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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hundreds of occupy oakland demonstrators are still camping out at city hall, defying the city's deadline to get out. and president obama says all u.s. troops will be withdrawn from iraq by the end of the year. >> good morning. skies are clear. temperatures are dropping. we will continue to see the numbers tumble for another hour or so. and then sunny, mild with above normal readings throughout the weekend. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. this morning hundreds of defiant occupy oakland demonstrators are hanging out, tents and all. they have ignored the latest warnings from city leaders to vacate saying they will not be forced from their peaceful assembling. >> the city spokesman said assembling is not the problem, the problem is growing rat infestation, trash and damage from the 11-day sleepover. campers stayed past the deadline last night of 11:00 p.m. they say police eventually will move in and force them out.
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>> police moved out 91 minutes ago to clear out illegally camping protest first city hall. they said two people were arrested and a third was cited about 4:30 this morning. police have not confirmed the arrests. the protesters say they will be posting photos online shortly. yesterday morning police arrested 8 people and cited a man in a wheelchair for violateth city's no camping ordinance. abc7 reports. >> our bail is a hundred dollars. >> the occupy san jose movement isn't stopping. even though san jose police arrested 8 protesters for camping on city hall grounds without a permit. >> they started putting the zip ties in us and in the paddy wagons and taking us to jail. >> after being bailed out the tents are back and so is the movement. >> all night, all day, occupy san jose! >> and the message is spreading. >> come on, join us! >> san jose's occupy movement, like many others, is open for
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interpretation. rebecca is a parent. >> my husband and i have a mortgage we can't afford, we have two kids and we can't afford to get the older one in preschool. >> but for this 58-year-old the movement is about stopping injustice. >> last night's arrest and removal of the very peaceful demonstration just was an outrage to me. >> san jose police insist the arrests were warranted because of health, safety and sanitary concerns. a police spokesman told me more arrests for camping are very likely. >> it may result in further action. >> like what? >> like having them removed. >> instead more tents went up and the protest moved and grew to bank of america. >> i have been uncomfortable, being a bank of america customer for basically since the economy tanked and the bailouts happened. >> the movement inspired this long time bank of america customer to act.
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she closed three accounts. >> this is a very well-organized group. in fact, there is already an occupy san jose legal team in place. in san jose, abc7 news. >> we are just getting word from san jose place there have, in fact, been two arrests down in san jose. you are looking at san francisco, occupy sf tweeting. they got a bit apprehensive last night when fire inspectors took a look at their camps. city officials consistently looked the other way regarding fires at the camp, although there is a city ban banning the fires in city parks. there was entertainment also. >> all lanes are clear in hayward where a fatal crash blocked lanes in both direction this is morning. initial crash, just after two, was minor with no injuries and then some good samaritans
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stopped help and ended up being severely injured when a car came along and slammed into theirs. several were rushed to the hospital. took until 4:15 for all southbound lanes to open. they cleared the last northbound lane about one hour ago. at least two earthquakes shake the area last night. first was after midnight. a magnitude 2.8, followed by a 2.5 at 12:45. people from vallejo to sunyvale and fran to concord said they felt the shaking. thursday's pair of earthquakes with magnitude of 3.8 and 4.0 were also centered on the hayward fault in berkeley. you can find a quake preparedness guide and a tracker by going to our website. in san jose police say a suspect in the shooting detect
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-- death of a hell's angels is alive and well and on the run. well and on the run. this is a picture of steve ruiz and crystal. ruiz is a suspect and they say the other's life may be in danger, but they won't say why. last saturday a fight broke out at a funeral. ruiz shot and killed a man, another hell's angels. they say he has two black eyes and facial injuries consistent with being in a fight. >> after nine years of war president obama is promising that the end is near. all combat troops he says will be home by christmas. while not declaring victory, he said u.s. troops can leave iraq with their heads held high. >> today i can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years, america's war in iraq will be over. >> the thing that i wouldn't do
