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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. occupy sf protesters have big plans for today. they are surprised and happy that they are still here. they thought police would have moved them out overnight. san jose police investigate the fifth killing in that city in the last two weeks. this time an 18-year-old teenager found near a popular park. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in san jose. police have shot more people this year than in any year since 2004. today the chief is going to talk about it. the story coming up in a live report. check out the winds of change and what they are bringing, fog. sea breeze back temperatures dropped 9 to 16° today. more cooling in the forecast. good morning. live look at 680 through walnut creek so far, so good.
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we check the other hot spots in a few minutes. it is now about 6:01 on this tuesday morning. thanks for being here i'm eric thomas rich and i'm kristen sze. >> the occupy san francisco protesters are expected to move to city hall today to demonstrate against police attempts to remove them. amy hollyfield joins us live with the latest. the mayor may face tough questions about the protest today. >> reporter: the supervisors want to know how can this tip to exist and have a harmonious city. they are not supposed to be here city law says parks are closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.. police promised to move them out overnight, but it didn't happen. there are a couple of police officers here, they are just watching over the camp. they say those were their orders. they don't know why, that was the order that came from the top. the occupy sf movement is
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taking this as a positive sign for the future of their movement and for their message. >> someone was talking this today at the circle they said they want infinite possibilities. i think that's what i want. i want there to be infinite possibilities for everyone. right now with the system we are living in it is very constraining. we need to rework the system and open it back up again to include a community again. >> reporter: that's what they are fighting for this was the scene sunday night. police did move in and forced the campers out of herman plaza they made five arrests some complained about getting roughed up. police say they were opinion. ed and tackled and unknown -- they were punched, tackled and unknown liquids thrown on them. last night police said they
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couldn't stay. but it did not happen, they were allowed to stay overnight. no nord on -- no word on what the next would have will be. protesters want to be at civic center plaza at 1:30 so the mayor and board of supervisors will see and hear them as they talk about what to do next about occupy sf. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. occupy oakland movement is getting high profile support with a special visit by the three uc berkeley hikers released by iran. bauer, shourd and fattal were charged with espionage and imprisoned. the men were just released last month. >> this feels like coming home to oakland, coming home to this. this is amazing you guys this is really amazing. >> because we are americans we shared a special privilege that we knew we would never really be forgotten. a lot of prisoners don't have
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that. a lot of prisoners are sitting inside for all they know they are forgotten. >> never doubt that every piece of support helps. a particular message to everyone here occupy oakland, i support you. >> the presence of police in front of city hall drew a crowd of angry chem -- angry demonstrators police chose to stand down without con transportation. police searching for suspects in -- investigators say the teen who they are not naming was shot and killed before 9:00 last night in a residential neighborhood. no word on any suspect description. this was san jose's 38th homicide of the year. the city had just 20 homicides all of last year. homicides aren't the only number going up in san jose. the city is seeing an increase in the number of shootings involving police officers. now the police auditor and
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others are raising questions about what is behind the troubling increase. terry mcsweeney is live at police headquarters. this morning police are expected to release new information about the latest police shooting on sunday. >> reporter: the police chief is going to be meeting with the media here today 11:00 talking about in rash of shootings. also the most recent one. pictures from the most recent one. it happened sunday at the parkside terrace apartment complex. this was the sixth shooting by police officers this year. three have been fatal. seven police shootings over the past two years in its entirety this is the worst year for police shootings since 2004. the police auditor who checks to see if police procedure was followed, said there's been only one citizen complaint so far in 2011. >> it is very upsetting to know that people number one,
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anyone has been kill. and that there are so many of -- has been killed. and that there are so many of these this year. >> reporter: the police auditor says where is the outrage over the guns? she wants more gun control. an attorney for one of the people who was shot and killed, the one in january says, it is clearly because there are fewer police on the street. the district attorney disagrees. even the vice president of the police officer's association says that might be the reduction in the number of police officers on the street, that might be one of the factors playing into this. in the city of oakland about 1/3 the size of san jose, there have been eight police officer shootings so far this year. five of them have resulted in fatalities. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:06 now. within the last few hours, israel and palestinians have begun what is being called the most lopsided prisoner swap in
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history. part of a keel -- as part of a deal this man was released from a prison in gaza where he has been health for five years in exchange the israelis are returning more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners, including at least 300 convicted of deadly bombings against israeli citizens. he told an egyptian television station he expected to be held for several more years. these are live pictures as palestinians celebrate in gaza this morning. thousands have turned out to sell great the return of those 1,000 -- 1021 palestinians. senate subcommittee holds hearings on pipeline safety improvements. the hearing with will focus on the findings of the national transportation safety board's investigation into the san bruno blast. senator dianne feinstein is scheduled to testify.
