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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 24, 2011 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- extreme earthquake. the cries of panic and desperation in turkey after a magnitude 7.2 quake. crumbled buildings for survivors now and are finding more and more victims. it's monday, october 24th. a very good monday morning. i'm yunji de nies. >> and i'm rob nelson. that earthquake jolted villages and shook buildings until they literally fell apart. tens of thousands of people had no place to stay overnight. and now the turkish people and their leaders are begging for help. some unbelievable scenes. >> absolutely. another big international another big international headline, moammar gadhafi's son is now threatening to retaliate
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after the dictator was killed. across libya there are huge celebrations at this liberation, unbelievably historic moment. >> really is. and later this half-hour, a science lesson in person. students from the city go to the farm to understand why some goats have a very peculiar condition. they actually faint. we'll tell you why. >> just love that video. a lot of mystery there. of course, we begin with this very serious story, the desperate search for survivors after the devastating earthquake in turkey. the 7.2 shaker struck in the eastern part of the country. an earthquake-prone area near the border with iran. >> more than 200 people have died. that number is expected to go much higher as the hours move on. we have the latest now. >> reporter: here is the full force of the earthquake's violence. wrecking this room. rocking the walls, toppling furniture.
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leaving behind a frightening shambles. outside, tens of thousands of panicked residents fled into the streets. dozens of buildings were knocked down into piles of rubble. no one knows how many are trapped in the ruins. reeling from the shock, residents began frantic rescue efforts. those who couldn't find shovels used their bare hands trying to reach survivors. eyewitnesses said screams for help were coming from beneath the piles of wreckage. this woman was rescued -- the pain seared on her face. anguished survivors could only comfort one another as they waited helplessly for word of family and friends. there was a lot of shaking said this man, i have relatives here, i am waiting for them. i pray to god they will come out alive and well. this man said, "we went to all the hospitals but haven't been able to find our friend." frequent aftershocks disrupted rescue efforts. turkey is one of the world's most active seismic zones. officials say casualty figures will climb. hundreds are hospitalized. medical supplies are urgently needed. by nightfall, power saws were
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brought in to cut through the debris. as darkness added new difficulty to the rescue efforts. abc news. >> the scene so reminiscent of haiti, what we saw in japan earlier this year. it is staggering. >> absolutely. as the stories unfolded throughout the evening. i keep watching the updates. the death toll continues to climb again and again. of course expecting that to rise. >> could be thousands when all is said and done. we will follow that throughout morning. and the latest on awful this later today on "good morning america" and also on "america this morning." it's been an historic making weekend in tunisia. voting ended in the country's first-ever truly free election. tunisia under the control of the former president for 23 years until he was overthrown in january. the uprising sparked similar rebellions across the arab world and the downfall of other long time leaders. overnight we heard of a threat report lead from moammar gadhafi's son and heir apparent. the audio message broadcast on syrian tv.
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in it, saif claims to still be inside libya alive and free and now he is vowing revenge. the libyans meanwhile, paid it no mind. they were too busy celebrating their official liberation day. abc's jeffrey kaufmann reports now from tripoli. >> reporter: libya is free. ♪ libya libya libya >> reporter: the outlawed national anthem is back, and some with passion, as the interim leader declared this liberation day. >> translator: we have become united brothers as we have not been in the past. >> reporter: this is celebration. but it is also relief. relief that gadhafi is gone. >> no for fear. >> reporter: others flocked to city to view a gruesome spectacle. the bodies of the dead dictator
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and his son. this is no ceremonial lying in state. moammar gadhafi is being displayed in a meat refrigeration locker the these people are not here to pay their respects. >> this is an end of a tyrant. this is the end of a dictator. we are so happy to see that. >> reporter: just how the dictator died remains certainly roughed up if not executed. an autopsy confirmed he died of a gunshot to the head. that is a bigger issue outside libya than it is here. the country can move forward. it will not be easy. the rebel militia that vanquished gadhafi's forces are not eager to give up power to a united army. large parts of the city of sirte were destroyed in the revolution and while streets are calm and safe, gadhafi left this oil-rich country with only the most basing of education, health care and place. there are 7,000 prisoners of war but no courts to try them in. they will have to build everything from scratch. now the clock starts ticking towards democracy. first, a constitutional assembly.
