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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene. one resident believes the suspect was in his car at the time of the shooting. again, san jose police can't yet confirm that. they are not even confirming if the man they shot had a gun. >> at this point i can't get into detail whether or not he he was armed. the investigators will have to determine that information and release it to the community. i can only speak as far as what i know and as far as the officer feeling threatened to the point where he felt necessary to protect himself. if there was a passerby or civilian in the area. >> as you mentioned this is the 6th officer involved shooting this year. most happened in the past several weeks. the public information officer here at the scene says he can't speculate as to why there have been so many lately. he just said every year is different. live in san jose, lilian kim,
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abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. also in san jose, the investigation into a facial shooting at the fiewn raffle a hells angel member continues tonight. the suspect is still at large. this photograph by a san jose mercury news photographer caught several men surrounding someone seconds after shots rang out at the funeral. the victim was killed at the oak hill cemetery during grave side services for petigrew who was shot to death last month at a nevada casino. and in oaknd la, the number of homicide -- oakland, the number of homicides has risen. two men were shot near mcarthur and 13th avenue. raymond greenwood and joshua crec te t died at the hospital. and another man 22-year-old adam pringle died yesterday morning after he was carjacked and shot. there are no suspects in any of the shootings. a special tribute for the
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late raiders owner al davis. it was the first raider home game since his death. abc7 is live in oakland where the team and the fans honored the nfl icon. sergio? >> and this afternoon's win over the browns is especially sweet for those die hard raider fans who show up here to the coliseum for every home game. but with a nearly packed coliseum, it is clear that there were other fans who also showed up so they could pay their respects to al davis. raider nation showed up blaring their signature spirit. and they came from far and wide to pay their respects to the man who built the raiders into a legendary organization. >> al davis, the one and only raider nation. we are showing the whole world and everybody back home watching us on tv how dedicated we are. >> they made a 14-hour drive
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from yak caw mow, washington to be here. and it is that dedication that touches the former raider players because of the complicated relationship davis had with fans. >> there are shirts out remembering him. even though they had their odds with him, they still support him. >> at this first home game since davis' passing, it is an opportunity for fans to show respect to the long-time leader. and it is a chance for players to reflect on the moments made possible by building the team. >> he was in a couple bowls and came close. it was the funest time in my career being in the silver and black. >> davis' son took time to mingle with fans for a few minutes before the game. joining him on the sidelines, oakland native rapper mc hammer and ice cube. >> even though i was from south central los angeles, he was always talking about the
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athletes that is going on now in south central and in los angeles. from the day i met him to the last day i seen him. >> in this coliseum where al davis was ever present, it was fitting that in the moment of his honor the cheers didn't stop even as players bowed their heads. and this game has been over for a little more than two hours, but only recently has some of the more devoted fans packed up a lot of their parties. they took time to revel in this win. of course, we will have the full highlights of the game coming up later in the newscast. reporting live in oakland, sergio quintana. for the first time a man who was not a u.s. president is being honored with a monument on the national mall with martin luther king, junior.
