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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 30, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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this is "world news." and tonight, shocktober. millions in the dark this evening and it's no halloween joke. a record-setting snowstorm leaving passengers trapped on the tarmac. here we go. and winter is still two months away. surprise poll. brand new numbers tonight. who is at the top? and we ask, are voters trying to send a message here? the 7 billionth baby just hours away. where? and tonight, the eye-opening math. just how quickly will he hit 8 billion? parent trap. watch the mom and dad determined to catch a thief. >> baby stroller thief. >> the surprising place police are finding stolen goods. and you might be buying them. and shakespeare a fraud? why the queen is not the only one gasping tonight.
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zbld good evening. great to have you with us on this sunday night. on this evening before halloween, tens of millions of americans have rarely seen a trick like this one, at least not this early. a freak nor'easter in the heart of youautumn p to, toppling trees, tearing down power lines, the entire tree weighing down the line, and tonight two months before winter a staggering number of homes, more than 3 million, are without power. one major power company says it could be more than a week before power is back on, and that's just the power picture. we're also learning tonight about the passengers stranded on the tarmac for hours. it had all of us asking today, are we really deeming with all of this already? abc's t.j. winick starts us off in hartford, connecticut. t.j.? >> reporter: david, good evening. this intersection like so many here in hartford, blocked by downed branches and trees. and despite warnings about live power lines on the ground, folks here are getting fed up and
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frustrated and are clearing these streets themselves. the nor'easter was like a sock in the jaw, seven weeks before winter. too early? too bad. in new jersey, this uprooted tree collapsed onto a home. the heavy, wet snow blanketed branches, taking down power lines. here in connecticut, utility crews are racing around the state, 800,000 residents are in the dark. customers want to know when their power is going to be back on. >> we're encouraging our customers to prepare for a worst case scenario, which means some areas won't get restored much sooner than a week from now. >> reporter: at the height of the storm saturday, travelers were going nowhere fast. the government is now investigating a jetblue flight that was diverted to hartford before passengers were stranded on board for seven hours. this man described the nightmare. no food, water or working bathrooms. >> some of them were yelling, "get us off the plane." i now know what it feels like to be incarcerated. >> reporter: under the passenger
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bill of rights, jetblue could be fined $27,000 per passenger. but the airline claims because the airport lost power, jetways weren't operational and the plane couldn't be de-iced. nearly 50 passengers were also stranded on board an amtrak train in western massachusetts overnight, though they did have food and water. we drove into the city of meriden, connecticut, saturday night. it looks like a ghost town. it's only quarter past 6:00 at night. so many lost power because leaves here still cling to many trees, twice the pressure on branches. they easily snapped, sparking fires and blackouts. >> it looks like armageddon. >> reporter: for countless children, the early storm has put the trick or treating, set to begin in 24 hours, in jeopardy. with all the downed power lines and blocked streets in west hartford, dylan and megan richards' parents aren't sure about going door to door. >> people put their lights on. we won't know if they're home or not.
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>> important thing is, we need to make sure everything is safe before we can do anything. >> reporter: the snow has begun to melt but the damage has already been done. 250 schools here in connecticut will reportedly be closed tomorrow. when classes resume all depends on when communities get their power back. david? >> t.j. winick leading off us. t.j., thank you so much. i want to bring in jeff smith, meteorologist with wabc here in new york. seems awfully weird we are talking snow already. driving route 81 myself today in new york and in pennsylvania, and you could see the snow, a lot of it, on the side of the highway. >> yeah, david, it was really the higher elevations that got the jackpot in terms of totals. west milford, 19 inches and berkshires, plainfield checking in with a staggering 30.8 inches. >> incredible numbers, not even halloween yet. what does it mean for the winter to come? >> doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a big winter along the east coast, however, the pattern that produced this storm is the la nina pattern and
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produced such a nasty winter last year and continues into this winter. >> the pattern that caused last year already set up not even halloween. >> unfortunately, yes. >> all right, jeff smith tonight, thank you. hundreds spent the worst of the storm outside and by choice. occupy wall street protesters braved the elements in lower manhattan overnight with nothing more than tents to protect them from the snow and the wind, after the city confiscated their heaters and fuel on friday for safety reasons. demonstrators say they are not going anywhere. >> i think there are definitely a lot of people who plan to be here all winter and it could happen because we're get pretty well organized. meantime, the occupy protest in denver turned vie leapt this weekend, as demonstrators there and police clashed. more than 20 people were arrested. the protesters pushed toward the state capital, which is off-limits to them without a permit, and as things heated up, police fired pepper spray and paint ball-like objects known as pepper balls. we turn tonight to your voice, your vote, and new numbers out this weekend. a closely watched iowa