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then free elections. libya's interim president said they want the democracy to be islamic based, it is not clear how they will do that or what it will end up looking like. jeffrey kaufmann, abc news, tripoli. >> what a surreal scene it is to see people going into that room to take pictures of gadhafi's dead body. one man said, now i'm satisfied he is dead. this guy was a brutal dictator for 42 years. the end of a tyrant. end of a dictator. we are so happy to see that. >> stunning reversal there. hard to reconcile. you understand their relief at being rib rated. -- liberated. at the same time, to go, you said, walk into the refrigerated room, bring a cell phone camera and take pictures. unbelievable. >> speaks to the brutality of that regime. you know. it's really, staggering. now the hard work of building democracy, begins now. >> absolutely. well, apple is inviteding the general public in to the
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company's private memorial service for ceo steve jobs. the outdoor event took place last week at headquarters in california. now a link is being posted on the company website. the 81-minute video includes tributes from company executives and board members about jobs and his impact on the world of technology. biographer walter isaacson's book about steve job's life goes on sale today. isaacson will be live on "good morning america" with insight. isaacson was with jobs during his final days. >> amazing details in the book about his life. in other news now, it has been three weeks now since that baby disappeared from her crib in kansas city. despite a very intense investigation, police appear no closer to finding her. but now we are getting a look inside the kansas city home where baby lisa was last seen. abc's matt gutman reports. >> reporter: this is the first look inside the master bedroom in baby lisa's home where cadaver dogs detected the scent of a human corpse. cindy short, the family attorney, gave abc news an
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exclusive tour after an exhaustive police search this weekend. >> had the dog in here and it allegedly alerted. you might notice when you walk around there is no carpet taken from this room. >> reporter: she noted from little evidence taken it wasn't clear why investigators spent 17 hours here. >> it almost seems as if that was -- more for the public's benefit than for the benefit of doing a thorough search in this house. >> reporter: deborah bradley admitted she was drinking from this wine box the night her daughter disappeared. shifting time line and comments have aroused police suspicion, among the most concerning, she was afraid to look outside because of what she might find. her family insists 10-month-old baby lisa was abducted. they poiptd to two separate -- point to two separate eyewitnesses that said they saw a suspicious man carrying a naked baby. at 2:00 a.m., new exclusive surveillance video shows a man at the top left of the screen that seems to come out of the
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forest. but so far police have been unable to connect all of these dots. >> the police obviously -- at least at some point believe that -- perhaps mrs. bradley had something to do with baby lisa's disappearance. i think that is still out there. >> reporter: for the moment the seesaw of suspicion against baby lisa's mother seems to be tipping away from her. entering the fourth week since she disappeared we have no person of interest, no suspect, and so far not a trace of baby lisa. matt gutman. abc news. >> such a terrible story to think it has been so long since this little girl was seen. you reported on this for "good morning america," what more can you tell us? >> and the surveillance video. a tiny speck, a guy walking across. the area was in between the sightings of people saw him. one guy saw him at midnight. one saw him at 4:00 a.m. the dumpster fire where the man was walking out, it was in the route between the two the you -- between the two, and you
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heard matt saying suspicion tipping back away from the parents what was the guy doing in the woods in the middle of the sighting. that video could prove off to be key evidence. >> he is so small in the video. you almost don't see it. if it weren't for the highlight. i wouldn't have noticed it. >> small clue. right now taking what they can get. >> now to an alarming medical study out this morning linking behavior problems in girls to plastic food containers. they discovered mothers who were exposed to the chemical bpa found in plastic containers were much more likely to develop, deliver girls who developed anxiety, depression and emotional issues by age 3. the researchers tested more than 200 mothers, they found no link between bpa exposure in pregnancy and behavior problems in boys. and with that, here is your monday forecast. morning showers, detroit to cleveland. rain moves into pittsburgh, buffalo, syracuse by the afternoon. and this evening look for a sprinkle around new york, philadelphia, southern new england, also showers in the northern rockies. >> 61, boise. 72, salt lake city. 80, colorado springs.
