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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 15, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tempur-pedic, the most highly recommended bed in america. >> alan: in italy, chaos on the streets a worldwide interday of action demonstrationes turned violent. i'm alan wang. the "occupy wall street" movement is growing larger tonight in the bay area things were calmer. thousands hit the streets in oakland and san francisco as protesters took a stand against what they call corporate greed. we have been following the marchers and are live tonight in san francisco. >> reporter: demonstrators this afternoon started their march at the federal reserve and then we'ved weaved through downtown san francisco to sit hall and back. thousands here pounded the pavement and hundreds more in the east bay added to what is
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now an international movement. on this national day of action, thousands around the bay area took to the streets. >> i want to see less bailouts for banks and more bailouts for the people. >> 14-year-old jake applegate marched with his mother katherine. >> the easterly days of civil rights movement. i think that people are really, really angry. >> they were among the droves of people who flooded through san francisco streets. in oakland, hundreds more also matched through downtown, and then paused for a rally. >> we're here because we are talking about taking back our humanity. >> in berkeley, a smaller group added their voice to the growing crowd. >> we are the 99%ers. >> with banners, and bull horns, they broadcast their message. [chanting] >> but in uniforms, and in
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business suits, some participants paid special attention to the way they presented themselves. like this columbia university graduate, who says he wore the only business suit he owns. >> i'm sort of dismayed with the people that corporate media selected to be the mouthpiece office the movement. >> he says the message is simple. but that sometimes get lost. >> unskilled labor could afford for a family of four to pay for the children to go to college, pay for the exphoarg have the american dream. that's not possible anymore. le. >> reporter: now for weeks the "occupy san francisco" group has been in front of the federal serve on a then strip of sidewalk. tonight, the group has expanded. they're going to start living here and continue their demonstration a block away at the federal reserve. reporting live in san francisco.
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>> alan: and no end in sight. in italy, police fired tear gas after the "occupy" demonstrations turned violent there. protesters threw rocks, bottles and fire bombs at banks and police. the trouble started win the "occupy" group linked up with protesters who have been demonstrating for months against austerity measures in europe. >> in britain, thousands filled the streets of london where julian assuage spoke to the people. [chanting] >> alan: the "occupy wall street" movement marched into new york city's sometimes -- times square.
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on our facebook page, there's plenty of chatter about the "occupy wall street" movement. you can join the conversation at 'news. >> a man was shot dead in san jose today during a huge funeral for a hells angels chapter president. >> we're in san jose. >> san jose police say they don't have any suspect. the victim died of his wounds. police tell us that there were some 4,000 mourners at the funeral soirkt was difficult, if not impossible, to stop the shooting from happening. these photos taken by a san jose resident shows the multitude of people takenning the funeral for geoffrey pettigrew. it was in this mass of people that shots rang out at 12:50 this afternoon.
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>> we don't know the circumstances. something we're going to look into, to determine whether this was an isolated incident or something random. >> pettigrew was shot to death in sparks, nevada bit a member of another motorcycle club last month. police don't know if the shooting is connected. this photograph by a san jose mercury news photographer caught men surrounding someone seconds after the shooting, police think this can help. >> a photographer witnessedded a least individuals jumping on what they believed to be the shooter, so they -- there's that possibility that there irthose individuals as witnesses. >> reporter: there were an estimated 4,000 hells angels members and others at the cemetery this afternoon. the police say the police found a problem with the crime scene when they responded. >> when the initial officers arrived, they found a cream --
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crime scene that appeared to be tampered with. >> some of the hell angels traveled from new york and rhode island and were well-behaved until this happened. >> not one incident. it was beautiful. ahead great vibrations all morning. >> the sergeant says they didn't anticipate this kind of violence and it was difficult for officers to be everywhere. >> we weren't prepare for this type of activity. it's a crowd of 4,000 individuals and very kick to prevent anything from occurring. >> reporter: the victim in the shooting is believed to be a member of the san jose chapter of the hells ingels. police say they don't know if this will result in acts of retaliation but they have stationed officers at the hells anne angels club howe house tonight. >> a judge sentenced a daly city father to a year in jail for
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putting his young son in an of vep and urn being him. he would have received up to nine year for child abuse but will be released in two months. hi 17-month-old son was banging his hand on the hot of ven door, so culver says he put him in the of ven to teach him a lesson. and accidentally dropped him on the hot rack. >> the mayor announced her noon cut violent crime. a major focus will be to zero in on hundred hover oaklands most violent city blocks. here's more. >> reporter: about the time oakland officials were announcing a plan to fight crime, the nemo foundation was holding a fundraising bash -- bash barbecue. this spot near the high school is month the place police want to concentrate on. >> gain the trust of the anymore the streets and the
