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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> we worked to deal with the loss of the lives, our campus remains safe. >> police say they now believe his moat dwroif kill his former friends involved drug autos either dealing or using with him. we have evidence that shows that he knew eric, that he communicated with eric. that they partied together. >> people who live near where the double murder happened say they're relieved that the case has been solved and the killers not on the loose. >> i know this situation more. it's not more, just people are getting shot. you know? >> police believe he only killed christina because she was eric's girlfriend. they say she was a victim of circumstances. >> and the hell's angel police say shot and killed a fellow
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biker may be dead. and investigateors revealed they dug up a grave to check. police looked for steven ruiz, the department concedes members may have taken matters into their own hands, investigators say ruiz gunned down a 52-year-old after a confrontation. investigators dug up pettigrew's grave to see whether ruiz had been killed and buried there. they dmot find him. >> occupy demonstrations are at an interesting cross roads tonight. authorities don't want to suppress free speech but want to manage protests in a twhai makes sense. we're live with this dilemma. >> emotions are high here. take a look over my shoulder, i've witnessed both graffiti, public your honor nation, drug and sales of drugs but
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according to officials there are no immediately plans to shut down occupy oakland. oakland mayor took a stroll through-to-see occupy oakland firsthand. >> there is graffiti around. >> qan, before mayor can be seen here participating in a demonstration march following the verdict of johannes mehserle sh the bart officer who shot and killed oscar grant. i asked the mayor if she felt torn between her official duties and the need to call an end to the demonstration autos it's a day-to-day thing. people have been so far cooperative. we've had a problem they've been cooperative this, reminds me of mad max and thunder dome. >> and she isn't sure what to make. signs? cooking pots? sit ins? sleep ins, dogs and trash. >> i'm not sure if this is
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accomplishing anything. >> this roof top view shows how massive this occupation has become. protests started and there was a demonstration against wide spread unemployment. but this tent city turned into something diverse as people and their signs leave something confused about the message and mission. >> i saw someone talking about different amendments and to me that is not the focus of occupy oakland. >> michelle disagrees. >> if you have too much of a message or too much clarity or one idea to pinpoint, then everybody gets to tear it down. it gives people a chance to hone in on what real change means. >> bobby found a way to kill time by cleaning and restocking the port o john autos how long are you willing to be a part of occupy
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oakland? >> until cops drag me out. >> and for now, that show nose sign of happening. public works are cleaning and everyone else just waits. it is not clear how long protests will continue but city hall is meeting right now. >> thank you very much. and members of the occupy san francisco marched to city hall today for face time. and mayor told protestors he'd protect their freedom of speech. he says they do not have the right to light fires. the movement camped at justin herman plaza since this weekend. police tore down tents and tarps after warning demonstrateors park rules ban structures from being erected. others are still demonstrating outside of the federal reserve building on market street.
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>> a man shot four times during a virginia tech campus rampage in 2007 is now working to raise awareness with a new movie. we have the story. laura? >> collin goddard is screening his tumtry here at dvc. he told it us luck spared his life that day. since then, he's devoting his injuries to those who didn't make it. >> i was shot above the knee, hips and right shoulder. >> collin areas three of four bullets fired into him. on april 16th, 2007, he and 16 others were in a french class. a gunman opened fire. >> i took one glance and saw a person with boots, khaki pants, white shirt and holsters.
