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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 31, 2011 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- halloween canceled. that record snowstorm in the northeast left so many downed trees and power lines the sidewalks aren't even safe for trick-or-treaters. >> what happens when the grinch steals halloween? it is monday, october 31st. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm cecilia vega. good morning to everyone. happy halloween. >> welcome on board here. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. you know, dull, regular, run of the mill show. >> done up and ready to go. >> candy and everything. it is actually not a very happy
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halloween for many kids here in the northeast. just listen to the numbers. two feet of snow in massachusetts. millions of people without power. schools and businesses closed from new jersey to maine. some towns are so worried about the downed power lines they're rescheduling trick-or-treating for friday. unbelievable. >> unbelievable. also this morning, the book about the madoffs that has everyone talking is finally out today. ruth and andrew madoff are promoting it. they're, they were asked how is it possible that you could not have known about this colossal ponzi scheme. hear the answers ahead. >> fascinating look into their life we are getting through the book. also, the world today hits a major milestone today. the seven billionth person will be born this halloween, 250 born while we've been on the air the last minute. what does the population boom mean to the planet? you may be surprised. would you believe that all seven billion people in the world could actually fit in the state of texas? >> no. >> hard to believe. we'll get into that a little bit later.
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first, at least 11 people are dead from the freak storm over the weekend. a rare october scene for sure. states of emergency in effect in new jersey, connecticut, massachusetts, and parts of new york. >> yeah, severe weather is also creating a halloween nightmare for thousands of travelers around the country. we begin our coverage with larry jacobs. >> reporter: freak october nor'easter proved a nightmare for air travelers. the government is investigating passengers being trained seven hours on a jetblue flight from florida to new jersey that was diverted to connecticut. no food, no water, no bathrooms. the captain notified air traffic control of tension aboard the aircraft. >> i have a problem here on the airplane. i need to have the cops on board. we got on the ground at 17:24 z, and we have been here now for 7 1/2 hours. >> reporter: under the passenger bill of rights, jetblue could be fined $27,000 per passenger. except in extreme cases, airlines rarely get the maximum penalty and passengers don't get a share of the fine anyway.
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the weekend wallop, unlike any other in october, seven weeks before winter. crews clearing trees weighted down by wet, heavy snow, they tumble oned on to anything in their way, homes, cars, power lines. >> it was like armegeddon. >> reporter: about three million homes and businesses from maryland to maine are without electricity. >> we are going to have extensive and long-term power outage. and i am advised that it at least initially, some people could be without power for at much as a week. >> reporter: hundreds of schools will be closed monday. the extended weekend is bittersweet for countless children who may not be able to go trick-or-treating because with no power and downed wires it will be too dark and too dangerous. larry jacobs, abc news. >> what a weird halloween. the storm has been especially dangerous because of the huge number of power lines that came down. a 20-year-old man was electrocuted in springfield, massachusetts, when he stepped on a downed line. in new jersey, an elderly man died in a house fire that was sparked by a live wire.
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scary there. the thing is people didn't mind the snow so much. seemed so early for all of this. >> it's halloween, talking fun factor. sad factor, halloween is postponed. the reality, this footage -- this really hit folks hard. i saw cars with broken sunroofs on the walk into work today and hitting all kinds of people. >> heavy snow which can be really, really dangerous. postponing halloween for some of the kids. better safe than sorry. >> the big issue is the leaves saturated with the snow that hit. again, the first time it snowed here in new york city since the civil war, in october. unbelievable. >> weird, hope not a sign of what is to come for winter? >> i had to buy gloves today. >> welcome back. >> i'm a california girl. >> yeah. here's a look now at the weather around the country -- the northeast will get a chance to clean up from all the messy weekend weather with milder temperatures today. fair, pleasant. in the nation's midsection from
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minnesota down to texas. northwest will have showers and in the mountains some snow. >> and expect a warm-up into the 50s for much of the northeast and the midwest. kansas city, 64. salt lake city, 63. a warm, 87 in phoenix. 77 in dallas. >> sounds nice, doesn't it? all right. shifting gears now, going to turn to kansas where three people are still missing after an horrific explosion at a grain elevator. three people were killed, two others hospitalized. the search for the missing has been suspended until the morning. so officials can be sure crews entering the building will not be at any further risk. the saturday night blast triggered a huge fireball that could be seen for miles. moving on to a topic that's been in the news a lot lately. the new book about bernie madoff is released today. ruth madoff and surviving son andrew cooperated with the author of "truth and consequences." in it and on "60 minutes," andrew denies he and his brother knew anything about their
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father's business. and worse than that he believes his father used his brother's legitimate investment business as a shield for his ponzi scheme. >> what he did to me, to my brother, to my family is unforgivable. what he did to thousands of other people, destroyed their lives, i'll never understand it. i will never forgive him for it or speak to him. >> in that interview, the one-time ruth madoff loses her composure when she looks at a photograph with her and her two sons when they were small, mentioning the family's happier times. >> unbelievable story. we're getting an extraordinary glimpse into the final hours of steve job's life. it comes from the moving eulogy his sister read at the memorial and sharing it with "the new york times." she says at the ends jobs seemed to be climbing a pretty steep path. looked at his family one by one.
