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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> in the news this saturday morning, october 15th, today is being called an international day of action, as the occupy movement continues to grow across the country. many nor demonstrations planned in the bay area today. home prices continue to drop in the bay area. median prices down foreign 7% from a year ago. >> good morning. high clouds and we will have cooler temperatures today. pretty mild, mid-and upper 60s. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. bay area occupy demonstrations heat up for an international day of action against what they call corporate agreed. at noon the demonstrators plan to pickett a branch of america branch.
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and at 2:00 in front of city hall. owning land demonstrators planned to take their message through the streets again. they tell us to expect a lot of noise. >> what had been a civil occupation on the front steps of city hall became a signature oakland demonstration in the street. dozens broke off from theiren camp meant to chant their multi-facetted message. this is a demonstration that was loud and confrontational but not violent. among knows participating, stephanie and some friends who remained even after the march was over. >> impart of this because we are a part of the 99% and everything is sort of set unlike we are at the bottom of the pile. >> with her, 86-year-old ruth mcgwire. >> people need to get outraged. i'm also really happy that young people are now fighting for their own futures and i'm really out here to support them.
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it's really their battle at this point. >> the only stop the group made was outside glen dive detention facility and continued back to city hall. for a while a short stand off was prompted as police in riot gear stood by after an effort at crowd control. and some swept dust on police officers boots. these intense moments led to questions of the group's motives. zach doesn't want to give his last name but said he didn't like some demonstrators chants against the police. >> public safety. everybody is hurting. the police are hurting, the people are hurting, i think everybody needs to learn how to respect each other. >> a pastor watched the group on his way home and supports the basic idea of the occupy wall street movement but wonders about the focus. >> i think the message is kind of all over the place in some ways. i think that's part of the message, that there isn't -- there's not asen terrorist idea. >> and the occupy berkeley group
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is planning a rally around noon. here in oakland they are planning a march through the city streets of oakland again starting around 1:00 p.m. in oakland, abc7 news. 16 months ago the city of gilroy asked for help in dealing with crime and gangs. now the results are in. yesterday was the last day of operation garlic press, a massive multi-agency task force arrested more than 100 people, many of them career criminals. 24 of the arrests were made in gilroy and that city's police chief issued a warning. >> if there are any gang members or criminals listening in, this is not over. we haven't finished our work. we will continue on. we will come out and find those people we haven't taken into custody yesterday. we are going to keep a hard press on these individuals. we don't want them to reoffend in gilroy or in any of your communities. >> operation garlic press also recovered 87 stolen cars. you see them here parked in a secure lot. agents also seized drugs and firms and believe drug cartels
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are linked to local street gangs. no criminal charges will be filed against a group of former de anza college baseball players accused of gang rape. yesterday the district attorney, jeff rosen, announced he would not pursue the investigation. a 17-year-old girl k claimed she had been sexually assault bid 8 men at a party four years ago. the predict attorney never filed charges, citing lack of evidence, and the new d. a. reached the same conclusion. >> what happened to jessica was not her fault. the defendants' behavior was not acceptable conduct. however, the district attorney's office cannot prove that a crime occurred and therefore will not file criminal charges. >> the victim, who spoke exclusively to abc7 news in august, sued two for damages in a civil trial but a jury found them not liable. she released a statement saying, quote, i am very disappointed in our justice system. i can only pray that victims
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find strength in my journey. i didn't hide, i told my story and i'm not embarrassed. i did all i could to help the truth come out and now i will move on. the median price for a bay area home is down more than 7% from a year ago. the average price is now $365,000. that's slightly more than half of the peak value back in 2007. homes at such bargain prices are selling faster. sales are up more than 6% from a year ago. but more than a quarter of those sales continue to be from banks selling off foreclosed homes. we have more on bay area housing trends. >> reporter: this townhouse on the top of the hill is a bank-owned property on sale for $140,000. this file is months worth of paperwork, real estate agents developed it to help her client buy the house. >> it took us three months. now it's garbage. >> the bank found fault with the
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borrower one day before the home was to close. >> banks are very tight. they don't want to give money if your credit there and he paid 40% down and even then he didn't get the loan. >> townhomes and condos have dropped more than single-family homes. the median was down 13% from a year ago. median price then $289,500. now it's $252,000. he said those kinds of prices have attracted investors who have cash, pushing out many family home buyers who have to seek a mortgage. >> this time the prices are low, they are buying it, and they are flipping it also. they will buy a run-down house, fix it up, and put on sale within three months. >> home prices have also dropped around the bay area. marin county dropped 10 1/2 percent to $628,400.