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that the president is doing is telling the enemy how many troops you are going to bring out and when you are going to bring them out. i don't think that's a good strategy. >> iraqi leaders wanted american troops to stay but warned that they would not be immune to prosecution. that was unacceptable to the white house or the pentagon. however, submarines will stay in iraq to guard the u.s. embassy in baghdad. to date the war in iraq has cost the lives of nearly 4500 american fighters and nearly 42,000 have been wounded. that is the human cost. in financial terms the united states has spent more than $700 billion on the war. there is debate about the timing of the withdrawal and whether ousting saddam hussein from power was worth it. johnathan bloom hears from those involved of >> you have to ask the question, what has this all been for? >> in the wars in afghanistan and iraq now, end the wars. >> for more than two decades richard helped organize protests
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against the first and second wars in iraq. though the troops are finally coming home, becker said his work is far from over. >> we wish the war was completely coming to an end, but the displacements the disunity, the disruption in iraq has not ended and thousands of cia contractors are going to stay in the country. >> his group, answer, represents soldiers who were ready for the war to end, like this army veteran, james schwartz. >> it's unattainable. there's no way to accomplish the mission. we went in there, got rid of saddam, and we've been there for ten years now and i don't see how we can finish anything. >> we didn't send enough people. we didn't properly equip them. and there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> that criticism comes from the former general of california's army national guard. after his troops were called up for duty, he struggled through red tape to get them radios and body armor. >> the drivers and the security people, nothing.
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i mean, parents were sending over, buying, you know, just themselves and sending over to the soldiers. >> monroe lost twelve of his soldiers and saw 36 come back wounded. >> what did they make their sacrifice for? >> for each other mostly. >> but one of monroe's officers who served in iraq said he hopes the sacrifice was also for something greater. >> during the year i was there, i really felt that we did make a difference. there were a lot of improvements we made and certainly there were some things that were hard but i think we left the place better than we found it and i was happy for that. >> though the troop withdrawal does not affect u.s. military bases in iraq's neighboring countries like kuwait, anti-war groups said they want to see the servicemen and women stationed there come home as well. but foreign policy experts say right now that's not likely. johnathan bloom, abc7 news. coming up next, the call for help this morning from berkeley's animal control after a dog is found shot dozens of time, but alive. also, a deer rescue. how a game warden freed the
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> this is one. those stories that's hard to understand a dog shot 38 times, but remarkably still alive. we report from berkeley. >> this is one-year-old pit bull daphne. she's shy and nervous around people but alive. the bare patches you see on her flank and chest are where pellets were removed. there are still two dozen in her body as you see in her x-rays. it was discovered as she was spayed this week. >> they noticed suspicious looking bumps and x-rayed her and found 38 bbs embedded in places around her body.
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>> she was found here. fernando berkeley marina. the animals services person said whoever did this has no respect for life. last march they found two other pit bull pups, believed to be her sisters, also in the marine ma and one had pellets that were removed. both were placed with families but they will brought in to get x-rayed in case they were shot multiple times. >> they said they spent $500 taking 8 of the pellets out of daphne but they will need thousands of dollars more to get out the rest. >> it is probably more than one virgin because of the length dtime it will take to find them. surgeries are quite expensive. >> it may cost thousands of dollars, money the shelter doesn't have. if daphne is to survive and be available for adoption, the pellets have to come out. john was at the marina walking his dog. he wonders what would motivate the shooter. >> i can't imagine. i mean, what was it, a game, or were they trying to put the animal down?
