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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 25, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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can get that piece of the american dream he blasted republicans for protecting tax cuts for the wealthy, while calling for elimination of the government regulation ease should not northbound a race for the bottom. we take pride in having cheapest labor and the most polluted air. >> the urged the audience to reup for another four years. >> we made change. and we made it because of you. so the question is... how committed are you going to be to continue this process? >> the chair of california's republican party says the president is just out to save his own job. >> i think reality is that president doesn't have a plan. i think hairy reid put his plans in what i call the sol linda -- sol lind draal file. >> the white house trying to counter that by combining fund raising trips with policy
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announcements. yesterday, he announced new rules for government loans aimed at helping people whose homes and mortgages were underwater. today the white house lowered a repayment schedule on student loans. he's trying to deflect attention over to poll skpismt make it not just a fund raising stri do you think he'll be successful? >> well, he's partially successful in that we're spoke yesterday about policy statements and will have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. fund raising? i'm hearing $1.2 million out of san francisco. and last two trips to los angeles each netted more than $1 million. so... couple million? two and a half million out of california. >> in just hours? >> yes. >> and back to you, thank you very much. >> there are some obama supporters turned protesters near the hotel today. they were joined by a lot of people with many different issues.
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and wayne freedman joins us with more. wayne? >> we're standing on this sidewalk filled with protesters. now, a couple saw the camera and saw we're live. earlier today public opinion. >> on a quiet street and seemingly many causes, claudia carried one plain sign seeming to summarize everything. >> we need you to do what we elected to you do. >> if we heard that once, we can hear it 100 times from the unemployed, medical marijuana advocates. >> i want him to live up to what he said in the campaign. >> for the record, some people paid $35,000 for an audience with the president today. these people with passion, and on this corner the president never saw or heard them.
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>> this is free speech. this is something people believe in. >> when elected he said i need to you force me to get it done, here i am. >> so baigs -- based on reaction, it could be safe to say for the president, honeymoon is definitely over, if this were a marriage they'd be saying we love you but we need to talk. reporting live in downtown san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you, wayne. there is a lot of talking going on. police moving in this morning to tear down occupy oakland camp. and there is sky 7 showing you the scene afterwards, 70 people were arrested but the situation is far from over. and abc 7 joins us with the police sweep this morning and there is a standoff continuing now. >> what's happening now could be best described as a
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stalemate. we're here at 14th and broadway. there are a few dozen demonstrators and-or onlookers and a line of police in s.w.a.t. gear. city crews in white suits are cleaning up from the police action. police say they gave two orders to disperse before hundreds of officers moved in on the 2 week old encampment. >> this is in the dark the night taking await right to peacefully asem automobile they tore town tents and brutalized a kid in the street. >> this is similar in the park where a smaller encampment existed for a week. there, police made arrests. >> should make everyone consider violence and use of force on behalf of the state.
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and who are we protect something. >> police arrested 75 people, a coordinated effort among police agencies from as far as solano county. >> people who are and wanted to leave were given opportunity to leave. >> they did not allow everybody to leave. >> the chief says officers did use force when protestors threw bottles at them. >> just operation there was a use of force and we fired, or used tear gas. and in one incident they're also bean bag rounds fired. >> i have a responsibility and i could not do that under the circumstances. >> the proestors promised this is not the end of the action. >> we have no idea what will happen next. >> and we realize what we're
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up against. >> we're back live here. looking across the street across broadway towards the plaza those are the sheriffs who have been here all day. the city says the plaza will be reopened to the public and demonstrators but only after it's cleaned up. the mayor was not here in the city today. we're told he's traveling in washington, d.c. trying to get grant money for the port of oakland except for a handful of protesters we're told most have been cited and released and the city is bagging it up and tagging it and demonstrators can't blame it from the city starting this afternoon. in oakland abc 7 news. >> and thank you very much. overnight, police arrested four more occupy san jose prot yofrts for illegal camping and
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excited -- cited three others. one person is on top of a large wall outside city hall saying he will not come down until police stop removing campers from the plaza protesters have been passing food to him in a plastic bag he hoists to the top using a rope. police say they're going to wait for him to come down because of safety concerns. >> army investigating the death of a soldier from lake county. he died in iraq last friday. the pentagon is not saying how, but the santa rosa press democrat reports it was not combat related. he grew up in hidden valley and joined the military in march, 2010 sent to iraq this year. his awards and decorations include national defense service medal. >> there are new allegations against voter fraud against san francisco mayor's