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looked into the distance and said, oh, wow, oh, wow, oh, wow. those ended up being steve's final words. wow. prosecutors will get a chance to catch up this morning when the manslaughter trial of michael jackson's doctor resumes. they asked for more time after conrad murray's defense team dropped this bombshell. an expert witness who claims the singer caused his own death by taking additional prescription drugs without conrad murray's knowledge. dr. paul white presented computer simulations to support the claim. big story in political news this morning. republican presidential candidate herman cain on the defensive now over allegations of sexual harassment. his campaign is disputing a report that cain had been accused of sexually suggestive behavior towards two female employees in the '90s. questions to come up again today when cain is set to speak to the national press club and later on capitol hill. a poll in iowa taken before these allegations surfaced shows
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cain pulling ahead of mitt romney by a whisker. cain had 23%. romney, 22%. ron paul came in distant third at 12%. abc's david kerley has a look behind the numbers. >> reporter: it was a much anticipated iowa poll. it shows basically a statistical tie between mitt romney and herman cain. cain says he will slow down his campaign, cut interviews, cut campaign stops and blames exhaustion for some of his gaffes. the obama campaign seems to be running against mitt romney. >> he has no core. you get the sense with mitt romney if he thought he, it was good to say the sky was green and grass was blue to win an election he would say it. >> reporter: and romney provided more ammunition to the flip-flopper charge when he first said he had no stand on bargaining rights for ohio government workers. the next day he said restrictions should remain in place. >> i am sorry if i created any confusion. >> reporter: the flip-flopper attacks have not stopped romney
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from hitting the top of the polls in many states. with perry, bachmann and others polling in single digits. unless there is dramatic shakeups, november may start to claim candidates. thinning the field. traditional conservatives are worried about that. abc's george will said that romney may be damaging the party. >> when you are a serial reviser of your opinions, you're going to have trouble in the general election whether you know it or not. just ask john kerry who was for something before he was against something. >> reporter: conservatives are trying to keep their fellow republicans from settling on romney. but if he is the nominee, republicans have to figure a way to explain his changing positions. as one aide said, romney is a well-lubricated weather vane. david kerley, abc news. moving on to the theme of the day, halloween. when your ghosts and goblins are out, bringing back the haul of candy, how quickly does it need to be eaten? i don't know if that is the question i want to be asking. what is the shelf life on
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halloween candy? we decided to investigate this. >> hard hitting investigation. the good news, most candy will last about two years. pretty impressive. if you wait that long to eat it probably won't kill you but may not taste as good. >> bad news when you go to steal from your kids' treat bags there is really no good option for mom and dad. all of that candy is bad for you. sorry to hear -- breaking news, all of that candy is bad for you. some actually are worse than others. >> listen to this. try to avoid chocolate bars packed with peanuts and caramel. snickers, twix. they tend to have most calories and saturated fat. that's why they're the most delicious. >> instead, good news. my candy. yours too. go for the non-chocolate, chewy-like candy. skittles, got some, starburst, we bonded over swedish fish earlier tonight. >> love swedish fish. >> those are the ones that tend to have fewer calories but are worse for your teeth. >> i'll deal with the cavities.
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i can deal with it. a few interesting candy facts here. candy bars are high in sugar. low in moisture. helps them stay fresher and longer. pure chocolate can last two years. >> what cracked me up not that it goes bad necessarily sitting on your shelf. it just starts to get ugly. you don't want to eat it after two years. it is looking nasty after two years. >> don't waste candy. chow down, have some. it's halloween. we'll be back with more "world news now." right after this. >> he said we'll be back. ♪ >> he said we'll be back.
