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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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run back to their units and adjust the gear they were wearing. they realized that the protesters had chemicals that completely handicapped one officer. he's down, he's gasping for breath, in a car. i asked if he was okay. they think he's going to be fine. he clearly had to stop what he was doing and deal with the chemicals he was inhaling. here comes another arrest. they are going peacefully. i won't jump to any conclusions. >> so far it seems okay. >> reporter: so far, yeah. >> interesting twist. the police are saying it was protesters who fared the tear gas it wasn't the police. >> reporter: yeah, i jumped to the conclusion and ran over to the police and said what did you re-- release on them? they said it wasn't us. that took me off guard usually
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we are used to seeing the police who have the tear gas not the protesters. >> occupy oakland is tweeting now that police have fired rubber bullets. did you see any of that going on? >> reporter: i have not seen that. we have a few different corners to this plaza that i can't see obviously. from my corner, i'm at 14th and broadway i have not seen that i haven't seen any altercations with police except for that first release of tear gas. they moved in, made arrests and they are walking them out in handcuffs. >> i think you would have heard if they were firing rubber bullets. as we are watching now, we see not much in the way of violent confrontation. can you hear what the folks are saying to police? what are they telling them? >> reporter: they were yelling at them, you are the 99%, when they first got here. police were yelling back in
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has been declared an unlawful assembly and we will move in and arrest you. at first there was a bunch of chaotic screaming. it was almost as if they were gearing themselves up, shouting and yelling and cheering and running around. then they organized and started yelling, "you are the 99%." i haven't heard anything beyond that. there are some fringe people some who aren't getting in line, yelling at the media the police, using language we would not want to get on television. as a group, it was more organized, they stuck to their message of the 99% vs. 1% the wealthiest of americans. which this whole movement has been about. >> as we continue to watch in breaking news unfold with police making arrests on people at if. plaza and watching what is -- at frank ogawa plaza and watching what is happening there can you give us a
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background how long that camp has been there there is another one and what are police planning to do there? >> reporter: we have another crew there and i'll check in with them to see what the situation was that was a break-off group. this camp has been here two weeks. it appeared it was getting unorganized and hostile in some areas. there was a group who said let's go here and try this& area, less public, a little more protected. a little more woodsy not as urban as the public plaza. most people dug in and stayed here. frank ogawa has been the spot. you can see right now, big apartment of protester are coming out in -- big amount of protesters are coming out in cuffs. probably half a dozen, dozen walking our way. look like it went peacefully. they got the cuffs on them and
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they are walking them out. >> any idea how many police officers are out there this morning? >> reporter: whoa eric! i don't know. 100. my photographer thinks there's hundreds of police officers. that's something police with would not tell us. part of their plan they don't like to release. hard to say at the ground level. i would love to ask the guy up in the helicopter k >> were those boos for police or cheers for the protesters that they are being led away? >> reporter: i think it is more cheers, as in we did it, with we stayed until the end. we got arrested for our cause which is what we said we were going to do. they are very proud of this camp, proud of how they've run it even though it has been criticized by city officials.
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rodents, fire hazard, protesters have been proud of it. they vowed to protect it until the end. from where i stand it looks cleared out. i don't see many if anyone inside that camp any more. looks like police are getting everyone out. here comes some more right now. that gal at the front right there, she is the one we've interviewed several times. she has been very pleasant to deal with, friendly and welcoming to us, very determined to get out the message of occupy wall street here on the oakland level. her point was always we are camping out here and living as hopeless, because if we don't do it now we are going to be forced to because of the economy. people are losing their hopes, their jobs, we are all going to live on the streets if we don't do it now in form of
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protest. >> as you know from having covered things out there before, official times sadly there's a splinter group of people when this is going on who will branch off and start doing vandalism or other things that should not be done. any signs of that so far? >> reporter: i haven't seen those people yet. we had a few people here where we are, quelling at us, the media, yelling -- yelling at us, media, yelling at the police. these look like the people who were really in ernest here to protest the occupy -- earns here to protest the occupy wall street willing to take this to the end focused, kept to the message like i was saying that gal that we interviewed, she is walking away right now. when things did get a little out of control, she was the one who would try to rein it
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in and say we welcome all types that's why you are getting conflicting behavior and messages. but the core of us believe in and we are here because of this. and let's stick to this message. >> occupy oakland continuing right now to say that police have rubber bullets and tear gassed them you cannot confirm any of that has happened? >> reporter: i haven't seen that. right now you see a large number of officers coming out of camp. they don't have any arreste, s with them. -- >> you see just now supervisor shaking the hands of another management-type maybe a lieutenant. it is over. is what the appearance is from here. they haven't confirmed that.
