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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, bombshell confession. ruth madoff's stunning admission that she and bernie tried to take their own lives. >> we decided to kill ourselves because it was -- it was so horrendous what was happening. >> now, this morning, barbara walters' exclusive sitdown with bernie madoff, speaking out from behind bars. breaking news, blockbuster breakthrough. markets surge around the world, after a historic deal to stop finance disaster. is this the start of an american comeback. courtroom breakdown. michael jackson's doctor cries in court. the testimony from patients that had him in tears. will this be a turning point for the defense? and they're calling it maksgate, the "dancing with the stars" controversy blows up bigger, after maks tells us he won't back down. now, the stars take sides.
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and good morning, again, everyone. we're going to get right to the shocking news about the madoffs. barbara walters talking to bernie exclusively in prison. telling her that he's not suicidal now. that he's doing better now. than he did for the past 20 years. >> he also gives his take to barbara on ruth. why she stood by him. why she wanted him to let her go. an extraordinary get for barbara walters. no one gets people to talk like she does. we're going to talk to her in a minute. first, dan harris is here with the ruth madoff bombshell. >> it is a big piece of news too. good morning to you. good morning, everybody. this bombshell comes from ruth madoff, who granted her first tv interview. in which she said, shortly after
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her husband achieved international infamy of greed, the couple form aid joint suicide pact. she is the wife of america's most-hated man. a woman whose picture we've seen but voice we had not heard until now, in this interview with cbs news' "60 minutes." >> i don't know whose idea it was. but we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous, what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said, i can't -- i just can't go on anymore. >> reporter: it was christmas eve 2008, she says, two weeks after the scandal broke. she says they took ambien, the sleeping pill, and klonopin, the anti-anxiety drug. >> we took pills and woke up the next day. it was very impulsive. and i'm glad we woke up. >> reporter: this morning,
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skepticism, of ruth's story, from this man, the head of the security firm, hired to guard the madoffs during their house arrest and was inside their apartment until 7:00 on that christmas eve. >> sitting there with them, talking. i didn't see anything unusual. >> she may be telling the truth. but either way, she's trying to get the american public to see her as a sympathetic figure for the first time. >> reporter: no comment this morning from stephanie madoff mac, the widow of mark madoff, who killed himself last year. she recently spoke to robin roberts about ruth in this live exclusive. >> i have a difficult time understanding the choices she made. no doubt did she love mark very much. but i feel she might have loved bernie more. >> reporter: it's interesting to note that he may have made
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seemingly conflicting statements about suicide. telling "new york" magazine, that he did not consider killing himself. saying it's just not the way i am. but telling "the new york times" overnight, that suicide had, quote, crossed my mind, after his initial arrest. it's worth noting that while ruth madoff said she and her husband tried killing themselves because distraught over the crime. bernie madoff has not expressed much remorse, other than in court, when he was trying to get a lower sentence, george. now he's talking to barbara walters. let's get to that with robin. >> barbara sat down with bernie madoff for a one-on-one exclusive talk inside the federal complex in north carolina now. no cameras allowed inside. >> they do not allow cameras in prison. but he talked very freely. and we spent two hour was him. let me go through some of the points. remorse. he has terrible remorse, he says. he knows he ruined his family. during the day, he doesn't think about it. he's had therapy. he compartmentalizes. goes to the commissary, doesn't think about it. does his job.
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at night, he says he has horrible nightmares. and he says, i understand why clients hate me. the gravy train is over. i can live with that. the average person thinks i robbed widows and orphans. i made wealthy people wealthier. >> but there's many middle-income families, charities. >> and he talks about them. they're going to get the principal back. at least 60 cents on the dollar. we can go through all of that. let me tell you a little more about the suicide. he says that while he was in jail, during the four months before he was sent to prison, he did think about suicide. but he didn't have the courage. now, he says, in prison, he never thinks about it. he is happier in prison. i will read this. i feel safer here than outside. i have people to talk to, no decisions to make. i know i will die in prison. i lived the last 20 years of my life in fear. now, i have no fear because i'm no longer in control. >> i know he also talked to you about his wife, ruth. but they're now estranged. >> they are estranged. he said after his son's suicide,
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after mark's suicide, which he was distraught over, and deservedly so, ruth said to him, let me go. she used to go back and forth 12 hours to see him. after that, when she said let me go, he said yes. and he has not heard from her since. he says ruth doesn't hate me. she has no unr one. this is not fair to her. that's the end of that relationship, which is the most painful part of it for him. >> and you were talking, alluding to, it's hard for people to think he's saying his life is better now. he's in prison for the rest of his life after all these done. and he seems at peace in some odd way. >> you know, at one point, he said something strange to me. he said, every once in a while, i find myself smiling and i'm horrified. it's the first time -- that he can even feel that way. it's the first time he has had therapy. he says the therapist has saved his life. he says the other persons treat him with great respect, especially the young ones.
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but they do this for all the wrong reasons. but he has a routine. and for the first time in his life, he's not afraid of being arrested. he lived with this for 20 years. ruth did not know he repeats. his sons did not know. and now, at last, he is punished and he deserves to be. >> he does feel that way. >> you got a lot out of the couple hours you spent with him in jail. >> none of us have not heard the end of this. >> i'm sure we have not. >> more conversations from everyone. >> i know you'll talk about it on "the view," as well. thank you, barbara. let's get to josh elliott and the other stories developing this hour. >> we're going to begin with stocks on the rise after big news over in europe. let's get right to it with weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga. >> reporter: that's right. two pieces of good news this morning. one about our economy and that news from europe. leaders reaching a deal to help
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greece con town a debt crisis. so here's the highlights. the deal will write off 50% of greece's public debt. and it will force european banks to raise more capital as a cushion. it will also expand the european bailout fund to protect other countries like italy and spain. now, the question, will other countries demand a same write-down on their debt. the other good new, we learned that the u.s. economy good a boost in consumer spending. >> bianna golodryga with the latest. here in new york, activists marched on city hall. the demonstrations started peacefully enough. but turned ugly when some protesters broke away and started taunting police. the goal was to show solidarity with their comrades who clashed with police in oakland. protesters there, of course, have taken down fences and have moved back on to their plaza. that after a violent day-long battle with police on tuesday. oakland's mayor says they're welcome to gather at the site but will not be allowed to camp overnight. thousands of people,
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meanwhile, are evacuating cancun in front of hurricane rina, which is expected to slam ashore along the mexican coast tonight, as a category 1 storm. winds could reach some 80 miles per hour. not as strong as feared. but still, quite a sight from the international space station. take a look. sam will have more on rina's track in just a bit. a sign of the times this morning. even high-end stores are being forced to lower their standards in this economy. the only credit cards that neiman marcus accepts are its own and american express. beginning next month, you'll be able to use your mastercard or visa. the so-called plastic of the masses. it seems not even neiman marcus is immune to today's economy. >> everybody is cutting those up. >> exactly. >> thanks. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and a new round of polls showing mitt romney looking strong in the early states that matter most. but the flip-flopping charge that plagued his first run for president four years ago is coming back to haunt him, too.
