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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  October 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc >> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield in san francisco. protesters are waiting for police to come and kick them out. word is, something is going to happen this morning. >> good morning i'm katie marzullo at frank ogawa plaza. this is where everything began earlier this week. marches, tear gas, police intervention. now that has moved to san francisco. good morning. chilly start thanks to the winds diminishing, taking away the fire threat. warm sunshine in your forecast. happy thursday. live shot of the golden gate bridge, clear, no problems.
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we have muni rerouting and transit rerouting. more on that in a few minutes. >> occupy protest busy morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. you can almost feel it in the air downtown san francisco demonstrators have seen numbers surge overnight based on rumors they would be the next withins to clash with police. some have come from oakland, -- that's where amy hollyfield is live right now. what do we know? >> reporter: the feel is very different than what it has been at other times, other mornings. right now it is a huge crowd. some have gas masks on. a lot of music played. there's a lot of energy here. lots of signals that these people are not going to leave willingly. video we shot earlier, this
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was last night. what appears to be police gearing up for some kind of activity. police officers have not descended on the camp. now everyone is just waiting. five members of the san francisco board of supervisors showed up during the night with other state and city officials to show support for occupy sf movement. they thanked everyone for coming out and they say belief in everyone's first amendment rights. police have told the protesters this campsite violates the law. they are using propane tanks, opening flames, overnight camping. and the human waste they say is not making it safe. the protesters say police are going to have to force them out. >> i'm willing to be arrested. i've never been arrested before. i would expect if they are going to arrest us they will threaten the group and you know depending on how with we react and how trigger happy they are, they may or may not use bean bags, rubber bullets,
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flash bangs, tear gas. >> my concern is we don't have a repeat of what happened in oakland this is san francisco, with we respect the spirit of protest. i'm here to ensure that we don't have a repeat of what we saw in oakland. >> reporter: one supervisor call the plaza safer than some places in the city. police have dismantled occupy sf before but the group has rebuilt. protesters have plans to meet and regroup later this afternoon if something does happen here. right now it is quiet. there's a couple of officers watching the crowd, they are not in riot gear. right now the energy is in the crowd, singing, chanting, and music played. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> across the bay in oakland
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tension has built up again with protesters retaking frank ogawa plaza. police removed them two days ago. demonstration last night forced bart to shutdown briefly. let's check in with katie. >> reporter: good morning. they are back. take a look behind us. we apologize if you can't read the sign they've asked us not to shine the bright lights on their encampment, just the one tent this morning. they are asking people to donate tents and sleeping bags. fewer than a dozen protesters here this morning. that was not the case last night. let's recap what went down. the tension began between the protesters themselves over the against that police put up around the grassy area of frank ogawa plaza. some protesters wanted to take it down others asked them not
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to, the fence did come down. they decided upon hearing there was going to be police presence at occupy san francisco, occupy oakland decided they were going to join the protest in downtown san francisco. police decided to close some of the bart stations at 12th and 19th street. some of the protesters threatened to march across the bay bridge. at that point police decided best case was to reopen the bart station. at least one person was detained in a scuffle with police. there were maybe 1,000 people are the estimates in oakland last night many saying they joined in because of the tear gas and police presence and the situation that went down early tuesday. meanwhile, the mayor has apologized for the city's actions. >> it was not an immediate decision it was evolved over several days. we were trying to find some
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alternatives for the campers. >> i had to come and support the people and support myself, because i'm a construction worker and i have friends and family members that out of work. >> reporter: at frank ogawa plaza there has been talk about sanitation and the hygiene of the situation out here. if we can come back out live to frank ogawa plaza, there are overflowing trash cans that's the worst of it. we saw the trash collector empty the trash can but left the over flow. as far as some of what you saw yesterday with the tents that had come down and sleeping bags and mess on the y area has been cleaned up. moving forward protesters say they are going to meet tonight at 5:00. at that point they are going to call on the entire city of oakland all the city workers to strike basically on november 2nd. they need to get their numbers
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back up here to make that happen. katie marzullo, abc7 news. it is almost 4:37. in san jose no new arrests at the demonstration overnight. yesterday morning a handful of protesters moved back into city hall plaza. they've been spending the night across the street after police arrested four people. police have not tried to remove sean o'kelly who has been atop a large wall next to the plaza for four days. he says he's not coming down until police stop removing the other campers. we will continue to follow the latest all morning. get updates at and on twitter. you can talk about it at police investigating fatal drive-by shooting in bay point. 5:00 yesterday afternoon someone in a vehicle opened fire at another car stopped at an intersection.
