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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  October 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that felt stronger than that. not far from the epicenter. >> the city of berkeley and berkeley police say there was no damage, fortunately no injuries. we were here in berkeley. the earthquake hit and i have to say, i think because it's so short, people just decided to stay put. and now... we didn't see people running from buildings as we drove down university avenue, we went around to check on businesses found nothing just a lot of startled people. >> i sure did. the biggest that i felt. i've been in california 18 years now that. is the biggest that i felt. >> what did you feel? >> i heard a large, huge boom. then, all of a sudden, the building started to rattle. glasses clinging back and forth, and everything. >> the building just had a shake. the glasses shook. place shook. it was abrupt. a bunch of people gt up and moved away towards exists.
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pretty big earthquake. >> and that is sky 7. the high ward fault is below the stadium. there is a major retro fitting pro jechblgt you know workers there felt it. work continued. >> there is we thought one of the cranes dropped. now, i believe it's an earthquake. and this was a four,. >> nobody injured? >> no. >> that is okay. >> what are you thinking? i said was that an earthquake? they said we're not sure. so, yeah. first time i feel an earthquake, i'm from africa. we don't get earthquake there's. >> welcome to california. bart trains are running on time. and there is service interrupted for while but is running and everything is fine. just a big jolt, and something
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to talk about tonight at the dinner table. i'm live in berkeley abc 7 news. >> thank you. we apologize for the difficulties there. and we've had two after shocks since the earthquake hit that have the noon. and this is including a 2.2 just before 5:00. there are red circles giving you an idea who felt it first. the usgs studies earthquakes around the world and say this was a mild one. >> there is a 3.9 is large enough that, and it generates a weak shaking in the san francisco bay area, so was not felt strongly throughout the san francisco, bay area. >> the quake upgraded to a 4.0 shortly after he spoke with us, experts stress we can expect a
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larger quake along the hayward fault, considered most at risk in the bay area. >> and there is a quake occurring just hours after the biggest ever state wide earthquake drill. and students at william cobb elementary joined five million other youngsters. the mayor practiced the technique as did the police and fire chiefs. and officials hope that will encourage their parents to hold drills at home. similar drills held at office buildings across california today. >> what an appropriate lesson there. we received more than 100 comments about the earthquake on our facebook page within just minutes of the shake. sheila said it was very loud and jolted the house real good. and no damage, i went outside to calm down.
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>> denise said it hit hard and fast. and scared me. marion said it sent my heart racing. if you survived a 1964 alaska earthquake is this is just a shutter, really. good perspective. >> you can join the conversation. >> and let's move on. tonight we have a new sense of a terror. the morning a gunman stormed in a cement plant and started killing. tapes of the killing has been released and they are haunting. >> right. the voices you hear on the tapes are chilling at times, people calling in are just stunned. and in disbelief z other times, desperate for help. there is a first of five calls came in at 4:27 in the
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morning. >> i got a call. there are multiple shooting victims in the quarry. it just happened. >> and multiple shooting victims. >> a senseless shooting rampage unfolded at the plant in cupertino. the second call no longer secondhand information. and it came from an emotional man who watched the horror unfold. >> everybody is on the way. hold on. >> please, please! people are going to die in there. >> okay. hold on so i can get everybody started. >> thank you. >> we believe this man, mike ambrosio took part in the longest call telling dispatchers he had been shot. >> where have you been shot? >> arms. on my arms and i think one of my legs i can't see it. >> and there is blood, everyone. >> one caller identified the shooter as a co-worker just five minutes after, a clear picture emerged as to what
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happened and allman brought a handgun and assault weapon to work and opened fire. >> we're having a safety meeting one guy went postal. shareef allman went postal, pulling out an ak 47. >> was he in the meeting? >> yes. he walked back in and went crazy. >> he killed three people and wounded six. the manhunt ended in sunnyvale. police say they were forced to open fire. the coroner says allman killed himself. his death too late for the people he worked with. and in a calculated mom had become victims. >> do you have any type of cloth or towels? >> no. there is blood all over. no cloth is going to stop what is going on right here, have you ever seen a massacre? that is what it looks like. >> and a spokesperson told me some employees have not returned to work and they have the company's support. there are grief counselor
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who's are still at the facility. abc 7 news. >> and i can see why. thank you. >> and there is a security guard in custody after a shooting rampage that left a boss in critical condition. the 50-year-old from concord faces attempted murder charges after firing shots at two locations. and police say long got into an argument with a supervisor, men returned last night and shot him. neighbors herd at least 30 shots. the building riddled with bullet holes. there are also several shots fired into his neighbor's yard, in concord, one narrowly miss aid 9-year-old girl. and one woman knows long says that she's stunned. >> i've never had no problems and it's a shock. to visit my sister, then, go way out there to shoot? i'm shocked.
