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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  October 22, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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into the news this saturday morning, october 22, hundreds of occupy oakland demonstrators is defying a deadline to get out. president obama says all u.s. troops will be withdrawn from iraq by the end of the year. good morning. waking up to a little bit of dense fog coastside but take a look, beautiful sunny start to your saturday and temperatures warming this weekend. i'm terry mcsweeney. hundreds of occupy oakland demonstrators remain camped out at the plaza. they are ignoring warnings to vacate saying they will not be forced from their peaceful assembly. they say the problem is growing rat infestation and trash and
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physical damage from the 11 day takeover. they stayed past the 10:00 p.m. deadline but they believe police will use force to move in. >> at about 4:30 this morning, san jose police arrested two protestors and cited a third for illegal camping at city hall. lisa amin gulezian reports demonstrators are ready to fight the charges including having a legal team standing by after a similar sweep yesterday sent eight protestors to jail. >> our bail was $3500. >> the occupy san jose movement isn't stopping, even though san jose police arrested eight protestors for camping on city hall grounds without a permit. >> they brought the paddy wagons and started taking to us jail. >> the tints are backs and so is the movement. >> and the message is spreading. san jose's occupy movement like
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many others is open to interpretation, rebecca is a parent. >> my husband and i have a mortgage we can't afford and we have two kids and we can't afford to get the older one in preschool. >> but the movement is about stopping injustice. last night's arrests and removal of a peaceful demonstration just outraged me. >> san jose police insist the arrests were warranted because of health and sanitary concerns. a police spokesman says more arrests for camping are very likely. >> instead, more tents went up and the protests grew. they moved to bank of america. >> i've been uncomfortable being a bank of america customer basically since the economy changed. >> the movement inspired this
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long time bank of america customer to act. she closed three accounts. >> this is very well organized group. in fact there is already an occupy san jose legal team in place. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." in san francisco, members of occupy sf tweeted they got apprehensive last night when fire inspectors looked at the camp. inspectors left without incident. earlier, tom morello entertained the crowd. >> the chp is investigating a fatal crash at 880 that blocked lanes in both directions for nearly three hours this morning. chp says the initial crash was minor, no injuries, then some good samaritans stopped to try to help. they wound up being injured when a car slammed into theirs. one woman died at the scene. officers couldn't say how many
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others were injured but several were rushed to several local hospitals. >> at least two small earthquakes rattled the bay area overnight, aftershocks to a pair of stronger quakes on thursday. first one hit after midnight, 2.8 followed by a 2.5 at 12:45. people from vallejo to sunnyvale and san francisco to concord said they felt the shalk go. the pair of earthquakes of 3.8 and 4.0 were centered on the hayward fault. >> you can find a guide and earthquake tracker by visiting our website at in san jose a suspect in the suspect in the shooting death of a hells angers jell is alive and on the run. ruiz is the suspect and homicide investors say tru his life may
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be in danger. a hells angel was killed in a nevada casino. they shot and killed a man, another hells angels. they say he has two black eyes consistent with being in a fight. >> after nine years of war in iraq, president obama is promising the end is near. all combat troops, he says, will be home by christmas. the president did say u.s. troops can leave iraq with their heads held high. >> today i can report as promised the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the independent of the year. after nearly nine years america's war in iraq will be over. >> the thing i wouldn't do that the president is telling the enemy how many troops you are going to bring out and when you are going to bring them out. i don't think that is good strategy. >> iraq military wanted troops to stay but warned they would not be immune to prosecution.
