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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 23, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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federal officials to step into the race.
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a frantic search for survivors tonight after a powerful 7.2 earthquake in eastern turkey. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. at least 138 people were killed along with hundreds injured, and those numbers are still rising. an untold number of victims are buried beneath collapsed buildings in a remote area. the 7.2 quake hit just after noon in eastern turkey near the border of iran. abc has the latest. >> reporter: here is the full force of the earthquake's violence wrecking this room, rocking the walls, toppling furniture, leaving it in frightening shambles.
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tens of thousands of panicked residents fled into the streets. dozens of buildings were knocked into piles of rubble. no one knows how many are trapped in the ruins. still reeling from the shock residents started frantic rescue efforts. those who couldn't find shovels used their bear hands. they said screams for help were coming from beneath the piles of wreckage. this woman was rescued, with the pain seared on her face. they could only comfort one another as they waited helplessly for word from family and friends. "there was a a lot of shaking" says this man. "i have relatives and i pray they come out alive and well." this man said, "we went to all of the hospitals, but haven't been able to find our friend." frequent aftershocks disrupted rescue efforts. turkey is one of the world's most active seismic zones. officials say casualty numbers will climb and understand h hospitalized and medical supplies are urgently needed.
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by night fall, power saws were brought in to cut through the debris as darkness added new difficulty to the rescue efforts. abc news. >> now, without electric -- electricity it has been hard to rescue loved ones in the earthquake zone. but thomas roman spoke to some bay area residents who were able to connect with bay area members. >> they were watching the tragedy unfold. we spoke to some turks who were trying to find out the condition of their family. but they know many of their relatives were missing in the rubble. >> i just wanted to cry, but i told myself crying wouldn't help me. >> they were watching the devastation and the recovery efforts playing on turkish television every day. they are struggling to contain their emotions. they are seeing people search the more than 900 buildings that the earthquake destroyed in the city and dozens of surrounding villages.
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he spoke to his father by cell phone this morning. >> my father he answered the phone. he said, we are okay. all of our family is good. but we have got a lot of relatives that are missing. >> the images are forming nightmarish images of what his family and friends are experiencing. >> all of those friends and relatives you have and they are under those concrete buildings suffering and probably most of them are dead by now. >> they are on the extreme east end. he doesn't hold out a lot of hope for the injured. the town's hospital can't handle the hundreds who are badly hurt. >> it is small, the closest it will be in van, 65 miles away
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from the town. >> he is a cook in san francisco, and he has a sister in the city of van. he was watching the flat screen tv in the restaurant all morning. through an interpreter he told us he can't reach her because phone lines are down in the city. all he can do is hope. he says his brother is on his way from washington, d.c. to turkey to deliver some supplies. he says they expect snow in the quake area this morning, and people are in serious need of blankets, coats and especially food. in the newsroom, thomas roman. >> thank you very much, thomas. here in san francisco, the coast guard has been searching the city's southern waterfront tonight for a missing kayaker now believed to be dead. they say he was kayaking with a friend when he disappeared around 3:00 this afternoon at pier80. his friend said the wake from a tugboat capsized the kayak and swept him under the pier. the fire department divers spent several hours looking for him. they were called off when the
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search was a recovery operation based on length of time the kayaker had been in the water. accusations of dirty politicians in san francisco. now seven mayoral candidates are asking the federal government to send monitors and observers to oversee next month's election. the candidates believe mayor ed lee's campaign is engaging in improper activities with can tau niece-speaking voters. they believe the voters were pre -- prevented from selecting a candidate other than lee. the seven candidates behind the letter are adachi, herrera, former supervisor makayla pier, joanne gnaw reece, leland ye e and chew and avalos. san jose police opened fire on a man today for the seventh time this year. today's shooting took place inside the extended stay deluxe hotel on east brokaw road.