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>> and authorities captured him after a short chase. >> police arrested one skprn are looking for a second in the triple murder occurring after a tattoo party. this person in custody is a 20-year-old arrested this morning at his family home. police say he's responsible for the murder two of teen-aged girls and a 23-year-old man gunned down sitting inside of an s su. v october 2. police hope the public can help them identify the second gunman. >> we're looking for information on him. and offering a $10,000 reward to the person that assists us with finding him. >> investigators have not revealed a motive in the triple murder that took place. >> and occupy profitestors shoi no signs of packing up,
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today, inspectors from several city departments went out to this site. vic lee joins us live and what was the message? >> the message is simple. please, remove tarps and tents from this plaza we'll continue to talk and if public skpaift help are compromised there may be consequences. the mayor does not want this to become a homeless encampment that enveloped the plaza in front of city hall just two decades ago. >> there appears to be tarps every day. and there are ordinances that prevent it from working out. >> the way we do that we talk to them first and try to talk to everybody. communicating as possible. >> the question is how long
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will patience last? >> at some point in time, if the campsite is unsafe we'll go in and make it safe. >> this city is monitoring this situation. >> i'm emergency response coordinator. >> the inner agency safety team appeared for the first time. there are observer frtz health department, rec and park and animal control. first protestors were suspicious. >> can you not stand for the basic human rights for people you're supposed to protect. >> tensions eased as the crowd realized they were not here to evict them. fire inspector mary c and other members explained they're here to help the occupiers comply with health and safety codes. and they told the team they want td a list of the regulations. >> just being forced to comply with different rules. that they explained to us.
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>> the team toured a growing camp escorted by police officers. at the same time, volunteer nurses set up a tent at the edge of the encampment. they don't distribute medication but will administer first aid and refer seriously ill patients to clinics and hospitals. erin is a registered nurse at ucsf. >> there are people that has leukemia we're here to support that. >> so there is a between protestors and the city. how long this lasts is how long dialogue continues. >> and there is more ahead to bring you here tonight. coming up, california adopts a new set of regulations to fight global warming. rules could be a model to the nation. >> and there are two women in american politics today. republican michelle bachmann brings her tea party campaign
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to the bay area. >> and a woman is shocked when the glass on an oven door suddenly explodes. 7 on your side is coming up. >> steve jobs bioh@h@h@h@h@h@h@@
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a collision between a big skprig a fuel tanker sut down part of northbound 101. according to chp a tanker was clipped by a rig big and n.heavy traffic this morning.
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1200 gallons of fuel spilled, damaging the pavement only one lane is open between highway 116 and it's not expected to be completely open until 9:00 tonight. now, crews are working to clean up fuel and repave roads so it can be reopened. >> california has adopted a nation's comprehensive is tim to reduce green house gas emissions. the air resources board voted to adopt the cap and trade plan. and it's a key part of the state's landmark global warming hau which seeks to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 requiring producers to buy permits to exceed limits. companies with lower emissions will be able to sell or trade. >> we believe it's going to signal a transition to less sqaeft a better economic future for california rather
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than what people have been saying as a tax. >> opponents say it will increase the cost of energy, doing business and as a result cost the state jobs. >> there minnesota congress woman michelle bachmann brought her presidential campaign to the bay area today, taking questions at the common wealth club. mark? >> i got some of the answers. dan ashley was a moderator and asked a lot gf questions. ways interested in what she had to say about immigration. in this debate was clear mitt romney and rick perry have problem was issue of illegal immigration. and pushing that debate further right is michelle bachmann, advocating construction of a double fence along the entire border with texas at a cost of $21 million a mile. >> the united states government has failed the
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american people as president of the united states, i will uphold the law of the land and will build that fence. >> she says ill lem lel immigration is costing taxpayer autos when i talk to people about this issue, i do not sense racism. i don't see bigotry what. they're concerned about is losing economic competitiveness and they're worried about the tax burden that this is putting on the state and local governments. >> and in the past decade the issue has risen on the right, the g.o.p. has suffered from a loss of hispanic voters. and the president picked up 80% in 2008. and house minority leader nancy pelosi meeting with hispanic business owners to talk about what they need from the government to be more success oofl to listen to, learn what challenges are.
