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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  October 25, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc oakland police moved in before dawn to remove the protesters camped outside city hall. they arrived in full riot gear and began arresting anyone who did not leave. >> then police moved into a second camp at snow park at lake merritt a couple of hours later. >> good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. you can see the scene a line
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of police right outside city hall in oakland. police have arrested 75 people. there were confront tastes, tear gas was used. these pictures show a -- scene now more police protesters at this point. it has been peaceful for the moment. you can see it is crowded and there are pieces of tents in the center of that. it is a little chaotic. let's go to a -- amy hollyfield. >> reporter: good morning. they cleared out the plaza quickly. several hours later police are still here. so are the demonstrators. some here at the barricade watching it they've regrouped and scheduling a rally for 4:00 this afternoon. they say they may have gotten pushed out of the plaza this morning but they are not going away. occupy oakland protesters moved dumpsters in front of
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their camp's entrance when they heard police would be moving in to clear out their camp. the dumpsters did little to keep police from walking into the tent city 4:30 this morning and start making a rests. >> we had 30 that left on their own without incidents. as the officers moved in we arrested 75 people. >> reporter: early in the confrontation smoke and a chemical fill the air and an officer was overcome. police at the scene said protesters unleashed what appeared to be tear gas, not officers. a claim that shocked the demonstrators. >> the protesters don't have gas masks, why would they tear gas themselves? >> reporter: later, officers said they used tear gas and fired bean bags and rubber pellets. they said they did it in self-defense. >> they had thrown bottles at us. by policy we are loud to use less lethal rounds to through
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that person. -- >> reporter: the protesters who refused to leave were taken out in handcuffs. a few put up a fight. police said no injuries were reported. >> some people have witnessed police brutality. if you guys don't report that, that's on you this is an outrage in the dark of night. taking away people's right to peacefully assemble in this country. this is outrageous. >> reporter: oakland city officials issued a warning friday that people would no honger be allowed to camp in frank ogawa plaza. the mayor said the plaza was no longer safe or sanitary but can remain a free speech zone between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.. later in the morning, some of the protesters who cleared out of the plaza came back and were blocked by police from retrieving their things. >> they destroyed the camp. they destroyed people's personal property. they had no reason do that. >> reporter: angry demonstrators challenged
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police and shutdown traffic briefly on broadway. all of this kept some businesses like tully's coffee, from opening this morning. >> major blow for me and my staff. nobody can afford to miss a day of work in this economy. >> reporter: you can see the tully's is still closed. the manager says she supports the protesters she has been donating things to them. now she finds it ironic she is out of business today. they haven't cleaned out the plaza yet police still in riot gear keeping it secured while people whether protesters or curious are gathered here at the barricades to watch. the police chief said that he was satisfied with how police acted this morning and with how everything was carried out. again, protesters say they will be regrouping for a rally at 4:00 this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> right now let's go to terry mcsweeney at 14th and
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clay in oakland. >> reporter: the city administrator, police chief, fire chief all say the city had to take this action this morning. they are saying perhaps it was overdue. it wasn't just frank ogawa plaza they cleared out they worked on a park not far from here. a little after 6:00 this morning, police moved in to evict campers from snow park, a few blocks from city hall. it what was a smaller and tidier gathering than what went on at frank ogawa plaza. city administrator santana sitting in for mayor quan who is in washington, said the parks had to be cleared. >> i have an obligation and responsibility to uphold public health and safety. i could not do that under these circumstances. i made the decision with the team that was in place, to put an end to what i see as a very
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critical situation that posed significant risk. >> reporter: protesters gathered at 16 and martin luther king after the dual evictions and claimed police used excessive force. >> 6 a.m. the police started pushing on us and grabbed six of my friends who had been peacefully standing there chanting for a couple of hours. threw them to the ground and now they are being detained. >> reporter: police chief jordan thanked the several hundred law enforcement officers called in and promised the laws of the city will be enforced going forward. >> the city is not going to allow overnight lodging or camping any longer. people are welcome to come back and exercise their first amendment rights when the place is available for them to do so >> reporter: you are looking at a live picture from sky 7 hd of frank ogawa plaza this is what is left after protesters were moved out this morning. you see them picking up tents, a lot of garbage left.
