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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a lot of thoughts and prayers sent via twitter to the people of turkey following the aftermath of sunday's deadly 7.2 quake. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. is mayor lee playing fair in the mayor's race? seven candidates have their concerns and are calling for an investigation. the coast guard spent all night searching for a missing kayaker. warm weekend weather is over. check out the fog, sea breeze going to bring cooler temperatures. good morning sue hall following your monday morning commute. live look at the golden gate bridge fog is in. we'll look at your commute in a few minutes. hope you had a great weekend it is 6:00, thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. i am eric thomas.
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the death toll continues to rise following a quake that struck turkey. all night hundreds have been digging through the rubble with their bear hands trying to find survivors. -- with their bare hands trying to find survivors. we are learning more about this morning's rescue in which a man called for help with his cell phone he was buried with three others under a collapsed six story building. two of those people are children. the man suffered a leg injure rifle. this is 20 hours after the earthquake -- hit. there are still silver lining moments. this video was taken inside an apartment when the 7.2 quake hit. you can see how easily the big furniture comes falling over. outside entire buildings collapsed. an eastern city near the iranian border hardest hit, 80 buildings crumbled there. 270 people ever confirmed dead. that number could rise.
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survivors are being trented -- are being treated in tents. more than 1,000 are said to be injure. more than 100 aftershocks records none within the last hour. turkey sits on a lot of faultlines. building codes there are similar to those here in california. but enforcement is poor. only 1/3 of buildings are in compliance. which of course is why we are seeing some of the devastation that we are this morning. i'm continuing to follow things here in the newsroom, katie marzullo, abc7 news. many turks here in the bay area are having a hard time getting in touch with family members because of the devastation. scenes of the recovery efforts have been playing nonstop on turkish television. one bay area man says the area where the quake was centered isn't equipped with many modern hospitals. he was able to reach his father yesterday but many more
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loved ones are missing. >> all those friends and relatives you have, you know they are under those buildings, suffering and probably most of them are dead by now. >> another bay area man says he has a sister in one of the hardest hit areas. phonelines are down. all he can do is wait and hope. san jose police investigating another shooting involving police officers. the seventh such incident this year. the shooting took place inside the extended stay deluxe motel near san jose international airport. police went to the hotel yesterday morning to check out reports of a suspicious armed man. officers encountered a man laying down in a hallway. >> at one point the suspect came to, made some type of threatening gesture to the officers. officers took it as a threat fired -- feared for their lives and fired. >> paramedics rushed the man to the hospital.
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no information about his condition. no police officers were hurt. the seventh shooting equals all of the shootings involving san jose police in the past two years combined. this morning coast guard crews continue to search the bay for a miss being kayaker -- for a missing kayaker. they say a after-year-old man was last seen around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. a friend kayaking with him says he the victim was swept beneath the pier and he hasn't been seen since. several candidates are calling for a monitoring of the vote after witnesses accuse supporters of mayor lee of filling out absentee ballots for voters. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco city hall. they call this cheating. >> reporter: yes they did. i think it is voter fraud. the seven candidates only the only ones upset.
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mayor lee himself says he too thinks there hud be an investigation. here's video of the questionable behavior. this was tan by someone interest the leland yee campaign -- they say it appears them of the group are completing ballots for voters and preventing voters from marking their ballots for other candidates. some of those candidates asked the u.s. attorney's office and california secretary of state to investigate. >> i think the videos speak for themselves. there are folks wearing shirts that were identifying who they were with. they were engaged in what appeared to be potential voter fraud. >> if some of the allegations i hear are true there were some illegal activities. again, we urge an investigation. i understand the elections department has already forwarded some of that to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: mayor ed lee says this group has nothing to do with his campaign. one of his rivals candidate
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yee says there are no coincidences in politics. lee is the front-runner in this race. the election is scheduled for november 8th. we tried to get a comment from the group but their spokesperson was not available. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. this week the oakland school district is expected to decide whether to close five elementary schools to save money and consolidate for a declining school age population. the tribune says the closure list includes lake view, lazear, marshal, mack well park and sante fe in north oakland. the district operates nearly 100 schools. now has 5,000 fewer students and 62 million dollars left in its general fund than it had -- less in its general fun than it had three years ago. we've been talking
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football. >> it was great to be watching the raiders yesterday [ unintelligible ] >> three picks was the ugliest part, weather, gorgeous. a lot of sun, those conditions are going to with wane today. southerly surge along the coast. right now quarter mile visibility at half moon bay. west wind at sfo and golden gate bridge that fog is starting to spill through the san bruno gap across san francisco that is the cooling sea breeze that changes our temperatures for the afternoon. right now still in the 50s a trio of 50s novato, napa, santa rosa everybody else mid to upper 50s. oakland 63. 61 mountain view and 60 san jose. by the afternoon around four to 13° cooler with 66 at
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half moon bay. 68 san francisco. 71 oakland. 72 san mateo everybody else mid to upper 70s 80s may hold on farrersest neighborhoods antioch andbbb?z livermore dan gilmore. -- mostly cloudy this afternoon. 7-day forecast, cooling tomorrow more morning clouds drizzle along the coast quiet forecast for the rest of the way. good morning. ace train number 3 checking in about 5 to 10 minutes behind schedule. no other public transit problems. drive times around the bay area highway 4 beginning to crunch up towards concord. 580 getting slow up and over the altamont into livermore. 92, 880 to 101 san mateo bridge looking good so far. 280 san jose light northbound 17 towards cupertino.
