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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  October 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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are taking pay cuts. >> i'm concerned about how this money on the police overtime to clear the encampment out. then turning around and let them come back. >> chris johnson works for a software company and getting his nba. he was drawn by what he saw tuesday night. >> i've never been to any protests before. and after witnessing what i saw on tuesday night, i have come to become committed to this. >> earlier police chief howard jordan visited injured demonstrateor scott olsen in the hospital. >> to express our concern about what happened to him. it was unfortunate incident. and that we're worry that that took place. >> and this is a live look. activist and film maker michael moore is still speak together crowd.
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he came out here at 3:30 he said he was concerned about what he saw on television what happened to the crowd tuesday night and talked about issues around health care here is what he had to say. >> they said it's correct to make a profit off people when they get sick. how is that? >> michael moore speak together crowd out here is wrapping up. and as for the city you heard comments. they had a press conference at 3:00 this afternoon. and you heard the mayor say we're back tow a wait and see attitude. now there is probably 40 tents here saying it's not about tents but health and safety issues and as long as they bide by basic rules she says she doesn't have plans to move
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in on the encampment. and to address issues coming up. >> and oakland laura anthony abc 7 news. >> and the iraq war veteran injured during occupy oakland protest is still having trouble speaking but he discontinue to show signs of improvement. scott olsen was struck by an object fired by police, they were trying to control the crowd tuesday night. doctors still expect him to make a full recovery but say it could be a slow process. >> he's got some pressure on the brain causing him not to be able to speechblg he does understand everything said to him and responds when you ask him a question. he gestures. >> and they're optimistic and last night a vigil took place in oakland and several other sites across the country. >> and south bay occupy san
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jose protestors gathering for a rally and a march. there live rally at city hall plaza. and organizers say they plan to march throughout the city and not saying where. you might recall police officers removed protestors. they have been camping across the street and returning during the day. and one occupy san jose protestor continues to defy authority. sean o kelly has been atop a large wall next to the plaza for five days now this, is video taken just minutes ago. police letting him stay saying it's too dangerous to try to force him down. >> in san francisco occupy movement along the embarcadero changed shape over the past few days many of those still camped out are concerned the message is getting lost. wayne freedman is here now with the story. >> sometimes this goes on more it seems this movement is
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getting in the news any of them seem to objectify what we're looking at. and today we went back to basic autos difference between so-called 1% and rightis 99% is a few stories or the width of a boulevard or a nice breakfast. >> i guess there is a movement going on. there is a sense of something wrong. and i can't get comments out of it read signs. talk to derek from oklahoma city. >> they're trying to get us to say one or both. we haven't decided to do that yet. and occupy san francisco has become a melting pot of optimism and powered by inclusiveness. >> if a homeless person comes here is he still homeless? >> no.
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there is a home now. >> chris sullivan. >> i'm here to join the movement. tired of what is going on. ready to make a stand to do something. >> sounds like you're running out of option autos pretty much. yes. >> in a hostile world this he says provides a positive alternative. >> still coming together as a community to do everything together and there is everything still get it. >> nudging is for sale. >> 99% now on ts play for the 1% assuming 1% is paying attention. if not... no matter. >> what will history say? >> our parents did the same thing 30 35 40 years ago. now this, is our turn this, is our movement. >> news today history tomorrow, we asked one of them how long it would be how long
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would the person be content to stay. years, she said fchl we stay that long, the place will look different. >> thank you. >> and moving on to other news next thursday a house subcommittee expected to subpoena the white house over documents related to solyndra. the white house refused an initial request about internal communication buzz has not invoked executive privilege. the documents relate to the federal loan guarantee and include president obama's black berry messages. republican lawmakers say a subpoena is a serious but necessary step and energy secretary steven shu set to appear and will be the highest official yet to testify in this scandal. >> a milestone in the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. crews put into place a final section of a self ampk yord plant and it wasn't easy. this last piece is the heaviest of the 28 sections
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put into place. today's work now makes it possible for crews to drive from one end of the span to another. >> engineers in construction crews have been working night and day through good and bad weather to lift 28 sections into place for this world-class bridge. they deserve recognition and our thank you. >> and at this point it's scheduled for completion in late 2013. >> and one bridge to another golden gate bridge workers picketed a board meeting today. >> legality me tell but the story. some people jammed into the district board meeting and were protesting current contract negotiations with the district. they say it is demanding major cuts and give backs from workers. the district says it's negotiating in good faith and