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pg&e was held primarily responsible for the blast that killed eight and destroyed 35 moments. the ntsb blame state and federal regulation forces nor not sufficiently monitoring safety efforts. a bill prompted in part by the san bruno disaster has passed the u.s. senate after kentucky senator rand paul dropped his opposition. the bill authorizes more inspectors and requires utilities to keep accurate records. senator paul's office says he changed his position after a compromise that added an amendment to include older pipes. 6:08. let's look at weather. bayside clear, oceanside, a little foggy. >> yeah and still moving in. >> absolutely. that's the wind of change coming in. good morning. visibility half mile half moon bay better than a quarter of a mile that it was earlier. at least at the reporting station in santa rosa no fog,
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fog in the north bay valleys. an hour ago the observation came in they had a mile and 3/4 visibility. definitely out there in the north bay long the coast into san francisco watch out for that the only 60s antioch, mountain view, san jose the rest in the 50s. 51 around napa. afternoon clouds filling in along the coast pull back out of the bay that charge now will be reversed around the lunch hour. low 60s along the coast. low to mid 70s through the bay shore to the north bay valleys. upper 70s south bay. east bay warmest weather upper 70s to low 80s. fog thick around the monseray bay will be during the afternoon hours. possibly 80 morgan hill. cooler tomorrow after a chance of drizzle in the morning. cooling lasts through thursday. look at the weekend warmer everywhere with a lot of sunshine. good morning.
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to san francisco coming from the peninsula northbound 101 first reports of an accident at bay shore boulevard just past third. stall in oakland big rig at embarcadero northbound 880. live look at san rafael moving at the limit southbound 101 towards the civic center and toll plaza looking good. a little bit of slowing that looks like the fast track and car pool lanes still the best bet through the toll plaza. 6:10 now. hot seller, it may be too hot. the popular car that may have a very dangerous flaw. proposal that could put more than 200 more officers on oakland's streets and what residents will have to do to make that happen. why commuters in one bay area city will have to do something different to ♪
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. :14. national highway traffic safety administration is looking into new complaints of engine fires in the popular mini coopers. the complaints could affect 35,000 models from 2007 to 2008. on the website the agency says it has received 12 complaints of engine compartment fires. several fires started when the engines were shut off. the investigation will determine whether a recall
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needs to be ordered. early voting began in oakland for a series of measures, including a controversial 60 million dollar parcel tax. measure-i is the five year tax designed to raise money for fire protection, library services and senior services. the city council is considering a plan that would earmark more than five million dollars of that parcel tax toward restoring the size of oakland's police force. critics say no concrete details on how the money should be spent have been released it is like giving city hall a blank cheque. >> any change in our structural system that we have that is where you more than what you are taking this is never going to work. >> advocates say the tax would put 11 million dollars into city coffers accounts bled dry by the faultering economy. new study shows new york city leads the nation in the number of super rich with 7,720 people worth at
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least 30 million dollars. los angeles is number two with 4,350 individuals worth 30 mil. followed by the san francisco bay area with 4,230. these three cities account for under 1/3 of the 55,000 super rich americans. bankers seem to be doing okay. >> so is the mayor it starts at the top in new york city. 6:16. a riches of fog. we'll have riches of fog at the coast today. some spilling across the san francisco skyline this morning. may go over a touch of the east bay shore briefly, sunshine will dominate most neighborhoods except for the coast. sea breeze brings cooler weather this afternoon. right now if you are stepping out not bad, a few 60s around mountain view, san jose,
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antioch. low 50s fairfield and napa everybody he will mid to upper 50s. ebb and flow of fog through the north bay valleys spilling into the monterey bay inland neighborhoods low to mid 50s. today cooler conditions and clouds mainly at the coast tonight they blanket all of our neighborhoods, patchy drizzle, especially along the coast and higher elevations around the bay tomorrow morning. warmer and drier friday, saturday, sunday even spilling into early next week. today still above average in livermore and san jose by five and one degree. even though we are dropping about 9 to 16°, compared to yesterday we are still close to where we should be for the 19th of october already, wow. 18th, excuse me. looking at the clouds, you can see how they are spilling along the coast filling the
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bay by noon retreating quickly back to the coast keeping new the 60s, 70s and 80s for the rest of us. south bay mid to upper 70s today cupertino, san jose at 77. peninsula will start in the mid 70s drop to the low 70s around san mateo and millbrae. to the coast where you will find the grey sky and low to mid 60s. some clouds spilling over to downtown south san francisco, partly cloudy, mid to upper 60s for you and sausalito. clouds at the coast keep you in the low 60s 80s around cloverdale, ukiah and clear lake. richmond 69 low to mid 70s the rest of the east bay shore san ramon valley upper 70s. 80 morgan hill, drop to 79 gilroy. 75 hollister. mainly cloudy around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s.