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metering lights off at the bay bridge toll plaza, car pool and fast track still the way to go. cash payers are starting to bunch up behind the toll plaza. >>:09. big change for one of the south bay's biggest roads. new proposal that could give cars and trucks less room on el camino real. protests that have dozens wandering around east bay parkh@
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you by mancini sleepworld. :13 on this monday. gorgeous picture of the ferry building on the embarcadero san francisco looking at the bay bridge. not seeing much fog in this picture mike says it is returning. he's going to tell you where and sue is going to check out your traffic. this past weekend two dozen heavily armed gun rights advocates held a head-turning demonstration near a san leandro shopping mall. here's what people near the mall saw. men and women toting rifles and shotguns with ammunition belts strapped over their bodies. some waved in support of the group calling itself responsible citizens of california. others called them irresponsible. >> i got my kids in the car, i don't need them seeing guns like that. gentleman we have the right to bear arms. -- >> he this protesting a new
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state law that takes effect in january which prohibits unloaded handguns, unroaded rifles and shotguns will remain legal to carry in california. meeting today to considering major changes. the vta wants to run express buses between santa clara and mountain view. two lanes of traffic would become bus-only lanes running down the middle of el camino for 10 miles. the vta is considering bike lanes along the same corridor. part of a transit-friendly grand boulevard initiative that will stretch from san francisco to san jose. this morning president obama heads to las vegas to drum up new support for his jobs bill and talk about new help for struggling homeowners. the president is expected to begin announcing changes to its main refinancing program that could make it easier for homeowners with little to no equity to participate.
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the changes are pecked to include reducing fees, streamlining processes and raising loan to hope value ratio cap needed to be eligible for refinancing. country ticks say the plan will only help a fraction of those in need. after add tess stop in vegas the president will head to los angeles for fundraisers and will head to the bay area tomorrow. -- good to raise those campaign funds. 6:15 now. let's take a check on the forecast and see how it looks. oh gosh that weekend was great. >> very nice, a lot of people enjoying it, people jogging, getting out there getting ready for the holidays. can you believe it is october 24th, already? >> i know. halloween a week from today. >> before you know it christmas music on the radio. i think there's already stuff to buy. >> they start that in march. >> :15 good morning. there you see it, as we look
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at the fog forming, fog pushing in from the coast, sea breeze is back temperatures are going to drop significantly in some areas today. first what it is going to feel like when you step out. i'm going to go over here and check out this -- there it is. feels like it has not started. there you go -- let me try that again. is it monday? do very a mulligan today? a lot of 50s in most areas. up in the north bay valleys where we have temperatures that in the 40s because it is fairly clear there. 62 oakland still 61 in redwood city thickest fog along the coast. monterey bay foggy low to mid 50s. here's what i'm thinking coastal clouds, cooling trend
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begins. mostly cloudy tonight cooler than this morning drizzle possible along the coast tomorrow morning. higher fire danger tuesday into wednesday winds breezy in our higher elevations especially east bay and north bay. today we are one degree cooler than in san francisco, two to five degrees -- warmer than average. even though our temperatures will be four to 13° cooler than yesterday we'll be closer to average. clouds surge up the coast this morning starting to move into the bay by 9:00. no delays at sfo, most of the clouds will be out of the bay by noon still one finger of fog moving through the golden gate bridge will hang around through the better part of the afternoon. 60s at the coast rest of us 70s and 80s. south bay mid to upper 70s, 77 san jose. low to mid 70s on the peninsula. menlo park 74. 70 south san francisco, 72
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sausalito mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys 69 richmond low to mid 70s east bay shore mid 70s to near 80° in the east bay valleys cooler tomorrow after morning clouds will take longer to fade and offshore breeze and higher fire danger tuesday night into wednesday. friday, saturday, sunday look like the cooler days, but dry. good morning. taking a look at your monday morning drive. southbound 101 through san rafael, lucas valley road headed towards the civic center moving well, as you head on to the go bridge. san mateo bridge this morning, first -- not bad in the westbound direction at the highrise no problems towards foster city. southbound 680 from pleasant hill to walnut creek beginning to bunch up. brake lights beginning around north main towards highway 24 in the junction there.