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republican poll now puts herman cain ahead of mitt romney even though cain has spent almost no time campaigning in that state. ron paul, a distant third. and everyone else there, including michele bachmann and rick perry pulling single digits. are conservatives sending a message by putting cain to the top? here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: herman cain will cut interviews to avoid making mistakes. he's blaming recent gaffes on exhaustion but does sense momentum. >> my message is connecting and people are connecting with me and the specific solutions i'm putting on the table. >> reporter: but while cain leads slightly in iowa, the obama campaign is already running against mitt romney. >> he has no core and you get the sense with mitt romney if he thought he -- it was good to say the sky was green and the grass was blue to win an election, he'd say it. >> reporter: this week, romney provided more ammunition to the flip-flopper when he first said he had no stand on bargaining right for ohio government workers. but the next day said
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restrictions should remain in place. >> i'm sorry if i create nid confusion. >> reporter: but the flip-flopper attacks have not stopped him from hitting the top in polls in many states. with perry, bachmann and others trailing in single digits. bachmann on abc's "this week." >> we're not worried about the day-to-day snapshots. we're focused on the primary dates. of course, everything changes by then. >> reporter: unless there are some dramatic shakeups, november may start to claim some of the candidates, thinning the field. even traditional conservatives worry about that. columnist and abc consultant george will said today that romney may be damaging the party. >> when you are a serial reviser of your opinions, you're going to have trouble in the general election whether you know it or not. just ask john kerry, who was for something before he was against something. >> and david kerley is with us from washington. those are some very tough words from george will, for a man who, despite the new numbers in iowa, seems to be the front runner elsewhere. >> reporter: you know, conservatives are really worried, david, that the republicans are starting to settle on romney and that is really -- they are afraid
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they'll lose the general election so they don't want republicans to settle yet. >> but the bottom line, can anyone else jump in at this point? i mean, this is the field. >> reporter: you actually could. i mean, until we get to convention, somebody could join in. but rick perry found out he had trouble getting in late. don't be surprised if the conservatives try to give him another look. >> all right, david kerley in washington, david, thanks to you. we are learning more this evening about that devastating attack that took so many american lives in afghanistan over the weekend. at least 12 americans, u.s. troops and contractors, are among the 17 people killed when a taliban suicide bomber rammed a car loaded with explosives into a nato bus in kabul. it's the single deadliest attack on americans in the afghan capital since the start of the war. abc's jake tapper is in afghanistan tonight with reaction to the attack which comes as out u.s.-led coalition prepares to hand more security over to afghan forces. jake? >> reporter: good evening from bagram airfield, david. u.s. forces say that the attack by the taliban in kabul earlier this weekend is an example of
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their desperation. but that seems an open question, as attacks by the taliban in kabul are getting more brazen and increasingly deadly. the commander of international forces here in afghanistan, marine general john allen, issued a statement saying "the enemies of peace are not martyrs but murderers." he said "they attack because they are losing territory, support and the will to fight." david? >> jake tapper in afghanistan tonight, thank you. there was a blunt warning aimed directly at the u.s. and west from the hard-line president of syria, bashar assad, who has watched dictators around him crumble. well, today he said the middle east will burn if the u.s. and its allies intervene in the uprising against him, saying such action would lead to a, quote, earthquake across that region. back in this country tonight and a desperate search had to be put on hold after a massive explosion rocked a kansas grain elevator. it was felt for miles around. the blast in kansas killed three workers, left two
