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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 15, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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in the news this saturday morning, october 15th, today is being called an international day of action as the occupied movement continues to grow. many more demonstrations planned in the bay area today. home prices continued to drop in the bay area. median price is down more than 7% than a year ago. >> from vollmer peak we do have higher clouds making for a cooler afternoon but still a nice weekend. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. the occupy wall street movement plans to step things up calling for an international day of action. solidarity protestors from europe to australia. dan reports where it all begin a month ago in lower manhattan. >> in new york, a police officer throws a punch at demonstrator
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igniting the protestors. not far away a protestor wig nld pain after being hit by an officer's scooter. they refused to leave forcing property owners to back off a threat to clear the grounds. in san diego, they fired pepper spray to keep them in check. >> all we wanted is to have the tents taken down. >> outside colorado's capitol building they were forced to break up a group of protestors forcing them to find a new place. >> we're not leaving this. >> media mogul rupert murdoch is targeted during a speech. >> that is accounts controversy spanning the country, with protestors, ohio, virginia, massachusetts and oregon.
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the message being translated around the globe. in tokyo, protestors are fighting for equality. filipino demonstrators said u.s. troops out now. and 300 australians went over where it started on wall street. >> and 99% are two major events. first is march to times square and then a rally at j.p. morgan banks where they'll be closing their accounts altogether. bay area occupied demonstrations heat up, as well. at noon, occupy san rafael plan to picket a bank of america branch. occupy santa rosa begins at 2:00. and oakland demonstrators plan to take their message through the streets again.
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here is more. >> reporter: what had been a civil occupation at the front steps of city hall begin a signature demonstration in the street. dozens broke off to chant and shout their multifaceted message. this was a demonstration that was loud and confrontational but not violent. among those is stephanie and friends that remained after the march was over. >> i am tired of this. we are art of the 99% we're at the bottom of the pile. >> with her 86-year-old ruth mcgwire. people need to get outraged but i'm really happy that young people are fighting for their own future. i'm really out here to support them. it's really their battle at this point. >> the group was outside a
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facility and continued back to city hall. for a while it was prompted as police in riot gear stood by for crowd control and a dumped dust on officer's boots. the students in oakland who didn't want to give his last name but he didn't like the chants against police. >> public safety. everybody is hurting. police are hurting. people are hurting. i think everybody needs to learn how to respect each other. >> andre watched the group from his bus stop on his way home and supports the basic idea of the movement but wondered about the focus. >> i think the message is all over the place. i think it's part of the message. there is not a centrist idea. >> and the occupy berkeley group is planning a rally around noon and they are planning a march
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through the city streets of oakland around 1:00 p.m. >> 16 months ago the sit city of gilroy asked for help in dealing with crime. results are in. last day was the last day of operation garlic press. many were arrested. 24 of the arrests were made in gilroy. police chief issued a warrant. >> if there are any of these gang members listening in, this isn't over. we're going to continue on. we're going to come out and found those people that we haven't taken into custody yet. we are going to do a hard press on these individuals. >> operation garlic press also recovered 87 stolen cars. you see them here. they seized drugs and firearms and believe drug car tells are linked to local street gangs. >> no criminal charges will be
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fired against a former de anza baseball player accused of gang rape. the district attorney said he would not pursue investigations. a woman said she was six you'llly assaulted by eight men. they cited a lack of evidence and the new d.a. reached the same conclusion. what happened to jessica was not her fault. the defendants' behavior was not acceptable conduct, however the district attorney's office cannot prove that a crime occurred and therefore will not file criminal charges. >> the victim who spoke skloofl to us in august sued for damages in civil trial but a jury found them not liable. he released a statement, i'm very disappointed in our justice system. i told my story and i am not
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embarrassed. now i will move on. >> the median price for a bay area home is down monday than 7% than a year ago. newly released figures show the price is now $365,000 that is slightly more than half of the peak value back in 2007. holes are selling faster, sales are up more than 6% than a year ago but quarter of those sales continued to be from banks selling off foreclosed homes. >> reporter: this townhouse on the top of the hill is bank owned property on sale for $140,000. this file is months worth of paperwork the real estate agent developed to help her client buy the house. >> the bank found fault with the borrower one day before the home was to close. >> think don't want to give the
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money. he put the money down and then he did not get the loan. >> the condo and townhome prices have dropped more than single family homes. they say the median home price in contra costa county was down 13% from a year ago. median price, $289,500 thousand it's $252,000. those investors that have cash have the advantage pushing out other buyers. >> they are buying it. they will buy a house and fix it up and put it on sale within three months. >> home prices have dropped around the bay area. marin county dropped 10.5%, from 702 to $628,000. san francisco county prices dipped 1%, $620,000 to a median of $613,750.
