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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now breaking news. that breaking news out of oakland this morning. it is 6:00 thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. occupy oakland ends this morning by unhundreds of police in riot gear. police made arrests. now perhaps hundreds more are showing up and police are making a movement too. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: some police are moving behind me i'm curious
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to follow where they are headed. i can show you the plaza over there that you are used to seeing full of protesters for the last couple of weeks. now it is police that are over there you no longer see protesters, it is police. the health department will soon be moving in to clear out tents and the kitchen, everything in there they have to clear it out. police moved in about 4:30 this morning. we have a picture for you of the most confrontational situation we saw that was tear gas released. the question is who released it? we asked police why did you release tear gas on the protesters? they said we didn't, they did. i did see an officer gasping, he looked tan by -- he looked taken by surprise. however, the protesters tell us, why would we release it when we don't have masks on.
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that's crazy, we didn't do it. conflicting reports on that issue. that was the most violent moment we saw. several people were arrested. probably dozens between 8:00 and 9:00 they are hoping to have a press conference for us and will have firm numbers for us. they arrested most everyone peacefully, walked out in cuffs, walked out on their own. we did see one or two who refused to walk out. they to be pulled out myself officers. they resisted a bit. otherwise, it was a relatively peaceful operation compared to what we have seen in the past at other protests. the city had ordered police to move in and cheer out this protest because they were worried it wasn't safe. the protesters who weren't arrested were very emotional, very upset this happened. saying that they were not anarchists, they were not fringe people. they were people who care about the country, the city,
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about the economic situation that our country is facing. >> i'm a recent graduate of uc berkeley. i look around and i see incredible levels of unemployment. we see incredible levels of incarceration. 2/3 of students graduating from high school. i don't think those are [ inaudible ] >> reporter: they are not finished yet. here's a shot from sky 7 in the past 10 minutes. a large group of protesters who had taken to the streets to march and rally for this cause. they are not going away. they are not finished getting this word out. now they appear to be headed to snow park. i want to send it over to terry mcsweeney who can give us the latest what is happening there terry?
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>> reporter: you are right, this seems to be where the police are coming to. there had been nothing going on all morning. maybe 10 minutes ago some bicyclists came through 19th and oakland shouting the police are coming like a modern day paul revere. moments later, i counted 12 motorcycle police officers coming down here. they perhaps were blocking off some streets keeping the traffic out of this area. this has been a mellow scene. it is night and day from frank ogawa plaza. what we have here is maybe a dozen, maybe 14 tents still up. i talked to some people here a couple hours ago. looking up we can see the helicopter above. talking to some people down here. they were talking about they will resist peacefully. they don't have any confrontation in mind with police. whatever police bring is the reaction the police are going to get. if they are aggressive they
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will respond accordingly. if they are peaceful and ask them to go they will lock averages allow themselves to be arrested. what we are seeing -- lock arms, allow themselves to be arrested. we are seeing more on motorcycles, there is some activity down here this is really not a rehighly occupied area. large -- not a really highly occupied area. >> everything is a work in progress. our plan is really not in place now other than we are hoping -- we are planning to sleep and go on as normal, unless something major changes. if it does we'll spoken to it, according to the manner of its arrival. >> reporter: we are back out here live. you can see people milling about at snow park. no police moving into the park yet. but they have moved at least a
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dozen police officers on motorcycles, into the area. locks like they are blocking off one of the streets down here. from what we are hearing, police are moving in this direction. when when they here they will find 12, 14 tents, some milling about who say they may allow themselves to be arrested as part of a protest against what the police are doing not allowing them to occupy this park as part of occupy oakland. that's the story right now. at the moment police blocking off streets to the left. over towards harrison on 19th i don't see any police presence. they circled the park, pulling up towards lake merritt side and parking. we will keep you posted as something develops. right now seems like something is developing. at the moment, no police are moving on to snow park. live in oakland, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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>> we'll keep coming back as we watch what develops at snow park in oakland. over the handling some are calling for the ouster of mayor quan. another group of oakland residents have launched a recall drive against the mayor. petitioners complain she hasn't done the job fighting crime, spurring development or cutting the city's 16% unemployment. >> the mayor is 100% focused on herself, the mayor jean quan. in the meantime, public safety is collapsing in this city. the city budget is teetering towards brunt . i don't think oakland can take another three years. >> mayor quan's office counters she is putting 63 more police officers on the streets. working on a neighborhood safety plan and actively working with business and community leaders on major chick projects. we are continue -- we are continuing to check the news at frank ogawa and snow park. we'll bring you the latest.