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workers severely burned and three others are still missing. the search has been stopped until the building can be secured for rescuers with special equipment being brought in. and in california this evening, we're learning more about a very close call there. surfer eric tarantino had just entered the water when a shark bit him in the arm and the neck. he made it back to the beach and was then air lifted to the hospital. he is expected to survive, but that shark did get the teeth right there on that surfboard. picture showing the story. scientists will mark a huge moment tomorrow. a baby born somewhere on earth will mark the 7 billionth baby born on this planet. take a live look tonight as the world's population gets closer to that 7 billion mark. the number going up there on the screen, every one of those a baby being born. think about this, by the time this next story, about a minute and a half long, is done, another 375 babies will have been born. and just where do they think the 7 billionth baby will be born? scientists say odds are it'll be india. they point to the math. every minute in india, 51 more
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babies. nearly 1 baby every second there. the fastest growing country in the world. but don't be thrown, china still has the most people. >> welcome to our world. >> reporter: diane welcomed this little baby into the world when "world news" went to china. more than 1.3 billion people in that country, but india, growing faster, will be bigger than china in just 14 years. but 7 billion people on the planet sometime tomorrow? remarkable when you think it was just 12 years ago, the head of the u.n. was holding number 6 billion. and to give you an idea just how quickly the population has grown, back in the '60s, we had half that number on earth, just 3 billion. back to jefferson and napoleon, just 1 billion. ancient egypt, this whole planet, just 15 million. scientists say it's not the number that concerns them most. after all, 7 billion people could feasibly fit in texas. it's not the space, it's the resources. food and water. given how quickly we're going to
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reach 8 billion, in fact. a little more than a decade away. the birth rate is slowing just a bit worldwide. here in the u.s., we hit our peak in the 1950s. where are the babies now? we found numbers on the rise just this month in bismarck, north dakota. so, she's been in town for about six hours? turns out, where the jobs are in this country, the babies are. they have 3% unemployment. hospitals there seeing a spike. and tomorrow, 7 billion. whether it's bismarck or bangalore, we'll never know quite for sure. and of the 7 billion people on the planet, what number were you? we have a calculator online. you can figure it out. and as the population gropes, so do the lines of people around the world hoping for a chance to come and simply visit america. but tomorrow night here, a made in america investigation asks, why do visitors have such a hard time simply trying to visit the u.s.? our "made in america" team all over the world. the lines there in china, people hoping to get a visa to come
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visit. and think about this. the average chinese tourist once they're here spends $6,100 in america's stores, restaurants, tourist destinations. so, why is there a giant road clock? this man believes he has the answers, as we begin our series tomorrow night, right here on "world news with diane sawyer." in the men time, still ahead here on "world news" this sunday, stopping the pain. the promising new treatment for back pain. our own ron claiborne determined to learn if this could work for him. on the trail of stolen goods. in an unlikely place. so many americans unknowingly buying them. well, tonight here, the mom and dad determined to chase down the thief. >> baby stroller thief right here. also ahead tonight, what's in a name? who really wrote all those sh e shakespear plays? food,
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compression fractures which make exercise painful. >> and what you have here on this mri, you really shouldn't play golf. >> reporter: ever again? >> correct. >> reporter: as an avid golfer, that was not at all what i expected or wanted to hear. so i went looking for the most cutting-edge treatment and found pro golfer fred couples. >> i really -- three months ago, i thought this year, i might not even play any golf. >> reporter: he was plagued with crippling back pain until he went for treatment with this man. we're going to talk about back pain? >> yeah. >> reporter: dr. peter wehling in dusseldorf, germany. this therapy you're doing, does it work? >> there is a good responder rate of around 80%. >> reporter: wheling's treatment targets the inflammation that he says is the source of most people's back pain. it works like this. anti-inflammation proteins are pulled from the patient's own blood and concentrated. this supercharged dose of proteins is then injected back into the troubled areas,
5:48 pm
targeting inflammation and blocking pain recep torps. >> if you fight inflammation in the right way more to a fundamental level, you will create good outcomes. >> reporter: meaning no more back pain? >> less back pain or no pain. >> reporter: encouraging words for back pain sufferers like me. and while this treatment is promising, it does not have fda approval in this country. so, when we talked to back pain specialists across the u.s., overwhelmingly they suggested before surgery or any experimental treatment, try physical therapy. but david, as someone who has tried physical therapy and it did not work for me, i'm sufficiently intrigued by what they are doing there in germany. i'm going to go back in a couple of months and try that treatment myself, because, really, i'm desperate for something for my connick back pain. >> we're all rooting for you, ron, and we know you'll check back in. and when we come back here tonight, the mom and dad determined to catch a thief, discovered in the most unlikely determined to catch a thief, discovered in the most unlikely place. and now i get it from centrum specialist heart. new centrum specialist vision... helps keep my eyes healthy.
