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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield in oakland. city officials have taken a stance on the people camped out in front of city hall. what city officials are saying and doing are two different things. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in berkeley. not far from the epicenter of yesterday's two quakes. feel 'em? they were felt from the east bay to san francisco down to santa cruz. experts are saying don't be surprised if we get more. good morning, patchy fog developing over the last couple of hours. how it may impact where you are diving this morning we'll talk about that and the big warming trend this weekend. following your friday morning commute.
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this is a live look at bay lights, so far, so good. details in a few minutes. good morning i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. city officials are telling the occupy oakland protesters they are no longer welcome to camp out in front of city hall. will police evict them? police haven't moved in yet. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: the notice came at 8:00 last night that the protesters would have to believe by 10 p.m., everyday. they would not be allowed cam here. you can see behind me they are still here going strong with no plans to go anywhere. no one from the city came to tell them to leave. the city is convicted about how to balance rights to assemble and freedom of speech and how to deal with the side effects of this camp. in the or the city says it is
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worried about the rodents that are out here. reported assaults. fire hazard because of the open flame they are using when they cook their peoples. the order is having zero impact. >> you know, we went before the general assembly, discussed the eviction we agreed it means nothing us to. we are for a reason and here to stay. >> reporter: the city order has energized the group. the group put out a statement asking people to come out and support them. they plan a rally for 11:00 tomorrow morning in that statement, it says occupy everything, liberate oakland, 11 a.m. saturday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. the san francisco officials are doing twice daily safety patrols on the occupy san francisco encampment. fire inspectors will go
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through, patrols will include representatives from animal control, health and human services department and rec and parks. officials are citing a list of codes which -- with which the protesters have to comply. >> we are continuing to try to comply. even if we comply it seems the police presence is growing greater. >> volunteer nurses will provide first-aid several times a week but will not provide medication. city of cupertino will test its quake preparedness with a drill today. yesterday a huge statewide drill was marked by two real quakes centered in the east bay. felt 'em both at our house. terry mcsweeney is live in berkeley near the epicenter with more. >> reporter: i'm on shaddock avenue, maybe a mile as the crow flies from the hayward fault which give us those two quakes yesterday. by chance it happened on the same day as the great california shake-out. the state's largest quake
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drill. that happened at william cobb elementary in san francisco then came the real thing. the hayward fault running through the memorial coliseum on the uc berkeley campus gave us a 4.0 in the afternoon, 3.8 about 8:00 last night, fell in the east bay, san francisco down to santa cruz. these are not big quakes but they were felt. experts say there may be more to come. >> i've lived here 32 years. i don't like this. i'm nervous. >> there are aftershocks happening even right now, which are at -- which are small we call them microearthquakes. these are going to be happening through the night. there's a chance they may feel a magnitude 2.5 or magnitude 3 or 3.2.
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i would not be surprised if people at 2:00 in the morning say, was that a quake? >> reporter: we didn't have any quakes at 2:00 in the morning that we know of. but night is not really over yet. students and everyone else keep that in mind. the quakes come on the same week as the anniversary of the loma quake in 1989. we are on shaddock we'll be talking people as the coffee shops open. did yesterday's quakes do anything to increase their level of preparedness for the big one? experts say is going to come, one of these days. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. bay area firefighters took action to protect their equipment as a precaution after last night's quake. in san mateo county firefighters moved trucks outside. part of a procedure county wide to ensure safety in case of aftershocks.
