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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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car behind her lost control. >> a white car behind it hit it. bam, then, i guess the truck was trying to stop. >> and williams had her 5-year-old daughter in the car and decided to stop. she saw the driver of the truck struggling. >> he's standing between fires and passes out. so now, i'm like oh, my god. my first instinct is to run there. i put my arms under his arms and i dragged him to my car. >> williams dragged the 52-year-old200 feet to her car. still unconscious, she put a towel and her coat over him. fire department officials say williams was instrumental in saving the driver's life. because she was the only person on the south side of the accident. >> she made all of the difference in the world. the truck driver was on the ground on the other side of the fire. so we had to extinguish the
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fire. >> the driver was sent to the hospital but since has been released. the other two people involved in the accident were not injured. all southbound traffic was stopped, causing major delays during a morning commute. >> i had to get to the airport. very 45 minutes. hopefully it won't be too bad. >> by noon, all lanes were reopened after an inspection, williams and the driver are expected to be reunited and soon. >> i see people that know me from this. >> seemed like the right thing to do. >> most people kept going. i don't know what made me stop but i'm glad di. >> and williams works at a senior center. tonight is being called a hero. i'm live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> and williams is a hero and did the right thing. >> and bay area bridges are in
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such bad shape. a report ranks them as second worst in the nation. the nonprofit group found one in five of the local bridges and overpasses have structural problems. transportation advocates are urging senator boxer to get congress to fund the fixes. >> there is a thing we need to make sure is that there are dollars to address the deficient bridges. to make sure there is money in the bill to address these issue autos about 21% of the 380 bridges or overpasses are deficient in the san francisco metro area that, covers alameda and marin and san francisco. while about 19%, or 189 bridges which include santa clara have the highest
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deficiency rate among areas of the same size. >> today, city officials are seeing conditions that the occupy oakland camp this, is the tenth day of occupy oakland and issues are starting to crop up. health and safety issues. the ongoing rat problem is increasing partly because of the amount of trash accumulating there. city officials say they've asked the campers to do away with propane tanks and also to take down cooking facilities. >> in san jose, it's the occupy protestor who's are making demands, but not all of the demonstrators are on board with who is doing the asking or what they're asking for. abc 7 joins us live from san jose. isn't this to be expected from a new social movement? >> well, you're right. and the participants here at occupy san jose, well numbers are relatively small and message is passionate and it's focused z most of the people
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that i talked to here today do support concrete political action that would hold politicians, big banks and big business more accountable. >> many people taking part in this demonstration say it's time for action to emerge from the national movement. >> it's hard for help to understand. we want peace or we want equity. >> multiple factions of the movement have now put out a list of eight proposed demands, ranging from congressional action to reinstate more banking regulations, to changes in the tax code for corporations. >> it's a good start. it's good that we're starting to get it clear and a message of the solutions that we've come up with. >> in san francisco, one demonstrateor likes a tweet suggesting a philadelphia convention to select a third
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party candidate for president. >> well, speaking for myself and not occupy sf, i think it's important to put any kind of alternative to a system not working, it's broken. >> building consensus among a movement will not be easy. there is already some push back that the message needs to be more inclusive without demands. >> there is equality, you know? don't matter anywhere. you know? it's linked together. we all want equality among everybody. >> a growing number of people say the only way the 99% will have an impact is through action and political change. >> i think that something is going to get accomplished. wall street is beginning a month, too. they're not going away. i can say that san jose, we're not going away, either. >> and san jose city hall does
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have a ban on overnight camping. many people here have found themselves with misdemeanor citations and fines. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and thank you, and a number of politicians have embraced occupy wall street movement a pollster says this could cost the democrats the election next year. and the "wall street journal", the pollster says the protestors in new york are dangerously out of touch with the broad mass of the american people and deeply committed to radical left wing policies. the pollster once working for the president draws a parallel to 1970s when democrat as lined them self was an antiwar movement and lost election autos bart modified a policy on shutting down cell phone service when protesters are taking place. the transit agency has been criticized for shutting down service during a protest in august. under this new plan, bart will temporarily interrupt service
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only when there is strong evidence of unlawful activity that threatens passengers and employees or property. bart officials say the policy will provide clear directions to balance free speech rights with public safety concerns. bart's board is scheduled to consider the proposal october 27th meeting. >> and thiefs have stolen a piece of san francisco history. sometime over the weekend, thieves took a brass plaque honoring harvey milk. a legend, as you know who left a lasting legacy on san francisco's gay rights movement. the tribute taken from harvey milk plaza police say the thieves went to great lengths to take it since waits bolted into the cement wall outside of the muni station. it's worth estimated $10,000. >> and a star-studded farewell for apple founder steve jobs. hundreds of employees packed the amphitheater today.