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james carville is standing by to weigh in on that. and all of the week's politics. can't wait to hear his take on the smoking gun ad from herman cain. first, here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: good morning, george. mitt romney has watched rival after rival rise and fall. but he now seems to have solidified his status as the clear republican front-runner in those critical early primary states. campaigning in virginia, mitt romney sounded like he believes he's already got the nomination wrapped up. >> the greatest threat to my success would be president obama. and i'm planning on beating him soon. >> reporter: in a series of new polls shows that romney is far and away the front-runner where it matters most, the states that will vote first. in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and florida, romney is the one to beat. slow and steady romney campaign has seen candidates like michele bachmann and rick perry and noncandidates, like donald trump and sarah palin, surge and fall. but romney is just starting to be pummeled from his biggest
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weakness, a history of flip-flopping on the issues. take abortion. this was romney in 1994. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. >> reporter: this is romney now. >> i believe people understand that i'm firmly pro-life. >> reporter: and now, romney is embroiled in a new flip-flop controversy. in ohio yesterday, he refused to take a position on a ballot initiative supported by republican governor john kasich. >> i'm not speaking about the spectacular ballot issues. those are under the people of ohio. >> reporter: a day later. >> i'm sorry if i created confusion. i'm 110% behind governor kasich. and in support of that. >> reporter: from no position to 110% in favor in less than 24 hours. if the polls are any indication, herman cain remains romney's biggest threat. in second place in each of the early states, leading in many national polls. campaigning in texas last night. cain took a shot at romney. >> so, it seems as many of my ideas have been fighting hillary-care.
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obama-care. >> reporter: herman cain has spoken out about that video featuring his campaign manager taking a puff on a cigarette. he told sean hannity last night, he wasn't sending subliminal messages. and he knows that smoking is a bad habit. and he found the video hilarious. and a reminder that america has never seen a candidate like herman cain. >> that's for sure. let's see what james carville thinks. let's begin with mitt romney. the flip-flopping charge is back. you see rick perry hitting him on it. the obama campaign hitting him on it. is this the single biggest hurdle between him and the nomination? >> i'm not sure there's a hurdle left. but the man is a serial wind sock. every time you turn around, it's something else. once he uses any kind of adjective in front of it, he's ready to flip-flop. he's very committed to it, that means he'll change positions, if he's 110% for something, that means he's changing positions. >> you said something at the beginning there. you think there might be nothing standing between him and the
7:13 am
nomination? >> i don't think so. i can't imagine. rick perry's completely blown himself up. there's zero chance that herman cain will be the nominee. the only thing i can see is the republicans don't like him enough that he can't accumulate half the delegates as he goes through this. these candidates keep going. if he becomes so that he can't close the deal. that's almost impossible. >> you see rick perry coming back this week. he has the 20% flat tax. we talked about it the other day. he also stepped in a little bit, by at first questioning, whether president obama's birth certificate is authentic. seeming to question it. >> the best thing rick perry can do for himself and his friends and family is get out of the race and go back to texas. this man is evidently not up to this. he had plenty of chances to do it. he can't debate. he can't give a speech. he can't hold a position paper. he can't go on television. >> he has $15 million in the bank, james. >> he can have $150 million in the bank. he is incapable of running for president.
7:14 am
he can't do the things necessary for running for president. he's behind newt gingrich in the polls now. he's in something that he should never have gotten into. he's in over his head. it's not just evident to me. it's evident to 95% of the republicans. >> and no one else is getting in this race? >> maybe. i don't know what's going to happen. if romney just is able to go with 50%, i guess there's nothing to stop him. but there's great resistance. every time you see these polls, romney can't get above 25%. they don't want to be for romney. it's perfectly clear. everybody goes up. everybody goes down. romney stays the same. >> they do want to be for herman cain. i want to ask you about that, because he's right behind romney in all of these polls. we saw the ad, showing his campaign manager smoking earlier this week. some call it postmodern genius. others think it's amateur hour. where do you come down? >> i saw him smoking a cigarette. if that guy wasn't drunk, i haven't taken a drink in my life.
7:15 am
he was as high as he can be. it wasn't just -- he was drunk or stoned. some kind of chemical, i guarantee you that. it's funny. and herman cain says funny things. herman cain is not going to be the republican nomination for president. i mean, what he is, he's a national distraction. maybe not a bad one in the middle of this horrific recession. but let's be real. rose duhart. >> new york times. he said the smartest thing. sherlock holmes told watson, when you get rid of the impossible, all you have is improbable. hello, mitt. that's where we are. >> i'll put you down for a vote for amateur hour, james. now, to a brian ross investigation on the new american gold rush. as the price of gold skyrockets, so does the number of scammers. abc's brian ross is here with an exclusive interview with one man in a unique position to show us what to look out for. >> that's exactly right, robin. good morning to you. a federal judge next month will sentence him for scamming more than 1,400 people out of tens of
7:16 am
millions of dollars. but before he goes to prison, the mastermind of the scheme sat down with us to reveal how it worked and what to do when a man like him is on the other end of the phone, promising to make you rich. the most promising victims of the gold scam were spotted through google earth satellite images. the crooks matched phone leads to addresses, to find victims with the biggest homes. and therefore, the most money to invest in gold or silver. >> ten ounces of gold. >> 60 ounces of gold. >> reporter: but in reality, there was no gold, despite the legitimate-looking transaction papers from the bouillon exchange. >> completely bogus. >> completely bogus. >> reporter: the global bouillon exchange was the idea of jamie campany. who took us back to the now empty telephone boiler room in florida where his telemarketers worked their victims, mostly upper middle class business
7:17 am
people who he said lets egos get the best of them. you weren't targeting little old ladies at all? >> no, we weren't. little old ladies are more astute and more skeptical about making investments with people they don't know. >> reporter: the pitch worked off the falling stock market and the rising price of gold, as campany recalled his lines for abc news. >> come on. everyone knows what's going on in the markets today. are you living in a cave? >> reporter: there was an answer for everything, including i don't have the money. >> sure, you do. you have a 401(k). you have a stock portfolio. you have dead dogs that are not performing. >> reporter: the man who lived in this house in hialeah, florida, dave blomberg, got lots of those calls. >> i did end up giving them a considerable amount of money. i thought if i invested more, i would get the money back. >> reporter: he never will, losing $75,000. nor will be other investors. by the time the scheme collapsed and this place was shut down, the money was long gone.
7:18 am
>> i think about it every day. these people have to live with the pain that i caused. and some of them, it's going to hurt them for the rest of their lives. hopefully, this is one way i can stop it from happening to anybody else. >> reporter: campany faces up to 25 years in prison. and he's hoping his appearance here this morning will show the judge he's truly sorry and show americans how to avoid getting fooled by someone like him. it comes down to, robin, don't buy gold or silver over the phone. and make sure you buy it, you have proof you have gold or silver. not just fancy-looking papers. >> it's horrible that he took advantage of people like that. if it sounds too good to be true -- it probably is. >> that's absolutely true. >> thanks very much. time for weather and sam. >> good morning, everybody. add some moisture in the form of rain moves into the mid-atlantic and new england, it stays on the coastline. look at the area of white. that's new york state, vermont, connecticut massachusetts. there's snow involved in some of that rain. and accumulating snow.