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leaving trucks outside help firefighters spoken quickly if there is an emergency and the firehouse suffers damage. fortunate there -- fortunately, there was none. we have quake information on abc2, including a -- on, including a quake tracker. 5:06. california's unemployment figures for september will come out this morning the state jobless rate 12.1% in august, worst in the east bay where clergy and community members met last night too try to come up with solutions especially for people considered hard to employ like convicted felons. >> we see violence, all the other negative activity that guess with being unemployed. we think one of the primary solutions to negate that would be to offer employment opportunities that they can earn quality, decent living
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and provide for their families and hopefully remove the criminal element from their lives. >> one idea was to keep a certain amount of jobs set aside at port of oakland for people who are hard to employ. they are partnering with the emeryville target store to help train potential workers. we want to let you know about the next job fair. abc7 news is co-sponsoring the fair tuesday november 8th, noon to 4 in concord. there are details at under see it on tv. there's a rabies warning a bat infected was discovered on the 300 block of rugby avenue. i was removed without incident. alameda county has been a rabies area since 1958. in berkeley animals like bats and skunks are most likely to be infected. any nocturnal seen during
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daylight hours should be considered dangerous. south bay will have a new area code. state's public utilities commission has approve the addition of the 669 area code affect santa clara county, small portions of alameda and santa cruz only assigned to new numbers. october 2012, you will have to dial the area code when you dial a 408 numbers. officials predict the south bay will need another new area code in a year and a half. that's how fast things are growing. time to check in with mike. visibility, what we can't see, down to a quarter mile in napa and santa rosa. we see fog developing in those areas. what you don't see fog developing along the east bay shore spilling out of the north bay valleys not hitting any of the reporting stations
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right now. patchy fog for the morning commute and cooler. look at 40s in the north bay valleys. 45 napa, novato 46, santa rosa 48, the rest of us in the 50s. afternoon hours sunshine, close to average from 76 san jose, 77 concord, antioch and livermore. half moon bay 64, san francisco, richmond 68. mid to upper 70s during the afternoon hours. monterey 65 today. throw mid 70s for the rest of the sunny monterey bay inland upper 70s. warmest afternoon tomorrow and sunday cooler temperatures next week. good morning. happy friday. live look at the golden gate bridge watch the transit crew reconfiguring lane for the southbound commute. three full lanes headed southbound and very light traffic, no problems there.
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san rafael southbound roadwork. north san pedro headlights headed in the southbound direction this is lucas valley road. when you come upon north san pedro roadwork should be picked up by 5:30. no traffic delays. toll plaza at the bay bridge is light, metering lights off, smooth sailing upper deck through treasure island into san francisco. now 5:10. still ahead, the bay area's most expensive place to rent an apartment. state regulators say yes to the nation's most u$f3 comprehensive system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. game two of the world series, we'll have the highlights coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. income gap wide . more than half of u.s. workers last year earned less than $27,000. a number of americans -- the number of americans with jobs fell. the number of people making a million dollars or more soared more than 18%. those with jobs at wal-mart are taking a hit on health benefits. rolling back coverage for part-time employees and raising premiums for many who work fulltime. ben bernanke says he would like to see more stimulus for
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the struggling economy and it is now up to congress. he told them the fed has done all it can. that's america's money i'm yunji de nies. residents in silicon valley surging ahead of the rest of the area. the average rent for an apartment in santa clara county rose almost 13% last year to $1800 a month. the most expense city cupertino home to apple, $2200 a month. microsoft giving two dozen non-profits 16.7 million dollars to spend on education and job development. among them the tech museum in san jose. read more about both of these stories in today's print edition of the silicon valley business journal. california has adopted the most comprehensive system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the cap and trade plan is a key part of the state's
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landmark global warming law which seeks to reduce emissions by the year 202010 the program will require producers to -- buy permits to exceed limits. companies with lower emissions would sell or trade allowances. >> we think this program is going to signal a transition to left waste and better economic future for california rather than than what some are saying as a tax. >> 0 monies say the cap and trade program will increase the -- cost of energy and doing business and cost the state jobs. the program will begin next year. pasadena now considering how much it could profit by allowing an nfl team to use the rose bowl as a temporary home, if efforts succeed in bringing the chance freeze to southern california. city leaders and the -- rose bowl are planning a traffic study to measure the effect of hosting an nfl franchise. if a team moves to l.a. it