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it is going to be a lengthy affair. right now the plaza is not open. the entire street between broadway and clay, 14th street is closed. and i am told that much mauler jobs still remains to be done at snow park not far from here. i'm also told that as they move the tents out, protesters are already moving back into snow park to set up again. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> terry thanks. oakland mayor quan did release this statement after today's police action: many support the goals of the national occupy wall street movement we maintained daily communication with the protesters in oakland. however, over the last week it was apparent that neither the demonstrators nor the city could maintain safe or sanitary conditions or control the ongoing vandalism. quan said frank ogawa plaza will continue to be open as a free speech area from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m..
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occupy oakland evictions have triggered quite a discussion on our facebook page. >> in san jose police arrested four protesters and cited two at the occupy camp there this morning in this is youtube video showing officers making arrests over the weekend. there have been regular round ups since friday. the protester who moved on to a three story wall yesterday is still there today. police say he slept on top of the wall overnight and is communicating with them. officers say they will not force him down because of safety concerns. protesters are already gathering in san francisco, two hours ahead of president obama's expected arrival. mr. obama is flying in from los angeles where he told supporters last night he has fulfilled most of his campaign promises. those who disagree will make themselves heard in san francisco where the
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president has a big fundraiser. wayne freedman will be with us shortly from the "w" hotel where president obama has that fundraiser. we'll have that in a few minutes. still ahead, miracle in the rubble. two week old baby is pulled alive in turkey after that devastating earthquake. more than 40 hours buried in freezing conditions. the dramatic rescue of a family, coming up. later, the new study drawing a link between popular carbonated drinks and increased d d d d d d d d d d d a lot of patients are using toothpaste to clean their dentures. you really want to be careful, you can't use something as abrasive as a toothpaste because it will cause scratches. as a result of those scratches, bacteria will get lodged in that denture and as they multiply in the mouth the odor can get stronger. i always advise my patients to use polident.
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it has specific agents in it that can kill bacteria. using polident daily, you definitely will not be creating the scratches. you're going to have a fresh bright smile, and you're going to feel confident.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. president obama will be in the bay area less than two hours from now for a quick fundraiser. >> he's coming in from los angeles. his critics are planning a loud greeting when he arrives. >> wayne you are live near the "w" hotel, right? >> reporter: we are. let's talk about visibility and opportunity. for the president it is an opportunity to collect from san francisco one of his campaign cash registers. people will be spending as much as $35,800 to spend time with the president. those who want the president's eye and ear are camping out, outside the hotel to try get his attention. among the protest groups environmental lises who oppose a pipeline from canada to the
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gulf coast. anti-war activists, tea party, code pink, occupy wall street, one theme rings true, they think there has been a significant difference between the candidate obama they voted for on the president obama they have in office. here are rib smith an advocate for medical marijuana who says he needs the president to call off the feds. >> we want the president to first respect state rights and call often department justice, department of treasury and the irs from their attacks. we need a change in federal law. we need congress to enact legislation that would allow states to determine their own marijuana policies so that patients can have safe access in california and across the country. >> reporter: no getting into the hotel unless you have a check in your hand. traffic snarling. the president will not be here for at least an hour and a
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half. what is interesting is that protesters said they voted for mr. obama. they say they want to do it again. they just want to see him be the man they voted for. wayne freedman, abc7 news. several streets downtown san francisco will be closed for the president's visit. try to avoid the area between second and fourth streets, mission, how war, will be mostly affected. we have a -- more detailed list of the closures on our website under see it on tv. in turkey this morning they are celebrating a miracle an mit the devastation. a two week old -- amidst the devastation. a two week old baby girl has been pulled out alive many she was wrapped into a blanket and taken to a rescue ambulance. her mother and grandmother were pulled out alive.
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the uncle was overjoyed with those three rescues but still worried about the baby's father. >> hopefully i will see my brother-in-law. it is a very happy moment for us. i hope it will be for everyone else. >> two men were pulled from piles of concrete rubble in a nearby town monday night. turkey's deputy prime minister said rescue efforts could end as early as today, because there is so little hope of survival. the death toll is 432, more than 1300 injured. 2,000 billings have collapsed. aid workers say near freezing temperatures have added to the miserable conditions. -- the winds of change coming our way. >> cold front kicked up clouds now sunshine coming out sight that is going to be around for a while. i also brings a high fire danger. we'll talk -- it also brings a high fire danger. we'll talk about that.