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understands concerns during a difficult economic times and the two sides have been in talks for seven months. >> the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge is next year. the district is planning a year-long celebration. in the end they'll be 75 different tribute events and is providing public tours of the bridge that turns 75 in may. >> east bay assembly woman is accused of shoplifting in neiman marcus. prosecutors say the lawmaker was caught on the video surveillance tape. she pleaded not guilty to the charge yesterday. and officers stopped hyashi when she left the store with three items worth $2500 she had not paid for. she apologized through her spokesman saying quote the incident in san francisco was a mistake and a misunderstanding. >> ask time now for a check of
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the forecast. thinking about weekend. >> yes. >> and there is spencer christian here. >> this month this week winds down temperatures continuing to move and there is a mild to cool, clear skies temperatures mid-50s to mid-60s early in the morning the day gets off to a chilly start. temperatures into mid-30s to mid-40s and then by afternoon there is a sunny saturday coming our way. high temperatures up to 80 degrees into warmest location that's is going hold on for a while. i'll look at seven days ahead in just a moment. >> and just ahead another possible benefit of taking aspirin. can it reduce the risk of a certain type of cancer? >> city that's rank among safest in the nation for trick or treater autos michael finney taking your questions through his facebook and twitter pages.
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we'll have links for you at abc 7 >> and checking friday get away right now. if your route involves going into or out of san francisco there is a slow crawl for the bridge. same is true heading south. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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mmm... if i were cheese... i wouldn't want to let go of myself either. come try the cheese inspired dishes on our $2, $4, $6, $8 value menu. only at denny's. checking healthy living news another possible benefit of taking aspirin. a new study found taking two per day about 600 millry grams cut the chances of developing colorectal cancer by more than half. the study looked at almost 900 patients with a family history of the disease.
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63% of those who took two aspirin per day had a lower rate of colon cancer compared to those who took a placebo. >> and if you're taking your kids trick or treating this halloween turns out we're in a good place whit comes to safety. the two biggest cities rank in top 10 places nationwide for kids to walk neighborhoods for halloween candy. real estate web site zillow says san francisco is the best trick or treating city when it comes to city. cities rated on home values population densitty crime data and nearby amenity autos now some breaking news out of groupon. but first hewlett-packard may not be out of hot water yet. for those triz -- stories and more let's go to emily chang with today's after the bell report. >> the trouble is certainly not over for hp. now mooul mooul's credit rating is on the line. moody's placed hp on review for a possible down grade
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focusing on meg whitman's plans going forward including the decision to keep the pc business. whitman's strategy became clear but the stock plummeted more than 30%. it was ousted ceo who threatened to cut off the pc business declaring hp would focus on software not hardware but whitman said the company concluded it's spinnoff could be too costly. now, hardware division is safe hp had crucial decisions to make. today on bloomberg west we had executive vice president who runs the unit. i asked him about the future of hp. take a listen to what he had to say. >> many thing that's we work on every day innovation and design are at the top of the list ones we need to stay laser focused on. boy say we're good but we need
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to continue to improve and we will. >> and there is one area is the fate of its web os software unit. shifting gears let's check the broader economy. and there is a mixed day for stocks. traders happy because of progress in europe. small gains as well with shares of hp helping index stay in green territory. and there is about an hour ago breaking news on groupon. saying groupon may increase the price range of its ipo. and earlier this week groupon filed it was seeking to raise $540 million so if it decides to increase the price with a higher rate may be filed next week. and apple's voice-recognition software siri getting madeover with a twist. there are ways to turn siri
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into everything from a bartender to a bank teller to a fun way to send a tweet. you're watching video pulled from an ad agency blog showing how it turns it into a bar dwrernd of sorts interestingly apple hasn't offered hackers for their applications but it doesn't mean breaking rules. the software is steined to send a message which a lot of apps can already understand and act on. and as for what the developers are saying they're hoping apple releases a programming interface giving them better insight into the technology. have a great weekend. >> looks like there is a great weekend in store weather wise. >> and halloween, some of us may be dressing up. >> that is right. some of us might. >> let's go. >> why not? >> and we'll enjoy weather. >> yes. >> there is some great weather
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coming our way into halloween. there is a live view, sunny skies and a lovely day all day. been a week of gorgeous weather that is going to continue. there is a satellite image showing sunny from coast to inland. there is no clouds interfering today 77 in santa rosa. 74 fremont. redwood city 73. 67 in san francisco. highlights another clear chilly night tonight. and above average temperatures tomorrow and sunday. there is a large area of high pressure still dominating our weather bringing us a dry pattern lasting into the weekend. there is a forecast animation that is typical of the pattern we're in now.
