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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney. one of the hundreds and hundreds of bridges and overpasses listed as structurally deficient in a new report. you might want to hear this information. i'll have it for you. new home for protesters sparks new warning from police. standoff brewing in occupy oakland expand to second location. cloud cover around the bay area even inland valleys, breezy and cooler today. it won't last long. warmer weather, soon. following your wednesday morning commute. live look at the golden gate bridge fog-free and problem-free now. "sig alert" for the north bay.
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commuters in petaluma sonoma more on that good wednesday morning it is 5:00. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. disturbing news for drivers who will use one of the east bay's many bridges. we are second in the nation when it comes to bridges with structural deficiencies. terry mcsweeney is live with more. how bad is it? >> reporter: the report comes to us from the group called transportation for america. it says about 1 out of every 5 bridges and overpasses in the bay area is structurally deficient. and the federal government should not be cutting transportation spending at this time, a lot of work needs to be done. look at video we have of the san rafael-richmond bridge. one of 380 bridges or over passes listed in the report this is just in northern and eastern bay area counties.
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the deficiency does not mean verge of collapse it means increased inspections are needed. carquinez bridge, paving. fix what we have first before starting any new projects and have an eye on senator boxer putting together a transportation spending bill now. take a look at a list. alameda, contra costa, san francisco and marin counties, 380 of these structures. 21 of the s and overpasses need work or inspections. the -- the second highest rate in the united states, number one is pittsburgh, pennsylvania. santa clara 189 bridges and over passes. 19% of structures in those counties in need of repair or at least inspections. based on a federal database rating, pavement, structural and foundations. there is a great interactive website talk check out to find
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out all the different bridges this is famous. of course the 580 overpass listed. carquinez bridge, you know about those. there are smaller bridges that you might be driving over everyday, lafayette, walnut creek, bridges there are listed. go to and click on see it on tv to see how safe the structures you are driving over are. live in marin, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning a new battleground many occupy oakland protesters are camped out at snow park next to lake merit. several dozen camping at frank ogawa moved because they say it became overcrowded. yesterday police told demonstrators at snow park they had to leave by 10:00. officers have not yet enforced the policy. the city handed out fliers saying there could be no activity or sleeping there after 10. some say they want the
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protests to spread to other areas of oakland and at city hall they are running out of room. >> it was getting to a point that we are running out of room there. we started getting rules that we could not expand on the concrete there. people are tripping over each other's feet. >> hundreds of occupy oakland demonstrators have been packed in for days at frank ogawa plaza. city officials say they might have to shutdown that tent city because of alcohol and illegal drug use. they say [ unintelligible ] in san francisco, officials say the occupy movement has cost the city $100,000 in police over time and cleanup. protesters continue to camp out near the embarcadero and in front of the federal reserve building on market street. 100 members marched to city hall yesterday. they are demanding protection of their first amendment
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rights. sunday night police tore down tents and tarps at the embarcadero camp citing city rules. police have been hands-off ever since. if a tax is approved next month the council says some of the money will be used to hire more police officers. the parcel tax is on the ballot as measure-i generating 12 million dollars a year for five years there. was concern the measure tailed to spell out where the money would got. the -- the council voted last night to allocate six million to hire 30 more officers of the remainder would be earmarked for road repair, improving streetlighting and park maintenance. the measure would impose an $80 a year parcel tax on single family homes and different amounts for other structures. the city of oakland will pay the family of a man who died after being arrested by police in 2000. the council unanimously agreed to award 1.7 million dollars to the family. he was arrested on suspicion of trying to;éó buy drugs from