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short sales with the bank and homeowner account for 20% of sales. home buyers are finding even with low prices, pickings are scarce. >> there are not a lot of bargains. >> they report that investors weighing in home sales were well below the average since 1988. it basically says the market is on hold. pg&e is starting an ambitious and expensive construction project. they are replacing more than 1200 miles of pipe. the decision stems from the fire in august in cupertino sparked by a leak. the pipe made before 1973 is prone to cracking. utility officials say the project will last with the cost partly covered by a rated increase. >> if you see something like
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this on the new bay bridge this weekend, don't be alarmed. local authorities and homeland security will be conducting a training exercise called urban shield. to test the skills in large scale disasters. motorists should not see anything about emergency vehicles, that is on the new bridge. >> this morning, f.b.i. and san francisco pd are asked to keep your eyes open for the plaid bandit. he they hit a bank on montgomery street last week. white man, in his 50s. short white hair, tinted sunglasses and he actually wears plaid shirts. if you know who he is please contact police. that has prompted quite a few stories on our facebook page. >> coming up next, trying to
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its race against time in new zealand trying to off load tons of oil off a cargo ship. yesterday the weather was calm for crews to get aboard the ship but they determined it was too unstable. it ran into a reef on october 5. they off loaded ten tons of oil before the weather turned bad. environmentalists warn of a wildlife disaster.
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prosecutors want the death penalty for the man they say was bent on revenge on veng that was responsible for killing eight people in a beauty salon. police say that he killed seven people and his ex-wife during a custody battle over their eight-year-old son. >> obama administration is pulling a plug on key component of the healthcare overall. they say it's not financially viable and a fix can't be found. they would have paid a monthly premium and collected $50 a day if they became disabled. it required on a lot of healthy people signing up but they are claiming a victory for the american taxpayer. do you love your iphone? or do you really love your iphone? as apple launches the new iphone
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f they show it runs deeper than you might have thought. jonathan bloom explains. >> i love my iphone,y, do i. >> tina calls it love. others call it addiction. as they waited in line for their new iphones we saw telltale signs of both. >> i'm not addicted. i use it all the time. >> if you had to pick your iphone or girlfriend? >> so i don't get in trouble, the girlfriend. >> i'm dependent. i'm not addicted but i do need it. >> high anxiety, i start shaking. i'll sweat. you don't want to be around me. >> what happens when it is not with you? >> i don't know. >> whether you want to call it love or addiction, relationship between people and their iphones
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has been the subject of research including a couple studies up at stanford. >> 58% of people say they love it. >> the subjects in their study really showed. >> it they would tap their phone they would name their phone. >> we attach many of the same feelings of closeness aafter. as we do a significant other. >> it's because we see the phone as a helper, a provider of information, even more so with the new voice assistance. >> triggering to speak is the most fundamental sense. >> i love you. >> at private memorial is being planned at stanford tomorrow for apple founder seave jobs. according to the "wall street journal", it's an invitation only affair for the royalty of silicon valley. are we going to love the
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forecast or are we going to love the forecast. >> it's the warmer weather but it's too warm for some folks. phoenix folks are waiting for the cooldown. there the fog at the coast. golden gate bridge is pretty gray. cooler weekend straight ahead. >> and next, san jose 14 years not feeling the aloha spiritually against hawaii. quick kwan has the exciting finish next in sports.
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welcome back on a saturday morning, wow! that is a picture coming live from mount tamalpais and just wow! the picture tells itself story, it's going breaking through in some areas. lisa will be here momentarily. i have a doping story for you. you won't believe who got qualified. this goat from the colorado state fair, now they show the goat had a muscle growth add tiff in his system. that is all right for swine, that is not okay for goats. we all know that. the woman who raised it could have gotten $5,000 but she doesn't get the money and she is banned from future events.