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that's near mineta san jose airport. police went around 8:00 this morning to check out a suspicious armed man. that's when officers encountered a man laying down in a hallway. >> at one . the suspect actually came -- at one point the suspect came to. he made a threatening gesture to the officers and they took it as a threat and fired on the suspect. >> paramedics rushed the man to the hospital, but no details are being released about his condition. no officers were hurt. this is the seventh shooting by san jose officers which equals all of the officer-involved shootings in the past two years combined. officers say eddie halve oakland used -- hall of oakland used his van to run over a hells angel motorcycle in a fit of road rage. he dragged the motorcycle under the van for about a mile before he stopped on the shoulder of eastbound interstate 580. police arrested hall after he
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ran from the scene. it is incident closed i-580 down for 10 hours causing a huge back up. the name of the motorcyclist killed has not been released. >> investigators are not connecting that insurance department with the search to -- incident with the search for a hells angels member accused of killing another member. steve ruiz is wanted in the killing of steven tos se n. it happened at the funeral for the hells angels chapter president. officers got a tip that ruiz was at a house in stockton, but after a search he was nowhere inside. he is armed and dangerous and could be with his girlfriend whose name is crystal trujillo. the world can now watch the memorial service held for steve jobs last week at apple headquarters. mac users will see the over flow crowd of apple employees who gathered in cupertino last wednesday. pc users can see it shortly. it starts with a speech from apple ceo tim cook who replaced jobs earlier this
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year. cook described jobs as having, quote, the curiosity of a child and the mind of a genius. jobs died on october 5th after a battle with pancreatic cancer. tonight we are learning more about the life of steve jobs. a revealing new book about the apple co-founder comes out tomorrow. lilian kim has a preview. >> the biographer had unprecedented access. he conducted 40 interviews with steve jobs and the last took place weeks before he died. at books inc. in the castro district, copies of the book are ready to go. the authorized biography is titled "steve jobs." the book chain expects brisk sales. >> people are calling to see if they could pre order the book. >> the book goes on sale less than three weeks that jobs died of pancreatic cancer. his battle with the disease is one of the book's stunning revelations. the biographer said when jobs learned about his cancer in 2003 he delayed having surgery
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for nine months. it was a period in which the cancer had spread. >> i think he kind of felt that if you ignore something, if you don't want something to exist you can have imagine tall thinking. it worked in the past. he regret it. you know, he regretted some of the decisions he made. >> the book goes into detail about the apple ceo's contempt for bill gates and google which he equates android to grand theft of the iphone. >> i knew steve jobs was upset about google coming out with android phones which he felt ripped off the iphone. but i didn't know he wanted to go, quote, thermal nuclear against goog -- google. >> one of the most interesting story is how jobs and his biological father met in the 1980s before either knew they were related. his sister, mona, made the discovery after having tracked their father down. >> he says, i wish you could have seen me when i was running a bigger restaurant.
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i used to run one of the best restaurants in silicon valley. everybody used to come there, even steve jobs used to eat there. mona was taken a back and bites her tongue saying, steve jobs is your son. but she looked shocked. he said yeah, he was a great tiper. >> mona simpson later told jobs about the conversation and while jobs remembered meeting him, he never pursued a relationship with his biological father. isaac son will appear tomorrow on "good morning america." >> very interesting. a day of liberation. coming up, celebrations that erupt in libya following the death of muammar qaddafi. and protests on behalf of syria. what the demonstrators say they want. and at 11:30, an oven door suddenly explodes for no apparent reason. michael finney tracks down an explanation. >> hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we have clear skies out there and still some mild temperatures.
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some locations are still in the 60s. we will see the fog return at the coast overnight, and that will leave some cooler
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to thousands gathered in tripoli as the leader of the -- as it was declared free. it ends an eight-month civil war. today on abc's, they support transition into qaddafi's death. >> i fully support that.
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i think that the new libya needs to start with accountability, the rule of law, a sense of unity and reconciliation in order to build an inclusive democracy. >> if everything goes according to plan, libya will elect a parliament and a president within two years. bay area protesters showed their solidarity with protesters half a world away in syria today. dozens chanted and held signs in the union square following seven months of demonstrations in the streets of syria against the regime. the street violence killed 4500 syrians. they jailed at least 45,000 people for opposing. john mccain subjected that military action should be taken to protect civilians in syria. in san leandro, volunteers who helped build
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schools in afghanistan held a packing party today. the nonprofit called "trust in education" spent the afternoon packing up supplies. they boxed up jackets, blankets, hats, boots and scarves. they are trying to get americans directly involved in the reconstruction of afghanistan. and state workers gathered at six facilities across the north bay to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of napa state hospital technician donna gross. gross was killed by a patient who was declared criminally insane. since then several assaults have taken place against hospital employees. today napa state hospital workers called for critical staffing and safety measures that were promised after her death. >> it has been a year. i am still waiting. i am a little impatient about that. i don't think they have an intent to do that. they are hoping we just go away or we will forget.