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his vehicle rolled backwards down a hill before it crashed into a retaining wall near a house. the driver died at the scene. witnesses say the victim appeared to be in his early 20s. >> everybody was screaming, hysterical, he was bad. >> young children around the neighborhood we go through this park. scary, i'm still shaken up. >> investigators have not made any arrests and have not released a possible motive >> bart board of directors set to vote today on a new policy for interrupting cell phones in underground stations. bart agreed to develop the policy after heated criticism when the agency turned off cell phone service on august left thenth, at four san francisco stations. aimed at foiling plans by demonstrators to protest a police shooting. -- the move triggered more protest. bart would interrupt service only when there's strong
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evidence of imminent illegal activity threatening public safety or causes disruption of train service. critics say bart is laying ground work for government repression of free speech. it is official, oakland will close five schools at the end of the school year. parents, students and teachers fought to keep the schools open. the board voted to close lake view, lazear, marshal, sante fe and maxwell park. officials say student enrollment has been declining and the district has lost 150 million dollars in state funding over the past two years. they say these closures will save two million dollars a year. the school district has come up with enough money to prevent two of its schools from closing. last night the board voted to keep shannon and lake elementary open. the district found additional one million dollars in the budget to fund the schools.
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the board voted to payoff a 3.7 million dollar debt. the district is still waiting to hear about additional funding cuts. because of state budget problems this morning governor brown is expected to propose roll backs to employee person shun benefits. the plan includes raising the retirement age to 67 for new state employees. future retirees would get pensions from a smaller benefit and 401(k)-style plan that with would rise or fall depending on the market. it would prohibit public employees from overtime and unused vacation in the final year of work. proposals would save the safety 900 million dollars a year. the plan has to be approved by the legislature. 4:40. let's see what is going on with the fire danger mike has been warnings us about. >> still feel that chill in the air. >> couple things this morning. good morning.
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the winds are diminishing and so is the fire threat. 6:00, the red flag warning will expire. northeast wind at five in observing three miles per hour in napa same at half moon bay east at three san jose and hayward. highest elevations 20, 25 miles per hour good news. the dry air keeping fog away visibilities unlimited just about everywhere. definitely cooler this morning. especially around the bay shore, coast into the east bay valleys. fairfield 19° cooler than yesterday antioch eight. we put temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s except oakland and san francisco around 50, 51 at 8:00, a lot of sun once it toes come up. low to mid 60s -- along the coast. most of the bay shore upper 60s as well inland valleys. 4:00 upper 60s to low 70s in most neighborhoods.
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total sunshine. all seven days still looking dry minor fluctuations in temperature and cloud cover through wednesday. good morning sue. if you are traveling on muni this morning or ace transit, lower market and muni has shutdown service by justin herman closed. they may be rerouting as the situation develops. transit service disruption downtown this morning. bart not reporting any closures or disruptions everything on time. san rafael word work northbound lucas valley road southbound moving well towards central san rafael picked up by 6:00. san mateo westbound to foster city and eastbound to hayward. 4:42. >> sue would have interest in
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champagne and you are sitting there i want to do t . good morning. live look from our camera looks clear. we have had relatively high fire danger that is waning. mike is going to tell us more about what sort of weather system is moving in, in a couple of minutes. would you pay for speed? transportation officials are planning to ask a panel for authority to extend northern california's toll lane network by 290 miles. the lanes like this 14 mile express lane on i-680 are free for use by car pools also open
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to solo motorists who pay a fast track fee based on congestion and time of day. the new application would authorize new toll lanes on 80 and 880 in the east bay and other stretch of 680. other lanes have already been approved but yet to be built. stage set for possible trade war with china over manufacture of solar panels. sacramento lawmakers are working on ways to support expansion of the clean tech industry. david louie has the story. >> reporter: 25,000 people work for clean companies in california non-profit solar foundation expects that number to double in the next year. solyndra was a visible set-back. lawmakers are hard at work to find ways to support these companies. senate select company on -- committee on green jobs listening for ideas.
