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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. it has been a solemn, button neither jet particular day at the coliseum in oakland. the oakland raiders won their first home game since the death of nfl icon al davis. sergio is there live to show us how the fans and the raider players reacted. sergio? >> reporter: alan, this game wrapped up in the last hour and i have been watching a stream of smiling raider fans wearing their silver and black. this is an important win because raiders will celebrate every win. but it is especially important to those fans who specifically came here to pay their respects to al davis.
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on this game day the raider nation showed up with just as much volume as they bring to every match up. but on this the first home game since the passing of al davis, there is a special deference to the man who passed. >> he wants us to be ourselves. there is no logic. we are being who we are and honoring al. >> al davis has been gone a little more than a week, but on this day he was everywhere, on shirts, on faces, on posters, and even on this man's torso. hugo gonzalez says he got the tatoo after he learned of davis' death. >> why is it important to be here today? >> we are like the sons for him. >> before kickoff, the raiders were full of celebration and respect, especially those who
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worked for davis. >> he argued with people, but he represented them. he has been a large part of our lives. i worked here the last 20 years, and as i said it is all part of the family. >> on the field al davis' only child, mark, who welcomed some of the special guests of this game including mc hammer, oakland native. >> the loss of al davis is hard to believe he is not here. i have been coming here since 1970, and he has always been a part of the culture. >> and before kickoff they bowed their heads for the most quiet moment ever at a raiders' home game. and of course following this game which is a win for the raiders, it has been quite interesting to watch the fans as they slowly stream out of the coliseum. they are actually pretty saw date. many make an orderly way out on their way home. of course, we will have all of the highlights of this match up against the browns on abc7
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sports. reporting live in oakland, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. serious news in oakland. three men died in two separate shootings last night. police found two victims before midnight at mcarthur boulevard and 13th avenue near interstate 580. they are identified as raymond greenwood and 22-year-old joshua c ru sett of faff field. abram pringle died after he was carjacked and shot on olive street. no arrests have been made in either of the shootings. san jose police are at the scene of a late latest in officer-involved shootings outside an apartment complex in the 400 block of worcester avenue. that's where they say an officer shot and killed a man believed to be armed. residents in the area called 9-1-1 to report a suspicious person in the area possibly carrying a gun. today's incident is san jose's fifth officer involved
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shooting in just over a month. three by police and two by the santa clara county sheriff deputy. san jose police officers are stationed outside of the south bay chapter of the hells angels clubhouse. they are concerned of a retaliation following the shooting death of one of its members. this photograph by a san jose mercury news photographer caught several men several minutes after a funeral for a hells angel. it was at oak hills cemetery during the grave side service for jeffrey pettigrew. he was in -- he was the san jose chapter president. police are not sure if yesterday's shooting was connected, but they found a problem at the crime scene. >> when the initial officers arrived they found what appeared to be a crime scene that had been tampered with. >> valerie simpson attended and took these photos of the hells angels. all of the mourners were well
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behaved prior to the shooting. police are still searching for the killer. in washington, d.c., dr. martin luther king, junior was memorialized among our country's greatest heroes. people from across the country came to watch president obama dedicate the ming memorial on the national mall. >> reporter: a large crowd helped dedicate a national memorial in washington like no other. it is the first to honor a man of justice, peace and color. >> i know we will overcome. i know there are better days ahead. i know this because of the man towering over us. >> reporter: president obama, the nation's first black president connected his own legacy to that of dr. king. he placed signed copies of his speeches into a time capsule at the memorial. a civil rights icon who mash ofed -- marched with dr. king
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noted how his friend changed the world. >> 48 years ago we had signs that said bright men, colored men, white men colored women and colored women, and those signs will not return. >>the towering statue was sair nateed with speeches. >> it is a great time of celebration, and the entire king family is proud to witness this day. >> and music. >> take my hands. >> at last, this american icon who was not a president now sits with the great landmarks in the nation's capital. abc news, washington. >> among those at the dedication is reverend amos brown, the senior president at
