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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  October 16, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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morning, october 16th, the occupy san francisco group plans more demonstration test federal reserve this week. yesterday thousands marred around the area calling for economy being change. and san jose police investigate a fatal shooting at a cemetery during the shooting of a murdered hell's angels leader. >> thanks nor joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. tyler. >> san francisco protest hers are preparing to march on the federal reserve this week as the occupy wall street gross in numbers and intensity worldwide.
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>> in italy chaos erupted in the streets of rome when demonstrations for yesterday's international day of action turned violent. nothing like that in the bay area where thousands hit the streets oakland and san francisco call for economic change. here is sergio. >> a national day of action, thousands around the bay area took to the streets. >> i want to see less bailouts for banks and wall streets and more bailout for people. >> this boy marched with his mother, katheryn. >> it reminds me of the early days of the civil rights movement. people are really, really angry. >> they were among the droves of people who flooded through san francisco's streets. in oakland hundreds more marched
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downtown and paused for a rally. >> we are here because we are talking about taking back our humanity. >> in berkeley a smaller group added their voices to the growing crowd. >> we are 99%. we are the 99%. >> with banners and bullhorns they broadcast their message. >> the economy is faltering! >> but in uniform and in business suits some participants paid special attention to the way they presented themselves. like columbia university graduate, jake, who said he wore the only business suit he owns. >> i'm sort of dismayed with the people that corporate media has selected to be the mouths of this movement. >> the message is simple but sometimes gets marched. >> pre-1970 an unskilled labor family of four to afford for a college, pay for a mortgage and have the middle class american dream.
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anymore. >> for weeks they have been stationed in front of the federal reserve, but now they have decided to expand to justin herman plaza. they tell me they are going to start living here but continue the demonstration about a block away at the federal reserve. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> from the bay area to demonstration necessary cities worldwide, here's abc chuck zest son reporting. >> reporter: the occupy wallstreet protest reached out to the world saturday and the world answered. in europe where there was already anger over economic policies and there had already been violent reaction to austerity measures. the protests found armies of supporters. they were generally peaceful and often angry. and london, wick i leaks founder addressed a crowd. when protests were militant, it was often more street theatre than civil unrest. but that changed in rome where it the large effort gathering of the day. 100,000 people.
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authorities say small bands of anarchists broke off from the main group and began attacking shops and banks and burning cars. what followed was described as urban warfare. police, who seemed unprepared for the attacks, responded. tear gas filled residential neighbors not far from the coliseum. many demonstrators and many romans who were sympathetic to the occupy rome cause say they were shocked by the violence. but in new york an average of peaceful protests got tense when demonstrators marched uptown into times square. thousands were there on a busy saturday night when thousands of protesters flooded the sidewalks and plazas, creating a crowd control nightmare for police. abc news. >> on our facebook page there's plenty of chatter about the occupy wallstreet movement. you can join the conversation at san francisco police and the
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phb are searching the financial district right now looking for a man who fired shots at chp officers during an overnight chase. the suspect's vehicle crashed into a metal garage door on a building about half a block from the trans america building. police last saw the man running from the scene. they have sealed off an area where they believe he is hiding. since 12:30 this morning they have been methodically searching that area. no one was hit by the gunfire. san jose police are investigating the shooting death of a man during yesterday's funeral for a murdered hell's angels leader. that fatal shooting took place at oak hill cemetery during graveside services for jeffrey pettigrew. pettigrew was the motorcycle club san jose chapter president. he was shot to death last month at a nevada casino. abc7 reports from san jose. >> these photos taken by a resident, valerie simpson, showed the multitude of people attending the funeral for
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jeffrey pettigrew. president of the san jose chapter of the hell's angels. >> we don't know the circumstances. we are going to look into it to determine if this was an isolated incident or something random was in the group. >> pettigrew was shot to death in nevada by a member of another motorcycle club last month. police do not know if this is connected. the photograph by a san jose mercury news photographer caught men surrounding someone seconds after the shooting. police think this can help. >> they had a photographer who witnessed at least individuals, you know, jumping on what they believe to be the shooter. so there is that possibility that there are those individuals as witnesses. >> there were an estimated 4,000 hell's angels members and others at the cemetery. sergeant jose garcia said police found a problem with the crime scene when they responded. >> when the initial officers arrived, they found what appeared to be a crime scene that had been tampered with.