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neighborhoods, and we can -- i'm going to give it 90 days and see how it work out. >> before a packed house at the laney college gym, the mayor announced her plan, months in the works to reduce violent crime in oakland. >> taking existing resources, committing them to this overlap, the saturation in these neighborhood, the concentration in these neighborhoods, and so because they're making that commitment, this is sustainable. >> police will target 100 city blocks out there east and west oakland that account for nearly all of the shootings and homicides in the city. the department is promising more police foot patrols, youth employment and job training, and bet relationships with neighbors to prevent and solve crime. the interim chief was quickly promoted is counting on the addition of 25 more officers due to a state grant. >> we have to look at other ways to reduce crime, and putting officers in strategic locations
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where we think most violent crimes are taking place, gives us that opportunity. >> while police plan to focus on the top 147 blocks for crime, they say they will not come at the expense of the rest of the city but will be a challenge finding the officers and money to get the job done. >> alan: meanwhile, more than 200 neighbors joined b.a.r.t. police officers in producing up oakland's fruit vail district. volunteers concentrated on cleaning up east 27th avenue between foothill and international boulevards. the youngest volunteers got hall recent treats. >> we are here to celebrate our community, and that's what we doing right now. cleaning to better our relationship with police officers and our community. >> we want to give back. we always want to give back to our community, and do whatever we can to partner with them. >> this marks the third year in a row that b.a.r.t. police have pitched in to help clean up the neighborhood. at least five of these community service events are held in the
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fruit valley -- fruit veil district throughout the year. >> a private memorial service will be held for steve jobs and some of silicon valley reside biggest names are expected to attend. the event will be held at stanford university and apple plans to hold an event for employees to celebrate jobs' life on wednesday. the apple cofounder died on october 5th after struggling for years with pancreatic cancer. >> the governor signed a proclam ation to make tomorrow steve jobs day. >> dirty politics. the party chairman who turn to the internet to discredit the opposition. why twitter got involved. a mother and child kicked off a city bus and while the other passengers followed behind. >> celebrating martin luther king and his bay area legacy.
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>> leigh: hi there i'm. we have clouds overhead. it's humid out there. and temperatures in the 60s and may see isolated thundershowers by tomorrow morning. looking at the
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: the white house is dropping plans to keep thousands of u.s. troops past the year-end withdrawal deadline. the pentagon had considered leaving 5,000 troops in iraq to train forces but a senior administration official said all american troops will leave except for 160 service members who are attached to the u.s.
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embassy, a military official says the withdrawal could include limited u.s. military training missions if requested. >> sneer die yeap feinstein's campaign is missing nearly $4.7 million. a finance report blames up authorized expensees made by feinstein's former campaign treasurer. the senator is serving the trusser. feinstein says dirkee has managed men elections. dirkee was arrested on federal fraught charges and has not entered a plea. >> the lead are 0 of the san diego republican party got busted for setting up fake twitter can'ts in the name of democratic opponents. he ridgesterred the unused names of several of his opope thens on
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twitter and then used those can'ts to tweet ridiculous comments. >> trike -- trying to fool home he is me. >> a twitter tradition, and obviously the democrats didn't like that. >> what's frustrating is that the voters, and the average voter, is out there saying, you know, we hate politics because of this sort of thing. >> alan: twitter made the san diego republican party president ditch the fake accounts and then erased his personal feed. >> in oregon, con controversy after a mother and child were kicked off the bus. the driver tells the mom that if she can't stop the crying baby, she has to get off the bus. the mom got off the bus, and at the next stop, all the
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passengers got off in protest. after an investigation, the driver was disciplined. >> what's the discipline? >> that's privileged information. not releasable. >> still working for the company? >> yes. >> is she driving a bus currently? >> no. >> will she be driving a bus in the future? >> yes. >> alan: the company gave the mom a one-day bus pass for her troubles but she wants one more thing, an apology, got to stand up for those babies. >> leigh: the cooldown today, just 20 degrees in some locations, and the clouds moving in this evening, the moisture from the south could possibly bring parts of the bay area, those of you north of the golden gate bridge, a chance of a few showers overnight. live shot from the high definition sutro cam. look at some of these current readings, still quite a bit of warmth out there with 62 for san francisco, oakland, 64. 60 in napa, 66, mountain view.
