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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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in oakland tonight, protesters occupy new turf, but while they tolerated it one part of the city, they appear to stop it in the other. tonight authorities told demonstrators in a new location they had to leave by 10:00. but that hasn't happened. some of the protesters have now moved to snow park next to lake merritt. that's where john alston is live. the 10:00 deadline has come and gone. now what? >> we have seen a few police cars shining a spotlight. the number of spectators has
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been growing slowly since we got here at 8:00. there are now about two dozen or so people inside the park. they set up a number of tepts here. the city handed out fliers to people, saying there could be no activity or sleeping here. 2* included a list of city order ordinances and sleeping a benches. a number of protesters came over here in front of city hall where hundreds of occupy oakland demonstrators have been packed in for days now. some say they want the protests to other areas of oakland and over at city hall they are running out of room. >> it was geting to a point that we are running out of room over there. we started getting rules that we could not expand to the concrete over there. people are triping over each other's feet. >> we feel we wanted more supporters to come down here.
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we can make us feel more comfortable. a lot of people can't make it in that direction and we want them to see us. >> at about 8:30, they held a meeting to discuss what they would do if and when police come to enforce the 10 p.m. curfew. some will leave the park peacefully. others hillary cyst peacefully -- will resist peacefully and are ready to get arrested. at this point there is no sign of police enforcement. at least not while tv cameras are here. >> we will see what happens later on. across the bay the occupy movement is enjoying a quiet night. around 100 members of occupy sf marched to city hall demanding their first amendment rights. police tore down tents and tarps citing city rules. mayor ed lee says it has cost
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the city $100,000 in over time and clean up. while money is not a problem in new york city, the occupy wall street movement is taking in $8,000 a day. the movement is flush with almost a half million dollars, most from on-line donations. there is also a mountain of donated goods, enough to enable protesters to survive a harsh new york winter. seven weeks ago a gas leak destroyed a condominium. they were nervous about the pipeline ever since. tonight they say all of that changed after a one on one meeting with pg&e. >> this video shows rising flames. the pipe involved in the gas explosion that destroyed this home is a plastic pipe determined decades ago to be flawed and brittle. congresswoman jackie spears says the ntsb in 1998 said the
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pipe had safety concerns. >> the manufacture recalled the product. what happens? nothing. >> even the manufacturer discontinued it due to the flaws. pg&e told them the 6,000 feet of plastic pipe running gas into the north point complex will start getting replaced next month. >> i am satisfied. i am so pleased they will do this. >> julie attended the meeting. >> they are building a whole new system. they are trying to build it away from the houses so there is a buffer in case there is a leak. it will have to travel further to get to the houses. >> they are right next to the homes. it is unfortunate. a tragedy had to occur to replace pipe that never should have been used. >> we feel sorry for her. >> pg&e showed residents they say is safer.
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>> it looks very rigid and light weight. and it looks modern. >> she wants to replace the pipe throughout the country. she wrote a letter asking ray la hood to make it happen. >> to immediately develop regulations and put them out for public comment because he has the authority to take these steps. in so doing we can move this quicker to a resolution. >> pg&e will replace the pipe in weeks. the entire job is expected to take one year. in cupertino, thomas roman, abc news. >> if a personal tax is uh approved, the council says it is okay to use the money to hire more police officers. the parcel tax is on the ballot as measure i. and there was concern the measure did not spell out exactly where the money would go. it is earmarked for other programs as well. >> it includes reopening the
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senior center hours that were lost. it includes lighting. it includes technology for the police so they can do a better job of catching people who commit crimes. >> ballots were mailed out today even though people could walk into city hall and vote yesterday. if the parcel tax passes, the money allocated to police will be enough to hire 30 new officers. >> san jose police say a college student suspected it of killing two former students days earlier. he studied psychology. police say the weapon morino used to threaten the officer was the same gun used to kill former san jose student christina and eric. they were gunned down execution style two days before he was shot on hills dale avenue. all three knew each other from school. >> the connection we have from the three individuals is we know at one point they were in the same dorm at san jose
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state. and we believe based on the information that we have that's how they met. >> police they have a the motive and a drug deal gone bad. they say kristina was a victim of circumstance. the hells angel who police say shot and killed a fellow biker at a weekend funeral may himself be dead. investigators reveal they dug up a grave to check whether that is true. police are looking for steven ruiz, his apartment concedes that members of the motorcycle club may have taken matters into their own hands. they say ruiz gunned down 52-year-old steve townsend after a confrontation at a grave side service for jeffrey pedigrew. investigators dug up pedigrew 's grave to see if ruiz was killed and buried there. they are investigating a bronze plaque that honors the former supervisor harvey milk. it was bolted into cement in