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looks like they are giving pats on the back. it went smoothly, we accomplished our mission. let me get back to my photographer. here at tully's coffee i see one struggling protester being arrested. that's the most resistance that i've seen. he does not want to go. he's going to be dragged out. other than that, police at this point seems to be finished with their mission at least they are pulling back. over else have marched out cooperatively in cuffs but walked out rather than what this guy is doing. we've seen police shaking hands and patting themselves on the back like this operation may be complete or at least wrapping up. this one last guy is making his point.
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he does not want to go. >> do we know what happens next? does the health department come in or somebody to cleanup? >> reporter: that's the logical conclusion i would make, eric. they've got a lot of cleaning up to do. they've been living here a couple weeks set up a kitchen, first-aid tent, security team, media tent. it was an elaborate tent city they had going here. if all the protesters have been arrested and no one left to clean it up that will fall to the health depth. city officials will be out here -- all morning for sure. we see police still pulling out clubs. they haven't put everything away some are still standing at attention. others are relaxing a bit like this operation may be wrapping up. >> this guy hopefully staying peaceful in his resistance and
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police hoping to keep it verbal. as we watch, can you tell us you have been there a couple of weeks, has there been a gradual shift in the mood? you mentioned people were first very supportive even the government leaders. this the center of oakland business, a lot of government business and commercial business, you talk about tully's, merchants there, how have they begun to view this occupy oakland protest in reason days? >> reporter: i have been interested in what i have heard. let me move from this woman. when you read letters to the editor or comments on websites, i've seen a lot of comments against this. move them out of there, it is time. out here in the plaza talking to people i've been surprised that hasn't translated out here. the people out here have said
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if they aren't bothering in san francisco in justin herman plaza vendors come out everyday and set up tables and sell their wares. they were a little upset that the protesters moved because it felt like it hurt their sales. the coffee place here, i haven't talked to them about how they feel. if anything they maybe even increase sales. protesters like coffee too, right? us reporters have been going in there for coffee. the people we have talked to in the square have said, let them stay, think don't seem to be bothering anyone. officials were touting that line as well. they want to appear to be supportive of first amendment rights. they were torn about how dirty it was getting, the rodents, some of the fighting happening inside. that is why they issued the
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order friday and why they have moved in this morning. >> that one gentleman still involved in civil disobedience. >> reporter: there's a woman screaming about something police have done to them. i have to admit i'm hesitant -- >> we are going to take a break from that. and catch up on the traffic situation, especially around that area of downtown oakland, frank ogawa plaza near city hall. >> bart right now not stopping at the 12th street station. sue has more on that. >> right that whole area as amy was saying 12th and bring, 14th and broadway, frank ogawa plaza, they are asking you stay out of that area. bart implications, bart is not stopping at the 12th street station. you can get off at either the lake merit or 19th street bart station. for the time being they are not stopping at the 12th
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street station. asking that you stay from frank ogawa plaza. 14th broadway, 12th and broadway that area has been cordoned off. elsewhere, we'll take a look at the toll plaza this morning at the bay bridge, light as you head into san francisco. no implications on the 880 freeway through oakland, it is flowing smoothly. bay bridge toll plaza looking good, metering lights are off. golden gate bridge also looking good if you are coming from marin county no problems, no major issues this morning. we'll be following that situation with bart due to the protesters around the oakland area. mike nicco has your forecast. good morning. partly cloudy. fog forming up in the north bay valleys, visibilities still a mile or greater not
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becoming a problem yet, potentially. 48 napa, 49 los gatos, 22° cooler than this time yesterday. all of us waking up to temperatures slightly cooler than they were yesterday. monterey bay upper 50s as you head inland, gilroy at 50°. afternoon sunshine near normal temperatures this afternoon. high fire danger we've been talking about it since last week. it is here, tonight, tomorrow even tomorrow night, then calmer and warmer friday into the weekend. cold front trying to push through the bay area, kicking up clouds, partly cloudy. behind it is where the real action comes in. high pressure going to slide inland it is going to create a downsloping very dry offshore wind. it is going to gust up to 40 miles per hour in the diablo range, east bay hills and north bay mountains that will start at 6:00 this evening through 6:00 thursday morning.