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right now weather. >> higher fire danger coming, making news. >> coming tonight. we've been talking about it for five or six days. now it is here and becoming a reality. the first step is the trough of low pressure developing going to move inland today and continue the cooling sea breeze. we have fog forming in the north bay valleys, right now visibilities are greater than a mile. 48 napa, 49 los gatos, everybody else in the 50s. afternoon sunshine except for along the coast mix of clouds mid to upper 60s and half moon bay, san mateo, oakland, low to mid 70s for the rest of us. as we look at our seven day, 6:00 tonight the winds start to pick up. that's when we'll have the high fire danger begin. north bay mountains east bay hills diablo range you in the crosshairs of this high fire danger that starts at 6:00 this evening and lasts through 6:00 thursday morning.
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it going to be about a 36 hour stretch of where we will have gusty, dry winds that if a fire does start it could really get out of control quickly with those winds. friday, saturday, sunday calmer, sun, temperatures maybe warmer than average. good morning everyone. protests in downtown oakland have affected your bart commute. the 12th street station temporarily closed. bart trains are bypassing that station. you want to get off at the 19th street station. you are asked to avoid the area the frank ogawa plaza. transit buses rerouted around the protest site at 12th and broadway. expect delays on ac transit. ace train 1, 10 minutes late. train 3, delayed by 5 minutes. live look at bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are off
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at this point. you can see the fast track and car pool lanes are breezing by. those are cash paying folks that are backed up a little bit. we'll follow this. it is now 6:10. we'll be right back as we continue our coverage of the breaking developments at the occupy oakland demonstration. police may be ready to move in on a second location, snow park near lake merritt. >> the new push coming today cccñ
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you by mancini sleepworld. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. i want to show you the situation in front of city hall. the plaza has been occupied by protesters for the past couple of weeks is now full of police officers. that's all we see. they moved in about 4:30 this morning and made arrests. there are still a lot of officers out here. a lot of people on the move. protesters now in the streets of oakland. because of this so the city has shutdown the 12th street bart station and issued, if you work downtown they are saying please don't come downtown until further notice. they say be late to work today. there's a lot of activity. terry mcsweeney is at snow park where the protesters have landed.
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>> reporter: i'm at 19th and harrison at snow park police moving in by the dozens, far outnumbering the people in the 12, 14 tents. these folks have been here about eight days police moving in as we speak. you are watching it live. these are the first to arrive into the park. they pulled up a short time ago on motorcycles, blocked offside streets. i'm trying to see where they are going, not taking a direct route to the tents maybe coming up on the back side. now the police are spreading out through snow park encircling the end camment. i've talked to on so of the -- end camment. i've talked to the some of the people here there is not one theme amongst the campers. some say they will treat police as they are treated. if police are extremely aggressive, they will be. in police are peaceful and just like to make an arrest
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and clear the park they will go accordingly. nobody is speaking for the entire group. police are continuing to expand their circle around the campers. i'm hearing in the distance maybe quarter block away, i don't see them yet, there's protesters chanting. i can't hear what they are saying. police are moving in. they are moving in, encircling us for that matter as they put a ring around the campers 12, 14 tents. when the action started happening at the frank ogawa plaza earlier there were maybe six to send people from in camp who -- six to 10 people from this camp who got up and ran to see what they could go there. you can see what is happening here. police tightening their circle and increasing numbers around the encampment at snow park at
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19th and harrison in oakland a few blocks from frank ogawa plaza where the larger group of occupy oakland was this morning. right now what we are seeing is they are making some people are taking pictures of somebody standing in the middle of all this. police have set up a ring and they are adjusting their ring around the encampment here at snow park. more police pulling up on motorcycles, you probably hear them revving engines in the background. police helicopter above. maybe we can walk closer to where the action is. and get a better look at what is going on. trying to estimate how many officer are out here, i would say well over 100. got a picture if sky 7 of what it looks like from up there. that is the look the police helicopter has.
