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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  October 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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demonstration in oakland tonight. >> and this east bay man claims he was beaten up by plain clothes cops but he's the one he was beaten up by plain clothes cops but he's the one facing charges
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>> we are here tonight because of scott olson. >> up oakland rally around u.s. marine injured in tuesday clash between protestors and police. meantime the protestors are moving back into frank plaza and this time they have the mayor's blessing. good evening. >> after the violent clashes 2 nights ago the mayor and police have had a change of heart. >> they don't want another repeat of the spectacle that made national headlines and put a decorated veteran in the hospital. scott olson suffered a skull fracture hen hit by tear gas canister by police. he was critically injured but now improving. lillian is live
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in oakland where candle light vigil held in his honor tonight. lillian. >>reporter: scott olson has come a long way since tuesday. he is now in fair condition. others at tonight vigil spread the good news. >> we have an update on scott's condition. he is conscience. [applause]. >>reporter: hundreds of people gather at the plaza in oakland in honor of scott olson. 24-year-old iraq war veteran was hit in the head with a police projectile during tuesday night violent confrontation between up protestors and officers. >> very, very upset. he's a veteran. he survived 2 tours in iraq. and he got shot in the streets of oakland. >>reporter: olson was unresponsive and had to be interest baited when he arrived at the hospital and now is communicateing in writing and breathing on his own. doctors are hopeful he will make a full
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recovery despite fractured skull and major swelling on the left side of the brain. >> that swelling pushes the nerves together and makes it not function as well. writ now that portion of his brain not functioning as well is his ability to speak. other than that, he's fine. >>reporter: the hospital says hundreds of people from around the world have called to wish olson well. new so-called faith of the up movement here in the bay area seem to be taken aback by his new role. >> he is surprised at the interest when we share with him that the world is watching. >>reporter: but the people of the up movement are not surprised. they say olson is an inspiration and they hope he will inspire those who have yet to join the demonstration. >> his life is on hold because he stood up for what he believed in and we all have the ability to do that. >>reporter: tl olson parents flew in from wisconsin today to be at his side. mayor kwan also visited him at the
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hospital. show said she's sorry for washington happened to him and that there will be an investigation. live in oakland, abc 7 news. thank you lillian. >> frank plaza is occupied once again tonight just todays after authorities kicked everyone out. >> now the mayor is trying to make amends. john is live with that part of the story tonight. she came out to try to speak to the protestors tonight but john she didn't get the reception she wanted. >> my mail is forwarded. >>reporter: oakland commune sign now gone up. the mayor quietly slipped natural crowd behind me apparently trying to talk. she was greeted by boo and also people saying let her talk. let her talk. in a matter of seconds she was whisked into the front door of oakland city hall and she did not get a chance to address the crowd. >> we want to shut did you know all of oakland. >>reporter: hundreds of people occupying the plaza heard from a lot of speakers but not mayor kwan who was expected to
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address the crowd tonight. >> this isn't coming from me and any of my individual desires but if i was the mayor i wouldn't consider it safe to kilometer and speak at up oakland thinking about how angry people are at her for the brutal repression during eviction and all through tuesday. >> i walk through tough neighborhood and friend in the crowd so i'm not worried. i also don't want to be a distraction. that's why i wasn't waiting outside because they are having pretty serious discussions. we were waiting pretty much inside our office all night. >>reporter: around 6:00 p.m. protest leaders negotiated with deputy mayor over whether kwan could speak. they say the mayor was never officially invited to address what is called the general assembly. while they say politicians are not welcome in up oakland, if the mayor wanted to take you can, she needed to get in line like everyone else. >> any individual can come and participate in the general assembly. but if the city official comes and participates in the general assembly they will be treated at an individual and not as an