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clouds cover all of our neighborhoods tonight drizzle al long the higher elevations of the east bay hills, possibly the coast some spilling into the peninsula, 50s. we drop another two to six degrees tomorrow, coolest day in the forecast. thursday small warming trend a couple degrees. by the weekend 70s at the coast and 80s inland. mid 80s around the bay and mid 80s inland by sunday. have a great day. developing looks like a big problem, northbound 101 at candlestick park all lanes blocked with an accident at this hour. we'll be following this. for now the alternate would be 280 from the peninsula into san francisco. candlestick park all lanes blocked with an accident. stall in oakland big rig northbound at embarcadero just now being cleared. drive times for this hour out of antioch a bit of a tkraoeupbd towards concord. 580 not so bad from tracy up
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and over the altmont. san jose 280 you are in light traffic. toll plaza metering lights looks like they are on as you can see back to the overcrossing. for the latest. we keep watching 101, all lanes blocked right now. 6:20. >> cal train passengers in san bruno will be catching their ride at a different spot. a temporary station has been set up next to the current station on huntington avenue. construction at the existing site is set to begin by the end of the year. the 147 million dollar project is scheduled for completion by fall of next year. cal train says service won't be affected. 6:20. the robo roach that is helping explain the history of flight.
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you have to see it. >> the incredible athlete who is proving you are
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a robotics project has shed new light on the evolution of flight. researchers added wins to continue any cockroach-like robots it didn't help them fly
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but improve the running performance. helped them climb steeper inclines and land smoothly after a fall. consistent with a theory that the first creatures to fly lived in trees which developed wings to help them glide to the ground. he's 100-years-old and still going the distance. the oldest person ever to complete a full marathon in 8 hours 25 minutes that puts him in the guinness book of world records. he started running at 89. he says he gets his stamina from ginger, curry, tea and being happy. san jose is investigating a homicide. the latest on the teenaged victim. is the shooter dead? bizarre theory emerging in the death of a hells angel at a fellow club member's funeral. new proposal could put 200 more officers on oakland's streets. what residents have to do to make it happen. hamas leader just released
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in a prisoner trade with israel is calling on the military to kidnap more israeli. we are following the release of israeli soldier gilad shalit and the fall-out. live look at no flight delays anywhere.
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>> 6:29 the opening bell is rings right now. the dow is expected to start on a down note after big losses for asian markets overnight. new report shows u.s. companies are paying more for gas and food. we'll get the latest live from the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. top officials of the san jose police department will answer questions this morning about the latest police-related shooting. officers shot and killed a suspect sunday in the sixth police shooting of the year. terry mcsweeney is live in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: that meeting something going to take place here at police headquarters 11 he:00 this morning. the chief is going to be -- at 11:00 this morning. is going to be talking about new evidence. this happened sunday, a man
6:31 am
shot and killed this is the sixth shooting by police this year. three of the shootings have been deadly. seven police shootings all told over the past two years is the worst year since 2004. the police auditor who checks to see if procedure was followed, says there has been only one citizen complaint so far in 2011. back to sunday's incident it is not known if the suspect was armed. some say it appears to them that this shooting may have been justified. >> i can say i'm pretty confident the officer did feel threatened. i heard from people witness to it that he did seem to have a weapon and seemed very hostile. >> reporter: the police auditor is wondering why nobody is upset about gun control or lack thereof. she says that is the problem. an attorney for one shot and killed in san jose this year says the problem is a lack of police officers on the street.