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the light occasionally shining down on the encampment down here. i haven't seen anybody pulled out of here yet. the police are moving in tighter and tighter now they are within eight feet of the outer most tent here at the park. police moving in closer. here's comes the warning from police. they are identifying themselves, oakland pd. i'm losing the message with the sirens going off behind me. basically a message i'm certain it is an illegal occupies and it is time to move out of this park -- illegal occupies and it is time to move out of this park. obviously they have sirens on. i don't know if the occupiers can hear the police.
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i just heard that part t if you don't leave now, you will be arrested. waiting to see what the response is from the campers. >> this is the oakland police department. it has been determined that you are i will really -- are illegally lodging in the park and subject to arrest. >> reporter: to avoid arrest you must immediately gather your belongings and vacate the park is what oakland pd are saying. they are telling them to vacate the same direction towards 19th street. which will be, if you don't then you will be arrested. this is going on right here at snow park. as far as campers go there's a couple standing up and one sitting down. i don't know if these tents are occupied.
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there's some 10 just seems to be no most, no response. >> terry, can you hear what the protesters are shouting in response to what they are hearing from the cops? >> reporter: it is not -- the protesters who are shouting are -- maybe 200 feet away, now the police are moving in. i have not heard a peep from the protesters themselves. police are moving in here on snow park and taking tents, pulling them up out of the ground. there's three tents that were not occupied, obviously. they are taking the tends and dragging them away. they are taking -- taking the chairs and tossing them aside. now they have a tent with someone in it. he's just lying still. he is basically not responding to their request to get up.
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it is peaceful resistance on his part. a woman is saying a few things to police. and one man is being arrested. this is the gentleman who was in his tent when they pulled open the tent he didn't move. he is not resisting. he's going away with police, right now peacefully. there's a woman who has been handcuffed. she has been stood up. she is being led away. she not resisting. another man being led away walking right by me. i see no violence so far. it is a lot of police, very few protester. overwhelming numbers by the oakland police here today. i think they've pretty much got -- we've been asked to leave the park by an oakland
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police officer. one person is being carried out of the park. we saw something similar at frank ogawa park a little while ago. >> move back. >> reporter: he's not resisting. he's just lying absolutely still which is the different between he and one of the protesters at frank ogawa plaza earlier. he's being guided away. led away. other people arrested, i saw two men and a woman. they did not resist. here comes the woman now being led away by police. i would put my microphone over there, but some of the things i heard earlier were just not going to make it on tv so i'm going to keep the microphone here. she is yelling at the police officer but not physically resisting what he's trying to do, which is take her away from the scene. [ sirens [ >> reporter: with that, the police are moving away.
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every officer it seems moving away to another location. >> does that mean terry everybody has been removed from this portion of snow park, all the protesters? >> reporter: snow park is -- the people are gone. the tents and some bags remain. but there's -- there's -- yes i will. just being moved by police again further from the park even though there is nobody left in it. what is going on here on aris son and 19th, seems to be a lot of police -- on harrison and 19th, seems to be a lot of police. i don't see a disturbance per se maybe other protesters protesting the arrests of these folks. protesters i saw being arrested, three got up, peacefully went. that's what we were told me were going to do. a fourth refused to get up. they picked him up and carried
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him away. there seems to protesters gathering around the police van. possibly upset about the arrest that took place here. i do not see any violence at this park. there was none during the arrest that i saw. i saw four arrests, no violence. >> terry, we see some people milling around. are you getting the sense these may be people sympathetic to the occupy oakland cause or people arriving for work? >> reporter: i don't know. it would make sense this is just speculation, they came down when the frank ogawa plaza was cleared. they may have come down here. some come with signs, which suggests preparation. and they may have been up there at frank ogawa and brought them down here. i can't say that for sure. i don't really know where they came from. it makes sense they came if up
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there. before the police arrived here, we had three bicyclists racing by the park shouting out "the police are coming, the police are coming!" they were watching the police at that demonstration so these three were coming down from frank ogawa plaza. i think some of the people here with signs also coming down here from there. >> terry, -- get finish your thought. >> reporter: i was going to say sky 7 gave us the same angle that the police helicopters had for the past half hour or so. you see overwhelming force. up at frank ogawa plaza, a different scene more protesters. down here at snow park, maybe 12 tents. apparently most were not occupied at this time of the morning. >> it seems from the view we had that most people were awake and waiting for the police to arrive. >> reporter: yeah.