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she denies the charges. no comment from the goat. >> and we've been advertising the cooldown and it will be more tomorrow. live look. from the sutro camera, lower clouds and high clouds in the distance. sun was out 18 minutes after 7:, setting at 6:33. feeling like fall and you can see from the city camera we are looking at partly cloudy skies, very nice start to the day. although, we will be looking at subtropical moisture headed our way to bring the changes this weekend. right now, 60 in san jose. good morning oakland, 62. 61 in napa. with 55 in novato. along the coast, it is 60. it's waiting on the sunshine today but for the festival it should be good with upper 60s. areas of fog, look for colonel cooler temperatures, more
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cooling tomorrow and temperatures coming up slightly about four, five degrees on monday. definitely the season of change here with the fall bringing this system to the south and west of us. it's an area of low pressure out ahead of us. higher clouds and fog moving up around the coast. this is going to sit out to the south and west of us for the next couple of days. today it's allowing for the surge of moisture in terms of low clouds. really situate themselves along the coast. with that onshore flow er air from the bay and inland where we saw yesterday, highs in the upper 80s. definitely a cooler day today, on the average of four to six degrees cooler. the low is sending out the low clouds and fog and the high is going to sit out here for the next several days. we'll look for a dry couple of days. we'll see extra moisture from this system today. some of those cumulus build-ups
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in the higher elevations of the north bay. today in the northern sierra, 70s will do it for you. 79 in yosemite. 80 in los angeles, palm springs, look how hot at 99. back home, numbers coming down, but still a nice day with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. 80 in san jose. look for partly cloudy on the peninsula, 75 in san mateo. we'll get into sunshine here. pumpkin festival, 69 for your high. 72 in san francisco and in the north bay, extra moisture for a partly cloudy afternoon, 80 in calistoga and near east bay, low 70s in berkeley with 75 and san leandro. out over the hills, as much as five to ten degrees cooler in some spots. 80 in dublin. walnut creek coming in around 80 and monterey dense fog, quarter mile visibility. it's beginning to lift and a lot
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of clouds now. partly cloudy later, 84 in gilroy. temperatures around normal tomorrow with the numbers coming down. then we'll see the numbers come back up monday and then sort of stay in the mid-70s for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that would be a little bit below normal by mid-week. >> thanks, very much. >> late this afternoon, stanford is facing washington state. last night spartans tried to beat iz for the first time in 14 years. here is rick kwan with the highlights. >> good morning. a wild game down in the south bay last night as hawaii and san jose state combined for 12 turnovers. larry beil's alma mater, trailing 7-0. spartans on this reverse to chandler jones, he takes it in 20 yards out.
8:25 am
maurice throws a second straight interception. this one to james ford. spartans would get a field goal to make it 13-7. chandler jones takes it back. hawaii had five turnovers in the first half. second half, a different story as the spar fans it over, here he nearly goes all the way, 74 yards. hawaii punched in to go up 21-20. the spartans block the extra point. he'll get all the way to midfield before his leg cramps up. he brings it back. san jose state within 5, then with less than a minute to play. matt would hit chandler jones and he is gone for a third score of the contest. spartans pull it 28-27. the first time they have beaten hawaii at home since 1997. >> after opening their season
8:26 am
last saturday. sharks finally returned to the ice in anaheim. the long layoff may have left san jose a little behind but a great save by jonas fuller. got on the board a few minutes later. george perros goes for the first nhl goal, 1-0 ducks. sharks on the power play but he hits the side of the net. anaheim hangs on to win, 1-0. >> cardinals place host to the brewers. they are tied at two games apiece. tony larussa is with the 16th season with the cards. molina with the fly ball, lance burton scores, 1-0. garcia hits one right between
8:27 am
harrison's legs. that should have been the third out and it's 3-0. him walk committed four errors and cardinals scored two more in the eighth. matt halliday with a 2-1 double down the line. st. louis could earn a trip to the world series with a win on sunday. rangers could take it with the winning of detroit later today. i'm rick kwan. have a great day. >> next at 8:30. while america's families are getting smaller. a historic down turn in the nation's birthrate and there is a direct correlation to the economy. >> if you like peanut butter get ready to pay more. prices are about to go up.
