet & salty bar irresistible by nature valley. >> coming up next at 4:00, skin heads in san francisco. they are growing in one particular neighborhood. >> i come here today because i need your help.
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>> president obama's underdog strategy. what is the game from being the little guy and the app that could cut your cab fare in half. now back to brian and lizzie andlive. >> that's it for us. have a wonderful day. we'll check it out tomorrow. thed for the news at four. >> i know, it is over. [applause] >> [laughter] [applause] >> that's it.
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>> well, i am in line. i am going to sacrifice the entire night. i have done it before. >> another big night for apple. even company cofounder staked out a place in line. >> hundreds are camping out tonight to be among the first to get the new i-phone. >> and that goes on sale at eight in the morning. >> apple expects to serve 25 million of them by the end of the year. mark is live at the apple store and for many fans, it is like christmas eve waiting for christmas morning. >> reporter: yeah, and you stole my thunder a little bit talking about the new company official but guess who we saw in
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los gatos? the cofounder of apple actually in line and told us he would be there all night. night. >> every single i-phone is that worthy and it made me thinking about waiting in line all night to get tickets for rolling stones in winterland so i will stay up all night for this event even though i don't have to. >> thousands waiting in line, some including the denver case company, enjoying the publicity. >> enjoying the fun that everybody will have on the streets here. >> reporter: for some, it was more some better, reflecting on steve jobs who lost his life last week. >> this is steve's show. >> it is an incremental upgrade over the previous version
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i-phone 4, has a little better camera, better features. >> but it has a voice activated feature that will talk to look you, look up messages, answer questions. >> what is the best cell phone. >> you are kidding, right? >> , no really, what is the best cell phone. >> wait, there are other phones? >> so you can tell it has a little attitude. when we asked her what do you think of the android, she wouldn't dignify the question with an answer but tomorrow, they go on sale at apple stores and then we will be waiting around for i-phone 5, i-phone 6, i-phone 7. >> thank you, mark. oakland has a new police chief at least for now. the assistant chief was sworn in for the top job on an interim basis in oakland city hall this afternoon. he will take charge of an
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undersized police force. he says he is the right man for the job. >> when i came to the city, i saw howard take on every tough job the city had, whether it was drugs, the tax squad. >> anthony bass resigned on tuesday as police chief after serving only two years, he felt his authority was undermined by city hall politicians. officials say there is likely to be a national search for a new chief. hundreds of people gathered tonight to remember the eight seal beach residents in southern california who were gunned down in a shooting rampage yesterday. the individual was be a end -- apprehended in a parking lot. among those dead was his ex-wife who had been in a custody battle with him of their 8-year-old
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son. and taking a stand against an artist who filmed himself killing a dog over 30 years ago. >> reporter: the sculptures here in san jose are from a world reknown artist. the san francisco arts commission was so impressioned with his work, they signed the artist to two contracts worth a million and a half dollars but sally stevens says his art has no place in san francisco. >> most people now, when they look at the art, won't see the whimsical cartoo nish characters that the art portrays. they will be thinking that he killed a dog. >> he adopted a dog from the animal shelter, then shot and killed it as part of an art project 35 years ago. tonight, the vote was unanimous to send a letter to the art
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commissioners demanding the art be removed. >> it is unconscienable to me to imagine our money from san francisco being used in this way. it just makes no sense. >> the artist has apologized. in a statement to abc news last month, he said it is a really inexcusable act and when i try to explain it, it sounds like i am trying to justify it but it is just inexcusable. but others say he is really sorry but as far as they know, he has not done any charity work or offered money to atone for his past. >> michael vick has done some things with education, put some money or words behind things and whether it was self-serving is another question but this individual has not done that and that raises the question about whether he is contrite about what he did.