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the company provided this photograph. they listened to contribute united states from former vice president al gore as well as musical performances from singers nora jones and the band cold play. he died after a long battle with cans yes, apple closed it's bay area stores for a short time today to allow workers to watch a web cast of the tribute. >> nearly 50 wild animals have been shot and killed in a small ohio town, police believe they have now accounted for every escaped animal escape for a monkey, they say may have been killed by one of the big cats. abc's tj winnik reports on a case including aparent suicide of the animals' owner. >> schools in ohio were closed for the day. area residents told to stay inside. 50 wild animals including lions, tigers and bears on the loose. >> scary. you don't know where they're at.
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>> it began around 5:30 on tuesday. authorities say terry thompson opens gates and fences at his wild animal farm before taking his life. he had a troubled past. and sent to prison on weapons charges and released just three weeks ago and his wife report lid left him recently. >> he died from a self inflicted wound. we do also feel that he had released the animals at some point. >> not long after the 911 calls started to pour in. locals cannot believe their eyes. >> there is a jaguar or a wolf or something. it took off. >> i walked outside and it was standing under the street light. >> i'm pretty sure i just saw a wolf in the parking lot. >> police teams set off to contain the threat, shoot asking killing this lion after finding him roaming along the road this, video shows another lion as well as bear taken down by sheriff deputies. >> you can see the animals and do not run.
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the tiger doesn't know you're a human. they think of you as something running to catch. >> authorities were forced to shoot most animals fearful they can escape in the dark. the daylight they tried to use tranquilizers. >> we just had a huge tiger and an adult tiger estimated 300 pounds, got a tranquilizer in it. this thing just went crazy and started to take off and headed away from us to a wooded area, our officers put it down. >> abc news, new york. >> and that quite a scene. >> sad animals had to be the victims. >> yes. >> paying the price for one man's situation interes interest -- there. let's check the forecast now. >> yes. sandhya patel is here with a look at that. >> we probably when, if you're outside you probably noticed 10-15 degrees cooler inland. this evening looking for patchy clouds, mid-50s mid-60s, cloudy skies with low to mid 50s and afternoons it's a sunny day. around the bay skpinland looking at a range of low 60s
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to upper 70s. so we have bottomed out in terms of a cooling trend tlchl is a drizzle this morning and cloud cover. and tomorrow, we will start out with clouds and it's going to be a sunny day away from the coastline, temperatures goring to rise, i'll be back to show you how much warmer inching closer to the weekend. carolyn? larry? >> thank you. and just ahead, four health agencies released new guidelines for detecting cervical cancer. we'll tell but key difference in what they're recommending. >> also, actress lindsay lohan back in handcuffs after a court appearance, we'll tell you what happened. >> and a michael finney is taking your consumer questions through his facebook and twitter pages. we have links on abc 7 >> and there is a check of traffic, 101 south is a better situation than early this morning after a truck crash. that is moving smoothly for
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folks on the left side of the screen it's the usual slow crawl. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues.