7:19 am
little amounts. but at higher elevations. here's the cold air that comes in behind that front. cheyenne at 7 degrees. denver at 18. amarillo, their first snow around decemberish. their first snow happening today, particularly in the higher elevations. here's where the warmth is. houston, new orleans, montgomery, raleigh, 70 to 80 degrees. [j
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>> if you have cold air or showers today, we'll pep you up with honolulu's 85 degrees. >> that will pep us up, indeed. coming up on "gma," michael jackson's doctor breaking down in court. what brought dr. conrad murray to tears? and the extraordinary move by the family of rebecca zahau. they are turning to dr. phil to crack the case they say doesn't add up. and ballroom tensions really heating up after what maks said yesterday on "gma." people are taking sides. we'll tell you about it after
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. no damage or injuries reported from a small quake that shook the bay area this morning. magnitude 3.6 hit at about 5:30. centered a mile east of berkeley near cal memorial stadium.
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the quake was felt across the bay area. the quake is the same area where quakes measuring 4.0 and 3.8 hit last thursday. not earthquake-related bart experiencing major . over 30 minutes due to equipment problems on the track. cal train experiencing northbound 211 and northbound 207 running behind schedule. accident 101 at southbound caesar chavez and accident 80 westbound at carlton.
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mostly sunny this morning piece bound from sutro tower. we are in the 30s in the north bay valleys into fairfield 40s for the rest of us until you get to antioch and san francisco low to mid 50s. afternoon total sun low to mid 70s. tonight 30s in the north bay valleys, 40s and 50s for the rest of us.
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conrad murray in court yesterday. michael jackson's doctor, moved to tears by the testimony he heard on the stand. some of the witnesses called him the best doctor they've ever been to. >> is it a turn in the case? we'll talk about that. and another twist in a bizarre story. what really happened to rebecca zahau? we'll tell you what the family is talking to dr. phil. a little later on, eva longoria's here. she's going to dish about "desperate housewives." it's always fun to have her. let's get right to the trial of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, moved to tears, as some of his former patients testify. and abc news has learned that
7:31 am
the last witness, a drug expert, has exposed weaknesses in the prosecution's case. jim avila has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the course close to the case tells abc news, that the defense has high hopes for its last defense medical witness, who is expected to take the stand as early as today. conrad murray's defense team believes the prosecution's star witness, who was on the stand about a week, may have made several mistakes they can exploit. this as the defense gains momentum, thanks to the doctor's friends. a kiss on the forehead for dr. murray. and verbal pats on the back for five character witnesses. each taking over where the other left off in their praise. >> that man sitting there. >> best doctor i've ever been to. >> i've gone to a lot of doctors. >> i have never had a doctor that was more caring. never. >> reporter: testimony that made conrad murray cry, the jury sit up and listen. and wheen this spry 82-year-old woman took the stand with a chanel bag in one hand and a
7:32 am
cane in the other, it stopped the judge in his tracks. >> do you think dr. murray's greedy? >> do i think? >> yes, ma'am. >> no. if this man had been greedy -- excuse me, judge. if this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an area 75% of them poor. >> reporter: a strong opinion ruby mosley first voiced to us the week of jackson's death. >> if i had to rate him 1 to 100, i would give him every pit of that 100. >> reporter: perhaps a turning point, setting up the final witness today, called the father of propofol, dr. paul white. the key to the defense case. >> dr. white doesn't need to prove that michael jackson gave himself a shot of propofol. he only needs to lay out some plausible scenario how michael jackson could have done it. that may be enough to create the doubt the defense is looking
7:33 am
for. >> reporter: now, will conrad murray take the stand? his attorneys say no. but yesterday in court, out of the jury's presence and away from cameras, the judge told him directly that you, conrad mur y murray, are the only one that can decide that. murray understood he knew his rights but gave no indication he would take the stand. >> we're going to talk to our legal analyst, dan abrams, about that. first of all, in jim's report, dr. white going to take the stand. supposed to be blockbuster. what's the testimony going to be? >> up to this point, we heard from the prosecution witnesses that dr. murray violated every standard of care. that he never should have been giving michael jackson propofol. that there's no chance, in effect, that michael jackson could have somehow administered to this to himself or upped the dose, et cetera. i think you're going to hear dr. white pose questions about each and every one of those assertions. and as jim points out, dr. white doesn't have to prove that it happened the way he's saying. but if he leaves these jurors
7:34 am
with questions in their mind, particularly about the cause of death, is there a possible question that dr. murray is responsible for the cause of death, as opposed to michael jackson, then that's a win for the defense. >> reasonable doubt. that's all they're trying to plant in the mind of the jury. the judge looks at conrad murray and says it's up to you to testify or not. >> they say that in every case. >> do you think he'll take the stand? >> i can't see him taking the stand. in any case like this, he probably wouldn't take the stand. but put on top of that an audiotape of dr. murray was introduced. he got to put forth his story with an attorney sitting there. the jury got to hear it. his account, without cross-examination. i can't see why he would want to testify. the only reason would be to clarify how much time he was out of the room. on the audiotape, he said two minutes. the defense seems to want to
7:35 am
expand that time to a little longer. >> it doesn't explain what he was doing during that time. >> exactly right. that's the problem. i was on the phone with one woman. he doesn't want to have to be put in that position. the interesting thing is, defendants, so often want to take the stand. they say that the lawyers, i can explain myself. i think i'll be able to do a great job up there. smart lawyers, most often, convince their client, you know what? i know. i hear you. tell me about it. but you know what? we're betting off with you not taking the witness stand. >> you're saying you will be surprised. >> shocked. >> thanks, dan. appreciate it. back over to george. now, to the coronado mansion mystery. police say it was a suicide. now, dr. phil is on the case. he's helping to exhume the body to get questions answered. cecilia vegas is here this morning. >> reporter: a lot of questions out there.
7:36 am
rebecca zahau's family wants answers on how she died. now, we'll see it unfold on daytime television. the family of rebecca zahau says they want to exhume her body from this missouri cemetery, nearly two months after investigators ruled her bizarre death at the coronado mansion, a suicide. but her family does not believe it's a closed case. and say they are turning to tv talk show host, dr. phil mcgraw, for help. zahau was the girlfriend of jonah shacknai. her body was found naked, hanging from a balcony. police say zahau killed herself, feeling responsible for the death of shacknai's 6-year-old son, who fell down the stairs when she was baby sitting. but to zahau's family, it never added up. zahau's sister spoke to abc's elizabeth vargas last month. >> you mean to tell me, somebody
7:37 am
who is doing really well in all 32 years of her life, in a matter of 2 hours is going to do all this elaborate plan? >> reporter: now, a new twist. zahau's family wants her body re-examined for signs of foul play. and they plan to announce results on "the dr. phil show." in a statement, dr. phil and his team said, we endorse the family's effort to search for closure to this terrible tragedy. the results will reportedly be released in november, during television's sweeps season. and the zahau family says they raised donations for the next step. some of the donations came from "the dr. phil show." let's get some weather from sam. >> we're going to start with pictures out of the denver area. it wasn't just an early snow. it wasn't just a lot of snow. it's the worst possible way to get the snow. and down come the trees on top of power lines, cars.