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san francisco county prices dipped 1% from $620,000 to a median of $613,750. short sales where the bank and homeowner agree to sell the house accounted for more than 20% of bay area home sales last month. home buyers like the nolans are finding even with low prices, pickings are scarce. >> our agent told us early on really there aren't a lot of bargains and we are fining that's the case. >> now data quick also reports that even with refers weighing in, home sales were well below the average since 1988. it basically says the market is on hold. abc7 news. pg&e is starting an ambitious and expensive construction project. the utility is replacing more than 1200 miles of 2-inch plastic pipe. the decision stems from this fire in august at cupertino sparked from a leak from that kind of pipe. pg&e admits the pipe, made before 1973, is prone to cracking. the pipe manufacturer warned of
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the problem 30 years ago. utility officials say the project will last at least three years, with the cost at least partly covered by a rate increase. if you see something like this on the new bay bridge this weekend, don't be alarmed. local authorities, in tandem with homeland security, will be conducting a training exercise called urban shield. it is exercise to test response time and skills needed in large scale disasters. the almeda county sheriff's office, that is overseeing the exercise, say motorists shouldn't see anything except the vehicles on the skyway span. they are asking you to keep your eyes open for the plaid bandit. here are some pictures of the thief. he most recently hit the east west bank on montgomery street in san francisco last week. he's described as a white male in his 50s, about 5'7", 150 pounds, short, white hair wearing tinted sunglasses and he likes to wear plaid shirts. the man is thought to have hit three banks in the city last year.
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if you know who he is, please contact authorities. >> this story has prompted quite a discussion on our facebook page about the plaid bandit. if you like to weigh in go to news. coming up, why they are trying to limit the damage from an oil cargo ship off the coast of new zealand have delayed operations to pump out the remaining fuel. also, got to have the new i-phone? and what your feeling could be and what your feeling could be more than just apple addiction, the difference between hiding my skin and showing it off?
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new zealand to off-load cargo from an oil ship before weather breaks it apart. yesterday divers determined the
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vessel is too unstable. the greek-owned ship has been leaking since it ran into a reef on the 5th. environmentalists warn of a wildlife disaster if the oil is allowed to spill out. >> prosecute stores want a man killing 8 people in a southern california beauty salon. the man appeared yesterday in court. they say he methodically killed 7 people and ex-wife with whom he had a custody battle over their 8-year-old son. members of the occupy wall street movement repeatedly interrupted a speech by news corporation ceo rupert murdoch at a san francisco conference. >> yesterday murdoch told the audience that standards for american schools are lower than
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the plants for his fox show, american idol. >> three quarters of american students who graduate from high school are not ready to do college work. three quarters. and these are the kids who are going to college. this is not the foundation for a 21st century economy. >> the conservative conference pushes for school vouchers and charter schools and performance pay instead of tenure for teachers. some of the heckler dress you had up in sesame street character hats in an effort to show commitment to educating kids. >> the obama administration is pulling a lug on a key part of the healthcare overhaul. they say it's not financially viable and a fix cannot be found. workers would be paid a monthly premium and collect $50 a day if they became disabled but the voluntary plan allowed on lots of healthy people signing up to cap insurance premiums. republican lawmakers who oppose
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the premium are claiming a victory for the american taxpayer. do you love your i-phone or do you really love your iphone? as apple launches it's new i-phone 4s, more and more studies are showing the attachment we have to our smartphone runs deeper than we might have shot. johnathan bloom explains. >> i love my i-phone. >> really? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: tina calls it love, others call it addiction. as they waited in line for their new iphones at the palo alto apple store, we saw tell-tale signs of both. >> i'm not addicted. i use it all the time. >> if you had to peck your i-phone or your girlfriend? >> because i don't want to get in trouble, definitely the girlfriend. >> well, at dinner i check my phone while we are talking and she gets mad. i try not to. >> i'm dependent. i'm not addicted. but i do need it. i feel anxious if i didn't have it on me. >> my anxiety, i start shaking, i'll sweat.