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undercover officers in east oakland. during the arrest several officers broke several of his ribs and lacerated his left lung. he died from pneumonia caused by the fractured ribs a few weeks later. san jose police say a man they shot and kill was a college student suspected of killing two students. police shoteiñ 23-year-old ricardo moreno. he studied psychology at san jose state. police say the weapon he used to threaten an officer was the same gun used to kill former san jose students kristina pandula and eric otokawa. they were gunned down execution-style two days before police shot more reno police say all three apparently knew each other from school. >> the connection that we have between the three individuals as we know at one point they were in the same dorm at san jose state. we believe based on the information we have that's how they met. >> police believe the motive
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for the killings was a drug deal gone bad between the two young men. investigators say k was a victim of circumstance. this morning, sounds of apple workers will gather to pay tribute to steve jobs. the ceremony will take place at the company's cupertino headquarters. many apple stores will be closed interest 10 to 11:30 so employees can watch a webcast of the tribute. he died object 5th, after a long struggle with pancreatic cancer. today's memorial will be rebroadcast later in the day so work terse in other countries can watch. time to talk about our weather -- cooling down. >> even inland. >> still warm inland yesterday we talked about 80s that's where we ended up especially in the east bay valleys not the case today. good morning here's that area of low pressure moving north. dropping a wind shift line behind bringing in deeper cooler air mass on these winds
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that are gusting 12 to 32 miles per hour oakland, concord, fairfield, sfo nine mile per hour wind i am breast sieve enough to bring the deeper marine layer in. clouds kept temperatures up. upper 50s to low 60s in most areas. mid 60s mountain view and oakland now. by the afternoon clouds retreat back to the coast and be thick around the san mateo county coast. half moon bay 673. a few upper 70s in the south bay and east bay valleys. monseray bay more sun than yesterday. 64 monterey, 72 santa cruz mid to upper 70s#iu inland. 7-kay, slow steady climb of temperatures as the morning clouds fade away. sunshine all -- all the way to the coast by the weekend 70s there near 80 around the bay, low 80s inland.
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live look at the toll plaza, metering lights off, light know problems here. couple problems north bay. first petaluma lakeville highway closed cannon due to power poles down in the street there. crews are trying to get that cleared between 6:30 and 7:30 this morning. detour in place. in san francisco 101 southbound at market van ness and market multi-vehicle accident all lanes blocked. apparently the accident cars are on fire crews are on scene. i'll try to get more on that. our time is 5:09. hire a felon, get a tax break. new hiring incentive for san francisco business owners. >> the move in congress to have major league baseball players get rid of the chew.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. apple stumbles in the latest earnings report. net income and revenue both up. analysts expected more. phone sales disappointing many
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waited for the new model that didn't go on sale until after the quarter ended. >> it will cost another opinion any to mail a letter. forever stamps purchased now for 44 cents will be good to mail letters next year. >> starbucks going blonde after complaints its coffee is too dark and bitter. the chain will start serving blonde roast in january. starbucks says more than 40% of coffee drinkers prefer a lighter roast. that's america's money, i'm yunji de nies. tax breaks for companies willing to hire convicted felons. it will lower the unemployment rate and save the county money. he is running for sheriff proposing a tax credit of $10,000 per person hired. california has the highest rate at which parolees return to prison.
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chances of getting a job upon release is also among lowest. experts say similar plans fail to get traction. >> part of that may be that it requires some paperwork and jumping through hoops to be able to get the tax credit. >> some of it she says is that there may be insufficient motivation to hire people with a criminal record. bay area gas prices creeping up. aaa says the average price of unleaded in san francisco is $3.93 up 1 1/2 cents. oakland $3.85. san jose $3.84 both cities up two to three cents a gallon. increase for oil, weaker -- weaker u.s. dollar are behind the increase. general mills under fire for claims fruit roll-ups and fruit by the foot are more
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nutritious than similar fruit snacks. the center for science filed legal complain they say the fruit snacks lack significant amounts of real fruit and not better than candy. general mills says it stands behind products. some members of the u.s. senate taking on a baseball tradition, chewing tobacco on the diamond. dick durbin and others say players are role models and by chewing during the game they are encouraging kids to follow their example. the world series begins tonight. rangers' pitcher harrison says would it be tough to ban chewing tobacco at the games. as a concession he says players should be less conspicuous about it. a hotel worker fed up with his job made a production out of quitting. let's say he had quite a bit of brass. he springs it on the manager.