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this happened while you were sleeping i'll tell what is behind the spectacular light show that did not stay in the north last night. a controversial vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease is no longer just for girls. why young boys should get
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just like saying the words aurora borealis. >> it wasn't the northern lights this time came as far south as arkansas last night. took two days to here, when it did it was spectacular. not only did the green show up, but even red, a rare treat from the super charged storm that left the sun saturday and finally got here last night. isn't that absolutely beautiful? when you see it for the first time live it is amazing the way it just dances across the sky. it is really a phenomenal treat if you ever get to see. hopefully, maybe this year we'll see it here in california. >> with we had a cold front slip through you can see haze as clouds slowly disperse. slight offshore wind on our
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satellite you can see it chasing clouds out to the coast and trying to scour the clouds out of the north bay it will event actually until then in the 50s everybody else in the 60s. monterey bay 50s to low 60s. afternoon sunshine temperatures close to average. the fire danger we've been talking about is here, tonight fire season begins. it will hang around tomorrow into thursday morning. friday, saturday, sunday, it will be er and sunny and warm. today, 24 -- temperature change. sunset 6:19 this evening. cold front keeping -- kicking up the clouds. area of high pressure slides ashore steer winds off the mountains they will downslope, accelerate, dry. winds dry air and all that
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vegetation out there that is now brown, dead and ready to burn. that's why we have such a fire threat. the area you see in red, the diablo range, east bay hills north bay mountains, 6 p.m. tonight 6 a.m. thursday morning winds up to 30 miles per hour. elevations above 1,000 feet in the north bay mountains anywhere in the east bay hills and diablo range we could have that higher fire threat. anything starts it could get out of hand quickly. we'll have sunshine around the monterey bay, monterey 63. low to mid 70s gilroy and morgan hill. clouds 66 big sur, los angeles and san diego in the mid 60s. 50 with one with snow even the highest elevation -- snow in the sierra. tonight a lot of 40s except up in the hills where easy s keep
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you in the 50s to near -- where the breezes will keep new the 50s to near 60. quiet the next couple of days. once the fire threat subsides temperatures warmer than average even out to the coast. this morning a government panel is recommending that preteen boys get the human papilloma virus vaccine the same one offered to girls to prevent cervical cancer. the cdc approved that vaccine today. doctors argue it could protect boys against genital warts and some kinds of cancers. i was first recommended for girls five years ago. only -- it was first recommended for girls five years ago. >> this vaccine forces parents to think about their children's future sex life. that's a hard conversation for a lot of parents to have. a lot of them are avoiding it
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and that vaccine. >> health experts say 50% of sexually active people will get the virus at some point in their lives. we've heard playing violent video games can promote violent teens. what about soda? a study found that teens who consumed large amounts were more likely to act violently. 23% of those who drank zero or one soda a week carried a gun or knife compared to 43% of those who drank 14 or more cans a week. heavy soda dingers used more alcohol and cigarettes. -- drinkers used more alcohol and cigarettes. face-off on dancing with the stars. >> what led one of the profofofofofofofofofofofofofofo├║
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coming up at 4:00, the latest from president obama's sis it is and show you the protest -- visit and show you the protests. later today. another celebrity will be voted off "dancing with the stars" tonight everyone is talking the face-off between the judges and one of the dancers last night. >> i've been in this business for nearly 50 years. >> maybe it is time to get out. >> don't be talking to him like that. >> disrespectful to everybody. everybody is putting a lot of effort. everybody on that balcony has been dying and killing
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themselves only to hear your guys little judgmental comments. >> ouch! that exchange came after celebrity soccer player solo and max danced the rumba. >> lowest score of the night, 20. you can watch the results show tonight at 9:00 >> the interesting -- interesting to see how they come back from that. i saw that it was pretty -- >> if that is going to help or not? >> very intense. not the first time he's done that. he did it last year too. >> more winds coming our way. >> watch out for the fire danger. >> thanks for1lc/ joinings. copd makes it hard to breathe,
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