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that was unacceptable to the white house and pentagon, however some marines will stay in iraq around baghdad. the war has cost 4400 american fighters and more than 32,000 have been wounded. and the united states have spent more than $700 billion on the war. now, the debate about the timing of the withdrawal and ousting s utah utah was worth -- saddam hussein was worth it. you have to ask the question what has it been for. >> the wars in afghanistan and iraq for now. >> for more than two decades, he helped organize protests against the first and second wars in iraq. though are troops are finally coming home, he says the work is far from over. >> we wish it was completely coming to an end but displacement, the disunity, disruption has not ended and thousands of c.i.a. contractors
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are going to stay in the country. >> his group represented soldiers who are ready for the war to end like james schwartz. >> mission, it's unattainable. there is no way to accomplish the mission. we went in there, we got rid of saddam. we've been there for ten years. i don't see how we can finish anything. >> we didn't send enough people. we didn't properly equip them. there were no weapons of mass destruction. >> that criticism comes from a former general of the army national guard after his troops were called you up for duty, he wrote struggled through red tape to get them radios and body armor. >> the driver and security people basically have nothing. i mean parents were sending over things for themselves. >> he lost 12 of his soldiers and saw 36 come back wounded. >> what did they make their
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sacrifice for? >> for each other, mostly. >> one of his officers who served in iraq says he hopes the sacrifice was for something greater. >> during the year i was there, i think we made a lot of difference. there were a lot of difference and there were things that were hard but we left it better than we found it. >> the troop withdrawal does not affect u.s. military bases in neighboring countries like cue wait, they want to see the men and women come whom as well but foreign policy experts says it's not likely. >> coming up next, a call for help this morning from berkeley's animal control after a dog is found shot dozens of times but now it's up to the public's generosity to keep him alive. also a deer rescue we want to ú ú ú ú
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in berkeley a dog has been found that has been shot more than three dozen times. she is still alive but her fate is in the hands of the public. tomas ramon reports. this is one-year-old pit bull. she is shy around people but alive. the patches you see on the flange and chest is where pellets were removed. there is more than two dozen in her body discovered in her body. >> they noticed suspicious looking bumps and x-rays found 38 bb's embedded in her body. >> she was found here. they say whoever did this has no respect for life. last march they found two other pit bull pups also in the marine. one had a few pellets that were
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removed. she says they will brought in to get x-rayed in case they were shot multiple times. >> they say they have spent $500 already but they need thousands more to get out of the rest. >> it's probably more than one surgery because of the length of time to find those. it's probably a series of surgeries. >> it may cost thousands of dollars. money the shelter doesn't have. if she is to survive the pellets have to come out. he wonders what could have motivated the shooter. >> i can't imagine -- was eight game? were they trying to put the animal down? >> if anyone has information on the owner or to cover surgery expenses, contact berkeley animal services. this morning a deer is free after getting it's antlers tied up in a rope swing.
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a fish and game warden came to the rescue with a dart gun. >> we're going to try to get him freed and then get him released in a safe place. >> a neighbor's garden hose help cool the deer. fish and game officials removing the antlers can actually help the deer live a lot longer. now law abiding hunters will not be hunting that deer. about 50 gun rights advocates are planning on protesting the carrying of handguns in public. the group will carry unloaded rifles and somethings in san leandro that will take place at noon. oakland carry of long guns, that
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is not banned under the new law that takes effect. governor brown signed the bill earlier this month. gun rights advocates the new law violates to carry weapons under the second amendment. >> super yachts will not get preferential viewing when they host america's cup yacht race. there was proposal to offer prime viewing spaces near the ferry building but they will allow them to berth along piers 14, 9 and 36. the plans for a 100 foot dock is concerned about blocking views for ordinary fans. speaking of viewing of the bay, got some good views right now. >> some yachting. >> are you going yachting? >> i'm not. >> but it's 60 in oakland. that is nice. contrast that to 46 in santa
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rosa. lots of blue sky, a little bit of patchy fog and warming trend, an offshore flow. temperatures above normal. your forecast is straight ahead. >> also next, jackson says he is yet to decide who is going to quarterback against the chiefs and who he needs to consult before he makes a decision. ;s
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welcome back on this saturday morning. wow! i know we see the bridge all the time. some of us see it every day. some of us see a couple times like. that a picture like that is spectacular. the blue water. great part of the world. lisa argen is here to agree with me on that. i think i'm safe with that. >> and we do have dense fog because high pressure is compressing the atmosphere. that is going to bring a warmer than average weekend but overall most be waking up to a lot of clear skies. isn't that nice? and novato, temperatures below freezing -- in nevada, tahoe
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airport, 30 degrees. what a range with highs near 70. a little breezy from this vantage point. this is mount tamalpais and winds out of north, up to 25 miles an hour. some neighborhoods we're getting that drying and warming already in the upper elevations. talk to you earlier about 61 degrees in oakland. these folks in the north bay, still quite chilly, numbers in the mid to upper 40s. temperatures elsewhere, pretty comfortable, mid and upper 50s. we will see a warmer day today. look at antioch, 64 degrees. some neighborhoods cooler, some warmer than they were 24 hours a day. we all will see mild to warm conditions this weekend. the coast will stay mild with a little bit of sea breeze, a stronger sea breeze tomorrow and then much stronger onshore flow comes our way monday night into thursday. we could be looking at some fire weather watches throughout this time period.