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might play at the rose bowl while a permanent stadium is being built. the death of al davis has lead to speculation that the team might be interested in returning to l.a.. to baseball. st. louis 9th inning rally by the rangers has evened the world series at game a piece with the cardinals three outs away from taking a 2-0 series lead, josh hamilton hit a sacrifice fly to tie the game at one. young drive drove in the go ahead run with another sack fly as rangers steal game two by 2-1. the series moves to arlington, texas with game three tomorrow night. this has not been a high scoring series thus far. >> steal, little editorial? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> okay. [ talking over each other ]
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i'm excited about this forecast this weekend, i have family in town. >> we'll do whatever we can. let's look outside and show what is going on at 5:17 this morning. good to have katie. she giving eric a hug. isn't that sweet. >> too late for that. looking down from sutro tower this morning, a little fog along the east bay shore, very thin. right now not hitting too many areas hopefully won't have any effect on flights in oakland. let's look at what going on temperature-wise mid to upper 40s around the north bay valleys, everybody else in the 50s north bay valley had to -- around monterey bay inland mid to upper 50s. here's what i'm thinking, faster means warmer
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temperatures this afternoon. clear sky tonight cool temperatures inland valleys patchy fog forming once again. the weekend right now the afternoons look the warmest in the forecast. mother nature got her timing right for those who want to head to the beach and get sun. 24 hour temperature change, everybody going up, concord three, san francisco, santa rosa 7 to 8° warmer than yesterday afternoon. you can see the fog, ebb and flow through the morning commute. evaporating quickly once the sun comes up by noon hardly any signs it is out there coast 60s and 70s. south bay mid to upper 70s. los gatos warm spot 78°. peninsula low to mid 70s pleasant around san mateo, menlo park 73. mid 60s along the coast. daly city 63°. downtown san francisco upper 60s.
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low to mid 60s at beaches. low to mid 70s most of the east bay shore, berkeley, richmond could be upper 60s. down around morgan hill, gilroy, hollister, low to mid 70s. even sun around monterey and carmel and mid 60s. six degrees warmer tomorrow, hold those temperatures through sunday cooler through the early parts of next week. no rain in this forecast. happy friday. headed towards the hayward area southbound nimitz stall reported before 238 out of lane, no significant slowing there as you can see by the road sensors. early morning drive times so far good ride. highway 4 is looking good as you head out of the antioch through pittsburg into concord. 580 out of central valley altamont pass to the dublin looking good. highway 92 san mateo bridge
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eastbound from the peninsula foster city toward hayward moving at the limit. early morning drive on 280 in san jose very light, just a few headlights northbound direction passing highway 17 towards cupertino. bay bridge friday light so far. hope we can keep it that way. good resource before you leave the house. next, music legend car less santana sings the praise of his -- alma mater. talking to siri, amusing questions and answers coming from the newest iphone obsession.
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good morning. that is friday light traffic on i-680 in the walnut creek area north main i believe is the exit there. you can see there are not as many cars on the road as you would peck for a weekday morning. -- would you expect for a weekday morning. we'll check in with sue and find out more. thailand's prime minister urging residents to get ready to move to higher ground as the country's worst floods in half a century begins seeping into the capital. major storms have devastated parts of asia this year killing 745 people, a quarter of them children. flood waters have begun to overwhelm sandbags. officials are worried ancient palaces and downtown businesses could be swamped. tomorrow the newest section of the bay area ridge trail opens east of san jose. the idea of the trail was hatched in 1987 by a former east bay parks ridge nation --
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regional director. he wanted to build a trail that connected all counties. with the new five mile addition 337 miles have been completed. bay area music icon carlos santana will have a treat monday for students at the san francisco high he takened. he will be performing at mission high. 85% of its seniors were accepted into college last year. santana and the principal gutierrez talked with cheryl jennings about how education can change people's attitudes. >> the more you educate people, the less people have tendancy to be brutal with violence, because with education, you learn to value yourself and you will value somebody else. >> with we really embrace thinking. we embrace student questioning what people have told them. we embrace the idea of
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diversity. >> santana plans to have some students perform with him on stage. it appears apple fans have found a new obsession in the iphone 4s, personal voice assistant. the application known as siri has been all the buzz since the phone's release. apple says you can ask siri just about anything. one user asked serrie, what are you wearing? her answer? aluminum body with a glass front and back. someone asked the age old question, what is the meaning of life? detailed answer from siri, try to be nice to people a void eating fat, read a good book now and then, get some walking in and try to live together in peace and harmony, with people of all creeds and nations. thanks siri. that's a lot. i'm going to start with one. >> very deep. next, cleanup and get out!