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grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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cops back on the street and firefighters back on the job. if they vote no on that. they will have to tell you. why they are trying to create jobs and our economy right now. it's still time for congress to do the right thing. >> and the gop response, california response, kevin mccarthy they will work to create more jobs but without more washington some spending and taxes. >> ma the maternity ward, the number of babies born in the united states have been declining. lyanne melendez has the numbers. >> reporter: ashley chandler of san francisco says families
8:31 am
should be financially sustainable before starting a family. >> there are so many factors to consider when having a baby and financial is huge. >> some americans have postponed having children because of the nation's economic uncertainty. a report found in 2010, there were fewer babies directly linked to our economic crisis. in 2007, just before the recession, 4.3 million babies were born in the u.s., but three years later the fertility rate fell to 4 million. in 2007 there were 69.7 babies per 1,000 women. in 2010 the number dropped to 64.7. california had nearly 74 babies per 1,000 women down to 68 in 2009. >> we are looking at 1 percent decrease and six percent
8:32 am
decrease with younger women. they probably have kids but it will be delayed. it's not a dramatic dip but i it's another indication how the recession has impacted americans. >> america has seen this decline before during the great depression and during the oil crisis of the 1970s's and during a minor recession. he would understand how someone would want to put off having kids especially in san francisco. >> all the expenses and if you have a kid and preschool and day care it's very expensive. >> they also found hispanics who were the hardest hit by the recession also had the biggest fertility declines. >> the only state that did not see a decline was north dakota which was one of the lowest unemployment rates in the
8:33 am
nation. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." get prepared to shell out a bit on more for peanut butter. u.s. farmers are expected to produce 13% fewer peanuts than last year. here is nannette miranda from the story from sacramento. >> ask most kids and they will tell you peanut but the are and jelly sandwich is a favorite. he is only 4 years old. >> how many sandwiches do you eat? >> five. >> but parents will soon have to pay more for peanut butter and other butter. a shortage for peanuts driving up the price, almost 300% in the last year from $450 a ton to nearly $1200 a ton. that translates to higher peanut prices. >> i'm bummed. we buy a lot of peanut butter
8:34 am
and go through a jar every would weeks. >> grocers raised prices by 30% and they say it will be as much as 40%. >> peanut butter and jelly are such stables an average kid will eat about 1500 peanut butter sandwiches by the time they reach high school. >> sara takes care of nine children. a 30-40% hike won't be easy to swallow. >> peanut is the go to food. at that pricing it is going to make a big difference. >> while it's the most popular product, peanut butter at ball games could be more expensive. higher prices don't hit for more weeks, maybe it's time to stash away. >> buy a bunch now and hopefully
8:35 am
keep it as long as i can before the price goes up. >> i'll buy a month's worth of peanut butter. >> if that didn't get your attention, this will. a tiny beetle is raising concerns about ra rising coffee prices. several farms in hawaii have been forced to close. early estimates show as much as a quarter of a coffee crop is already wiped out. it's going to cost you more for a morning cup of coffee. >> we have a little bit of cooling, temperatures are more near normal. [ laughter ] >> looking at vollmer peak, we had widespread 80s and numbers are coming down. mid-level clouds will be the culprit. i'll explain next. >> and is climate change
8:36 am
changing fog, what it means to the future of local plants and animals.
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welcome back. mount tam and a whole bunch of fog, you see the sun out yonder as they say. great day for all kinds of things. it's going to be pretty nice in most of the bay area. lisa will re-advice. have you considered fog a source of water? how much? as wayne freedman reports, a researcher has set out to measure it and in the process and study the consequences of climate changes. we have been told there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but on this day, the doctor is going to go into big sur in search of something elusive. in word, fog.