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the workers say they are caring for maximum security inmates in a minimum security facility. san francisco police are looking for a thief who stole an historic church bell. this bell disappeared sometime early this morning from the front of saint mary's could you theed rail. it was part of the old saint mary's cathedral from the 1800's until that church burned down in 1962. the bell was saved and eventually placed on a pedastool in the parking lot of the new cathedral in the 1970s. a security guard says he last saw it around 2:00 this morning. today was a great day. do we have anymore of those coming up? >> we do. we will wait until tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will see a little cooling tomorrow. but it was a beautiful weekend. we are still seeing the clear sky out there. here is how it looks from the high definition east bay camera. also some mild temperatures. right now 67 degrees in antioch. we were in the 60s as well for livermore.
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63 in concord. san francisco right now 67. it is all because of those warm easterly winds still funneling through the bay there. in the north bay, starting to come down as the winds are starting to die off a bit. 59 in novato, 56 in napa and clear skies and mild temperatures at 69 degrees. here is a look at our highlights. mild overnight tonight with patchy coastal fog developing. the fog will mean slightly cooler temperatures for monday, and then we will go back to offshore winds as we head into tuesday and wednesday. that could possibly increase our fire danger, especially the higher elevations. here is a clear sky, a few high clouds off the coast. what you notice is the fog bank surging toward the north. it will take some time to get here. and then we will look for the fog to creep back in -- near the coast at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and possibly heading toward
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the golden gate bridge. inland communities will have a dry and also -- not a dry, but fog free monday morning commute. here is a look at our lows for this evening with the clear skies. santa rosa, napa and up toward cloverdale and even clear lake overnight tonight in the mid to upper 40s. cooler temperatures are there. elsewhere we will look for temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. san francisco down to 58 and we will go 59 for antioch. the set up the past couple days is we had a trough of low pressure off the coast. they would have to generate the warm offshore winds. it is pushing toward the east, and that will allow the return of the onshore winds. a cooler day and the fog will be with us. it is just one more day. by tuesday the high pressure is starting to build in, and that will bring us the circulation around the high. it will bring us more offshore winds once again by tuesday evening and wednesday morning. and that will mean the return of some warmer temperatures
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for us. also the possible built of some very gusty winds in the east bay hills on tuesday night and wednesday. but at least for tomorrow the temperatures come down. i don't think we will see a lot of 80s tomorrow. san jose 77. 75 for sunnyvale. there is the fog for half moon bay. you will come down into the 60s tomorrow. 75 for palo alto. the temperatures are quite mild. 70 for san francisco. in the north bay, we will look for temperatures in the 70s as well. santa rosa 77. 75 for napa. oakland 74. fremont 76. interior east bay a few 80s such as antioch and brentwood. 77 for concord and we will look for fog for santa cruz at 68 degrees. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, offshore winds return to the bay area tuesday and wednesday. that's when we look for gusty winds overnight and in the east bay hills and into wednesday morning, and then we will bring more fog next weekend and cool it back down a bit. >> thanks, leigh. there was a black hole in
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the quarterback position with the raiders today. >> it was take your pick today. carson palmer replaced in the second half. it was an ugly loss
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the raiders played who is our starting quarterback all week with boler and recently acquired carson palmer. it didn't matter because both were horrible in the loss to the chiefs. the raiders decided, you know what, kyle will start. picked off by kendrick lewis and she gone 59 yards the other way. just like that 7-0 kansas city. it is an ugly start. the next mow -- possession and he boler comes up limping with a sprained right foot and did not return. that's a huge loss for oakland. it gets worse. he continued to struggle. deep to moore and interest septembered by flowers and the chiefs turn that into six points. three picks in the first half. the second quarter and raiders with four shots in the five. direct snap to michael bush and he is stuffed on fourth down. 14-0 chiefs. now 21-0kc.
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carson palmer off the bench for the first time in his career. first half, complete over the middle for 18 yards. that's a good start. late him on palmer. he is okay, but the drive stalls. we go to the fourth and raiders looking for something positive, and this is not it. brandon flowers picks off palmer and takes it back. the chiefs score 21 points off turnovers and palmer with three interest interceptions. chiefs bury the raiders in their worst performance of the season. >> i was excited to be playing again, but with such a limited playbook when i'm in the game and little to no experience with the receivers, it definitely is an uncomfort 5b8 -- uncomfortable situation to be in. >> we couldn't get in a rhythm. obviously it was a bad situation for turnovers, trying to protect the win and doing that. it was unfortunate.
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>> a shake up in the bcs. lsu and bama at the time. oklahoma state and boise state move up a spot. clemson number five and stanford moves up to six. oregon and kansas state move up. well, the rangers got even with the cardinals in arlington. the texas pitcher shuts down the st. louis lineup. he got some help. stick around baseball fans.