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brian seeing founder of nanosolar. he suggested low cost loans could go a long way to buy certain equipment to boost production. >> maybe 10, 20 million dollars that kind of scale to buy one, two, three or more different tools would release the production bottleneck and allow the rest of the factory to be run in a more balanced way. >> reporter: panel makers may get help from panels imported from china. seven panel makers has petitioned u.s. trade official complaining of unfair subsidies. a chinese company with a plant and offs in the u.s.. the complaint would -- offices in the u.s.. they decided against joining the complain. >> we work in china. we work in the u.s.. we work in india, europe. in our view it is important to have a good, strong, global
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competitive open market. >> reporter: california lawmakers say they will be focused on seeing what they can do to support clean energy and creating jobs. in fremont, david louie, abc7 news. 4:48. talk about angry birds. scientists discover west nile virus spreads quickly because it hitches a ride on a backyard bird. a lawsuit that confirms seaworld uses slaves to profit. four days after a devastating earthquake in turkey, rescuers pull survivors out of seemingly unsurviviorable situations.
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check out all the green on the map not only at home but into the midwest and the east so far no flight delays. a lot of wet weather around the country. let's talk about temperatures.
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it is chilly in many areas. the only place warm d.c. 67, 76 in atlanta, 81 new orleans, 84 miami, 81 phoenix. everybody else 40s and 50s. any time you travel use our flight tracker at 4:51 in turkey crews pulled another survivor from the rubble today as the death toll from sunday's 7.2 quake has climbed to 523. officials say more than 1600 were injured. 185 people have been rescued. a 19-year-old was pulled from the debris today. rain and snow making rescue efforts more difficult. thousands are homeless. authorities are delivering more tents and they've accepted offers of aid from other countries. now to home. we had high fire danger going does that continue? >> until . when you step out there is
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hardly a wind and cooler this morning. -- relatively dry that has kept the fog from forming crystal clear picture high-def -- i'm going to be [ unintelligible ] 4:52. let's move on. talk about temperatures in the 30s in santa rosa and napa. 42 fairfield. 41 novato. 42 half moon bay. everybody in the 40s how about that except for antioch, mountain view and san francisco in the 50s. monterey bay inland salinas mid to upper 40s gilroy 38°. let's talk about what is going to happen today. fire threat kind of dark i'm going to back out of that fire threatenedding. it will be sunny and mile -- clear sky and chilly, limited changes dry weather through next week.
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24 hour temperature change, three degrees warmer fremont today san jose two degrees warmer san francisco one, a couple degrees cooler than yesterday in concord, oakland and santa rosa. temperatures close to average if not a few degrees warmer. hard to believe the end of the october we still have 70s across the board. offshore flow diminishing as high pressure moves east the reason why the fire danger diminishing. jet stream well to the north. because that pattern stays locked into next week, we going to stay dry. we have low to mid 70szz
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definitely up in the north bay valleys back in the 30s out to vallejo and fairfield near 40 in livermore everybody else mid to upper 40s, 50 around oakland and is . let's move on -- and san francisco. let's move on. limited changes some mornings a little fog other mornings total sunshine. it will be cool with 40s and 50s for lows. afternoon temperatures near 70 at the coast. mid to upper 70s around the bay and inland. pretty uneventful through the end of this month and the beginning of next month. have a great day. muni service disrupted right now lower market near justin herman plaza due to the protest. they may be rerouting as well. ac transit service disrupted downtown oakland again today. we'll be following that. be prepared if you go downtown oakland or anywhere near justin herman plaza bus service disrupted. bart on time, no closures.
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6780 through walnut creek road -- 680 through walnut creek, roadwork. various on and off-ramps affected until 6 a.m.. toll plaza light, metering lights off at the bay bridge. for the latest. 4:55. new study by a researcher finds west nile has adapted and evolved since arriving in north america a dozen years ago. biologist says a new strain is transmits more by mosquitoes and than the original strain. he says the west nile virus has taken advantage of robins, calling them super spreaders. because the bird has surged in population with the popularity of -- slavery not dead according to critics alleging popular seaworld parks are keeping five whales as slaves. people for the ethical treatment of animals accusing
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seaworld parks of keeping five star performers in conditions that violate the 13th amendment ban on slavery. the case filed asks that the orcas be freed. >> this is the first case in the history of our country that seeks to extend constitutional rights that were once withheld from women, children and human slaves to living, breathing, feeling beings who happen not to have been born human. >> seaworld calls the suit baseless and offensive. officials say the welfare of their animals is top priority. and the park is come playing with all laws. -- complying with all laws. not a new complaint but a new legal twist. >> peta is known for things like this. is san francisco on the brink of an occupy showdown? nearly 1,000 protesters and
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several supervisors spend the night waiting for a police raid on the occupy camp at justin herman plaza. we are live at the scene. amen, mystery solved. police recover a piece of stolen bay area history.
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