7:38 am
140,000 people in northern colorado without power, from yesterday's snow. and that's a big shot of cold air that comes in behind it. it goes all the way down south. look at jacksonville, florida, from 82 today to 68 on saturday. and that front keeps going. the connection between that denver snow and the hurricane off the coast of mexico, is that cold front because that's what's going to be steering rina, as it makes it to the tip of the gulf there. rina will wander around, having a connection with the yucatan. wanders, weakens and stays in place, probably throughout the weekend. giving a lot of rain to cuba and the yucatan peninsula. 54 in dallas. atlanta gets up to 75 degrees. in the new england area, that's light snow. it's going to be mixed with the rain. it won't be unusual to see
7:39 am
all of america's weather was brought to you by burlington coat factory. >> thank you, sam. coming up here. new tensions on "dancing with the stars" after maks' tough talk right here. now, the stars weigh in. part of my job as a diabetes educator is teaching my patients how to start taking insulin. and i've learned a lot from patients who use levemir flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with my long-acting insulin,
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it's been three days since controversy erupted on "dancing with the stars." and it's only getting more heated. maks who was with us yesterday. you saw him lashing out at the judges. refusing to take it back. saying he had no reason to apologize. "gma" special contributor, cameron mathison is here with the latest drama for the dance floor. >> your man, maks, he loves his controversy. >> he is passionate. >> who is right? and who is wrong here? well, everybody has their opinion. take a look. >> i don't regret anything. everybody's waiting for me to bow my head, you know, take a knee, and say i'm sorry. and plead for forgiveness. i have nothing to apologize for. >> this is your worst. >> reporter: the backlash from maks' back talk. >> getting hot under the collar. >> reporter: as the stars take side in the ballroom brawl between maksim chmerkovskiy and
7:44 am
len goodman. >> it was taken the wrong way. >> in retrospect, he is the most popular person in the world. and it really is his show. >> absolutely. >> he was frustrated. he tried to defend all of the pros and celebrities. it just came out a little crooked, the way he did it. >> reporter: the standoff that began monday. >> i've been in this business for nearly 50 years. >> maybe it's time to get out. >> reporter: grew more heated here on "gma" wednesday. >> maks, you got some explaining to do. >> reporter: during robin's exclusive interview with maks. >> i have nothing to apologize to with len. certainly not carrie ann. she can make all these faces all she wants. >> reporter: but maks isn't just upset about the judges. he takes aim at a fellow dancer. >> derek hough has been worried about his career on the show. if i had jennifer grey, followed
7:45 am
by ricki lake, i probably wouldn't be upset with judges, either. >> for derek to defend the judges, he has a good point. but maks has a very good point. i don't think derek has ever been really criticized. >> reporter: on "access hollywood," carrie ann tried to diffuse the situation with humor. >> something happens when she wears red. >> reporter: she defended her fellow judges that have been criticized for harsh comments. >> a penguin trying to be a big, menacing bird of prey. >> why is it the judges can compare us to animals when it's not constructive at all. >> i don't think he meant it as a derogatory statement. >> reporter: one person who thinks an apology may be in order, is maks' dad. >> he's an older person.
7:46 am
and older persons should get respectful. >> i don't think anybody, including maks' dad is going to get him to apologize. what do you any? >> i don't think that's going to happen. >> it's easy to understand both of the sides of the argument to some degree. but when len said to maks he is 50% responsible for the problems of the dance on monday night, i think is ludicrous as a contestant on the show. i know firsthand how hard the pros work to get people like me, like hope, like others to look presentable. i can understand the tension for maks. >> and people have fallen on both sides of this. we'll continue to watch. all right, cam. good to have you here with us. >> good to be here. >> "dancing with the stars" back monday. we'll see what happens at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. coming up, we can all guess what happens next. but you don't want to miss seeing it. josh has "the play of the day." and what's ahead for america's number one family?
7:47 am
a special "modern family" sneak peek coming up, too. so you earn 50 percent more cash. if you're not satisfied with 50% more cash, send it back! i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain.
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7:50 am
prudential. bring your challenges.
7:51 am
here's "the play of the day." >> thus far. yeah. own it. >> all right. we all know what happens when you spend too much time with your co-workers. and what's about to happen. it is the journey that matters, is it not? yeah. this is apparently a russian soldier, was trying to catch a crab. all these crabs were crossing the road. >> why did the crab cross the road? >> i walked into that one, too, didn't i? and so, don't be shy. come on. just get down there and say hello, buddy. we had bianna golodryga translate all this for us. >> what are they saying? >> here, here, little crab. and then, of course, he just wants to pose. and he just wants to pose.
7:52 am
oh. >> oh. >> you knew it was coming. >> oh. >> make it go away. make it go away. >> can we see that again, please? let's see that again. >> oh. >> that's my favorite "play of the day" ever. >> turns out, it was -- we can't translate that. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
7:56 am
occupy san francisco protesters braced themselves for an overnight raid that never came. there were indications something would happen after police began gathering last night. any action was called off after protests were joined myself members of the board of supervisors and demonstrators from occupy oakland -- oakland where it with was quiet overnight. weather has been quiet as well. >> definitely calmed down overnight. good morning. sunshine, 70s today, low to mid 70s. 30s north bay valleys, 40s for the rest of us.
7:57 am
smooth sailing. major commute issue continues to be bart major delays, fremont and daly city direction equipment problems on the tracks. >> thehehehehehehehehehehehehehn
7:58 am
7:59 am
champagne and you are sitting there i want to do t
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] look at that wonderful crowd out in the rain in times square. >> they are the oregon ducks. >> that's true. and packer fans, too. >> just another summer day. >> that's right. "baby, baby," justin bieber getting pulled over by police. turns out the cops may have had bieber fever. also, eva longoria's here, right here in the studio. star of "desperate housewives." and with the dish on life after wisteria lane.
8:01 am
and a plastic surgery horror story. how she ended up with not what she was hoping to get. it's a dramatic story. we're going to tell it to you coming up. and "modern family," we have an exclusive sneak peek of what's coming up. next week's episode. america's favorite family. you'll only see here on "gma." first, let's get news from josh. >> good morning to all of you. we're going to begin with the wife of wall street swindler, bernie madoff. she's breaking her silence with a stunning claim. ruth madoff tells "60 minutes" that after her husband was convicted of his scandal, they were going to commit suicide with sleeping pills. >> we decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous, what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. >> barbara walters recently sat down with bernie madoff. he told her that he's no longer
8:02 am
suicidal. saying that, in prison, quote, i feel safer than outside. days go by. i have people to talk to. and no decisions to make. i know that i will die in prison. i lived the last 20 years of my life in fear. now, i have no fear, nothing to think about, because i'm no longer in control of my own life, end quote. we turn to the desperate search in virginia for a 9-year-old boy with autism missing since sunday. 1,000 people have volunteered to search the park where robert wood vanished when walking with his family. authorities are hoping more will come forward today. >> i have a couple brothers with autistic children. and wanted to come out and help find this little kid. >> we should point out that robby may be frightened by people calling his name. searchers have left blankets, water and food in the woods. none of it has been touched.