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the senior baptist church. he spoke to abc7 this afternoon from the white house. >> i feel that i am very privileged to have been here today to see the day when an african-american will be honored with a monument between two presidents, president jefferson and abraham lincoln. >> brown says among his most memorable moments today was seeing aretha franklin sing dr. king's favorite hymn, "precious lord, take my hand." protesters calling for change are preparing to march on the federal reserve bank this week. the occupy san francisco demonstrators have been staightsed- stationed on a narrow band of sidewalk. last night they set up a camp at justin herman plaza. organizers tell abc7 they will be living at justin herman plaza, but they will continue fro test -- pro testing at the
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federal reserve. and it is date 30 of the occupy wall street movement. 14 people were arrested early this morning for violating a midnight curfew. they face charges ranging from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest. occupy organizers in manhattan say they have now raised close to $300,000 for their cause. s.w.a.t teams from around the world descended on the east bay this weekend. get a firsthand look at the tactile exercise. >> and hi, everyone, i'm leigh glaser. we started off with a few sprinkles in some locations, but we have cleared out. get ready for a nice warm up for our monday. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> and then debris litters the track after a crash at the indy 500 that claimed the life of a
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the world are here in the bay area taking part in day two of the intense 48-hour training exercise called urban shield. this is a terrorist attack involving mass casualties. it is one of dozens of training exercises and scenarios that 31 different
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s.w.a.t teams are responding to. this is a training incident in hayward. there is competition and tactile training exercises testing mental and physical endurance. those taking part are getting little sleep and staying awake for 50 hours. > if there is a real terrorist attack, we will not be going to sleep. we need to work 24 hours a day jie. and for the first time -- and for the first time, the kingdom of jordan sent an all female tactile unit to take part. it is the largest tactile exercise in the nation. more than 22,000 people took part in the world's largest women's marathon today in san francisco. runners made their way across the city during the nike women's marathon and half marathon. you can see the runners heading up the embarcadero around 7:00. since 2004 the race has raised more than $118 million for the leukemia and lymphoma society benefiting cancer research.
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california is paying tribute to a true tech innovator. how the state and silicon valley giants are remembering steve jobs. and a picturesque end to the weekend. meteorologist leigh glaser says we will see some fluctuationses in the
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governor jerry brown issued a proclamation dedicating this day to the apple co-founder. they said jobs changed the way the entire world communicates. a private memorial service will be held at stanford university this evening for jobs and for some of silicon valley's biggest names are expected to attend. the apple co-founder died october 5th after struggling for years with pancreatic cancer. a 10-year wait is about to end. a ground breaking ceremony is set for tomorrow for a major reservoir project to approve -- improve palo alto's water system. the reservoir and pump station project was first approved by the city council in 2007. the project includes a major renovation to the park that has been closed since september in preparation for the construction. the reservoir is expected to begin operating late next year while the park is set to reopen in the summer of 2013. we will start off with shu in sports. >> all right, guys, a great
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battle with the 49ers and lions between the players and then the head coaches. schwartz and harbaugh have a lot to discuss at the end of this one. not a great start for the niners. the first play and he strips smith who recovers the fumble and that lead to a field goal. lions are on top. and then the niners are wild. frank gore finds a hole up the middle. this is good for 46. he punches it in two plays later to make it 10-7. the defense kept them in this game. smith sacked stafford. they had two of the nine sacks and niners lead it 12-10 at the half. the fourth quarter and 15-13 and that was initially ruled incomplete, but he had possession with two feet down. they reviewed it and called it a touchdown. two minutes left and walker and the replay shows he crossed the plane before his
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knee hit. it was 25-19. and then it gets ugly. schwartz takes the handshake and slap on the back and harbaugh sled an obscenity and it got heated. >> went to congratulate harbaugh and was shoved out of the way. didn't expect the obscenity at that point. it was a surprise to me at the end of the game. >> i am emotional at the way our players played and hopefully he can understand that. it fires me up for that. i will not apologize for that. if that offends you or anybody else, so be it. >> what's your deal? i love this guy. 9ers are now 5 and 1. the raiders honored al davis before today's game against cleavland and won the second
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straight since his passing. the browns are kicking it off after tying it up. from one yard out of the end zone and right up the middle and gets on the sideline. unbelievable balance. he takes it 101 yards. raiders roup 14-7. -- raiders are up 14-7. he leaves the game, and he would not return. broken collar bone would end his season. the raiders lineup to a field goal. it is a fake. he goes all the way, 35 yards. they recover an on sidekick. he tie itself in raider territory. it is broken up by a stanford route. raiders hang on to win it. in every sport there is a chance of serious injury. in some sports even death. today in las vegas. 33-year-old dan wheldon died in a horrific crash.