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protesters brace for a possible confrontation after oakland issues' vick shun notice to protesters. not a -- drop of rain tons of water the overnight accident that flooded san francisco treats. airports in california and nevada -- running okay. green dots everywhere showing it going to be a good morning for traveling by plane, weather-wise. you may want to grab a jacket heading to the east 50s and 60s there. seattle and portland going to be a little wet with 58 and 63. fright tracker at the both
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>> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney in berkeley. feel them? those two quakes we had
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yesterday. some who did are using those quakes as a wake-up call to get ready for the big one. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield in oakland. oakland is still being occupied despite an order from city officials that the protesters needed to leave. good morning, clear sky from downtown san francisco. i'm tracking fog. warmer temperatures for the weekend afternoons. busy week in the traffic center. so far, all is quiet this morning. hoping to keep that it way. golden gate bridge live shot looking good. we'll follow your commute all morning. >> fingers crossed that it stays quiet. 5:29 on this friday morning i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. after taking a wait and see approach, it seems oakland is putting its down when it comes to the occupy movement
5:30 am
at frank ogawa plaza. the city has served the group a notice to vacate. have the protesters decided what they are going to do? >> reporter: they are not going anywhere. they probably have more energy now than before. the order came down 8:00 last night that said they couldn't stay past 10:00, no camping allowed. the tents are still in place. security team is still working the perimeter of the occupied area looking out for police, no police in sight. the protesters have not been forced to get out of here. they are not voluntarily leaving. the city says it can no longer uphold the public health and safety and continue allowing this to happen. in the order it points to the conditions out here saying they've deteriorated and so has behavior in the notice it mentioneds there has been violence including threats and assaults. the city points to concerns about fire hazards, because
5:31 am
they are cooking over an open flame. and health hazards because of rodents. the order is having little impact. >> they've done it a number of times. this time they understand it is bigger than them and us this is worldwide. they know they are limited resources to come in and start trouble would make them look bad in the public eye. >> reporter: they did see some police officers overnight. some of the protesters offered them coffee. that was about it. the police are not asking them to get out or forcing them out. the protesters say they are not going anywhere and they are not worried about that order. they are building momentum and energy. they've asked for more to come out and keep in going. they've got a rally now scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:31. this morning occupy san jose
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protesters say police moved in and arrested he 10 demonstrators outside city hall overnight. their site was cleared out. police are not confirming arrests. they've cited demonstrators several times on trespassing charges. a demonstrators have returned to the site within the last hour. republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann knocked the occupy wall street movement during a visit to san francisco. the tea party conservative was the featured guest at san francisco's commonwealth club yesterday afternoon. bachmann says there are huge differences between the tea party and the occupy movements, including sanitation. >> the tea party picks up its trash after, there's a difference. the occupy wall street is asking for more spending and more government as the answer to their problems. the tea party movement in high contrast is calling for less government and less spending so that individuals can solve
5:33 am