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if -- you don't want to be around me without my i-phone. >> what happens? >> i don't know, it's probably lonely. >> whether it's love or addiction, the relationship between people and their iphones has been the subject of an awful lot of research lately. >> 58% agreed with the statement i love it in capital letters. >> the subjects in her study really showed it. >> they would pat their phones, people would name their phone. >> in many ways we attach the many of the same feelings of closeness, attachment, et cetera tra, as we do to a phone as we do with others. >> it's because we see the phone as a helper. an effortless provider of information. even more so with apple technology. >> it speaks and brings the most fundamental human sense. >> i love you. >> oh, i bet you say that to all your apple products. >> in palo alto, abc7 news. >> a private memorial is being
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planned at stanford tomorrow for apple founder steve jobs. according to the ball street journal it's an invitation-only affair for the so-called royalty of silicone valley. i just asked lisa if you love your smartphone and you said -- >> i don't have one. >> that may be the way to go after what we saw there. smart woman. what's going on? >> we are looking at clouds out there. still mild, mid-and upper 60s but the cooler air is on the way in the form of fog. the cooler air mass. and, yeah, for the weekend but we will bump up our temperatures a little bit next week. i'll explain coming up. >> also next, san jose state ends 14 years of not feeling the aloha spirit against hawaii. we have the exciting finish in this morning's sports. can lulu have some beef pasta, too?
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>> the fog is there and it is thick on this saturday morning. i think we will have some sunny skies as the day goes on. we will get that from lisa in a couple minutes. >> feel for lumps and save your bumps. that's the cheer. but the good cheer ended when the high school principal called the language inappropriate and barred the squad from wearing
5:20 am
t-shirt. the school said it's not against the cause, just that tick slogan. now to a doping story and you won't believe who got disqualified. this goat won the colorado state fair in august, but test results now shows the goat had a muscle growth additive in his system. it's okay for swine, but not okay for goats. the woman who raised that goat could have won $5,000 but now she doesn't get the money, she's banned from future events and she denies any doping charges. i'm thinking maybe that goat got it from the big in the next stall. it could be an inside deal. they are checking on that. what's going on, by the way? >> we are looking finally at some cooler weather, but for the weekend and we will bump up the numbers on monday. overall it's beginning to feel like fall out there. our above normal readings, yes, they changed and today we are looking at readings coming well out of the 80s. a live look from our sutro camera. the sun coming up 7:18 setting
5:21 am
at 67:33. so we will be looking at some higher clouds. once we see those high clouds, we will begin to feel the effects of some cooler air out there. so right now we are going to take a look at our current temperatures. high temperatures right now. high temperatures in the 60s. here we go. 60 at hayward. we are talking 61 in san jose, 60 at the coast, half moon bay. 68 santa rosa, 54 in napa and numbers in our inland valleys. check it out, livermore 59 degrees. 60 in the city. so we've got the clouds offshore and we will be looking at some higher clouds as they head our way today. overall making for a cooler day. the john show flow with us, and that will bring change to our weather pattern. so temperatures coming back briefly on monday for a warmer trending afternoon. but after that we are talking below normal for the next several days. so take a look at our fog
5:22 am
product throughout the afternoon. you will notice we have holes in the clouds. we will see the higher clouds, partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon, and with the onshore flow, that contributing to the cooler temperatures. so the fog by the afternoon is situated along the shoreline. we are talking 60s. 70s around the bay, and then some 80s return for our inland valleys. but cooler than what we had yesterday be with the mid-and upper 80s. here's the first system. it's an upper level low that is beginning to bring in the higher clouds. as it heads towards our coast, yeah, we are going to see that onshore flow ramp up and conditions begin to feel a little bit more like fall out there. and that's going to last right on through the weekend. so the fog continuing to move up from southern california, and with that the cooler numbers here. 715 big -- 75 big sur, back home talking 78 sunyvale, 80 san jose, peninsula numbers from
5:23 am
the upper 60s at the coast. fog, looks like it will stay put throughout most of the day here. 78 redwood city. in and around san francisco we are talking 72. 74 in south city. and in the north bay look for highs in the mid-and upper 60s at our beaches. so not bad, but you will notice the low clouds there. inland, up he were 70s, still a few 80s to be found by clear lake and calistoga. low 70s in berkeley with 78 fremont. as you head inland, just about 80s should do it in walnut creek and dublin. 82 pleasanton. monterey, look comfortable, upper 60s here. 84 gilroy. a little cooling. we will call it subtle cooling with the higher clouds and tomorrow the trend continues. but you will notice the numbers going back up on monday. but then after that it looks like the decline will continue into the middle of next week with high temperatures just in the low to mid-70s. so we are talking below normal by next tuesday. >> like you said, fall. all right, thanks a lot. in sports, late this afternoon