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♪ ♪ they're creepy and kooky ♪ mysterious and ookie ♪ their house is a museum cute.
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>> a few pictures of our viewers. thank you for sending the great pictures in. that was great. >> it is cute. is it getting a little crowded in here? and by here i'm not talking about our studio, actually i mean planet earth. it's getting a little tight. >> probably because the world's population is passing a milestone today. seven billion with a "b," billion, right? abc's chris bury talked with some of them about what that means. >> reporter: just how scary is is it that sometime on halloween our planet will welcome its seven billionth mortal soul? >> very scary. not enough water not enough food. >> seven billion, scary? >> no, not at all. exciting. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> the more the merrier. >> reporter: baby 7 billion will be likely be born in india. every minute there, 51 bundles of joy. [ crying ] >> reporter: that newborn joining a rapidly growing global population.
3:17 am
china still boasts the most, 1.35 billion. india growing faster will be bigger in only 14 years. mind blowing to think that just 12 years ago the u.n. leader welcomed baby six billion, a boy born in sarajevo. turn back the clock to the 60s. half the number. 3 billion people. back to jefferson and napoleon to mark the first billion. not so long ago in egypt, the planet held 15 million. ever since, the population exploded. >> i don't think growth of the human race should be scary. >> reporter: with one in seven going hungry now, how can the world feed more? >> we need how to do a better job. >> reporter: it's not as if the world is busting at the seams in theory. all seven billion of us could fit in the state of texas. >> be very interesting. very crowded too. >> reporter: though we will keep growing, another billion by 2025, the birth rate is slowing
3:18 am
remarkably. only half its peak of the 1960s. so when baby seven billion arrives on halloween, it may not be so scary after all. i'm chris bury, abc news, chicago. >> hmm. big cool planet. >> big planet. all right. we have more. "insomniac theater" is next. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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♪ that time of morning. time for insomniac theater." "puss in boots" and followed by "paranormal activity 3." we are joined by jackie fernandez, digital news associate. happy birthday. >> good morning. thank you.
3:20 am
it was my birthday. >> happy 40th. >> you wish. that's how old you are. >> so a birthday gift for me is that i had to watch one of the scariest movies, "paranormal activity 3." the third movie in a series of paranormal. basically about this family and a little girl. she has an imaginary friend. things that go bump in the night. the man sets up surveillance cameras to see what is going on. lo and behold there is supernatural activity, ghosts in the house. one of the great things about seeing a horror movie, a solidarity amongst movie-goers. we scream, we cry, laugh at the same time. let's take a listen to what some of the people had to say. >> kind of crazy. really freaked me out. >> i haven't seen one or two. now i have to see one or two. i am not going to sleep. >> slow the first hour. definitely picked up the second hour. >> the end was crazy. crazy. >> and glad i came with my friends and not a date. i was the biggest wuss.
3:21 am
>> i didn't see most of the movie because i had my hands over my eyes the whole time. >> i had my hood up over my face. it was -- i didn't see the movie. >> reporter: it is so true. i mean those are my two best friends i saw it with. they were so scared. my one friend didn't see the movie at all. she was hidden, her eyes the whole time. my friend peered through her hoodie. made me think i was stronger. really, i was brave. but as soon as i came home, i was so scared. i had to turn on all the lights. >> stars. >> two out of five. left me scared. i was really freaked out. i feel like there is ghosts everywhere. >> i don't know. i can't do it. i'm not horror movie. freak out. nightmares. i have nightmares. >> yeah. >> did you watch it like that? >> reporter: no, i watched it in its entirety because, one, journalistic integrity. >> that's so cute. >> it's my birthday. >> you almost look sober. >> much more halloween fun after this. >> we'll be right back.
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all right. i need you to do me a favor. me a favor. if you don't mind for a second. i need you to stand right here. the makeup artist on the show right here. ore halloween fun after this. >> we'll be right back. you go next if you had a
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all right. i need you to do me a favor. if you don't mind for a second. i need you to stand right here. the makeup artist on the show right here. with me for many, many years. tonight we have a very, very special surprise for her. we have a guest, who i think is going to make his way out here right now. i think he has something to say. you may recognize this gentleman. i will take your makeup. we are going to have a very special moment. >> look at me. i've waited a long time to ask you this. look at me. [ inaudible ] >> look at me. will you marry me?
