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tv   ABC 7 News Sunday  ABC  October 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ago during the burial of another hell's angels. >> good morning. you are breaking up to clear skies. it's warmer this morning but will it be just as warm this afternoon in i'll let you know. >> thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. occupy oakland demonstrators are calling for a general strike on wednesday and the city's teachers say they will take part. that's the latest development in the protests that included a march last night. during the march they squared off with police to protest last tuesday's use of force by police. this time the confrontation did not escalate into violence. a splinter group broke away from the main march and began spraypainting anti-police slogans on building walls. they also broke parking meters and shattered a front window of a police recruiting station. >> reporter: the crowd that numbered close to 1,000 people
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gathering at the plaza. before a march, they held an open mic that they called a speak-out on police brutality. this woman she has been from occupy oakland from the start. >> people are talking about the experiences they have had for years living in this city and dealing with the brutality that comes from the police. >> a couple dozen people shared their experiences and spoke out against tuesday's police action that left scott olsen, a iraq vet, and others injured. he's a local plummer that came to listen. >> there's a huge range of issues been discussed. some i agree with and some that i don't, but i think it's great there's actual discussions going on and real life people talk about their issues. >> after talking about the issues the crowd marched out of the plaza and on to broadway and 14th street. they marched down broadway until coming face-to-face with a chord done of oakland police officers on 7th street. here they chanted and taunted
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police and tried to circle around them by going first to washington street where they were greeted by another police barricade. it proved just as you have an obstacle. they insulted and chanted police but no one was fizz really violent. as they began their march back up broadway, a stunned jerry sanderson watched the parade of protesters passed him by. he said he doesn't understand specifically what they want. >> well, if they had the right issues, they could get something done, but i don't really know what the issues are for them right now. there's no many of them. >> abc7 news. documentary filmmaker michael moore ruffled some feathers last night. a viewer shared this picture after he arrived at hyland hospital. he showed up unannounced and uninvited and intending to visit iraq war veteran scott olsen,
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but the hospital had already checked out and he ended up disrupting the east bay's busiest trauma center. >> we can't have celebrities coming in and out and disrupting our focus. we have a very, very polite message to mr. moore, mr. olsen is not here, if you do find out where he is, the olsen family didn't does want you to come there either. >> that spokesman tells us olsen's insurance carrier wanted him transferred to a different hospital which is no longer why he's being treated at hyland. and michael moore also paid a visit to the encampment at other san fran plaza. and we have more details on an agreement the protesters struck with the city to keep their camp clean, safe and open. >> the occupy camp is bustling with activity and the kitchen tent is churning out food for the 300 or so campers. the kitchen and the tents are still here because of an understanding the occupiers say they made with the mayor's office. >> if we are left alone and we
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can work with the city, then we can get more and more organized. i was in the military 20 years. i know you can have a save and sanitary field kitchen. it's absolutely possible. >> as part of that understanding the department of public works came through and steam cleaned the concrete under half the occupy camp. but first the occupiers moved all the tents ahead of the city crews. >> we did that because we had the confidence that we could move back and that there wasn't going to be action, they weren't going to -- and, there was no talk about you can't have tents or the tents are a problem. >> filmmaker michael moore made a quick appearance at the camp just before hundreds of marchers took to the streets in when is becoming a regular event in san francisco. jerry sellness stayed behind manning the medical tent. he said the content of the tent is thanks to donations from the public, including people like this engineer. he supports the occupy group because he's concerned about the influence corporations have in the united states. >> coming from a country of like india where, you know, we experience the british colonialism, which is nothing
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but one big corporation shutting down the industries in india. >> along with medical supplies he also donated food and water. there was an early effort by police to enforce park rules against tents here but on this halloween weekend, occupiers and their tents remain. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> this message that happened yesterday on san francisco's ocean beach. organizers say about a thousand people took a spot in the sand to promote a common theme of the occupy movement, tax the 1%, it said. protesters with occupy santa rosa plan to be arrested this weekend to get publicity for their cause by committing an act of civil obedience. but when they marched to city hall to do that, the city leaders surprised them by announcing that camping will be permitted until tuesday. the protesters cheered, and no
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arrests were made. and in san jose a handful of occupy campers remained outside city hall. one of them, shawn o'kelley, is still on top of the building. he's been up there since last monday. police say they aren't going to force him down because of safety concerns. city workers have closed the access point that o'kelley used to reach the rooftop where he is now camping. security was extremely tight in san jose at the funeral of hell's angel member. he was murdered during services for another murdered member of the club two weeks ago. steven tausan died after being shot at the october 15th burial of local chapter president jeffrey pettigrew. police continue to search for steve ruiz, the man they believe shot tausan. we have the story from san jose. >> it was the second massive
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hell's angels funeral in just two weeks. another roar of motorcycles along curtner avenue in san jose. this time they came to bury steve tausan. a 52-year-old man. the last time he was here he was shot to death by another hell's angels biker. >> the way it went down, it's not a good thing. it's kind of sad it had to go that way. steve was a very well-known person, very respected amongst the community. and he was a good family man. i hate to see them do anything to damage the name of the hell's angels. presence, as well. even greater than last time, although officials would not give numbers. officers roped off parking lots at the shopping center across from the cemetery and a credit union opposite the main gate decided not to open today. customers were greeted by a notice on the door. the loud procession of bikers also brought out spectators. >> like the blue angels.