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>> valerie simpson attended the funeral and took the photos of the hell's angels. some traveled here from as far away from new york and rode islands. she said all the mourners were well-behaved until this happened. >> not one inkling of anything. it was beautiful. i had great vibrations all morning. >> san jose had a large contingent of officers on site, all well-armed. but the sergeant said they didn't anticipate this kind of violence and it was difficult for officers to be everywhere. >> when you look at a crowd of about 4,000 individuals, it's very difficult to, you know, prevent anything from occurring. >> the victim in the shooting is believed to be a member of the san jose chapter of the hell's angels. san jose police say they don't know if this will result in any acts of retaliation but san jose police have stationed officers at the san jose hell's angels clubhouse. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> tie men have died after a shooting in east oakland just before midnight.
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oakland police were called to mcarthur boulevard and 13th avenue near interstate 580 where they found both victims. one died at the scene and the other was rush to a local hospital but died later. place say they have some leads on suspects, but no arrests have been made. just days after the resignation of oakland's police chief, mayor jean quan has announced her plan to cut violent crime. the focus, to zero in on 100 of oakland's most notorious city blocks. john austin has more. >> reporter: about the time oakland officials were announcing a plan to fight crime, the nemo foundation was holding a barbeque. they help victims of violence with crisis and burial. police want to concentrate on this group. >> gain the trust from the people and in the neighbors, and we -- i am going to give it 90 days and see how it work out. >> before a packed house at the
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college gym, mayor jean quan announced her plan months in the works to reduce violent crime in oakland. >> we are taking existing resources, we are committing them to this overlap, the saturation in these neighbors, the concentration in these neighbors. so because they are making that commitment, it will be sustainable. >> police say they will target 100 city blocks throughout east and west oakland that account for nearly all the shootings and homicides in the city. the department is promising more police foot patrols, youth employment and job training and better relationships with neighbors to prevent and solve crimes. interim chief howard jordan who was quickly promoted after last week's sudden resignation of anthony bat is counting on the addition of 25 more officers due to a state grant. >> we have to really look at other ways to try to reduce crime. and putting officers in strategic locations where we think the most violent crimes have taken place gives us this opportunity. >> while police plan to focus on
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oakland's top 100 blocks for crime, they say it will not be at the expense of the other blocks in the city. but it will be a job to fine the money and officers to get the job done. abc7 news. >> up next, president obama change his plans for the withdrawal are thousands of u.s. troops in iraq. and dirty politics. the party chairman who turned to the internet to discredit his competition. find out why twitter got involved.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. >> the white house is dropping plans to keep thousands of u.s. troops past the year-end withdrawal deadline. the pentagon had considered leaving up to 5,000 troops in iraq to train security force to hinder iranian influence. but yesterday a senior administration official said all american troops will leave, except for about 160 service members who are attached to the u.s. embassy. a u.s. military official says the withdrawal could include limited u.s. military training missions if requested. the local gop resident registered the unused name of his opponents on twitter and used those accounts to tweet ridiculous comments. among his targets were four city council candidates and his democratic chairman counterpart.
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>> he was trying to fool people to think he was me as he did with the democratic party. >> set them up as parody accounts. it's a long time twitter tradition. and obviously, you know, the democrats didn't like that. >> what is frustrating is that the voters and the average voter is out there saying, you know, we hate politics because of this sort of thing. >> twitter made the san diego party president ditch the fake accounts and then it erased his personal feed. >> we are well into the fall season here. feeling pretty nice, though. >> yeah. you may have missed the morning scattered showers. just a few left out there. >> i did. >> we have sunshine on the way. a beautiful afternoon. a little bump up to start the work week. i'll explain next. >> also next a shaky start at washington state for andrew luck
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and seventh-ranked stanford. could the cardinals get it together in the second half? mike shumann has your highlights coming up in spororororororororr
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>> lots of things happening today. we were talking about the pumpkin festival. that's a huge thing at half moon bay. >> definitely. we had a big change yesterday. numbers came out in the mid-and upper 80s and breezy winds. today definitely a little more stable atmosphere this afternoon. right now, though, we have a