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but for the weekend, the offshore flow is a modest one. winds don't look to be that gusty. so it will dry out the atmosphere throughout the weekend. as a result we're looking at temperatures feeling quite warm today, especially in east bay. also south bay, touching low to mid 80s, far to the north as well around cloverdale but overall around the bay, talking 70s. our beaches will see some 60s. all due to high pressure, not only in the upper levels of the atmosphere, it's at the surface and allows for the storm track to ride well to the north. center of the high over the bay area. it begins to shift. it's a little west. it will begin shift slightly to the east. that will be enough to bring a little more of a sea breeze, maybe some fog but overall, we're talking warm weather through the next several days inland and then several changes as we head towards the early part of the week. 82 in los angeles today. 85 in fresno.
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30 in lake tahoe ending up to near 70 degrees today. 83 in sacramento with low to mid-80s from campbell and santa clara today. 55 in pacifica. 81 in palo alto. low 70s in san francisco. as you head to the north, a warm day for calistoga and santa rosa mid-80s there. 82 by the water in vallejo with 77 in oakland. 81 in castro valley. 80 in newark today. out over the hills, numbers will be warm from 85 in danville and pleasanton. no fog in monterey. 80 in salinas. seven-day forecast, temperatures well above the average but offshore flow today and tomorrow windy conditions, but staying dry throughout next week. this is a prolonged warm area. >> good heads up about the next
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week, fire danger. >> thanks. >> stanford and cal both at home. bears are playing utah at at&t. cardinals take on number 25, washington at 5:00. raiders who knows who is going to be the starting quarterback tomorrow. >> jackson is playing it close, why should i show my hand before i have to despite reports about starting quarterback on friday, jackson it will be a game-time decision. kyle boller seems to be relief. jason campbell but carson palmer he was brought to oakland for one reason to get the raiders to the playoffs. both men split reps this week. >> i'm note in a return. i'm going to watch this tape. meet with my staff, talk to upper management and make the
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right decision. >> we have to do it. we're going to back him. whatever he picks it didn't matter. >> he says he knows who wants to start but didn't want to tell the media just yet. >> but who will be handing the kicking duties, janikowski is questionable. they worked out three kickers friday afternoon as insurance. >> again, i'm not going to make any excuses, if he can't go, he can't go. >> david rainer, the most experienced of three that worked out yesterday. >> battle of pac-12 tonight at stanford stadium. cardinals with the biggest of the season, number 25 washington rolls into town. a match-up of high powered offenses and the quarterback, everybody knows about andrew
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luck. then there is steve pryce. he had 21 touchdown passes and they are talking about him in seattle. >> that is a couple weeks, i'm not worried about that, i'm just worried about this week. >> he bounces right back and he'll stay in the pocket and throw the ball with accuracy. >> i'm impressed, a young quarterback can play at the level he is playing at. >> crucial game tonight at at&t park. cal and utah identical 3-3 record. a win critical for both squads to have a postseason bowl bid. bears need to turn it around. they lost three in a row. never in nine-year tenure as head coach has he lost four straight. >> it's an opportunity to play our best football. it's not about the big picture,
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it's about this week. we understand completely that utah is immigrate football team. >> it can be seen at 5:00. after the game, mike shumann with postgame reaction, back here in the studio, larry beil will be joined by football coach. cal fans don't worry we will have postgame reaction from the bears. >> sharks have lost three state and devils lost three straight but proud parents of joe thorton watched their son playing the one thousandth career game. on two and for the goal, his first of the season. 63 seconds later. sharks tie it up. off the seat of ryan chloe, devils retake the lead and thorton center, pavelsky the rebound and shootout time.