their own problems. there's a 180° different teen the tea party and occupy wall street. -- >> bachmann held several fundraising events yesterday. she will be in iowa over the weekend to campaign. aftershock -- no aftershocks reported this morning after two quakes yesterday where people are still buzzing over the fact the earth shook on the same day as the great california shake-out. terry mcsweeney is live near the epicenter of yesterday's quakes in berkeley. >> reporter: what a coincidence. they are saying 8 1/2 million californians took part in the great shake-out and they got a chance to put what they learned into act as the bay area gets hit by a quake and aftershock. look at the fault responsible the hayward fall runs through the middle of the coliseum on the uc berkeley campus under the football field would have hated to be operating that
5:34 am
crane for yesterday afternoon's 4.0 or the 3.8 quake that came at 8:00 last night. experts say they wouldn't be surprised if we have more aftershocks so be aware. we talked to a woman who is from maine she has been out for five years and now very aware. >> i've been here for five years. the first year i felt it was scary and made a plan. >> reporter: it made you make a plan? >> yeah. >> reporter: what is the plan? >> meet at mop's house, i don't have family here -- meet at her mom's house, i don't have family here. >> reporter: are you putting water aside, getting supplies together? >> yeah i'm going to buy a it can. >> reporter: also making a plan is san francisco. there's a half million dollars in grant money available for an emergency communication system centered in the ferry building, if the board of supervisors approves that. they are going to be ready for putting that -- going to be
5:35 am
ready to put that into action in about three years. between now and then, who knows, we could have the big quake. we could have another big quake and they are asking you to be ready now. don't wait three years, don't wait three weeks put together an emergency plan now. get a it can as that woman from maine is doing. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 5:35. >> dramatic video from san francisco. a car hit a fire high and a small tree in the mission district this morning. you see what happened in the aftermath. unexpected carwash. we were told no one was hurt, not clear if the driver was still at the scene with when police and firefighters got there it took crews more than an hour to shut that hydrant off. nato's governing body will meet today to decide when and how to end the seven month bombing campaign over libya after rebels killed gadhafi
5:36 am
yesterday. libya echoed with chanting and gun tire throughout the night. gadhafi was killed in his hometown after being on the run two months. a libyan official says gadhafi's burial will be delayed until his death can be examined by the international criminal court. his death ends a 42 year brutal rule and marks a turning point for libyans throughout the world. libyans in the bay area had plenty to celebrate after news of gadhafi's death was announced. they stayed glued to their television sets all day. he is overjoyed. he is happier that his children will be able to see where he grew up. >> i had suffer all those years trying to explain to them, why they can go. because they , when they were young they don't understand. >> will you visit libya now? >> absolutely. >> peninsula congresswoman spears says this is a critical time for rebuilding and says
5:37 am
libya will need protection during its transition. tomorrow gun rights advocates are planning to protest the governor's decision to sign a bill that law that outlaws open carry of unloaded handguns in public. the group responsible citizens of california will carry unloaded rifles and shotguns in san dough at noon tomorrow. the open carry so-called long guns is not banned under the new law which takes effect van 1st. -- effect january tpeursz. gun rights advocates say the new law violates their right to carry weapons under the second amendment. 5:37. time to check in with mike and weather. good morning. start with the visibility it is not your eyes cloudy and tired. it is the -- it is that too but it is the fog out there. [ unintelligible ]
5:38 am
watch out, some of the fog is sliding down the east bay shoreline. we have calm conditions one of the reasons why the fog is forming now. calm at sfo. fairfield eight miles per hour minimal if any onshore wind developing now. redwood city the same as it was 24 hours ago. 1 to 9° cooler everywhere else. with the cooler start 40s and 50s and the fog through the morning we'll end up warmer than yesterday afternoon. let's jump ahead to noon, sunshine is everywhere by then. 50s if the coast to 70s in our inland valleys. by 4:00 in the afternoon, total sunshine. mid to upper 60s half moon bay, san francisco and oakland. low to mid 70s for the rest of us. enjoy your friday evening. enjoy your weekend more if you like sunshine especially at the coast with 70s there, cooler next week.