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>> i'm here to tell you i'm quitting. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ told you he had a lot of brass. joey worked for a hotel in providence, rhode island for three years. he said he wanted to quit because management refused to recognize the union he tried to organize. instead of giving two weeks notice he asked 19 of his marching band friends to help him deliver the news. he doesn't plan on getting a good reference from the manager. that's a safe bet. >> but he will be getting a ringing endorsement from all those who looked the video and his style. >> that's probably true. >> good luck joey. you only get to do that once. >> yeah i think it would be power rock trio for us. speaking of the weather, let's talk about that. not very loud this morning.
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>> that was my water. don't worry about it. >> let me get the hairspray out of the way too. all right. sorry about that. >> we'll take care of that you go ahead. >> sorry about that. hope you didn't get too wet. just a little malfunction there, i knocked her hairspray into her water.m;2ç 5:17, cloud cover outside and that is due to the stronger winds that are starting to move in it is mild upper 50s to low 60s, mid 60s mountain view and oakland. very mild start to the morning. let's talk about what is going to happen. you might need a lot of hair spray today breezy, so good thing you had that. cooler temperatures move inland because of the breeze. cloudy tonight not as much drizzle as this morning more sunshine temperatures warmer than average everywhere this weekend.
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today close to average livermore, san jose one degree cooler redwood city oakland two degrees cooler napa and san francisco three to four degrees cooler. sun -- cloud cover pushing into the central valley. pulling out of there and most of the north bay and east bay valleys by noon hanging around the bay into the south bay a little left along the san mateo county coast could keep some of new the 50s this afternoon the rest of us 60s and 70s. starting in the south bay, 73 milpedis 77 los gatos. low to mid 70s peninsula millbrae could stop shy 68° for you half moon bay 63 cloudy and breezy more sun breezy 63 sunset mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito mid 70s north bay valley sun low to mid 60s north bay beaches.
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low mid 70s throughout the east bay valleys. down into morgan hill, gilroy mid to upper 70s. it will be breezy, but more sun than yesterday. clouds are back tonight sorry the 50s drizzle most likely along the -- so are the 50s, drizzle most likely along the coast. clouds absent through sunday those will be our warmest days in the 70s along the coast 80 around the bay low tight inland. more on this -- accident in san francisco southbound 101 before hospital curve all lanes blocked multi-vehicles, the accident is engulfed in flames, views on scene. right now it is affecting traffic, light traffic in that area at this hour, hopefully they will get it out of there as quickly as possible. southbound 101 before hospital curve major multi-vehicle
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accident we will watch this for sure as they try to get it cleaned up. drive times at this hour, highway 4 and 580 and 80 not a bad drive. it is 5:20. we'll watch that too. public transit all on time. we'll check back in about that accident on southbound 101. more trouble for lindsay lohan. why prosecutors want a judge to send her back to jail today. exciting encounter for kayakers, what marine biologists say these thrill seekers could be putting their lives in danger.
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watching this major accident in san francisco southbound 101 before hospital curve, all lanes blocked multi-vehicles engulfed in flames crews on scene "sig alert" in effect. right now southbound 101 shutdown in san francisco. more on this as it develops. consider 280 right now. sue will check back -- sue we'll check back with you. actress lindsay lohan expected back to court today. prosecutors say she violated terms of probation for drunk driving and necklace theft conviction. the l.a. downtown women's center kicked her out of program because she rarely showed up. last week she completed just 21 of the 360 hours she received. she is now trying to fulfill her hours at the american red cross. while life rescue group will try again today to rescue
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an injured hawk. wild rescue of monterey says someone shot a red tailed hawk in the skull with a nail gun. the group has spotted the hawk in a tree and set traps to bird so they can treat it. so far the hawk is free. the group has put up a $5,000 we ward for information leading to those responsible for -- reward for information leading to those responsible. whale watchers have seen more of the huge mammals in the area over the past five years. kayak eric was thrilled with the opportunity. >> we are paddling out four, five miles on our kayaks five the whale is going to get close it is up to the whale. you have no ability to chase the whale down in your kayak.
