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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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in san francisco tonight, hundreds of occupy demonstrators may face forced eviction from their camp. >> and in oakland, police and protesters face-off for a second straight night. good evening, everyone. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. we start in oakland where hundreds of pro -- protestors are on the move again. >> they are blocking all lanes of traffic on city streets, but are you looking at video half an hour ago when police shut down the 12th street station in oakland and they scuffled with a protestor who tried to push his way through. bart trains are no longer stopping at the embarcadero station in san francisco either. >> and they are not stoping and not letting people off. they are letting people off and not on in oakland city.
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after that the protesters started marching. you are looking live from sky 7hd. they have been milling around a number of streets and moving in large numbers, several hundred moving through oakland right now. >> you can see they are blocking all lanes of traffic. they were heading back toward the city hall area. that's where alan wang is. this evening had been peaceful up until half an hour ago. alan? >> carolyn, earlier tonight the crowd here at the plaza was about a thousand strong. since then we have seen a mass exodus of demonstrators. they were headed to san francisco where they believe the police are about to move on the occupy camp out there. meanwhile other protestors are marching through the downtown oakland. it is a demonstration that started with the dismantling around the plaza. they have been reoccupied at
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least for now. the fence around the plaza erected after police evicted the campers yesterday morning and was taken down by occupy yes, sirs tonight. at a press conference the police chief howard jordan said there would be a smaller police presence unless police got out -- unless things got out of happened. they were apologetic for dismantling the camp. >> it was not an easy decision. it was over several days and we were really trying to find some alternatives for the different campers. >> all of us need to decide what we are going to do. if we want to tear down the fence, we will. >> reporter: in the plaza, they allowed the forced eviction and what they call brutal police tactics during last might's march. the mayor who was once a radical organizer said several assaults in the camp lead to her decision. >> it really deteriorated last week the tribune article about
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the man who was struck in the head with a two by four. for me there was an emotional end. >> there is a real potential that exists when we have the chance to be the real movie. to extend our anger into the outrage that exists all across the country. >> outside the crowd swelled to several hundred with his own friend and legal advisor distancing himself from her. >> i will tell you that i strongly advise her to allow the camp to continue. >> in a tug of war among the leaderless demonstrators, some began pushing in the fence while others tried to prevent it. but as night fell, the fence came down and a group trying to maintain order decided to at least stack the fence neatly. >> back live now and sky 7 looking at the crowd of
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protestor mars ofing through downtown. -- marching through downtown. they are calling for a city wide strike on november 2nd. understand the protesters are about two blocks away and headed back to city hall when they pop up they will come back around me at the corner of 14th and broadway. they launched teargas at the crowd last night. reporting live, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thanks very much. as you look at the live picture from sky 7hd, very different. at this moment there have been no clashes with police and no teargas and no arrests of that nature like we saw last night. we'll see what happens as the evening progresses. a wide range of people are part of this protest. working people are in the crowd, activists, the homeless. leslie brinkly reports on the momentum these demonstrators feel after the clashes with police last night. >> i was not here last night, but i came today. >> it was a common refrain among those who joined in.
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>> there is blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, old, young, little kids. >> i'm a grandfather. i have four grandkids. i'm retired. i'm out here. you can see other people who are seniors out here as well. there is a lot of young kids. >> i had to come down here and support the people and support myself. i am a construction worker, and i have many friends and family members out of work. >> there were veterans of the movement who brought proof of tuesday night's battle. he showed swha he said was a -- he showed what he said was a grenade pin and rubber bullets. >> i am a veteran and this is how they treat the people of oakland. >> finally it was the police action that had many to come down to occupy oakland for the first time. >> it was the fact that people are trying to stop it and it makes people take a side. >> i was bt here last night, but the reason they were so adversely reacted to, that's the reason we decided to come
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out. >> what the police did last night was wrong. i wanted to come back and show i wasn't going to let them scare me away. >> rather than intimidation there was inspiration on the streets of oakland. leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> occupy wall street protesters in new york city marched in sympathy with the oakland protesters. this is new york. they chanted "march with oakland. march with oakland." nypd allowed the march to continue. one of those injured is a former marine who served two tours in eye rack. several investigations are now underway to find out how he was left in critical condition during the clashes with police. 24-year-old iraq war veteran was injured. his roommate said he has a twoinch skull fracture and they are deciding if surgery will be necessary. >> it is really sad.
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he was seasoning gree because he went to iraq without injuries and to come here and to be shot by the same people who were supposed to be protecting him instead of shooting him. >> it is unclear if he was injured by a rubber bullet or teargas canister. now video surfaced on youtube as olson was lying on the ground, others rushed to his aide, but then law enforcement officers nearby fired teargas at those trying to help him. the police chief says the injury to olson will be a level one investigation. >> level one in our department is the same as if an officer used lethal force. >> a wisconsin native who had a job as a systems administrator. >> devastated to see that. you simply don't do that. you don't throw grenades on civilians. >> the police chief says that investigation will involve internal affairs, the district attorney's office and the federal monitor.