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with the fast wind, the low humidity and all that dry brush, things could get out of hand quickly. please be careful today. let's talk about the temperatures. move of us in the low to mid 70s today. richmond, oakland, san francisco, san mateo, half moon bay and immediate neighbors in the mid to upper 60s. monseray bay mid to upper 60s inland salinas and hollister, low to mid 70s gilroy and morgan hill. tonight cool once again. a lot of news the 40s in our valleys. winds in higher elevations will keep temperatures in the 50s and 60s. what you are going to see is temperature forecast and cloud forecast. sunny tomorrow thursday friday saturday sunday more clouds and cooler monday dry all seven days. right now we take you back to our breaking news with
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oakland police and the chp moving in on those protesters, occupy protesters. they have been making arrests. amy you were hearing from some of the protesters trying to figure out what they were saying. >> reporter: this woman was telling me she is very, very upset, very emotional about all of this. she is worried that police brutality is going on inside the camp. and we aren't in there to watch it happening. she is very upset she said inside this little tent city they've been feeding each other, taking care of each other. exercising their first amendment rights and she can't believe police are breaking this up. she is frustrated saying this city can't afford libraries yet can afford police action like this. this show of force was frustrating to her. she upset. they are emotional. they've been here for a couple of weeks this is very important to them. this tent city has become something they are very proud of. she said we were taking care
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of people, feeding people. she was upset, i think we have video of the live pictures we were showing you moments ago of the man who was being arrested. he was resisting. they had a few officers on him that upset her as well. she said he's a man who has been out here trying to exercise his first amendment right why is he being carried out by so many officers? she was very upset and emotional. she was using a lot of curse words. i would interview her, but she was not editing herself appropriately for television. she was near tears. a lot of emotion out here. as you can see it appears that police are somewhat standing down. they are facing us not facing in to the camp. they still have on riot gear, they still have clubs drawn. we have seen some officers,
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supervisors look like a lieutenant maybe shaking hands of officers and patting them on the back. it appears there's a possibility they've cleared out that plaza. and they've made the bulk of the arrests they are going to make tonight. >> amy, we are going to take a break and get some commercials in. before we let you go, wanted to ask if you had seen fights or anything like that? >> reporter: i haven't seen it. we moved to an intersection that has very heavily policed it could be going on in a dark corner where there is not as many officers. with we chose this spot. we felt like it was well lit, well protected to observe what was going on if there is struggling, fighting or violence going on in a dark corner, we'll hear about it, but at this point we haven't seen it.