8:03 am
authorities in turkey have confirmed that 523 people have died since the earthquake on sunday. today, turkey's government says it will begin accepting aid from other countries. a boost for wall street this morning and stock markets around the world. european leaders have agreed on a deal to erase some of greece's public debt and strengthen banks there. such a default crisis could derail the economic recovery there in europe and here in the united states. new census figures show that more americans are staying put more than any time since world war ii. a record number of young adults are staying close to home. and others are opting not to travel. you can blame high unemployment and the housing crisis. dieters are confirmed by science that maintaining weight loss is not easy. people who lost about 30 pounds during a 10-year diet plan, regained weight within a year. it's not that dieters are
8:04 am
slipping back into old habits. instead, they are struggling against a persistent biological urge. and the city that never sleeps apparently isn't the sleepiest city. the most sleep-deprived american hubs, new york comes in fifth. today, it may have pushed its way to the top three. insomniacs in new orleans, oklahoma city, birmingham, detroit, are the worst off. who are the most rested among us? nobody you're going to see on tv on this show today. people on the west coast, san francisco. and burbank. and we do want to take the moment to mark the passing of a legend in our industry. daniel burke, a media pioneer, considered one of the modern architects of modern television has died. he was president of the combined company until his retirement in 1994. burke was 82 years old. now, let's check in with our diane sawyer for a preview of what's coming up tonight on
8:05 am
"world news." good morning to you, diane. >> got thursday morning to you, josh and all our pals at "good morning america." tonight on "world news," the american company that stood by its workers and its town. and after they lost everything in a devastating tornado, six months later, they're adding new jobs, rebuilding. how did they do it? it's bringing america back, tonight on "world news." >> a great story. police in ohio won't be forgetting this chase anytime soon. they were pulling over a woman for driving 128 miles per hour, when this happened. got out of the car. >> what is she wearing? >> nothing at all. >> sneakers. there was something on, i can tell you. she's pleaded not guilty to a number of charges. not sure about the credibility of the accused in this case. i don't know what else i can possibly add. >> nothing to say. >> she knew she was in trouble. she was -- you know, open.
8:06 am
>> that describes our afternoon. >> i feel a lot better now. all right, pop news always makes you smile, right? let's get to it. good morning, everybody. justin bieber is causing car envy everywhere. the 17-year-old heartthrob drives these days, a tricked-out bat mobile look alike, made by cadillac. bieber got pulled off for cutting off a off. that officer had bieber fever. he kept his clothes on. that was a choice he made. the cop let him go with just a warning. in case you didn't recognize the biebs from the pictures, justin has his initials painted on the door of the car. so much for going incognito. we've seen the sexy halloween costumes that show plenty of skin. for heidi klum, that's so 2010.
8:07 am
this year, she's taking it to a new level, showing her internal organs. this shot from "people" magazine, this will be her costume. she gets dressed up all weekend. this is what she is wearing. on the big day, she is wearing this. and somehow, we imagine that even heidi klum can make a simeon look sexy. when she's all done, she's going to look good. pretty spectacular. and finally, everybody, last night's "modern family" was a rerun. next week is a new episode, though. we have our exclusive sneak peek at one of the scenes. take a look. >> what's up, big guy? >> how hard is it to learn this salsa dancing stuff? >> not hard at all. it's about tapping into your emotion, your passion, and your inner fire. >> crap. i stink at dancing. first dance at our wedding, gloria was graceful and gorgeous and i was all big and clunky. like the scene from "beauty and
8:08 am
the beast." actually, that was the song. manny picked it. he didn't like me back then. >> okay. do as i do. other leg. stop marching. you're dancing, not invading poland. ♪ >> i love manny. "modern family" returns wednesday, 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. that's our pop news, everybody. >> lara, thank you. sam has ventured outside. he is -- he's dressed for the elements. >> you guys, there is nothing more wonderful than a crowd that will stand in the rain to watch us this morning. now, lovely ladies, can you possibly tell me what town you might be from? >> green bay. >> probably -- >> here we go. >> you guys probably knew that. is there someone you want to say hi to? >> hi, mom. >> hi, mom. we love you.
8:09 am
>> you want to say her name, right? >> barb. >> there you go. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know about as you head outside your door. if it's raining, it's not atlanta. atlanta is just south of the rain. there will be some in kentucky and tennessee. and 75 degrees feels great i think there. i would like to be there right now. but i'll take you guys with me. and we'll show you what it looks like on the west coast, as well. in the 50s in the northeast. san francisco, to l.a. 69, 76 degrees.
8:10 am
>> is it fit for ducks, this weather? >> yes. for ducks, it's perfect in this weather. however, it said portland was 76. >> yeah. but you're in new york now. >> good morning, sam. i like your raincoat. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the implant surgery that turned this woman's life into a horror story. we'll hear hear from her coming up. and the "desperate housewives" are getting ready to leave wisteria lane. eva longoria is here in our studio. gosh, is she beautiful. finally, special deals and steals. a "gma" favorite. coming up on "gma." [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced
8:11 am
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8:13 am
♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at some 17 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the u.s. last year. but not all of them went as planned. about 10%, some of them breast implants, were -- well they were a big problem. and abc's andrea canning is here to explain. i don't know how to get into this. i will let you do that. >> reporter: this is a bizarre one. and it's not that common. women who have breast implants run the risk of infection, scarring and ruptures. and there's a lesser-known condition, called the uniboob,
8:14 am
in which the two implants become joined. it can be painful. one woman i sat down with said the pain and embarrassment was so bad she tried to kill herself. this report has some disturbing images. it's an all-too common story. from celebrities like lisa renna, who reversed the size of her uneven and oversized lips, to tara reid, who was embarrassed by lumpy liposuction. >> and that leaking, that boob is leaking. the implant was leaking. >> reporter: dinoire rodriguez is a 0-year-old stay-at-home mom. in 1998, she boosted her confidence with breast implants.