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>> oh. will you marry me? >> you -- >> will you marry me? >> oh -- >> whoo! ♪ long enough for me [ muffled audio ] ♪ >> very cool. very cool. >> happy engagement. >> congratulations! >> congratulations! you guys. >> congratulations. >> she is a little shell shocked. understandably so. >> are you completely shocked by this? >> oh. >> he was telling me -- he was going to propose. >> he was going to propose but she didn't know when. >> you guys had been ring
3:27 am
shopping. you knew this was coming. let's see the rock. show that rock, girl. >> it's beautiful. ♪ marry me >> look at that. look at that. >> oh, ma. >> ha-ha! >> come closer. come closer. i don't want to touch my make-up. >> she helped coordinate this. >> we all put this together. >> no. >> oh, my! >> yes, indeed. >> thank you to everyone that helped me pull this off. >> what made you want to do it like this? >> just a special thing for a special woman. >> we're so lucky to have her. she is so special to all of us. you got her. >> you got her. >> there it is. you can see it in her eyes. she is shocked. very cool. nothing but health, love, happiness to you guys. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> yes. >> thank you. >> go drink the champagne. have a good time. we will be right back.zc
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this morning on "w news this morning on "world news now" -- no trick-or-treat. towns across the northeast cancel halloween after the freak october storm. >> schools and businesses closed as crews clear the streets of downed trees and power lines. it is monday, october 31st. can you tell it's halloween? >> subtle. subtle here. >> sugar high, big time. good morning, i'm rob nelson. >> happy halloween, i'm cecelia vega. glad to be here. well, more than three million people lost power in that surprise storm over the weekend. the storm dumped up to two feet of snow, smashing all sorts of records. makes for dangerous conditions for trick-or-treaters
3:31 am
so see how some towns are responding to keep people safe on this halloween. >> how is this for a halloween scare? what would you do if you were in an elevator when it suddenly plunges eight floors? don't they have a disneyland ride like this. happened to some at a hotel. what made for, finally made this elevator stop. what should you do, hopefully this won't happen to you, but what should you do if this happened to you. >> i would have a heart attack on the way down. just me. and do you love your family dog enough to clone him? well, this woman in new mexico cloned her dog, the clone is a 12 week old puppy. how she did it and what that critter is like. cool story for you animal lovers out there this morning. >> yeah, a good one. i don't know. first, new details on the halloween nightmare created by the snowstorm here in the northeast. passengers on four flights say they were stranded for hours on the tarmac at connecticut's biggest airport. >> for hours. and with temperatures in the teens this morning. millions of homeowners are still
3:32 am
waiting for their power to come back on. t.j. winick joining us from hartford with the latest. t.j. >> reporter: good morning. this intersection like so many in hartford is blocked by branches and trees. despite warnings about live power lines on the ground, many folks are getting fed up and frustrated and clearing these streets themselves. the nor'easter was like a sock in the jaw, seven weeks before winter. too early? too bad. in new jersey, this uprooted tree collapsed on to a home. the heavy, wet snow blanketed branches taking down power lines. here in connecticut, utility crews racing around the state, residents are in the dark. >> customers want to know when their power will be back on. >> we are encouraging customers to prepare for a week from now. >> reporter: at the height of the storm saturday travelers were going nowhere fast. the government is investigating a jetblue flight from ft. lauderdale to newark diverted to hartford before passengers were stranded on board for seven
3:33 am
hours. >> i got a problem on the airplane. we're going to need cops on board. we have got on the ground, at 17:24 z and we have been here now for 7 1/2 hours. >> reporter: this 69-year-old described the nightmare -- no food, water, or working bathrooms. >> some of them were yelling, "get us off the planes." i know what it feels like to be incarcerated. >> under the passenger bill of rights, jetblue could be fined $27,000 per passenger. the airline claims because the the airport lost power, jetways were not operational and the airplane couldn't be de-iced. for countless children, the early storm has put the trick-or-treating in jeopardy. with all the downed power lines and blocked streets in west hartford, dylan and megan richards' parents aren't sure about going door to door. >> usually people put their lights on. we don't know. >> we have to make sure
3:34 am
everything is safe before we can do anything. >> reporter: the snow has begun to melt here in hartford, but the damage has been done. 250 schools here in connecticut will reportedly be closed later today. when classes resume, all depends on when the communities get their power back. back to you. >> is it december or what? where does this come from? crazy here. >> the snow outside is still out there. >> be careful driving. a lot is going to freeze up. black ice, salt crews are out. >> this could make for an ugly commute first thing when the sun comes up. we still see cars parked outside with broken windows. there's black ice. first time it snowed in this city since the civil war. >> don't you miss the west coast? >> 70 degrees in l.a. i don't know about this snow thing. >> i hear you, trust me. take a little adjusting to, i get it. oh, man, a look at your weather around the country. it will be warming up in the northeast.