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authority from the city as suc such. >>reporter: by night fall front of city hall filled with people and 20 tent set up. seemed to be the start of same encampment that police got rid of on tuesday. >> about well see what happens tonight. chief says we didn't weren't to take action tonight. we are trying to get through to them on organizational leve level. >>reporter: council member says the violence on tuesday is not good for oakland image and council should have been consulted on how to deal with the encampment. >> city council should have been involved in the decision on something this big that has become national that we needed to be part of that. >>reporter: next week city council will get a briefing from city officials as to how this encampment issue was handled. no sign of police presence tonight but speaker are saying campers will not give up the plaza again. >> all right thank you john. >> in san francisco police are explaining why they haven't shut did you know the up sf
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encampment. tonight protestors are still camped out at herman plaza despite plans for raid last night. authorities say there are now no immediate plans to evict the protestors but remain concerned about unsanitary conditions and open flames from propane stoves. police say they were ready to go in last night but chose thought to. saying they didn't want another situation like what happened in oakland earlier this week. the up movement has generate add lot of comment on our facebook paichblingt join the conversation at this site. other news. woman assaulted at the college and tonight police search for the suspect. this is sketch of the man police say choked a woman until unconscious early this morning. suspect is 5 feet 4 inches tall with appeal blonde hair apparently. a russian accent. victim says the stranger approached her this morning near a campus parking garage asking her for help then began choking her until she passed out. she rae gained conscienceness the suspect was
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gone. >> an attorney representing the los angeles dodgers pre-districts a jury will partly blame brian stowe for the vicious beating heen occurred. attorneys says it takes 2 people to have a fight. stowe family sued the dodgers for failure to take measures to prevent the violence. attorney says the dodgers didn't hit him. 2 suspects arrested in the beating did. stowe was in a coma for months and recently released from the hospital to rehab facility. 15 foot long white shark has been spotted off the coast of santa cruz. helicopter craw taking real estate pictures spied the shark yesterday just below the surface. about quarter mile off sea cliff state park. searchers say they typically come to the area in october to feed adding they don't often bite people. special honda for a young woman who saved a truck driver life in san francisco last wee week. san francisco mayor lee presented miss williams today with first of its kind good
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samaritan award. williams told trucker michael fin safely away from the burning crash. williams says she is thankful for the honor but more thankful that he survived the accident. >> the i'm glad he's all right. that was my main concern. >> for some reason that particular moment this beautiful lady decides to stop. to me she's my angel guardian angel. if she hadn't stopped i don't know what would have happened. >>reporter: he told her she will always be l in his heart. [applause]. >> incredible story. >> yes. >> more to bring you tonight. the amazing deal to lure the a's away from oakland. >> east bay theater owner claims he took a beating from plain clothes sheriff's deputies. why is he the one being charged with a crime? then later on "nightline". >> l come up next on "nightline". barbara walters exclusive two hour prison interview with ponzi schemer bernie mad off what he says no now.
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>> volcano divers. camera follow a team of men as they literally lower themselves into
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>> business orngs says 2 alameda county sheriff's investigators beat him in front of his wife and children for no good reason. >> he says he had no idea the men who attacked him were law enforcement officers. dan has the story. >> they continue while in handcuffs continue to beat me just the beat me like a dog. doesn't make any sense. >>reporter: dan is still fuming about the beating he says he took last year from 2 alameda county sheriff's investigators. >> i weren't to trust the police. it's been kind of har hard. it's been scary. >>reporter: it happened outside the theater he owner in south san leandro. it's a family business. during the week he and his wife fix computers. the kids help out after school. on the weekends they show films and hold fundraisers. they hope to help revitalize an area that has seen better times this theater can become the spark of change to start turning things around here. >>reporter: he an his family have seen the crime firsthand.
