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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  October 31, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. occupy oakland is gearing up for its next big action. a general strike wednesday. the group is not worried about the future of its tent city. it looks like city officials for now are going to allow it to stay. he was attacked by a shark and survived within millimeters of his life. i'm katie marzullo in san jose where eric tarantino could be released this morning. good morning. quiet weekend. we star the week quiet. fire weather watch, showers maybe thunderstorms and our first -- our first significant loss of the season coming our way. things looking great at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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full report, next. 5 a.m. on halloween. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. our top story, another victory for occupy protesters in oakland. today they expect to get back something police confiscated last week. the occupiers plan to flex their muscle wednesday with an event that could have significant economic impact. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza with the latest. >> reporter: it seems like city hall is meeting protesters in the middle on a few issues. especially this one. look at tent city. it looks almost like it did before police clear it out a week ago. the mayor has said she going to assess it on a daily basis. she thinks dismantling it will cause more violence. protesters have been planning. calling for a general strike wednesday. they've asked city official to
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return their medical supplies. a spokeswoman for the mayor says they will give them back. the group organized a march saturday, mostly peaceful. protesters say they refuse to let last week's confrontation with police weaken their will. >> i think the movement has a lot of momentum. they didn't realize that. there was a groundswell of support. it was tense last week because people -- there was a lot of uncertainty. now i think the movement has more confidence. >> reporter: wednesday's strike is gaining support. there's word union workers plan to try to shutdown the port of oakland wednesday night. city officials are promising sense city services will be available during the -- during the strike. there were reports this group was going to occupy mayor
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quan's office today. the group is saying that was an unauthorized threat put out they don't know where it came if. they are not doing that. they say -- came from. they are not doing that. they say those reports are not true they will not be marching into her office today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> another element is a website that contains a fake statement from mayor jean quan supporting the movement this is the bogus site oakland it has a statement purportedly from quan that apologizes for last week's raid and endorses the call for a general strike. here is mayor quan's real site. the fake site mimics the real one almost exactly in her real letter quan does apologize for police reaction to the movement. the occupy san francisco group has developed its own security team. 10 peacekeepers are making sure the tent city is safe, clean and drug-free.
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they wear arm bands so they can be easily identified. the peacekeepers are trying to make the area more family-friendly too. they want to include children in their activities. much of the occupy movement is geared toward a better future for them. a man could walk out of a south bay hospital this morning, two days and two mill heat meters -- and two millimeters from a watery death. katie marzullo will have his story coming up. the great white shark bit him in the neck, just near his jugular vein. right now chp investigators investigating an accident that killed a pedestrian on 680 last night around 9:30 in the southbound lane north of state route 4 near martinez. lanes were closed for several hours but now reopened. it is not clear why the victim was walking on the freeway.
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in palo alto two conjoined twins are scheduled to be separated tomorrow in an operation that could take more than eight hours. they were in the philippines and live in san jose now. they are joined at the sternum and have lives and diaphragms that are tightly fused together. they have separate hearts, ribs and digestive systems. it will require a team of more than 20s did and nurses. the liver separation is said to be the most dangerous -- dangerous and complex part. saturday's funeral for a murdered hells angels member was heavily attended but no violence. he was laid to rest at the same cemetery where he was shot to death two weeks ago that shooting occurred during the funeral of chapter president jeffrey pettigrew.