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>> the arts commission says they didn't know about the artist's past when they awarded him the contract. the president of the arts commission says if they repeal the contracts, doing so would be unprecedented. he says considering the character of an artist has never been a part of the contracting process. >> lillian, thank you. the district attorney is set to announce the results of a new investigation into accusations that baseball players from a college raped teenage girls. the previous district attorney declined to press charges siting a lack of evidencebutbut the new district attorney said he will take a look at the case again. his term starts tomorrow. camped out in front of the bank of america, organizers say
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it is time for democracy and are ready for a huge rally over the weekend. protestors have been ordered out of the park by 7:00 a.m. new york time or will be pushed out by police. the real estate company that owns the park it wants cleaned. demonstrators tried to do that themselves today. protestors hav protestors have been told they will be allowed back into the park but park but without tents, tarps or sleeping bags. many have decided to defy the order. and in denver, demonstrators had a midnight deadline to vacate the park but didn't. officials have agreed to let them stay for the time being. and these pictures from sky 7 in hd preventing trucks carrying equipment from getting on the ground. stage hands have been working on
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the treasure island musical festival for four years butotye. the the festival begins on saturday. up next, a rare visit and the small mouse that may be upending the ecosystem. and why the state is offering an unbelievable deal to people who have not paid their speeding tickets. and then later on "nightline". >> a look inside the growing world of homemade amateur pornography. plus seal beach
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>> there are 13 national marine sanctuaries in the united states. one of them is the islands 27 miles outside the golden gate. it is a remarkable place and today, abc7's dwayne freeman got a rare chance to see them and the little mouse that is threatening to upset the entire ecosystem. >> reporter: these are forbidden islands, so close, yet so far. but not today. >> not everybody gets to the fairlons, right? >> reporter: with the autumn sun behind us and 27 miles of open sea ahead, they made an exception today for a group of
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reporters. we boarded a small boat, plucked from the water by a crane, carried through open air and placed on a deck. they have done it this way for more than a century. >> so we have flying fish and now flying -- >> boats, yeah. >> you can see the 70 acres of the main island, a forboding place. naturalists live in this old house. >> no cars, no traffic, no ambient noise from people. >> just old research logs and what is left of a zodiac boat after a great white shark bite. >> is that a trophy or a warning? >> it is a warning. >> reporter: before man first landed here in 1810, the islands were teeming with sealife. first they went for the pelts from sea lions. then the eggs from seabirds. by the 1900's, it was decimated. now life is beginning to come back but not as planned.
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you see this dark blur? the islands have become overrun by house mice. they are problematic because they attract owls which then remain on the island to feed on storm petrels, tiny birds that have been on the decline. the best solution? to eradicate all of those mice. >> you get rid of the mice, you get rid of? >> reduce the owls and the pretty days -- the predation on the petrels. >> whether it will be reduced to what it was before, that is the question. >> reporter: whatever it becomes, it will not be for a lack of effort. g.o.p. presidential
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candidate herman payne is getting a lot his 9ity for his 999 tax plan and a game company is saying thanks. sin city 4 has also a simplified tax system called 999. the designer thought an easy-to-understand taxation plan would allow players to focuses on building their own cities and then destroy them with giant liz attacks. he calls for a 9% income tax, tax on business and sales tax. no word if he is a gamer. google had a big quarter. earning $2.3 million but buried in the report was this -- google has hired a number of new employees for the second straight quarter they blew by their forecasts. investors approved the stock price which surged more than 6%
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in extended trading this evening. >> well, if you can't find a cab in san francisco and are willing to share a ride, there is an app for that. taxi share. you can tap where you are headed and find people along the way who you want to share the ride with you. they also let you use pay pal to split the fare. well, if you have a bunch of unpaid traffic tickets, the state of california has the answer for you. if you pay up during the first six months of next year, you will get a 50% discount. the state expects to raise $46 million from this program. the amnesty does not apply to parking tickets or final s for wreckless driving and dui. >> well, coming up next, san jose's little italy. >> the plans to turn one corner of the city into a slice of rome. we'll be back.