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this afternoon a influential group of health experts said women should get pap smears once every three years instead of annually. pap tests help detect cervical cancer. the u.s. preventative services task force found the tests triggered too many false positive results. american cancer society and two other groups issued similar guidelines today but they suggest adding a test for the humanpapilloma virus every
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three years as well. hpv can lead to cervical cancer. >> new research shows americans are depressed. cdc found one in every 25 kids ages 12-17 take antidepressants. the rate of antidepressant use jumped nearly 400% in 20 years and one interesting point is researchers discovered only about a third of adults with symptoms actually take antidpreesants. >> and there is dirty equipment at a cantaloupe farm led to a listeria outbreak. that is looking into the deadliest food borne illness outbreak in 25 years. the tainted cantaloupes sickened 123 people in 23 states. tests found it on hard to clean equipment and pools of
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water on the floor of a processing facility. but bacteria does not show up in the fields. the grower issued a recall last month. >> and there is aol is revamping it's radio service, but apple disappointing investors. and. >> there are stocks closing lower today and american air lines hits a rough patch, posting $162 million had n.losses due to soaring fuel expenses and anan lift said they were able to squash concerns now focusing on cost cutting as it works out new union contracts and national retail federation says the average american will spend just over $700 on holiday shopping and one in five adults plan to get a second job to pay for it and that is
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necessary, nearly half expect to have difficulty affording holidays this year. >> and counting your facebook friends a study found people with more facebook frintsdz have more gray matter in their brains, tissue responsible for processing signals. who knew? that is is the latest in business. and i'm deborah kostroun with the bloomberg after the bell report. >> sandhya says it's going to get warmer this week zoo this starts tomorrow and all areas start to warm up heading into weekend. this afternoon, you probably noticed a deep marine layer this morning and drizzle and along the county coastline is long gone. we're seeing sunshine across the bay area. and certainly more of a sea
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breeze that resulted in cooler conditions inland. and there is a good 10-15 degrees this afternoon. take a look at temperatures. there is livermore, high temperatures 87 degrees coming down 16 degrees. and low clouds returning and warmer inland tomorrow. and there is warmer in all areas heading into weekend. there is low clouds spreading into valley locations. and there is a a low brought us cooling this morning. it's long gone now. high pressure is rebuilding. but this area of high pressure is going to take a few days before exerting pressure here, so will take a few more days before coastal areas start to warm up. clouds in the morning are extensive, clouds pulling back and never quite clear the coastline. you'll remain into 50s. there is a cool afternoon there.
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inland areas into 70s there, is a look at numbers. there is 65 degrees in san francisco and there are 76 in the north bay and 69 in oakland z there is upper 70s in antioch. 73 fremont. san jose, 76 degrees there is a 72 in jant cruz, 79 inland. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. there is the sun away from beaches. low 60s to upper 70s tomorrow, inland areas coming up friday. it's two degrees not a major warm up there. saturday, sunday, mid-80s inland. low 70s and fog will be long gone. we're expecting a nice, mild weekend and then, the mild weather continues right into the middle of the week. >> drizzle is gone. >> drizzle is gob. just a morning deal. >> right.
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>> and lindsay lohan back in handcuffs after the latest court hearing. >> and there is that and more from los angeles. >> lindsay lohan is back in court this, time, a judge revoked her probation. >> and the judge said lohan not participating in a community service assign nmt a shelter and there is a prosecutor suggesting jail time. the 25-year-old is on probation for drunk driving and theft cases and we have just learned she's been bailed out. and in other news, pait trick swayze was immortalized and his widow on hand for the beloved character. swayze lost his battle with cancer two years ago. dancing with the stars down to seven couples now elimination sent home fashion expert.
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>> there is everybody in building embraced me, making me feel i longd -- belonged. so that is special for me. >> zp this is all right here on abc. for more news go to >> next why, you better buy now if you plan on booking a flight for the holiday autos and there is nancy pelosi in san francisco. >> and there is a divorce that made it possible for these sisters to come to a bay area zoo. >> checking the commute this is at approach to the golden gate bridge. not much fog to worry about or traffic, either. northbound traffic starting to slow on the right hand side of the screen. and more or less smooth in both directions. coming back with more at 4:00. [ male announcer ] sizzler's steak fest!