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>> we are glad you are in a safe well lit spot. we'll check back in with you later. right
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we are going to keep you up-to-date with what is going on at frank ogawa plaza in just a couple of minutes. there is other news going on. right now we check into one of those stories. president obama will arrive in the bay area eight hours from
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now he will be here only three hours but will get a lot of bang for his buck. katie marzullo is live a preview. >> reporter: remember when a presidential visit used to be a top story? he won't be here long but his presence will be felt. he will arrive a little before 1:00 this afternoon, gone by 3:00, but not before collecting more than one million dollars in campaign funds. the president was in los angeles yesterday he made a light hearted stop at roscoe's chicken and waffles, much to the delight of workers there. he made a stop at a celebrity-laced event. donors paid $75,000 a plate. today's event in san francisco is a bargain at $7500 a head, 200 people are expected. groups say they will protest outside of the "with w" hotel including medical marijuana advocates, anti-war
5:23 am
demonstrators, occupy san francisco and a group opposed to an oil pipeline bringing canadian oil to the united states. >> an opportunity to send him a message directly and some of the high dollar donors investing in his campaign the message that his grassroots supporters the people who got him where he is in 2008 need him to do the right thing on this >> reporter: this will be the president's third visit to the bay area in six months and his 7th since taking office. stephen spinner, former energy official linked to solyndra helped plan today's lunch. you are advised to avoid the downtown area from noon to 4:00 today. president obama leaves here for denver. katie marzullo, abc7 news. our time is 5:23. >> mike has been getting the latest information on our changing conditions. >> tonight 6:00, watch out for
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that it going to last for 48 hours, 36 hours so it is going to be a rough stretch we haven't had to deal with it in a while, it is a red flag warning the fire season is here. here's a look at hazy conditions over the bay area from sutro tower, we'll call it partly cloudy, a clouds around some areas, other areas look like what you are seeing here. fog forring in the north bay valleys. 48 napa, 49 los gatos, everybody else in the 50s. monterey bay upper 50s salinas 50 with not as much fog around gilroy. we have a lot of calmness around the bay area this morning. fastest winds around half moon bay south at 7, 15 in fairfield coming out of the west. we still have a little bit of an onshore breeze that is going to bring afternoon sun and near arm normal temperatures this afternoon. high fire danger tonight and tomorrow, calm and warm for
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friday, saturday, sunday. here's a look what the is going on at 8:00, clouds around and temperatures mainly in the 50s. as you head towards noon increase in sunshine temperatures hanging in the upper 50s around half moon bay, oakland, san rafael the rest of news the 60s. 4:00 hour, a lot of sun, breeze turns a little out of the northeast. temperatures in the 60s around the bay shore and coast, 70s inland valley. dry and breezy with that red flag warning high fire danger north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range 6:00 tonight through 6:00 thursday morning. then warm sunshine calm for the weekend. good morning everyone. we've been covering these
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protests, bart ramifications still passing through the 12th station not stopping. if you normally get off at the 12th station you want to get off at lake merit or the 19th seat station. police asking that you stay out of that area of -- 14th and 12th and bring downtown oakland until further knowy. until the police issue gets squared away. no issue on the nimitz through oakland moving at the limit. public transit no further muni delays. they had an overnight derailment that is back on track, literally, no problems there. one hot spot northbound 880 debris in lanes in the newark area near the parkway a truck has lost its load of folding chairs at the off-ramp. that could be a mess. be forewarned of that. live look at drive heading out of pleasant hill towards downtown walnut creek and 24 junction moving with well no
5:27 am
problems, a little bunching up towards 24. it is now 5:26 on a very busy tuesday morning. >> we continue to follow breaking news in oakland. police have moved in to clear away a camp set up by occupy oakland protester. they are making arrests. >> reporter: occupy oakland has been broken up by police. police have made several arrests. the protesters who weren't arrested are feeling emotion
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >> announcer: right now breaking news. that breaking news is out
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of oakland, frank ogawa plaza where the protesters had set up their camp. this morning police moved in to put an end to it. >> in a major show of force by hundreds of police in riot gear they moved in less than an hour and a half ago amy hollyfield has been there the whole time witnessing the arrests. >> reporter: they got here 4:30 came in on motorcycles and had a few advance pull of -- full of officers in their riot gear formed a line on broadway and announced this was an unlawful assembly and they needed to leave or be arrested. several chose to stay and be arrested. that's the only way they would leave. we did see them release what appeared to be tear guys on the police officers. one officer came running here ripping off his helmet, gasping for air, rubbing his eyes, coughing that is the most vie -- violence that we
5:31 am
witnessed. since then it has been protester after protester being marched out in cuffs and put in a van. we saw one protester who resisted a bit. did not want to walk out on his own. it took a few officers to get him in. otherwise it appears it has been a peaceful police action. the spokesperson couldn't tell us how many arrests have been made they are hoping to have that information later this morning in an organized press conference. we have seen probably dozens of protesters put away in the vans and prepared to be taken off to jail. we've talked to a few who did make-up and get out when police arrived. they are -- who did pack up and get out when police arrived. they tell us they were exercising their first amendment rights that this tent city was caring for people, feeding people and
5:32 am
they are feeling sad and emotional their tent city has been torn down and they've been forced to leave. they tell us they can't believe in a city where libraries are tough to pay for, schools threatened to be shutdown that the city could show such a huge number of police officers bringing them out to arrest all of the protesters here and break up the situation. the city officials say from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., no camping is loud here in the plaza. they decide -- is allowed here in the plaza. they issued an order friday they were concerned about health hazards they had seen rodents in the area because of all the food. worried that some fighting was going on. some had been assaulted inside the camp. they were worried about the fire hazard they were cooking here, three mails -- three meals a day open flame.