3:35 am
thank goodness. most of the snow getting out of here and melting. there will be showers from delmarva peninsula down to the carolinas. also in florida. nice weather in the midwest though. some warm weather in the west and southwest. >> 47 in boston today. 54 in chicago and detroit. sunny 72 in new orleans. 51 in minneapolis. and 76 in sacramento. all right, a new book that is out today. bernie madoff's wife and surviving son andrew tell their side of this bitter and very dramatic story. they both claim his ponzi scheme was a complete surprise to them. but for ruth it was actually not the most painful revelation. abc's david kerley has more on this. >> reporter: bernie madoff scammed 15,000 investors. some out of their life savings. but madoff's wife ruth says it was not the ponzi scheme that caused her the most pain. she was more deeply troubled by her husband's long-running affair with another woman. >> mrs. madoff -- >> reporter: according to the
3:36 am
book, she says the affair was the most hurtful thing that ever happened to her. the book says when madoff revealed his scam, ruth asked what's a ponzi scheme? >> it's really hard for people to believe that you didn't know. that you must have known. >> i -- i can't explain it. i mean -- i trusted him. >> reporter: she says on "60 minutes" she and bernie madoff attempted suicide. the attempt failed. but she stayed with madoff infuriating her sons. one of them, mark, took his own life. his wife recently spoke to abc's chris cuomo. >> heave couldn't understand how she could continuously stand by this man who ruined so many lives. who ruined his life. >> reporter: the book says ruth madoff confronted her husband during a prison visit about the affair. his response, denial. and in a prison interview with barbara walters, bernie madoff suggested it was the suicide of his son, not an affair, that caused the rift with ruth. >> they are estranged. he says after his son's suicide.
3:37 am
when she said let me go. he said yes, and she has not heard from her since. >> reporter: some suggested the book, story of the attempted suicide, are ruth madoff's attempt to gain public sympathy. she does reveal her sister and brother-in-law, in their 70s, lost money with bernie, and they're now driving airport taxis for a living. david kerley, abc news. >> what a fall from grace. wow. >> this guy was capable of swindling billions, and deceiving his wife and having some affairs not a shocker. >> to hear her say she didn't know what a ponzi scheme was, i mean. >> heartbreaking. >> for all the victims still out there, trying to recover from this. this has got to be really hard for them to watch. >> many have not gotten their money back. ruth is living in a three bedroom apartment in south florida, a far cry from -- three room apartment down in south florida. far cry from the penthouse life they had here in manhattan. >> what a fall. wow.