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>> in the meantime, we do not think it should be a priority of the federal government to kick in the door of a home and send someone to another country. >> saying immigration is an important issue to the bases of both party autos republicans during nomination expecting republicans will focus on the economy and particularly if it's a protracted fight for nomination, what they say may be coming back to them during the general. >> thank you. mark, very much. there is spencer christian glad you're here. >> there is a warm up. >> it's going to warm up, girl. saturday and sunday. chilly today. low clouds and fog just sat there started to clear this
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afternoon. and here is a live definition camera. there is where you can see low clouds, and just this one, we did see a little bit of sunshine. how we started off this morning, dense overcast north bay. golden gate bridge down towards pin anyone sla. then, throughout morning hours there is weather starting to burn back. and there is san francisco a high of only 61 degrees and there are low clouds only 60 today. the sun came out this is napa this afternoon they had 70. 77 in antioch today. and there was livermore with a high of 76 degrees, cooler now. sun starting to set. san francisco 59 and there is
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interior east bay still holding a little bit of heat in the day. 73 in antioch and livermore now. here is a look at highlights. there is into your weekend, low clouds tonight. a better day tomorrow night. not as much overcast. there is beach weather expected into saturday and sunday. here is a look at lows tonight. clearing into north bay going to translate into cooler temperatures there. there is mid to upper 40s, elsewhere, lows mid to upper 50s heerk is the set up for tomorrow. there is a weak area of low pressure here going to move through overnight tonight. there is this evening that will be out of here, low pressure starting to build in. that is going to set up the
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stage for a nice warming trend into friday afternoon, saturday and sunday. there is a by friday, 60s at the coast. 70s elsewhere. and there is some nice numbers tomorrow. warmer, sunnyvale, 756789 beaches 50 tomorrow. you can see more sunshine. temperatures coming up. there is san francisco, warming to 68 degrees tomorrow afternoon. plenty of sunshine there. petaluma, 75. 75 napa. oakland tomorrow warming into 70s as well. 71. 73 union city. east bay near 80 for antioch. and there is 72 watsonville. we're going to warm up into 80s inland. 80s around the bay. 70s at the coast go. ahead and make plans. there is cooler next week.
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>> still head, carlos santana on importance of a good education. lh
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two bay area bank executives will plead not guilty today. and the two were executives of united commercial bank which
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went under two years ago. the failure cost the government nearly $300 million in funds and there is $1.5 million in deposit insurance. and could face up to 25 years in prison. >> voters have a large field to choose from. there are 16 pdz candidates, including two current supervisors, city attorney, city assessor, public defendor, state senator, interim mayor and a venture capitalist knew nou politics. between now and election day, we'll be airing brief clips from touchdowns. and says the muni system needs updated technology. >> you taught to provide technology allowing drivers to know whether or not they're on time or late or so on. you cannot continue to make
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the transport workers sort of whipping boy for a system that is broken. >> you can see the interviews on the politics page abc 7 >> still coming up, the death of muammar gaddafi and why some libyans in the bay area would rather have seen him survived. >> the steve jobs buyyo graphy. what may have been his life's biggest regret. >> the anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm, one thing changed in the 20 years since.
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rebels celebrating the death of muammar gaddafi attacked and killed today by revolutionaries from his own country. >> and he was driven from power in august after ruling libya for 42 years. now there are conflicting accounts of how he was killed but he was apparently nound a drainage tunnel by rebel who's just captured his hometown. and there is local reaction tonight from the south bay. >> if they need help this would be the first priority. for me. >> for 30 years this software engineer could never think of returning home to liba. waits an officer in the libyan military sent to the us to us get a master's degree. here, he began supporting the opposition. so he welcomes the death of gaddafi. he was known for putting opponents in prison. he was spared that. his father refused to cop rate with officials demanding he return to libya. >> they came to my father and
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asked him we need you to go out and convince me to go back. his answer is firm. he said when you sent him out, you didn't ask my permission. >> the news had libyan americans glued to coverage of the news service al jazeera. he and his 22-year-old daughter were awakened by predawn calls. leaders of the pro visional government confirmed gaddafi was dead. katani says his family with no longer have to fear repercussions for speaking out. >> my brother criticized the government, they accused him of trying to, you know, revolt against gaddafi or something. they put him in prison. >> gitani went back to libya in june. first time home in 33 years.
