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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the san francisco police commission gets up and walks out after occupy protesters disrupts tonight's meeting. good evening. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is on assignment. but when the meeting resumed, more decorum by the protesters and by police. camping out just got more convenient. leslie brinkly is live tonight. demonstrators left pretty happy tonight. >> yes, they did. 24r was a lot of action for occupy san francisco tonight. support coming from some surprising place, especially
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after the way the police commissioners' meeting got started. >> this is a public meeting. >> if you don't follow the rules, you can't have public comment. >> the public comment session dissolved into argumentative chaos, and the police commission walked out. >> sfpd. >> the outrage follows the arrest of five on sunday night as police tried to take down tents of theiren campment at justin herman plaza. >> they were brutalizing peaceful, youthful protesters. they were exercising their first amendment right of freedom of speech and assembly. >> it resumed in a more orderly fashion. >> one of the tens of thousands of people in a city who lived check to check, and
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are waiting to be on the street like the people who are occupying san francisco. >> in the end, the police chief promised to back off and even offered support. >> we realize that this movement could go on indefinitely and as such i am actually working withthe mayor's office to put the porta potties and the hand washing stations down there. i can assure you that our efforts are to keep it safe and to facilitate the first amendment demonstration. [applause] >> earlier prominent political economist from uc berkeley addressed occupy san francisco in person and fueled the fire. >> the 400 richest people in america own more more of america in terms of wealth than the bottom 150 million put together. >> i think this movement is
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really shining a spotlight on something that has for too long not been discused. >> life advocated patience and persistence. no word on how much the porta potties would cost the city of san francisco. but there does appear to be consensus tonight is that occupy sf is here to stay. reporting live at city hall, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> sounds like it, leslie. now to the other side of the bay. oakland occupy yes, sirs have told city officials to clean up their act or they are gone. along with complaints of fighting, alcohol abuse and sexual harassment, officials added vandalism and public urination. there is an on going rap problem at the plaza has gotten worse. still, the protesters can stay, for now. >> the city staff is meeting with people here every day. the police are monitoring it.
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if it turns, i believe the city will come in and say, no, you can't be here. >> that day could come soon. an organizer said a science festival for kids had to be moved indoors because there was too much marijuana smoke coming from the plaza. pg&e wants your money. but a lawmaker is trying to keep the cash in your wallet. he wants to prevent the power company from passing the lion share of the cost to upgrade its natural gas pipeline system. alan wang is in the newsroom with the story tonight. >> dan, pg&e filed the proposal and the public utility commission won't take it up until it hears from a long line of people for and against it. but the san mateo mayor wants to be the first to slam the proposal and wants to do it tomorrow morning. reporting following the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people revealed pg&e was negligent in the maintenance of the natural gas
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system. now pg&e says it is working aggressively to modernize its transmission lines. but it ants its customers to pay 90% of the more than $2 billion cost. >> a billion dollars a year in profit they make, and that money i think should be used or portions should be used to cover the cost of their negligence. >> the san mateo assembly member says it is unconscionable that pg&e would pass 90% of the cost to its customers. but a pg&e spokesperson explained to abc7, "that's how we recover costs for this type of work." the shareholders normally would have paid less than the 10% it is proposing to pay. 234* fact, normally it would have all been covered by customer rates. hill also points out that pg&e receives an 11.35% rate of return on its work. one of the highest in the country. >> perhaps we should look at that rate of return and see if that is appropriate today. they will with that new rate of return and with the fact that they are a liability that
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will cover the costs they would and conceivably could make a profit on the destruction of san bruno. >> and $350 million of the $2.2 billion upgrade is for unanticipated costs. >> about $350 million of the $2.2 billion is for contingency. well, we shouldn't be paying it up front if they miss -- if they estimate the cost. they can come back and get the funds and show they deserve the funds after the fact. >> during the next few months, the commission will determine how much pg&e can charge its customers to modernize its transmission lines. reporting live in the newsroom, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that the state public utilities commission has uncovered documents showing that pg&e installs salvaged or junked transmission line pipe in the natural gas system in the
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1940s and 1950s. a commissioned attorney says the documents clearly raise safety concerns. especially since pg&e cannot certified these deficient pipes are no longer in use. pg&e told abc7 news that they are trying to locate salvaged lines and replace them. check your refrigerator. you could have a bagged salad with salmonella. taylor farms is recalling 200,000 cases of salads. the best by dates range from october 18th to october 21st are suspect. they were shipped across california. they were marketed under the brands fresh selections agb, market side and taylor farms. >> the state attorney general's office subpoenaed bank of america as part of its investigation into mortgage fraud. according to the los angeles times, the state is trying to determine whether the bank and its countrywide financial subsidiary sold investments backed by risky mortgages