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the noise it puts out, perfect. >> there was much less commotion than two weeks ago at the funeral. thousands gather for the burial of hell's angels jeffrey pettigrew who was murdered at a nevada casino. during his burial someone shot tausan. the man has still not been captured. today tausan was laid to rest a hilltop across the cemetery from the spot where he was murdered two weeks ago. >> there might be outside groups to come in to cause a problem, there we had no credible information that that would occur and also it wasn't beyond the possibility there might be friction within the same group. >> earlier in the day about a thousand people gathered at the jubilee christian center for a church service before the ceremony. despite the calm, a motorcycle gang expert said it might not be over. >> the rivalry will continue, it's just like any other gang warfare.
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it's going to continue because it's all about turf and because they are gangs. >> around 2:30 the bikers began leaving oak hill cemetery without incident. >> police would not say if they had undercover officers inside the cemetery. as for the accused shooter, steve ruiz, there is warrant out for his arrest and police believe his life might be in danger. up next, a great white shark attacks a surfer in monterey county. and fall is in full effect here but an unseasonably early snowstorm is hitting parts of the east coast just in time for "ú ú ú p
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>> a shark attack has a person recovering at the hospital. it was at marino state beach in monterey county. it is believed a great white shark bit him on the neck and forearm and left a huge bite mark in his surfboard. the surfer managed to swim back to shore where fellow surfers tried to stop his bleeding with towels. >> he said call 911, and at this point i look over and he was a couple feet away. i could see his arm was bleeding pretty badly. >> he ran up the beach and stopped right at the bottom of the sand dune. and then four or five of us, we are all friends, we went down, picked him up and brought him actually right where we are filming right here on the sidewalk. >> taranteno is expected to recover and now state park rangers are keeping a close eye out for that shark. california congresswoman
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barbara lee is revisiting her early days by taking part in a national week-long food stamp challenge. years ago as a young, single mother, lee said she received food stamps. now religious groups nationwide are issuing the food stamp challenge to raise awareness and to prevent federal cuts to the program. lee is one of a dozen democrats spending a week living off the daily allotment of $4.50, which amounts to $133 a month in groceries. >> i thank my country for giving me that helping hand when i needed it. a bridge over troubled water. what i am trying to do is develop a balanced meal or a balanced three meals for today for $4.50. >> program critics like alabama republican jeff sessions believe government spending on food assistance has skyrocketed, in part due to fraud. but the usda estimates fraud accounts for no more than one cent of every food stamp dollar.
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this morning officials blame at least three deaths on an unusual snowstorm that hit the northeast yesterday. that storm has caused wires to spark, triggering outages that have left more than 2 million people in the dark from maryland to massachusetts. a state of emergency has been declared in pennsylvania. new jersey, connecticut and 13 counties in new york state. >> i was like, not happening at all, and i was surprised that we were having so much. >> new york set an all-time record with 1.3 inches of no in -- of snow in central park. you see the snow there make fourth some unanticipated playing conditions during an ivy league football game between yale and columbia. >> that doesn't look like too much fun. >> it was hot yesterday, though, at times i felt. especially driving. beautiful, though.