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campaign. senator leelandy accused ed lee's campaign of paying some workers in cash, a violation of election law. he says one worker said he was promised a job at city hall if he worked for lee's campaign. >> to see an individual running for mayor and perverting a process striing to steal elections is something that is ab morent. >> the campaign deniedy's charges and categorized them as an attack from a desperate candidate who is losing in polls. >> there are people working on the campaign. we're certain we'll be able to identify voters. >> this weekend seven candidates asked to investigate the supposed voter tampering by supporters of the
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mayor, some was reported on video. >> and time now for a first check of the accu-weather forecast. >> that is right. sandhya patel is in for spencer christian. >> looking at high fire danger, red flag warnings going into affect here continuing until 6:00 a.m. thursday and there is an off shore flow reducing humidity. gusts suspected and with low humidity and there is high fire danger. patches of fog clearing away. wind starts to pick up. it's going to be a sunny, warmer forecast i'll be back with a full look at that. >> just head new vaccination a government panel is recommending for boys. >> and net flix horror continues. how bad a day it was for the company. >> and do you have your eye on
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a new car? michael finney will take a look. >> and speaking of cars there are a lot of them out there. very heavy earlier this afternoon going south on 101 looking good at this hour. larry and i will be right back. [ female announcer ] from the very first moment we arrive...
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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. checking healthy living news, a panel is recommending preteen boys get the controversial humanpapilloma virus vaccine. and a committee approve that had vaccine today. doctors argue it could protect
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boys against again tall warts and some kinds of cancers. abc news medical expert says it's important that boys and girls get the vaccine before they're sexually active. >> if you wait until someone is in their 20s it's not going to be very effective. in your mid-20s, 50% of adult women have had this infection. a very high rate. >> and only a third of all adolescent girls received the doses of the vaccine. experts say it forces firnts think about their childrens future sex life that. is something parents don't want to consider. >> and abm's ceo handing over company reigns and amazon profits taking a beating. hi, em -- hi, emily. >> amazon spending money on new products and barely breaking even. the company's profits plunged
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73% to just $63 million in the third quarter, shares plummeting and down more than 12%. what is amazon spending money on? well, of course the new kindel fire tablet coming out this fall, and more content for video on demand. ceo is hoping aggressive pricing on products means customers will spend more on merchandise, e books and movies on the kindel fire, question is will it pay off? we spoke with ken sena from nork thinks it could pay off say the kindle fire will bring new opportunities to amazon. and will use tablet to cute compete with media outlets. and the net flix horror show continues, shares of the video rental service dropping by 35% today. shares were trading at $298 back in july.
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and tonight they're down 77eds. bloomberg data shows net flix lost $11 billion since july. we told you net flix lost 800,000 u.s. subscribers following a price hike and on top of that the company predicts more cancellations over the price increase and nkt losses because of costs to offer content in the uk and ireland. at least five analysts down graded ratings. the broader market disappointed today closing lower after a slew of disappointing economic reports and shares of hp. as for much needed good news let's focus to the big blue. ibm named its next ceo. and she takes over and will become the first woman ceo in the company's 100 year history. she works at head of sales and
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marketing. as for paula styles he will remain chairman. >> and you said it. it was cold this morning. >> chilly. >> cool. not cold, cold. >> i was cold. >> okay. it was cold. >> yes. >> agreed. >> and sandhya going to tell us there is a warm up in store. >> right. we're going to see warmer weather coming with a word of caution. i'll tell you about in joft just a moment this, afternoon, you've probably noticed the coast cleared out and it's been a sunny afternoon. there are temperatures running a little bit cooler than at this time yesterday. and there are numbers looking like this now. low 70s inland spots. and antioch running cooler than normal. 70 in san jose. santa rosea, 62 degrees, red
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flag warnings starting tonight. gusty winds, clear, cool nights with mild days coming up. so there is some nice looking weather and we have a red flag warning going up. there is high pressure starting to push in. off shore winds reling over the higher terrain. we're starting to see winds coming up out of the north, northeast this, is a drying wind that dries out atmospheres and as this ridge shifts we're going to see northeastern winds peaking in the morning. highest fire danger between midnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. just be aware of this. the red flag warning is going continue right throughout thursday morning. this covers north bay mountains and the diablo range. gusts 40 miles per hour possible with very low humidity. so humidity levels are going to come down to 15% to 30%. this time of the year there is a huge fire concern as we get
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gusty winds. breezy tonight but take a look at temperatures. cheryl? you'll call this cold again. and there are first thing in the morning you'll need a sweater or jacket. 48 degrees in clover dale. and there is most areas running clear, low to mid-50s and patches of fog just skirting near the coastline. tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies and warmer conditions. thanks to north-northeastern breeze, 71 in san francisco. and there is 75 degrees in santa rosa. towards concord low to mid-70s and on the peninsula, 74 in palo alto. nice day around the monterey bay. taking a look at low to mid 670 everywhere. there is your accu-weather forecast. it's a breezy one. windy at higher elevations.