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little bit of moisture out there, especially on the peninsula. a live look outside at the vulner peak and scattered showers earlier in san ramon valley. but now things are quieting down. a live look outside. let's look' live doppler hd and you will see. from woodside to redwood city. we are looking at a few left over showers, half moon bay, a few drips around. we are looking at most of the activity moving on out into the sacramento valley or just evaporating. you see moisture east of brentwood. here's a look how it was the past couple hours. notice how things have really quieted down. early on around 4:00 we saw a lot of moisture coming in from the southwest. we are looking at a good deal of cloud cover, but not for much longer. here we are through the next several hours of the morning. notice by mine, ten, we have partly cloudy skies, full sunshine by about 11 or 12. it should be a very nice
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afternoon. numbers coming down a little bit. we are talk being very mild this morning with the cloud cover, that moisture southwest flow. 65 in oakland and 62 concord with 61 in san jose. our highlights then we are talking the morning widely scattered showers. mostly sunny this afternoon with more sunshine and warmer conditions tomorrow by about five degrees. we will take a slight dip after that. here's the reason why. we've got the moisture headed up to the north and east. then a week ridge of high pressure is going to build behind that. that will allow for the temperatures to come up. so this weak little system, not much left of it. plan on a nice dry afternoon. a beautiful fall day with temperatures right around normal. in terms of the rest of the state, we are talking some heat where you would expect it. palm springs. upper 70s in yosemite with the fog. not much of it along the shoreline. our marine layer got so sick overnight. it began to sort of disburse. the cloud cover now with this weak system moving through, we
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will see a pretty good clearing by midmorning. 74 today in santa clara. nice day in saratoga at 75. we see the sunshine from pacifica to half moon bay. nice day today. 74 redwood city. onshore flow increased overnight. so overall the temperatures this afternoon a little cooler, but should be a beautiful day. downtown 68. in the north bay. some moisture this morning and then 72 in the afternoon. vallejo as well, low 70s. hayward 72. 70 oakland. talking mostly sunny in the afternoon, partly cloudy to start out. walnut creek 76 degrees. 78 in pleasanton and down by the monterey bay clouds hanging on for the next couple of hours and then we will see mostly sunny and 72 in watsonville. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s for the pumpkin festival, 70s around the bay, 80 inland. four or five degrees of warming tomorrow. cooler and no rain tuesday and wednesday. a weak system pushes through behind it and we warm up.
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mid-to upper 60s at the coast. very nice. >> good deal. thanks, lisa. at 7:00 is good morning america. joined live now from new york to tell us what is on tap. good morning. >> good morning to you, carolyn. we have a busy show coming up. the anti-bank protests have spread from wall street to, well, around the world. the occupy wallstreet movement has turned violent in europe, and here in new york protests move deeper into the city. we are live this morning on both continents. also ahead governor rick perry's campaign may have suffered set back after a comment his wife made about unemployment. will her comment hurt his candidacy and why are the republican hopefuls having so much trouble connecting with middle class voters? also ahead the american woman trapped in the south pole after apparently suffering a stroke is closer than ever to being rescued. a plane made it to antarctica and now it just needs to get to
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her. we will hear from her coming up. and it's a tradition and it's come to the good ole usa. you can run with the bulls right here in america. i don't expect you will be joining those people, will you, carolyn? >> an absolutely not. i think it is just ridiculous. would you do it? >> never. but ron claiborne, who is in for dan today, said he would do it in a heart beach so go figure. >> well, send him out on special assignment then. >> to each his own. i don't think we have enough insurance here at walt disney to pay for that. and speaking of walt disney, he just celebrated his 21st anniversary with the company this week. >> you get a tinkerbell statue at 25. >> he said his is still in the mail. something was wrong with it. >> tell him congratulations and say hey to dan when he gets back from visiting the king.
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>> will do. >> okay. have a great day. >> you too. >> we are going to head on over, talking about sports this morning. the 49ers are in detroit battling the surprisingly undefeated lions. in oakland the raiders this afternoon are going to honor al davis throughout their game against the cleveland browns. last night seventh-ranked stanford tried to stay undefeated when they took on washington state. >> here's shoe. >> >> good morning. seventh-ranked stanford looking for a school record, 14th straight win yesterday against washington state, but the cougars said not so fast. cougars jacked up for this one. andrew luck didn't get off to a good start. this pass to patterson is picked off by horton. and andrew not happy with that throw. second quarter, after two pass interference calls, cougars get on the word with the winston two-yard run. not a good start for the cardinals who led 10-7 at the half. third quarter, stanford comes out firing.