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there were easier ways that do it than shooting. >> if anyone has information on daphne's owner or wishes to donate to cover surgery expenses they can contact berkeley animal services. in berkeley, abc7 news >> this morning a deer is free after getting tangled up in a rope swing. the fish and game came to the rescue with a dart gun to first train quill lies the animal. >> right in the shoulder. >> we are going to try to obviously get him freed and get him released in a place where it is safe. >> the neighbor's garden hose helped cool the deer that became overheated during the ordeal. they say removing the antlers will help prolong his life because he will no longer be a target of law-abiding hunters. he was then taken to a nearby golf course and released. today about 50 gun rights advocates are planning to protest governor brown's decision to sign a bill into the law that outlaws the open
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carrying of unloaded handguns in public. the group, responsible citizens of california, will protest at the bay fair mall at noon today. the open carry of so-called long guns are not banned under the new law which takes effect january 1st. governor brown signed the bill earlier this month. they say it violate their rights to carry weapons under the second amendment. >> i was thinking about the deer caught in the rope safe. releasing him on the golf course, i'm not sure that makes him safer, especially with golfers by myself. you don't know who you will hit. >> today a great day for outdoor activities. we are talking about temperatures above normal. it's the fall warmth, and it really should be pleasant out there. we are talking mid-40s in the north bay valleys and mid-to upper 50s elsewhere. how long the warming trend will last, that's coming up. >> and raiders head coach hugh
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jackson said he has yet to decide who he will start as quarterback on my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwash in our home.
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[ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. wonderful fall weather, but would you if someone suggested that as a description? >> yeah, i would. >> okay.
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>> it's okay to do that. >> we have a second on the motion. that's good. >> we have had a little rain. we are looking at a warming trend. although next week we are getting into a strong offshore flow. this weekend a moderate offshore flow. as we head outside it's dark. the peak, we are looking at conditions that will continue to bring in a little bit of ground fog. we have a moisture air mass with half-mile visibility in half moon bay. santa rosa. and clear elsewhere and throughout the morning hours the temperatures will drop maybe another degree or two. that sun coming up 7:25. then we will begin to recover. then look for light winds today. the sea breeze will pick up this afternoon at the coast. 56 in redwood city, 57 mount taken view and 55 in san jose. you notice the mid-40s in our north bay valleys. so with those longer nights out there, we are definitely looking at that moisture in the atmosphere throughout the morning hours. but other than that, we are talking clear conditions and with that sunshine, recovering
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and drying things out. a mild to warm weekend. >> today will be the warmer day at the coast because our high will begin to shift a little bit tomorrow. and then a weak area of low pressure moves in and that will send up holly windy condition was the stronger offshore flow and higher fire danger into the early to middle part of next week. usually there's fog throughout the overnight hours. just that moisture and the patchy ground fog this morning. so as a result, full sunshine today with 60s at our coast, 70s across the bay, and even some 70s in san francisco. 80s returning to the north bay and the east bay with a few south bay numbers, climbing into the low to mid-80s. here's a look at the water vapor imagery. notice most of the cloud cover heading well to the north and that's due to several areas of high pressure building in at the surface, the upper levels of the atmosphere. the actual center of the high right over the bay area today. and that will allow for the warming trend. we are talking not only above normal but five to ten degrees
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above normal for late august. in fact, the next several days we are going to stay dry. minor changes day-to-day with a little bit of cooling at our coast tomorrow. 82 in los angeles. a beautiful day there with 83 in sacramento. and back home we are looking at more mid-80s in the south bay. so as you head ward here, 84, saratoga 84, 88 menlo park. and partly cloudy this afternoon. 66 in the sunset district. not too many clouds here with 71 downtown. 82 petaluma, 83 napa. near east bay numbers rank from 74 in richmond to the low 80s from union city to fremont and out every the hills mid-80s, danville and pleasanton. 84 walnut creek. clear and mild with the warm numbers towards gilroy. 86 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a warming trend getting underway for the weekend. a little cooler tomorrow, especially at the coast. and then gusty winds come monday
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night into wednesday, and that will keep everyone on edge and alert for high fire danger. other than that, it should be a nice stretch of weather. >> all right, lisa, thanks very much. well, dan harris joins us from new york to tell because is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." dan, good to see you. >> hello. coming up, huge, i would say historic news. after nine years the war in iraq is just months away from being over. president obama said by then of this year all american troops will be out of iraq and home for the holidays. so did we win this war? what's going to happen next in iraq? also coming up, new twists in the search for the missing baby in kansas city. a cadaver dog has picked up the accident of huh man remains inside the parents bedroom. and also shocking statement the mom made to police the night her daughter went missing. and lindsay lohan finally made it to the morgue for community service as part of her
6:22 am
shoplifting rap. but why did her lunch order get her in so much trouble? and finally, my co-pilot on the weekend, she caught up with reese weatherspoon spoon. she's talks about her new marriage and her newest cause. eats coming up this saturday morning. terry, i hope you join us. >> about lindsay lohan -- >> yes. >> could you give us a hint as to her lunch order? >> we are calling it around here cupcake gate. i'll leave it at that. >> we will leave it at that, dan. i appreciate it. thanks very much. >> see you later. >> all right. in sports, samford and cal both at home today at four. you have the bears against utah at at&t. and the cardinals take on number 25 washington at five. the raiders still aren't saying who will be the starting quarterback tomorrow against kansas city. here's collin with the sports.