8:39 am
mysterious, mesmerizing and right now, so far below. >> there is water in the fog. >> how much? >> in a cubic meter, there might be a gram. there is a lot of cubic meters of fog out there. >> the dr. fernandez does research at california of research at monterey bay. when we put a time lapse camera on it. it behaves like water. it fills waters that led him to wonder. >> right now, can we measure the fog. to determine how much of the water is fog and how much is necessary for flora and fauna. >> he set up a series of fog catchers. when the mist comes in, it accumulates on the grids. a heavy day might yield a couple of gallons. one of the questions is fundamental. with the warming world will we
8:40 am
see fog along the northern california coast in hundred years and what would the effects be? >> it's possible the fog on the golden gate would be significantly reduced. >> such a change could have far-reaching consequences for plants and animals that use the fog as the main source of water. >> when the fog changes, there is the possibility that certain plants and animals won't survive. that will affect us. there is a possibility that our lifestyle will change. >> this research will span decades. >> precious fog, tenuous fog, from big sur, wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." might not be a bad day to collect water from that fog. there probably is some available. >> even more so tomorrow. today big time cooling, 85 in san francisco. so today, down to the low 70s in sierra, nevada. definitely a cool start. how about 37 degrees at tahoe
8:41 am
valley airport or 32 at truckee. definitely freezing there while the high of 70 this afternoon. back home. you can see that fog, about 1200 feet is the layer. it will scatter out but we do have high clouds and mid-level clouds that will add to the atmosphere today making for a partly cloudy afternoon. also with cooler temperatures, 60 in hayward. oakland at 62. 55 in santa rosa. fog along the coast, it was quite dense from the central coast into central california. that has gotten better. this morning, areas of fog, cooler by 5-10 degrees today. then another 5-10 degrees tomorrow. then temperatures will come back up. on monday briefly before another system heads our way in the middle of the week high clouds moving up from the south and west.
8:42 am
this is ahead of a system that is sitting out in the ocean and what it's doing is bringing up the fog quite a rapidly from the south. fog flirting at the coastline, bringing it back to the 60s. 70s around the bay. 89 degrees yesterday in the north bay. today, just about 78, and further changes as it will get closer. right now, low clouds along the coast. higher clouds and by tuesday and wednesday this should move in to the south of us. that could bring coolest days of the week. right now we're looking at well out to sea. temperatures are pretty comfortable from the north to the south. we're talking 75 at big sur. pretty warm in palm springs at 99. back home, we'll look for the numbers to come down from 5-7 degrees here. campbell, 81 degrees.
8:43 am
79 in santa clara. peninsula ranging from the upper 60s. pumpkin festival, pretty nice. 77 menlo park. 79 in mountain view. san francisco, what a cooldown back to the low 70s today under partly cloudy skies. in the north bay, more of those upper 80s. 76 in petaluma as well as vallejo. in san leandro at 75. we're talking 80 in dublin. 82 in pleasanton. with 83 coming in around 3:00 in livermore. low clouds and fog hanging for the morning and sunny day in santa cruz at 72. we'll be looking at pretty nice afternoon with temperatures cooler for sure, five to ten degrees cooler but then coolest day of the week should be
8:44 am
tomorrow and warmer on monday. numbers are comfortable but nothing like we had. >> the pumpkin festival, 41st down there, 9:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow. farmer mike is going to be there that will help. farmer john with your growing. a woman will tell you how to avoid the traffic going home. that should be interesting. thanks a lot, lisa. >> congress approved a series of free trade agreements. it will give the economy a much needed lift. south korea is the largest free trade agreement between mexico and canada 16 years ago. california farms and vineyards ship $280 million to south korea. the report predicts it could now double. and cheryl jennings went to south korea and went with two wine manager in seoul.
8:45 am
>> this impressive collection is located in a big store in seoul south korea. i was given a tour by jonathan yee and sean khin that work at the vinga wine bar that located in seoul. >> in korea this line is very popular for weddings. >> their company is one of the largest importers of american wines in the world, especially napa valley wine. koreans want the wine but the tariff is 65%. that same bottle at home might cost $65. the owner xluits between napa and seoul. it inside him to create this, 2007 vintage cabernet scored 100 points from a wine expert.