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under false pretenses. countrywide helped fuel the housing boom and bust by offering sub prime loans to people with bad or nonexistent credit in some cases. bank of america declined to comment. >> a bay area mother who was driving her daughter to school went in an instant. she add choice. and what she chose to do was do something her row rick. -- her row wick. this is what we saw in her rear view mirror, a car tiping over. the 22-year-old says she pulled over and rushed to help out. >> after seeing the guy i was like, oh my gosh, stop my car. i run and see the guy sitting there. it is like the truck, he is on top. but he is standing between the fire. he passes out. i run over there and put my arms under his arms and i dragged him all the way to my
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car. >> the truck driver spent a few hours at the hospital. he is expected to be reunited with williams soon. what a courageous young woman ?ie. a lot more to come. exotic animals on the loose. all but one has been accounted for. what deputies are looking for. and a big computer maker announces a big move to the bay area. the hundreds of jobs that will come with it. plus, geting it right before the big interview over lunch. the etiquette of eating. that's all coming up. and a bit late other "nightline." >> dan, coming up next on "nightline" a harrowing hunt after police say they were forced to kill dozens of deadly animals that got loose from a preserve. and should black women cross racial lines to marry? the author ofñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ"ñ""
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to del is making an aggressive move in the silicon valley. they are opening a center in santa clara. they promise to hire 200 people in network design, cloud computing and software
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development. the company could hire as many as 1500 new workers in the next couple years. jobs like that are precious these days in. this economy, the competition is fierce. we all need to be at our best when we meet with a potential employer. those looking for work are being judged on everything including, as lisa amin gulezian reports, their table manners. >> h is no ordinary mixer. at santa clara university, tonight students learn the art of etiquette. >> i would like to offer a few tips on network etiquette. >> at a time when california's unemployment rate is still in double digits and just landing a job requires several meetings, informal settings on occasion, these students realize they are at a loss. >> when to put your napkin down. is it right away or when you eat do you put your plate -- is it a dye yag -- diagonal? >> that's where sharon amaroso
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comes in. she gets prepped for dinner teaze white white house. -- dinners at the white house. >> carry your drink in your left hand so your right hand is always dry, clean free and ready to shake. >> there is even a right way and wrong way to wear a name badge. it should go right here because most people are right handed. when they go to shake your right hand, their line of sight goes right here. it involves dinner and other tips to keep in mind is never order an expensive on tray. avoid dishes with heavy sauces, shells or bones. there is a chance things could get messy. stick to a one drink maximum, and always wait until the entire table is served before you eat. >> because it is so competitive, they really need to raise their game and have that edge of professionalism. >> students and members of the rotc learned about table settings. >> this is a saucer.
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>> the proper way to eat soup and even cut meat. knowing how to correctly break bread could make all the difference. in santa clara, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> and let me take a moment to tell you about the hire event job fair we are co-sponsoring with the job journal next month. it is tuesday november 8th from noon until 4:00 in concord. we have all of the details on just look under see it on tv. it is a helpful resource for anyone looking for a job. all but one of the exotic animals are accounted for. deputies worked hard to hunt down 50 bears, lions and tigers, most killed. the local sheriff says it was a matter of public safety. the owner of the farm, terry thompson, was recently ordered to remove the animals from his farm within 20 days. last night he took his own life after releasing the animals from their pens. residents could not believe
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what they were seeing roaming their neighborhoods. they flooded the emergency lines. >> 9-1-1. >> yeah, there is a lion on the road. >> i am pretty sure i just saw a wolf. >> i think i just saw something that looked like a jaguar or wolf or something. >> can you imagine? the only animal not accounted for is a monkey. there is a chance he was eaten by one of the big cats. if not it will be shot when found. simulated earthquakes were on display in sacramento, a reminder for the great shakeout. that's when the state emergency management agency wants all of us to practice quake drills. it wants us to avoid standing under doorways and door frames because it could make us targets for daw -- for debris. instead the recommendation is the old drop and cover of the drop to the floor and cover your head and hold on to something sturdy and try to ride it out. it will only be a drill tomorrow.
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with any luck we won't have the real thing for some time to come. now let's look at the weather forecast. sandhya patel is here and it doesn't get much better than this. >> no, will be a beautiful afternoon tomorrow. and it will take us through the weekend. we have changes coming in the form of warmer weather. let me show what you it looked like today. we started out with drizzle in the morning. this afternoon most of the bay area noticed a cooling trend. livermore dropped 16°. 71 today. 73 in concord. 75 in fairfield. that was down 12°. san jose dropped 9° coming in at 69°. but notice the coastal areas. you actually came up a few° as you saw a little more sun. remember last night at this time we were talking about 3,000-foot deep marine layer. not the case tonight with the high definition sue trow camera. you are looking at market street there and patches of low clouds as the time lapsed an hour and a half ago.