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president obama and his family were among thousands of people who attended the ceremony today. the president left a copy of his inaugural speech in a time capsule at the monument. he then praised the man who helped him reach the white house. >> just as times may be, i know we will over come. i know there are better days ahead. i know this because of the man towering over us. i know this because all he and his generation endure, we #r* here today in a country that dedicated a monument for that legacy. >> king's granite statue is 30 feet tall and 14 of his quotations are carved in the rock. among those at the dedication was reverend amos brown. a member of the third baptist church. brown who was a friend of king's first heard him speak in 1956. brown spoke to us from the white house about king's
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musical analogy. >> the concluding portion of his message when he said "i have a dream" it is when all of god's children from black to white will be significant in the constitution keyboard. >> and among today's most memorable moments seeing aretha frank liven -- aretha frank lynn sing king's favorite hymn. and today is steve jobs day in california. governor jerry brown gave a proclamation to the co-founder. he said jobs changed the way the entire world communicates. a private memorial service is being held at stone ford -- at stanford university. coming up, it looks like something out of an action film. this isn't a terrorist attack. what the men and women are doing over the weekend. and rising peanut butter
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to tributes continue to mount at the site of the salon shooting in southern california where eight people were killed. mourners paid their respects on saturday night at the seal beach salon where the victims were killed on wednesday. one of the victims is michelle dasbach fast. they lived in seal beach for the last 16 years. services for michelle will be held next saturday in menlo park. tactile teams from around the world continued the 48-hour urban shield exercise with one challenge involving a terrorist takeover at cal state hayward. emergency service teams and military units stormed the building after the explosions. the scenario involves dummies
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and real people playing injured hostages and suspects. >> we wanted it to look extremely real and wanted it to smell real. we wanted shells all over the place. we want this place to explode with excitement and adrenalin. and that's how you make real training. we call it training in the red zone. that's what the scenario is about. >> the exercise ends tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. urban shield is the largest tactile exercise around the nation and it gives teams around the world experience in large-scale disasters. you could be shelling out more for peanut butter. why prices are expected to go up. and a cloudy day, but rain could be on the way. leigh glaser is going to tell you more about it. >> and the 49ers with a big win. we have highlights and reaction from both. 33-year-old dan wheldon, the indy 500 winner died in this horrific crash at las vegas motor speedway. details coming up
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prices up. nannette miranda that is story. >> ask most kids and they will tell you that peanut and butter jelly sandwich is a favorite. >> can you tell me how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches you seat in one day? >> five. >> the parents will have to pay more for peanut buter and even nutter butters. a drought in the south is driving up the price. almost 300% in the last year from $450 a ton to nearly $1200 a ton. that translates to higher peanut butter prices. >> i am bummed. we buy a lot of peanut butter. we go through a jar every two weeks. >> jif will hike up 30% in november while others say it could be as much as 40%. grocers will then pass the increase to consumers. peanut butter and jelly is
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such a staple that an average kid will eat 1500pb and j sand -- sandwiches by the time they reach high school. imagine the budget hit she will hit because of taking care of nine children. a 30 to 40% hike will not be easy to swallow. >> peanut butter is the go to lunch. if they are having a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch, at that price, it will make a big difference. >> while peanut butter is the most popular peanut product, peanuts at the ballgame could get more expensive. and so could french fries which are often fried in peanut oil at restaurants. since the higher prices don't hit for a couple more weeks, maybe it is time to stash away favorites. >> definitely buy a bunch now and keep it as long as i can. >> i will go stock up. i will buy a month's worth of peanut butter. >> nannette miranda, abc7 news. >> well, more than 22,000 people took part in the world's largest women's marathon today in san
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francisco. runners made their way across san francisco for the nike marathon and half ma you are raw thon. you can see them heading up the embarcadero about 7:00 this morning. the race has raised $18 million to the leukemia and lymphoma society benefiting the cancer research. >> and there are sprinkles out there too, especially toward ocean beach as the heavy mist and drizzle came in. there is also tropical moisture we talked about last night. it is starting to visit parts of the bay area. napa with a trace of precip and san francisco a trace and even out toward the east bay and brentwood a trace. this is a beautiful setting sun shot from our camera. you can definitely see it is beautiful out there. here is a look at our satellite-radar composite. i want to go back to 6:00, and you can see some of the moisture that moved on through. we are now starting to clear out nicely. the exception is right near
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the coast as we see low clouds and fog starting to make its way closer to the bay. here is a look at our highs today once the clouds moved out. santa rosa 71. we had 69 the high in novato. 68 san francisco. half moon bay was 68 degrees. interior east bay, antioch you warm to 75 and livermore as well as san jose, you can see they reached 77 degrees. the temperatures are obviously coming down. 68 in novato and 64 in san francisco and 68 in oakland right now. antioch 71. we have 70 right now in mountain view. san jose 68 degrees. we will go with the patchy coastal fog. a warmer day for our monday as inland locations near 90 degrees, and then we will cool things down tuesday and wednesday. the forecast for tonight, much will stay close to the coast as well as the bay. i think your 5 a.m. morning commute will be fine especially the interior east bay locations. the subtropical moisture has
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moved out. the temperatures will be a few degrees cooler. 56% san francisco and 55 overnight for livermore. this low was responsible for the moisture yesterday and also this morning. high pressure is going back toward the bay area. and that will basically bring us the return of the slight warm offshore winds. so look for a warmer day tomorrow. as we head into tuesday and wednesday. it looks like we will have another wind shift in the low clouds and fog. enjoy tomorrow. 82 for san jose. campbell 83 degrees. even at the coast near 70 for half moon bay. 80 palo alto. san francisco, you will warm to 75 tomorrow. and a few clouds. plenty of sunshine. it will be a sunny day for novato, 85, 83 for napa. her cure lease to 80 degrees. 86 for concord and 86 for danville. and look for 76 and another beach day for santa cruz.