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the castro in the mid80s. it was taken over the weekend. investigators do not think it was an anti-gay act. officers think thieves took it for the money. maybe chopped it up and sold it for the brass. it is vailed at $10,000. seven san francisco mayoral candidates agree the city is nickel and diming the small businesses into extinction while failing to provide enough jobs and services for the middle class in the city. they also discussed no bid contracts. the city's sanctuary policy and the exodus of the city's african-american population. the forum was organized and alan wang moderated alongside univision anchor. ed lee pulled out without an explanation. now for more coverage including interest views --
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interviews with all of the candidates go to and click on see it on tv. we have a lot of information on our site. we have a lot more to bring you. to national politics. republican rivals get tough in las vegas. >> this is one night when i hope what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. >> the issues that electric fie the debate and the fight over herman cain's 9-9 9-9 tax plan. and why apple's profits disappointed investors. and a new study showing a benefit of drinking wine in moderation. stay with us. more to come. and then late other "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. up next, amid historic economic pain with the nation demanding leadership, president obama sits down exclusively with us to talk about where he thinks this about where he thinks this economy is really headed, and
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to to presidential politics, the gloves came off the gop debate. first mitt romney and perry
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met with herman cain in the nastiest yet of the debate. this story from karen travers. >> the cnn debate got personal. >> you lose all of your standing because you hired illegals. >> and even physical. >> i don't think i have ever hired an illegal in my life. i am looking forward to your facts on that. >> i am speaking. i am speaking. i am speaking. >> it was the most fiesty and explosive showdown yet. and it is clear who they consider the one to beat. they were sparing over illegal immigration. >> you can sit here in front of the american people and did not tell the truth that you had illegals working on your property. you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking. and i suggest if you want to be president of the united states you need to let both people speak.
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>> they were squaring off over healthcare. >> your consultants have squashed obamacare. >> you are allowed to change -- >> rick, you had your chance, let me speak. >> the new front-runner came under attack right out of the gate with his signature 9-9-9 economic plan. >> it is a tax plan, not a be jos plan. >> i don't think so herman will not fly. >> most of these are knee jerk reactions. >> romney took some lumps and perry showed some life and they tried to stop herman cain's rise in the polls. >> meantime president obama sat down for an exclusive interview with abc news. one of the topic he's discussed was the occupy movement spreading around the globe. >> i understand the frustrations that are being expressed in those protests. in someways they are not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming
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from the tea party. both on the left and on the right. i think people feel separated from their government. >> during the interview the president talks about the republican candidates for president and he gives himself a grade for his first years in office. you can see more of the interview tonight on "nightline" right after this newscast. >> meanwhile, a hotel parking lot is the scene of a presidential whodonit? someone stole a truck with the president's tele prompter, sound equipment and a bunch of seals. it was boosted from one hotel parking lot and found later at another hotel. now, it is not clear whether the thieves even knew what they were taking or who it belonged to. the truck is owned by the pentagon. officials say nothing classified was inside it. in central ohio tonight, dangerous animals are on the loose. dozens escape from a wild animal preserve in zanesville. the lions, wolves, tigers, cheetahs, giraffes and grizzlies all left their cages.
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authorities have shot and killed the 48 animals that escaped. several were found around the body of the owner of the preserve. the nearby residents are being urged to stay indoors until the animals are all captured or killed. business news, for any other company, a 54% increase in profit will be something to envy. for apple though, weak iphone sales disappointed wall street. it was five million fewer than expected. the cupertino company blames the slow sales on rumors that the company would release a new iphone in the fall, which the company did. it lead consumers to delay their purchases. still, apple made $6.6 billion in profit. the company's shares fell 7% in after hours trading. your apple store may be closed tomorrow morning. some stores will shut the doors from 10:00 until 11:30 so employees can watch a web cast tribute to steve jobs who passed away recently. let's move on now to the
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weather forecast. sandhya patel is here. it is nice in a lot of parts of the bay, but certainly changes, sandhya. >> the first biggest change came in the form of a major cool down. the second part of the change, you will need your wipers as we #r* looking at drizzle. look at the high temperatures from yesterday compared to today. livermore remained at 87 degrees. no change there. antioch is 86 degrees. look at pacifica. they dropped 21° and only 56 this afternoon. san francisco, 61 after a high of 83 yesterday. 22 degrees cooler. look at salinas. it was a 30-degree drop. coming down to 60 degrees this afternoon. as you look from our high definition south beach camera, you can see clearly why we saw the drop. it was not just a sea breeze, but the marine layer. and it has been really responsible for some reduced visibility tonight. the marine layer has deepened