5:39 am
happy friday everyone. just a moment to remind muni commuters that you will experience delays this morning in san francisco. construction at church and market, shuttles in place on the church between 18th and market and outbound 22 filmore rerouted. other than that no other muni delays and no other public transit problems to worry about. live look at walnut creek southbound 680 moving well towards the 24 junction. san rafael moving well up towards the civic center from lucas valley road toll plaza light, metering lights are off. it is now 5:39. a final regret the choice of cancer treatment steve jobs wished he had undergone sooner. colorful makeover the plan being considered to make it easier to find an empty cab in san francisco. [ mom ] hey guys.
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guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon
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are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 5:42 now. san francisco considering a plan that could make it easier find an empty cab. the transportation agency is considering putting more colorful lights on top of the city's cabs. they say the lights would have three color, one to show it is available, occupied and the third to show the driver s help. the colors haven't been chosen
5:43 am
yet. there are 1500 cabs in san francisco. they all currently have a roof light which is supposed to turn off if the meter is running, but/mb that doesn't always happen. a decision so many families have faced. when deciding to battle cancer it is better to undergo traditional but invasive treatment or alternative natural therapy many we now know steve jobs wrestled with that question. as sharyn alfonsi reports, ultimately, he regretted the choice he made. >> reporter: he had access to the best medical treatment, best surgeons in the world. but steve jobs diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer reportedly refused to allow surgeons to perform what could have been lifesaving surgery. saying it was too invasive. instead he tried alternative therapies and later said he regretted that decision. one of the stunning revelations in the steve jobs' authorized biography. walter isaacson who conducted more than 40 interviews with
5:44 am
jobs for the book some taped before his death said no subject was off-limits of his early days jobs revealed he was bullied in school, stopped going to church at age 13 after he saw a photo of a sarff -- of a starving child on the cover of "life" magazine. he was on a vegetarian diet when he decided to name the company apple. the design's inspiration was a cuisinart he saw at a department store. he decided to make the case of one of the first computers out of molded plastic instead of metal. the book comes out monday. like so many things jobs touched, it is already a best seller. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. mattel inks a deal for a
5:45 am
controversial body tattooed barbie. you heard me right. the scammers target elderly in one bay area community. coming up what they need to be on lookout for. cell phone radiation, a new study will have you feeling better about yakking away. charges facing navy sailors in southern california. what you need to know to
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time for your california forecast. warming everywhere 62 eureka, 74 big sur. low 80s through the central valley. up to the sierra with the weekend knocking on our front door, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s sunshine in tahoe near 80 sun in yosemite. southern california morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine. near 80 in l.a. and it will be near 70 in san diego. tell the weekend don't bother knocking just come in. dozens of u.s.-based sailors in southern california are getting kicked out of the navy for selling or using drugs. 64 sailors on three vessels caught with a synthetic dug which mimics marijuana.
5:49 am
-- the sail alreadies if the uss san francisco, arco and aircraft carrier uss carl vinson the carrier that buried bin laden at sea. >> i think you are going to see more drug busts like this an intensified effort to get the bad apples out of service. >> navy spokesman says the sailors are being discharged under the navy's zero tolerance policy. you can keep talking noon cell phone according to a new study, it is safe. danish researchers examined the possible connection between cell phones and cancer and found no evidence of any link. the study of more than 350,000 people concluded there was no difference in cancer rates between people who used a cell phone for a decade and those who had not. critics say the study flawed. they say million over multiple decades must be followed to be accurate.