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>> good morning. hu jackson is playing it close to the vest. his thinking why show my hand before i have to, despite reports that he would announce a starting quarterback for sunday's game against kansas city on friday, jackson said it will be a game-time decision. kyle, he seemed to be the save pick here with solid in relief of jason campbell last weekend but carson palmer, a two-time pro bowler, he was brought to oakland for one reason, to get the raiders to the playoffs. both men split the reps this week. >> i'm not in a rush. i am going to watch this tape, watch the practice tape, sit down, meet with my staff, talk to upper management, and martin davis, and make the right decision. >> we don't know what's going to happen but whoever is in there, we have to have his back. we have to have each other's back. we are all family. if kyle is the guy, we are going to back him. if koss is the guy, we will back him or whoever it is, it don't matter. >> jackson says he knows he is going to start but he didn't
6:24 am
want to tell the media yet. but perhaps more important is who will handle the kicking duties. sebastian is questionable with a sore left hamstring. the raiders worked out three kickers friday afternoon as insurance. >> again, i'm not going to make any skies. -- any excuses. if he can't go, he can't go. we will get somebody who can. >> dana, the most experienced of the three, worked out yesterday. and a battle of pac-12s unbeatens. washington rolls into town. a match-up. high-powered offenses with nfl tight ends like colby and the quarterbacks. everyone knows about andrew luck, 18 touchdown passes this year, heisman candidate, but keith price for the dogs. unknown to most, he has 21 touchdown passes. they are talking heisman for him in seattle. >> oh, man, that's correct is crazy because just a couple weeks ago that was not there. i'm not worried about that, i'm worried about this week. >> you have been a cool customer. he got hit a couple times, he
6:25 am
bounces back and he will stay in the pocket and throw the ball with accuracy. and more than anything, i'm impressed. i'm impressed that the young quarterback can play at the level he's playing at. i think the ceiling for him is very high. >> a crucial game tonight at&t park. cal and utah, identical records. 3ive 3. a win critical tore both squads to have a shot at a postseason bowl bid. the bears, they need to turn it around. they have lost three in a row. never in his nine year tenure as head coach has ted ford lost four straight. >> an opportunity for us to go out and play our best football. it's not about the big picture, it's about this week. we understand completely that utah is a great football team. stanford and utah can be seen here at 5:00. after the game we have the post-game reaction. and back in the studio larry beil will be joined by mike mcentire. cal fans, don't worry, we will have post-game reaction from the bears as well.
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>> the sharks have lost three straight. the devils have won three straight. something had to give last night in new jersey. the proud parents of joe thornton in attendance. they watched his son play his 1,000th career game. trailing in the third period, joe on cue, five-hole for the goal. his first of the season. 63 seconds later the sharks tie it up. off the skates of ryane clowe and in. tied. levels retake the lead and then joe thornton centers, the rebound, to overtime and beyond it would go. shootout time. ryane clowe for the win. 4-3. san jose's first win in jersey since 2000. the road trip continues in boston against the defending stanley cup champions bruins. that's your morning sports. be sure to tune in today at 4:00. larry beil with a complete day in college football. until then, i'm collin refresh. have a good day, everyone.