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to 2900 feet. with the marine layer it has gone well inland. you can see why in a moment. i want to show you the wind out of the west, southwest at 25 miles an hour. gusting to 32. it is a pretty good delta prez coming off the -- breeze coming off the ocean. visibility is fine, but they have the cloud cover. and it is drizzling at the oakland airport. it has been drizzling the last couple hours. you will certainly need your wipers first thing in the morning. some fog in half moon bay and visibility is down to five miles. widespread low clouds really right now, and we even have areas of drizzle daily city, half moon bay, monterey, salinas. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. here are the highlights, low clouds tonight. local drizzle into the morning. and we are looking at a cooler day inland. inland areas will finally feel the cooling relief as we head into your wednesday. drizzle first thing in the morning. and it will be a gray start
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first thing in the morning. here is what is bringing about our area of changes. it is an area of low pressure and it is lifting the marine layer pushing it well inland. that's why we are expecting cooler conditions. livermore is dropping a good 10°. you will notice the changes tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning starting out gray, and by the afternoon 75 in san jose. couper tino. on the -- cupertino. you will see the sun, but not first thing in the morning. 73 in palo alto. low 60s near the coast. breezy wind coming out of the west southwest about 10, 20 miles an hour. downtown san francisco is 66° and you will actually see the sun by late in the day. north bay communities, mid70s, santa rosa, petaluma, 73 in san rafael. head out toward the east bay and it is in the low 70s for castro valley, oakland. inland areas are running mild. 75 in fairfield and 74 for pleasanton. 64 degrees in monterey. morning drizzle followed by a
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cooler afternoon inland for your wednesday. and then the temperatures are going in one direction and that's up. at least for a few days taking you into the weekend. 70s at the beaches and 80s around the bay. really beautiful weather ahead. tomorrow morning give yourself a few extra minutes as you head out the door. you will need that extra time if you are commuting. >> we will do it. thank you very much. as we continue tonight, the picture that stunned a lot of people. the cyclops shark. the question for
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one health item tonight. scientists say a glass of wine a day can keep brittle bones away. researchers looked at the connection between diet and bone density. they found moderate amounts of wine can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. other alcoholic drinks had little or no effect. a cyclops shark that went viral on the net a few months ago appears to be a legitimate one eyed shark fetus. when photos surfaced, many thoughts the images were so bizarre it koontz possibly be real -- it couldn't possibly be real.
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but "national geographic" say scientists from a marine science center have examined the one-eyed specimen and have confirmed that it is the real thing. it is some sort of a birth defect. strange looking picture. >> we would make that in pottery class. >> so bizarre. larry beil is here with sports. >> big and bold. the raiders roll the dice on a gamble. they have a new quarterback, but did they give up too much to
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good evening. a huge gamble by the raiders at the minimum giving up a first and second round draft pick to acquire carson palm neither a trade with the bengals. they feel they have a playoff team, but with jason campbell injured they needed to make a move before the trade deadline. palmer was holding out in
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cinncinati, a former pro bowl quarterback. he got his wish when the raiders pulled the trigger and some say overpaid to get him. >> i know a lot of people think they mortgaged the future of the organization. i don't see it that way. i don't think you ever mortgage the future of the organization when you put a big franchise quarterback on your team. >> i understand what is expected of me. i have played in this league for eight years. i know what it is about. i know what playing quarterback is about in this league. it is about inwithing. i will do whatever they ask me to do, and i will learn as fast as i can. when they want me to contribute, i will be ready. >> you brought him here because he what is a guy sitting out there. i brought him here because i thought he could help this team win a championship. >> in 8 nfl seasons palmer completed 63% of his passes. the raiders gave up a ton to land the former heisman trophy winner. they believe though it is a great deal for oaknd la. >> you said this is the greatest trade in football? >> i think so. >> what is the second greatest?
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>> what was the second greatest trade? i will let you know when we make it. >> fair enough. >> he has an answer for everything. we'll see how palmer plays on sunday against kc. palmer is not the only a raider. dukeway registered six picks and seven and a half sacks. at one time tone. - tony larussa and washington wore the green and gold of the a's. larussa's cards against washington's rangers. the fall classic where it may feel like a winter wonderland in st. louis. temps in the 40s and rain and wind. traffic and weather at 7. cj wilson will start against chris carpenter. you know i have to sneak that in. the rangers lost to the giants in the world series last year and he wants a different ending. >> i don't think i can ever live up to a match with tony
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larussa. i will put my players in the right position. if my players perform i don't have to mind about matching wits. >> among those not surprised by the infamous harbaugh handshake, his old stanford quarterback, andrew luck. actually he was groomed by harbaugh. he was rolling along at 6 and 0 and here is his take on the handshake. >> i did see the handshake. you know, i wasn't surprised .'s he is a fiery guy. that's why he was fun to play for. i wasn't surprised, but i got a little kick out of it as well. >> jim harbaugh, what are you going to do? that's your toyota sports report. >> not surprised. thank you lee. "nightline" is next. for larry beil, sandhya patel, i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. hope to see you here tomorrow.
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