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>> if you plan on flying during holidays you may end up paying more rorkting air fares during thanksgiving week are 6% higher than the same time last year. and travel experts say that procrastinators will pay more, about $5 per day for each day
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that you wait. and a web site is predicting december fares will be 10% higher than last year. >> many new car buyers discover there is extra trunk space because the vehicle did to the come with a spare tire. the automotive web site ed reports 14% of the new car dz not come with a spare. the lack of a spare makes it lighter and increases gas mileage and makes it cheaper to build cars. >> this is another way of saving a few dollars at the corporate end of america, today. >> tires are better. the vehicles are better. and handling is better. and this is kind of rare. you know? it doesn't happen that often. >> and there are patch after flats and some are offering
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road service. >> it's going to be a surprise for people looking for the spare, realizing it's not there anymore. >> still ahead a phone shall bright spot. hundreds of new jobs are being announced. >> and california official as announced they're pushing back against a crack down on medical marijuana. >> just patchy clouds from our camera. but most clouds becoming extensive by morning. tomorrow, areas will warm. i'll tell you who coming up. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney we're giving you a big thank you this friday & saturday. get an extra 20% off when you use your jcpenney rewards credit card. don't have a card, you still get an extra 15% off. no exclusions. go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney.
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some welcome news as the nation and way bay area grapple with a down economy. another company is hiring. and david louie joins us live from dell's innovation center with more on jobs being created. >> there sit behind me. dell's new research and development center in santa clara that soon will be home to 700 employee asks dell began a search to fill 200 openings. >> what is needed is investments and risk taking. i think the whole dell company expresses that. the governor appears to be
4:30 pm
aware of the plan. it's established a new two-building beachhead and spends $1 billion to go after enterprise customer autos this will be important for expansion things like networking and clouds and these are the areas we're investing in. great time to be attracting talent. >> it plans to hire 200 people in the next year. >> what is your feeling so far? based on contact you've made? >> it's discouraging at the moment but i'm also keeping myself positive. >> competition to hire top-notch engineers is heating up as changes at the top levels have employees looking around. and there is well acquiring
4:31 pm
six companies making it an important base of operations. dell plans to expand in other parts of the country. the mayor believes dell can't go wrong here. >> the next great thing are the economy and drive the world economy. >> dell hired away top sales people from ibm and oracle. keep in mind dell is focused on data storage service and networking. >> and so if you're an established tech worker why do you want to jump to dell's brand new venture? >> i asked that question. he said key word is scale. the company is growing and continuing to grow as an enterprise space. there are large servers so it's willing to put money
4:32 pm
forward to support large-scale research and development. it's gotten billions of dollars in cash on hand to do that. they think that that will be a draw. >> i know you'll give us an update. thank you. >> and a push today to help homeless veterans, democratic leader nancy pelosi and san francisco mayor ed lee were at the salvation arm year harbor light center undergoing a new expansion and today, department of veteran's affairs presented the center with a clek czech for almost $300,000 enough to pay for so new beds. >> so far 92% leave here. >> that is good. >> this is great. >> the center hopes to break you ground by the end of the year. and it's part of a nationwide initiative to help raise awareness about services available.
4:33 pm
>> and there is a new attempt tonight by legislateors to get the federal government to back off from crack downs on medical pot clubs. the lawmakers say they'll try to set standards getting rid of operators just trying to make a profit. abc 7's vic lee joins us with details. >> the state senator and assemblyman say they want to talk with federal authorities first before drafting legislation. once they do, they say they can draft a bill that may perhaps satisfy the department of justice and the irs. and they want them to stop their crack down. >> seize your senseless assault on the community. >> the message was clear and they were called on authorities to stop the crack down on medical marijuana dispense rise some of the steps we do want to take want
4:34 pm
to talk to department of justice what. are you getting at? >> this is two weeks after the u.s. attorney announced the new crack down including going after pot clubs too close to schools and land lords who house the dispenseries. >> the california passionate use act was intended to help seriously ill people but the law has been hijacked by prosecutor who's are motivated not by compassion, but by money. >> and pot clubs claim irs pressured banks to stop doing business with them. they say they can no longer write off business expenses. veera is a medical marijuana user. >> this is an attack on hurting people who are skpik need help. >> they say they realize marijuana is illegal under federal law and authorities have the right to enforce that law. >> but we're here today because if we were, the
4:35 pm
message would be do whatever you want. we're here to say "stop". >> the u.s. attorney's office had no comment. one footnote. gallup announced for the first time since polling half of americans surveyed now believe pot should be legalized. four decades ago saying only one in seven supported legalization. >> campaign for mayor has gotten more contentious. and today a council woman accused vallejo times herald of bias saying the paper refused to run one of her ads. and she claims the newspaper favors her opt. >> political manipulation. more information they keep from the public, more likely the public is to vote in the certain direction. >> and a representative says the newspaper is offering
4:36 pm
political ad guidelines requiring candidates to provide documentations. >> all political kadz were treated the same way. so any ads placed went through the same process. >> and this is not the first time he has accused a newspaper of bias, supporters were outrage that had the herald printed this picture. >> and coming up on the news at 4:00 the president brings out a special guest during a bus tour. >> and 7 on your side's michael finney is taking questions on twitter and face doos book and will answer them here, live just a little later. we have links on abc 7 >> another keck the traffic. northbound there, kind of slowing and moving freely. now, it's at a crawl space.