5:33 am
this morning at 4:30 police decided to move in and clear out this plaza. we've seen probably dozens of arrests. they hope to have a final number for us later. one protester appeared to not want to go so there was a struggle getting him loaded up. we did see tear gas released. other than that we haven't seen anything too confrontational. we will get a briefing later this morning. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> we'll definitely be checking back with you, thank you. we are also hearing that four protesters have been arrested in san jose at occupy san jose. police arresting protesters over the weekend there have been since friday each time activists are charged with illegal camping. they insist they are being railroaded by city leaders. they point to the 2008 protest of the vietnamese activist
5:34 am
camped out in front of city hall for weeks and never arrested or cited. >> i think the city manager has said in retrospect the vietnamese episode should have escalated faster than it did. >> they should have done a lot of things. should have, could have, would have is not a way to run the city. one guy reportedly sleeping on the wall this morning. he and others say they are being targeted for sanitation problems that are being caused by the homeless. antioch police investigating the fatal shooting of a wanted man by officers. it happened last night on lemontree court. police got a call the fugitive was in the area carrying a gun that lead to a chase and officers ordered the suspect to drop his gun. witnesses her the police commands followed by sun shots -- heard the police commands followed by gunshots.
5:35 am
33-year-old josh peterson was wanted on two arrest warrants. we are learning more this morning about san jose's latest police shooting. police say the suspect half year guerrero had a toy gun when officers shot him. -- police found him at a hotel sunday after getting reports of a suspicious man with a gun who passed out drunk in the stairwell. officers say he made a threat anyone gesture towards what they thought was a real gun in his waistband. he's expected to recover from gunshot wounds. have advisers will vote today on a measure to been styrofoam containers. if approved it would ban containers from county facilities right away and from food businesses in unincorporated areas by next summer. similar bans exist in 50
5:36 am
cities and countys statewide. styrofoam is hard to recycle. opponents say the alternatives are more expensive and can still become litter. we'll talk about changes to bart this morning for commuters because what is happening at the oakland fight, occupy oakland where police are breaking up protester. sue hall will have that in just a moment. the news from mike higher fire danger headed our way. >> watch out this evening starting at 6:00, winds start blowing offshore, get gusty in higher elevations north bay mountains, ebay hills into the diablo range. red flag -- east bay hills into the diablo range. red flag warning. the fire season begins today. visibilities outside this morning, aren't too bad except half moon bay quarter mile. fog forming in the north bay
5:37 am
valleys visibilities are okay. we'll keep an eye on it. you know how quickly fog can form and drop your ability to see and drive safely and get around especially once the kids start getting out to to the bus stops. calm winds in most areas. let's look at temperatures at 8:00, close to where they are now in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon hours temperatures in the mid 60s along the coast into san francisco, oakland low to mid 70s for the rest of us. a lot of sun the next couple of days with offshore winds. then they will subside, a little fire danger friday, saturday, sunday looking warm. good morning. still a lot of activity as amy hollyfield has been reporting around 12th and broadway in oakland with these protests. here's the implication for bart at this hour. they are not stopping at the 12th street station. they are continuing to bypass that station if you normally get off at 12th, get off at
5:38 am
lake merit or 19th. we also have -- ace transit musses detoured around downtown oakland. protesters at 12 and broadway expect a detour for ace. the bart trains bypassing the 12th station. those no other public transit issues. you want to stay away from the frank ogawa plaza area and downtown oakland due to police activity and protesters and there are no traffic problems on the nimitz oakland through the area at this time. that is good news. no delays there. we have debris in lanes northbound 880 in newark the ramp is scattered folding chairs blocking lanes that is not good. drivers are getting out of their cars to get those out of the lanes. toll plaza, metering lights off, good ride into san francisco via bay bridge and golden gate bridge
5:39 am
fog-free moving at the limit out of the waldo across and into san francisco. for the latest. now 5:39. still ahead, we'll continue to cover that breaking news. police move in by the hundreds and arrest occupy oakland protesters this morning. san francisco's mayor is saying about accusations of election fraud. city workers in san jose get fired up over a manager's remarks that many of them are useless. how