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the district attorney says that is not the problem. the vice president of the police officers association says that might be one of the problems. we hope to learn more when the chief talks with the media this morning at 11:00. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning san jose police are searching for suspects in the death of an 18-year-old. investigators state teen who they are not naming was shot and killed before 9:00 last night in a residential neighborhood. no word on any suspect description. this is san jose's 38th homicide of the year, the fifth killing in two weeks. the sympathy just 20 homicides all of last year. san jose police may have a suspect in the shooting of a hells angel during a fellow hells angel's funeral. a 39-year-old may be the shooter who killed fellow angel steve townsend during a funeral for jeffrey pettigrew
6:33 am
saturday. police believe the shooter may have been immediately killed himself and his body was somehow smuggled past police who surrounded oak hill memorial park. police got a warrant and exhumed the coffin of pettigrew, believing evidence or the suspect who shot may have been buried in the same area. they found no evidence related to the shooting. five years after he was kidnapped in a hamas raid an israeli soldier is back with his family. he was released as part of a lopsided prisoner swap that includes israel releasing more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. there appears to be repercussions. katie marzullo has been tracking the story. >> reporter: so interesting. hours ago israel released hundreds of palestinian prisoners in exchange for one israeli soldier. already we are hearing at least one of those palestinians, a leader within
6:34 am
hamas is calling on his people to kidnap more israelis in order to get more palestinians out of brings -- out of prison. it begins with 125 -- with 25-year-old gilad shalit. he spent five years held by hamas militants in gaza. in his first interview it sounds like he can barely breathe as he talks. he did tell the reporter he's excited to taste freedom and had missed his family and friends. his release is contingent on israel releasing more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. advance carrying the first few hunt out of israel was seen overnight. a second wave is scheduled in two months. hundreds, including relatives waited to greet them. waving the palestinian and green flag of hamas. palestinian president mahmoud an bass is tang with hamas in a show of -- mahmoud abbas is
6:35 am
standing with hamas in a show of unity. many note it is the most lopsided transfer in israel's history. netanyahu warns the newly freed militants they will be punished if they return to violence. some 300 had been serving life for deadly attacks on israelis. at 8:00 this morning the jewish community federation of san francisco is holding a kpwaer watch the events un-- holding a gathering to watch the events unfold. 6:30 fight time to check in with mike and talk about a fooling temperatures -- and a return of you know what. >> you know who has the forecast. fog. good morning the morning fog is along the coast spilling through lower elevations like san francisco that the north bay valley due to this area of low pressure. that will hang around today and tomorrow. yes, the biggest drop in
6:36 am
temperatures today and tomorrow. right now half mile visibility half moon bay. we did have 1 and 3/4 to a mile and a half in santa rosa so the fog is moving a little now the reporting station is saying all clear. with the temperatures this morning, running on the warmer side than yesterday by 1 to 5° except fairfield where 3° cooler. right now through the 8:00 hour in the 50s to near 60. clouds spilling into the bay over the next couple of hours. hanging out and being stubborn through the lunch hour low to mid 60s along the coast. oakland 67. everybody else in the 70s by , the clouds are back to the coast keeping new the 60s same with san francisco, oakland and a everybody else in the 70s. 7-day forecast, after drizzle tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, the coolest. thursday cool again. friday, saturday, sunday, monday temperatures jump 5 to
6:37 am
10°. northbound 101 from the peninsula that accident chp clarifying was the the off-ramp candlestick park that has been cleared. all lanes open. northbound 101 flowing smoothly into san francisco. that is good news. drive times at this hour, highway 4 out of concord or into concord i should antioch 580 starting to slow over the pass into livermore. 101 drive up the peninsula, 380 to the 80 split 10 minutes not bad. walnut creek, oops, bumper-to-bumper. slow traffic beginning at north main headed towards 24 toll plaza metering lights on traffic backing into the -- towards the west ground overcrossing. 6:37. it appears the success of iphone 4s is giving a boost to
6:38 am
another bay area company. more on that live from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. dow down 26, 27 points now. designated driver is a good idea, right? not if the driver is 9-years-old. the intoxicated father who is in big trouble after a very bad decision. it may be the happiest place on earth. apparently not the healthiest. the disneyland danger uncovered in a new study. >> reporter: san francisco city officials are trying to figure out how to allow the occupy sf protesters to exercise their right to freedom of speech also keeping the city clean and safe>ú>úñ(ñ(ñ