8:15 am
going from a "b" cup to a "c," cup. how happy were you when you had your breast implants? >> i was happy. they looked exactly the way they looked before i had my kids. i was very satisfied. >> reporter: nearly a decade later, dinoire decided to trade in her old implants for new ones. >> i went for the procedure. >> reporter: but the procedure turned into a living nightmare. >> when i woke up, i wouldn't move at all. i was in devastated condition. i was crying. i was claiming i was devastated. pain. screaming for help. >> reporter: denoir developed conjoined breast or a uniboob. a medical condition called samastia. what went wrong? during a normal implant procedure, two pockets are created under the muscle behind the breast, one for each
8:16 am
implant. but in dinoire's case, the doctor who ultimately mix fixed her, said she ended up with one, large pocket. and the two implants joined together, essentially creating one breast. after the national shock wears off, how do you feel? is it embarrassment? is it depression? what are you thinking? >> anger and depression. i felt like i couldn't handle the pain anymore. i was going crazy. my kids suffered a lot because they have to stay up all night taking care of me. they got so tired. and i see their face. >> reporter: is that one of the hardest -- >> having taken care of -- >> reporter: to deal with your children. >> yes. >> reporter: how bad did your depression get? >> so bad that there was a time when i tried suicide. >> reporter: you tried to kill yourself? >> yes. because i couldn't take the pain. >> reporter: the doctor dinoire is blaming for the uniboob tells
8:17 am
"gma" she is adamant the surgery went well. she says she did create two pockets. but the semastia created later because dinoire's muscle was too weak from her original surgery. nine months later, dinoire went to see dr. steven titlebalm. what did you think when you saw dinoire's chest for the first time? >> i thought, this is terrible. but i think i can fix it. >> reporter: he did. this is the before and after. he's treated more than 100 cases. and this was one of the worst cases he's ever seen. >> i removed the old implants. i attached the skin back down to her breastbone. and made two, new, separate pockets. patients wake up from the operation and know whether or not they were fixed. the better a training the doctor has, the fewer complications they're going to have. >> reporter: and because it's not a perfect science, experts say to do your homework. try to go with a doctor with a
8:18 am
clean record. they are required to disclose their history. you can check their records online. ask doctors if they have hospital privileges. and ask how many procedures they've done. and look closely at the before and after photos, which most doctors' offices have so you can see their work. >> this had to have taken quite a toll on her marriage. she was seemingly devastated. >> reporter: she said it almost ended their marriage. she was so embarrassed in the bedroom. she had major intimacy issues after that. her husband stood by her. and they ended up getting through it. it was not easy. >> thank you very much. robin? >> all right. we're going to switch gears here. it's all about eva this morning. we celebrate the final season of "desperate housewives." isn't she beautiful? she's here to talk about her -- >> it's early. >> i know. the sultry, gabby. we're going to get wistful, as we look back on all the drama of wisteria lane. allow me to take you on a little
8:19 am
journey down wisteria lane. visiting mshg's original housewives. the always optimistic susan. >> knocked myself out. naked. >> oh. >> and then i fell. so, how are you? >> reporter: the exhausted moe of five, lynette. >> not now, honey. mommy's threatening daddy. >> reporter: bree, the perfectionist. >> you're out of your mind. >> reporter: and a model-turned housewife, gabrielle. >> excuse me, miss. >> hi there. >> i guess you didn't see the sign. it's handicapped parking. >> i know. >> reporter: over the past eight seasons, we've sent our sundays with the so-called "desperate housewives." and have gotten to know the women pretty well. so many schemes. countless cover-ups. and catfights. 51 deaths.
8:20 am
15 affairs. and all of them relationships. gabby and carlos solis have had their ups and downs. >> i get pregnant and it's all your fault. >> she's a priority now. she's the mother of my child. >> reporter: just when you thought things were starting to calm down, it seems the ladies of the lane are hiding yet another secret. >> i just killed an unarmed man. >> reporter: covering up the murder of gabby's abusive stepfather. proving the most important relationships on wisteria lane are the ones between these dynamic women. >> no matter how crazy or busy our lives are, something always seems to happen to bring us back together. and joining us now to talk about the final season, i love how you were watching it, too. >> i forgot all of that. i forgot i took a handicap spot. >> you did that on tv. but never at home. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> last time you were here, you
8:21 am
were with your mom and had a cookbook. always so much going on. how is it? the cast has been here over the years. and you're so tight. >> we have had so much fun. but it never really hit us. we have six months of filming. we're at the beginning of the season. i haven't gotten teary-eyed yet. as it starts wrapping up in the spring, i might be a mess. >> i'm sure you will be, as everybody will. i know that you -- even if you knew, you couldn't tell us what is going to happen. >> and i don't. >> you don't know ahead of time? >> no. marc cherry knows how the series is going to end. but we only get pages day by day. we don't have a full script when we're shooting. here, this is what you're saying right now. sometimes i'm going, what happened? did we kill somebody? yes. okay. so, we -- i don't know what's happening. and if i did, i would tell you. >> well, you are. you would tell us.
8:22 am
i know what's going to happen in this sunday's episode. >> what? what's happening? >> your character, and frogs. your character doesn't really -- let's take a look. >> okay. >> speaking of which, how come i don't hear anything moving in that box. shouldn't they be croaking or something? >> maybe their resting. >> or dead. you don't think they're dead, do you? oh, god. don't bring that in front seat. >> i don't hear anything. >> all right. i'm trying to remain calm. please, tell me those are your long, webbed fingers on my arm. >> gabby, do not panic. >> get it. >> be calm. be calm. don't panic. >> was it that much fun? >> that was my true reaction.
8:23 am
the e-mails the week before, they go, are you allergic to frogs? those are my tweet pics. are you allergic to frogs? not knowing what the context was. one will be chasing the frogs. and one will be on eva's shoulder. >> reaction like that. and there was one that marcia just had stuck. we were worse than girls. it was horrible. we were all prissy about it. >> what is your favorite episode through the years? >> my favorite episode is the pilot. >> really? >> i don't know because of the naivete or the new expectations? or it was a really great script. one of my favorite scripts of all of them. and marc goes, it took me two years to write it. now, i have to write one every
8:24 am
week. with the lawn mower, the gardener. that was all fun to do. >> you've been honest and you said this was like hitting the lottery. being cast for this. it's changed your life in many ways, hasn't it? >> in every way. everybody goes, how did it change your life? how did it not? every aspect of my life has been touched by the show. >> oh. >> yeah. >> and you keep going. you're working on a documentary that's very important to you. >> i produce a documentary, called "the harvest," about child farm workers in america. about the large amount of children, american children, that work in the fields. you know, down to 8. and people don't realize where their food comes from. and this humanizes the issue regarding how agriculture is the only industry that doesn't have the same child labor laws as other industries. >> it's really cool how you've used your platform for good. >> thank you. >> and to delve into issues that maybe other people wouldn't do. have you gotten back to school,
8:25 am
too? are you getting your masters too? >> i'm almost done with my masters. i have to write my thesis. >> what is it going to be on? >> latina entrepreneurs. latina leadership. with latinos being the largest population growth, within that population, latinas are going to be the economic cultivators and the economic growth within our community. so, i want to focus on the women. >> that's great you can do that. we have a little time left. we're going to lighten up. give you a little "housewives" test. how many times has gabby been married? that's your character. >> i know. three. >> what is gabby's address on wisteria lane? >> we have no addresses. >> yes, you do. >> oh, shoot. >> 3349 wisteria lane. >> i didn't know that. good question. >> you're talking about the gardener. how old was the gardener you
8:26 am
were having an affair with? >> 17. >> you got two out of three. you are a winner, eva longoria. thank you. >> thank you. >> wonderful. >> good to see you. >> great to see you. you can watch "desperate housewives" sunday, 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. coming up, deals and steals. josh will have that. and jack hanna will be along, too.