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drive tiles this morning, an accident cleared to the -- shoulder westbound 80 at willow otherwise not bad drive to the maze highway 4 and 580. for the latest. :19. google is getting musical. the new feature that could ramp up the search giant's head-to-head competition with apple. lady liberty going viral. new high-tech feature bbbb
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good morning it is 6:23. gorgeous picture of san francisco. this is pier 15 where the new exploratoryium is being built. you can see it lit up now. it will open in 2013. if you are an early planner get that on your calendar. abc 7 news will keep you abreast of the construction and opening. >> you want to get in line now for tickets, go ahead. it looks like google is getting musical. today's "wall street journal" reports google is building a music downloading store it will work closely with the google plus network. the service is tentatively being called google music. it will let users hear sons
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free then download them for a fee. statue of liberty celebrating her 125th birthday by getting with the times. webcams are being added to let new yorkers see new york's harbor as well as visitors on ground in real-time. the cameras are due to be switched on this friday commemorating the dedication back in 1886. a new york performance artist is expecting quite a crowd for her next performance. bay the time it is over the crowd will have one more person than it started with. a woman has transformed a brooklyn art gallery into a delivery room and plans to deliver her baby live as part of an art exhibit she is calling the birth of baby x. the gallery will be open everyday as she and her husband wait for the baby's arrival. the exhibit is free of charge. :24. was it road rage? the emerging theory in the case of a transit bus driver hitting and killing a hells
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angels on a east bay freeway. >> the twist that could send two to jail after a major overnight accident in san francisco that injuries six. the controversial crime reduction proposal mayor quan now appears to be supporting. why it could have teens watching the clock. >> reporter: seven mayoral candidates in san francisco want federal and state investigators look into the election process. they think some illegal behavior is tainting the process. that story coming up. fog has not made it to bay area airports everybody is on time. most of the country's airports on time for flight arrival delays into dallas. live shot of the toll plaza at the bay bridge metering lights on a bit of an
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úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú good morning on this monday 6:29. the start of the a new workweek and trading day about to begin. stock futures mixed after european leaders said they made progress on resolving the region's debt problems.
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details will be unveiled by wednesday. we will go live to the new york stock exchange for the latest on early trading in 15 minutes. we begin in san francisco two people may ab arrested and seven -- may be arrested and seven hospitalized a minivan ran a red light and plowed into another car. police detained both drivers on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. the minivan may be connected to an earlier hit-and-run crash. all victims suffered major injuries all are expected to survive. shocking charges out of the san francisco's mayor's race. several candidates are calling for federal monitors to watch the next month's election amid claims supporters of mayor lee are cheating. amy there's video that purportedly shows this?
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>> reporter: yeah. but first mayor lee says he has nothing to do with this. he's not an ed with in group. one candidate thinks -- mayor lee is connected to this. here's the video of the questionable behavior tan by a member of ye's campaign. it appears to show and you official voting site set up on ironing boards in chinatown. it looks like it is run by members of a group for ed lee for mayor. seven candidates tell the authorities that the workers are completing ballots for voters which equals voter fraud. >> i think the videos speak for themselves. there are folks wearing shirts that were identifying who they were with and they were engaged in what appeared to be potential voter fraud. >> if many so of the allegations that i hear are true, then there were some illegal activities. again, we urge an investigation. the elections depth has already forwarded some of that
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to the -- department has already forwarded some of that the district torn's office. >> reporter: mayor lee says he's not connected to this group. ye doesn't believe that he says there are no coincidences in politics. he and six other candidates decided to sign a request for the authorities federal and state to res get. mayor lee is the front-runner in this -- election scheduled for november 8th, earth voting is happening right now. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32 now. oakland mayor quan has changed her mind and is now supporting a controversial crime fighting tool she once opposed. aides say she is in favor of some sort of curfew but the way it would be implemented must still be worked out. city administrator santana is working with staff to create a plan that would work with existing resources. city council president says the change of heart is new to him. he supports the curfew but says quan blocked its passage
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in the city council a few weeks back. road rage may have lead to a deadly crash in san leandro this past weekend. highway patrol believes the driver of a transit van deliberately hit a motorcycle saturday and dragged it several miles under the van. the van is 31-year-old eddie hall of oakland. the motorcyclist was rushed to the hospital where he died. investigators i -- say he was with bikers believed to be hells angels. they believe he had some sort of confrontation on the freeway with hall. >> it sounds like the van was moving over to get into a lane that maybe the motorcycle was in. i don't know if there was any communication between the two. that is unknown at this point. then suddenly the van turned and hit the motorcycle. >> police say hall pulled the van over on to the shoulder of the freeway. investigators say he tried to run from the scene but was caught and arrested.