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the low clouds are really limited tonight. we don't have the widespread coverage like we did yesterday. the temperatures right now in the 50s and the 60s. so look for the areas of low clouds tonight. a little warmer inland tomorrow. and we are look at warmer weather in all areas as we head into the weekend. really nice beach weather coming your way. temperatures in the low to mid50s. and like i said, not everyone is going to wake up to low clouds and fog. we will call it from about san francisco east toward oakland, fremont and out toward the livermore valley and down toward the south bay, we will start out with some gray skies. the area of low pressure that brought us the cooler than normal conditions the last couple days and the drizzle is long gone. now high pressure is rebuilding. this area of high pressure is going to set the stage for a slightly warmer afternoon. and then you will notice coastal areas coming up as well. tomorrow the coastal areas won't see much change. that's because we are expecting the low clouds to linger into the afternoon.
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along the beaches temperatures in the 50s, 60s. inland areas into the 70s. here is a look at your highs for thursday. south bay, 74 in sunnyvale, milpitas. 76 in campbell and san jose. really a mild day on the peninsula. 74 in mountain view. 73 for you in palo alto. menlo park, starting out gray and remaining gray for most of the day. shave moon bay 63 degrees. -- half moon pay 63 degrees. daly city 61 and you get up into the north bay and it is going to be a 20-degree spread between stinson beach and ukiah, 80 degrees there. sunshine at 76 and santa rosa and napa. get out toward the east bay and the temperatures are close to where you should be for a change. 70 in san leandro. oakland 69. in our inland areas, livermore 78 degrees. 76 in danville. 71 for you in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. it is a little warmer each and every day right through the weekend. we will see numbers in the
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mid80s inland. low 70s at the beaches. just a reminder because you never want to put your clothes away. even late in october we will be enjoying beach weather. not too many places in the country where you can say that. >> you are absolutely right. thanks very much. a little bit of hollywood rolled into san francisco tonight. a star-studded premiere is
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they rolled out the red carpet in san francisco for the premiere of the new disney movie "puss and boots." the stars of the film, selma hyack and antonio banderas were there to greet people. and banderas says he is fortunate to play such a popular character. >> have i been traveling with this character for 10 years. it is my life. i love him. i think it is an opportunity that this movie gives us to bring a smile to everybody all-around the world, families. it is one of those privileges that we have. >> he says the movie opens nationwide next friday.
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he always seems like a nice guy. cool to have him in town. >> the cat character is funny. >> very funny. in sports, the cardinals, they looked like the giants did last season getting hot late and staying hot. it helps when the brakes go your way. game one of the world series tonight. ii
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verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network
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in over 140 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air. this year's cardinals look like last year's giants. they got hot late in the season and they snuck into the playoffs and took game one of the world series against texas. cool and crisp tonight in saint louis. the cards with a -- with chris carpenter on the mound. this is fielding your position. albert pujols almost threw it away, but carpenter made the diving catch. how often do you see a pitcher get a fateful of -- face full
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of dirt. a 2-run single. pujols scores and so does matt holliday. here is comes and there it goes. this is one mighty swing. way out. carpenter went six innings and alan craig pinch hitting and cruz can't make the catch. 3-2 cardinals. they have their own version. he close itself out in the 9th as the cardinals take game one 3-2. >> we have to win the national league style games if we will win this thing. tonight was a national league-style game 3-2, good pitching, good defense, timely hitting. we had the advantage and we have to capitalize. >> game two is tomorrow night. the raiders didn't trade for carson palmer to have him sit and watch f. there is anyway he can play on sunday, he will be out there. palmer took part in practice
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getting ready for the chiefs. he admitted he was rusty. what do you expect? he hasn't played in a game since last december. he split reps with kyleer boler. maybe they will both play on sunday, a little rotation. hugh jackson has been coy and in no rush to name his starter. >> i am not in a rush. i don't have to rush that decision. i am going to take my time and see where we are and see how fast he picks up the system and see how fast he gets in line with his teammates and we will go from there. >> sunday is a long ways away. i won't know until -- i won't know anything until thursday or until i see how i feel after thursday's practice, after friday's practice, after saturday's walk through and then game day. sunday is a long ways away right now. >> did the raiders give up too much to get palmer? can he be an elite quarterback? how long before he knows the plays? all that remains to be seen. but richard seymore knows the raiders got better. >> you can never have enough
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leaders in in the locker room or good players on your team. with that being said, i think she a proven veteran guy that can bring a lot to the team. >> one final world series note, the rangers wanted dirk nowitzki to throw out the first pitch and major league baseball said no, and apparently a show of solidarity in the midst of a lockout. but today they caved to common sense. dirk will be throwing before game three. she a big baseball fan. that's your toyota sports report. bud selig of all people initer veining saying -- intervening and he even said, no. >> she better with a basketball than a baseball. "nightline" is next. thank you for watching. we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you
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