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>> getting close to a blue whale can be dangerous. they can easily capsize a boat with a flick of one of their fins. a blue whale's heart is about the size of a small car. >> they are huge animals. huger than any dinosaur that ever lived. 5:25 now. lions, tigers and bears. >> oh my! >> next, the wild animals that have one ohio community on lock down and armed men on the hunt. >> reporter: occupy oakland now has a rat problem. and the tone out here as chained. i'll tell you about it, next. -- >> we told you about san jose police digging up a grave to fan a murder suspect. we have a name for the -- to find a murder suspect. we have a name for the suspect. >> all the airports in california running on time. the rain at laguardia, flight
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departure delays now. a lot of cool weather. 42 fargo, 52 st. louis. 56 in atlanta. 95 in phoenix. going to be chilly tonight for world series game one, 55y two in atlanta. -- 52 in atlanta.
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good morning i'm sue hall. breaking news major vehicle accident with a tanker truck in san francisco southbound 101 has all lanes blocked. i will have details coming up. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the richmond bridge one of the hundreds of structures in the bay area listed at
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structurally deficient in a new report. i'll tell you about it. las vegas was the scene of a fight last night. not in the ring, on stage at the republican debate. candidates taking april at cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. highlights coming up. not much fog, a little drizzle for your morning commute. warmer for -- warmer weather on the way. 5:29, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. breaking news southbound 101 near hospital curve. let's get an update. >> getting out of san francisco tough now. >> take 280 if you in the vicinity now and needing to get southbound towards the peninsula. tanker truck in an accident spilled diesel load and it is on fire. multi-vehicles involved. all lanes blocked. engulfed in flames. emergency crews are on the
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scene. i was getting some reports there is not a lot of water this that area they may have to use foam on the freeway. for now "sig alert" in effect southbound 101 before hospital curve, definitely would take 280. more on this. in the news, new battle ground this morning in the occupy oakland movement. police are poised to throw demonstrators who have moved into a new area, they may throw them out the protest becomes unsightly. amy hollyfield is live to tell us more. >> reporter: city officials are trying to figure out what to do. they say they've got a rat problem now in front of city hall there's a lot of food, couches, hundreds of people. they have a huge rat problem and the tone has chained. we've been threatened they were telling us if we tried to take your cameras into the
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plaza and camp area they would take our cameras and break them. some have moved on from this area. recognizing that it is getting too crowded. they've moved to snow park near lake merit. city officials seemed eager to squash the expansion saying it would not be allowed that police would headache them move. police did not do anything over -- make them move. police did not do anything overnight. some hope this new location will grow and replace the city hall spot. >> i was getting to a -- it wait getting to a point we were running out of room -- people are tripping over each other's feet. >> we want more supporters to come down. if we have more room, another site where they can see, a lot of people can't make it in that direction. we want them to see -- >> reporter: some oakland residents and local business owners are getting sick of the protesters and want officials
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to move them out. they are complaining about the huge rats that are running around here in front of city hall and the drug use that they've seen happening out here. some of the protesters are working on regrouping so this issue doesn't derail their message against what they call corporate greed. they say they are determined to keep occupy oakland going strong. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. if your morning commute takes awe across a bay area bridge you have to listen to this new report. this region near s the nation in bridges or overpasses, with structural deficiencies. terry mcsweeney is live at the richmond san rafael bridge way was cited in the report. >> reporter: this is one of those reports where you would like to be dead last. unfortunately, the bay area is number two in the united states. the report comes us to from the transportation for america. it says about one out of every five bridges and overpasses in the bay area is structurally deficient. federal funding is needed to
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make that better. look at video we have of the richmond san rafael bridge. one of 380 bridges or overpasses listed in the report. that's just in four northern and east bay counties. deficiency does not mean it is on the verge of collapse it means work or inspections are needed. carquinez bridge also in need of repair, paving. the transportation for america says the federal government should fix what we have before starting any new projects. they are hoping that senator book paying attention. she putting together a new transportation spending plan. they hope she will listen to this. look at some lists right now for starters alameda, contra costa, san francisco and marin counties. 380 or 21% of the bridges and overpasses in these counties ned work or inspection. second high he in the country,