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san jose, 64, and humidity levels are up as well. so feels a little sticky and humid out there. we're going to continue with cloudy, humid conditions, warm conditions. overnight. there's a chance of a shower, possibly a thundershower, north bay locations sunday morning, and then as we head into the first part of next week, get ready for more snipe and -- sunshine and a warmer day on monday. you probably noticed the clouds streaming in, and it's right back here where you see the brighter cloud tops. you may see a little bit of exphoich -- moisture and that's going to roll in tomorrow morning. live doppler 7 hd flirting with popup showers but not reaching the ground. hoarse the scenario. low pressure here but the one out ahead of it right in this area, upper level low, circulation is counterclockwise so the moisture is going to feed
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on towards the bay area, and some of it could wring out some showers north of the golden gate bridge, possibly an isolated thunderstorm. here's the timing. 11:00 tonight, the cloud cover across the bay area. 1:00 to 3:00 tomorrow morning where we're looking for the modify moisture moving in. there's the golden gate bridge, up toward santa rosa, and if there is instability there, that could possibly trigger a few isolated thundershowers as well. here's 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. mainly heavy mist and drizzle near the coast. and then as we head into the noontime area, all this will start to break apart and really tomorrow afternoon it look for more sunshine, and of course temperatures will be in the 70s and low 80s, here's a look at the highs for sunday. 75 for san jose, afternoon
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clearing, millbrae, 70. san francisco, 68 tomorrow. and look for some partial clearing tomorrow afternoon around petaluma. 73 for napa. 73 for castro valley. interior east bay, danville, 77. concord, 77. and very comfortable for watsonville, 72 degrees. we'll get through a slight chance of showers tomorrow morning, mainly north of the golden gate bridge, and then after that bring on the snipe. warmer for monday, and then we slowly cool things off tuesday and wednesday and the fog will return. >> alan: vue shu has some exciting college playoffs. >> mike: stanford was a little shaky, andrew luck a little off target. see if he
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>> this sports report is spoard by: >> mike: stanford looking for a 14 income straight win against washington but the cougars saying, not so fasms the cougars jacked up. luck did not get off to a good
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start. this pass is picked up a by horton. and andrew not happy with the throw. second quarter, after two pass interference calls, cougars get on the board. third quarter, stanford came out firing, luck to live levine. few low low dives for the pylons. 4-7 stanford. fourth quarter, luck, the shovel pass to taylor. bulldozes into the end zone, 100-yard. 31-7. and then luck rolls out, throws his fourth t.d. pass of the night to fleener, andrew, stanford, improving to 6-0. 44-14 the final. >> a thousand things to clean up, to get better at. that's the kind of kid we have. taught, smart, athletic kids that want to be great, and we've got to get better. >> mike: the niners head to motown for a show down with the
11:26 pm
undefeated detroit lions, the biggest game for both teams in a decade with the 49ers off their best performance and a big win over tampa. the lions are 5-0 after demolishing chicago on monday night, powered by their defense and former cal bear jahvid best but at alex smith is not buying into the hype. >> not something the players think about. everytime you strap on the helmet, you walk into the field, i mean, it's enough as it its. playing for your pride, playing for your job, a lot of teams going there. so all of a sudden the two teams record, you're just trying to win. >> the raiders coming off a great road victory over houston the day after al davis passed away. the team will honor mr. davis, hoping to, just win, baby. >> i keep telling this, coach
11:27 pm
wouldn't want it any other way. wouldn't want anybody talking about him. he wants his football team to play football. that's my message to these guys. we have done our grieving. we have paid their respects the right way and will continue to do so. >> mike: the sharks hoping to fight off the blues against st. louis, and the rangers make their way back to the world
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verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 140 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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>> mike: the sharks hoping to give st. lou -- st. louis the blues. brent burns with the snapshot, takes several bounces before squeezing past the goal tender. in the third, another former shack, ken has skins, the blazing wrist shot. game now tied at two. less than 5:00 later, the blues with the three-on-to, a nice give and go pass.