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good pitching will usually always win you a ballgame, especially this time of year. game four of the world series in arlington where the rangers' pitcher proves my point. former president bush throwing out the first pitch. nolan ryan throwing out the first one. first inning and hamilton rips a double to right. 1-0 rangers. we go to the 6th and tony larussa pulls edwin jackson. see ya and he hammers a three-run shot and 4-0 texas, and that's all he needed. seven strikeouts and two hits in eight plus innings. they tie the series at two with a 4-0 victory. a record setting sunday in our plays of the day. what a day for luke donald.
11:31 pm
six straight birdies and coming from five strokes down to win the pga tour. to the nfl and great finish for tim tebow's broncos rallying with three minutes left to get the win in miami. the first team to do that since the merger. another first in new orleans, drew brees five td passes including this one to graham. 62 points, a saints' franchise record with the win over the colts. carolina's cam newton run itself in from 16 yards out and seven rushing td's ties a rookie quarterback record in a win over the redskins. the season is not even half over. how about dallas murray with one touchdown, but it is on a 91-yard rumble. 253 rushing yards and breaks emmett smith's record. foster with a big game with 100 yards rushing and receiving. the fourth guy ever to do that. the text anes win over tennessee. and this from my golf partner. rugby, new sze land, france in the world cup.
11:32 pm
he skids on his belly for the try. and new zealand wins the world cup 8-7. and that's your toyota sports report. we will hear from the raiders' head coach and have world series reaction in the next half hour of the newscast. >> thank you, shu. and coming up, cooking turns hazardous for one bay area woman, and new concerns in the gulf of mexico. 1ñrimpers on the verge of
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i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, the coast guard called off its search tonight for a missing kayaker now believed to be dead. he was kayaking with a friend when he disappeared near pier80 near san francisco. his friend says the wake from a tugboat capsized the kayak and swept him under the pier. san jose police opened fire on a man for the seventh time this year. today's shooting took place in the extended stay motel. paramedics rushed the man to the hospital where he is expected to survive. no officers were hurt. an accusation of dirty politics in san francisco. now seven mayoral candidates are asking the federal government to send monitors and observer to oversee voting in next month's election. they believe mayor ed le's
11:36 pm
campaign is engaging in improper activities. le's campaign denies involve meant. since the bp oil disaster people who live along the gulf of mexico warned this was coming. shrimpers say it is one of the worst seasons ever. yunji de nies reports from the gulf. >> in 40 years of shrimping, peter has never had a season this bad. >> the quality of the shrimp is not there. the abundance is not there. >> a few docks down they are catching a quarter of what they usually pull in. >> when you are pulling up these nets, what are you seeing? >> nightmares. it is terrible. it is really bad. it is all fish and no shrimp. >> what is to blame? they blame last summer's massive oil spill. at the time we saw firsthand those birds covered in sludge. but there was no way to scrub the wildlife below the
11:37 pm
surface. and now researchers have discovered what they believe are mutations in some of the smallest 1k3* most common -- and most common fish in the gulf, the tiny killer fish. >> they act like a canary in the coal mine. it is going to give us the affect of the oil spill. >> on the left, the gills of a healthy fish. on the right, the brown you see is not oil, but it is a potentially deadly mu tigs. -- mutation. for now, no one has been able to prove a direct link between the bp oil spill and the damage to the kilo fish or the crippled shrimping season. other factors, an extremely dry summer and massive fresh water flooding ka play a part. whatever the reason the result is the same. these boats are all docked. >> what happens to all of the boats? >> there are a lot of boats for sale. >> yunji de nies, abc news.
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>> according to two new studies they could exceed safe levels in our lifetime if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. large parts of europe, asia, north africa and canada could experience a 3.6 degree temperature increase by 2030. two years ago industrialized nations set the 6.3 degree warning as a maximum warning to avoid climate change including flood, descrowt and rising -- drought and rising seas. we usually feel safe in our home kitchen, but one bay area woman was shocked when the glass on her oven door suddenly exploded for no apparent reason. michael finney investigated. >> martha is showing us what is left of her oven door. it used to have a glass shield over the metal face until the day it blew off. >> i heard a big noise like a boom. maybe somebody hit the house.