8:27 am
no damage or injuries reported from a small quake this morning. the 3.6 quake was centered a mile east of berkeley near cal's memorial stadium felt across the bay area. we got calls from walnut creek, have lay yo, marin and san francisco -- the big problem for bart came later. it was not earthquake-related, equipment problems. residual delays on bart 5 to 20 minutes. sfo to pittsburg bay point line not affected.
8:28 am
southbound 280 san saw, 880, 17 accident in the right lane. drive times, san mateo bridge moving smoothly.
8:29 am
my wife the dentist allows only one mouthwash in our home. [ male announcer ] act for kids, with maximum fluoride for up to 40% fewer cavities act. stronger teeth and better checkups in every bottle. . 30s in north bay valleys, rest of us in the 40s to 50 to
8:30 am
-- to 52 in san francisco. chilly at night and warm sunshine in the afternoon all the ♪ wild thing we love having jack hanna here on "gma." but how does he get here with all of the animals? how do the animals travel from ohio, to here to times square? we're going to show you their incredible journey. >> however, they want to. >> that's right. and also, jack has a very important update what happened in ohio on the farm and the animals that are there. an important update. >> looking forward to that. also coming up, we love giving you guys steals and deals every week. and we're revealing our favorites at deep discounts. it's only for you our "gma" viewers. our special anchor edition, coming up. >> and all about josh's fascination with globes. >> wow.
8:31 am
also, what is your best halloween costume ever? we want you to send us your favorites. and we'll vote on our favorites. we'll reveal the top three vote-getters on monday. >> that's right. we'll have those pictures on monday. aha. that's going to be fun on monday. no telling what we'll be doing, either. >> josh? >> don't tell. really, don't tell. hi, guys. you saw jack hanna and the flamingo. always a good time when he's here with his friends from the columbus zoo. but again, what does it take to get him here? we tagged along to find out. a cheetah, two penguins, two flamingos, an african cat and a wallaby takes a 500-mile road trip. not a setup to a joke. but how those remarkable animals make the trip anytime jack hanna comes to see us here at "gma." it all starts in this van. sort of a noah's ark on wheels. two animal specialists get food.
8:32 am
load up the animals. and hit the road. like with any good road trip, there's plenty of pit stops for food. fresh air. and -- you thought you needed to stretch your legs. of course, a cheetah at an interstate rest area is bound to draw a crowd. jack's sidekicks are always ready to teach something to amazed onlookers. >> she can jump over your head like ten feet in the air. >> reporter: 11 hours or so later, the van arrives here in new york city. where does a van full of exotic animals stay overnight? for more than a decade, jack's animal friends have been staying at the infinity hotel in manhattan. >> the neck. look at that. >> it's remarkable.
8:33 am
after they get a good night's sleep, they come here to times square. and jack hanna brings them along. and jack is here with two of the animals you saw make that journey. jack, great to have you. >> good to be back. >> we want to thank the infinion hotel here in manhattan. tell us about shorty. >> shorty is a pink flamingo. >> show off, shorty. >> shorty loves to show off. flamingos are hatched as pink or gray. there are different flamingos. you see his legs and it looks like his knee. that's his ankle. what he's doing there -- that's what they do when they're eating. they take the beak and siphon out food that even a microscope can't do. >> and webbed feet. i was surprised to see them. but that's just waterfowl. >> they have to stand up. people think they're resting one leg. they're just resting is all
8:34 am
they're doing. >> we got these coming across the mountains. >> i don't think i've seen one that color. >> that's a chilean flamingo. >> what is shorty eating? >> right now, a special formula that about 50 years ago, the zoological world put together. and now we have a formula that makes naturally the flamingos turn pink. >> that's shorty. thank you. and you have a cheetah. oh, my. >> oh, good. that's a legitimate cheetah. >> that is. this is moya? >> this is the fastest land mammal in the world. 70 miles per hour. >> i think i'd run faster, too. >> 70 miles per hour. you can see he's about a year and a half old. gorgeous cat. we use her for education. she was born in the wild. eyesight's incredible. you see dark marks under the eyes there. it's the only cats in the world that hunt in the heat of the day. 110 degrees, we hunt. most cats don't hunt then. the cheetah is a weak cat. you look at the claws, those are not retractable. the only cat in the world with nonretractable claws.
8:35 am
>> they're out like that? >> like a dog's foot. that's for speed. they first make the hit, 70% of time, an impala, the zebra, gets away. she has to wait two days to get her strength up. if she doesn't make a kill in those two days, she and her cubs will starve to death. >> and little moya -- oh, boy. didn't mean to point at you. she has a friend, right? an unlikely friend. this is your dog. >> oh, look. look at them. >> you have to remember something. what the zoological world is doing, what the american zoo and accredited zoos, are giving the anatolian shepherds, a big dog from turkey, to protect the herds of cattle and sheep, keep the cheetah away from eating the cattle. we have to make sure that the cheetah is kept alive. >> how do cheetahs do in captivity? >> in a zoological setting, they do well. by the way, about 90% of animals come from zoos, not the wild.
8:36 am
we've had 12 baby cheetahs born this last year. huge, 100-acre, enclosures out there. it's just beautiful to see them. >> great to see them together. >> and to see the cheetah, again, we can't help but think about the news recently in zanesville, ohio. the exotic animals that were loose by their owner who committed suicide. i know you have an update on the animals that are still with us. >> very difficult for me to have fun, with what we just did. at 6:00 this morning, i got the call that mrs. thompson is going to try to come to the zoo and take the animals we have there. the three leopards, the grizzly and the primates. >> and mrs. thompson is? >> the wife of the man who committed suicide. i told her that the animals were hers, when i tried to console her. the animals are legally hers. but until the animals -- i know where they're going. she said they're not going back to where they came from. but now, have people going out trying to figure out where they're going. where did she get the animals?
8:37 am
where are they going to? and i'm going to try to call her myself and discourage her from doing this because right now, we're trying to figure everything out. we're trying to pass laws in ohio. governor kasich, we've been meeting for two weeks. we're doing to do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again in the state of ohio. >> right now, they're in your care. >> yes, they are. they're doing great. >> i know this is an emotional time for you. and we're thinking of you. >> thank you all very much. >> jack, it's great to have you. thanks for bringing your friends. and your dog. you can see jack on "jack hanna's wild countdown" saturdays on abc stations. let's head back outside and get to a wet sam champion out there. >> hey, everybody. josh, robin, i love jack hanna. he's the best at what he does. i wish i was in there petting the animals. let's show something else going on here. how about a little trick or treat for unicef? one of my favorite parts of the halloween situation here. take a look at the costumes.