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certainly the woman arrested i had seen her earlier had a chance to hear what she had to say. the other three gentlemen were in their tents. two of them officers said get up, they did. marched them off, peaceful arrest. one person refused to cooperate they picked him up and carried him out. >> terry -- >> reporter: there's a gathering here they are chanting something. there's maybe three dozen people and 100 cops. i can't hear what the people were chanting, they've stopped doing that. the scene out here right now is occupy oakland is over at snow park. some of the people i talked to said they are going to get arrested. sometime today they will be tree to come back out. if they don't come here, they will come somewhere else. they are going to do it again is what they told me.
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>> part of the explanation for clearing out frank ogawa plaza was sanitation and health-related. open fires and waste that was there. was snow park similarly or had they been taking better care? >> reporter: the people here at snow park said they wanted to do this protest right. they got two push mothers and mowed the grass -- two push mowers and they mowed the grass here. the grass looks like a carpet, well cared for. they say they called up the,y city and said the port-a-potty here at snow park, while they cleaned the walls, it needed a -- >> momentarily lost terry's microphone. he will probably be back shortly. it is interesting to note he was saying that the health level seemed to be different between the two locations.
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it seems like the tenting level may differ. you are baxter we can hear you just fine. >> -- you are back terry, we can hear you just fine. interesting to note you didn't see the barricades or trash dumpsters at the snow park location. certainly no report of tear gas or evidence of that. little calmer situation there as police break up the second camp of occupy oakland at snow park is >> part of that probably the overwhelming force with fewer people. let's check in now 6:28, there are other things going on. weather calm this morning. you can see a little haze, a few clouds here and there we'll call it mostly clear, good morning everybody. let's get and move on since we are coming up on the 6:29 timeframe already and talk about our highlights. afternoon sunshine near normal highs. high fire danger finally here
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tonight into tomorrow. calmer annualer friday, try -- annualer, friday, saturday, sunday. this is going to set up shop in the great basin, create downsloping dry gusty winds and with how dry it is this time of year means the fire season starts tonight at 6:00. we'll have gusty winds north bay mountains, east bay hills and diablo range through 6:00 thursday morning. high fire danger but a lot of sunshine and mild temperatures out to the coast during this offshore event. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures a little move average with sunshine everywhere, more clouds cooler, but dry for halloween monday good morning. although we have the protesters on the move this morning, they just announced the 12th street bart station has been reopened.
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still downtown and the area of snow park is a good place to avoid. ace buses rerouted at this time, we haven't heard of anything back to normal yet. expect delays on ac transit 12th and broadway and downtown. 880 freeway not affected at all. we still have an ace train delay not related train 1, 10 minutes late. train 3, 5 minute delay. drive times this morning out and about 80 not bad towards the maze. highway 4 usual slow and go self, from antioch towards concord. from santa rosa southbound 101 into novato, 35 minute drive. when you come out of the waldo tunnel to the golden gate bridge at limit. no problems. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic back towards the west ground overcrossing. will help
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you get around all the hot spots. 12th street station in oakland for bart is open again. police moved in to frank ogawa plaza and began clearing out occupy oakland protesters there. a few minutes ago they began doing the same at snow park in oakland. terry mcsweeney is live there. terry, give us the latest, have they moved all the protesters out of the park? >> reporter: the protesters are out of the park fairly without incident. one person was picked up and carried out. the other three pretty much peaceful resistance. officers said get up, they got up, got cuffed and taken away. right now what you are seeing is on 19th, a long row of police this is nothing compared to the number of police -- let me get out of way. get an idea of how far this line goes. all the way down there. i do not know which -- the reason for this.
6:32 am
it may be the protesters kicked out of frank ogawa have regrouped and may be coming this way the line of officers -- if you can turn to your right and show it all the way down the block. there is an incredible show of force down here. it leads know believe there's some reason police believe the protesters may be trying to come back to snow park and have decided they are going to make some kind of stand here. snow park was occupied by maybe 12, 14 tents this morning when police arrived. there had been maybe 17, 20 tents earlier in the night. i'm told there were 24, max earlier tonight. it is a fairly uneventful conclusion to snow park for tonight. i don't know why there is such an incredible -- incredibly large sustained police presence. you would have to think there
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is reason to belief the protester are going to be coming back to try to make a stand down here the ones kicked out of frank ogawa plaza. the ones kicked out of snow park maybe six left peacefully and four got arrested. police helicopter still above, shining its light down on what is left of snow park. what is left is tents that got knocked down, checked out, bags that people left behind and a few other items. i will say this about snow park compared to other parks where there have been occupy movements the folks here took care of this place like it was their house. they mowed the lawn, called the city, said the port-a-potty needed pumping. according to a protester i was told it is the first time anybody has made that kind of comment about a facility here at snow park. hundreds of police officers here at 19th and harrison.