5:50 am
technology could make this halloween safer. when your kids are out trick-or-treating you can use smartphone oops to keep track of them. many devices have gpa and some of the oops are free for the first few months. -- here's a sample, look-out developed to find lost phones can be used to track the phone and your child. footprints has a special parents' password that can keep can is from turning it off. google's latitude capables people to share locations between phones. we have lists of activities throughout the bay area go to and click on see it on tv. >> now i just want candy. >> we can fix that for you. >> early morning candy bar breakfast. >> sure. >> works well for eric and it. >> you get the candy and i'll call her dentist. >> i know a good one. my wife is a hygienist, in
5:51 am
case you didn't know. everybody knows now. >> the ebb and flow around the bay area spilling out of the north bay. quarter mile, to 3/4 mile visable. so far haven't seen too much report of this making end roads into our visables elsewhere. -- inroads into our visibilities elsewhere. when you step out mid to upper 40s in the north bay valleys. the rest of us 50 redwood city, mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay with patchy fog in your neighborhoods. here's what i'm thinking for this seven day forecast cycle. faster sunshine today, warmer afternoon. most of the fog will be gone by 10:00 even out at the coast. clear tonight cool, especially inland valleys where fog may
5:52 am
form again as you head out saturday morning. the weekend afternoons are the warmest in this forecast. today three degrees warmer in concord, oakland four, six in free none and san jose, seven san francisco and eight santa rosa. all these temperatures are within one to two degrees of where it should be for october 20 first. high -- october 21st. high pressure dominating, pushing the storm track to the north that will help pull up warmer air in the desert especially into our inland valleys where we'll see the warmest change this weekend many 70s today, more likely 80s tomorrow and sunday. let's head over to the east bay shore, widespread low to mid 70s from oakland to tree money. -- fremont. sun dominates south bay, 75 sunnyvale, santa clara and milpedis. low to mid 70s throughout the peninsula.
5:53 am
total sunshine at the coast 64 today one of the cooler days with total sunshine compared to this weekend with 70s. upper 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito mid to upper 70s north bay valleys. mid 60s around monterey and carmel, everybody else around the monterey bay and inland. 40s in the north bay valleys tonight the rest us in the 50s. afternoons six degrees warmer across the board. we start a cooling trend monday back to average tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. have a great weekend. light this morning, friday light that's how we like it. busy week so this is nice, it? drive times around the bay area, out of antioch looking good, out of the central valley tracy, manateeia towards liver -- man tika, towards livermore, not a bad drive. look now at san rafael
5:54 am
southbound 101 headlights by lucas valley road towards the civic center light out of novato. golden gate bridge once you hit the waldo tunnel and down no fog. toll plaza is light so far, no problems, metering lights remain off. is the best place to go you leave the house,. you are the bearer of good news. the cost of red meat is likely to go up. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. meet the new tattoo barbie she has full upper body tattoos, pink hair and annoyed looking pet. she is injecting controversy into the conversation. parents are talking about how appropriate it is for kids. the company that did the design says the $50 limited
5:55 am
edition barbie is for adult collectors only. >> bad news for met lovers, drought in texas hurting the cattle supply fewer animals purchased for processing, tighter beef supplies higher costs for restaurants and record meat prices ahead. chipolte mexican grill 25% gain in profits thanks to price hike and increase in foot traffic. it is the best performing restaurant stock in the s&p 500 this year. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. warninging from the. m sheriff's office for -- grandparents. phone scam circumstance -- circulating the caller pretending to be the person's grandchild overseas and in trouble. a man wired $20,000 to someone he thought was his grandson who claimed to have been in a car accident in italy. the sheriff's office reminds people to confirm a story like
5:56 am
that before sending money. san francisco's most vulnerable crime victims are getting help. mayor lee help opened the first special victims unit. several police units will operate of the same office. officers will focus on crimes where victims suffered from domestic violence, sex crimes, child and elderly abuse. >> working together with our city agencies is key this is a cooperative, collaborative effort that just happens to be locatedded inside the police department. >> the -- unit has a special area where children can play, while clients abscess services. the police department is partnering with city agencies and organizations like women against rape and domestic violence consortium to provide centralized services for crime victims. just ahead, the 411 on the 408. >> decision that will have everybody in the south bay
5:57 am
dialing 11 numbers, even if they are just calling next door. >> reporter: city officials told protesters they can't camp out here any more. what happened overnight? i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have the details coming up.
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