5:24 am
7th ranked stanford is in the pacific northwest facing washington state. last night it was homecoming at san jose state as the spartans tried to beat hawaii for the first time in 14 years. here's rick kwan with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. a wild game down in the south bay last night at hawaii and san jose state combined for twelve turnovers. larry beil's alma mater is hawaii. he does the same routine before newscasts. trailing 7-0 the second quarter. the spartans tie it up on the reverse to chandler jones he takes it if from 20 yards out. the second straight interception, this one to james. the spartans would get a field goal to make it 13-7. then on the ensuing kickoff, scott harding coughs it up. chandler jones takes it back. hawaii had five turnovers in the first half. the second half, a different story as the spartans turn it over five times. here monese takes off and nearly goes all the way, 74 yards. hawaii punched it in on the next
5:25 am
play to go up 24-20. they score again to go up by 20 but the spartans block the extra point. it's picked up. he gets all the way to midfield before his leg starts to cramp up. he brings it back for the two points and san jose state within five. less than a minute to play, matt will hit chandler jones and he is gone for his third score of the contest. the spartans pull it out, 28-27. it's the first time they have beaten hawaii at home since 1997. after opening their season last saturday, the sharks finally return to the ice last night in anaheim. the long lay off may have left san jose a little rusty. first period action, look at this move by joe pavelski. through the defender's legs but a great save by jonas hiller. the goalie had 34 saves. ducks got on the board a few minutes later. the feed here and he goes top shelf for his first nhl goal.
5:26 am
1-0, ducks. third period now sharks on the power play but ryane clowe's shot hits the side of the net. anaheim hangs on to win, 1-0. in baseball the cardinals played host to the brewers in game five of the nlcs. the series was tied at two a piece. hard to believe but tony la russa is in his 16th season with the cards. the deep fly ball, corey hart can't make the catch and lance berkman scores, it's 1-0. the pitcher, garcia, hits one between his legs. that should have been the third out. yet two runs score and it's 3-zip. milwaukee committed four errors last night. the cardinals scored two more in the eighth. former athletic matt holliday with the two-run double down the line. 7-1 was the final. st. louis can aaron trip to the world series with the win on sunday. the texas rangers can wrap-up the alcs with the win begins detroit later today. that's sports for saturday
5:27 am
morning. i'm rick kwan. have a great day. next at 5:30, why america's families are getting smaller. a historic down turn in the nation's birthrate and there's a direct correlation to the economy. >> if you like peanut butter, get set to pay >> if you like peanut butter,
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>> good morning. president obama sets out monday on a campaign style three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia to get elements of his jobs package pushed through congress. over the week the senate rejected his $450 billion jobs bill. >> next week i'm urging members of congress to vote on putting hundreds of thousands of teachers back in the classroom. cops back on the streets. and firefighters back on the job. if they vote no on that, they will have to tell you why. there is still time to create jobs and grow our economy right now. there is still time for congress to do the right thing. >> in the gop response, california congressman kevin mccarthy said republicans will work with the president to create jobs, but without more washington spending and taxes. the economy is changing the typical hustle bus elf the maternity ward. the number of babies born in the united states has been declining since 2008 when the recession
5:31 am
started. abc7s leeann has the numbers. >> ashley of san francisco said families should be financially stable before starting a family. >> there's so many different factors to consider when having a baby, and obviously the financial aspect is huge. >> some americans have even postponed having children because of the nation's economic uncertainty. a report by the pugh research center found there were fewer babies directly linked to our economic crisis. in 2007 just before the recession, 4.3 million babies were born in the u.s., but three years later the fertility rate fell to 4 million. let's look at it a different way. in 2007 there were 69.7 babies per 1,000 women. in 2010 the number dropped to 64.7. california had nearly 74 babies per 1,000 women. down to 68 in 2009. >> we're looking at a one
5:32 am
percent decrease with our older women and we are looking at a six percent decrease with our younger women and those younger women will probably have kids but it will just be delayed. so it's not a dramatic dip but i think it's another indication of how the recession has impacted americans. >> america has seen this kind of decline before during the great depression and during the oil crisis of the is 1970s, and agan in 2002 during a minor recession. trevor said he understands why someone would want to put off having kids, especially in san francisco. >> just cooling is so expensive. i mean, 23 you -- if you have ad this age, and you have daycare or preschool, it's prohibit tively expensive. >> the report also found hispanics, who were the hardest hit by the recession, also had the biggest fertility declines. >> the only state that did not see a decline was north dakota,