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area have launched a campaign and hope to lure business from large retail banks such as bank america who cause as much as five dollars a month for credit card purchases. >> at the university of fresno, up to 47 students will be admitted to a pilot program. 1% of nurses nationwide have doctorates in nursing. >> and the historic italian union is expecting to undergo a face list. they are selling personalized walkway bricks for up to $250 a piece. you will find more on these headlines on the silicon valley business journal tomorrow. >> and we don't do weather words anymore but today was perfect. >> let's get more from sandy. >> yes, it was a warm afternoon. 90 degrees in places like
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livermore, concord. san jose getting up to 83 degrees and a warm afternoon in santa rosa, 89. we will do it again tomorrow but there are some changes coming. let me show you the temperatures right now. 59 in half moon bay. clear skies again tonight. warmth holds on through friday and then the cooling begins this weekend where it will be noticeably cooler. so tonight, expect the temperatures to remain mid-50s to low 60s under clear skies. here is a look at what is coming for your friday. clear skies, no fog to think of. sun is out. it warms up. all areas will see temperatures from the 70s to the 80s but you will notice some changes. first, in the form of high clouds moving in from the south for friday afternoon. the pacific satellite picture will show you what is coming in the next couple of days. higher pressure shifts off to the east. lower pressure starts to approach and as it approaches, we will see the wind shifting
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out of the south-southwest. this is what will knock our the cobeginning at the coast tomorrow and then in all areas as we head into want wanted. if you are traveling to tahoe, look for high clouds, mid-70s for friday afternoon. getting chilly at night, 35 degrees. saturday, lower, 60. 69 on sunday. yosemite looking at temperatures ranging from the mid-80s for friday all the way to the upper 70s for sunday but really dry weather if you are heading out of town. highs for friday, 86 in the south bay, los gatos, 84 degrees. 84 for palo alto. along the coastline, a great-looking day but the winds will switch off and we will get a little more of a seabreeze throughout the day. 76 for half moon bay, same for san francisco, mid-70s and warm weather in the north bay.
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86 in santa rosa. coastal area in the mid-70s. in the east bay, it is going to be north warm, fall afternoon. 81 in oakland, san leandro. upper 80s for concord. and for the monterey bay, 84 in santa cruz. here is your accuweather forecast. a warm day coming your way tomorrow. enjoy the beach. after that, it is cooling. fog returns over the weekend. more clouds. temperatures dropping off in the low 80s on sunday and really the numbers will continue to drop tuesday and wednesday. then back to reality, mid-70s inland, 60s on the coast line. >> thanks very much. >> maybe that pwaoufpl weather proved too distracting for the cal bears. >> larry is here. >> i don't think it was the weather. >> more a problem with the ball. [laughter] >> cal bears in a very giving údúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúú
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good evening, everybody, foam football coaches will tell you over and over, taoeufrs a fatal and cal basically self-destructed against usc. the baseball diamond gone for
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the season in place, the football grass. barkley to carswell. get off me! he scores two touchdowns. cal, four turnovers in the first half. running right into coverage, pick by bailey. cal finally scores, gets into the end zone late 3rd quarter. bears down 2-9, six minutes left, thinking some hope of a comeback? no. maynard, third pick of the game, cal loses their third straight 20-9. >> turnovers. you can't be a good football team like sc when you turn the football over five times. >> i know the mistakes i made, the coach telling me my reads and everything, trying to force the balls on a couple of plays, a lot of errors and need to get better. >> when the raiders honor al davis on sunday, they will do so
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in front of another sellout crowd against the browns, third straight sellout. curry from seattle was a first-round pick two years ago. seahawks gave up on him. one man's trash is another man's treasure. >> i promise you if he is on this football team, he will play and play well. he is athletic, c run, tackle, takes on-linemen, takes on backs. i think he is a really good football player. >> and the tigers are alive in the playoffs thanks to one weird hop. cabrera, look out, wild hop over the bag, stuns beltre. tigers up 3-2. not ain the 6th, this weird hop, this is annihilated by young, two-run shot, his second homer of the games. detroit homers four times as tigers win 7-5. texas still leading the series,
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however, three games to two. cardinals and brewers in game 4, milwaukee down 2-1, betancourt singles to center. harriston just sneaks under molina's glove. that would be right on time. harriston safe to tie it up at two. the bouncer past furcal. morgan scores. timing is everything. brewers win 4-2 and tie the series at two games apiece. and they are making the doughnuts out on the raceway. yesterday, 30 drivers practiced drifting in the parking lot. you will notice the guy in the white car, like middle of the stream? that is just driving in a circle. this guy in the right over here, that is drifting. the other guy is just driving in a circle. he is trying very hard. [laughter] >> in march, they will try to break the world record for most
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cars performing simultaneous doughnuts. the record is 57 cars and that is your toyota sports report. >> you can smell the burning rubber. >> should we be supporting that, larry? >> well, we do it on the way home. [laughter] >> the bay bridge is a mess right now. >> thanks for reminding me. >> "nightline is next". >> enjoy that drive. you can keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. >> thanks for watching. we'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'l'.