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and you have to think there's a reason for this. maybe amy hollyfield can shed light on it. amy, what's up? >> reporter: hi terry. all the action started here but it is now quiet. of weeks now it is empty, surrounded by police officers. the health department will be coming in soon to cleanup. they've arrested any protesters who refused to leave. police got here about 4:30. they first made announcement they were the oakland police department this was an unlawful assembly and everyone needed to leave or be arrested. protesters who chose not to leave were arrested. most walked out on their own. we did see a couple who resisted, who had to be carry out myself officers. there are reports on twitter of some police brutality.
6:35 am
some are saying rubber bullets were fired and tear gas was released. we did not see any of the rubber bullets fired. police have told us that everything went smoothly. they will be briefing us later this morning. there was one picture on twitter. there was some tear gas at the very beginning of the arrest. the police told us they did not release this tear gas. one of their officers was overcome by it, had to rip-off his helmet, gasping and rubbing his eyes. they said the protesters did it. however, the protesters say that doesn't sound right. >> there's no tear gas in the camp. tear gas is hard to find, very expensive. no protesters would tear gas them service in defense of their own camp. our protesters don't have any masks like the police do. >> reporter: it is a dispute on who released the tear gas. that was the most violent piece of the confrontation we saw.
6:36 am
we are witnessing a few more people being arrested right now where it appears they were standing down and this part of the movement was over. now a couple more people being walked out that they found maybe inside their tents in the plaza who are now being pulled out this isn't completely wrapped up. there's still a heavy police presence. a couple of blocks are still closed. we are at broadway and 14th that's why the city has issued an advisement, not an order, but advising people who work downtown to stay home this morning until further notice that guess for city employees. they are saying an -- that goes for city employees. they are saying avoid this area for now. there are still a lot of officers out here, closed off streets. if you work for the city it is fine to stay home, for now until further notice until they can get this a little more under control. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> before you get away, two quick questions: the people who have been tweeting about police
6:37 am
brutality and rubber bullets and things like that, have they posted any pictures to back that up? >> reporter: i personally haven't seen it. i've only had a couple minutes to glance at twitter because we've been out here. i would be more comfortable with our producers checking that. you know how often it will happen one person says something about rubber bullets and several people retreat it. -- people retweet it. we want to know what happened to the protesters and want their voices to be her that is what they say happened. not personally witness it. we are waiting for police to brief us. they are not going to tell us the number of arrests or what happened yet. because they want to figure it out, get it accurate and then they will be holding a press conference once things settle down later this morning. look behind me, police are starting to cleanup -- wait, i
6:38 am
thought they were going to put the barricades in, they are taking them out. looks like they will use the barricades to block the plaza while they clean it out. they are allowed to be here between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.. it is the camping the city had a problem with. looks like they are going to need time to get this place cleared up before it can become a place for free speech again. i asked a protest hear is next? will you be here during the daytime hours? she said we don't know. we don't know what is next. >> amy thank you so much, doing a great job covering the story as it develops right there in oakland downtown. we are watching twitter for you back here. just seeing a tweet by occupy oakland that they've activated their emergency recon ver jones plan they call it -- recon verge jones plan they call it, gather at 4 this afternoon at 14th and madison. they are trying to the word
6:39 am
for recon verging later today. -- >> the police recon verge as well later this monk. four protesters arrested and two cited at occupy san jose. this youtube video shows san jose police arresting protesters over the weekend there have been regular round-ups since friday activists charged with i will really camping. protesters insist they are being rail by city leaders they point to the 2008 protest of the vietnamese activist camped out in front of city hall for weeks. >> i think the city manager has said that in retrospect the vietnamese episode should have escalated faster. >> they should have done a lot of things should have, could have, would have is not the way to run the city and it doesn't provide legal rights. >> protester who moved on to
6:40 am
three story high wall yesterday is reportedly sleeping up there this morning. he and others say they are being targeted for sanitation problems that are being caused by the homeless. the weather is changing up on us. mike delays now at sfo? >> 45 minute flight arrival delays into sfo due to the patchyness of the clouds. winds are rather -- calm, southeast wind san jose 7, half moon bay 5. middle parts higher elevation we are seeing a little wind push in. we talked about it would be cooler this morning. except santa rosa and novato. clouds that has kept temperatures five degrees warmer. half moon bay and livermore about the same. los gatos 19° cooler than 24 hours ago. most temperatures around partly to mostly cloudy sky at 8:00 in the 50s. noon, a lot of sunshine, clouds pull back to the coast
6:41 am
upper 50s around half moon bay, oakland. mid to upper 60s inland. 4:00 tonight mid to upper 60s around the bay shore south bay low 60s at the coast low 70s inland. at 6:00 tonight the fire season starts. red flag warning tonight. 6:00 all the way through 6:00 thursday morning. north bay mountains east bay hills diablo range high fire danger for you. sunshine and warm weather continues. good morning. still an area to avoid downtown oakland 19th at harrison, a lot of police presence protesters on the move you want to stay away from that area. bart has reopened the 12th street station you must use the 11th street entrance but the station is open. no further delays on bart. ac transit delays and rerouting detours through downtown oakland give yourself extra time if you take ac transit.