5:34 am
number one pittsburgh, pennsylvania. santa clara, 189 of these structures or 19% in need of repair or at leave inspections. the report based on federal database rating which looks at pavement, structures and foundations. coming out live here, some information that you can use. transportation spending meaning jobs. this says that we got a 4 1/2 mile length of this bridge. 4 1/2 mile one way, 4 1/2 back that's nine miles of paving needed, they say. that would be a lot of jobs. if you want to find out what is going on where you drive go to click on see it on tv. there's a great website you can find out what is going on where you are. live in marin county, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:34 now. the polling numbers may not change following last night's republican presidential debate. but it will be remembered as
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the night the gloves cape off. all candidates -- the sharpest exchange was between romney and perry. katie marzullo with a recap. >> reporter: there were sparks and attacks even personal insults. the republicans are showing spunk, albeit against each other. they wasted no time sharing their thoughts on herman cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. he has promoted his plan to implement a 9% income tax, corporate and national sales tax. the other candidates say no way. >> fact of the matter is, reports are now out 84% of americans would pay more taxes under his plan. >> i don't think so. it is not going to fly. >> if we give congress a 9% sales tax how long will it take a liberal president and congress to run that up to 90%? >> it is a jobs plan. it is revenue through .
5:36 am
it does not raise tabs on those making the least. >> reporter: eric mentioned the romney-perry exchange. compared to that, the 9-9-9 was mild. governor perry laying into mitt romney accusing him of employing illegal immigrants. romney laughed it off and said he fired the lawn service in question. santorum went after romney and health care saying romney east team helped craft the 0 ma'am care plan that's five debates. -- the next is not for another month. interesting to see if the candidates stick with this new feisty approach. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:36. oakland city council has cleared the way for a plan to put more police on the streets. the council voted to earmark half proceeds from a parcel tax measure to hire 30 more officers. the tax on the november ballot as measure-i.
5:37 am
there was criticism it did not spell out where the money would go. it includes reopening the senior center hours that were lost. it includes lighting. it includes technology for the police so they can do a better job of catching people who commit crimes. >> the parcel tax would levy $80 per parcel on single family homes. police defending their decision to let hundreds leave the scene of the hells angels funeral killing without searching or interviewing. police think 33 year old steven ruiz shot and kill another hells angel during a funeral saturday the chapter president pettigrew. investigators say critical evidence was removed before officers arrived. police concede that hells angels members may have kill ruiz in retaliation. investigators dug up pettigrew's grave but didn't find anything.
5:38 am
police say the decision to let most people leave was made to avoid confrontation between police and the crowd. later, state senator leno and assemblyman planning to call on the government to end crackdown on medical marijuana dispens reese. last week four california-based u.s. attorneys unveiled details of a federal crackdown on large scale operations in the state. their land was to give property and business owners 45 days to shutdown dispens reese -- dispensaries or face criminal prosecution. 5:38. more on that accident southbound 101 near hospital curve that sue is going to give you. right now the forecast. cooler and too mike? >> absolutely. that is the key to the forecast. good morning here's a look at why it is so cloudy. marine layer pull back from
5:39 am
the ocean bringing clouds with 10 mile per hour wind at sfo, 7 concord to 32 miles per hour in fairfield. clouds pushed through the bay area into the central valley. because there are clouds, the fog has not been a problem this morning. visibility fairly unlimited under the cloud deck. the deck will hang around through 8:00 so will our temperatures in the 50s, 60s still hanging around by 8:00. noon sunshine rapidly develop in the north and east bay lessy into the south bay at the coast temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s from half moon bay to san francisco to oakland, 60s for the rest of us. 4:00 all of us is seeing sun except along the san mateo county coast keeping half moon bay 59 at 4:00. 62 san francisco. mid to upper 60s throughout the bay shore, 70s inland. today, the coolest day of the forecast thanks to the drizzle
5:40 am
and clouds this morning. less cloud cover in the morning next couple of days that's why we hit temperatures above average from the coast inland throughout the weekend. back to san francisco, breaking news with a diesel tanker accident on fire southbound 101 remains completely shutdown before hospital curve crews trying to put the fire outlooks like there is going to be some time no estimated time of reopening. northbound affected with emergency vehicles and slow traffic northbound. southbound 101 "sig alert" effect in san francisco. you will want to use 280 at this time, if you can to get around the 101 problem. look at the drive times right now, here's the deal, there you have it southbound 101 not going anywhere. northbound is still a little slow not bad. once again, 280 is your best bet. 5:40 now.