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mostly 60s, twin cities to indianapolis. 58, boston. 62, new york. 73, hotlanta. >> hotlanta, that's right. your home place right now. well, the world series is now a best-of-three battle. last night down in texas rangers got off to a good start against visiting st. louis cardinals. josh hamilton hit an rbi double in the bottom of the first. >> they held the 1-0 lead, mike napoli blasted a three-run home run deep into the seat. texas wins 4-0. ties the series at two. >> pretty much academic at this point. whichever team takes two of the next three will be the new kings of baseball. good. tight series. what we like in the playoffs. >> do you have a dog in this fight? >> like to see texas do it. little underdog. we'll see. >> all right. >> more news coming right up. we'll be back. ♪ we like our dogs with mustard and relish ♪ we'll be back. ♪ we like our dogs with mustard
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welcome back, everybody. welcome back, everybody. well president obama of course is running for a second term. he is raising campaign money today out west in nevada and california. >> the public face of the obama re-election campaign. behind the scenes an army of volunteers is also gearing up as abc's devon dwyer reports. >> reporter: as republicans glad hand and barnstorm through the early primary states, the president is quietly raising an army of volunteers. more than 1 million enlisted to give obama an edge. they are college students. teachers, union, government workers, shrugging off the president's low poll numbers, confident they can turn out the votes. >> really? >> reporter: at this training session, organizers learn rules of the road, heed the chain of command, never talk to the media, and aggressively promote the president on twitter. but it is face to face meetings the campaign believes will make the biggest difference on the ground.
3:17 am
>> people can do way more than they think they can do. so how to find in them what they think they, what they don't think they can do but you know they can do. >> reporter: aides say obama volunteers have held more than three million conversations with potential voters about the 2012 campaign. how are they doing it? with new video teleconferencing software like this where hundreds of supporters can watch briefings online. and the campaign can see their supporters on the other end. they call it the brady bunch. >> mr. president? >> president obama tried out the system on his birthday when volunteers held house parties in his honor all across the country. >> the past week was a frustrating week. >> reporter: obama took questions from supporters in north carolina, ohio, and nevada. battleground states where making the case for obama is increasingly tough.
3:18 am
>> what kind of advice do you have for someone like me? >> you have to listen as much as you talk. they're being heard the what are their concerns. >> reporter: it is the personal touch that obama hopes will rekindle the energy of 2008 and help him win a second term. devon dwyer, abc news, washington. >> fascinating look at the political machine. >> got to take issue with one of the rules. never talk to the media, come on. we don't bite. we're friendly. >> we hear more from the president, on "leno" tonight. check him out there. coming up, from the classroom to the farm. >> students just had to see and understand why these goats are fainting. you're watching "world news now." . you're watching "world news now." fainting. you're watching "world news now." údúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdd
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♪ green acres is the place to be ♪ ♪ farm living is the life for me ♪ >> i need a pitchfork and overalls right about now. let's go for a hay ride. little theme from "green acres" let's head to the farm. >> yes indeed. off we go. as a group of high school students from louisiana did. as angel lecruz reports, the trip was to study a rather peculiar condition in goats. >> reporter: at bartey ranch, chickens and pigs can go together. how about students and fainting goats? louisiana high school students took a field trip to study the biology of a unique breed of goats. >> it was a genetic disorder. uh-huh. based on it if you are scared of goats they will become excited
3:21 am
and stiffen up. >> reporter: the students tested the theory again and again. >> oh, oh, oh! >> we had already researched. it was nice to get out of the classroom and computers and see it firsthand. >> reporter: ranch owner teaches math at new tech and how the goats learned to overcome their condition. >> as they get older and get used to being scared they will tend to -- get balanced and stiffen up and not fall over. >> reporter: field trips like this one bring the subject to life. >> being in the classroom in traditional school you are going to be in the books and doing tests and stuff. we learn more like by the real life situation. >> reporter: he had seen the goats on the youtube videos but nothing like seeing it himself. >> i thought it was fake. now i know it is real. >> reporter: a unique lesson of a breed look no other. >> wow. >> incredible. >> doesn't physically hurt the goats. >> good, good to know. >> boo! >> it even works on rob.