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>> reporter: for now the house where baby lisa was last seen in her crib sits empty. her mother says the family will never move back home. we're told the family will hold a meeting to announce their investigative team and two high powered lawyers who will work on their behalf. abc news, kansas city. >> such a tragic story. police have no leads. no suspects, they say. >> there is a large wooded area near the house where they have searched twice. and no suspects or leads. they want to search everything they can close by in hopes of getting something, nothing yet. >> help that baby is found soon. moving on now, hundreds of mourners paid respects to the eight victims killed in a southern california hair salon. they prayed and lit candles to remember the six women and two men killed by a gunman. among those killed, the suspect's ex-wife.
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the two had been engaged in a bitter custody battle. she told family and friends he was mentally unstable, and that she was afraid of him. a virginia truck driver is accused in a toll evasion scheme that may remind you of james bond. the driver had a retractable front license plate on his big rig. a cable would flip the plate out of view while going through easy pass lanes on new york's george washington bridge. police caught him and say he tried to skip his $65 toll. >> that's creative. >> got to respect, ingenuity. sometimes people -- you know. >> necessities is the mother of invention, they say. >> indeed it is. all right. new concerns this morning for millions of parents who strap their children into car booster seats every day. >> latest safety study shows a long list of seats do not make the grade. abc's karen travers has details on this. good morning to you, karen. >> good morning, rob, tanya. safety experts say it is still a struggle to get some parents to use a booster seat. the study found there is a clear distinction between the good
2:38 am
ones and bad ones. most parents know, don't do this. but not enough do this. put their 4 to 8-year-olds in a booster seat. studies have shown these child seats cut the risk of injury in a crash by 45%. >> the main job of a booster is to elevate a child to help position the lap and shoulder belt so they're providing the best protection in a crash. >> reporter: but not all seats are created equal. some offer a better boost than others. according to a new study, more than half still aren't good enough. the lap belt should go across the child's upper thigh. not the abdomen. the shoulder strap should fit snugly across the middle of the shoulder not arm or neck. so how can parents know which ones are best? the insurance institute looked at more than 80 booster seats and rated 31 models as best bets meaning they'll work well until any kind of vehicle, an suv, minivan, or car. six booster seats were not
2:39 am
recommended because they failed to properly use the lap or shoulder belt. parents don't have to spend an arm and a leg to protect their children's arms and legs. >> you can get a best belt for less than $15. you can't tell by looking at a seat. you can't tell by the price of the seat. really you need to look at our rating to try to take the guesswork out of choosing a booster that will predictably consistently do a good job. >> reporter: the number of seats that provide good protection has increased every year since 2009. that means parents have a greater selection and greater security for they children. rob and tanya? >> for a complete list of the booster seats tested, showing which once passed and which ones did not, you can log on to switching gears -- president obama taking south korean president li to detroit to tour a general motors plant there. at a white house state dinner last night, the leaders celebrated a long-awaited trade deal. mrs. obama actually wore a dress created by a korea-american designer


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