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and here is chloe goes for the win and 4-3 and san jose first win and road trip continues in boston against the brew ichbs. that is morning sports. be sure to tune in today at 4:00 with larry beil. next at 8:30. president obama announces the war in iraq is coming to an end. find out what he says is greatest challenge to our nation. a charter school how they beat the odds
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good morning, with the death of libyan dictator moammar khadafy and the announcement that the war in iraq is coming to an end. president obama's address says he is focusing on creating jobs at home. all troops will be out by the end year. objectives were reached by putting people in harm's way and the death of osama bin laden and other recent strikes against al-qaeda will start to draw forces down in afghanistan. >> over the past delegate count aide we spent a trillion dollars on war and invested too little in the greatest source of our greatest strength our own
8:30 am
people. now, the nation we need to build is our own. we need to tackle this challenge as the troops brought to their fight. >> he called on congress to pass the american jobs act. republican response urges of a gop alternative to the president's $447 billion plan. >> workers are needed in tahoe, they are holding job fairs today and they don't only want lift operators, they need food and beverage clerks, instructors and parking attendants. job fair times vary at the resorts. >> and unemployment rate has taken another down turn. it fell to 11.9%. employers added almost 12,000 jobs last month. the bay area jobless rate well below the 11% state average.
8:31 am
marin county is lowest. san mateo, 8% and san francisco comes in at 8.3%. >> if you are one of those looking for a job, we are here to help. the job fair is on tuesday, november 8. abc is co-sponsoring the fair with the job journal. it will be held in concord from noon to 4:00. find more details at under see it on tv. not every high school in the bay area says the entire graduating class were accepted to four-year colleges but cal prep is now the top performing high school in berkeley. lyanne melendez explains, most of those students come from underserved communities. >> cal prep is a partnership between aspire public charter schools and u.c. berkeley. their college experience begins in high school. every student here must have 15 college credits to graduate.
8:32 am
>> i think i took four different classes in my first year. >> graduates come to this high school to teach college courses or to tutor. also, once a week some students are allowed to walk to u.c. berkeley less than a mile away to audit a class. >> the school says it's preparing students not only to be college ready but college successful. >> the retention rate for first year students, especially in our demographic is so low and we don't want students to work hard to get into college and then drop out. >> it's an inspired public school, one of the largest organizations in the nation. their academic strategies sets them apart. once a week, teachers assess each student. >> if i have a problem supporting a student and what works for them i can go ask their english teacher where they have an "a" and ask them. >> class participation is
8:33 am
mandatory and rubber ducks is for each student understands the material. >> they are there and they have to participate because the conversation doesn't move until everyone is working on the problem at hand. >> the superintendent of schools says he wants to take those strategies that are working and apply them at other schools. >> what we want to do is compare the success element after school that is having its test scores and children thriving academically. >> a symposium is scheduled for next march. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> it's going to be a nice day. out towards treasure island from the embarcadero. beautiful out there. numbers coming up today. it's going to be warm weekend with an offshore flow. as you look at this pink you see the city. lots of sunshine. we're in the 50s. 40s to the north. we're talking recess across the bay in oakland.
8:34 am
so everyone will gain another five to ten degrees today. i'll show what you the rest of the weekend looks like next. >> bay area scientists on a mission to rescue the reefs. this morning we show you one of
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to the top of mount tamalpais we go. looking at san francisco. lots of things, you see the trees moving. the top of the golden gate
8:37 am
bridge and some clouds, meteorologist term. she will be shortly to explain it all and see what the forecast has in store. >> heavy metal music may not be for everyone but in some parts of the world it's actually illegal. there are places where they are threatened with violence and prison. here is a report on east bay musician trying to rescue them. >> this is heavy metal in tehran iran. 23-year-old being a heavy metal musician made him a target of his own government. >> if you are walking on the streets, metal t-shirt. >> he says he was beaten pretty badly after an arrest but instead of taking off the shirt, he escaped. with this youtube video from a
8:38 am
dark room that got the attention of chris cantos. >> this kid was out of control on the guitar. he was doing things that our bay area stylistic kli li. >> he calls it home. the founder the group for alliance for artists rescue or afar. the mission is to aid heavy metal musicians significance that are being oppressed. >> we are oppressed and we are san tack tan i can and most of us aren't. >> he is hosting a south african group called contact the water. the heavy metal growling and screaming is shocking in south africa but the political message that has put them on the