11:39 pm
>> she was alone in the house getting dressed for a wedding. she heard the loud noise and went into the kitchen. >> the first thing i saw was my floor was full of all of this white stuff. i couldn't believe my eyes. >> it took a minute to realize the glass had blown off the door of her seven-year-old general electric oven. millions of tiny fragments were scattered in all directions. here martha shows us the pieces. six pounds of broken glass swept into this shopping bag. >> basically the oven door spontaneously exploded. >> martha's son said it happened for no apparent reason. they hadn't used the oven in two days. no one was even in the kitchen. still, their home warranty company would not cover the repair saying somebody must have whacked it. the claim said it broke due to physical force. martha said no way. >> like i would hit the oven or something hit the oven, no. >> martha called general electric and they offered to
11:40 pm
send out a technician for a fee. martha said she shouldn't have to pay. >> i said let's try 7 on your side jie. they did contact us and we got uh hold of general electric. they said indeed the glass on a range can suddenly shatter if it has been somehow damaged before happened. -- beforehand. ge says it may not break until long after the damage was done and even months later. the company says they warn consumers about inadvertent damage to glass oven doors including the potential for broken and shattered glass. specifically the guide says avoid scratching or impacting glass doors, cook tops or control panels. doing so may lead to glass break kedge. they could not say how bad the damage must be. it says breaks are very rare, but the company uses tempered glass designed to break safely just in case. >> the glass breaks, buts usually it has to be hit. >> he has been repairing appliances for 30 years. he says the most vulnerable
11:41 pm
glass is the piece inside the oven door, especially after running a self-cleaning cycle. >> the outdoor glass is not one that breaks often. >> she is sure she did not damage the door. but after we got involved ge stepped up and they did replace the glass, and for free. >> it really does work to call seven on your side. >> the consumer product safety commission says there is no recall for this problem. we would like to thank ge for stepping up to the plate and fixing things. michael finney, 7 on your side. a one-on-one coming up with carrie otis. she will talk about her tumultuous life with bad boy exmickey rork. and getting involved in the halloween spirit with your smartphone. >> almost time. i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. we have clear skies and mild temperatures right now. cooling is expected tomorrow before we heat back up. we'll look at the accu-weather
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supermodel carrie otis lead a glamorous life from walking the catwalk to being married to mickey rork. -- rourke. she sat down and talked about the tumultuous years married to the a-list actor. >> it was different than other
11:45 pm
relationships that i had been in. there was an element of control and you look at a textbook situation of sort of domestic violence that happens. you know, i was really impressionable, and we went through a lot. i didn't have the tools. he didn't have the tools either. we were both met in that sort of dysfunctional arena. i think actor lives in general a very different life with different expectations. >> there are several chilling stories, beaten and guns pointed at you. but there was one that was chilling where you talk about how you were accidentally shot. would you mind? >> yeah, there were a lot of guns in his life. we lived with his entourage, and there were a lot of guns. whether it was for protection or what they thought, but we went out in santa fe for a motorcycle ride, and one of his guns was in this sort of
11:46 pm
communal backpack, and then they got back to the place we were staying and the backpack was thrown down on the counter and the gunfired and it hit me two inches from my heart. i'm really lucky to be alive. it was devastating. it was as disturbing for him as for me, but it also was one of those moments in crisis women deal differently than men. i was lucky to be able to get to a hospital and receive the attention i needed. >> now you split up with him after that for awhile, and then he came and tracked you down and proposed to you. he said he would commit harry carrie if you didn't marry him. you mentioned domestic violence in the cycle and i come from a home with domestic violence. one thing i never got was why my mother kept coming back. i read that after you get shot and he -- you know, his first concern was not oh my gosh get her to the hospital. it was i hope nobody finds out it was my gun. why did you go back?