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. 6:42 time for the california forecast. clouds along the coast 69 san diego, still warm from l.a. through fresno. 70 with sun in tahoe. warm spot near 100 in palm springs. 6:42. tonight oakland's city council will consider a new plan that could bring hundreds of previously laid off police officers back to the force. the propose he al from councilmembers -- the proposal would allocate more than five
6:43 am
million dollars towards restoring the size of the police force if voters approve an $80 parcel tax during the november 15th special election. oakland has lost more than 200 police officers and trainees in the past two years. putting the city below the voter approved staffing level of 803 officers. a cruel case that stunned the nation. police say they've uncovered more proof of a wider scheme by three suspects to steal social security and disability checks from victims. philadelphia police freed four handicapped adults that investigators say were being held in the basement of a home in inhumane conditions. the landlord discovered them with little water and bucket for a toilet. one was locked in the basement for 10 years. police found names and social security numbers of 50 other people. police are trying to determine if they include more victims. friends and fans of al davis can pay tribute. davis was entombed sunday in a
6:44 am
private ceremony in oakland. the public is being allowed to visit the site. fans began going yesterday. a large pick of davis is in front of the crypt. it will be replaced by a permanent plaque. a spokesman says larger crowds are expected during the week as word of the location spreads. environmentalists want some of disneyland's most popular children's attractions covered up immediately for lead danger. the foundation will seek a court injunction in orange community after filing a suit in april. it claims tests show many disneyland attractions have high lead levels such as the sword and stone that kids try pull out and doorknobs at minnie's house. disney says the resort in full compliance with state law requiring warning signs when there is lead. 6:44. the success of the. found 4s is giving a boost --
6:45 am
the success of the -- iphone 4s is giving a boost to another company. >> the new smartphone providing an seemingly endless supply of business for twitter. the chief exec saying at a bay area event last night twitter daily sign ups have tripled since the iphone twitter app came out and called apple a corporate mentor. bank of america and goldman sachs interesting, both [ unintelligible ] they've repor quarter results, goldman huge loss very unusual for goldman to report that only the second time since becoming a public company and bigger loss than expected. bank of america, coming in good, overall results disappointing. here's how we looked over all a mixed day. directionless dow trading lower for the moment.
6:46 am
bloomberg trading down quite a bit. a family of four plans to spend more than $2600 on this trip, up $200 compared to last year. american express says only 3 in 10 plan to travel during the thanksgiving and winter holiday period. i'm jane king. portions of texas are cleaning up after a huge dust storm. a wall of dust swept across the town of lubbock yesterday. residents say they haven't seen anything like this in decades. everything went dark with the dust buildings damaged, powerlines went down and roads were blocked. wind gusts as high as 70 miles per hour, blew the dust. it took almost an hour for the storm to blow through this is the video and an hour after for the dust to settle. >> if you watched right behind
6:47 am
the circle 7, you saw the vehicle fade to black. i was there. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> they probably didn't think they would see something like that. it shows how strong mother nature is. used to seeing those around tee knicks. 6:47 this morning. -- around phoenix. 6:47 this morning. do you have your fingers crossed? i'm sorry my monday. looking down from -- gorgeous, dark blues at night giving way to the sun and warmer temperatures on the way. it will warm today a little won't be as warm as yesterday. leaving the house right now pretty much in the 50s, 60s around antioch, mountain view,
6:48 am
san jose, fog along the coast and north bay valleys. thick fog around the monterey bay salinas mid 50s. cooler temperatures today, clouds will remain at the coast longer than anywhere else today. cloudy tonight, patchy drizzle during tomorrow's morning commute. warmer and drier for the weekend, everywhere even the coast if you missed it yesterday, it is coming back friday, saturday, sunday. today we drop 8 to 9° in fremont and concord. san francisco 16° cooler today than yesterday. here's what is happening upstairs high pressure dominated yesterday starting to slide east low pressure starting to come in from the west. it is going to kick this area of high pressure out of the way and the warm weather with it. cooler breezes hang around today and tomorrow to a lesser extent friday. east bay valley some of the warmest weather here. upper 70s san ramon valley.