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and 70s across the board and there is really a dry weekend, dry for trick or treaters on halloween which is important. they'll be able to trick or treat with nice conditions. >> so am i the only one thinking it's cold? it's into 40s? >> cheryl? you're a wimp. no. try living in the mid west, it's cold there. >> i'm spoiled and just teasing you. >> she needs to sleep later. >> yes. >> that won't work for work. >> and lindsay lohan's father arrested after a trip to the hospital. >> rachel smith has that story and more from los angeles. >> lindsay lohan's father back behind bars that. is the buzz today. michael lohan taken to a tampa hospital complaining of chest pain after an alleged physical argument with his 28-year-old girlfriend.
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he was arrested on charges of domestic violence. ricki lake and jr martinez tied for first place. and max and hope have been people buzzing. >> i've been in the business nearly 50 years. >> and this is everybody putting a lot of effort. everybody on the balcony has been dying only to hear your little judgmental comment. do you know what i sneen. >> find out who stays and goes tonight. and revealing that there is more story to tell. >> this -- they're not done with me yesterday. they've been terrific. i'm looking forward to growing a mustache one more time. >> it blasts on dvd and blue ray today.
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i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> shoe promising to revolutionize a search for missing persons. >> a series of rescues in earthquake rubble. >> and new at 5:00 bay area aquarium getting an exemption for waste water dumping. >> and on a tuesday afternoon, time for another check of traffic taking a look at the golden gate bridge. there is no concern at all. northbound starting to slow just a little bit. and in the city
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sky 7 is over the scene of a ruptured gas line. you're looking at crews making repairs now. it was hit by a construction crew about 3:00 this afternoon. noor anchor road. pg&e says it was a three inch line hit by a third party crew. they did manage to cap that line about 15 minutes ago. one commercial building was evacuated and that has since been lifted. and we don't have reports of any injuries. >> and in santa clara supervisors are closer to a possible ban of styrofoam containers having a group research which types to ban and what that would cost.
4:25 pm
similar bans exist but owners say alternatives are more expensive and can still end up in landfills. supervisors expect to take a final vote in december. >> there is a new shoe coming to market designed to help track down patients. it uses a gps in the heel of the shoe allowing family members to monitor a person wearing the shoe. if straying beyond a certain point an alert is triggered and it goes for about $300 and set to hit u.s. markets this month. >> and how about this? a baby cow fell into a canal has been rescued and the man who stopped owe to pull it out of the water is getting a lot of attention world wide. a biker spotted the little guy in a motor bike rally. he pulled over and jumped into the water and tied the calf to a rope, and pulled it out. amazingly. he was able to capture the rescue from the helmet cam.
4:26 pm
this is now a you tube sensation. he he was able to reunite the animal with it's herd and owner. i presume then he went onto the race. but unbelievable. >> what a nice man. >> absolutely oo. got to get one of those cameras. >> they're everywhere. you're being photographed pretty much at all times now. >> great story there. is more haechld they're the unintended consequences of occupy oakland. >> the financial toll the protests have taken on businesses. >> in sill lnlee convalley you're next thermostat could operate with a click wheel like an ipad. why, coming up. >> low clouds near the coast. and they'll clear out heading into tomorrow, setting a stage for a warmer day but come was ededededededededededed çkcvovovod
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we've been telling you about antiwall street pro testers. they're restaging just blocks away. >> they're outside of the oakland library as we speak. that is where alan wong s alan? >> there is a growing crowd of about 400 people out here in front of the library at broadway and 14th street talking up on steps here but crowd has flown out into the
4:30 pm
streets and have shut down. the plan has been to the public safety commission meeting at the city hall but that has been cancelled. we've talked to negotiators and were told they've been trying to get people to stay in a lane and they do begin marching from what we understand they want to provide a safe escort. problem is that negotiators tell me they don't know where they're going to head first and what the route is. so that is causing problems. the buzz in the crowd is that they're upset about what happened. and this morning they swept through around 4:30. add minute stateor says police used tear gas after some threw m 80s and m 150s at them.