8:39 am
government's radar. >> we are living in one of the most oppressed countries in the world. >> they don't want to abandon south africa but he hopes to get them signed to a recording label and keep them touring outside of south africa. >> if you are in danger are beat beaten from the music you are talking about, we'll help you get out. ♪ >> lisa is here to talk about the spotto cloud i guess. >> very little fog out there. >> and three-mile visibility in half moon bay. gorgeous conditions, look at santa cruz, or tomorrow, a little more of a sea breeze tomorrow. low 50s right now, going up to a high in the 70s. in fact we're going to look at an offshore flow throughout the
8:40 am
bay area in terms of this weekend but into next week, as well. enjoy it out there. 55 in redwood city. 48 in napa and 46 in novato. 60s from oakland to a antioch and 55 in redwood city. so wide range this morning. sun was up at 7:25 so long nights, clear sky, calm winds and we've got a big high pressure ridge over the bay area allowing a mild to warm weekend. then a little trough visits us next week. locally windy conditions and perhaps high fire danger. here is the temperature profile. you see the fog and today, just patches of it along the coast. that is why numbers will be temperate in the 60s but we are on our way to more 70s, in east bay locations, oakland and berkeley. beyond that we're talking 80s, that is above normal. normal highs should be in the upper 70s for santa rosa. also for parts of the santa
8:41 am
clara valley. we will surpass those highs today. you can see why. satellite shows just about nothing going on. big ridge carving out a nice niche over the eastern pacific. that is deflecting the clouds and providing the wind shift. that is allowing for warming temperatures. some of the moist air during the overnight hours will be compressed and see some of the patchy fog early on. but by the afternoon beautiful couple of days and warm days. it's going to be very toasty as you head inland east bay. if you like that thing, will you like today and tomorrow. 75 in big sur. overnight lows, they have been chilly, below freezing in the northern sierra and back home, we'll see plenty of 80s today in the south bay. 82 in santa clara. look at the peninsula, low 80s here for palo alto, mountain view. knoll redwood city.
8:42 am
patches of fog, but a sunny day on our beaches. sea breeze keeping numbers in the mid 60s. low 70s both today and tomorrow. 85 calistoga. here is where we have the upper 70s from richmond, berkeley and oakland, heading south, into the low 80s. hayward nice day at 78. we're talking mid-80s for them in dublin. 86 in livermore. sunshine in santa cruz, 76 later on today. 80 in salinas. seven-day forecast, a little bit of a sea breeze tomorrow may bring the numbers down a degree or two. the winds you'll notice next week still dry but stronger offshore push and numbers bouncing back by the end of next week. so a pretty dry spell coming up. beautiful forecast. thanks. they are in trouble. scientists say 70% of the reefs could be gone in few years.
8:43 am
reefs are in the philippines, "abc 7 news" and we are taking you along. here is dan ashley. >> reporter: the coral reefs in the central philippines are believed to have more species of life than any other ecosystem in the world. scientists are here to test that theory and look for new species. a photographer shot this underwater video of research that could help save the reefs before it's too late. >> it could bring international conservation attention to this area. >> a conservation biologist trying to turn research on biodiversity into practically solutions to protect the planet. she is also an expert on sea horses and interesting little creatures. >> they all have huge snouts.
8:44 am
>> they are not well known and the steam finding a wide variety. each one gets the tip of the tail clipped for dna analysis. >> it's going to grow bang. >> another exciting find, on the sea horses less than an inch long, perfectly camouflaged to match their hosts. but all these creatures are threatened by pollution, destructive fishing methods and climate change. and meet a sea horse that is about to become an ambassador for the ocean. first he has to spend the night in a bucket. >> he is a pregnant male. >> in sea horses, males actually give birth. female deposits the eggs in the belly of the male. >> you can see his pouch filled with little baby sea horses.
8:45 am
>> they are actually fish. they secure themselves by wrapping tails around things. in this case an oxygen tube. in the morning, more. first a fancy car ride and then a steep staircase. finally he is a celebrity guest at local leaders and teachers. this is key part of the expedition. they are sharing what they are learning becoming partners in conservation with the local community. >> give them sense of pride to actually protect what is in here. >> at this meeting the local mayor is delighted by the news that his town may be in the middle of the richest coral reef. >> it's one of the best places. >> he does what he can for conservation. next work toughy is released,
8:46 am
just where he belongs. >> i hope he can give birth to his babies and live a happy life. >> he says the scientists believe they discovered as many as 500 new species. we will share all with you in an hour long special tonight. join us from reefs to rain forests tonight at 10:00. >> don't go away, "7 on your side" is next. >> a woman is shocked when the glass in our oven doors suddenly explodes.