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>> next another 6:30 president obama announces the war in iraq is coming to an end. find out what he says is our greatest challenge as a nation. also an east bay charter school is making great strides. we will show you how they have beaten the odds [ mom ] hey guys. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are an irresistible sunday morning idea. nothing calls them to the table faster. sunday morning ideas made easy. in 15 minutes, [ female announcer ] you call that bread? you can serve some warmth with your bread. and some flavor with your bread. and some layers with your bread. if you're serving bread honey, then serve it. grands! dinner ideas made easy.
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>> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney w the death of libyan dictator, gadhafi, and
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the announcement the war in iraq is coming to an end, president obama weekly addressed calls for refocusing on creating jobs at home. he' announced yesterday all u.s. troops would be out of iraq by the end of the year. he said the u.s. objectives were achieved without putting people in harm's way. and the u.s. begins drawing down norse afghanistan. >> over the past decade we spent $1 trillion on war, borrowed heavily from overseas and invested too little in the greatest source of our national strength, our own people. now the nation we need to build is our own. we have to tackle this challenge with the same urgency and the same unity our troops brought to their fight. mr. obama again calls on congress to pass the american jobs act. the republican response urges the passage of a gop alternative to the president's $447 billion plan. >> the state department of prisons has begun sending out
6:31 am
26,000 layoff notices to prison employees. this includes guards and other classify indications. the notices affect employees with less than ten years on the job. the new law passed by governor brown shifts lower level offenders to county jails, which makes for fewer prisoners in the state system. skiers will soon be flocking to lake tahoe and seasonal workers or sorely needed. heavenly, kirkwood, north star, sierra, tahoe are all holding job fares today. they don't want only want lift operators, food and beverage clerks, ski school, parking attendants are also needed. job fair times vary at each resorts. other resorts will hold similar events next month. >> california's unemployment rate has taken another ever so slight down turn. it fell two tenths of a point in
6:32 am
september to 11.9%. employers added almost 12,000 jobs last month. however, the bay area job his rate is well below the state average. marin county was the lowest at 7.4%, san francisco 8.3%. now, if you are one of those looking for a job, we are here to help. our next hire event job fair is tuesday, november 8th. abc7 is co-sponsor the fair with the job journal. it will be held at the center concord in concord from noon too four. you can find more details on under "see it on tv." not every high school in the bay area can say it's entire graduating class was accepted to four year colleges. very few can. but cal prep is now the top performing high school in berkeley. as abc7 reporter leeann reports, most come from underserved communities. >> cal prep is a partnership between aspired public charter schools and u.c. berkeley. their college experience begins in high school. every student here must have 15 college credits to graduate. >> i think i took four different college classes in my freshman year.