4:31 pm
that is a larger fire work. police cracked down on a smaller encampmentment so 85 proesters were arrested for camping and cooking with open fires and several health-related issues. the occupiers claim a city official tipped them off about the eviction raid so many were actually anticipating it. so again, this crowd is just started to form within the past few minutes, they're very upset and have been chanting and upset about what happened this morning. the plan is marching down to city hall which is about six or seven blocks from here. police just don't know what route they're going to take. so there we'll keep you posted. >> thank you very much. we'll keep an eye on that for you. a san francisco man freed by a judge after spending 21 years in jail.
4:32 pm
he's spearheading a campaign to abolish the death penalty. he spoke in favor of the safe california act, ending capitol punishment in the state replacing it with life in prison without possibility of parole. he says he's proof that criminal justice system makes mistakes. >> it's not correct. not to be 100% system shouldn't be a death penalty. you take lives. >> and pro poneants began gathering signatures and plan owe to put it on the november ballot. advocates say it will just vitalize conservative voters. >> the way the death penalty is administered these would be reformed in california. i don't think that this is going to do either that group or democrats any good by bringing up this up in november. >> and there is a field poll found a vast majority support
4:33 pm
the death pant -- penalty. a 47-year-old says he left threatening voice mails for barbara boxer because he was being harassed by authorities not because of boxer's political positions. he pled guilty in court to one count of threatening a public official. and charged reduced to a misdemeanor part of a plea deal. >> we're watching what's happening with occupy oakland. the people protesting economic inhe qaumt. the merchants there are being affected and being very hard hit by the occupy oakland movement. nick smith joins us with that part of the story. nick? >> there police barricades remain in place at 14th and clay. the plaza has been restricted to law enforcement officials and those who live and work in the area, now, officials are using bags to clean up the mess. much has been said about the affect to the sanitary
4:34 pm
conditions of the plaza, and to the resources that would be needed to return it to a satisfactory standard of safety. and what may have been overlooked is effect it is having on small business owners. since time protesters took over the plaza, cafe owners watched sales decline and have had issue was security. >> this. >> it used to be good. >> really dirty. and people didn't want to walk around you know? and come inside. >> and officials say the plaza will remain closed until they can perform necessary inspections, several personal itits were left inside after the raid and the city made pro visions for those who have been arrested to collect items. now, public works officials
4:35 pm
using bags to clean up the mess left behind and tell us they have not set a time frame on when the park will reopen. >> and still ahead, condoleezza rice and an eerie encounter with muammar gaddafi. what she says is going through her head when the fallen dictator got a little too los for comfort. >> and michael finney will be here with you need to know before you buy. >> taking a look outside that is the approach to the bay bridge. where is everybody? they're moving along. >> they're moving along fine. there are green lights and parts of colorado dealing with snow and could be getting up to one to two feet. so there is a blast of winter but green lights out throughout the east coast so no major air travel delays
4:36 pm
being reported at this hour,
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overseas death toll from sunday's earthquake has now climbed to at least 459 and survivors have been fighting over aid. one panic turned into a riot in a prison. but there was a positive note. cameras caught an amazing rescue amid is the the rubble. a 2 week old baby girl pulled
4:39 pm
from an apartment building with her mother and grandmother. abc is in turkey with the story. >> two weeks old, the baby was pulled from the rubble. she'd been buried 47 hours. azra was in this apartment building with family members when it collapsed on sunday. the town was hard hit by the quake. >> i'm nervous and happy her grandmother says. god bless our government. the baby came out, word spread her mother and other grandmother were inside. both alive. they were soon pulled to safety. put on stretchers and taken to the hospital by ambulance. the crowd cheered. rescuers continued to dig looking for her father and others in the building. around 20 thought to be buried. most rescues haven't ended well.