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♪ welcome back, everybody. it is monday morning. once again it means it is time for "insomniac theater." i like that. this morning making a margin call. >> that's a financial term, of course, but it's also the name of the film our guest saw this morning. >> "margin call," it was only on limited release. it is basically a financial
3:26 am
thriller. you get to go through the steps they figured out there is a big problem, lost a lot of money what are we going to do up until 3:00 in the morning the big guys come in. wait a second. we got to figure it out. are we going to make the moral call or be selfish and sell our stocks. >> what led up to the financial crisis. they didn't do the moral thing, just guessing. just guessing. >> how much money do you have? right, you don't want to know. it's sad. they didn't do the moral thing. it was very well written. the cast was really great. only problem is it went a little slow at times. there was a lot of people walking out of the theater. little sleepy eyed kind of. so i wish that the pace was a little bit better. but you don't have to talk it from me. let's see what our movie-goers thought about it. >> it was good entertainment. >> a clear moral, complex issue. >> real testament of the movie, the pacing of the acting and the dialogue which is very straight forward. >> very well cast. it was good -- very well done. >> it called attention to -- the -- the individual decisions that human beings made that led to the worldwide financial disaster.
3:27 am
and peoples lives. >> thing about a movie like this, think it would make me angry. when i go out for entertainment. i don't want to get mad. did it get under your skin? >> it got under my skin a little bit. these people with all this money. all they want to do is get more money. instead of thinking of us little people, desk assistants out there. >> they want more money and the movie wants stars. how many stars did you give it? >> well, i only gave it three stars. i am a hard grader. the pacing was a little slow. but it was nice for a financial movie, i would say, i would think. not too bad. not too bad. >> spacek was good. >> and she was good. good too. >> thank you, amanda as always.
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this morning on "world news now" -- heartbreak in turkey. the panic and desperation after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake collapses buildings. >> the death toll in the hundreds. and tens of thousands of people have been left homeless. it is monday, october 24th. good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm yunji de nies. rescue crews in turkey are finding bodies where they hoped to find survivors. some buildings were standing one moment and collapsed into pancakes the next. help is already on the way to the earthquake zone as the turkish people now beg for basic necessities like water. >> the staggering death toll expected in the tragedy. also in this half-hour, we turn to politics and always hot-button issue of abortion.
3:31 am
the republican presidential candidates have surprisingly different views and the debate actually has become quite contentious on this one. >> interesting there as well. a lot of news on that this weekend. >> trying to figure out what herman cain's stance is. >> nebulous. >> nebulous is a great word. yeah. later on, we're definitely going to have opinions on this one. the scientific study on humor and the sexes. who do you think is funnier, men or women? weigh in on this on our facebook page. >> i assume you say women, right? are we going to draw the gender line? >> i think so. put up your dukes. >> all right. we'll have a laugh-off later. before all that, survivors are dig with their bare hands in turkey trying to reach those still buried under all the rubble. the 7.2 quake struck in the eastern part of the country. >> scientists estimate up to 1,000 people could be dead based on calculations on low local housing standards and the size of the earthquake. we have this report from the region.
3:32 am
>> reporter: it hit just after lunchtime. the walls shook. thousand panicking rushed into the streets. many couldn't get out in time. at the epicenter rescue crews picked through the piles of rubble several stories high. they pulled survivors from the twisted debris with their bare hands. we went to all the hospitals but haven't been able to find our friend. i pray to god our friends have survived, he said. >> reporter: anguish was visible across a region stretching hundreds of miles. this reporter was at the epicenter. >> reporter: it was such a telescoped mess. peering through the cracks in the debris, the cracks between the slabs of the five-story buildings. >> reporter: in ercis, the town hardest hit, 55 miles north of the epicenter, at least 80 buildings have collapsed. turkish officials fear the death toll could climb far higher as reports come in from remote villages across the iranian border.