4:37 pm
if you're heading into another direction, looking good. if traveling this weekend sandhya patel is back with a travel forecast. >> and out west, things looking fine there are no problems out west wex do have problems to report. o'hare low ceiling creating travel delays about an hour to two hours in places like boston and newark, same problem, low ceilings and taxi delays due to thunderstorms there. there is a half hour to just over an hour z departures as well. i'll be back with a look at i'll be back with a look at the forecast when abc 7 news
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president obama wrapped up a tour with a final appeal for a key piece of the jobs bill. >> the first lady joined him on to announce a major commitment by several companies. >> and we have more on the push for jobs. >> the nation's jobs outlook is weak. and the rate is stuck at 9.1%. today, the president brought out a special guest. first lady michelle obama announced a new commitment by american companies including coca-cola to hire 25,000 veterans or spouses by the end of 2013. >> these are companies that
4:41 pm
are making pledges not just because it's the right thing to do but because it's good for their bottom line. >> the president wrapped up a three-day bus tour and it took them through north carolina and virginia. two states that would be critical for his reelection next year. in washington republicans blasted the president focusing on reelection than job creation. >> there let's park the campaign bus, put away talking points and do something to address the jobs crisis. >> democrats are now taking apart the president's jobs bill in order to pass it section by section. the president's first priority is a aid package for state and local governments. the money going to fund jobs for teachers and firefighters. >> maybe they haven't meat met some of the firefighters. i don't think think they want to tell them the jobs aren't worth save oogt vice president says this lack of funding is
4:42 pm
an emergency and he urged senate republicans to get on board, but this is a tough sell. 50 and believe it or not the way you use facebook could shed light on the size of your brain. >> and adolescents comes with ups and downs. and even intellectually. >> and the push that is underway starting today to stamp out hunger in the bay area.
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until now, experts believe iq remains constant but british research yirz say a teenager's can rise or fall in 20 points in a span of just a few years. researchers say this was pro portional to degree to which you can read this story. no. to which different parts of the brain changed. changes in verbal iq kor spended to an area of of the brain in an area of speech. and the study appears in journal nature. >> and there are researchers say facebook may be changing the size of our brains.
4:46 pm
researchers looked at mries of the brains of 125 college students who use facebook. those students with moron line friends tend to have more gray matter in the part of the brain linked to social skills. researchers aren't sure which came furs. >> and the second harvest food bank kicked off its holiday food and fun fun drive. prominent figures helped to get this effort started today. officials say one in four people in santa clara are affected by hunger. >> this is a time when peoples thoughts turn to food and family so it's a natural time to think about supporting food bank. reality is that the money raised now, food we raise now
4:47 pm
has to help us feed people 365 days per year. >> and it feeds 250,000 people per month. and if you'd like more information on how to help visit abc >> yes. with bad economy, demand is high. >> a lot of people need help. >> ahead at 4:00 how major flooding could be having a big impact on the bottom line. and violent images from greece. police angry about the economy. >> and why a former dictator is appearing in a new public service message. just months after the revolution there. it's become a top video on you tube. >> i'll answer your consumer question autos and later on at
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michael finney is answering questions posted to his facebook page. >> one viewer wants to know about tipping. >> we'll get to that in just a moment. there is one from some restaurant calculate a gra tuity. am i legally obligated to pay? there is some interesting information. once adding it to the bill it's no longer a gra tuity. it's a fee and have you to pay sales tax on that fee. and that is kind of a drag. are they allowed to do it? yes. as long as you're forewarned meaning it's on the men skbru in big enough print f it's in
4:52 pm
