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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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soldiers will be reassigned. >> so it does mean those individuals do not have to deploy. so it helped lessen responsibility we have as far as providing to the combat areas. >> gram clark says he's proud of the role in hoping trance form iraq into a country now able to provide security and hopefully, long term stability. >> there i felt we made a difference. there are a lot of improvements made and some thing that's were hard but i think we left the place better than we found it. i was happy for that. >> character says it's important to remember the american lives lost in iraq. more than 4400 z karen carry that's pain with her every day. her only child, lieutenant ken ballard killed in action in 2004. >> i love seeing home comings but it's something i never got. many of us never got. people need to remember that.
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remember us. >> and every time i talk with karen and others they express gratitude of how many americans embraced their soldiers regardless of how they feel about this conflict. >> thank you very much. and the war with iraq never gained favor with american public from the onset. the recent gallup poll shows 66% opposed it. 71% supported removeal of u.s. combat troops in august, 2010. and people are also talking about the end of the war on facebook and says what about afghanistan? can we get this draw down started? brian says i'll believe whit i see it, jeff adds there is one way to trim the budget. and you can join the conversation with us on facebook. >> a chinl chapter being written for 10 u.s. air men
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missing since world war imt i. last year we told you dna was used to identify these men, today, the defense department announced they'll be buried nogt a single casket next wednesday. and they died in 1944. their aircraft crashed in a bombing mission near berlin. >> unemployment figures show rate fell to 11.9% from 12.1% in august. showing california employers added 12,000 new jobs during september. the state is moving in the right direction but at a snail's pace. >> good news there that we can see those job gains hopefully beginning -- gaining momentum. koit take us about four and a half years to recover jobs lost so this needs to pick up. >> marin county had the lowest
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rate in the state 7.2%. imperial count eye with the highest, 29.6%. and california had the second highest, trailing only nevada. >> oakland city officials insist campers must leave the plaza. this demonstration is in its 11th day and they ignored an eviction order from the city and just minutes ago a new ultimatum came down. and they've been camping out since october 10th. the city says peaceful demonstrations between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. are acceptable but in the interest of public health and safety they want tents taken down and camping to end. and abc 7 was allowed inside for a look at the tent city and reports on the community of sorts they've built. >> occupy oakland is more than
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10 days in. the move smt growing stronger, gaining more interest and more gawkers. >> i came up from hayward on bart. >> milling with the attention has create smd animosity. and following a director, campers are trying to be more media friendly. >> and they still have their rules. respect is what they call it if you hurt someone, yes that is a no f you disrespect that is a no. >> this military vaet vet tran sell tel meez to facilitate things here he says it's the first time any television crew has been allowed such access. >> this is where we press food in the back serving it 24 hours. >> the first stop is the cafeteria. it's all you can eat and free. >> 24 hours a day. this is not bread there. is always, bread, something you get a feel this is a small
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community. >> this is where we have a schedule. >> health and willness class autos we have meditation. >> and first aid and people get to skpleep eat. >> this second group... guardianing arkts, crafts ask they have internet access at the media center. energy source? it's all noorl generators gou going through an ac adaptor probably about that size. >> question is how long can this last? >> general public thinks we're out here wanting to destroy the city. we're improving the sti in oakland abc 7 news. >> and music celebrity making an appearance this hour and he
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is billed as a liberal activist and radical guitarist. just one tent sup at the site of the occupy san jose movement. police officers moved in and cleaned out the encampment for health and safety reasons. and seven people were arrested and eight for felony vandalism. >> and latest ap poll reports 37% support the occupy wall street protests. 58% say they're fewer yigs about the state of politics in this count rye steve jobs had choice words for president obama last year warning i was headed for a one term presidency if he did not adopt more business friendly practices that is from the author of the steve jobs biography. they met during mr. obama's bay area visits. he was not apparently impressed with the president saying quote, the president is
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very smart but he kept explaining reason yz things can't get done. it infuriates me. jobs said. >> an armed robbery suspect leading police on a high-speed chase through eastern contra costa county. plea say the suspect crashed and flipped his vehicle after robbing a chevron station. that rollover happened after the suspect rammed two police cars. another cruiser crashed through a fence. the suspect air lifted for treatment of the injuries suffered. >> a 68-year-old man dubbed the bandit is in custody for a series of bank robberies. a tip led them to donald g booth who is accused of robbing four banks and investigators say he wore plaid shirts and used a cane in some robberies. >> and the teacher who hit and