8:46 am
so he is using that napa valley expertise to create a brand-new market in south korea. it's come a long way since the war ended in 1953. his father owned a flour and rice company that helped feed them after the war. now, the wealthy south korea is ready for wine time. >> in order to introduce a new culture or something such as wine, we need to educate the public. >> so they built a winery source center complete with lectures from wine experts and cooking classes. >> to learn about how to order food with a certain wine. how the food is prepared. >> california could be the largest estate in terms of exports. >> the ambassador is with international affairs. he believes free trade would benefit california quickly. >> i think california wine is
8:47 am
very great here. >> california grape growers are hoping free trade will happen soon. >> chile signed a free trade agreement. and it went down sharply. free trade agreements are so important. >> i believe that california wines will have an opportunity for great future. the international trade commission estimates that cuts in tariffs will increase exports by 10-11 billion dollars a year. >> don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> do you really know what is in your ex extended warranty? why you need to check coming upp
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8:50 am
gorgeous shot. the cover of a book. that is an amazing shot. all right. >> if you were among the thousands of people that bought a new iphone you probably were asked if you wanted an extended warranty. a brentwood family who said yes, and were disappointed. >> for all you e-phone fans, ouch! you really dropped. >> it a broken phone like this is something you hear about and hope to never experience. it all starts when katie with a at her home.
8:51 am
>> it slammed down. >> katie and her family had all bought extended warranties. to get a new phone all they had to do is pay a deductible. here is her mom. >> when i went on the computer at home, i get to step on their website on verizon and they said the cost was now going to be 169. that didn't sound right. i got the brochure, it said it would be 129. >> look at the pamphlet. deductible phones, $40, advanced devices, 99. sharon remembers they bought the phones and the warranty. >> i was looking at the brochure they didn't have specifically the iphone listed. i asked them about it. the iphone would be 129. >> sharon called verizon and the
8:52 am
warranty company. no one would budge. the deductible was $169. so she contacted me and i contacted verizon. the company points out there is no iphone listed in the brochure and says a sales representative may have misstated the coverage during the sales process. the rate is, indeed, $169. since that southwest listed on the paperwork, the company is refunding $40 and we are following up with our retail representative to provide appropriate coaching. now, right next to that broken iphone is katie's brand-new iphone. >> i want to thank verizon for getting on this so quickly. if you have a consumer problem with a cellphone let me know about it. go to tv 5. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> coming up next. catch a trolley, be a show.
8:53 am
the award winning dance
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8:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's drawing. 13, 35, 42, 45, 54 and mega number is 26. nobody correctly picked all six numbers. tuesday night's drawing is estimated at $39 million. bay area may be feeling the real estate blues. salt lake city is taking a different approach. salt lake city tribune has posted a real life replica of disney move up. nearly 30,000 people have dropped by to take a look. home builder is adding touches. fans of the movie would recognize. i believe i should point out abc7 is owned by disney. today and tomorrow, all you have
8:56 am
to see a professional dance performance in san francisco is hop on a muni train. troll liquor dances for the people. don sanchez takes the tour. ♪ ♪ >> caught up in traffic. pedestrians fighting for their neighborhood. a most unlikely dance duo you might encounter. bay area dance companies offer a weekend event at ten san francisco locations. >> it's like a treasury you are hunt of art. >> they started trolley dances eight years ago, locations are dictated by where muni runs. >> it tells me where to go and i find site specific spots. >> it starts with a sign-up at the library and take the "k", "l" or "m" trains for performances. >> muni becomes your go pass.
8:57 am
it's movement that reflects the character of the neighborhood. they got a chance to experience it on the hour and a half tour. ♪ >> this is by the dance company, they say they do it through interpretation and visitors get involved. >> one came up and started dancing with us. it was awesome. >> urban jazz dance explores animal call, raw energy, a fascinating performance because antoine is deaf. >> anyone with any kind of disability or struggles can also reach their dream. you have to inspire them. >> there are six performances saturday and sunday. >> it's bringing people
8:58 am
together. >> one last check on of the forecast. >> we've got low clouds and mid-level clouds. a pleasant afternoon five to ten degrees cooler. in san francisco, a high of 72 today. that is down from 85. 75 in san mateo. clouds will hang out along the shoreline for a while and then scatter out for a partly cloudy day. warming back up on monday and below normal the middle of next week. >> thanks very much for joining us. next newscast starts at 11:00 tonight because of nascar. go to the latest breaking news at
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