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. san francisco ed lee telling people using voter fraud in his name knock it off. this video taken by supporter of another candidate shows workers wearing ed lee for mayor. the woman saw workers filling out ballots for residents and telling them how to vote. >> this is a sacred, sacred right to do. they should never be intim daid to rote for anybody. it should be something that is -- cleanly done by the individual. if there is anyone who thinks they are representing me or any other candidate, i want them to cease and desist. >> other candidates for mayor have called for an investigation into the allegations. lee says he supports the
5:43 am
investigation. 5:42. apple may be switching channels and focusing on tv. the bloomberg business report, straight ahead. we'll be going back to our breaking news at frank ogawa in oakland, as police finally move in on oakland protesters, occupy oakland protesters, after two weeks of cccccccccccccc
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5:45. latest on our breaking news downtown oakland scene of tension and hostility police in and arrest occupy oakland protesters. >> amy hollyfield has been live at frank ogawa plaza. this began a little over an hour ago. is the situation calming down? >> reporter: we have a new development. this if going to be a sloppy shot. i'm going to ask steve to look over there. about 100 people suddenly, coming down 14th street, toward broadway and they are marching and protesting. i can't hear what they are saying from where i am. we had no idea this was coming. clearly they've reorganized, the occupy oakland protesters who did not get arrested have now started a rally and a protest. that is going on. you can hear probably behind me the officers on their
5:47 am
motorcycles, rushing off to that area to deal with it and protect and patrol it and watch over it. all of these motorcycle cops moving out of the area where they were focused. now they are going down 14 street to see what is going on. we can hear the chanting. i do believe there's at least 100 people probably more. this comes after police involvement at the plaza in front of city hall. it was about 4:30 when police moved in on their motorcycles they had police in riot gear getting out of advance who formed a line and said this is an unlawful assembly you need to leave or you will be arrested. several chose to stay. they were arrested. we saw probably a couple dozen,
5:48 am
maybe more protesters most walking out on their own in handcuffs and loaded up into advance. a spokesperson will have -- up into vans. a spokesperson will have an official number later. protesters who did not want to again their own were dragged out by police. sorry, we are now getting moved this is a developing situation, no doubt. very fluid out here. what was i saying? we had one situation of tear gas where we saw a cloud coming out of the plaza. then we saw an officer running over here and ripping off his mask, rubbing his eyes, gasping for breath, clearly overcome by some kind of chemical we were sure i was tear gas. we said to police why did you fire tear gas at them? they said they didn't.
5:49 am
they said the protesters did that >> amy we just lost your video, we can still hear you. >> reporter: yes, i understand you have my audio. a police officer just tripped on our cable. >> okay. >> reporter: this situation is changing every second here. i understand you can still hear me, i'm sorry you don't have our shot. >> we got it back amy. >> reporter: tear gas. i want odd to point this out. police told us protesters released it on them. why would protesters have done that when they don't have masks on and police do she was questioning whether police released the tear gas or protesters because tear gas is expensive, hard get she can't imagine it would have been the protesters. so dispute there on who released the tear gas. that happened right at the beginning. that was the most
5:50 am
confrontational event we saw. a couple of protesters who did not willingly walk out on their own accord. protesters are -- are concerned there was more police brutality that we did not witness. we did not see what looked like a brutal use of force. no clubs, we didn't see any of the rubber bullets fired. police have pulled out, they say they've contained the plaza. now the cleanup effort going to begin this is a boring shot. let me walk you over here. police have changed their stance. now they are facing their attention to franklin. probably 100 or 200 protesters came marching down the street, yelling and chanting. now police are keeping their eye on that situation. because of all of this, and this pertains to a lot of you watching this, listen up the city is saying if you work in
5:51 am