too small print, you can contact the federal government and they're not likely to do much about that. and carol a wrote i paid to stop a check ask they paid it out any way. i had amount wrong so they passed it through who. is responsible? and there is the deal on this to be specific. have you to get it in time for them not to pay, then information has to be correct. a lot people don't know a stop payment only lasts for six months. that means every half year you have to go back and pay their fee again to keep that check from being cashed. and there is our third question is it legal for companies to sell personal information over the internet without my permission to anyone who searches for it? you bet it s there is an
4:53 pm
industry out there and they're allowed to sell your name and address. there are only three things you're allowed to give. social security number, me cal records and your school records. and they're actually private. everything else is up for grab autos fair game. >> yes. >> thank you, sure. >> let's check on the accu-weather forecast with sandhya. >> there is is some moisture out there. and there is sun providing clouds you're looking at. it's going to be nice tomorrow and there are blue skies, sacramento rising up to 80 and in los angeles, 70 degrees and sunshine. and tomorrow afternoon just pleasant. south bay, 76 degrees in
4:54 pm
campbell. if you like cloud cover it will remain cloudy and there is not much change in temperatures near the speeches but warmer inland. 72 in redwood city. and there is sunny skies and around san francisco, low to mid 06s and will be a cloudy afternoon most of the day. 65 downtown san francisco. and north bay, low 60s and there is above gray, and 76 in santa rosa and napa. east bay communities, 69 in oakland up into low 70s range from newark to union city. and there are inland areas into mid-70s, and mild and sunny. livermore coming up about seven degrees tomorrow afternoon.
4:55 pm
and around the monterey bay, 72 in santa cruz. gilroy is higher at 79 degrees, mild weather and lasting for a while. enjoy it. >> thank you. >> and we paid more for food and gas but in general prices are stabilizing. >> the consumer price index rose by.3% from august. if you exclude food prices, they only increase.1%. >> and annual inflation rose close to 4%, social security recipients seeing their benefits increase next year and that will be for the first time since 2009. and flooding in thailand could affect all of us. and thailand makes a quarter of the world's hard drive second only to china pc makers bracing for shortage autos apple warned this situation will likely affect mac
4:56 pm
products. and a general strike turned violent in greece. riotors clashed in athen autos police lobbed tear gas into the crowd. 33 people ended up being detained or arrested. riots happened before the government gave initial approval along with cuts and the vote takes place tomorrow. latest on austerity measures call for suspending tens of thousands of civil servants. >> voters in tunisia going to pick awe new leader and the election is being watched close lie to encourage voter turnout a video featuring the dictator in a popular revolt
4:57 pm
this, video shows a giant poster of benali. >> the ousted benali escaped to saudi arabia. the crowd becomes irate and tears it down. >> that reveals this message... beware, dictator ship can return on october 23, vote. it happens to be the most shared video in tunisia and egypt. >> and that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. and you can keep track on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and news at 5:00 continues now. >> the growing rat population threatening to derail occupy oakland movement. >> put my arms under his arms and i dragged him to the car.
4:58 pm
>> there is a mother rescuing a total stranger. >> and there is a zoo that kept four tiger siblings from being split up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. there is a terrible accident creating an instant hero. >> tonight highway 101 is reopened and a fiery crash involving several cars and a tanker truck happened just after 5:00 this morning on southbound 101 near hospital curve. and there is a story of the brave woman. >> this very brave woman was driving her daughter to school and herself to work. and now, she's being called a hero by most everybody. and this morning it was possible to get on to this on ramp because of the highway accident on 101.
4:59 pm
it's amazing no one was injured. this truck was on its side and engulfed in flames, the driver managed to get out but passed out near the fire. and a 22-year-old was drive haegd of the truck. she left her 5-year-old daughter in the car and made a decision that may have saved this driver's life. >> he's standing between the fire and he passes out, i'm like oh, my god. my first instinct is to run there. i tried my best putting my arms under his arms and i dragged him all the way to my car. >> the truck driver, a 52-year-old was unconscious. and williams was on the south side of the highway. the only person close enough to get to him. >> the truck driver was on the ground on the other side of the fire so we had to extinguish the fire and


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