3:38 am
in other news now, it will be another day before qantas airways flight schedule returns to normal. an australian court ended a lockout that grounded the airline saturday and stranded thousands of passengers. the court banned further rolling strikes by unions. pilots, mechanics, baggage handlers and caterers are protesting pay, work conditions and plans to base operations in asia. hollywood almost lost some of its brightest rising film stars in a freak accident following a movie premiere party here in new york. abc's andrea canning reports it was a case of life almost imitating art. >> reporter: it was a terrifying scene right out of a hollywood movie. like in "die hard" or "inception." the irony -- most everyone on board works in hollywood. including josh charles, one of the stars of "the good wife." >> i'm happy where i am. >> reporter: it happened here at the gramercy park hotel in new york city
3:39 am
after the premiere of "janie jones" on thursday night. charles, movie's director and several actors piled into the elevator. comedian seth herzog was there. >> bunch of us got into the elevator. the elevators are not huge. very small. >> reporter: then the elevator suddenly shockingly began to plunge. with the door open, everyone could see the floors just flying by. >> what's more fear inducing to me is afternoon elevator in a freefall. you know you are going to fall. don't know when it is going to stop. >> reporter: finally, it came to a hard stop. the elevator ground to a halt thanks to the brakes. the group was left waiting for help. >> we are like waiting for a long time. people are getting angry that they're not saying anything to us. >> reporter: gramercy park hotel general manager released a statement saying, "although this is an incredibly unusual incident moving forward we will have staff assist with the flow of departures from high volume events to ease any potential crowding." elevators are behind many people's most nagging fears,
3:40 am
fear of a sudden drop or getting stuck. experts say the fears are irrational. >> they're safer than riding in an airplane, driving a car or being in a bus. >> reporter: tell that to seth. >> my biggest fear was that i was going to die with people more famous than me, so i wouldn't get top billing. >> reporter: andrea canning, abc news, new york. >> keeping your sense of humor. i like that. >> that's what you worried about? >> i thought it was bad when somebody farted in an elevator. that is worse. well, weather did not interfere with festivities in tennessee this weekend. plenty of sunshine for pumpkin fest near nashville. raggedy ann was there, elvis, and a dog, well, dressed as a dog. >> good costume. a guest of honor, enormous pumpkin from canada. visitors could guess how much it weighed. after the holiday, farmers will scoop the seeds and plant them. so maybe next year pumpkinfest's centerpiece will be home grown. >> elvis there.
3:41 am
very cool. meanwhile, reno, nevada, crawling with zombies. a kind of flash mob in which hundreds of ghouls danced to michael jackson's "thriller." hear that a billion times this time of year. >> on halloween -- >> still the greatest video ever made. my humble opinion. you can find those zombies this weekend in front of the harrah's plaza where the music was booming. >> and mariny was just -- reno was one of more than 200 cities, reno to new york, as far away as romania, took part in a halloween tradition, altogether hoping to set a new record for the number of people dancing to "thriller" in multiple locations. no results on that just yet. >> keep the "thriller" spirit alive. all right. love that. more "world news now" coming up after the break. ♪ thriller
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3:44 am
♪ ghostbusters ♪ something strange in the neighborhood who you going to call ghostbusters ♪ ♪ there's something weird and it don't look good who you going to call ghostbusters ♪ >> oh, thanks to facebook fans for sending in their cool photos. >> wondered when we would hear the song tonight. as much as "thriller," is "ghostbusters." something else. here's something else. a scary story on this halloween morning, creating carbon copies of animals also known, of course, as cloning, aka cloning. >> one dog owner wanted to keep man's best friend in the family forever. so as our correspondent from albuquerque reports, this owner
3:45 am
made it happen with science and money. >> reporter: he sure looks like a normal 12-week-old puppy. a healthy appetite. plenty of oh, so cute attention. >> everybody would want a dozen around. >> reporter: truth be told this long-time albuquerque vet is amazed to see just one. >> he has a great personality, loves everybody. but this is a special situation. >> reporter: blue, a half mastiff-half great dane is unlike any other cross breed maybe in the world. >> it is a new copy of the old one. >> reporter: new blue is a carbon copy of old blue who passed away. this, folks, is one of only of what is believed to be seven cloned dogs living in the u.s. $100,000 investment that puts the concept of pure breeding to shame. >> we try to get a litter that, you know, you would have a puppy that would be similar. you know, this is closer to similar. yeah.
3:46 am
this is an identical copy. >> reporter: before old blue died, the owner had the dog's dna shipped overseas to south korea. there in a lab like this that other canine clones like blue are produced each month. the country has become the dog cloning capital of the world with scientists and researchers taking dna from living dogs and storing it until nature or rather someone calls for it. seven cloned golden retrievers patrol the korean airport sniffing for drugs while also finding a little time to act like puppies. closer to home, blue's responsibilities are considerably less but his existence is an exact match. >> an identical copy of the original version. >> both inside and out. >> wow. >> i'll try to find words. >> that's some love. you got to love your pet. >> new blue, old blue.