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there is a lows at 39 in napa. low to mid 40s in most other inland locations and mid to upper 40s closer to the bay. so another cool to chilly night and a mild afternoon tomorrow into the south bay. skies will be sunny. high temperatures climbing to 76 in san jose. mainly mid-70s. there is low 70s on the coast and there is downtown 73 tomorrow. up into north bay warmth as well. 77 in napa. 78 santa rosa and 76 novato. mainly mid-70s on near east bay. 75 in oakland. and there is inland east bay upper 70s in concord
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fairfield and near monterey bay, upper 70s. low 80s in gilroy and morgan hill here is the accu-weather forecast. after a warm weekend we'll cool down monday i will -- almost said new year's eve. we're looking way ahead. that is a long-range forecast. there is a breeze and we start to cool down at the end of the week. new year's eve outlook is great but i'm going to save it for december. >> ultimate tease. >> yeah. really. >> months away. >> i've been call that had before. >> yes. >> all right. >> right. everyone. >> three of music's top singers making news this friday. >> and spencer was about to. chris bailish has those stories and more from los angeles. >> soul singer adele has been on a rel. now we're learning that that has been put on hold.
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she is canceling tour dates and appearances for throat surgery. in the past four months she's had both a vocal chord hemorrhage and layerin gitis. lady gaga stopping in india this weekend to perform in a formula one after party. calling the trip a dream come true gaga posted this picture on her twitter page leaving her post open ended writing when i'm sad, india makes me feel... and there will be a big night for chris daugtry singing the national anthem in tonight's world series game in st. louis. >> and up next why you might not be getting fish you're paying for. a surprising investigation. >> later a boy rescued days after that quake in turkey. how this 13-year-old survived
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for five day autos then at 5:00 a ballot push that could let more pot clubs set up shop in san jose. >> taking a look at traffic now, this is san rafael. you can see everybody moving along just fine here. the news at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ
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you've probably heard eating fish is good for you but whit comes to particular types it can get tricky. >> how do you know if you're really getting what you're paying for? >> it's kind of a bummer actually. a consumer reports just released investigation shows people aren't always getting the fish they're paying for and this is backing up what others have also found. americans spent more than $80 billion on seafood last year up $5 billion from the year before. consumer reports investigated to find out if the fish you're buying is what it claims to be or... some sort of mystery fish. >> our secret shoppers bought 190 samples of 14 kinds of fish red snapper salmon sole and others. they went to more than 50 retail stores and restaurants in new york, new jersey and connecticut. >> consumer reports testers packed pieces from sent them to an outside lab.