8:38 am
as we mention the u.s. fund for unicef are part of the million moms challenge to help new moms and babies. i want that halloween costume. that one. i want the green one. i think it will fit me. i want to do that. if you want to help, by the way, you can join the movement at or you can like the million moms challenge on facebook. remember, million moms challenge. let's get to the boards. we'll show you the big board. there's plenty of cold air. it's let itself loose over the northern territories and well into the middle of the country. there's good solid warm air in the deep south. and the twitter pictures are gorgeous that you're sending in. great fall color going all over the place. here comes two systems over the weekend. two systems reinforcing the cold air. and maybe even a little more rain, as we get through the weekend for the mid-atlantic all the way to new england. that's the weather around the nation. tell me your name, sir. >> everett. >> i'm taking the costume. i might just take it. is that okay wit
8:39 am
>> now, these are halloween costumes. these look great. i think you should leave them here for us. we might need to trick or treat on monday. that one is mine. what do you think? no? really? maybe josh's. all this weather was brought to you by toyota. josh? >> and coming up, only for you. our favorite things. the rock-bottom deals and steals. [j
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we're back, now, with a special edition of "gma's" secret deals and steals. tory, thank you for anchor appreciation. >> that's right. >> it's all of our favorite things this morning. you found great bargains of
8:43 am
things we like and things we need. we start with sam, traveling man. or singing man. >> i just wanted a close-up of me doing the julie andrews. i don't know why. my thing is, i'm always on the road. i'm always traveling. and it's all about luggage for me. i go through bags quickly. and i need a good deal. >> that's right. we got you a couple of good deals. ebags is a company that sells only bags. there's the two you see there. and in addition to that, is full-size. regularly, $60 to $150. but for "good morning america" viewers, slashed by 50%. starting at 30 bucks. that little red one is so cute. it's adorable. yes. and it comes in six different colors. >> friday morning, 8:30. josh, explain the globes here. >> i grew up in los angeles, a
8:44 am
mile from l.a.x. so, the idea of travel was -- my parents both works for the airline industry. there were globes and maps everywhere. and i always loved them. especially ones that show the world as it once was. i have a great thing that showed the roman empire at its height. that's been my thing. >> our friends at have more than 20 different maps and globes for everybody to choose from. you get to pick whether you want something that's the world, or just the united states. beautiful pieces to be able to frame. regularly $25 to $250. slashed by 50%, starting at just $13. i want to say, for all of these deals, you can't go to the company websites. you have to go to on yahoo! click on the deals tab. you see the links and also the promo codes. there's promo codes to get the deals. >> you know i love my hometown of pass christian. this is a pass christian soap company.
8:45 am
i've given the gifts out over the years. all the ingredients come right there locally. you talk about made in the usa. local people do it. it's very small, so, it's high quality. >> this is one of the most treasured items. loofa soap. it's a woman-owned company. she said to me the mayor is so excited in the town to help them, that he's willing to take calls from "gma" viewers. so, they're ready to go. and they have an incredible deal for our viewers in honor of you, robin. the products are regularly $7 to $50. dozens of things to choose from. for "good morning america" viewers, slashed by 50%. starting at 4 bucks, you can't beat it. you're supporting an incredible company. >> we love our jewelry. >> yes. >> my girlfriend, kirsten, has invited me to a sort of
8:46 am
tupperware party but for jewelry. it is my favorite accessory to give. i love stacking bracelets. inexpensive. but i'm sure you have done better. >> a really great deal. our friends at stella & dot came through for us. this cuff is regularly $59. but for today you pay 50% of that. you use the link and the code from the "gma" website. what you and i love best about the company is how we hear from moms and women who are saving their family's finances by having these businesses. >> they actually encourage women to do these sort of tupperware parties but for jewelry. it's a great business model. >> appliance, which our house is a blender. love smoothly. and ellie and harper contributed. we have a coffee milkshake. we're going to add b-12 for you guys to the smoothies. >> yeah. >> i know, really.
8:47 am
>> we have a really great deal on this blender that's designed for smoothies from hamilton beech. this is their smoothie blender. they have special buttons so you don't get left with ice. it's regularly $70. but with the deal you find at, it's only 30 bucks. this is a 58% discount, in honor of elliot and harper. we also have an incredible deal in honor of our weekend team. bianna, dan and ron, came up with custom-blend ice cream. and there's one website in the country, ecreamery. and they let you create custom-blended ice cream. wait until you see the recipes that bianna picked. only a pregnant woman would come up with her concoction. it's our deal only at
8:48 am att yaho! >> go for the coupons. >> cheers. >> memories. >> saving a lot of money. >> all right. great again. elliot and harper's recipes are there, as well. >> oh, my goodness. this is good.
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8:50 am
last april, the small town of silk campbell, alabama, made the news. but for all the wrong reasons. it was ground zero for a powerful tornado that killed two dozen people in that town alone. now, the gift of life is proof that the town is marking a new chapter, as abc's steve osunsami found out when he returned there.
8:51 am
>> all of this looked like it did that day. >> yes. >> reporter: this morning, mitchell and amanda johns are amazed they ever survived this. exactly six months ago, an incredibly large tornado was bearing down on their home, shredding it to pieces. amanda was five months ago. her husband and her mother were trying to hold on to this concrete floor. >> and the whole, entire time i kept thinking to myself, i need to put myself in a fetal position to at least save my baby. >> reporter: all three were thrown from the home. her mother and 26 others in town were killed. her husband ended up in a coma. and amanda was screaming for help, realizing she was losing the baby. >> i immediately tell them i'm five months pregnant. and they done an ultrasound. and discovered that i had a hole in my placenta.
8:52 am
where something had punctured me. >> reporter: but their story would take a miraculous turn. in a few, short days, the wound that threatened the baby's life, suddenly healed on its own. and on september 1st, the child they now live for was born. they named him kaden. but call him stormy. how do you feel when people call your son a miracle baby? >> i feel wonderful. he's our hero. >> i can be having a bad day. when i see him, it's over with. he's just a blessing. a blessing. a blessing. >> reporter: they say it's easier to forget that they now have so little because the baby gives them so much. >> you sleep good. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, fiphil campbell, alabama. >> it's the worst kind of storm
8:53 am
you can imagine and go through. we're talking about the worst category of tornado, an ef-5. winds stronger than 200-mile-per-hour. 250 people lost their lives that day. >> this is a great story. but still, there's so much work to be done. >> we have a link on our website, if you go to the red cross. and you can still help these people. and a lot of the alabama tornado @@@@p @@h@ @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ@ññ
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
george, you'reevil. >> you only have to hold off for 24 seconds. now down to 18. >> we went out to lunch. >> yeah. you were a smart man. let me say that. >> i'm sorry. >> yeah, sure. >> now, we're counting down to halloween. you don't want to miss the halloween show. see you on monday. but come tomorrow, too. >> i'm tired.
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hundreds of occupy san francisco protesters brace for early morning raid that never came. there were indications something would happen after police began gathering last night. several supervisors showed up to support the protesters so did demonstrators from occupy oakland where it was quiet overnight. quieting down in terms of the winds. let's check in with mike. 6:00 fire danger ended the fire season started off quietly. throw mid 70s, 30s and 40s most areas tonight steady throughout the next seven days. bart continuing with at least 30 minute delays for all lines that go through the


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