6:33 am
>> graduate students from u.c. berkeley come to this high school to teach college course or to tutor. also once a week some students are allowed to walk to u.c. berkeley, less than a of mile away, to audit a class. they are preparing students not only to be college ready but college successful. >> the retention rate for first-year students, especially of our demographic, is so low, and we don't want students to work this hard to get into college and then drop out. >> cal prep is an aspired public school, one of the largest nonprofit college school organizations in the nation. their academic strategy sets them apart. once a week teachers assess each student. >> if i'm having a problem supporting a student and i can't figure out what works for them, then i can go ask their english teacher where they have an a and say what do i need to know so i can support them? >> class participation is mandatory. and those rubber ducks tossed at them insure each student understands the material. >> in this classroom they are
6:34 am
there and they have to participate because the conversation doesn't move until everyone is working on the content at hand. >> california's superintendent of public schools says he wants to take those strategies that are working and apply them at other schools. >> what we want to do is compare the success elements of a school that is having its test scores and children thriving academically. >> a state-wide education symposium is scheduled for next march. in berkeley, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> lowsa is here with weather. and also later on we will talk about the fire danger in the middle ever all the chilly morning weather. >> 'tis the season for sure. we are looking at an offshore flow. warmer today. atmosphere drying out over the next several days. we have mid-40s in the north bay valleys, 50s elsewhere. the warming trend, the offshore flow and your forecast all
6:35 am
straight ahead. >> also ahead, bay area scientists on a mission to rescue the reefs. this morning we show you one of the ocean's tiniest
6:36 am
6:37 am
heavy metal music may not be for everyone, but in some parts of the world the head banging sound is actually illegal. there are places where heavy metal artists are threatened
6:38 am
with violence and prison. we report on an east bay musician trying to rescue them. >> this is heavy metal via teran, and for 23-year-old ziran, being a heavy metal musician made him a target of his own government. >> if you are walking on the street with long hair and some black metal t-shirt, they will arrest you. they cut your hair. they have scissors. >> he said he was beaten pretty badly after an arrest, but instead of taking off the heavy metal shirt and sheering his hair, he escaped. it was this youtube video of him playing in a dark room that got the attention of chris contose. >> and this kid was out of control on the guitar. he was doing things that are bay area bread stylistically. >> with chris' help he now calls the east bay home. he is the fonder of a group called the alliance for art
6:39 am
efforts rescues or "afar" for short. it is to aid heavy metal musicians who are being persecuted in their home countries for their music and their message. >> they say we are oppressed and satanic and they are all these things they want to throw on us and most of us aren't. >> right now he is hosting a south african group called "contrast the water." the heavy metal growling is shocking in south africa but it's their political message about the violence there that put them on the government's radar. >> we have the most. liberal constitutional governments in the world and we live in one of the most oppressed governments in the world. >> they don't want to abandon south africa. instead he hopes to get them signed to a during label and keep them during outside of south africa where they are safe from attack. >> if you are endangered from the music you play and the music you are talking about, we will help you get out. >> in oakland, abc7 news.
6:40 am
>> well, you get that last little vocal in there right before we bo into weather. >> why not. >> it gets you psyched up. >> so i feel it. so it does the weather because we are talking a warm, offshore flow. next week we are getting into a high fire danger and very gusty winds. this weekend just very pleasant. a live look outside. here's the roof camera. sun at 7:25, setting 6:53. ten thundershowers, 53 minutes of date. mild visibility from the coast to parts of the valley. we are talking about temperatures a good 15-degree spread this morning due to the moisture air keeping the temperatures up in the mid-and upper 50s. but where it's drying out, and we've had more time for the numbers to drop with the calm winds, and 51 half moon bay. clear and cool this morning.
6:41 am
that will translate into a mild and warm weekend with today slightly warmer and tomorrow that sea breeze coming back a little bit stronger, although the west winds will be with us this afternoon at our beaches w he are talking pretty windy conditions starting as soon as monday night, right on through the middle of next week. so today the fog will be there, and temperatures will be kept in check in the 60s. but you travel just a couple miles from the coast, and the numbers really begin to warm. we are talking 70s across the bay and a return to low to mid-80s. subtle changes for the rest of the weekend with the sea breeze and then we are talking a strong offshore flow. here's a look at the pacific satellite picture. take a look at the clouds well to the north. we have a huge dome of high pressure at the surface and aloft that is centered right over the bay area. so with that, high and dry conditions. the moisture from this morning really eroding quickly, and we will be looking at great
6:42 am
visibility. a very comfortable day out there. getting warm in the inland valleys with temperatures above average. we are talking as much as five to ten degrees above average. so definitely on the warmer side for today. across the state, yeah, the trend continues with 80 yosemite, 82 los angeles. a little fog again at the coast but it's going to be pushed just offshore for the most part. 85 in chico, and taking you back home we will see the warmest numbers, some of the warmest numbers in the higher elevations with the winds are blowing with mid-60s. and 84 saratoga, 80 redwood city. the sea breeze in the afternoon keeping numbers in the mid-60s. 77 san mateo with 70 in south city. and in the north bay the northerly winds, a slight offshore flow bringing santa rosa up to 84. 85 in calistoga. a gorgeous day in berkeley, 75. 82 for you in fremont today. and out over the hills, 85 for
6:43 am
antioch and danville today with dublin and walnut creek about 84. down by the monterey bay, lots of sun. look at that. 76 degrees in santa cruz. the accuweather 7 day forecast, 60s, upper 60s with mostly sunny conditions at the coast, a little fog here and there, low 80s around the bay, mid-80s inland. a sea breeze tomorrow. gusty winds come monday night, into tuesday. we are talking strong offshore flow. we will have to watch to see if there are advisories for a high fire danger perhaps midweek. >> thanks a lot. >> the world's corral reefs are in trouble.