6:42 am
ace train delays 10 minutes for train 1 out of stockton, number 3, 5 minutes late. debris southbound 80 16th and embarcadero two left lanes, bricks scattered in lanes there. that is not good for drivers. some of your drive times this morning highway 4 is beginning to slow towards concord. 580 a bit of a grind out of central valley. 880 from the coliseum towards the maze 15 minute drive no problems toll plaza metering lights on traffic backed to the west grand overcrossing. 6:42. >> we'll be right back as we continue our coverage of the breaking developments as the occupy oakland demonstrations. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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welcome back. 6:46. president obama will arrive less than six hours from now he will be here only three hours but will get a lot of bang for his buck literally. katie is live with a preview. what -- [ unintelligible ] >> you might not know the name but you know the company. stephen spinner, a former
6:47 am
energy official is linked to failed solyndra. and he helped plan today's fundraiser lunch. president obama will arrive in san francisco before 1:00 this morning and again by . the president was in los angeles yesterday he made a stop at roscoe's chicken and watches much to the delight of workers. he made a cash heavy stop at a celebrity event donors there paid $35,000 a plate. reaction from residents in los angeles was mixed. >> got to raise his funds somehow so it is okay. >> he can rale again the rich and then ask $35,000 for people to have dinner with him, height of hypocrisy. >> multiple groups say they will protest outside of the hotel including medical marijuanax-nvt advocates, anti-r demonstrators, occupy san francisco and a group
6:48 am
opposed to an oil pipeline. you are advised to avoid downtown from noon to 4:00. security tight and traffic heavy. president obama then leaves here for denver. live in the newsroom, katie marzullo, abc7 news. avoid downtown san francisco streets, avoid downtown oakland streets. other than that you can go anywhere you want. >> and avoid sfo if you can. >> you have to check out our flight tracker we'll have everything. you might want to avoid our hills above 1,000 feet tonight at 6:00 through thursday at 6:00 in the morning. that's when the fire season starts. red flag warning. looking down from -- haze hanging around even clouds and 45 minute flight arrival delays into sfo.
6:49 am
afternoon sunshine near normal temperatures. high fire danger tonight into thursday morning calmer, warm and sunny, friday, saturday, sunday. 10 hours and 51 minutes of sunshine before it sets at 6:19. cold front pushing through not a big deal kicking up clouds. high pressure builds in behind it and the difference teen high pressure and low pressure cold front gives us a tight pressure gradient gusty winds off the mountains keep us warm, full of sun, also bring us the high fire danger. north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range, 6:00 this evening to 6:00 thursday morning. throw mid 70s in most neighborhoods.