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he's preparing to go again. his daughter is looking forward to see her parents homeland without fear of reprisal. >> it's nice for the children of exiled in and all over the world to be able to go home to that place their parents grew up in and the place they called home all their lives. >> in fremont abc 7 news. >> and apple co-founder steve jobs refused to allow his doctors to perform who what may have been life saving surgery. that is according to his biography saying jobs told him he put off having the operation because it's too invasive and he regretted his decision to pursue alternative treatment and reveals jobs was bullied in school, stop godding to church as a teenager and one of the dreams was to get beatles on i tunes before he died. the bio graphy is due in
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bookstores monday. >> folks in oakland paused to remember a dreadful day when a fire storm destroyed entire neighborhoods 20 years ago. the mayor and other leaders joined residents in a memorial guardian for a ceremony to honor the fire victims. and firefighters say every anniversary should remind to us clear brush around our homes, in fact, prevention is key to fire safety. and on sunday, october 20th, firefighters found themselves under manned and overpowered. a fire storm killed 25 people and destroyed nearly 3500 homes in a matter of hours. >> this is quite carey to be frank with you. >> now a deputy fire chief was a fire fighter on the front
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lines 20 yearsing ayochl help came as far as sacramento, they were no match for a fire creating its own weather and took on a life of its own. and today yims says the region is better equipped and it starts with prevention. >> ensuring people fire prevention principals and having defensible space around the home. >> soon after the fire storm, hills emergency for wum was born. the mission to coordinate activities for the entity that's own and maintain land in east bay hills. the storm includes university of california and east bay mud. >> we knew fire didn't respect boundaries and needed to not respect those boundaries. >> this forum overseas everything from hiring herds
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of goats to scheduling crews to clear brush. >> this you can't wait until the fire is coming over the hill to do something about it. >> there is another big change. the fire department has a monitoring station giving data from key locations in the oakland hills. >> this is the state of the art. >> assistant fire marshal monitors two stations in oakland hills. >> this is staffing, when to change condition signs within the hills. alert residents and neighbors that you need high or low. >> and firefighters received annual training and have purchased wild land briggs. >> and radio communications
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improved greatly. fire hydrants have been fod any sod outside agencies can use testimony. >> this is equipment it take autos in neighborhoods rez zrents a stash of equipment that could help them contain a fire until professional arrive. >> if we can see something, let firefighters know, first then look from the standpoint can we do something to mitigate the situation? in not, leave. >> with all of the changes hope is that this might never happen again. >> there is reality is that it could occur again, it's our hope between management programs we're able to reduce fuel levels to give the fire department an opportunity to get a handle on it still to come a movie about beating the odds. >> at some point, we have to stand up for what we believe in.
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>> does don
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a any firm film is about how a small eastern college went from obscurity to a
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national championship. here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> the rag tag girl's team at the catholic college is in philadelphia early 19706789 they're not very good. the gym burned down. uniforms are an embarrassment. their coach hired at $450 for the season. the school facing hard times, ready to los. only an active god can save it says the senior, but yarm is determined to prove something. >> trust. trust is why teams win. >> the girls start believing in themselves with help, they start winning against the odds. >> we can't give up. we've worked too hard. >> you must leave, now. do you understand the kmimt these girls have made? >> so a team that zrnt a prayer finds itself headed to
6:41 pm
the big dance. >> this is what we've been working toward. >> it's a true story. they went on to win the national championships. the coach is in the basketball hall of fame. >> this is a modest film, up lift bug not terribly inspiring. you've seen the story done before and done better about overcoming odds and challenges yet interest tl is no drama. we don't learn a lot about the girls, good thing is that you can take the family, it's rated "g" and it's entertaining. i'll give it a half bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> there gou. >> still to come here tonight the oven door blew out for no apparent reason. >> michael finney
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the state public utilities commission approved an area
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code for the south bay. 669. you won't have to change business cards it will be assigned only to new numbers but in six months you'll have to dial the area code when dialing a 408 number. >> and stocks edged higher dispute signs of disarray. the dow dipped into negative territory on reports a summit may have to be postponed. and microsoft reported a 6% gain in earnings today. southwest airlines had a first loss if five year buzz gambled on fuel prices and overpaid. sales of previously okay pay pied homes fell in october by 3%. sales on pace to match last year's numbers. the worst in 13 years.