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70s and 80s yesterday. it will seem almost as warm today. 40 and 50s outside now. this is a view from mount tam. yesterday we were chillier. what does that mean for the afternoon? i will explain. but we have more seasonable weather coming up. that's something we will talk about. >> all right. also, we will talk about stanford getting all they could handle from usc. you are not going to believe stanford's comeback and the thrilling finish. mike shumann has all the high
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your home and auto policies and save.
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don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at morning avs already 60 degrees in san francisco. >> yeah, it was 76 for the high. it should be 67 this time of year. this time of year maybe two or three degrees warmer. we aren't going to talk about the fog coming back really until overnight tonight. that will aid in some cooling tomorrow. but our sutro camera shows it's still clear out there. you would expect chillier condition but that's not the case this morning. the high yesterday, the warmest spot, 82 degrees, mountain view. 81 livermore and 77 oakland. maybe not quite as warm today but still well above average. we are at 56 right now. 55 in mountain view with 49 in
6:19 am
los gatos and concord this morning. everyone is much warmer this morning. we are talking anywhere from a degree to about five degrees warmer. san jose and loss got tas. we have upper level winds and that's keeping the atmosphere mixed and we are retaining some of the heat. the winds are calm and the sun doesn't come up for another hour or so. we are looking at the late sunrise and conditions will get a little cooler in the next couple of hours. then we will see the sunny and mild conditions take over once again today. we will look for dry condition tomorrow for trick-or-treaters. and we will see dry conditions for the early part of the week. the winds are going to shift. we will have an offshore flow, much lower relative humidities, gusty winds. that's something we will have to deal with throughout the middle of the week. then a cooler air mass visits us then of the week. here's the setup right now. we are looking high and dry with high pressure protecting
6:20 am
california, and once again today we will see numbers above the average. this weather pattern, the high pressure ridge is going to stay with us. another one builds in come early part of the week, tuesday, after a weak system passes us. that will keep us dry but then the winds are going to kick up. a couple of systems affecting us every other day or so to really bring a change in the weather by the end of the week. high temperatures today, though, pretty similar to yesterday. we are talking upper 70s, sacramento, 80 fresno, low 80s loves. where is the fog? well, we don't have it yet. we will be waiting later on today. a lot like last weekend. remember, we had the wind shift and then the fog pulls up from the south. another day to enjoy some mild to warm temperatures. in the south bay, 76. santa clara and sunyvale. peninsula looks just as nice. a little sea breeze in the afternoon but still mild. 72 half moon bay. fog comes in tonight. you will enjoy another day of
6:21 am
warmth with numbers in the low 70s for downtown san francisco. 77 napa, sonoma. near east bay we are talking low to near hid 70s. pleasant again, union city and out over the hills not quite as hot but above average. dublin 75. 80 in gilroy. here's the look ahead. we keep shaving off a couple of degrees day-by-day, and including halloween. it will be a cool afternoon. the winds don't kick up yet. that will be tuesday. overnight lows will drop. but for the trick-or-treaters in the 60s. very pleasant. here come the winds, the offshore winds tuesday and wednesday and then the cold day. every couple days we're getting into this changes. >> i hof that halloween animation. >> cute, huh? >> yes, very cute. coming up, right after our hoe is good morning america. dan harris is joining us live from new york to tell us what is coming up. dan, i'm so sorry that you have to hear our weather report. >> i was just going to say that.
6:22 am
it really makes me jealous to hear your weather report. we are leading this morning with this freak halloween snowstorm that we've been enduring on this side of the country. this is the biggest prewinter storm in more than a century." that is in new jersey. we have more than two feet in snow in some parts. millions without power. we are tracking it live. that's coming up on gma. also coming up a story from your part of the world. this shark attack. this has been a deadcy season of the shark and it's claimed another victim or nearly claimed one, as you know. this one not too far from your station. how one young man's brave, desperate swim, saved his life. we will hear from his friend who was in the water with them as they frantically swam toward the shoreline. plus we have a more roar hollywood story. after a movie premiere people packed into an elevator and it plummeted 8 floors. this appears into some of our basic fierce.