6:49 am
from richmond 69, berkeley south low to mid 70s. south bay will start in the mid 70s warm into the upper 70s, 79 los gatos. peninsula today low to mid 70s. 10° cooler along the coast low to mid 60s. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. low to mid 70s through the north bay valleys. clouds remain around the monterey bay all afternoon. mid to upper 60s, 70s to 80 near inland. higher elevations drizzle tomorrow along the coast, 50s. temperatures drop another 2 to 6° tomorrow. look how warm this weekend, 70s coast, 80s around the bay. low to mid 80s inland. beautiful picture of a sunset from mountain view, some of the high clouds there. tell us your name when you send them in so i can give you credit, that was gorgeous. if you have weather foe does
6:50 am
-- photos would you like to share, upload them at ureport or e-mail them. good morning. back to san francisco, south of san francisco, northbound 101 candlestick park area clear. earlier problem on the off-ramp that once again all clear, all northbound lanes of the freeway clear as well. slow spots around the bay area, highway 4 as usual, 580 out of the central valley. drive from 80 to the -- from the carquinez bridge to the maze looking good so far, a little bunching. 280 san jose not bad northbound past 17 some slowing. 101 southbound through san rafael, looked like when an issue with a stall that is now cleared to the sigh. slow traffic coming out of novato this morning as you head towards central san rafael. san mateo written looking good in company westbound towards foster city, no stalls or
6:51 am
accidents. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic backed past the caltrans parking lot. for the latest. 6:51 now. michigan man being ordered to stay away from his 9-year-old daughter after admitting that he let her drive his van because we was drunk. the incident happened october 8th, at 3:00 in the morning at this gas station. it was caught on camera. witness alerted police that a little girl was pulling up next to the pumps with her dad in the passenger seat. police followedded and found the girl driving on a booster seat. >> she indicated that he was drinking whiskey and for whatever reason instead of the little girl being in bed at 3 a.m. he decide to go for a ride after drinking. >> the father is facing felony child abuse charges. the girl was turned over to her grandmother because police couldn't find her mom. oakland a's owner plans to
6:52 am
buy land owned by san jose to convince selig he's serious about moving to the south bay. the city council will meet in closed session tonight discuss terps for the sale of six properties. they add up to over -- half of the 14 acres earmarked for the site. two other parcels needed are owned by at&t and a loss guy toes family. the a's still need the permission of mlb and other owners to move to san jose. san jose police expected to reveal new information about the city's latest shooting involving an officer this morning. the sixth such incident in san jose this year. terry mcsweeney is live at police headquarters with the plate -- with the latest. >> reporter: this is where the chief will be to talk about the rash of shootings, sixth year, five in the past month or so. police the ones pulling the
6:53 am
trigger. look at video from the most recent shooting that happened sunday at parkside terrace an apartment complex. three of the six shootings this year have been fatal. seven police shootings in the past two years, there haven't been six in one year since 2004. the police auditor says there has been only one citizen complaint so far in 2011, as a result of these shootings itch the question is why so many? an attorney for one of the victims shot and killed says because there are fewer cops on the street. he didn't elaborate. the district attorney says that is not the problem. police officer association spokesman says that might be one of many issues playing into this. we get answers from the police chief today and more information he's promising new information on some of these six shootings. that's the story from san jose. let's go to amy hollyfield in
6:54 am
san francisco. >> reporter: we are at herman plaza where occupy sf is going strong. the city has to decide what to do. they are sleeping in this plaza, against city ordinance that says parks close from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.. the vendors that sell their wares here show up at 6 a.m. they say protester are hurting their sales. police are watching over it. they promised to make them move out overnight but that never happened. the protesters are taking that as a soon of support. police did move them out sunday night, but the group came back. today they are planning a rally in front of city hall where the board of supervisors will be asking the mayor what he to do and how he with will balance right to freedom of speech and keeping the city safe and clean? protesters say they will be there. they say they have no plans to end occupy sf.
6:55 am
amy hollyfield, abc7 news. another top story, freed israeli soldier gilad shalit has arrived in israel to see his family for the first time in five years. he was freed this morning in a prisoner exchange with hamas. thousands of palestinians are celebrating for the prisoners freed by israel in the swap for shalit. more than 1,000 palestinians were traded for him. >> 6:55. final look at weather and traffic and the fog coming in. >> slipping behind you guys so it is marching through the golden gate bridge towards the east bay. back out to the coast by the afternoon keeping but in the low 60s. upper 60s around san francisco, richmond towards santa cruz. low to mid 70s for the bay shore up into the north bay valleys. upper 70s in the south bay, east bay valleys upper 70s to low 80s. tonight clouds everywhere even drizzle along the east bay
6:56 am
hills, the peninsula out to the coast low to mid 50s. one more day of cooling before warming trend begins. it will feel a little like summer this weekend everywhere. back to san rafael, southbound 101 slow traffic out of novato earlier stall. you can see those blinking lies on the right that's the culprit. traffic is -- blinking lights on the right that's the cull bring. drive times highway 4, 580 and there's your drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze a bit slow. toll plaza, metering lights on traffic backed to the west grand overcrassing as you head westbound. you are in company, a bit -- crowded as you head into san francisco. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> keepitrack on twitter you
6:57 am
can talk about it at news. >> have a great day. we'll see you later. it is going to be foggy out it is going to be foggy out there so be careful. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth


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