11:31 pm
adding an empty netter and the sharks lose. 4-2. >> a question of being a little too fancy, myself included, and it's a good team, they feed off turnovers, and we made a couple of those. some bad times mismanaged the dpaimedz. >> lou about the texas rangers. lost to the giants last year. are hoping a second trip to the series will be their turn as they advance over the tigers in arlington, nowitzki hoping for another texas championship. the rayners opened the game with a nine-one third inning leadly michael young. doubles down the left field line. el elvis an drugs and josh hamilton score. young homered in the seventh and that was plenty. tax advances with a 15-5 victory. cruz hit his sixth home run of the series and was named mvp. >> that was your toyota sports
11:32 pm
report. later in the newscast, a trip around the nation in college football, and we hit the asphalt for a little nascar. >> alan: coming up, remembering dr. martin luther king, jr. and his legacy right here in the bay area. >> plus, is jim morrison still alive? we put that question to the doors' ray man sayre rick. the sort of answer coming1ñ,ñfú
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>> alan: good evening. i'm alan wang in tonight's headlines, a another member of the hells angels motorcycle group was gucked down in front of thousands at the oak hill cemetery. he was shot to death during the funeral of the san jose hells angels president. oakland mayor jean quan announced her plan to cut violent crime in the city today. the focus will be on putting more police around 100 of the city's most violent blocks and developing more youth and job-training programs. thousands joined in state "occupy" wiewl street protests, in oakland and san francisco, protesters took part in marchs in support of the "occupy" movement. the "occupy wall street" demonstrations were huge today in capitol cities across europe and around the world.
11:36 pm
>> reporter: the "occupy wall street" protests reached out the world saturday, and the world answered in europe, where there was already anger over economic policies and where there had already been violent reactions to austerity measures, the protests found armies of supporters. they were generally peaceful, and often angry in london, wikileaks founder aaddressed a crowd. when protests were militant. it was more street theater than civil up rest, but that changed in rome where there was the largest gathering of the day, 100,000 people. authorities say small bands of an nark cises began attacking shopped and banks banks and burg cals. what followed was described as urban warfare, police who seemed unprepared for the attacks, responded. tear gas filled residential neighborhood not far from the colosseum. many rom whereupons who are simple -- sympathetic say
11:37 pm
they're shoakd, but in new york, demonstrators marched updown into times square. thousands of protesters flooded the sidewalks and peninsulas -- plazas, creating a crowd control nightmare for police. >> alan: in washington, dc, thousands marched for the need for jobs in the u.s. and to drum up support for president obama's jobs bill. the event was organized by reverend al sharp continue. -- sharpton. >> preble probe and members of the king family will participate in the dedication honoring the civil rights champion. wayne freedman reports on the human legacy of dr. king here here in the bay area. >> you're look egg at the young idealist all grown up, the end product of a 19-year-old who joined a quarter of a million
11:38 pm
people in 1963 who heard a speech that would check the course of american history. >> we hold this truths to be self-evidence that all men are created equal. >> i didn't know that martin luther king was giving an historic speech. i thought was a concluding speech. >> all these years later, he knows better. he grew up to become the keeper of dr. martin luther king's papers. among them, the original draft from the speech which had a completely different name. >> well, there's not a lot of the initial draft that actually ends up in the speech that the he gave. >> that's the kind of information a scholar learns when he spends' life studying america's greatest prophet. >> he emerged from a moment but spoke beyond the movement. >> it's the stuff of black and white footage take, black and
11:39 pm
white strife that cull minimum nateed in battles lock forgotten by most but not by the warriors who fight them. >> get the a slice of the pie, and it's nice, and so at central high school we wanted a sliessments give me a chance to make it. give me an opportunity to get a job. don't turn me down because you see my face. >> the battle had to do with desegregating the public's central high school in little rock, arkansas in 1957. the book she wrote about it made her famous and it may have been a meeting with dr. king that gave her the perspective to write it. >> you're doing this for yourself, not for generations unborn. don't be selfishing, child. >> the most common misconception is that it it has to do with african-american struggle, but if it was that simple, it
11:40 pm
might not exist. >> before the 1960s we were not really a democracy. we called ourselves a democracy, but you can't be a democracy when you're excluding large proportions of your pop population from voting. >> never about black and white. because dr. king was never about black and white. those who say he was should read this work. he was about people of eave color, about inclusion. >> a memorial to a man still fresh in some memories and just history to others. a symbol of struggle and change and even today, part of a process, from san francisco, wayne freed morning abc-7 news. >> alan: coming up, talk with the doors' ray manzarek. >> you might want to hear what he says about the death of jim morrison.