8:47 am
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beautiful picture of san francisco, there is one from mount sutro and we're looking, you see the ocean and you see golden gate park all the way out to ocean beach. beautiful day here and beautiful day is going to stay here. says lisa argen. if a glass breaks, usually you know why. one bay area woman was shocked when the glass on her oven door exploded for no apparent reason. michael finney investigates. >> martha is showing what is left of her oven door. it used to have a glass shield over the metal face until the day it blew off. >> i heard this big noise like a boom. >> it happened when she was alone in the house getting dress afford wedding.
8:50 am
she heard the loud noise and went into the kitchen again. >> first thing i saw, my floor was all this white stuff. >> it took a minute to realize the glass this blown off the door of her 7-year-old general electric oven. millions of tiny fragments were scattered in all directions. here martha shows us the pieces, six pounds of broken glass. >> basically the oven door exploded. >> her son said it happened for no apparent reason, they hadn't used for two days. still their home warranty company would not cover the repairs saying someone must have whacked it. martha said no way. >> like i hit the oven or something hit the oven, no. >> he called general electric and offered to send out
8:51 am
technician for a fee but she said she didn't have to pay. they did contact us and we got a hold of general electric. company says, indeed, the glass on the range can suddenly shatter if it has been somehow damaged beforehand. they say the glass may not break until long after the damage was done, even months later. the company said g.e. warns consumers but inadvertent damage including potential for shattered glass in use of care. avoid scratching or impacting glass doors, cook tops or control panels. doing so may lead to glass breakage. they could not see how bad the damage must be to result in shattering. breaks are very rare but the company uses tempered glass just to be safe. tony has been repairing appliances for 30 years. most vulnerable glass is the
8:52 am
piece inside the oven door especially after running a cleaning cycle. martha is sure she didn't damage the door. however, after we got involved, g.e. stepped up and did replace her glass for free. >> it really does work to call "7 on your side." >> consumer products safety commission citizen there is no recall for this problem. we would like to thank g.e. for accepting up to the plate and fixing things. coming up next, the originst
8:53 am
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here is the winning numbers from last night's $48 million mega millions drawing. mega number was 17. nobody correctly picked all six numbers. speaking of big money, an eye popping exhibit called maharaj appeared at the asian art museum in san francisco. don sanchez calls it a dazzling trip inside india's kingdom. >> 250 years of india's past from artwork to clothing.
8:56 am
culture steeped in mystique. >> that is what makes objects come to life. >> their lives were extravagant. they were tie cal leaders. >>. >> and people looking for excellence, detailed wedding dresses even furniture. this is the throne they would ride. then the eye popping carriage in silver. a lot of detail. it weighs 3,000 pounds. another show stopper is a necklace of 3,000 diamonds. the yellow diamond is the 7th biggest in the world. >> this extraordinary necklace certainly reflects the lavish
8:57 am
lifestyle and those their immense wealth but also their absolute power. >> they were the rulers of their kingdom. they were the highest figures for the people. >> ruling from this, the royals seat of power. there is show business to this exhibit as asia reinvents itself. >> the best work of asia that has never been shown before. it will be here through april 8th. in san francisco, don sanchez, "abc 7 news". >> saying good things come in pairs seems to apply to a pair of indiana sisters. jessica and jennifer patterson are identical twins who became pregnant at the same time. people in the hometown were more shocked when the twins, not only went to labor simultaneously but gave birth on the same day at
8:58 am
the same hospital, nearly at the same time. and newborns even look alike. only difference one is a boy and one is a girl. we have a slight difference. >> slight difference for our weather. we'll see 71 in san francisco. 82 in fremont. tomorrow a little more sea breeze so cool at the coast. patchy deference fog. >> all right. thanks for joining us. next newscast is at 4:00. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter. you can talk about it as much as you want on have a great day.
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