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>> 32 people were kill that had day but the gunman he had a gloc, 9 mm and a handgun. that he bought. >> he passed background checks despite a hist rif mental illness. a former rotc student god yard now travels the country promoting his new documentary living for 32. >> ways one of seven to survive in a class of 17 he describes what happened and how he's traveled the country visiting gun show autos purr chasd 9 mm hand one guns. 22s. tech 9, mac 1. i bought an ak 47 without showing id or going through a background check. >> the visit coincides with the signing of a bill prohibiting open carry of
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handguns it was a horrible tragedy. >> this spokesman is with an open carry group. >> there are going to be people slipping through crack who's own guns that probably shouldn't. the majority dmot reflect that trend. or you're going to see them going out to commit violent crimes. >> and collin says he will continue his efforts until there is a passage of a law requiring uniforms and background checks for gun purchases. and it applies only to hand guns they say they will carry long rifle that's is shotguns and rifles at a public event this weekend in san leandro. >> regulate yoirs got an earful today from barbara boxer during a hearing on gas pipeline safety. boxer ripped the agency
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overseeing pipeline safety learning it has yet to implement new inspection protocols orders after the deadly san bruno explosion. the hearing a day after the senate passed a bill to toughen regulations on oil and gas pipelines. congress woman jackie speier wants all natural gas operators to remoist old plastic pipe. and is calls on transportation secretary to take action at the federal level. pg&e announced plans to replace 1200 miles here in california. >> and fall on the job brought a bart worker within inches of coming into contact with a high volt third rail today. dateors surveyed this scene about 11:00 in the morning. the worker landed on a cover above the thifrd rail. and way e.was alert and taken to the hospital. that third rail carries up to
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a thousand volts of electricity and can kill anyone who touches it. >> israeli officials criticizing an egyptian television station with an interview of a man minutes after release. shaleet crossed into egypt this morning after spending five years in a hamas presidenton. it's the first time he's been sing publicly other than in videos. owe fishls say he appeared uncomfortable and could barely speak. friends are just glad he's tomorrow. -- home. >> to achieve peace between palestinian and israeli sitd autos we've been waiting for this more than five years. >> for me, what we wanted to get. >> the prime minister welcomed
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him. his freedom hinges on israel releasing the rest of the prisoners, israelis call it the most lopsided swap. >> your apple store may be closing in the morning from 10:00 until 11:30, employees will be watching a web cast tribute to steve jobs. it will take place in cupertino headquarters. there will be a rebroadcast at a later date. the memorial is two weeks after the apple co-founder died. >> a lot more to bring you at 5:00. coming up a popular fruit snack is the target of a consumer watch dog group. >> a controversy over a sexually transmitted virus linked to cancer. why women over 30 may no longer be tested. >> marine layer is deepening. you might want to hold off washing your cars. you may need wipers soon.
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>> also here, abb making sure supermarkets don't exemployed worker as long the food
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a wildlife group is zeroing in on an injured red tail hawk. they say someone shot the bird in the skull. the group spotted the hawk and is putting out traps to catch the bird and put up a $5,000 reward for information leading to whoever is responsible for this case of animal cruelty. >> an influential governmental panel wants to do away with screening for hpv and says women over 30 do not need hpv
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testing though it's more effective for testing cancerous tissues. saying hpv tests give rise to more false positives. they're going to make a recommendation tomorrow. the guideline at odds with american cancer society long said yugsing both tests can be an option for women over 30. >> and abc 7 family launched a second annual operation 7 save a life campaign saying to help our neighbors stay safe and obey the law. several teamed up to help give away more than 3,000 smoke detectors and alarms to families otherwise couldn't afford one. as of july 1 every family home in california is required by law to have an operating co alarm. >> people understand this is a serious issue and certainly cooperative about taking that responsibility for their loved ones. >> these devices can be picked
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up at fire stations around the bay area, last year 3,000 people died in home fires according to the fashional fire protection association. >> and general mills coming under fire for claims it's fruit roll ups and fruit bit foot are more nutritious than similar snacks. there is a legal complaint that says these snacks lack amounts of real fruit and are not much better than giving kando to kids. general mills says it stands behind its product autos tomatoes are also a fruit, now, you can throw them at trader joe's virtually to protest farm worker exploitation. the app is part of a campaign by an organization that wants supermarket chains to protect farm workers from abuse and pay them more, trader joe's says it's work to rage wages and will only by florida-grown
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tomatoes to growers signed to a code of conduct. a company research in motion is trying to kiss and makeup with hundreds of people who own black berry smart phones who lost their service week. >> but this may not be enough. for those of us who went through it oops. >> yes. >> our bad. >> yes and research in motion opened a conference in san francisco today with this announcement. >> the token of our appreciation, all black berry customers will receive up to $100 worth of premium apps free of charge starting tomorrow. >> however, skeptics are pointing out attraction has never been as high as those on the iphone. saying many users may have a difficulty spending $100 and the number of free apps available are limited. and the folks at consumer