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investigators not connecting that incident with the search for a hells angels member accused of killing another member. police say steve ruiz is wanted in the fatal shooting of steve towson and now believes he may be traveling with his girlfriend. ruiz is the prime suspect in a fatal shooting at the funeral for the chapter president over the weekend officers got a tip that ruiz was at a house in stockton a search turned up nothing. police say ruiz should be concerned armed and dangerous. nothing is sacred any more. treasured relic missing from st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. security guards say this historic church bell was last seen mounted on the parking lot pedestal 2:00 yesterday morning. the 500 pound bell has been part of the cathedral since the 1800s. sal advanced from burned out ruins of the -- salvaged from burned out ruins of the old
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cathedral in august of last year another church bell disappeared unsimilar circumstances it has not been seen since. 6:35. important note for anyone diving or walking in san francisco's financial district later this morning. hundreds of bay area religious leaders will add their voices to the occupy movement. they are set to offer prayers and support. the religious leaders will take part in a march to nearby financial institutions that is expected to begin at 10:30. in oakland police are cracking down on parking violators the occupy end cam -- end camment at frank ogawa plaza. -- cars have been stopping to leave donations for department traitors. protesters continue to defy an order to vacate at night. -- >> in san jose police have
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cleared out protesters in front of city hall. overnight officers arrested four people on charges of illegal camping and cleared a tent and sleeping bags itch the arrests have happened every night since -- police cleared the camp friday. new report claims pg&e was aware of more than two dozen gas leaks years before the pipeline exploded in san bruno killing eight and destroying 38 homes. a year before the explosion pg&e certified that same pipeline was free of leaks. after the blast investigators found the pipeline had numerous faulty wells. the chronicle reports at least 25 leaks were documented on the transmission line from milpedis to san francisco between 1991 and 2009. the paper says the company listed the cause of leaks as unknown. 6:36. starting to see a return of the fog this morning. not sure if that is going to have an impact on sfo, people
6:37 am
flying in. >> it is going to affect the folks who enjoyed the weekend weather. >> yes, if you like the sunshine and warm temperatures at our beaches, they are gone, as is the weekend. cooler weather on the way. south wind surge coming up along the coast half moon bay eight mile per hour wind out of south visibility quarter of a mile. it is taking a right turn clouds are starting to fill in the bay. they haven't made it to sfo yet. if you are way -- if you are wake after 7:00 check out my twit -- my twitter. so far, we are running okay. temperatures in the 40s north bay valleys through 8:00 the rest of news the 50s surge of clouds along the -- rest of us in the 50s. by noon cloudy at the coast, 58 at half moon bay upper 60s
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san francisco, san rafael oakland. 4:00 clouds at the coast mid to upper 60s mid to upper 60s half moon bay, san francisco mid to upper 70s in the east bay valleys. more clouds even cooler tomorrow and then a heightened fire danger possible tuesday night into wednesday. could be cooler this weekend. good morning. we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, incline section you can see the cars streaming past the metering lights. some start of stall or incident there. you can see the cars emerge into the fog. that's what mike has been talking about about. live look 680 southbound from pleasant hill towards 294 junction in a lot of company brake lights hitting north main on to 24. san rafael southbound 101 beginning to get busy too. lucas valley road headlights
6:39 am
head in the southbound direction past the civic center. ace train delay train number 3 is running about 5 to 10 minutes late. drive times, 84 and 580 out of the central valley starting to get slow this morning. >> 6:39. attention shoppers! retailer offering a deal you won't want to ignore this holiday season. we take you live to wall street for the latest on early trading. dow starts off up almost 45 points. the sex worker ad that will soon be showing up on one of the bay area's busiest transit systems. new biography on steve jobs hits stores today. apple offers you a chance to see the memorial that was originally meant only for apple employees. stories of miraculous rescues continue to temper the tragedy in turkey this morning. search teams and civilians are
6:40 am
digging through the rub hoping iç