3:47 am
>> see there, there i am. yes. >> look at that. >> look at that. >> whose dog is that? >> look a little drunk. i don't know what's going on in that picture. >> you are bonding with the dog. >> my boy, blue! man, all right. coming up next, member of the kardashian family reveals some untold secrets of o.j. simpson. >> coming up next. >> stay with us. kardashian family reveals some untold secrets of o.j. simpson. >> dying to go to the kardashians, aren't you? >> coming up next. >> stay with us. o.j. sim sichlt asimpson. >> coming up next. >> stay with us.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> well, my first "skinny" i love the music. >> that's it. michael lohan in the news. talked about this last week. back in court over the weekend. in front of the judge twice in the past week. once for allegedly threatening maybe even getting physical with his girlfriend. look stay away from her. ended up back in court. didn't stay away from her.
3:50 am
that was after the first hearing, called her and made some kind of move. so he had to go back again in front of court. interesting thing not that michael lohan is in trouble. >> has he ever been out of the news. >> no, neither him or lindsay. the something thing -- he pleaded with the judge to get out of jail. and gave specific reasons. own in hollywood. he told the judge, i got to get out of here because i have a taping for "the dr. drew show," a commitment to a boxing match, and i have to be by lindsay's side she is going in front of her own separate case going in front of the judge for violating probation. that's what he tried to say to the judge. >> judge was like, bottom line, no bond, get out of here. good call, judge. >> all right. well, moving on to celebrity country superstar, taylor swift. good girl, country music world. at the center of unwanted attention this morning. there are new photos out there, fully clothed, she is going to war with a website that is called celebrity jihad. she's claiming that this web site, wrongfully identified her in these nude photos. she is saying that she and her lawyers are saying they could be
3:51 am
suing over this. the person in question, photos in question are just a photo of a woman who kind of resembles her. >> may not be taylor and her goodies. >> under a headline that says "taylor swift topless," "private pic leaked." she's now saying this isn't me. a lady that looks look me. lawyers are floating, letters are floating. >> see if she gets paid off of that. it's not her. well, check this out. kris jenner, mama of the kardashian clan. out with a new book. hits shelves november 1. in the book she is spilling the beans on o.j. simpson. her ex-husband, robert kardashian, was one of o.j.'s lawyers. she was a really good friend of nicole simpson. she quotes nicole saying he is going to kill me and get away with it. saying, i never believed o.j., not for one second. spilling the beans on the case. new details in the book. >> reviews from her kids on the back side. >> you know it's good. ♪ ng, i never believed o.j.,
3:52 am
not for one second. spilling the beans on the case. new details in the book. >> reviews from her kids on the back side. >> you know it's good. >> you know it's good. wait a second... with olay challenge that. new regenerist wrinkle revolution... relaxes the look of wrinkles instantly, and the look of deep wrinkles in 14 days.
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ready, set, smooth... regenerist. from olay.
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♪ cute pictures from our facebook fans out there. >> so cute. i can't talk you seriously. >> a serious news show. you haven't figured that out yet? welcome to the overnight. >> love it. first of all. >> favorite story. well done. well, howling like halloween makes us all nostalgic for our youth. what happened to the old candy? lemon heads -- >> if you want to buy the old school candy, we found some, you web sites sell the candy of yesteryear. two old-time nostalgic candies. went on line.
3:56 am
ordered some up from the '70s and '80s. i'm not going to lie, i'm a product of both of the decades. >> these are the 70s, which, okay, i found my favorite. making, ants on the set after we are done. pixie sticks. remember these? >> good. >> good. >> old-time candy. nostalgia candy. if you want to get good stuff too. >> fun dip. we were joking earlier -- whoever came up with the fun dip is -- you lick the stick and dip it in the sugar. >> dip the stick in sugar and lick it. brilliant. multimillion dollars. >> some i do not remember. >> razzles. good candy. >> whatchamacallits. loved me some. i should open this. >> juju-bees. >> candy necklace. girls wear it.
3:57 am
you try to bite it of. >> but you had -- >> i had the '80s. >> one of my favorites. >> pop rocks, drink with soda. stomach would explode. bubble tape. and this one is controversial. this one. >> remember the candy, and the bubblegum cigarettes. >> have powder inside. >> how these got into stores. never know. controversial. the tootsie roll pops. peanut chews. then you had like the ring pop, ring lollipop. >> yum-yum candy cone, marshmallows. says fat free, but -- >> diabetic's dream in here. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. eat up. >> right. more "world news now" coming up right after the break. don't go far. up right after the break. don't go far.
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