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technicians extracted dna from samples to determine what kind of fish it was. the result? only four of the 14 types of fish bought were always identified correctly. biggest discrepancy? lemon sole. of the 10 not one turned out to be lemon sole. the red snapper proved problematic. of the 22 samples only 10 were actually red snapper. >> this passes through so many hands from the time caught to sold. it's hard to tell where this mislabeling occurs or whether it's intentional. that makes the process very difficult to police. >> consumer reports findings under line with other recent study that's show some 25% of the seafood around the world is mislabeled. until seafood can be more closely monitored there is no way to be sure you're getting what you're paying for. current legislation would
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strengthen cooperation among different agencies including food and drug administration. and consumer reports complete investigation is available on our web site if you want to check it out go to abc 7 and click on see it on tv. and i'll be back with questions from facebook and twitter, we've done an investigation here in the bay area it's always turning up same. 25% to 25%. >> and you pretty much have to interinvestigate the grocer. >> they don't always know. >> strong allegations against a government-backed mortgage lender. >> why residents of this apartment complex are calling fannie mae a slumlord. >> i'm david louie in san jose. there is a campaign against bank customer over debit card fees. we'll have a live report. >> and clear skies once again at golden gate. we can see from our sutro
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fannie mae a slumlord? >> the city of oakland ordered fannie mae to clean up the place. >> the tenants in this apartment house say the owners previous owners tried to keep the place up. but when the land lords dmot make mortgage payments and fannie mae took over the property things got bad. that is too clo lowe. >> this attorney showed us broken stairs the broken railings paint bubbling and cracking. >> water not only comes through here and through a light fixture. >> the roof leaks. the water heater is a fire hazard. >> there should be one inch clearance around the pipe.
4:31 pm
>> the tenants tell me it's been like this since fannie mae took over 15 months ago. >> why should we live like this in america? >> twice the city ordered the mortgage giant to clean up the property. tenants stopped paying rent several months ago. >> it's very important people know when faced with these conditions that... they have rights and legal rights to withhold rent. >> the attorney explained the residents are filing a lawsuit against fannie mae asking the ceo be forced to live here in one of the apartments for three or four months with no hot water leaking roof water pouring in for at least three four months. in the condition as is. and that would be appropriate. >> a spokesman told me tenants are section 8 tenants. so that part of the rent is not stopped but fannie mae is
4:32 pm
trying to evict tenants for not paying their portion and they say the tenants have generally been uncooperative. the spokeswoman could not detail what that means the mortgage lender is trying to gather information on this case in oakland. friday afternoon, it's not that easy. the property managers are in hayward. they're not returning the calls. >> and rainy condition is coming. >> and you know this has been going on for days tenants say 15 months. and. >> thank you. >> and in other news consumers not happy about new debit fees are doing something bit. taking their money out. abc 7 is live in san jose. are the credit unions ready
4:33 pm
for this? >> there is no doubt there is a golden opportunity now. big news is that chase bank backed down on its plans to charge about $5 per month for anyone using a debit card but bank of america and wells fargo still on track to impose the fee. instead a major revolt scheduled for november 5th could be that golden opportunity for credit unions. >> more than 29,000 people on facebook clicked they liked upcoming transfer day. customers upset with new debit card transaction fees say they're going move to credit unions. credit unions say they're ready to win the wis business. >> all branches will be staffed extra. we'll have banners out at branches and posters and on our web site. information will be available. >> 92 million americans belong to credit unions.
4:34 pm
claiming lower fees and higher rates save members $6.7 billion per year compared to banks mplg. county federal credit union doesn't charge for debit card transactions. it's 44,000 members can get free access to 28,000 atms. members are enthusiastic about the service they receive. >> this is usually smaller more personal and friendly. i can pick up the phone when there is a problem. i get an answer right away. >> san jees yeah credit union is offering free food and prizes. some have charter restriction that's limit membership to people that work in specific industries. others can sign up members at large. and the organizer says she's shock bid people joining her movement. county federal says it doesn't have a projection for a goal.