4:40 pm
400 have been confirmed dead and more still missing. but tonight the three pulled out of the building are reportedly doing all right. >> this was a rare moment of very good news amid this tragedy. abc news, turkey. >> and that is amazing. muammar gaddafi was buried in an unmarked grave at dawn today. libyans came to make sure he was dead before the body was released for burial. only a few people were allowed to attend the modest ceremony, libya's new leaders will not releel the -- reveal the location of the grave. fearing it could be vandalized or turned into a klein by supporters. >> early morning. they're buried. >> he was captured alive on thursday as he tried to flea
4:41 pm
his hometown. libya's transitional council promised an inquiry into how he was killed. >> former u.s. sogs condoleezza rice apparently remembers well his r.her twit 2008 meeting with gaddafi saying waits odd, gaddafi showing photos of rice with world leaders. followed by an original song he had a composer write for her what. is going through her head? she remembers thinking how quickly can i get out of here? tune in tonight line and good morning america for more of stef goerj's interview with condoleezza rice. >> well, you want to twice, the co-owner of a sardine factory said he told pinetta he'd open a bottle of 1870 wine, a $15,000 bottle.
4:42 pm
pinetta saying you're on. the restaurant owner says he never thought he'd have to make good and now plans to invite him and those at the party back to share that bottle of fine wine. >> i hope they take a picture. wow. one of the brains behind ipod is turning attention to your thermostat. a look at the high tech device promising to save energy. >> and later michael jackson's former nurse taking a stand in the trial of the pop star's former doctor. what she said to can lulu have some beef pasta, too? -here you go, lulu. -hey?! you had an imaginary friend once, too. she's full.
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we're back. take a look at this picture, isn't that gorgeous? that is a beautiful day with a little bit of fog out there. just enjoy it. and spencer is away but sandhya is here and will be along later on. >> and ipod changed how we listen to music. now, the designer wants to change how we manage energy at home. abc 7's david louie shows how in san jose. david? >> what a story we have for you. we tend to take thermostats for granted as long as they did a good job.
4:46 pm
but it takes engineers to make them easier to use and energy efficient to boot. this is what happens when inventors decide to decide a new thermostat. it's a product of nest, and it's a brain child of tony feddel. >> we go to school to learn how to drive a car, no one learns how to drive a thermostat. >> you drive with click wheel commands. and instead of a complicated program, it learns your settings and implements them. and it has built innocenceors that know if you're home or away. >> if you see the leaf here on the screen that should tell when you you're driving properly. just like kind of the dash board of a prius. we tell when you you're using it efficiently. >> saying it made it ease dwree attract nearly 100 engineers from well known companies but is it guaranteed to save energy? >> if you want to train it to
4:47 pm
be 90 degrees into winter and 60 in summer, no. we'll know. but if you do train it wisely, then, yes. you'll save energy. >> did we mention a price? >> 249s oodz wow. and i thought i saw promable -- programable ones for $75. >> he's right buchl they're hard to program. >> it's not that hard to program. not that difficult. and, but then, i'm a programmer. >> 10 million are sold every year, more than washers and driers sold. he couldn't find a thermostat he liked and developed a smart phone app to control the thermostat remotely. then, you can preheat or precool the house as you head home. it comes out in mid-november. he says there are other i'd yoo yaz for devices that will control our homes in many other ways and we'll have to
4:48 pm
stay tuned. >> and that does everything but can't listen to stones on it which is about the only thing missing from that. >> that is next. yes. >> we know. >> and just ahead, the first look at an ancient ship wreck found after centuries at the bottom of the ocean off japan. >> if you have your eyes on a new vehicle what is the important thing to consider? how reliable will that shiny new car be? i'll have the answers coming up. >> and later on abc 7 news at 5:00 todders with a tech touch. you may be surprised to learn how early they're using mobile devices. they can set your thermostat
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4:51 pm
when you buy a car you want it to be reliable but how
4:52 pm
do you protect yourself? >> call michael finney. no. you've got the results of a surprising survey. >> it's taken a lot of us aback. consumer reports rated auto reliability results are in. tonight there is not much joy in parts of detroit. sheer what you need to know before you buy a car. when you're in a dealership looking at shiny cars you may be considering gas mileage or how many cup holders but tlfr tl is something else you should consider. how reliable will the car be? consumer reports annual predicted reliability ratings can steer you to a good choice. the big news this year? ford, which did well last year dropped 10 places in consumer reports lank rankings. the redesigned ford feista, focus and explorer ranked