6:24 am
luck to levine. dives to the end zone, 26 yards. second touchdown catch. the quarter. 24-7. and fourth quarter, he bulldozes 8 yards into the end zone and finished with 100 yards. 31-7. then luck rolls out, throws his fourth touchdown pass of the night, 28-yard strike to colby, and andrew, 23 of 37 for 336 yards. stanford, a school record, 14 straight wins, improving to 6-0. 44-14, the final. >> we have a thousand things to clean up, a thousand things to get better at. but we have tough, smart, athletic kids that want to be great. we aren't there yet. we've got to get better. >> all right. the 49ers are coming off their best performance this season in a 48-3 win over tampa bay. the lions are 5-0 after they demolished chicago monday night. powered by their defense and
6:25 am
former cal bair java best, but quarterback alex smith is not buying into the big game hype. >> you know, this is not something players think about. every time you strap on that helmet, every time you put the shoulder pads on and you walk onto the field, it's enough as it is. they are playing for a lot. you are playing for your job. i mean, there's a lot of things that go into that. so i think all of a sudden the two teams are out there, you are still playing a football game and trying to win. >> meanwhile the raiders are coming off a great road victory over houston, a day after their majority owner al davis had passed away. the team will honor mr. davis today in their first home game since his passing, hoping to just win, baby. here's the bottom line, the coach wouldn't want it any other way. he don't want anybody in there talking about him or going through this, that or the other. he wants this football team to play football. that's my message to these guys. we have done our grieving, we've paid the respects the right way and we will continue to do so. >> all right. the sharks hoping to give the
6:26 am
st. louis blues last night, put them it in the tank but they turned blue. brent burns, several bounce before going past the goaltender brian elliott. his first as a shark. led 2-1. in the third, another former shark, ken huskin, the wrist shot. first of the year game tied at 2. less than five minutes later, blues with the three on two. nice give-and-go pass. finishes it off. add an empty netter and the sharks have lost two in a row. 4-2, the final. >> i think it was just a question of i think we were being a little too fancy, myself included. like i said, st. louis is a good team. they feed off turnovers. we made a couple of those at some bad times. we mismanaged the game. >> all right. the texas rangers lost to the giants in last year's world series. they are hoping a second trip to the series will be their turn as they advance with a win over the tigers last night in arlington. dirk novitzki hoping for another
6:27 am
texas championship. texas opens with 9-run third inning. led by michael young, who doubles down the left-field line. elvis andrus and hamilton scores. and another double. this time the opposite way. two more score. he had five rbi. 4 in this inning. he homered in the 7. nine run inning for texas. they advance to the world series. nelson cruz hit his 6th home run of the series and named mvp as nolan ryan holds up the alcs trophy. i will have your niner and raider highlights tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> you have next, thousands are honoring dr. martin luther king, jr. this morning with the unveiling of the national memorial. we will take a look at dr. king's human legacy here in the bay area. and the new high-tech way to share a cab. we will ride along with the developer of a smartphone app that can help you share the fair.
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> welcome back, everyone. this morning at 8:00 president obama will help dedicate the national memorial for dr. martin luther king, jr. >> we have a live look at the dedication ceremony that began about 90 minutes ago on the national mall. right now you see dr. king's sister, dr. ferris, speaking to
6:31 am
the crowd. ed foundation that created the memorial set up a stage with about 10,000 folding chairs. it's a lots fewer than they would have had when the ceremony was originally schedule on august 28th. the 28th anniversary of dr. king's "i have a dream" speech. that ceremony was postponed because of hurricane irene. dr. kin's family members, as you see there, are taking part this morning. here is shannon travis with more about the memorial. ♪ we shall overcome ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: how do you honor a life as extraordinary as martin luther king jr.? >> he had 39 years teaching and he is still teaching. >> the answer stands in the form of a monument in washington. in the form of a multi-ton monument. >> it's a powerful project of martin luther king's penalty. -- his penalty. >> from a mountain of despair to a stone of hope. >> his message will live on
6:32 am
today and it will live on forever. >> i think for future generations they will know what dr. king stood for, righteousness, justice and peace. >> the architect said the project was both professional and personal. >> it's been a labor of love for me for 15 years, yeah. >> just as dr. king's life was riddled with roadblocks, the memorial's construction did not escape controversy. at 30 feet tie it's taller than the nearby statues of jefferson and lincoln and their memorials. the sculptor, not an american, also a source of scrutiny. but these hurdles could not curb it's completion. now it stands as a dedication to a man was steadfast. >> this was authorized about five years after the original groundbreaking and a little over a month after the original planned dedication that was cancelled due to hurricane irene. the dedication to the dr. martin luther king memorial will be
6:33 am
underway today. many people are expected, including president obama. it's a $20 million project that's finally come to completion and a lot of people are saying is long overdue. shannon travis, washington. >> dr. king's human legacy lives on in the bay here as well. wayne freedman has that part of the story. >> you are looking at the young idealist all grown up. the end product of a 19-year-old who joined a quarter of a million people on a hot august day in 1963, who heard a speech that would change the course of american history. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. i have a dream. >> i didn't know that martin luther king was giving a historic speech. i just thought he was giving the concluding speech of a long day of speeches. >> all these years later this 67 year old knows better. dr. claiborne carson of stanford university grew up to become the keeper. dr. martin luther king's papers.