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>> if a glass breaks suddenly you know y a glass on an oven door exploded for no apparent reason. >> martha showing us what is left of her door. it used to have a glass shield until the day it blew off. >> there is a big noise like a boom it happened when she was alone getting dress for a wedding. she heard the noise and went into the kitchen. >> i saw the floor was full of white stuff. i couldn't believe my eyes. >> it took a minute to realize the glass had blown off the door of her 7-year-old oven. millions of tiny fragments were scattered. and there is six pounds of broken glass. >> this her son said it
6:47 pm
happened for no reason. they hadn't used it in two days and no one was in the kitchen. the home warranty company would not cover the repair saying someone must have whacked it. the denial says it broke due to physical force. martha said no way. >> like i would hit the oven? or something hit the oven. no. >> she called general electric and it offered to sent out a technician. >> they did contact us. and we got a hold of general electric. the company tells us the glass can shatter if this has been damaged beforehand. g.e.says the glass may not break until after the damage was done. the company says ge warns about damage to glass oven
6:48 pm
doors including the use. saying avoid scratching or impacting glass doors or control panels. doing so may lead to glass break damage. and says breaks are rare but the company uses tempered glass just in case. >> glass breaks. >> and tony has been repairing appliances for 30 years and says the most vulnerable glass is the piece inside of the oven door that is after running a self cleaning cycle. martha sure she didn't damage the door, however, ge did replace the glass and for free it does work to call 7 on your side. >> the consumer products safety commission says there no recall for the problem. we'd like to thank ge for
6:49 pm
fixing it. >> and if something breaks in your kitchen and you can't get it fixed contact michael finney. >> and want to update the forecast for you yes. >> there is leigh glaser. >> we're going to try to get the fog out of here, you can see there is low clouds and fog continuing to move in. there is overcast to be with us. high pressure is going build nchl we're going to start to warm up. highs tomorrow from five to 10 degrees warmer tomorrow and santa rosa, 7 tomorrow. there is 68 in san francisco. there is livermore, 77 tomorrow, 74, fremont. there is 70s as well and there
6:50 pm
is warm weather with us, get ready for it. the coast warms up, and it's great. >> and carlos santana drop bid to talk about his ala -- alma fgs mater. 85% of its seniors were accepted into college. and they talked about how education can change people's attitudes. >> the more you educate people, the less they have a tendency to be brutal with violence, you learn to value yourself then, value someone eels we embrace thinking and students questioning what they and people have told them, using that as a critical lens. we embrace diversity. >> santana going back home
6:51 pm
this coming monday. and to perform a concert and get this. some will get to play on stage with carlos santana. imagine that. >> i bet no one will be absent that day. >> and how badly did carson palmer want to play quarterback? >> well, we'll find out next
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, 64 sailors on three vessels including a ship that buried osama bin laden at sea are out of work tonight and facing charges and still not sure if your cell phone is safe? what researchers found after checking cancer rates on 350,000 people. now there is larry beil with sports. >> raiders received an extension. and usually the league grants time when a club is close to selling out. so look for this that to happen. and there is a new quarterback taking a reportedly $5 million pay cut. he's due $40 million over
6:55 pm
three years. so this is hugh jackson saying quote i ain't telling anyone anything. >> my motivation isn't to move people wrong. i think it's to a lot of what i put on myself. i'm energized. it's been crazy but i'm excited. >> game two of the world series underway. there is a pitcher's dil with five base hits so far. there is a bay area boxer fights in madison square garden saturday night against undefeated opponent. he had to work hard to get down to 118 pounds. but man krks he punch. if there is any anxiety you
6:56 pm
couldn't detect it. his crushing knock out victory is established him as one of the top boxers in the world, time for pound. saturday, he faces omar narbaez, undefeated. >> this is experience in fighting. he has never been defeated. my main goal is defeating him. >> he's bigger, stronger, younger, faster. the trainer thinks he will be fine. >> so powerful. so quick. have no doubt he's going to finish up before the fifth round. >> there is victor conti, handling his nutrition, believing this is a big opportunity. >> this is a -- he needs a dom
6:57 pm
fating victory. he's got that dameus left hook he knocks everybody out with. >> he couldn't fight finish me off. apparently he wants more. >> i don't see larry beil anywhere. is larry beil in the building? is larry beil in the building? larry? you better be ready. did you see that? i just went to grab a cookie. >> that is funny. come on, brother, come on. >> i'd pay good money to see that fight. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for watching. for larry beil, not as tough for larry beil, not as tough
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