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billionaire sir rich and branson putting his money to work in the bay area. hundreds of new airline jobs that could soon be -- open up. why you may want to start stocking up on postage
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld it is going to cost more
5:44 am
to mail a letter soon. january 22nd, the price of a stamp will increase bay a penny to 45 cents. the price of postcards up three cents, international letters additional nickel. the postal service has a nearly 10 billion dollar deficit. the rate increase will only make a small dent in that. the agency has outlined a plan to cut saturday service and eliminate thousands of jobs to cut the budget. load up on those forever stamps. this morning governor brown and dell ceo will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to open a new campus. dell is holding a job fair at the new site to recruit hundreds of new employees. it stars at 10 a.m. ends 2 p.m.. -- it starts 10 a.m. and ends 2 p.m.. >> jury -- virgin america is building a new training center at sfo. >> reporter: four years ago sir richard branson created an
5:45 am
airline. now he's back. ceo david cush explains the simulator is here because within six months virgin america will have twice as many planes those planes will need crews and and they will come here for training. it plans to use customer service to compete way >> i must admit i've been baffled the way that the airline industry doesn't seem to worry too much about its customers. it is just like herding cattle onboard planes and herding them off. >> reporter: to hear branson tell it, it seems to be working. united and american reduce the size of their base operations at sfo,7qak virgin america's presence is going. the airline intends to add 500 jobs every year for the next few years. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. 5:45 right now.
5:46 am
starbucks is going blonde. the bloomberg business report is coming up. >> no blonde jokes. a piece of san francisco history goes missing. what police think happened to a plaque honoring harvey milk. hunt is on in the midwest dozens of exotic and dangerous an
5:47 am
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5:49 am
cloudy at the coast, 63 eureka, 67 big sur, 71 l.a.. sun cooler through the central valley near 80. sun in tahoe 66, 74 yosemite warmest 95 palm springs. in central ohio this morning more than a dozen dangerous wild animals remain on the loose. dozens escaped from a wild animal preserve. lions, wolves, tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, and black bears left their cages. deputies have already shot and kill 35 of the 48 animals that escaped. several were found around the body of the owner of the preserve. nearby residents are being urged to stay indoors. 5:49. sue will update that 101
5:50 am
accident in just a moment. right now the weather. it doesn't sound promising. sounds like a couple of hour at least. the weather could take several hours to get sun back. 5:50 this morning, good morning, look at cloud cover that is back. not much fog. cloud cover probably going to cause flight arrival delays at sfo. i will let you know in the next 10 to 15 minutes. you can check out my twitter@mike nicco are the weather blog or my facebook page all there. prescribed burn in santa cruz big basin state park will start today don't be surprised if you see smoke billowing from there. we are in the 50s to 60s just updated. mountain view and oakland mid 60s for the warm spots. 60 salinas everybody else cloudy upper 50s iclouds give
5:51 am
way to afternoon sunshine. breezy today coolness wefeld -- yesterday will push into our inland valleys. tonight clouds return not as thick and moisture laden as this morning. healthy drizzle long the coast patchy everywhere else, less tomorrow. you want sunshine, warmer weather? it comes over the weekend all the way to the coast. today 24 temperature change. oakland, fremont two to one degree warmer san francisco, santa rosa, san jose, one to three degrees cooler inland eight degree drop in concord from 83 yesterday to 75 today. high pressure continues to move way from us. the low dropping a trough of low low pressure swinging the wind back onshore bringing cooler air over the ocean into our neighborhoods that's why we have mid 70s in the east bay valleys today with 73 in
5:52 am