11:47 pm
what goes on in the mind of a woman who is being abused that would make her continue? >> it is a really good question. for me it was a simple thing. i was never told or encouraged to say no and to have an opinion and that was okay to disobey and to say no give me time this doesn't feel right. at that point i was so -- my self-esteem was gone and so i said yes knowing it was not the best decision to make. i really think being so young and not having the tools and not being empowered with a voice and support to say absolutely not, this is completely insane. now i look back and you see red flags, but you have to take all of that and make the changes that you can. >> you can watch 7 live weekdays at 3:00 p.m. here on abc7. it is that time of year,
11:48 pm
and you can call it trick or tweet. halloween gets a high-tech twist with smartphone apps this year. if you are planing a big bash, the halloween planner app has your checklist covered. if you need something to wear, the halloween costumes fashion fun app lets you scroll through hundreds of suggestions. it lets you order from your mobile device. when the kids are ready to head out, keep tabs on them by using the trick or tracker app. okay. let's check in with leigh glaser with your fore -- forecast for the week ahead. >> temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s across much of the bay area thanks to the offshore winds. well, we will see a reversal wind shift overnight and through monday morning you will notice that the fog will return right near the coast. we are definitely going to lower temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10° across most of the region. we will look for the 70s in the north bay and santa rosa 77. 70 for tomorrow for san francisco, oakland 74, 80 for antioch as well as livermore. san jose maybe a little
11:49 pm
morning fog followed by the afternoon sunshine. 77 degrees there. santa cruz will be stuck in the overcast. 68 degrees and 70 for watsonville. now, we get into onshore winds tomorrow, and then as we head into tuesday and wednesday, the offshore winds will come back, and that means a return to gusty, warm, dry winds. overnight on tuesday night and early wednesday morning in the northern east bay hills they will be watching out for that. and definitely temperatures will be mild especially near the coast as they will rise once again into the 70s from the mid to upper 60 range. we will bring in more fog next weekend. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here and the raiders have two weeks to get it together. >> they have a bye and that will help. the raiders will not make our plays of the day. but drew brees will as he has the saints marching over the will -- over the colts. stick around a record setting
11:50 pm
day i
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
the raiders' head coach was acting like he had a fantasy football team, and he would not let anyone know who would be his starting quarterback between kyle boler and carson palmer. turned out it didn't matter. they were both horrible in the loss to the chiefs. they named kyle boler the starter. the first drive and the first pass of the game.
11:53 pm
it went 50 yards the other way. he finds him over the middle. he comes up limping and left the game with a sprained right foot and did not return. that's a huge loss for oakland. it gets worse. he continues to struggle. deep to moore and interest -- intercepted by flowers. he had three picks in the first half. the second quarter and raiders with four shots in the five. a direct snap to michael bush. 14-0 chiefs at the half. and now to the third quarter. kc up 2 2001-0. carson palmer was benched. the first pass was complete. he is okay, but the drive stalls. to the fourth quart scpert raiders looking for something positive. he says not on my watch. picks off palmer, the first pick of the game and he takes it back. chiefs score on turnovers and palmer with three interceptions. 28-0 your final. the worst performance of the
11:54 pm
season. >> we lost. we didn't play good enough, period. when you play bad, that's what leads to that. when you coach bad, that's what leads to that. like i said, it starts with me, and then it trickles down. you can put it how you want to. the uncertainty had nothing to do with it. we didn't play very well. >> i was excited to be playing again. with such a limited playbook when i am in it is game, and little to no experience with the receivers, it definitely is an uncomfortable situation to be in. >> i'll say. a shake nupt bcs and lsu is at the top. oklahoma state and boise state move up a spot 1k3* clemson is number five. stanford moves up two spots to number six. surge organize and kansas state move up. good pitching will usually always win you a ballgame, especially this time of year. game four of the world series
11:55 pm
in arlington where the rangers' pitcher proves my point. former president bush throwing out the first pitch. nolan ryan can't handle it. washington just loves it. the first ining and he rips a double to right. 1-0 rangers. to the 6th and tony larussa yanks jackson after a walk. he is gone. he hammers a three-run shot and 4-0 texas. that's all he needed. seven strikeouts. two hits and eight plus innings. texas ties the series at two with a 4-0 victory. >> i knew this was a big game for us. i had to step up and i made sure i was prepared. i didn't go as long as i wanted to. i made sure i was doing everything i could. >> it is the best out of three. we'll see who can win two games. that's how we will be raising the trophy. >> a record-setting sunday in our plays of the day.
11:56 pm
we will tee it up first and what a day for luke donald. a great finish for tebow's broncos. rallyes from 15 down and three minutes left to get the win in miami. the first team to do that since the merger. drew brees with five td passes including this one to jimmy graham. 62 points and that's a saints franchise record. their win over the colts. cam newton run itself in from 16 yards out. he ties a rookie quarterback record. how about dallas' rookie running back murray with one touchdown and it is on a 91-yard rumble. he breaks emmett smith's franchise record in the cowboy victory. foster with a big game. only the fourth guy ever to do that. the texans win over tennessee. and this from my golf partner,
11:57 pm
rugby, knew sze land and france in the -- new zealand and france in the world cup. new zealand wins the world cup over france 8-7, and that is your plays of the day. and your toyota sports report, hugh jackson has explaining to do tomorrow and we will break it down at 6:00. >> be easy on them srx hu. that concludes another broadcast. i'm alan wang with leigh and
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