3:33 am
turkey sits atop several fault lines but a quake this strong hasn't been felt here in over a decade. in 1999 two magnitude 7 quakes killed 18,000 people. today, the frantic search and rescue effort is continuing. >> unbelievable pictures out of there. so scary the death toll could rise so far. >> into the thousands they predict. the buildings in turkey are built out of adobe. makes them more vulnerable to earthquakes. that's why you see so many buildings collapse in all this. we'll have the latest on the story later. both on "america this morning" and later today on "good morning america" as well. then meanwhile in libya, a new threat. syrian tv broadcast a message, reportedly from moammar gadhafi's son and heir apparent. he still claims to be inside libya. he is also promising to avenge his father's death.
3:34 am
all while libyans are rejoicing that the colonel is finally gone. abc's jeffrey kaufmann reports from tripoli. >> reporter: libya is free after decades of tyranny and months of bloody revolution, sunday afternoon thiscountry has declared itself liberated. incredible moment. the electric the atmosphere. people telling us they never thought they would live to see libya without gadhafi. but of course all that is possible now that gadhafi loyalists have been vanquished and gadhafi himself is dead. just how he died and how he is being treated in death is a source of comb controversy internationally. but there is no controversy here. people are going to visit his body in a refrigerated meat storage facility in the city. they're not going to pay their respects, they told us, they're going to see with their own eyes that he really is dead. now, with a declaration of liberation, the move towards democracy steps in gear.
3:35 am
they talk about creating a muslim democracy. if everything goes according to plan, within two years, they will be electing a parliament and a president, democratically. jeffrey kaufmann, abc news, tripoli. >> amazing scene there. the people of tunisia have already taken that historic step towards democracy. millions of voters turned out in the country's first-ever truly free election. tunisia had been under control of the former president for 23 years until he was overthrown in january. of course, it began in tunisia when a worker set himself on fire in protest. now to republican presidential politics, the hot button issue of abortion is back in the spotlight as candidates accuse each other of flip-flopping on the issue. abc's david kerley reports from washington. >> reporter: gloves are off. republicans accusing each other of changing positions just for conservative audience. it all started when herman cain
3:36 am
was asked about abortion. >> it ultimately gets down to a choice that, family, or mother has to make. not me as president. not some politician. not, not a bureaucrat. it gets down to the family. >> reporter: that doesn't play with christian conservatives. and rick perry pounced this weekend. >> it is a liberal kennard to say i am pro-life, but government should stay out of that decision. if that is your view, you are not pro-life. you are pro having your cake and eating it too. >> reporter: cain has tried to clarify his statement and is on the defensive. >> life, from conception, no abortions, no exceptions. >> reporter: it is not just cain. while in iowa, perry attacked mitt romney who in running for governor in massachusetts, supported abortion rights. >> being pro-life is not a matter of campaign, convenience. >> reporter: these iowa christian conservative voters
3:37 am
can decide the january caucuses. the first presidential contest. abortion is a key issue which is why perry, michele bachmann and others are taking on cain. >> mr. cain had all of the flip-flops in our nominee, one after another. if you are in iowa, people want to make sure our nominee is 100% pro-life. >> reporter: all this bickering, according to analysts, could actually split the conservative vote. good news for mitt romney. neither spent a lot of money or time in iowa and some are wondering whether he could win the caucuses in iowa. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> what is so interesting about this -- with the economy the way this is, a lot of political analysts said that this election is going to be about economic issues, unemployment, stock market regulation, always goes back to social issues, gay marriage, abortion, the themes come up again and again. >> this country loves a cultural wedge issue, what you named, those are the classic ones. election season. hear a lot more.