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to the occupy san francisco protest now, police in riot gear have been gathering all evening and may be ready to move into justin herman plaza. that's been the talk most of the day. lisa amin gulezian is there live with the latest. lisa? >> dan, there are hundreds of people here waiting because they know the police could move in at anytime, and they know the police are staging not far from here there is a massive presence at this hour. they have been there for hours. you are looking at video of police cars lined up. officers are in formation. back here at justin herman plaza, they are strategizing while chanting and keeping their presence peaceful. the plan is to have one row of activists on the ground linking arms and another row of protesters standing behind them also with arms linked. but at the same time a lot of people are standing in smaller groups talking and even dancing. several city leaders showed up a short time ago to show their support including supervisors
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avalos and campos and the union labor leaders are here as well. also a short time ago, the gas masks were handed out just in case. >> i'm willing to be arrested, but i have never been arrested before. i would expect they will come in and try to arrest me. they will surround the group and depending on how we react and depending on how trigger-happy they rthey may or may not use beanbags, rubber bullets, flash bangs and grenades. >> my fear is we don't have a repeat of oakland. this is san francisco. we respect the protest. i am here to ensure that we don't have a repeat of what we saw in oakland. >> and this group is growing. people are coming here from occupy oakland as well. but they are not coming on bart. it turns out the trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station at this hour.
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i did talk to several people here tonight, and some say they are willing to do whatever it takes to support this cause. others say if police do show up, that's their cue to go home. lisa amin gulezian. >> thank you, lisa. we will keep an eye on this for you. moving along, changes could be ahead for california state workers. governor jerry brown is expected to announce his new pension plan cuts. the plan includes raising the retirement age to 67 for new state employees and a less generous pension for state workers which would have an option with a 401k-style benefit. and it would have the purchase of service credit for existing employees. and the governor is expected to call for a ballot measure to reshape the california employee rez tire meant system. the plan has to be approved by lawmakers. a lot more to get to this evening. help for americans drowning in debt. the new plan that will help
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americans payoff their student loans. >> and protesters on the move. you can see a police line right now. this is 12th near broadway where the police have formed a line here and protesters are trying to make their way bract
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to we are live over oakland where you can see demonstrators on the move near broadway right now. >> and they are moving more rapidly. they moved throughout much of the downtown area and were heading back toward the plaza. and of course the park or the plaza where they had been occupied for the last couple weeks, they were kicked out forcibly two days ago, and this sparked violent clashes last night. so far there has been no real violence at all, but they are certainly keeping police involved in a cat and mouse game as they move through city streets jie. we will follow this through the rest of the newscast and beyond. college students are drowning in debt. today president obama unveiled a plan to help millions of people payoff their student loans. the president's plan will speed up a measure passed by
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congress that would have maximum payments on student loans to 10% of annual income. that will go into affect next year. instead of 2014, the remaining debt will be for given after 20 years instead of 25. >> because of this change, about 1 town 6 million americans -- 1.6 million americans could see their payment go down hundreds of dollars a month. >> the money you owe will always be there or something you deal with. >> the president's plan makes it easier to consolidate loans, but it won't help anyone already saddled with student loan debt. it helps borrowers starting next year. on to the weather and it sounds like a nice string of days coming. >> let's check in with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> we have a nice string of sunny days. but we want to alert you to a red flag warning that will remain in affect for the east bay mountains and the de diablo range. we are looking at gusts. the red flag warning in affect
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until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. please be aware of that. we still have some low humidity. a beautiful day on the bay. this was submitted by one of our viewers. we are looking at low 40s to mid40s in the north bay valley and also along the coastline in places like half moon bay. it is getting cold. clear and cold inland tonight. another mild day tomorrow, and we are really looking at minor ups and downs the next few days. here is a look at what is going on in the atmosphere. pretty clear night tonight. a dry air mass. we will get rapid cooling taking place under clear skies. we are in for a chilly night tonight. just how chilly? look at these numbers. you will want to bundle up first thing in the morning as you head out the door. 37 in napa and 36 for santa rosa. sweater weather for you. low 40s for concord and
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livermore. getting chilly and cloverdale is a low -- a mid to upper 40s along the coastline here. and even down the peninsula. san jose 47 degrees. nights are long. we have a dry air mass. and with that in place, the temperatures are falling quickly. but the upside is we will see lots of sunshine the next seven days. the higher pressure is controlling our weather. so a dry pattern into next week. no rain in sight for the next seven days. highs for your thursday in the south bay around the monterey bay. in the low to mid70s. sunny skies and 74 in santa rosa and napa and 71 in san francisco. oakland, fremont low 70s. down toward the peninsula, 75 in palo alto. half moon bay, a 70-degree day. we had quite a few 70 usa cross the bay area. tomorrow afternoon we are looking at more readings as well. 74 in santa cruz and 76 in gilroy. here is your accu-weather