6:34 am
among them, the original draft from the "i have a dream" speech that had a completely different name. >> there's lot a lot in the draft that ends up in the speech he gave. >> that's the kind of information a scholar learns when he spends much of his life studying the man called america's greatest prophet. >> he emerged out of a movement but he spoke beyond that movement. ♪ we shall overcome >> it's the stuff of black and white footage today, a product of black and white stripe that culminated in the civil rights movement of the 1960. battles long forgotten by most but not by the warriors who fought them. >> if someone is cook ago a pie in the next room and you get the aroma of that pie, i want a slice. so at central high school we wanted a slice. give me a slice, give me a chance to make it. give me an opportunity to get a job. don't turn me down because you see my face.
6:35 am
>> for dr. melbourne of dominican university, the battle had to do with desegregating the public high school in little rock, arkansas in 1967. the book she wrote about it made her famous. it may have been a meeting with dr. king that gave her the perspective to write it. >> he said you are doing this not for yourself, but for generations yet unborn. don't be selfish, child. >> the most common misconception among those who have not seen the recently opened memorial of dr. king in washington d.c. is it has to do with the african-american struggle. but if it were that simple, it might not exist. claiborne carson understands because he helped design it. >> before the 1960s we were not really a democracy. we called ourselves a democracy but you can't be a democracy when you are excluding large proportions of your population from your vote. >> the monument was never about black and white because dr. king was never about black and white. those who say he was you should read his work. he was about women of all color,
6:36 am
people of every color, he was about inclusion. >> a memoirial to a man fresh in some memories and history for others. it's part of a process. from san francisco, wayne freedman, abc7 news. a private memorial service will be held today for steve jobs and some of silicone valley's biggest names are expected to attend. the wall street journal reports the event will be held at stanford university. apple also plans to host an event for employees at its headquarters in cupertino on wednesday. as you know, the apple cofounder died october 5th after struggling for years with pancreatic cancer. governor jerry brown has issued a proclamation declaring today steve jobs day in california. and in that proclamation the governor said jobs change the the way the entire world communicates. your smartphone might cost
6:37 am
you money each month but now that phone just might be able to save you a lot of money on taxis. abc7s johnathan bloom on the app that helps you share a ride and split the cost. >> i touch this window like this. >> dan wanted to solve a problem that's much older than smartphones. the problem of finding a taxi. >> no open cabs to be found but cab after cab going by me with one person in it clearly going downtown. >> so on the days he was lucky enough to get a cab, he decided to try something. >> i would literally just pull over for people who were waiting or trying to hail a cab, ask them if they wanted to use my cab downtown and i was never turned down. >> dan found a need and set about creating an app for that. i see another rider, tab their i con and chat with them. taxi share is social networking meets transportation. already live in chicago, now launching in san francisco. you tap where you are headed and it finds people along the way that wants to share a ride.
6:38 am
with help from a few willing conference goers, dan showed us how it works. >> you can tell by the color dot they are going to your destination and here it shows your destination, pier 39. going to pier39? >> yeah. >> as you ride, the app lets you use paypal to split the fair. >> it says four dollars. that four dollars is going to go into ryan's account. everyone wins except maybe the driver. >> may not be totally opposed to it but probably won't be all that enthusiastic about it. >> chicago cab drivers can charge extra for a shared ride. san francisco riders can't. he made maybe the city should change that. >> you see an issue for drivers willing to play along. >> probably not if you add that financial incentive. and if the financial incentive isn't enough to let you share a cab, what about finding true love. >> my neighbors did meet in a cab out of lagordia. >> and they are married now? >> they are married. >> in san francisco, abc7 news.