4:53 pm
below. >> often, all kinks aren't worked out. >> the my ford touch center showed up as a problem, most gm brands were down a lit. chrysler, up, most reliable american brand? jeep, number 13 on the list. >> hybrids did well accounting for 20% of the models with highest reliability ratings. >> in fact two high bridz topped the list as most relyible vehicle. lexus ct 200 h and honda crv. chevy volt earned an excellent ratings a step towards dispelling fears so spend less in the shop by making good use of consumer reports reliability ratings and we reached out to ford and they told us the following. we're pleased a number of ford vehicles including ford fusion earned top quality ratings this week. our internal surveys now show
4:54 pm
we're largely back on track of addressing near term quality issues and remain committed to serving our customer was cars and truck was highest quality, reliability ux fuel efficient, safety, smart design and value. and we'll look forward to next year's survey. >> yes. absolutely. >> and thank you, michael. >> sure. >> and last check of weather with sandhya. >> and state wide, 47 degrees tomorrow. lakewood beginning at 11:00 tonight begin agent 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. gusty winds expected ridge top gusts 65 miles per hour. and so very gusty winds, and they're going to be seeing them as well. 85 in palm springs so there is a warmer day. down south, 69. chico, sunny skies and there
4:55 pm
is sunshine around the state. and there is sunny skies, warmer conditions for wednesday and there is 74 in the south bay. temperatures coming up as well, low to mid-70s, 73 in san ma dayo los altos, 74 degrees and look at this. beach weather, low 70s. there is downtown san francisco, south san francisco coming up five, six degrees z heading into north bay, this is where you're going to see a real jump in temperatures. santa rosa mid-60s so far today. 10 degrees warmer with north winds and there is a 73 in san rafael. and there is 74 degrees in oakland. it's a beautiful day in fremont. 74 and running warmer in livermore there is 75 in santa
4:56 pm
cruz and in morgan hill. red flag rning -- warnings up. continuing until 6:00 a.m. thursday morning for high fire dangers as we're expecting gusty winds and low humidity. >> there is a nurse treating mike yim jackson testifies the singer asked him to get him propofol. telling jurors jackson complained he couldn't sleep and tried to get the drug two months before he died. and prosecutors say murray provided the singer with a fatal dose of propofol. >> international news in, thailand, floods forced residents in villages north to evacuate. several animals in the zoo were also evacuated due to
4:57 pm
concerns they might be affected by flood waters, many there have resorted to wading through dirty water to save their belongings. the second largest airport closed today due to flooding and this is leaving investors worried about the future of the part of the count roy. >> and there are divers now examining a 13th century ship wreck using scanning equipment to locate the warship that is three feet beneath the sea bed. researchers believe it sunk more than 700 years ago. the among goalin ruler sent the ship to japan part of an invasion in the year 1281. unbelievable. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. you can keep track of the latest news on twitter and talk about it on face 7 news.
4:58 pm
news continues right now. cheryl jennings joined by dan ashley. >> there is protests that made the bay area less friendly today. >> occupy oakland is a movement on the move tonight. police tear down their encampment autos a vaccine protects girls so why are doctors now pushing it for boys, too? >> president obama tries into the bay air on the same day prot yefrts are dragged out of their encampment. good evening. i'm cheryl jengs. >> we're qog to start down with protesters in oakland they're not happy z they're next to the oakland library. sky 7 is live and you can see a smaller group gathering during our 4:00 news now growing to several hundred. >> police are there in force trying to keep the protesters from blocking streets. but officers don't know where the group is going. they were supposed to march
4:59 pm
and crash a public safety committee meeting but that now cancelled. >> now they're in a bit of a holding pattern. this comes after police cleared out occupy oakland encampment overnight that. is where abc 7 is for us live tonight. >> if they come this way, police are ready for them. they have been throughout the day. we're showing you 14th and broadway. you can see there is a line of armed police in riot gear that have been there all day. the city told us that they have been laying ground work for what went down today for 10 days as soon as they started to have problems at the camp. part of the issue is achieving numbers of officers for mutual aid they felt they needed to remove hundreds who had set up a camp at the foot of city hall. >> from this to this in hours. for no


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