6:23 am
that story coming up. and finally a double shot of halloween this morning. first we had a paranormal expert go into one of our viewers home to find out if it was haunted. they don't like the word "haunted" i found out but we will tell you about that. also we will meet a family that owns this house. they posted this clip on youtube, and the world went nuts. i think they have 4 million hits or something like that. we will interview them live coming up on the show and we will ask them how do their neighbors feel about this? this is a nightly thing in their neighborhood now. >> well, if it were me, no. >> good thing you are not one of their neighbors. >>. [laughter] >> how did you get to work today? did you put on the old snowshoes and walk or -- >> i have a really tough commute, it's twelve blocks. so not too not too tough. >> so you made it? >> i made it. the good thing about an october storm, it's not that bad in the city. but january is not too far away.
6:24 am
>> oh, just feel pity for you there. >> that's what i'm going to lean up some trips to san francisco to do some reporting. >> all right. we look forward to seeing you when you come. >> always love coming to your city. see you at 7:00. >> thank you, dan. >> bye-bye. >> we will check out sports this afternoon. last night sixth rank the stanford battled usc in a triple overtime thriller at the coliseum. here's shoe with the highlights. good morning. well, we had the game of the year last year in l. a. as usc had sixth-ranked stanford on the ropes ready to knock them out of the top five, but a guy named andrew luck would not let it happen. great matchups between the quarterbacks. and first to tyler gaffney and a great individual effort. keeps his balance, and stanford let 10-6 at the half. we pick it up in the third. luck, great play. the fake. takes it himself.
6:25 am
stanford up 24-20. we go to the fourth now tied at 27. luck drops back. picked off by nick robley and this one is coming back 33 yards. fourth pick on the season. scf7 with three minutes left. no worries. stepfan taylor finished off the drive. we are going to overtime. stanford goes first and the cardinals jump up on top. two yards over the pile. one-yard plunge. third play, barkley. great ball, on the money, 15 yards. tied at 41. second overtime. sc back at it. barkley to randall. nobody could bring the big guy down. trojans go up 7. can stanford respond. luck to toilolo. 6 and hands. game tied at 38. third o. t. stepfan taylor untouched. they have to go for two in the third overtime. colby fakes the block. wide open in the back of the end
6:26 am
zone. stanford up 8. they have to answer. over the middle. nobody picks him up. looks like he scores, but hang on, replay shows he steps out at the 4 and this would be huge because on the very next play curtis mcneal stripped and aj recovers. the cardinals stay perfect after a marathon game, 56-48. -- 66-48. improving to 8-0. what a game! >> i thought usc, what a great team. we knew it would be a tough one when we came down here. it is a tough, fun football game. unbelievable character on the team. i wouldn't want to be with any other guys, coaches in the locker room. great people. and never-say-die attitude. happy to be part of it. >> what a game. the cal bear season has been dictated by how well their quarterback plays. last year he threw four picks. and cal wearing their road whites. the blue pans.
6:27 am
kind of like the look. bears get on the board first. he was hit at the goal line. cal up 7. bruins get it right back. johnathan franklin caps off the 7-play, 64-yard drive with 11-yard touchdown. tied at 7. go to the fourth quarter. zach maynard drops back. throws his second of four interceptions on the day. kevin mcdonald with three of those picks. he will return it to the 20-yard line and the bruins make him pay. derek holeman, 20 yards. ran for 360. three touchdowns. cal, they fall 204-4 with the 31-13 loss. fall to 4-4. san jose state taking on louisiana tech. spartans jumped out to the lead. second quarter casey gets the reverse. great blocks. 21 yards on the touchdown. they hand them the spartans their fifth loss of the season. sharks in new york taking on the islanders on this holiday weekend. 17 seconds in, little joe pavelski, off the rebounds. his eighth point on the road trip. the game went to overtime and on the power play brett burns snaps it in.
6:28 am
his third goal for the is that correct. sharks remain a perfect 5-0 on the road trip with a 3-2 victory. stanford should move up to at least number five in the bcs rankings together and the 49ers host cleveland. all those highlights at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. next at 6:30, occupy san francisco. a look at the parallels to previous strikes dating back decades. also the pension crisis. we will analyze the competing
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>> welcome back. the work pee protesters have worked out an agreement with city officials, allowing them to remain camped in justin herman plaza. they have agreed to allow city crews to come in and power wash the concrete. yesterday city workers took down their tense to make sure they had access.