downtown oakland, police consider delaying your arrival this morning for work. they are saying that goes for city employees as well as people who work in the private sector. anyone who works in this area they are saying consider not leaving the house until further knowy. they will let you know when they feel like this area is safe. they can open it back up to traffic. and it is okay for to you come. they are leaving it up to you, it is not an order, it is more of an advisement, city employees know your officials are saying avoid this area. don't show up for work on time wait for further notice. we'll keep monitoring the situation it is changing by the second. now back to you. that crowd that was coming our way isn't any more. i don't know where the crowd went. we'll try to hunt that down for you. back to you. >> we'll continue to look at
5:52 am
video, whatever we can see around you. a couple quick points. a good point you brought up of the discrepancy over the claims of who shot out the tear gas. there are a lot of claims, we should mention, some of it could be true, some may not be. >> reporter: hold on. look at this shot, look at what they are bringing in. how many officers they are now bringing in. i'm sorry to interrupt you but we just saw this heading our way. we had seen police 30 minutes ago, starting to takeoff -- to take off their helmets, patting each other on the back, retreating, mission accomplished they had successfully shutdown the plaza. looks like they are all back on duty and realizing this is far from over. what a show of force this is what is frustrating some of the protest there's we've spoken to about this police activity. they say they were protesting the fact that the economic
5:53 am
situation in our country and this stay of oakland. fact that the city is -- this city of oakland. the fact that the city is shutting down schools and libraries but can put -- put towards police action. this is from city officials in city hall who have ordered police to do this. the protesters are finding it frustrating. some are sad. we've seen some emotional people out here. some people crying. some people hysterically talking about their cause, very upset. saying this tent city was important. they felt like they were taking care of people, feeding people and exercising their first amendment rights. a lot of frustration it came to an end and this is how it came to answer. looks like they are far from done making their statement. >> one quick point we wanted
5:54 am
to talk to you about. >> you mentioned emotions are running high. we think it is important to point out that there are a lot of people putting out things on facebook, not all of it true. again, you are saying no confrontation that anybody has fired rubber bullets. ers saying that. -- sympathizers saying that. you mentioned tear gas discrepancy over who fired it. again, a lot of stuff floating out as a result of the raid this morning, just be careful about all of it -- just be careful that all of it is verified. >> reporter: police plan to brief us once they get facts organized and accurate. right now they are just trying to keep the situation under control. protesters are concerned things happen that maybe we didn't see. we kept ourselves at this corner right here. this seemed like a safe spot from which to watch everything that was happening.
5:55 am
there is some concern that maybe something has happened that we didn't see. there will be a lot of stories coming out later this morning, of course. we have to listen to all accounts and we'll keep going from there. >> thank you amy. >> reporter: okay. quick check on weather and traffic. good morning. afternoon sunshine, temperatures close to average, high fire danger finally here tonight and tomorrow through thursday seems like we've been talking about it forever, i think last thursday, friday we first mentioned it. calmer and warmer friday through the weekend. cold front pushing down and through the bay area right now that's why we have clouds. once it moves by high pressure rolls in. it moves into the great basin brings offshore wind this time it is going to be gusty and dry. that's why we'll have that heightened fire danger we have all three of the ingredients needed. the fuels, the winds, low humidity.
5:56 am
6:00 this evening through 6:00 thursday morning, diablo range east bay hills and north bay mountains ununder a red flag warning. -- around the monterey bay mid to upper 60s. gilroy morgan hill, 71 and 73. a lot of sunshine and breezy conditions especially in our hills above 1,000 feet that's why the fire danger is there. calmer weather and a lot of sunshine temperatures slightly warmer than average for friday, saturday, sunday, cooler but dry for halloween. >> the protests in downtown oakland have bart bypassing that 12th street station. use 19th as your alternate or the lake merritt station. avoid frank ogawa plaza. marchers are in that vicinity of 14th and broadway and 12th and broadway.
5:57 am
transit rerouted 12th and broadway expect delays on ac transit. nimitz freeway through oakland is not affected traffic flowing well. ace train 1, 5 to 10 minutes late out of the central valley. walnut creek southbound 680 drive smooth from pleasant hill towards 24 past treat and north main no problems. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights off light headed into san francisco traffic where you can get all the updates. just ahead, we'll continue to bring you the latest on the situation at frank ogawa in oakland where hundreds of police have moved in to make arrest
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