4:35 pm
>> we just know we want to be there for people what who want to be members whether it's saturday or months still to come we'll be there for you. >> chase decided to back down on the fees. that leaves bank of america and wells fargo a week to decide whether or not they'll cave in or else possibly lose business to credit unions. >> and now a rescue in turkey today. a 13-year-old boy trapped five days following sunday's 7.2 earthquake found and rescued. he said he drank rain water that seeped through cracks of the building. the quake destroyed more than 2,000 structures engineers are in turkey right now. ricardo hernandez says one goal is not only to improve buildings here in the u.s. but around the world. >> to make sure when they
4:36 pm
initially design a building that it is able to resist earthquake movement and at the same time help them with these large stocks of buildings to understand how they can retro fit when needed. >> 575 people died in that quake. 2500 have been injured. >> there is a historic world war ii battleship that began a final decision today. tug boats took the ship to richmond ace inner harbor. and this ship had been anchored since 19906789 it's the last battle ship of the era to find a permanent spot for retirement. local groups tried to get it docked years ago. the idea was rejected. >> sky 7 is live over the plaza right now in oakland z
4:37 pm
middle of the screen wearing a baseball cap. you can see michael moore. he spoke to the crowd here for about an hour and is now taking questions from reporters. we'll have more on this for you coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. >> and still ahead at 4:00 last we dense fit wit takes the stand in the trial of conrad murray. why he says the prosecution has it wrong. >> michael finney is still taking your questions on twitter and face book and will be answering those in just a few minutes. >> and tgiff you're on the bridge approach thank god there is no traffic because this is free flowing. >> there is a view of the national map showing no flight delays to speak of. and there is 15-30 minute
4:38 pm
delays because of thunderstorms and at newark in new york area delays because of heavy air traffic and again only 15-30 minute delays so traffic looking g the weekend looking good too. i'll give you a look at the forecast in just a moment.
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former treasurer of a south bay parent teacher organization faces up to a year in jail for embezzlement on charges of stealing more than 0,000s frdz trace elementary school pta. prosecutors say she used a debit card to make unauthorized purchases. a member noticed sus spishus charges and sentencing is scheduled for january 13th. >> the last tee fence witness in the murder trial of michael jackson's doctor testified today that the pop star gave himself a fatal injection. dr. paul white says the self injection theory is supported by evidence. he discounted prosecution's contention that propofol through an iv line killed jackson. >> there is no way to secure it there. and i would imagine that if mr. jackson was sleeping in his bed with an iv in the leg
4:42 pm
and rolled over or moved this could just come out of the bag. >> he says levels do not support the theory. white will be cross examined monday. the jury could get the face next week. he has pleaded not guilty. >> a south pole researcher suffered a stroke at the bottom of the world is going home in just hours. and was stranded after being afflicted. the weather so cold minus 74 degrees. and so she was brought to johns hopkins university this week and on the mend but she does have regrets. >> there is a start for rehabilitation to ensure vision is restored. as much as i love the program i think from a risk point of factor is that this is probably time to move on.
4:43 pm
>> the stroke gave vision memory and language problems. and. >> there is a big birthday celebration for lady liberty. >> the high tech makeover for the statue of liberty. >> there is a surprising revelation from 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celebration at the statue of liberty today. there is new innovations. >> when a statue stands watch for 125 years sometimes things come full circle like these words said by president grover cleveland and repeated again, friday. >> we will care for her. we will celebrate her. we the people of the united states will continue to perfect her in both words and indeed. >> and at 300 five feet one inch it's a testament to liberty and opportunity. nearly 12 million immigrants passed her to get to ellis island. >> congratulations.
4:47 pm
>> there is 125 more became u.s. citizen autos it's personal achievement i've been dreaming about for years and years. i cannot wait to take that oath. >> the statue due for $27 million next year including safety improvements and an elevator everyone is in for a new view. >> it's our statue and our icon. people will see it as never before. >> this tl will be live pictures including first views from the torch since closing in 1916. that is still burning more fiercely than 125 birthday candles. >> and take a look at new york city now. fire works on display in celebration just an incredible show in new york city now.
4:48 pm
>> there is a spectacular sight. fantastic. just head rules of it yi get get a high-tech makeover. >> and i've got consumer questions from twitter and facebook. i'll have the answers coming up. >> then on abc 7 news at 5:00 new push to keep families in san francisco. it centers around a movement calling for neighborhood schools.
4:49 pm
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michael finney is here now to answer question autos and a viewer has a question what happens when there is no handicapped parking available? >> this comes from ann by way of facebook saying my husband is in a wheelchair. do we have to pay for parking when we can't find or park in a handicapped space in?