3:38 am
just wish herman cain would pick a side and stick to it. can't figure out what he is trying to say. the one who sparked the latest round of debates. all right. shifting gears now to conrad murray trial, the prosecution's star witness returns to the stand today after bringing jurors to their feet. dr. steven shafer held a bottle of propofol and iv bag showing the court how he believed michael jackson died. they're hoping to prove their case with the help of a scientist known as the father of propofol. the american researcher stuck at the south pole for months after suffering a stroke will be back in the u.s. tonight. renee douceur made it to new zealand after the weather cleared enough for a plane to reach her. now she's on her way to baltimore for an evaluation at johns hopkins hospital. no word on when she will get back home to new hampshire. >> researchers just released an alarming study linking behavior problems in young girls to their that common chemical, bpa, found in food containers. researchers say expectant mothers were more likely to deliver girls who develop
3:39 am
anxiety, depression and emotional issues by age 3. the researchers tested more than 200 women. however they found no link between bpa exposure in pregnancy to behavior problems in boys. >> we have heard so much about bpa. >> yeah. well, here is your monday forecast. a wet day around the eastern great lakes. the ohio valley. with morning showers in detroit and cleveland. showers from pittsburgh to buffalo. moving east later from philly to boston. light rain across montana and eastern washington. >> 55 seattle. 76 in sacramento. 93, phoenix. chicago, 64. kansas city, 76. 80s in dallas, new orleans, miami. baltimore climbs to 67. new york, 62. for one skater in wisconsin there is surely ice in the forecast. it's been that way for nearly every one of her 82 years. charlotte hecker fell in love with ice skating as a little girl in the 1930s. and she has been teaching ever since she was a teenager. >> charlotte's students include
3:40 am
some people you wouldn't expect on the ice. she says bending the knees, exercising the quads, and keeping straight on the ice is good for everybody, and she says, it keeps her young. as she says, it keeps her young and clearly it does. you think at that age, you know, bones become fragile at that age. just out there spinning. >> she looks great. >> amazing. living well. >> how are you on the ice? >> i can't rollerskate. pathetic. never going to get on the ice. not going to find me out there. >> only thing i have got is a bicycle. >> that's it. take it easy. all right, more "world news now" coming up after the break. ♪ be courageous and be brave coming up after the break. ♪ be courageous and be brave ♪ be courageous and be brave all she wants to wear is hoodies.
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♪ well, welcome back. we have heard a lot about britain's royal family this year. the big wedding in the spring. prince harry in america. now something completely unexpected. >> seems the queen is ordering cutbacks in the name of trying to save cash. how do you scrimp and save when you are royalty? >> reporter: it must be nice to be the queen. you have your castle in scotland, your quiet country home in windsor and, of course, buckingham palace. so stately, so regal. imagine doing it all on a budget. the royal family is having trouble keeping the cold dark castles warm and light. last year their fuel costs were $3.5 million. this year costs are expected to up by 20%. meantime, the queen's budget was frozen by the government. so they have to cut back.
3:45 am
and her subjects aren't that sympathetic. >> i can see her walking through a palace turning off all the lights. >> with the economy the way it is all over the world. everybody has got to conserve. so it's surprising to hear the queen doing that herself though. >> reporter: new signs posted throughout her residences warning sternly and in a british manner to turn off the lights. they read -- the attention is drawn of all members of staff to the need to switch off unwanted lights. and according to the financial times the staff has witnessed this sight. the queen of england roaming the halls shutting off lights herself. but she may have lucked into some savings. prince harry who one can surmise is training in the u.s. keeps the lights on well into
3:46 am
the night is training in the u.s. and prince william and kate who live in kensington palace have few servants. of course they have their young love to keep themselves warm. >> i'm sure he's warm. >> it gets cold in your house you turn up heat or throw on a sweater? >> we -- >> big spender? >> there we are. >> at the wedding. having a good time. look at us there. i like your hat. >> i like your wave. you have perfected that well. >> the queen has taught me that. a lovely chap, or whatever. coming up next, what brought jennifer lopez to tears on a concert stage. >> you are not going to want to miss that. and the surgery that sidelines john mayer. get the scoop in "the skinny." it's all coming up. i will join you. jennifer lopez to tears on a concert stage. >> you are not going to want to miss that. and the surgery that sidelines john mayer. get the scoop in "the skinny." it's all coming up. i will join you.
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3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny ♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> this is the reason we come to work on a monday morning. it is time for "the skinny." i am going to kick it off with a very bizarre video from ashton kutcher. he took off his wedding ring or maybe that wasn't deliberate. without his wedding ring he made
3:49 am
his own video talking about the truth, obviously all the rumors about demise of his marriage, perhaps, has he been cheating, saw the woman come forward, say she was with him in a hotel room. take a listen to what he had to say. >> there is no gatekeeper of the truth. we are our own editors, and we are our own publishers and our own printers. we really have to take it upon ourselves to instill a level of honesty in the works, in the media that we create and share with one another. >> what? >> i have no idea. that is ashton's state of truth video calling for more honesty in the press. >> maybe more honesty with your wife if you recall creeping. maybe they all goy about south america. >> the charlie sheen-esque kind of video. >> weird, strange, ashton. apparently j-lo in the news. she gave a concert, singing "if you had my love" she told the crowd the first song she ever wrote about love.