6:32 am
>> no open flame, no propane tanks, the car batteries are not being used properly. >> this is the fire chief and this is a protester. >> we are trying to be in compliance with it. public health and safety are the same concerns that have been raised by officials through the decades, every time demonstrators occupy city property. >> ♪ i'm sleeping in my tent when the cops come with bad intent ♪ >> they were the same concerns at a huge tent city that sprouted at the civic center in the late 1980s. hundreds of homeless people occupied the plaza for months. art agnos was mayor at the time. >> there were some unsafe periods. there may have been some unsanitary things. it wasn't clean. >> there was mounting criticism by businesses in the city and tourist officials. >> people wanted them out of sight and out of mind. >> the mayor was burned in effigy when he ordered them to
6:33 am
tear down the camp in 1989. by then he had 500 new housing units for the homeless. >> i order them evicted and we had social workers working with the police to accomplish that. >> many old-timers say there are more parallels between occupy sf and the age vigil and encampment in 1985 that lasted ten years. protesters were angry at the inaction of the federal government towards the growing a.i.d.s. epidemic. they took over the u. n. plaza just across the street from the civic center. the supervisor david compose. >> not only people camping out, but you had tarps and tents, people capping out. >> it became the longest running civil disobedience. two weeks police came into justin herman plaza and tore down occupy sfs tarps. marshals tried unsuccessfully to do the same at the un plaza. politicians appeared to support their support.
6:34 am
the same happened at the a.i.d.s. vigil. >> it became a very strong movement that was reinforced by members of the board of supervisors, mayors like me. >> the encampment ended in 1995 when fierce storms blew away the tents. vic lee, abc7 news. >> in just a few days san francisco voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on an issue that cities all over the country are grappling with, the financial crisis involving city employee pensions. there are dueling reform measures on san francisco's ballot. >> about 26,000 people work in san francisco's city government. when they retire they are entitled to pension. this year the city is expected to spend about $422 million on employee pension costs. by 2014 that is expected to skyrocket to $800 million. that's money not spent on schools, pothole repairs or social programs. analysts say it's driving the city toward disaster. >> your alternative is to declare bankruptcy. >> it's a crucial area that has to be reformed. >> san francisco's 2,009-2010
6:35 am
civil grand jury warned what it called the pension tsunami. there are more than 23,000 retirees, according to their report, just over 3200 of them are receiving $75,000 or more in pensions each year. retirement systems officials say the vast majority of the rest average $34,000 a year. >> when the economy was booming and the pension system flourished on their investments and stocks and real estate, the payouts could be supported. but not now. public defender, jeff, was on last year's ballot to require greater sacrifice from employees. but a push back from labor defeated the measure. this year as mayoral candidate he's back with what he calls son of prop b, proposition d. of most employees currently consider 7.5% of their paychecks toward their future retirement.
6:36 am
prop d changes that based on how much an individual worker is making. >> it has graduated sharing of contribution rate. what that means is higher paid workers pay more and lower paid are exempt and they pay less. >> prop d would raise the retirement age for some employees and cap benefits. the city controller said the measure will save the is city $1.7 billion over ten years. critics say prop d faces potential legal challenges because it takes away vested pension rights without giving new benefits in exchange. the competing measure, prop c, is backed by the mayor, and unanimously passed by the board of supervisors and supported by the city's union. and almost all of the mayoral candidates. prop c keeps 7.5% as the baseline pension contribution, but allows a decrease in good economic times. and an increase from workers when the economy falters.
6:37 am
prop c also ups the retirement age for new employees, and requires everyone to contribute to their health plan. the controller estimates c will save the city $1.3 billion over ten years. mayor lee calls c the consensus measure. >> proposition c is uniting everybody because everybody is joining in and everybody is paying their fair share. we have a unity that is born to our city. >> barbara o'connor is a mare dust professor specializing in police cal communications who retired from cal state sacramento. she thinks voters will support prop c. >> so you have to have a very simple message and in this case fairness, and we all agree on this, are two salient messages with voters and i think we will win out. >> but rob with the california center for public policy said d is the better alternative. >> san francisco is headed over the cliff financially. you can take a short term approach of proposition c and it will put the bandaid on there but it's not bogey to stop the
6:38 am
bleeding. >> the measures require a majority vote to pass. if both do, the one with the most votes become law. >> lisa is here now, our meteorologist, to talk about a nice weather forecast. >> yeah. we saw the 80s yesterday. we around going to see 80s today. still above normal. we are talk about ten degrees wormer than average. and today almost as nice. fog is returning tonight and i'll tell you about a cooler week ahead coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also, how far should the u.s. government go in supporting our clean tech industry. the
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>> welcome back, everyone. thanks for waking up with us on sunday, october 30. we have had wonderful weather, has been blessed with sunshine, but that is about to change, i guess. not the sunshine part, but maybe the moderate temperatures. lisa is here to talk about that. >> i don't know if you remember last week we had a brief on shore push on monday and then the windy conditions.