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welcome back. 6:4 on this monday. cooler weather, southerly surge from san diego to 78. upper 70s with sun through chico, sacramento 83 fresno
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sierra lovely 64 tahoe, sunny 91y@> in palm springs. 6:44. >> apple is making the company's memorial service for steve jobs available online. the service was held last wednesday at the cupertino headquarters opened to employees only. the ceremony starts with a speech from the ceo tim cook who replaced jobs earlier this year. he describe jobs as having the curiosity of a child and the mind of a genius. jobs died october 5th after a battle with pancreatic cancer. you can fan a link to the video of the service -- you can find a link to of the video to the service by heading to abc7 news and click on see it on tv tab. biographer walter isaacson had unprecedented access to steve jobs he conned 40 interviews. lillian kim has more. >> reporter: -- at books iinc
6:45 am
in the castro district copies of book are ready to go the authorized biography simply titled steve jobs. the chain expects brisk sales. >> we get people calling to preorder. >> reporter: the book goes on sale less than three weeks after died of pancreatic cancer. his battle with the disease is one of the book's stunning revelations. the book goes into tail into detail about his contempt for bill gates and his attitude towarding google. >> i knew that steve jobs was very upset about google coming without android phones that he felt ripped off the iphone. i didn't know he wants to go thermal nuclear against google and put every dollar in apple's war chest into destroying them. >> reporter: one of the most interesting stories is how jobs and his biological father met in the 80s before either knew they were related. his sister may the discovery after having tracked their father down.
6:46 am
>> he says, i wish you could have seen me when i was running a bigger restaurant. i used to run one of the best restaurants in silicon valley everybody used to come there even steve jobs used to eat there. mona is taken aback and bites her tongue and then say -- and he says he was a get tipper. that was lillian kim reporting. more about steve jobs coming up on "good morning america." in the meantime it is merger monday. oracle has its head in the clouds. >> jane king joins us live in the new york stock exchange with all that and word of a mccomeback. yes, oracle announcing a deal involving right now offering to acquire right now technologies in a 1 1/2 billion dollar deal. it is a montana base customer
6:47 am
service company. it helps organizes deliver services across call centers. right now stocks higher. mergers including oracle, [ inaudible ] caterpillar really strong. big government refi program for unwater mortgages that could help the housing market. bloomberg index trading higher this morning. some mcnews from mcdonald's the elusive mcrib is making a comeback. that boneless barbecue pork sandwich has a cult filing a website. right now it will be sold at all u.s. locations through november 14th. after that you can still get it but you have to go to germ nip the only country where the mcrib is on the menu permanently. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. you wouldn't believe how
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many times we got tweeted, the frenzy has started. >> people love. >> yeah >> what part of the mcpig, -- [ inaudible ] attention shoppers! wal-mart announcing a new christmas price guarantee. if you buy a product at wal-mart from november 1st, through christmas day and find it at a rival store for less money wal-mart will give you a gift card for the different. you have to bring in the original receipt and the competitor's print ad. time to check the weather. mid level clouds out there, and low clouds what we are most concerned with. those are the clouds that are being co-erred by the sea breeze to move along -- coerced by the sea breeze to move right and turn inland that's what we are seeing now. no flight arrival delays at sfo. definitely a signal the warm weather from the weekend is only going to hold on to
6:49 am
possibly the east bay valleys everybody else significantly cooler. half moon bay 56, clear around santa rosa and novato microclimates all over the place this morning upper 40s 60s still holding on around redwood city and oakland monterey bay cloudy low to mid 50s inland clear around gilroy and 48. coastal clouds today, cooling trend begins for all of us. mostly cloudy cooler tonight than this morning drizzle possible along the coast. winds could kick up tuesday night into wednesday morning that would bring a higher fire danger. for today fremont four concord six, eight san jose, oakland and san francisco 13° cooler than yesterday. sun will set 6:21 this evening. cool front returning the winds and bringing up southerly surge and cooler weather for today and again for tomorrow.