5:33 am
which also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation at 3.1%. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, ab. this 7 news. get prepared to shell out a bit more for peanuts butter. u.s. farmers are expected to produce about 13% fewer peanuts than last year and that is driving prices up. we have the story from san francisco. >> peanut butter. >> and most kids and they will tell you peanut butter and jelly sandwich is their favorite. >> can you tell me how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you eat in one day? >> five? >> parents will soon have to pay more for peanut butter and maybe even nutter butter. a drought in the south is creating a shortage, dramatically driving up the price. almost 300% last year to $450 a ton to nearly $1,200 a ton. that translates to higher peanut
5:34 am
butter prices. >> i'm bumped. we buy a lot of peanut butter. probably we go through a jar every two weeks. >> jiff brand will hike prices up to grossers 30% in november and others say it could be as much as 40%. they will pass the increase on to consumers. >> peanut butter and jellies are such staples in the american household that an average kid will eat about 1500p and j sandwiches by the time they finish high school. >> this woman takes care of nine children. a 30 to 40% hike won't be easy to swallow. >> peanut is the go-to lunch. if they are having it almost every day for lunch, at that preissing it will make a big difference. >> while peanut butter is the most popular peanut product, peanuts at the ballgame could get more expensive and so could french fries that are often fried in peanut butter. since the couple prices don't hit for a couple weeks, maybe
5:35 am
it's time to stash away from favorites. >> buy a bunch now and hopefully keep it as long as as i can before the price goes up. >> i'll stock up. i'll buy a month's worth of peanut butter. >> abc7 news. and it's not just peanuts, the tiny beetle called the coffee barry borer is raising concerns about rising coffee prices. now i've got your attention. it's causing so much trouble that several farms in hawaii have been close today close. early estimates show as much of a quarter of the coffee crop is already wiped out. if is that keeps up, know what will happen to coffee prices. and for the early morning audience, coffee may be more important than peanut butter. here's lisa to talk about the forecast. >> that's for sure. especially on this shift. we are looking at changes. maybe the cooler air waking you up. right now we are still in the mid-and upper 60s around san francisco and oakland. the cooler air on the way today.
5:36 am
and the week ahead is next. >> also ahead is climate change changing fog? what it means for the future of our local plants and animals. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
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are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. >> have you ever considered fog a source for water in it actually contains a lot, but how much? a researcher has set tout to measure it and in the process studied the consequences of climate change. >> we've been told there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but on this day dr. dan fernandez is going to great heights above big sur in pursuit of something more elusive. >> water airborne. >> in word, fog, capacious, mesmerizing and right about now so far, far below. >> there's water in the fog. >> how much? >> in a cubic meter you might have about a gram.
5:39 am
>> doesn't sound like a lot. >> doesn't sound like a lot but there's a lot of cubic meters of fog out there. >> this doctor does research at monterey bay. as we put a time-lapse camera ton, it behaves like water and ebbs and flows and fills valleys and fills base since. it led him to wonder. >> can we determine how much water is in the fog and how much of that water is necessary for the flora and fauna along the coast to survive? >> he set up a series of fog catchers. it consume plates on the grids and trips down into collection areas. a heavy day might yield a couple of gallons. one of the questions is fundamental. with a warming world will we even see fog along northern california's coast in 100 years and what will the effects be? >> it's possible the fog on the golden gail would disappear or be significantly reduced. >> more than the visual
5:40 am
implications, such a change could have far reaching consequences for plants and animals that use the fog as their main source of water. >> when the fog changes there's a possibility that certain plants and animals won't survive and that will affect us. there's a possibility our lifestyles will change. >> which raises the stakes significantly. mystical fog, precious fog, tenuous fog. from big sur, abc7, wayne freedman. >> gorgeous photography, that time-lapse and the cubic meters of fog. how many cubic meters of fog will we have today? >> plenty. it's already stepped up along the shoreline and moving across the golden gate bridge so that will aid in our cooling today, as well as the higher clouds out there. so, yeah, that fog definitely working its way in later on this afternoon. right now we are looking at some higher clouds around the bay. in fact, those high clouds will also aid in the cooling.