6:42 am
the same thing is happening. and, yes, a cold end of the week. as we look outside, it's clear. it's not as cold as yesterday morning. we had some 30s and 40s. this morning we have 40s and 50s out there. the sun not coming up until 7:33. yesterday was 82 in mountain view. we saw 76 san francisco. i think we will shave back those numbers a couple of degrees today and then our sea breeze kicks in later on. 55 in oakland. we had a lot of heat yesterday and we haven't lost all of it yet. 46 fremont, 44 napa with 47 on the coast. half moon bay. we are warmer everywhere from a degree wormer in antioch to 4 degrees warmer mountain view and hayward. 5 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday morning in san jose. once again we have a sunny, mild afternoon after a clear and cool start. dry wings ten tomorrow for halloween. we will be looking at a ridge of high pressure staying around for the first part of the week. then things begin to slowly change.
6:43 am
so we will lose a couple of degrees each and every day. today, though, will be the warmest day out of the next seven because as soon as tomorrow you will wake up to a little bit of patchy following. the sea breeze kicks up and a weak system will shift our winds. we will be looking for the offshore wind event by tuesday and wednesday. today waking up to the 20s in the northern sierra. maybe some showers at the highest elevations midweek and maybe some snow showers highest elevations end of the week. we will have to wait to see how that turns out. today 79 in sacramento. once again, boy, the west coast, the envy of the nation if you like it sunny and mild because we are looking at a beautiful day. about three or four degrees up from average today. again, in the south bay 76. san jose and cupertino. peninsula a couple degrees cooler with an afternoon sea breeze, but still managing 70 pacifica. 72 half moon bay, 76 redwood
6:44 am
city. san francisco 73 today. now by tomorrow you should be more around average, about 67, 68. but you will notice the fog coming back late in the afternoon on the coast and in the north bay. san rafael warming to 75. 74 this afternoon east bay. beautiful day in oakland. fremont 75 and out over the hills mid-and upper 70s today. some of the upper elevations reporting some breezy winds this morning. 57 walnut creek. but by the afternoon the wind shift will bring some fog back through monterey and santa cruz. 60s and 70s here. tomorrow evening we have the sun setting at 6:12. temperatures should be in the 60s. but then quickly dropping underneath the clear sky. we will see the fog at the coast early on. then we've got the off short winds. low relative humidity, high fire danger tuesday and wednesday and then much, much cooler for everyone by then of the week. >> and then as you and i have
6:45 am
been talking about, next saturday we. >> can't wait. >> yeah, we get to fall back? >> yes, we do. >> and sleep in an extra hour. >> yeah. >> thanks, lisa. well, the stage is set for a possible trade war with china over solar panels. at the same time, sacramento lawmakers are working on ways to support expansion of the clean tech industry. abc7's business and technology reporter, david loui, has the story. >> 25,000 people work for clean tech companies in california. but a nonprofit solar foundation expects that number to double in the next year. solyndra was a highly visible setback, but state lawmakers are hard at work trying to find ways to support the jobs. a committee is listening for ideas. brian sagger is founder of san jose nano solar. his company makes solar collectors. he said low cost loans could go a long way to buy certain types
6:46 am
of equipment to boost production. it may be $10 million to $20 million loans to release the production bottleneck and allow the rest of the factory to be run in a much more balanced way. >> u.s. solar makers may get help with higher tariffs from panels imported from china. a coalition of 7 american solar panel makers have petitioned the u.s. complaining unfair subcy kids. at target is fun tech power, a chinese company with offices in the u.s. the complaint could create a major trade dispute. >> these industries are greg in other countries because there are government financing, land that is given to these companies, and that is how they are growing the jobs in these other countries. >> fremont based company decided begins joining in the complaint. >> we did not want to get involved in trade disputes at this time. we work in china, we work in
6:47 am
the u.s., we work in end yeah, we work in europe, so in our view it's important to have a good, strong, global, competitive and open market. >> strayed disputes take time to resolve. in the meantime california lawmakers say they will be focused on seeing what they can do to support clean energy and creating jobs. in fremont, abc7 news. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> are do it yourself wills good enough? i'm michael finney and that's what we are looking into on 7 on your side. ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ ñ