6:50 am
the 80s are holding on but it is antioch, brentwood and livermore at 80. the rest of the east bay valleys in the mid to upper 70s, concord, danville at 77°. richmond 69 fog pushing through the golden gate, berkeley oakland in the low 70s. more sun on the east bay shore in the south bay mid to upper 70s today. cupertino, santa clara, good morning you will share 76. low to mid 70s on the peninsula, palo alto 75. mid 60s along the coast. 68 san francisco, 70 south san francisco. 72 sausalito. mid to upper 70s north bay valley clouds increasing at your beaches. clouds for the better part of the damon ray bay. 70 watsonville, -- near 80 into gilroy drizzle possible along the coast 49 santa cruz
6:51 am
clearer north bay valleys the rest of us cooler than this morning in the low to mid 70s. cooling trend will continue tomorrow and watch out for winds and higher fire danger tuesday into wednesday. cooler weather possible right now for the weekend. have a great day. good morning everyone. we are going to san jose northbound 85 past the tennis -- pardon me past baskum, southbound 880 before tennis son accident lane number two -- slow traffic in that vicinity. drive times this hour 580 out of the central valley highway 4 looking good still bunching up towards concord, 238, five minutes dive 580 up to 880. san mateo bridge moving well in company as you head in the westbound direction of the highrise it is a bit sluggish. walnut creek slow and go headed out of pleasant hill.
6:52 am
brake lights starting there at about treat and north main. a little slow towards the 24 junction. no problems on 24 towards the caldecott. inbound bay bridge in a lot of company, caltrans vehicle on the right, brake lights up the incline once up get through the tunnel no reports ofew> problems heading into san francisco, metering lights are on. for the latest. sex workers ad campaign that was rejected bye-bye two billboard companies has may its way to the muni buses. a clinic in san francisco run by and for sex workers and families. they are featureed in photos with health care providers and the tag line: "someone you know is a sex worker." the group is to help humanize the industry. the ads will run on 50 buses through mid november. two groups rejected those ads
6:53 am
saying they fail to meet community standards. in san jose breast coast bank says supply is dwindling. the mother's milk bank of california says it is now only able to provide milk to neonatal intensive care units. the bank relies on donations from moms who pump extra milk. the internet has caused a down i will turn in donations because some moms arrange their own donations or sell their milk on ebay. the market has boomed after studies touted massive benefits for babies. nonstop search efforts continuinging in turkey, rescuers look for thousands of missing -- people after a massive quake revised death toll. katie marzullo in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: it has ticked up by two. the death toll now at 272. another 1300 injured.
6:54 am
some of those injured were pulled from beneath collapsed buildings this morning 24 hours after the quake hit. one man called if his cell phone saving himself, another adult and two children. so many are pitching in on the rescue efforts. even though the government has asked people to stay away from the piles of rub, some are digging through it with their bear hands. family members are -- bare hands. phonelines are down so people in the bay area with family in turkey are unable to reach their relatives. desperate times for a lot of people and the aftershocks keep coming. at least 120 some as high as 6. the u.s. has not reported any aftershocks within more than an hour now. main quake was 12 miles deep, part of why the damage is so extensive there. let's check in with amy hollyfield with our other top story.
6:55 am
>> reporter: the mayor's race in the city is getting ugly. seven candidates have come together to question whether mayor ed lee is breaking the rules. seven candidates are coming together to call for an investigation. here's video of the behavior they are questioning. it appears to show an unofficial voting station set up on ironing bores in chinatown and people filling out ballots for voters. the allegations are the group is using stencils so voters could not choose any of the other candidates, only ed lee of it appears the group sf neighbor alliance for ed lee is behind the action. mayor lee says he's not tied to this group. and if this is true he too would like to see an investigation. one of his rivals leland ye thinks lee must be involved. he says there are no coincidences in politics. he and sick other candidates have asked federal and -- and six other candidates have asked federal and state
6:56 am
officials to investigate. mayor lee is the front-runner early vote something underway now. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. the fog is mainly at the coast but quickly moving over the land. hasn't reached sfo yet but it may we'll keep an eye on flight delays. upper 40s santa rosa novato. temperatures today four to 13° cooler than yesterday mid 60s along the coast upper 60s san francisco, 70s for the rest of us. cooler weather starting tomorrow. northbound 85 past baskun left lane blocked with accident, south 880 before tennison before we believe this morning, traffic bunching up 84 and 580. san rafael southbound 101
6:57 am
towards central san rafael moving at the limit in good company as you head into san francisco this morning. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with the local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and you can talk about it at
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