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killed an 8-year-old palo alto girl blames the sun. saying the teacher told them she was blinded by morning sun and did not see her in the crosswalk on september 28th. the accident happened at intersection of bay road and gloria way. another driver who hit a boy at the same intersection around the same time this year also blames the sun. >> and cameras on board a vintage airplane that crashed are not providing help. the p 51 mustang took off, then crashed into the crowd in mid september. 11 people died, including the pilot. the national transportation safety board said the plane had a cram but a search didn't show up picture that's would help figure out what caused the crash. >> and coming up here at 5:00 spinach from salinas joins the list of recalled hetus. >> res kuf a deer caught in a
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mess. >> and it was warmer today. we haven't hit our peak yet. i'll show how much more temperatures goring to rise as we head into weekend. >> and tug-of-war between religion and wrk policy got two
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. fish and game officials came to the rescue of a deer trap bid a rope near sacramento. now, the rescuers had to kampk qilize the deer then cutoff andlers and freed the deer. and that protects it because it's illegal to shoot a bald deer in california. >> and that is good news. one produce company issued a second recall after a bag of
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spinach tested positive for salmonel yachl the company recalled 560 bags of clipped spinach. the two and a half pound bags sent to the super king markets in los angeles with a use by date of october 23. church brothers says no illnesses have been reported. and this company issued a recall this month due to concerns of listeria contamination. >> and walmart is cutting some health care coverage, scaling back coverage for future part time workers and raising premiums for some employees and says rising health care costs are forcing these cuts. the retailer says a full time worker is anyone who learns 34 or more hours per week. walmart employs more than 1.4 million workers around the country. >> and a health success story being celebrated tonight. occasion was a grand opening of the student health center
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at frick middle school. it's located in an area of town that needs health services and it's the first of five centers. >> i just want to see live getting better and community in the world. i want to see a difference. we're doing it. and it's going to be big at the end. i can tell. >> this center offers social adjustment and academic classes and there are nine centers operating and will have 15 by the end of the year. >> tonight a company in seattle fired 26 workers for refusing to follow procedure governing their breaks this, is ongoing between hertz and 34 drivers at the seattle tacoma international airport. all were suspended for refusing to clock out for breaks where they pray. eight agreed and the rest wfr
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fired. hertz claims this is about reasonable work requirements. the drivers union says the agreement snot in the contract and filed a federal complaint. >> and officials could be ducted safety inspections today following a magnitude 3.8 earthquake. workers ordered to inspect their work areas this morning. no damage detected. the stadium being rebuilt to meet seismic standards, construction stopped about 20 minutes and that followed yesterday afternoon's quake. the hayward fault run runs underneath the stadium n cupertino a quake drill helped the city put safety preparations into action. abc 7 reports. >> and with that students head towards the field and safety.
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teachers will provide a search and rescue and first aid thchl year, student release procedure changed in the wake of a deadly shooting here just weeks ago. >> instead of having parents go to one table, we're actually having a table for each grade level, which will hopefully help expedite things. >> and they prepared as part of the great california shakeout. hours later had a chance to put it into action. a 4.0 quake hit about 2 hirt. and this this is on that fault being retro fitted. and after shock of 3.8 hit about 8:00 last night, not large, but felt from the east bay to san francisco to santa cruz. this morn weg asked folks if
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they plan to better prepare. >> i've been here five years and the first two i felt, it was scary. and. >> this made you make a plan? >> yes. >> anything going to change? >> i don't think so. >> how come? >> not too worried about it not going make changes? >> no. >> no water? >> no. >> no emergency kit? >> no. >> you feel snaf. >> i do. >> another part of the citywide emergency drill is what to do with 25,000 cats and dogs, right now message is bring the animal down to a shelter if there is an emergency make sure you bring all food that that animal is going need. they can find a place but you've got to provide the food. >> oakland international airport is taking a welcome step to boost travel. how do you like free park something travelers can park
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for up to three days free of charge. and this runs through thursday, december 226789 you must register in order to take advantage of the give away. we have more information on our web site. that is a nice deal. >> great day to travel anywhere. >> or stay here. >> there is a beautiful forecast. you don't want to go anywhere. it's warmer today and only going to get warmer tomorrow. from our sutro camera, golden gate bridge is clear there. a lot happening this weekend. there is cardinals taking on washington beautiful day for that. here is a live picture from our east bay hills camera. looking towards walnut creek, you can see blue skies now. this is what it looks like, fog we've had is gone there.