11:41 pm
>> alan: this is usually illegal but today it's celebrated. ahead, how an 876-foot drop put a tiny west virginia town on the map. >> leigh: goodness. i'm leigh glaser, and a few showers in our accuweather forecast. i will let you know who could get there tomorrow morning, and also a look at our accuweather seven-day cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
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>> alan: 364 days a year it's against the law but today they legally took the league. base jumpers took advantage of the bridge day philosophy in west virginia. they plunged 876 feet from the bridge. this is only permitted for six hours during the festival and those make the jump have to have 100 prior parachute or base jumps or have to go tandem with someone who does. organizers say 450 people from 12 countries and 39 states took that leap today. he lit our fire when he composed one of the most recognizable keyboard riffs in the history of rock 'n' roll. ray manzarek poke with bryan cokeland about his drug use and what really happened to jim morrison. >> wrote a book called the poet in exile and it's a novel about -- the first question you
11:45 pm
are always asking, whether or not jim morrison faked his death. >> is he a live? i can't tell you that. i'm not going to answer that question. >> you're not? >> not going to do it on here, on tv. >> you won't definitively say. >> i have not talked to jim since 1971. i assume he is gone, but i haven't -- i didn't see the body in the casket. so, i dent know. i never saw jim morrison dead. so i thought i would write a book saying jim morrison staged his own death. now what happens to a 27-year-old who is a hard drinker. does he act crazy for the rest of this life? is he a crazed person or does he find enlightenment? does the journey to the east. we are were all acid heads. this is the psychedelic '60s. >> i read it's an option. >> we're going to shoot sometime
11:46 pm
next year. they have to get the money. it's not my concern. you get the money, and we don't know who is going to play. who i'm going to do the music, and robby is going to do some music. so we're going to work on new musician together. >> you talk about being acidheads. >> i said it. i'm guilty. >> did the doors play high? >> you can't really -- maybe some people did, but i only did it once, and i said, you cannot do this. it's a meditative thing you go out into the forrest, you don't go to a rock club, some ballroom, you go to the ocean. you go to the for rest, you go into nature to find your relationship to god, to nature, who you are on this green, good earth that we occupy, that we must save, that we must take care of, and we're not doing a really job of right now. >> did morrison play high? no a little booze, maybe smoke a
11:47 pm
joint, these it. just a little touch of this, but as far as taking lsd on stage, it's a totally meditative thingishing what is your attitude beside drugs and experiment meant addition today in 2011. things you did then that you wouldn't do now? >> nope. i would not continue to do it. i don't continue to do it. but i have a glass of wine. i live in napa. how much more do you need? my god. i'm over 70 years old. i have a glass of wine. what i did in the '60s was strictly cycle lick. -- psych dead lick. i would not involve myself with any heroin, any who it powered, anything snorting up the nose, don't do i say to any kid, do not do white powder. >> alan: you can watch 7 live
11:48 pm
right here on abc-7. let's check in with your photographs. leigh glaser? >> leigh: watches these cloud build awe day long. the tropical moisture off the coast, and you can see the trajectory. here's the golden gate bridge. most of this will stay to the north of the golden gate bridge, and it might be able to squeeze out a few isolate showers over lan. a little convection or a little thunder as well. the live doppler 7 hd, we have been monitoring this. picking up just a few cells here and there, so if anything does come down, mainly in the north bay and between the hour office 2:00 and 7:00 tomorrow morning, and then the afternoon looks terrific. we'll seal the breaks in the overcast. temperatures in the 70s. 72 for san rafael. 68 for san francisco tomorrow. 80 for livermore. 78 for antioch. 74 for fremont. 75 for san jose. more began hills tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, 78 degrees. 70 for santa cruz, and gilroy,