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union sent off a letter to bank of america ceo requesting he rescind the new debit card fee. he is seen here on the right has defended the unpopular $5 fee saying that the bank has the right to make money. the consumer union points out b of a collects $25 from retailers each time a customer makes a debit card purchase, three times more than the federal reserve says it costs the bank to process the purchase. no response from the bank. >> and bay area gas prices creeping up, triple a says average price of a gallon of gas in san francisco is now 3 plt $93 cents. that is up 1.5 krebts cents and san jose, $3.84. both cities up two to three cents a gallon. analysts say an increase and demand for oil causes job numbers in the u.s. and a weaker dollar caused this
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increase. >> thank you. >> and let's move on to weather. toasty around here today. >> and sandhya patel is here. >> and temperatures dropped and that is up to 22 degrees cooler, and places like watsonville down more than 20 degrees. we're talking close to 30 degrees. and you can see why temperatures are down looking from our south beach camera towards bay bridge, you can see low clouds just marching in. we have a stronger sea breeze that is driving that marine layer in. there is a lovely view from our camera. like whipped cream out there. we're going to see low clouds in the morning across the bay area. and there is a satellite picture this afternoon. it's socked in along the coast and there is 20 degrees
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cooler. inland areas still nice, warm weather and places like livermore, no change in temperature in 87 degrees this afternoon that. is going to change. numbers low to mid-80s and along the coastline, we have a west wind, into upper 50s that, sea breeze is back. we're down 18 degrees in redwood city. down 14 degrees on the south bay and 16 degrees cooler in hayward. 19 degrees cooler in oakland, san francisco, napa down 15 degrees. and there is a highlights, wide spread low clouds overnight. patchy morning drizzle there. is a cooler day inland tomorrow. you'll see that marine influence into tomorrow afternoon. overnight looking for low to mid 50 as cross the bay area and we'll see fog and low clouds and really moving into many of our valleys and could be patchy drizzle. and heading into your morning hours. so morning commute you may
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enencounter quick roadways. what this area of low pressure is doing is lifting the marine layer, so deepening and goitsing to spend it well inland. we're taking a look at cooler conditions inland tomorrow. here is a look at computer animation, you can see how wide spread low clouds will be. and there are clouds lingering into afternoon, we'll see 70s inland. we're dropping below normal. and 75 in livermore down from 87 today, you'll see that cooler air, san jose, 75 tomorrow, oakland, low 70s, san francisco, 66 degrees and you might come up with more sunshine. there is right near the coast, we'll keep your temperatures into low 60s around half moon bay. 72 in santa cruz, inland areas 78 degrees. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. after morning drizzle you're looking at a nice, sunny afternoon and a cooler air mass will mean low 60s to mid-70s for the range. temperatures starting to come up heading into latter part of the week z into weekend. it's sunny and we don't have to worry about fog ask low clouds or a sea breeze. and there is low 80s inland. >> all systems go. >> and just ahead, screen time and toddlers how it could hurt one key area of develop oomt that is coming up. and a controversial hiring incentive for business owners. at 6:00 tax breaks they might get for putting a felon oncccc
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doctors say children younger than two should avoid watching television. american acandidate my of pediatrics says it provides no benefit to children that young and say it could delay language skills and disrupt sleep this, marks the first time in 12 years the group issued new glinds on babies and television this, as the market of educational dvds exploded in recent years. >> and health officials are hoping for a big response to a national survey that will, for the first time look at the health of the asian community in san francisco. and for this will be identifying deficiencies but efforts never focused on asians. >> what is the prevalence of disorders and what are the patterns of care and habits on
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our asian population in the united states? >> and residents will undergo tests. this is also the first time children will undergo a fitness analysis as well. >> coming up there is a bear story for you. >> a bear gave supermarket customers a surprise.
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coming up at 6:00 apple reports $28 billion in sales over the summer. why that wasn't good enough for wall street. >> and a replica of a virgin american airplane.
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>> and the hundreds of homes lost in oakland fire storm, and the monster homes have sprung up in 20 years, since. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> now, did you know there is a bear in the produce aisle? >> sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but this is reality for grocery goers in alaska. >> take a look. that is a small bear cub. yes. and it went for the fresh fruit oo. he knows what he wants. >> a customer was able to grab the cub and put him outside on a trail lead together woods. >> there he go autos so cute. >> and animal experts believe waits orphanned since the mother wasn't nearby. >> several thousand dollars of ruined produce donated to a live stock owner. >> ruined? just sort of treaded on it was pieces. >> yes. >> and i'd run the other way. >> and you know how to grab it, too. >> that is going t


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