5:41 am
the golden gate bridge right now you can see definitely in the fog." so as we get started we are talking 61 in san jose. the numbers still mild out there in of in some parts of the bay. good morning isn't crows, 58 for you. mid-60s still in oakland with 60 right along the coast. areas of fog, cooler all throughout the bay area this weekend, and we will talk about the numbers coming back. bounce being up a little bit come monday. but then after that the trend will be for numbers to be below average. here's the setup this morning, waking up to the higher clouds. throughout the afternoon they will begin to thin out. we will look for some breaks in the clouds. we will call it partly cloudy skies and by the late afternoon the sea breeze kicks up and that will keep temperatures once again in the 60s. so we are talking about some cool numbers. 60s at our coast with the 80s in and around the south bay.
5:42 am
so you will enjoy that. if you think it's a little warm, the averages have been somewhat on the warm side. we are getting some subtropical moisture and that will again to pull up from the south and as it does it will allow the fog to move on up. that will bring the partly cloudy skies and temperatures, you know, really feeling a little bit more like fall. 89 in fresno. we are talking some heat still in the interior but not bad. sacramento 82 with the real heat down around the desert. 99 in palm springs. we will see some upper 70s from cupertino. low 80s campbell. peninsula numbers from 58 pacifica, 75 in san mateo, san francisco still in the 70s today. 72. partly cloudy skies at our coast. the sunset, 69. cloud cover continuing to advance throughout the afternoon. 76 vallejo.
5:43 am
near east bay. 75 san leandro. 78 in fremont. and you head on inland and you will notice some low 80s here with some high clouds. definitely cooler than yesterday. dublin coming in at 80 and down by the monterey bay 73 for watsonville. the fog, well, it will bring the temperatures into the upper 60s in monterey today. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we are talking cooler today and tomorrow. in fact, the numbers will come up a little bit on monday. so after that, though, definitely more fall-like with numbers in the mid-70s inland and low 60s at our coast. no rain in site. >> all right. lisa, thanks a lot. congress approved a series of free trade agreements this week that backers say will give the economy a much-needed lift. one of those deals with south korea is the largest free-trade agreement since the one with mexico and canada 16 years ago. california forms and vineyards already shipped $280 million in exports to south korea.
5:44 am
the uc davis report predicts that could now double. the assignment 7 reports, cheryl jennings went to south korea and met with napa valley managers in sole, south korea. >> i visited there and was given a door. they work with the napa valley and at the a wine bar. >> in korea, especially this wine is very popular for weddings, as wedding gifts. >> their company is one of the largest distributor-i am pourters of american wines in the world, especially napa valley wine. they told us they want the napa valley wine but the tax is 60%. the owner of the company
5:45 am
commutes between napa and seule. he told me his passion for california wine had him create the estates. his cabernet scored 100 points from this wine expert. he's using the napa valley expertise to create a brand new market in south korea. it's come a long way since the war ended in 1953. chairman lee's father owned a flour and rice milling company that helped feed koreans after the war. now they feel they are ready for wine time. >> in order to introduce a new culture such as wine,we need to educate the company. >> so his company built this wine resource center complete with guest lectures from wine experts and cooking classes. >> to learn about how to order food with certain wine, how the food is prepared. >> california could be the u.s.