6:39 am
>> that's not how you met your husband, i'm sure, jumping in a cab. >> you never know. we have a few isolated showers to this morning. you may have missed them or slept through them. we are going to wake up, most of us, to a sunny afternoon -- or i should say a sunny morning lead to go a mild afternoon. we have a bit of a warm-up for the early part of the week and then fall-like changes. i have the details straight ahead. >> i'm trying to get all your personal information, lisa. [laughter] >> also ahead, the silicon valley computer hackers who are using their skills to help young people with autisisisisisisisiss
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>> welcome back. it is 6:41. we are taking you back out live to washington d.c. where they are having the dedication ceremony for the dr. martin luther king memorial. this is his late -- the daughter of his late daughter bernice king. it is expected to be a smaller crowd than they thought back in august when the ceremony was originally scheduled. but it was delayed by hurricane irene. still thousands of people there today to celebrate. the president himself will be delivering an address at 8:00 this morning. >> looks like nice weather out there, lisa. >> yes. we are going to have our fair share of some nice fall-like weather as well. this morning drove through a stray shower out there. and right now it's drying out considerably. so a look from our camera. we have some clouds around but also a deck of lower clouds beginning to dissipate, and the higher clouds as well.
6:43 am
but from live doppler 7 hd you will see a little bit of moisture right over the bay and around hayward. 880 and union city, this is about what is left of that moisture southwest flow that moved up overnight. so this morning, from the north bay to the san mateo coast, and even around down half moon bay, we saw a few stray showers but now we are looking at some drier conditions resulting with cloudy skies for the early morning hours and then by nine, ten, things really brake up and brighten up and we look for a mostly sunny afternoon with 60s and 70s today. the showers a thing of the past pretty soon. a mild start, 65 oakland and 64 mountain view. 62 livermore. we are looking low 60s on the coast this morning. highlights, widely scattered morning showers. we are pretty much over.
6:44 am
we will see partly cloudy skies this afternoon. numbers coming up about four or five degrees tomorrow to start the work week and then we will see a slight dip. here's a weak system that's pushing quickly off to the north and east. you see the slug of moisture headed into the sack men stow valley this morning. and as a result, we've seen maybe 200ths of an inch of rain. high pressure and sunshine taking over for the afternoon today, bringing mostly sunny conditions all across the state. so look pretty good out there. still quite warm from palm springs to las vegas where you expect it to be warm. 78 in the southern sierra. we are talking overnight lows near freezing in the mountain. definitely feeling like mid-fall throughout much of the higher terrain. back home we are talking 76 in campbell, 75 saratoga. a nice afternoon, some clouds to start. a little bit of wet pavement out there and 70 in milbrae. half moon bay, nice bay for all
6:45 am
the activities there with 64. san francisco coming in at 68. we do have the on shore flow but by this afternoon it will be a nice afternoon. won't be quite as gusty, those winds. 37 novato, 72 in vallejo. near east bay back into the upper 60s. great day in berkeley, 72. and upper 70s here. cup lynn 75. we will call it mostly sunny for brentwood today and down by the monterey bay we are talking clouds. an isolated shower and then 72. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. so becoming mostly sunny this afternoon. a little bit warmer tomorrow. a little cooler tuesday, wednesday. and the numbers coming back up thursday, friday, saturday with a bit of above normal. we should see highs the upper 70s on the warm end. a nice looking week. >> i hope the spell lasts all the way through halloween but that's so far ahead. i know. i'm not asking. i'm just wishing.
6:46 am
>> dreaming. >> thanks, well, a hacker is often a derogatory term for computer programmer. but there are some computer hacks with a positive purpose. abc7s business and technology reporter david louie shows us how some of them are helping people with autism. >> these are just some of the 40 developers volunteering for a special mission. they have broken up into eight teams, each working on an application that will help young people with autism. each team came up with the idea and enlisting input from experts from the autism community. >> what we are seeing here is real passion, partnering with specialists. on each team there are people from the autism, from the science side of autism, there's families who are impacted by autism. >> we can animate the size, color. >> this team is working on an app to help people with autism to address their issues. another addresses bullying and another deals with the anxiety of going to a doctor's office. and skylar is helping to. this 11-year-old with autism is serves as an advisor on the
6:47 am
project. >> i would like to see an app >> i would like to see an app that help teaches social skills and writing because that's my issues. and also i would like to see things that help other low functioning autistic people as well. >> parents also see great potential for what the teams are doing. hand-held, touch-controlled devices are changing their children's lives. >> my son is verbally challenged but when they pull up an app on an ipad and that allows their friend to communicate with them for the first time, that gives them typical friends and keeps them from being isolated. >> the services would cost upwards of $100,000 and the work is only starting. >> it will take three or four months before the apps are ready and when they are, they will be distributed for free. they will operate on smartphones and computers of all stripes. abc7 news. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is up next.