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it was lap 13, a 15-car pile up and wheldon's car was the second to go airborne. us his car slam nootz wall and catches fire. one of the worst crashes i have seen in my 25 years of broadcasting. they canceled the remainder of the race. wheldon was airlifted to a local hospital and two hours later he was declared dead. >> indycar is sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away. our thoughts and prayers are with his family today.
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of you would get some sprinkles and that's what you got. >> exactly. folks in the north bay reported a few sprinkles and even as far east as brim wood this morning. but the skies have cleared out nicely, and it is setting up for a terrific monday as temperatures were warm as well. that look from the high definition camera. current readings, 64 in san francisco and 69 in oakland. plenty of sunshine in napa right now. 72 degrees there. antioch at 73. livermore is clear and 73 degrees there. san jose right now with sunshine. 72 degrees. here is a look at some of our highlights for the next few days. we will go with patchy coastal fog. warmer day for your monday and then it looks like by tuesday
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and wednesday things will cool down. we will bring more fog in and the drizzle. here is the satellite-radar composite. this goes back to about 6:00 this morning. you can see a little bit of moisture out there. of course most of this is not even reaching the ground. mainly the higher elevations, but it scooted through with a trough of low pressure that pushed through. and this is the clearing behind it. we will continue to see clear conditions, but we will bring some of the fog at the coast as well as the bay overnight. temperature wise a little cooler than last night as we had the subtropical influence. it was humid and sticky out there. tonight we bring the numbers down, 53 for santa rosa and 56 for san francisco. oakland,57 degrees and antioch 59 and 56 for san jose. 234* terms of the fog, here is a look at our forecast. it hillary develop coast side and it moves right on in through the bay. so for the 5:00 a.m. commute tomorrow morning, inland
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locations will be clear, and you have to watch out for pockets of dense fog near the coast. high pressure will start to build back in. that's definitely going to set the stage up for another warm day tomorrow with the offshore winds redeveloping. look for a daytime high inland mid to upper 80sand close to 70 at our beaches. san jose tomorrow 82. 83 for campbell. here is a look at what you can expect coast side. half moon bay sunshine and warmth. 68 degrees there. 80 for palo alto. san francisco tomorrow a terrific day, warmer, 75 degrees. the north bay will look for daytime highs as well in the 80s. 84 for santa rosa and say the 4 for sonoma. oakland tomorrow 78. 84 union city. it is really going to get a little warm especially interior east bay locations, concord 86, 86 for brentwood, livermore 87, and santa cruz tomorrow at 76.
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enjoy tomorrow because we have another impulse that will move in on tuesday and cool us down considerably. bringing more low clouds and fog, and maybe even drizzle expected by wednesday morning. and then after that a string of mild days. >> thanks, leigh. coming up, faith and prayers instead of trick-or-treat. a pastor's faith-based
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officer involved shooting in san jose. it is the 6th in the last five weeks. we'll have a live report. and shelling out more for peanut butter. why prices are climbing. join us for abc7 news at 6:00. finally, a christian group has come up with a faith-based alternative to halloween. it is called jesus-wean. a pastor created it saying halloween is not consistent with the christian faith and it makes some people uncomfortable. so the nonprofit group is asking christians to dress in white and hand out bibles in assisted of candy. it is also asking people to knock on doors and share the message of christianity instead of asking for candy. they are promoting the festival with a website, youtube video and even a jesus-wean app. that's it for abc7 news at 5:00. i'm alan wang with leigh and shu. thanks for joining us. "world news" is next and be will


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