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or find a new plan with better coverage, less cost, or both. medicare plans give you free cancer screenings and wellness visits and 50% off on brand-name prescriptions when you're in the doughnut hole. it's part of the healthcare law. so it's time to look, compare... and choose the right plan for you. learn more at 1-800-medicare or millions of americans in search of a bargain look to craigslist, the popular classified ads website. but it turns out some of those items could be stolen from your neighbor's house. and tonight, one mom and dad join police. they're after the thieves. here's abc's nall karlinsky. >> reporter: inside this cramped office at the portland police department, the shopping spree never ends. >> how much is it? >> $280. >> what is the price on it? >> reporter: they're responding to ads on craigslist, but they're really only shopping for one thing -- bad guys unloading stolen merchandise. >> so we started looking. where is everything going? craigslist, craigslist, craigslist. it's like the new pawn shop. >> reporter: the stings work like this.
5:52 pm
police text the seller, map out a place to do the buy and warn victims not to get involved. >> under no circumstances text him or have anybody text him. >> reporter: right now, they've got a meeting with a seller of a top of the line mountain bike they suspect is stolen and they're about to do the sting. the seller arrives with the bike, but they don't let on right away. first, they make sure it's really the stolen bike. >> roger, we're coming. >> reporter: it is. but detectives can't prove that he actually stole it. so, they confiscate the bike. and after a tough grilling, they cut him loose. come on, they're letting you off. we can be honest here. these guys, none of them think you didn't know you were dealing them a stolen bike. >> by the time i got it home, checked the numbers, saw how much it was worth on ebay, i knew it wasn't just a cheap giveaway. >> reporter: these detectives say their unit grew out of an overwhelming demand.
5:53 pm
case in point, a ferociously driven pair of new parents, victims of a stolen baby stroller, who set up their own mee meeting with a suspected thief. they even went so far as to take this video on their cell phone. >> baby stroller thief right here. this guy steals baby strollers. >> reporter: police are still on the case. neal karlinsky, abc news, in portland, oregon. and these pictures today from st. louis. baseball fans painted the town red to honor the world series champion cardinals. their improbable come from behind seven-game win over the texas rangers. and one more baseball note we caught today. the iowa farm where the movie "field of dreams" was shot is now being sold. a group of investors from chicago plans to build a sports complex there, calling it the all-star ballpark heaven. real life players will join the ghosts of the 1919 chicago white sox who, of course, played there in the movie. when we come back, was shakespeare a fraud? the firestorm being caused by a new movie. ♪ with the lowest national plan premium...
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5:57 pm
>> reporter: in the new film, "anonymous," shakespeare is an illiterate, country bumpkin who's paid to pretend he wrote the plays. >> i'm perfect for the role. i'm perfect. >> reporter: by the real author, aristocrat edward devere. >> all artists have something to say, otherwise they'd be making shoes. >> reporter: professional shakespeare scholars are not amused. >> there's not a scrap of evidence, not a single document that has ever been found linking edward devere to the authorship of any shakespeare play or poem. period. >> reporter: for starters, say scholars, devere died in 1604, before many shakespeare plays, including "macbeth," could possibly have been written. the films director, roland emmerich, doesn't see it that way. >> i'm very 100% sure that william shakespeare was a fraud. >> reporter: emmerich has some distinguished company. famous people who have said shakespeare was a fraud include mark twain, sigmund freud, and three supreme court justices.
5:58 pm
but they were not scholars who spent a lifetime exploring the evidence. professor james shapiro has. and what really irks him is how emmerich and his team are pushing teacher's guides into classrooms, promoting both the film and its conspiracy theory. >> you know what? you can drink all the kool-aid you want. i don't care. but when you serve it up in little cups to kids in school, that's not okay. >> reporter: emmerich has made billions directing disaster films like "independence day" and "day after tomorrow." does his new film also present a disaster? only, say shakespeare scholars, if you value the truth. bill blakemore, abc news, new york. >> bill blakemore on the case. that is "world news" this sunday night. can't wait to see what the "gma" team shows up in tomorrow morning on halloween. and diane sawyer, as herself, right here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> this is what they're trying to say. they're saying, i can't find work. i've got nowhere to go. >> "occupy" expand with supporters staking a claim in a quiet north bay town. good evening. >> there's a new camp in the bay area tonight, and officials say they allowed the protesters to occupy the grounds in front of city hall. here's why. >> reporter: about 30 tents on the lawn of city hall. the latest expansion by "occupy" santa rosa. student kyle says he has been part of the group for two weeks and is happy about pitching a tent on the weekend. >> the news broke the city was going to allow to us camp here until november 1st, and the place went crazy.


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