6:48 am
>> a san francisco woman never leaves the city, but still ends up with a parking ticket in new york city. i'm michael finney and 7 on your side investigates coming up.
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> did you ever get a parking ticket that you feel is unfair? how about one from a city thousands of miles away that you have been visited in years? that's what happened to one woman. here's 7 on your side michael finney with the story and the solution. >> katie lives in san francisco, works in san francisco and hasn't been to the east coast in ten years. that's why she was baffled to get this warning letter from new york city. >> i got a parking ticket in brooklyn, and it said i owed $120. >> to her amazement, the notice said katie had received a citation from new york police on june 29th for double parking in front of these brownstones in brooklyn. >> it's crazy. it's 100% crazy.
6:51 am
i've never driven to new york as long as i lived. >> katie said she and her car were right here in san francisco on june 29th. so she contacted new york city officials to tell them so. >> i haven't been there for years and they said too bad, you need to fight it. >> she sent proof to new york that she was tutoring a student in san francisco that day so she couldn't be in new york. she also pointed out the offending car was a white honda with california plates. hers is a gray honda. >> and i sent all that information to new york certified. i thought that would have been the end of it, and it wasn't. >> weeks later new york officials said they never received her paperwork. instead, they sent her another warning. her fine had gone up to $145 and this could go on her credit report. >> someone said just pay it. i said i'm not going to pay it, i wasn't there. why am i going to give new york 150 bucks? so katie contacted 7 on your side. we contacted new york city's finance department that handles those parking tickets. officials there went over the
6:52 am
handwritten citation with katie. they found the handwriting was hard to make out and there had been a mistake. see, katie's license plate is 6ezn but officials realized the citation said 6ezw. a whole different car. >> great, that's good to know. >> the new york finance department tells us city agencies still write about 20% of parking tickets by hand. the rest by hand-held computer. but it's rare this kind of mistake occurs and the big apple promptly dismissed katie's ticket. >> i had a feeling that you guys could help me out if i couldn't rectify it myself, and i appreciate the help. >> that's got news. the bad news, well, if you own that white honda that was double parked, you are about to receive a $125 ticket from new york city. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> we willcccccccçkçkçkçkçkçkçkk
6:53 am
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one of the bay area's most important theatre companies is back in business after a series of major obstacles. the lorraine hansbarry theatre celebrated their grand opening on friday. abc arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez said it's story is a real life drama. >> we are like sitting ducks with this wounded right now. >> and so? >> and so? >> a rehearsal for the opening of the lorraine hansberry
6:56 am
theatre. it's their 31st season. beginning with a new lease on life and sense of purpose. >> we are looking for an audience. we have an exciting season. >> steven anthony jones is known to bay area audiences as an actor at a.c.t. now he's a hansbarry executive director. it is a theatre that focuses on african-american and multi-cultural playwrights. >> i call it doing plays about who we all really are. >> it is named after the playwright of "a raisin in the sun." she wrote it while living in the bay area. the hansbarry is one of the longest-running african-american theaters in the country. they have had rough times. they were forced out of their old theatre and then their cofounder and director died. >> the future is called rejoice, and that might be the appropriate word here. this company, after being left homeless for a couple of years, has found a new theatre at 450 post, and it suits their productions ideally. >> they are changing their new home into a 400 feet intimate
6:57 am
theatre. >> we've cleared that hurdle. it's very important. so now we need to address, of course, issues of money. >> the other play they are doing is the award winning "day of absence" by african-american theatre legend douglas ward. >> he said we should use the past to illuminate the present. >> that is about a new era for this company. >> we are now in the process of creating the next 30 years. >> in san francisco, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> lisa is here with a final look at the accuweather forecast. >> a few areas of light showers out there. not much left. but a few drops around redwood city. uconn city. push being out of the bay area the rest of the morning hours. 60s coast, 70s around the bay, near 80 inland. >> it will be a little warmer tomorrow and then a also cooler midweek. looks like a nice paul late week, as well. >> great. that is going to do it for us.
6:58 am
thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. along with lisa argen. the next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. good morning america is up next. have a great sunday!
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