3:50 am
apparently after she got done singing became very, very emotional. kind of ran off the stage, sobbing apparently according to radaronline, the detail that gets me. during the song she had kind of look-alikes dancers in the spotlight behind her. one guy looked like puff daddy. one guy looks like chris judd. one guy looked like ben affleck. and marc anthony. reflective thing of her past loves. i want to say, i like j-lo, let's not forget she is an actress as well. maybe she was trying to get a little sympathy, a little p.r. i don't know. >> that's pretty traumatic. why would you have the redux of all of your relationship out there dancing -- >> for dramatic, theatrical effect, now with bradley cooper. he'll be the fifth one on stage by the time she goes on tour. i'm just saying. >> sticking of singers, john mayer has undergone throat surgery for inflammation. put his performances on hold.
3:51 am
and he says he looked for an alternative to surgery. there was no way. he canceled a number of concerts including an appearance with tony bennett. his album pushed back to next year. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> out of commission for a little while. all of the women of the world, get a slight break. loretta lynn, legendary country singer, 76 years old, in the hospital with pneumonia. needed to cancel performances. needed down time. had to cancel in kentucky, north carolina while she recoups. she is in our thoughts. 76, looking good and strong. hoping she will be better soon. >> wonderful talent there. and also, we want to give our congratulations to will ferrell, honored at the kennedy center with the mark twain prize for american humor. he joins the likes of funny folks like, tina fey, bill cosby, whoopi goldberg. our congratulations to him. >> catch the ceremony october 31st on pbs. check it out. we'll be right back too. maybe a all go berserk. right back too. hoopi
3:52 am
goldberg. our congratulations to him. >> catch the ceremony october 31st on pbs. check it out. we'll be right back too.
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♪ oh what a night you know i didn't even her name ♪ ♪ oh what a night you know i didn't even her name ♪ >> got rhythm at the desk tonight. >> little bit. finally this half-hour, we end with a little humor. who do you think is funnier, men or women? >> do you really need to ask? believe it or not. there has been a study about this as if there were any question. abc's barbara pinto has the hysterical results. ♪ i'm going to go down to the river ♪ >> reporter: christian wigg. or will farrell. lucy or bob hope. when it comes to humor is there a funnier sex? >> we have to put up men. >> we have to put up with men so women are funnier.
3:56 am
>> more people will laugh at men than women. >> reporter: the guys may be on to something. according to a new study that comes straight out of a "seinfeld" episode. >> cartoon in the new yorker. i don't get this. >> me either. >> you are on the fringe of the humor business. >> reporter: a group of men and women were asked to write captions for new yorker cartoons and then rate which were funny or not. >> we found that men are funnier just by a hair. and they're mostly funnier to other men. >> reporter: the study found the not so funny captions were most often attributed to a woman even if they were man made. do you thing it's a stereotype that men are funnier? >> i think it's part of that. >> yes. 100%. >> definitely. >> reporter: we took our unscientific poll to one of the funniest places on earth, chicago's second city. jim carlson and sajo yoshi launched the same stage that launched john belushi, bill murray, tina fey and gilda radner.
3:57 am
>> women are taught not to be funny. >> reporter: before the guys start, one more point. >> we found here that men's confidence outstripped their competence. they thought they would be funnier than they were found. >> reporter: now that's funny. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. >> well their confidence outstripped their -- competence. >> oh, ha-ha. exactly. who do you thing is funnier? men or women? make sure you tell us on our fan page on facebook. >> i think men are funnier because we are just a little less guarded or concerned how we are perceived. women seem to be, a little more, how, more concerned what their image should be. men say whatever, going to scratch myself and make crude jokes. >> easier to laugh at them then. >> we're good for something. we'll be right back. a little more, how, more concerned what their image should be. men say whatever, going to scratch myself and make crude jokes. >> easier to laugh at them then. >> we're good for something. we'll be right back.
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