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last fall an imposter police officer handcuffed a woman and robbed her right in front of the theater. days later 2 workers came to fix their sign. one told the family had he recently been robbed at gun point. few hours pass and 2 men in plain clothes walk into the theater calling out the robbery victim's name. did they ever say they were police to you. >> they did not. >>reporter: men take the sign worker past the counter and into the dark theater. >> i look at my mom i said we don't know these 2 guys. they could be killing him. they could be robbing him. we have no idea. i said i said we need to call dad. >>reporter: dan rushes back to the theater and confronts the men. >> can you please tell me what you are doing hear. then he goes no. i'm the police. and so i kind i took a deep breath. okay. if you are the police can you please show me your badge or picture i.d. or business card and badge number because people pose as police around here robbing people. >>reporter: dill map says the
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men refused to show any i.d. or badge. he followed them as they escorted the sign worker outside to a blue sedan. >> so i came out here with my cell phone. >>reporter: dillman took pictures to give police so they could catch the men he thought were robbers. >> i'm popping the picture of the passenger and he throws his hand in front of his face then he just swings the door open and i start backing up and he's jumping out saying i'm going to show you the full accident of the law. >> i ran to the front door to look what was happening. i saw them beating him up and jumped on top of him. start kneeing him and him getting beat up. >> i was crying. really upset is what happening to him what is happening to him. >>reporter: his son josh hits the silent alarm. >> i have a silent tl hold up alarm. 911 emergency. >>reporter: his daughter called 911. >> hello help help. >> what's going on. >> this guy is beating up my dad. come now. 2 african american men. >>reporter: they were t
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detectives there to show a photo line up to the sign worker who had been robbed. in the incident report the detectives said dill map was interfering with their investigation. that he blocked them from leaving the theater and resisted arrest. so they had to strike kill theman to get him to comply with our demand. >> i know my deputy are telling me the truth. anybody that refuts that is not truthful. >>reporter: they arrested him is stchlt misdemeanor pirnable by up to year did county jail. had he a strained neck bruised wrist and other scrapes and bruises from hospital records. dillman filed complaint with the sheriff's department that led to internal affairs investigation. >> he's made some type of false claims against my deputies and i want to prove that my deputies did everything they are supposed to do in the course of their normal duties. >>reporter: dillman is claiming excessive force and the officers lied in the incident report. the detectives wrote that they
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fully identified themselves showing badge and i.d. cards. asked for and received permission from l mrs. dillman to take the robbery victim that the theater. rolled down the car window and warned dillman to stop causing a disturbance. >> there's no interfering you are under arrest none of. that it was just a full on ass whooping. >> anyone in our agency found to be untruthful and lying until an official police report they are fired. >>reporter: dillman trail set for next month. and both sign workers are willing to testify. in fact the second sign worker signed this letter saying both detectives refused to provide identification. that they began to knee and punch mr. mr. dillman while on the ground. and continue to knee hip even after he was in handcuffs. dillman did nothing to provoke the attack. i have a new blog at abc 7 with a letter from the first worker. robbery victim who was also critical of the detective
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detectives. the the this is abc 7 news. all right let's move on to the weather. sounds like we keep on trucking. >> yes. sandy here more cold mornings. >> yes. indeed. dan we are going to keep on trucking. show you live doppler 7 hd and you will notice there's nothing on the screen here. week from tonight it's going to look very different if the rain develops like computer model are suggesting. speaking of rain show where you we are in normal. santa rosa at 91 percent of normal. san francisco above at 132. oakland 141 percent of average and san jose currently just under an inch of rain. 88 percent of normal. just in case keeping track it was certainly a beautiful day today. most of the bay area enjoyed 70's. it was sunny. above normal for this time of year. half man bay 68 degrees and if you like today's weather you are going to enjoy the next several days. numbers right now are falling. they are falling fast with mid 40's already in napa. fairfield. novato. upper 40's santa rosa.