6:50 am
-- mid to low -- mid to upper 60s for santa cruz, watsonville, low to mid 70s morgan hill. quiet other than an isolated shower in tahoe 51° a lot of fog around big sur, l.a. and san diego. mid to upper 60s to 87 in palm springs. 40s and 50s tonight cooler in our valleys than this morning warm and breezy in our higher elevations above 1,000 feet that coincides with that fire danger through thursday morning. friday, saturday, sunday, warmer than average, more clouds, cooler monday but dry. good morning. we have good news bart has reopened the 12th street station. if that is your stop, they will be stopping there now. earlier protests have cleared out of the area. advised to not go downtown
6:51 am
oakland until further notice. ac transit buses delayed reroutedysó?í through downtown oakland expect detours and delays there. ace train 1, 10 minutes behind train 5, 5 minutes late. debris southbound 880 inr;viv ls at 16th and embarcadero two left lanes, bricks in the lanes there they have not cleaned those out yet. drive times now highway 4 typically slow towards concord, 580 out of the central valley slowing into dublin and pleasanton. 80 from highway 4, carquinez bridge to the maze about a 30 minute dive. -- eastbound direction towards hayward highrise section blocking right lane to problems westbound. walnut creek sluggish and slow as you leave pleasant hill towards highway 24 brake light there is about north main. the place to go for the latest.
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6:51. occupy oakland has come to an end this morning. more than 2 1/2 hours ago, hundreds of police moved in to two camps and began making arrests. >> let's begin with amy hollyfield live at if. czar where it all -- live at frank ogawa plaza, where it all began. >> reporter: there are no protesters here there are a lot of officers. they officially have made a statement here they have taken over it. they have secured it. now they are going to start cleaning it out. police got here 4:30 this morning. first they made an announcement they declared this an unlawful assembly. everyone needed to clear out or they would tart making arrests. some chose to stay. they told us they felt like this cause was worth going to jail for and they would link arms and stay and police would have to carry them out. a lot walked out on their own. some did resist and had to be
6:53 am
carried out. we did see an incident of tear gas. we don't know who released it. police say they did not. we did see an officer only come by it and had to rip-off his helmet he couldn't breathe. they said protesters unleashed it on them. the protesters tell us why would they do that when they weren't wearing masks and how would they get it is expensive and hard to find. conflicting accounts who have set off the tear gas. at the beginning of the arrest we didn't see anything beyond that looked like any kind of police brutality of the some ed police roughed them up, we did not see that -- we were here at 14th and broadway. the march has moved on to other parts of the city. the officers who are still here have secured the plaza. they say people are allows loud to protest and exercise freedom of speech between the hours of 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
6:54 am
but no camping will be allowed. because of this police activity they've shutdown a lot of the streets here. they've advised people who work here to delay the start of their day. don't come down here immediately maybe stay home until further notice. it is not a demand, it is an advisement, they say you might want to staying home for the beginning of the morning. terry mcsweeney is could having the story a few blocks from me at snow park where protesters moved to at one point. police also went there to clear it out. terry what is the situation there? >> reporter: streets being closed i'm standing on 19th we are between alice and harrison, you can see the number of police in riot gear still on the scene. there are just a few people protesters that i guess you could call them on bikes looking at the police occasionally having a conversation but no confrontation going on right
6:55 am
now that we can see. as you look down 19th, towards harrison you can see a large police presence there as well. overwhelming police presence considering what happened at here at snow park earlier. take a look at video of the arrests. you are going to see a lot of activity, people being carried away. keep in mind this is pretty much all the arrests that took place out here. this were four arrests, two men and a woman. they stood up and went peacefully. the woman was yelling at the police officer, but not physically resisting. a fourth person laid down, wouldn't get up, police had to pick him up. each had an arm and leg and they carried him out to the wagon to be taken away to jail. if we come back out here live, you are going to see some activity this is what is left of the encampment, occupy
6:56 am
oakland at snow park. 15 tents still here, sleeping bags, bicycles, basically a campsite that's what it was. that's what you would expect to see, that's what you see. there were only four, five people here, maybe six, four were arrested. the other two got up and walked away on their own accord. city workers i'm told about to clean this up. snow park will be reopened to the public that includes any protesters, later this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. one final check on weather and traffic. >> mostly cloudy occupy our skies, cooler than yesterday in the 50s, even 48 in los gatos. flight arrival delays into sfo of about 45 minutes now. 60s and 70s mainly mid 60s to mid 70s, 75 in antioch. high fire danger tonight through thursday morning. ace train still
6:57 am
experiencing number 3, 5 to 10 minute delays central valley. ac transit delays remain because of protesting in oakland they are rerouting all downtown buses. san mateo stall eastbound on the highway rise in the right lane. metering lights are on. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 news. >> become with an update at 7:24. keep track of other breaking
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