dublin. east bay shore mainly low 70s. we could hit 73 in fremont only make it to 68 and 69 in richmond and berkeley. down to the south bay mid to upper 70s. saratoga, campbell, good morning you will have 76 this afternoon. peninsula low to mid 70s a 73. cooler 68 millbrae. clouds cling to the m county coast this afternoon. half moon bay 63°. pacifica 62. around 63 in the sunset, mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito with mid 70s through the north bay valleys with the sun the breezes keep new the low to mid 60s at your beaches monterey bay 64, breezy 72 santa cruz mid to upper 70s inland. clouds tonight, 50s, drizzle most likely along the coast. notice clouds as they evaporate from the forecast. that allows total sunshine and
5:53 am
temperatures near 70 around our beaches this weekend. 80 around the bay. low 80s inland. have a great day unless you are traveling 101. here's sue. not a good idea leaving san francisco southbound 101 or coming into san francisco now northbound is slow. we have a "sig alert" southbound 101 closed hospital curve, diesel spill tanker on fire, crews on scene. here's a shot from a few minutes ago. you can see that truck is on its side. flames and smoke billowing southbound you will not get through. northbound slowing because of the accident. there's a lot to look at. you want to use 280 as your alternate. the 10th street on-ramp closed as well. once again, 280, "sig alert" in effect, san francisco, it going to be some time before this is cleared up. >> we can see the northbound side in this shot. what do you know about what is happening there? >> it is definitely slowing.
5:54 am
emergency crews on the northbound side and you will find slow traffic because people are looking and smoke is billowing. southbound shutdown, northbound slow through san francisco. >> it looks like a mess. you want to avoid that area for the next hour or two, probably. maybe even longer. we'll keep you updated. sue, thank you. we shift gears. pwhrofpbs have more fun, but do they have more foam -- blondes have more fun, but do they have more foam? maybe they do at starbucks. for any other company a 54% jump in quarterly profits would be good news. that is disappointing investors who thought apple would do better. the first earnings miss for apple in six years as consumers health out for the 4s after the quarter ended. apple predicting this holiday season will be the best ever. stores will be closed for several hours today for a
5:55 am
company-wide memorial for steve jobs. on the labor front uaw ratified a proposed contract with ford according to the facebook page of a local union in michigan. the contract includes 12,000 new jobs and billions in facter to upgrades, bonuses and profit sharing. starbucks adding a light blonde roast to its line-up in january. general motors head refs made for ponytails. -- headrests made for ponytails. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. 5:55. steve fertig police investigating the disappearance -- san francisco police investigating the disappearance of a blonde plaque. investors think waits an anti-gay gesture they think
5:56 am
thieves may have chopped up and sole the brass, it it -- and sold the brass, it was valued at $10,000. for 50 years health officials have collected data to measure high blood pressure, identify new trish deficiencies and track obesity but they've never focused on the -- asian-american community. >> we don't know now enough about asian-americans and their health. we don't know about specifics because we can't say what the needs are, we are not able to identify disparities that exist. people selected to participate will undergo a diet interview and various health tests this is the first time children will undergo a fitness analysis as part of the study. this morning second harvest food bank is kicking off holiday fun and food drive. 49ers ceo will be at second
5:57 am
harvest to kick it off 10 this morning. second harvest is hoping to raise more than 11 million dollars and 1.6 million pounds of food. second harvest says one in 10 in santa clara and san mateo counties are receiving food from the organization. 5:57. just ahead, we'll continue to follow our breaking news in san francisco where a big rig has overturned and caught fire. shutting down all southbound lanes of 101. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. did you know this bridge is structurally deficient? a new report says it is, as are nearly 600 bridges and overpasses the
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