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things cool down and the wind shifts more onshore. cooler wind direction on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday morning i put a little heavy mist and drizzle and that's why the drops are on the map there. and then the high builds back in. mild days thursday, friday and saturday. >> i'm loving it. thanks, leigh. >> shu is here while the 49ers have a -- have arrived. >> three great wins on the east coast. a great battle with the 49ers. jim schwartz and jim harbough will have a great one to discuss. the first play and he was stripped and recovers the fumble and it leads to a field goal. and then the niners run wild. frank gore bursts up the middle. this was good for 46. he punches in two plays later to make it 10-7. now, the niners defense kept him in the game. matthew stafford for a safety.
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12-10 niners at the half. the fourth quarter and initially it was ruled incomplete. check it out. he had possession and had two feet down. reviewed and it was called a touchdown. a game of inches. fourth and goal. smith and delaney walker. replay shows he crossed the plain before his knee hit. then it gets ugly. jim schwartz takes offense 20* harbaugh's handshake and a slap on the back. harbough yelled an obscenity and they had to be separated. harbaugh apologized for the slap, but wouldn't apologize for anything else. >> went to congratulate harbaugh and was shoved out of the way. didn't expect -- didn't expect an obscenity at that point. it was a surprise to me at the end of the game. >> i did say it. i am an emotional person and i
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am proud at our players and the way they play. it fires me up. it fires me up a lot. so i am not going to apologize to that. if that offends you or anybody else, so be if. >> i love this guy. 9ers are now 5 and one. meanwhile, the raiders honored al davis in the game. 7-7 game in the second and browns kicking off after tieing it up. one yard out of the end zone and right up the middle. he gets to the outside and tip toes down the sideline. unbelievable. raiders are up 14-7. still in the second and they are looking for more jason campbell. he leaves the game and would not return. it could be a broken collar bone and may end his season. the raiders lining up for a geld goal, and not so fast. it is a fake. the third quarterback and he will take it all the way 35 yards and raiders up 14. 10 unanswered points and
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recovering an on sidekick. mccoy's pass is eek broen up -- is broken up. hugh jackson spoke about jason campbell's injury. >> i am not going to let this football team blink. we will miss jason for awhile. i don't know how long it will take. we'll see as we go. i know he won't be here next week or anything like that. we will continue to press forward and get better. >> in every sport there is a chance of serious injury. in some sports there is even deaths. in las vegas 33-year-old dan wheldon, the two-time indy 500 winner died in a horrific crash. it was lap 11, a 15-car pile up. wheldon's car was the second to go airborne as you can see highlighted here. his car slams into the wall, catches fire, one of the worst crashes i have seen in my 25 years of covering racing. drivers were concerned about this track with speeds up to 225 miles an hour.
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wheldon's third race of the year was airlifted to a local hospital and two hours later was declared dead. >> indycar is very sad to announce that dan wheldon has passed away. our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. >> the remainder of the field deeply affected. the race was called off, and all of the drivers paid tribute to wh le don with a five-lab salute. as a driver this is in the back of your mind, but you never think something like this will happen to you. we will hear from some of his fellow drivers at 11:00. a horrific day at the track. >> thanks, shu. well, coming up, the "footloose" remake is heating the theaters up, but can it dance all the way to the top hi honey, what are you doing? just having some chicken noodle.
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steel"? >> a tight battle at the box office between boxing flick "real steel" and dancing remake" footloose." the hugh jackman flick "real steel" took in $sex teen . >> 16.3 million puting it on top. but "footloose" is closing in,
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and by the end it could dance its way to the top. "the thing" opened in third place fold by" the eyes of march" and "dolphin tale." that's it for abc7 news at sick:00. thanks -- at 6:00. thanks for joining us. connect 24-7 at -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are the great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a perhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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