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seven-day forecast. it is going to be 70s across the board. plenty of sun. subtle temperature changes over the next seven days. and really you are looking at a dry forecast over the next seven days. halloween is perfectly dry for any of the trick-or-treaters out there and absolutely beautiful weather. it is certainly going to be a nice night for that. >> thanks, sandhya. now, the on going occupy demonstration that is going on the streets of oakland. they are on broadway, roughly at 17th street right now. >> and because of all of this, the bart trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station. another occupy demonstration going on in the city tonight. and there is possible police moving in there as well. >> and no new passengers being allowed to board at the city center station in oakland as well. authorities are trying to keep the protestors from f f f f
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we want to take you back live to oakland where the demonstrators are still on the move this evening. 19th street bart station in oakland has also shut down
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tonight. it is not allowing any new passengers on. >> one of the reasons for that was there was some concern by authorities that some of these protesters you are looking at are going to board bart trains and come over to san francisco and join the demmon -- the demonstration at justin herman plaza. these protesters for the last couple hours will be walking up and down broadway and in and around the downtown area all in the general area of the plaza jie. so far this has been a peaceful evening. we have only seen one scuffle that we captured on videotape when we had sky seven over the 12th street station. when one pushed his way through and tackled by police at the station. >> yes there are lots of people on the streets tonight making their voices and their presence heard and felt. but last night what we saw at this time with teargas
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canisters going off and people being arrested and shoving and pushing police and people throwing things at police, that has not really happened at all tonight. it has been peaceful. police obviously deliberately have not moved in on them in an uh fwres cive fashion. -- in an aggressive fashion. they are following them around and keeping an eye on them, but no clashes at this point. we are staying on it and we will keep you up-to-date. >> we saw a police line, but they did not face-off. >> they turned and went a different way. >> larry beil is off, but mike shumann is here with sports. >> over in the east bay where the raiders can't stay out of the sports pages jamarcus russell has a reason for his lack of success with the raiders. carson palmer feels like he is back in school as he [ female announcer ] what makes jcpfastcash so exciting? it's like extra cash you earn in an instant. earn 10, 20, or $30 jcpfastcash right at the register. then use it right now on anything you want, see, or love. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpennnneyey.
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it's like extra cash you earn in an instant. earn 10, 20, or $30 jcpfastcash right at the register. then use it right now on anything you want, see, or love. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. closed several schools this fall. the district officials said there are just too many schools and closing those five
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would close $2 million a year. all right, well the 49ers are refreshed and ready to go after the bye week. the 9ers were hoping the former brown would be back after knee surgery in late september. but after yesterday's practice his status is now day-to-day. it was going well before the bye. you hate to lose that momentum , and there is a tendency to relax when you get away from your normal schedule. >> danger lurks, no question about it. the thing we have to stress is just keep climbing. we don't want to hang on like a mountain climber, like a rock climber. it takes more energy to hang out than it does to climb. just keep climbing. >> the browns are 3 and 3, but don't let that record fool you. they have the fourth ranked defense in the nfl. they play a physical attacking style, and if you are not paying attention it gives you
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a little wake up call. >> playing really good football. the record might not show it, but i don't think there is any weeks off in the nfl. they are all tough games. coming off a bye week, the record isn't great this year. from a record standpoint it looks weak to casual fans, but i don't think it is that way. >> this week's sports illustrated has jamarcus russell talking about the problems he had with the raiders caused by sleep apnea. jamarcus claims it affected his performance on the field. he had trouble sleeping which lead him to falling asleep in meetings which in turn affected his learning curve and his play on the field. huge hugh jackson who was russell's coach in his final year addresses the claims. >> i knew when he got here he told me about the sleep apnea and some of the things he had gone through. i understand that, but i don't think that's the reason he is not here. there were seferlz other factors -- there were several other factors that we don't need to get into. jamarcus is a good young man.
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hopeful leahy will get another opportunity to -- hopefully he will get another chance to play. >> the coach played quarterback roulette. palmer had no business playing in the game with three days to prepare and he had not played in an nfl game in almost a year. he didn't know the offense and could have been injured, but he will be ready for the broncos in two weeks. >> i feel like i am back in high school and cramming for the s.a.t.'s or something like that, but it is a lot more fun. it has been a lot of work and it has been some long days. >> game six of the world series has been postponed until thursday in st. louis due to rain. the rangers were hoping to ends the series with a victory. they will have to wait another day, but st. louis will have something to say about that. and that is your toyota sports report. >> carson palmer enjoyed a lot of it, but not all of it.
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he went to usc and big game between stanford and usc. >> thank you. "nightline" is up next. >> you can keep track of the latest breaking news on the occupy protest in oakland and san francisco on twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> do that for certain, and also take a look live now from sky 7hd. hundreds of demonstrators are still on the streets of oakland. the last word we had they were on san pablo and 19th street. no violent clashes with police so far. let's hope it stays that way. >> and they are still on the move right now. we will have the latest for you tomorrow morning on the abc7 news. >> for mike shumann and larry beil and sandhya patel and everybody here, thank you for watching. we appreciate your time. we will see you tomorrow. >> good night, everyone.
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