4:52 pm
no. you do not. now, i'm only talking about street arc p parking and public lots, not private lots but if you can't find a handicapped zone park in a normal one, as long as you have a plate you're okay. and one thing to keep in mind and there are complaints about this folks start thinking they can park anywhere. you'll still be towed. it allows you to not pay for parking. and sergis wants to know i've been monitoring my fico score i got an american express card and the score has been going down since i got the amex card. so the question is... did that card cause that? it could. but when you get a new card you've added to debt load. so sometimes the credit score take a bump. two to three bumps don't
4:53 pm
matter, if he nss he's got fabulous credit. here is apeople don't know. your score is simply a snap shot. i mean that. it goes like this. your score can change several times in a day. so if you went on a different time during the day, you can be gaining. and our final question coming through twitter. if i am still in a contract with direct tv do i have to pay the cancellation fees if i cancel due to them removing channels? you better believe it. there is services that have contracts you that have to keep playing if you got in a dee. however if that is the reason you joined contact us here on 7 on your side we've had good luck in having them drop that. if someone is only trying to get a particular channel.
4:54 pm
we can get them out of the contract. >> and time to take a final check of the forecast for this hour. there is just keeps getting lovelyier into the weekend. there is a forecast animation. a pattern that we'll have with chilly mornings and mild afternoons sunshine from coast to inland there. is no coastal fog coming our way. it's going to be a nice mild day. and there is 78 in santa rosa. 77 concord, in san jose 76 degrees, uniformed readings around the bay area highs mid to upper 70s bay to inland. similar readings near monterey bay. and there are gilroy and
4:55 pm
morgan hill 81 degrees upper 70s in watsonville. there is state wide up in eureka cool spot a high of 59. lots of sunny skies and highs 61 in tahoe tomorrow. 88 palm springs 82 los angeles. and looking ahead one more day sunday state wide again from top to bottom sunny and mild. and there is a most of the state of california sunny skies sunday highs sunday 63 tahoe. and in palm springs there is 90 sizzling weather degrees. >> faechl of a california girl lost both her feet and one hand because of a long emergency room delay agreed to a $10 kblinl malpractice
4:56 pm
settlement. >> she was two years old. her parents took her to sacramento methodist hospital with a fever. they had to wait five hours before she was seen and then flown to stanford and quickly diagnosed with septic shock. >> she's undergoing therapy. her family says she'll need expensive medications and wheelchairs for her life. >> and surprising aannouncement today about cal basketball coach mike montgomery. >>' announced he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and good news is that it left him cancer free and he coached in stanford and golden state warrior autos and rules on american ed yi -- etiquette getting a makeover. >> that is the edition that covers dos and don'ts of
4:57 pm
social networking. new managers for facebook e mail tweeting and texting. you asked tweeting at the altar? >> i'm going to say no! >> not that there is anything wrong with tweeting but is that is a priority? i think not that. is a no. guests, who are you tweeting? people who weren't invited?. >> and how about a digital break snup. >> it's bad. >> as for defriending if you're close to that person you should follow. and. >> there is not a break wall between you and another person it's a real tern. -- person, think about them. >> authors say if things change common courtesy stays the same. and for the record you and i are not facebook friends. >> no. there is a separation there. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> and she defriended me.
4:58 pm
i'm larry beil. you can keep track on twitter and talk about it on >> and i told to you your face. >> the news at 5:00 continues right now. >> iraqi war vet injured during protests get a personal visit from the top cop. >> and there is a bay area assembly woman accused of stealing things from neiman marcus gives her side of the story. >> documentary film maker michael moore comes to town to lend a voice to the occupy movement. >> and half a world away pro-democracy demonstrateors in egypt show support for oakland protestor autos sky 7 is live over the occupy oakland protesters and michael moore is leaving the
4:59 pm
encampment. that is back up tonight and that is the mayor now asking democrat stlaitors not to camp overnight and wants to meet with them. >> the mayor trying to meet with some of the folks last night. that did not go well. this afternoon she had a press conference ask said she still wants to meet with them. and is taking a hands off approach to this growing encampment this afternoon will warmly embrace michael moore. activist and film maker michael moore received a huge ovation. >> this happened organicly from the grass roots true grass roots. in my lifetime. very never seen a movement like this take hold this fast.


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