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half machine bay. we are headed towards a cold night. want to see cold though check out the temperatures. these are current readings. great falls at 29. denver currently stands at 27 degrees. you look at boston current reading it is 35 and some of our inland valley will actually bottom out in the mid 30's as we head into tomorrow morning. highlight clear and chilly tonight. mild weather again tomorrow and dry pattern holds right through the weekend and shortly past the weekend. so temperatures will come down into the mid 30's range in places like napa by morning. napa county airport this morning were you down to freezing. 39 degrees in fairfield. santa rosa 37 degrees. really chilly night. you need a swaert or jacket as you head out the door first thing in the morning. 43 east bay. 40 livermore. low 40's even half machine bay santa cruz 46 degrees in san jose. big picture here though and it's higher pressure. this ridge of high pressure will keep us high and dry right
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through wednesday of next week. after that storm may start to break through and bring us some rain. like i mention at least one computer model wants to bring in rain as as thursday nature. 75 in san jose friday and santa clara 75 degrees. 75 in los gatos. sunny day on the peninsula. 74 san mateo oshtion palo alto. lack at the coast line. clear. half moon bay 70 degrees. it's almost november. this is pretty nice looking weather. 71 in downtown san francisco. 70 in daly city. up towards the north bay and most of you will be in the 70's. about dig a bay 67. stinson beach 68. 75 degrees for new oakland. 73 in san leandro. inland area low to mid 70's. concord 74 and around the monteray bay 76 degrees in santa cruz. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's in the 60's and 70's really for tomorrow. warmer saturday. temperatures dropping a few on sunday. dry
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for halloween. dry through wednesday. sfechl there's a chance. but not definitive. >> thanks. >> as we continue the oakland a's get an offer pretty tough to refuse. >> one bay area city willing to do to get
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itititit >> farm is eyeing the eye in the big apple. >> stanford wants to build a graduate research campus in new york on roosevelt island. it will be called stanford nyc. campus proposal will be submitted tomorrow l. >> in an effort to increase retail sales by as much as 30 percent the city council will vote whether to convert 4 block of pacific avenue from one way traffic into a 2 way street. >> a's could be getting home run real estate deal in san jose. city will vote whether to sell 5 acres of land to the a's for nearly 7 million dollars less than the assessed value. it sits on the planned ballpark in downtown. more in the present edition of the business journal. >> subject of baseball. i don't know if you saw the game
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tonight. unbelievable. >> what a game. larry. >> some call it the greatest world series game ever. >> got to be close. up there. >> unbelievable. they call the world series the october classic. this is an instant classic. karld cardinal down to the last strike twice. somehow they stay alive in extra innings. sports is next. somehow they stay alive in extra innings. sports is next. [ female announcer ] what makes jcpfastcash so exciting? it's like extra cash you earn in an instant. earn 10, 20, or $30 jcpfastcash right at the register. then use it right now on anything you want, see, or love. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney.
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>> if you look for the definite nilingts of insanity, just watch the highlights from game 6 of this world series. cardinals somehow stay alive to force game 7 with texas. sloppy 5 error tonight. david up over the railing. he's all right. picture up in the fift fifth. young steps up. to the alley. come on come on. in the seventh. rangers flexing their muscles. beltre solo shot and very next batter is nelson cruz destroyed to the
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upper deck. in the eighth. craig. he gets hold of one off derek now 7-5. to the 9th and rangers one striking away from ceiling it. 2 on for david. mr. freeze with drive. cruz go back harder on the ball. cardinals come back from the dead to tie it at 7. didn't last long. to the tenth. hamilton. crushes one off jays on. first homer of the post season. 2 run shot. 9-7 texas. again they are up by 2. tenth. rangers again striking away from withining it and can't. lance delivers rbi single once again tied at 9. to the 11th. local kid st. louis native david freezing off mark lowe. good tonight. game over. drive home safely. finally. cardinals come become to win 10-9 in 11. game 7 tomorrow night. >> man of that bass incredible. i'm just glad i had a chance
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after looking like an idiot on the pop up. we fought back. we made some mistake early on but the way the cardinals we have all been playing lately. you expect to come back like this. >>reporter: they are celebrating lake they just won the whole thing. game 7 tomorrow. stanford toughest test to come saturday night in la against usc. game we have for you on abc 7 is. stanford 6 in the bcs. won 15 in a row. streak started with last second victory over sc last year. in the game luck threw for 285 yards and 3 touch down downs. luck he's like a machine. coach of shaw offers another comparison. >> he's like a vitamin. once a day he makes a play that just makes you say wow! and you can count on it some time during practice throw the ball across the body, 40 yards hate guy in stride, flick a ball 55 yards, fit a ball where nobody else can fit one and just count on it you say wow! and move on to
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the next play. >> all right. luck is a vitamin now. luck is the heismann front runner watch the kid putting up ab sawrd numbers for had you stop. quarterback tonight against rice. take a guess how many touch down passes definite. >> 15. >> 4. >> thanks carolyn. thanks for blowing the bit. he had 9 touch down passes giving him a record for career td tosses with 139. it really helped tonight that rice did not bother to cover anybody. houston won the game 73-34. and that is the toyota sports report. >> 33 could have been 15. >> 15? thanks for participate snag all right sorry. >> "nightline"is next. >> have a great evening
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