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>> more than half of americans don't have a will because of the cost. but there are do-it-yourself software programs that cost far less. here's michael finney with the pros and the cons. >> no, i don't have a will. >> i do not, i'm embarrassed to say. >> you don't think about a will. you don't even think about dying, to be honest with you. >> attorney michael said while few people relish the task of writing a will, it's critically important to have one. >> you want to have a will to dispose of the assets the way you want to. and also, especially when you have children, no matter how much money you have, you must have a will to name a guardian
6:51 am
to watch the children. consumer reports looked at the software programs, three in all, that claim to help you write a will for less than a cost of a lawyer. >> my husband and i made a will. >> the heavily-analyzed legal zoom, along with rocket lawyer, allow you to create a will online. the third program tested, quicken will maker plus, is available as a download or as cd-rom. >> these products cost from $25 for a flat fee to $119 for a yearly subscription. we bought all three, tested them, and with the help of an outside expert, we judged their ease of use and the quality of the wills they produced. >> consumer reports found problems with all three programs. >> there was little specific information on state estate tax laws, which can be different from federal laws. >> and there are other drawbacks with the do-it-yourself wills. they do not allow users to create a special needs trust and give no specifics on compensating executors.
6:52 am
still all three are better than nothing if you have no will. quicken's will maker plus is the best of the three. but unless your needs are very simple, you are better off consulting an attorney. consumer reports says a benefit of the do-it-yourself wills they evaluated is they can help you get organized and ready to answer an attorney's questions. that way you won't spend as much time with the attorney and that will save you money. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. coming up, "puss and boots." is this 3d animated tale good for kids, adults or both? don sanchez on the isle review is next.
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with just a few ingredients you have an easy dinner... pillsbury crescent dogs... school night ideas made easy. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's $15 million super lotto plus. once again, no one correctly picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $16 million. >> in theaters this weekend, the movie "puss and boots." do the voices guarantee a box office winner? here's arts and entertainment reporter, don sanchez, "on the isle." >> would become a legend! >> "puss and boots," the ugly
6:56 am
cat with a big voice of antonio. not only saving the world, but he's on a mission to recover magic beans from jack and jill. a lot of fairy tale parody here. >> humpty-dumpty. >> his pal, humpty-dumpty leading the quest. he has a tough shell. he meets his match with this kitty. >> just think of all the trouble we can get into. >> antonio is on a world tour to promote the film. in animated films actors usually go into a recording studio alone. not on this one. >> you were in the studio together. >> we asked for the possibility of having a session together because then we could improvise and everything that we were setting up there, lines that we were sending to the creative people, editors. actually they kind of make sense. and we did it. >> feed off of each other. >> sure. >> i'll steal you blind and you will never know i was there. >> she is a bad kitty.
6:57 am
>> laughs for adults that will also keep kids entertained. >> i am but a humble cat in search of his next meal. >> the film starts out with such stunning 3d visuals and stunning dialog that i began to fill my bucket to the top. then they started stretching the material, it slowed down, only to come back with a rip-roaring finale. i do smell a sequel. i don't want to be caddy, but i will give it almost a full puck. i'm don sanchez,. bc7 news. see you on the isle. >> just a couple colonels shy. lisa has the final look at the accuweather forecast. >> we will see numbers just a little shy of yesterday. not quite as warm but still above average with 72 crease. in richmond 73, san francisco 75. and palo alto. 75. very light winds until the afternoon. still light enthusiast they will
6:58 am
turn morrison shore. a nice, dry evening for trick-or-treating tomorrow and cooler end of the week. >> that sounds great. thank you, lisa, and thank you for joining us. our next newscast starts at 9:00 this morning. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa. keep track of the latest breaking news on witter at abc7 news bay area and you can talk about it on facebook. good morning america is up next. have a great sunday, everyone!
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