11:49 pm
you warm to 80 degrees. the next few days, it's pretty good. monday, a little warmer, little more sunshine. we return to mid-80 sez inend, mid-60 series at the coast and a slight cooldown tuesday and wednesday, and then after that, soldier -- seasonal temperatures thursday and friday. >> alan: shu expires andrew luck had a good day. >> he kind of called off in the first half. stanford off to a slow start. the cardinal rallied after halftime for a victory, but has some meaning. that's next in
11:50 pm
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>> mike: stanford beat was state for a school record 14th 14th straight victory dating back to last year. cougars jacked up for this one in pull movement luck didn't get off to a street start. the pass picked off by horton. his third pick of the year. second quarter, after two pass interference calls cougars get on the board noovment good start for the cardinal but led at the half. third quarter, stanford firing. luck to levine. dives into the end zone. second t.d. camp -- catch of the quarter. taylor bulldozes in, finished
11:53 pm
with 100 yards, 31-7. and then luck rolls out, throws his fourth t.d. pass. andrew, 23-36 for 336-yard. stanford improves to 6-0. 44-14 the final. >> we have a thousand things to clean up, thousand things to get better at. we got tough, smart rg athletic kids that want to be great and we're not there yet. >> payton manning, watching his team play lsu. probably wishes he stayed home. lee to ware. 14-0 tigers. four quarter, 31-7. tigers run up the score. shepherd takes the tackle. he is begun, lsu with the 38-7 victory. >> oklahoma state taking on texas longhorns, 46 seconds left in the first half. cowboys up four when smith goes 30 yards untouched.
11:54 pm
21-10 ok state. oklahoma state remains unbeaten with a 38-26 victory. >> undefeated michigan taking on state rival, michigan state. spartans quarterback kirk cousins hits martin. shakes and bakes to the buy lon. fourth quarter, michigan state seals the deal. lewis picked off robinson. michigan state hands the wolverines their first loss of the season. >> sharks hoping to give st. louis the blues, but the men in teal continued blue. second period, burns from the point. takes several bounces before squeezing past the goalkeeper. in the third, another former shark, haskins, blazing slap shot. then blues with a three on two,
11:55 pm
a give and go, and steen finishes it off, and the sharks lost two in a row. 4-2 the final. >> a question of being a little too fancy, myself included. like i said, a good team, they feed off turnoveres, and we made a couple of those and mismanaged the game. >> a little too fancy. texas rangers lost the giants last year reside world series and hoping a second trip to the series will be their i.t. as they as vaned with a win over the tigers in arlington, dirk nowitzki hoping to add another texas championship. the rangers bust it open with a nine-run third inning, led by michael young. an drugs and -- and hamilton score. five rbi for young in the game. four in this inning. homered in the seventh. a nine-run inning for texas.
11:56 pm
nolan around holding thumb to trophy as they advance the world series. cruz was named mvp. >> all of news this game know it's not easy to get back to this point, and those guys, i tell you, i tip my hat to you, and i didn't have to call very many meetings this year. they know what was at stake and they went out there and got it, and here we are, with an opportunity to go back to the world series and this time bring it back to texas. >> earthquakes in seattle facing the sounders with 64,000 fans. 87th minute, montero gets a pass, and he'll shoot and score. sounders, 64,000 for soccer. win it, 2-1. >> nascar, chase for the cup continues in charlotte. a race you saw right here on abc-7. matt kenseth passes kyle biewch with 25 to go. kenseth moves from third to third place. seven points behind chase leader
11:57 pm
carl edwards. the niners are in detroit, raiders hosting cleveland. highlights on sunday at 5. the raiders first home dwayne game since al davis passed away. >> and jahvid best. >> former cal player. >> alan: all right. that concludes another broadcast of abc-7 news, i'm alan wang. thanks for staying up late with us. we'll be back
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