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is clearing along the coastline z really just northwestern breeze responsible for that. and there is temperatures into 60s and low 8 ows inland. so warmest locations got up into low 80s. there is only patchy fog overnight. mild to warm and windy early next week. and overnight, upper 40s and a chilly night. low to mid-50s elsewhere. looking at just patches of fog near the coast perhaps around the san mateo area, reason why fog going to remain shallow is an area of high pressure compressing that marine layer. look for warm days inland into
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weekend. coastal areas because of the fog, because of the wreez, you're going to stay mild all weekend long. so you can see fog first thing in the morning then starts to increase into afternoon. you're looking at 60s at the coastline, 80s inland. just beautiful weather for this late in october. highs for friday into south bay. 83 degrees in san jose and cupertino. sunny skies saratoga. 82 santa clara. peninsula getting up to 80 degree in redwood city. coastal area was fog limiting warm up from 61 to 65. at least it's still upward trend, downtown 71 degrees, 66 into sunset district. north bay goitsing to be into upper 80s range. and there is san rafael, same story. and east bay communities oakland 77 degrees and there is a nice, warm day in
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fremont. 82 there. heading inland going to be a warm day. and this is 85 degrees in danville. and monterey bay, 70 degrees in monterey. down that way, 68 in carmel. 80 degrees salinas, here is the accu-weather forecast. this is near 70 degree weather. mid-80s inland. warm conditions there. next week, downward trend with off shore flow develop sog windy at times. and there is 70s and 80s inland. nice looking weather. lot going on this weekend, day of the dead community celebration in oakland. it's going to be great looking sunday, raiders playing on sunday z this is where you can count on sunny skies and mild conditions for this game. >> thank you. >> and you're on top of it.
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it's friday, that means michael finney is here with goody autos this is our holiday travel edition. okay. that is the best part of sitting in first class. >> sitting in first class! >> you don't have to sit with
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people like me. and -- knox the little to you yells they give you. now, you can fly coach. here they are. little towels. >> this is perfect. >> this is what we've weel get. >> is that a curtain behind you? >> this is the real thing. >> made out of cotton. you can heat them up and cool them down or just throw them in the purse, they smell like lemon and they're refreshing and there is locks. >> to keep people out of first class? >> locks. no. this, what makes these locks special is these are the ones that security guys will not clip off. they have keys so you can lock your luggage that. logo tells them they've got
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the key and should open them then put them back on that. is what they've supposed to do. this is worth $15. >> this is a great deal. >> how to get this? >> and there if i were allowed to. >> you need a first class ticket. and if you're there, head over to michael finney's consumer blog wex have halloween pancakes for the kids. >> you pour syrup into the bag. no. no. i'm teasing you. >> this and there is thank you very much. >> and we have more coming up. a fire works display. >> and we'll tell you about it. have you to get up e e e e e e e
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coming up a hard rock rescue. musician come to the bay area to escape persecution. >> also, down side of a smart phone. every move can be traced. >> and new after 6:30 incredible exhibit that gives a glimpse into the life style of the india's royal rulers of the past. >> you're going to want to look foot skies. >> just after midnight you can seekt zpoekt see a steady stream of meteors from orion. >> it's chunks of dirty ice from hailey's comet making its orbit around the son. >> it creates bright flashes and it f.have you a telescope you can take a look at piece that's will likely crash into the moon. >> so don't be scared. >> and you'll get a chance to see them. just patches of fog.


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