6:44 am
scientists say 70% of the reefs could be gone in 15 years and that's why the california academy of sciences sent an expedition to what may be the richest reefs in the world. they are in the philippines. abc7 news made the trip as well and we are taking you along. here's dan with the assignment 7 report. >> the corral reefs in the central philippines are believed to have more species of life than any other ocean system in the world. scientists are here to test that theory and to look for new species. an academy photographer shot this underwater video of research that could help save the reefs before it's too late. >> it should bring international conservation attention to this area. >> healey hamilton is a conservation biologist trying to turn research on biodiversity into practice solutions to protect the planet. she's also an expert on sea horses and their cousins called pipe fish. interesting little creatures. they can't open their mouths. >> all have tube snout through which they suck in a rapid and strong motion. >> philippines pipe fish are not well-known and the team is finding a wide variety. each one gets the tip of its tail clipped for dna analysis. >> it's going to grow back and he's going to be fine. >> another exciting find, on the branches of giant sea fans, big
6:45 am
piggmy sea horses less than an inch long perfectly camouflaged to match the color of their host. all these creatures, and the others, who depend to on roar corral reefs are threatened by climate change and pollution and other things. meet tuffy, a sea horse that's about to become an ambassador for the ocean. it's an important job, but first he has to spend the night a bucket. >> he's a pregnant male. that is right, pregnant male. >> in sea horses males actually give birth. the female deposits the eggs in the belly of the male. >> and you can see his pouch is filled with little baby sea horses. >> we may call them sea horses but they are actually fish. they secure themselves by wrapping their tails around things, in this case an oxygen tube. in the morning tuffy's real adventure starts. first a bouncy car ride and then a steep staircase. finally he's a celebrity guest of this meeting at local
6:46 am
community leaders and teachers. this is a key part of the exhibition. academy of filipino scientists sharing what they are learning, becoming partners in conservation with the local community. >> give them a more sense of pride to actually protect what is in here. >> at this meeting the local mayor is delighted by news that his town may be in the middle of the world's richest corral reefs. >> it would showcase my town. that's one of the best nations in the country, if not the entire world. >> he pledges to do what he can for conservation. the next day tuffy's work is done, and he's released. 70 feet deep, just where he belongs. >> i hope so much that he's able to give birth to his belly full of babies and live a happy life. dan tells us the academy scientists believe they discovered as many as 500 new species. and we will share it all with you in an hour-long special. join dan ashley for reefs to
6:47 am
rain forests, the great expedition. that's tonight at 10:00. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> a woman is shocked when the glass on her oven door suddenly explodes. i'm michael finney.
6:48 am
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>> if a glass breaks usually you know why. one bay woman area was shocked when the glass on her oven door exploded apparently for no reason. michael finney investigated. >> martha cavanaugh is showing us what is left of her oven door. it used to have a glass shield over the metal face until the day it blew off. >> i heard this big noise like a boom.