5:46 am
largest state in terms of exports. >> dr. lee honku is with the firm for international affairs. he believes free trade would benefit california quickly. >> i think the reputation of california wine is really great here. the koreans in the last ten years or so really developed a taste. >> california grape growers and vintners are hoping it will happen soon as they watch wines from chile dominate the market. >> chile signed a free-trade agreement so exports went down sharply. that's why you see the free-trade agreement is so important. >> i believe that california wines will have an opportunity for future recognition. they will love them. >> cheryl jennings reported. the international trade commission estimates cuts in tear i was between u.s. and
5:47 am
korea will increase exports by $10 billion to $12 billion a year. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> do you really know what is in your extended warranty? why you need to check coming up on 7 on your side.
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♪ yaaaaaaay! honey bunches of oats. four grains come together for nutrition in perfect harmony with great taste. honey bunches of oats. >> here's a live picture of the golden gate bridge. the fog has really settled in there. if you like fog, and some people do, you can have it all day and lisa will tell you where to go to have it all day. if you prefer sun, she can tell you where to go for that too, come up in a couple minutes. if you are among the thousands who bought an i-phone yesterday you were probably asked if you wanted an extended warranty. here's michael finney with the
5:50 am
story of a brentwood family who answered yes and ended up disappointed. >> for all you i-phone fans, ouch! >> i accidentally dropped it. >> you really dropped it. >> yes. >> a broken phone like this is something you hear about and hope to never experience. it all started when katie was on her home stairway. >> i was walking up the stairs, it hit the balcony kind of thing and then slammed on the tile. >> the good news was katie and her family had all bought extended warranties along with their devices this past spring. to get a new phone all they had to do was pay a deductible. here's katie's mom, sharon. >> when i went on the computer at home, i'm going through and i get to about step five on the website onver rise on and they said the cost was now going to be 169. in the back of my head i said that doesn't sound right. so i went and got the brochure and on the brochure it said it would be $129.
5:51 am
>> look at the pamphlet they received. deductible phones, $45, advance devices, $99 and tablets $129. she remembers the day they bought the phones and worries. when i look at the brochure it specifically didn't have the i-phone listed. so i asked them about it, and he said well the i-phone would be $129. >> she called verizon and the warranty company. the deductible was $169 they said. sharon contacted me and i contacted verizon. the company pointed out there is no i-phone listed in the brochure and said a sales representative may have misstated the coverage during the sales process. the rate is indeed $169. but since that isn't listed anywhere on the morris paperwork, the company is refunding 40 bucks, and we are following up with our retail sales representative to provide
5:52 am
appropriate coaching. and now, right next to that broken i-phone, is katie's brand new i-phone. i want to thank verizon forgetting none so quickly. if you have a consumer problem with a cellphone or anything else, let me know about it. go to i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, catch a trolley, see a show. what you can watch this weekend along san francisco's muni lines. [ female announcer ] these are the grands! biscuits you love with dinner.
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>> herm are the winning numbers from last night's 30 meg million dollars drawing. nobody got them. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $39 million. today and tomorrow all you have to do to see a professional dance performance in san francisco is hop on a muni train. it's the 2011 edition of trolley dances, bringing dance to the people. abc7's arts and entertainment property don sanchez takes the tour. >> caught up in the traffic. whispering pedestrian fighting for their neighborhood. a most unlikely dance duo you mighten counter at muni station. bay area dance companies offer up a weekend of dance at ten
5:56 am
san francisco locations. >> it's like a treasure hundred of art in your very own city. >> she started trolley dances eight years ago. it's dictated by where muni runs. >> the trains tell me where to go and i find site specific spots along the controlly route. >> it starts with a line-up at the main library. then take the trains to westport tal. in a sense muni becomes your boarding pass to the dance. it's movement that reflects the character of a neighborhood. students from hilltop school and berkeley high school got a chance to experience it on the hour and a half tour. >> this new piece explore transit. steps at the main libraire lend themselves to interpretation and visitors get involved. >> yesterday a woman came up and was sort of dancing with us on the tour bus and then she had her husband take a picture of
5:57 am
her dancing with us. it was awesome. >> urban jazz dance of oakland explore animal call, raw energy. a fascinating performance because an tone is deaf. >> any kind of struggle can also reach their dreams and you have to find it inside of you. >> they have six muni connected performances saturday and six on sunday. >> art making it important, a form of bringing people together. >> in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> coming up next at 6:00, the occupy demonstrators are staying put. the big protest they have planned for this weekend. and also bay area home prices drop the 12th month in a row. drop the 12th month in a row. what's behind that september
5:58 am
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