6:50 am
i thought maybe somebody hit the house. >> it happened when martha was alone in the house getting dressed for a wedding. she heard the loud noise and went into the kitchen. >> the first thing i saw my floor was full of all this white stuff. i couldn't believe my eyes. >> it took a minute to realize the glass had blown off the door of her 7-year-old general electric oven. millions of tiny fragments were scattered in all directions. here martha shows us the pieces, six pounds of broken glass swept into this shopping bag. >> basically the oven door spontaneously exploded. >> martha's son, tim, said it happened for no apparent reason. they hadn't used the oven two days. no one was even in the kitchen. still, their home warranty company would not cover the repair, saying someone muff whacked it. they claimed it broke due to physical force. martha said no way. >> like i would hit the oven or something hit the oven. no. >> martha called general
6:51 am
electric and it offered to send out a technician for a fee. martha said she shouldn't have to pay. >> he said let's try 7 on your side. >> they did contact us and we got a hole of general electric. they told us indeed the glass on a range can suddenly shattered if it has been somehow damaged beforehand. ge also said the glass may not actually break until long after the damage was done, even months later. the company said ge warns consumers about inadvertent damage to glass oven doors, including the potential for broken or shattered glass. they said avoid scratching are impacting glass doors, cook tops or control panels. doing so may lead to glass breakage. ge did not say how bad the damage must be to result in shattering. they said breaks are very rare but they use tempered glass designed to break safely if it breaks.
6:52 am
>> glass breaks, but usually it has to be hit. tony has been repairing appliances for 30 years. he said the most vulnerable glass is the piece inside the door, especially after running a self-cleaning cycle. >> the outer glass doesn't are break that often. >> she is sure she didn't damage the door. however, after we got involved ge did replace her free and for free. >> it really does work to call 7 on your side. >> the consumer product safety commission says there is no recall for this problem. now we would like to thank ge for really stepping up to the plate and fixing things. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up next, the origins of bling. a rare glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of india's royal past.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $48 million megamillions drawing. 6, 2 is, 35, 37, 38. the meganumber 17. nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackpot estimated at $57 million. an eye-popping exhibit, called maharaja, the splendor of india as you royal courts premarried yesterday in san francisco. don sanchez calls it a dazzling trip inside india's kingdoms.
6:56 am
>> second tallal, opulent, 250 years of india's art from jewelry to clothing. exploring a culture often steeped in mystique. >> it tells stories and that's what makes inanimate objects come to life. >> ma raw rages or great kings, their lives were extravagant, but they were also political leaders. >> may have defied the taste, and religious duties and worldly pleasures. >> and patrons of the arts look for artistic excellence from jewelry, to detailed wedding dresses, even furniture. their means of transportation could be unconventional. elephant, and this is the throne they would ride. then there's the eye-popping carriage, completely clad in silver. a lot of detail. it weighs 3,000 pounds. a highlight of grand procession. and this is a necklace of nearly 3,000 diamonds. that yellow one is the seventh largest polished diamond in the
6:57 am
world. it's the biggest work he has done for one client. >> this necklace reflects the lavish lifestyle of and shows their wealth and power. but also their absolute power. >> they were the rulers of their kingdoms. they were the highest public figures for their constituency, for their people. ruling from this, the royal seat of power. there is definitely a show biz look to this exhibit. timely as the asian reinvents itself. >> the best looks are from asia that often have not been shown before. >> the exhibit comes from london's victoria and albert museum. it will be here through april 8th. don sanchez, abc7 news. >> one last look at weather. here's lisa. >> we are talking clear conditions. ground fog in the north bay with 40s root now. later on today san francisco will warn to 71 degrees under
6:58 am
sunny skies. 83 in san jose. if you think the numbers look warmer, yes, they will be warmer today. 82 in vallejo, five to ten degrees of warming. slightly cooler coast side tomorrow and then stronger winds next week. dry right through the end of next week. >> all right, lisa. thanks for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. our next newscast starts at 8:00 a.m. keep track of the latest breaking news on with ther at abc news bay area. you can talk about it all you you can talk about it all you want at fac the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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