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police have identified the murder as 30-year-old stephen ruiz. congresswoman spear will begin a challenge to see if she can survive for a week on a food stamp budget. she plans to spend only $4.50 a day on food. congresswoman lee is also taking part in the challenge. years ago as a young single mother lee says she received food stamps. religious groups nationwide are issuing the challenge to raise awareness and prevent federal cuts to the program. >> i thank my country for giving me that helping hand when i needed it. a bridge over troubled waters. i'm trying to develop a balanced meal or balanced three meals for today for $4.50. >> program critics like alabama republican jeff sessions believe government spending on food assistance has skyrocketed in part due to fraud. the department of agriculture estimates fraud accounts for no more than one cent out of
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every food stamp dollar. this week could bring the fast tracking of the california high street rail or the end of the line. the authority will release its final business plan tomorrow with new estimates on cost, funding and ridership. right now the state only has enough money to bill the stretch between fresno and bakersfield, too small to begin service. it would require another nine billions in california taxpayer money to do that. if construction deadlines aren't met the state will lose billions in federal funds. that man we told but who was bitten by a shark friday, two millimeters from his jugular vein could walk out of a south bay hospital this morning. that's where katie marzullo is. this is one amazing story. >> reporter: isn't it remarkable? you can't use a cliche lucky to be alive enough. 27-year-old eric tarantino was attacked by a shark saturday
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morning. he's now here at the san jose regional medical center. after a weekend stay, he could be heading hope. it happened 7:00 in the morning in monterey county he was in the water with fellow surfers only 10 minutes when his friend realized what was happening. >> wave came and i went atop the wave, when i came over-the-top he started yelling "shark, shark, shark." >> reporter: tarantino was bit in his neck. it was just about two millimeters the surgeons say that it missed his carotid artery and jugular he was bitten on his forearm and the shark left a 19 inch gash in the board. tarantino told the doctors he thought the shark was nine feet long. beachgoers helped put a tourniquet around him and he ended up being air lived to
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the hospital. they say, he says maybe he will talk with the media when he's released. we hope to talk with him. because he certainly has a story to tell that much of this area is going to want to hear. i'm katie marzullo, live in san jose, abc7 news. how soon to you think he will be back in the water? >> probably right away. this time of year, october they call it sharktober peak season for them being in the monterey bay area. >> it has been nice. >> everybody has been talking about it at least to me when they see they long stretch of quiet, tranquil warmer than average weather that is about to come to answer and will not go quietly. cold front here clouds streaming across it. that is going to change our weather to the cooler side a little today, a few high clouds from time to time. what happens behind it is when all the real action moves in.
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enjoy today's calmness as we wrap up october. four degrees cooler in los gatos, three in fairfield, one in san francisco. everybody else one to four degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. temperatures mid to upper 40s north bay valleys. the rest of news the low to upper 50s around san francisco, mountain view and oakland. by the afternoon, high clouds and sun, low to mid 70s in most neighborhoods. richmond, san francisco, san mateo, half moon bay in the mid to upper 60s. here's your seven day forecast, tomorrow and wednesday, fire danger. we right now are under a fire watch for those two days. thursday and friday could be wet, thunderstorms, saturday, especially saturday morning we could have frost. good morning jacqueline how are things going? >> good news. east bailiff look outside walnut creek 6 -- 680 at north main street, taillights headed
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in the southbound direction. things are moving well in both decks if you are making your way through -- both directions if you are making your way through there. san mateo bridge traffic light hayward to foster city quick right. crews on the scene of an accident eastbound 92 hesperian boulevard off on the shoulder. not bad ride out of antioch, about a 12 minute ride. now 5:11. the ceo who is earning 100 million dollars for naming someone else ceo. speaking of money, why bill gates thinks taxing the rich won't fix america's financial woes. taking robotics to a new level. uc berkeley lab reaches for thththththxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxx
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good morning. qantas flying again. australian court intervened ending a company lock out of employees who had been protesting. boeing will announce today its intent to assemble a commercial spacecraft similar to the shuttle. it hopes to taxi astronauts to and from the international space station expected to be completed by the year 2016. the business of halloween turning out to be a treat for retailers estimated 161 million people participating in the holiday retailers can
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expect to bring in almost seven billion dollars in halloween-related business that's america's money. one of the largest corporate paydays in recent years. top executive being given 100 million dollars in cash, in a severance deal. even though he's not leaving. the "wall street journal" reports that 1-year-old is promoting his longtime lieutenant to be ceo. but eisenberg will remain chairman. the shift triggered a clause in his contract entitling him to the 100 million dollars as a result of a change in responsibility. more money than the entire oil drill company netted in the 3rd quarter. eisenberg would not had been eligible if he retired or resigned voluntarily . bill gates stopping short of endorsing president obama's buffett rule raising taxes on the wealthiest americans by 1%. gates says taxing the rich
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alone is not enough. >> i'm not an expert on how you should tack. you can raise the taxes we need just by going after 1%. yes, i'm generally in favor of the idea that the rich should pay somewhat more. but to really deal with the deficit gap we're talking about that alone is not going to be enough. >> gates travels to france next week to call on wealthiest nations attending the g-20 summit to continue their aid to the worldest poorest nations despite the economic crisis. department of homeland security just issued proposal for a disposable robot that could be used in search-and-rescue missions. a lab has a contender, mechanical cockroach with wings. the drive to discover a robot that can go anywhere. >> what is interesting here is that we don't have things that
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fly well like birds. we don't have things that run well like a cockroach or a rat can. combining the two we can do more than with either of them by itself. >> reporter: a year earlier the professor's lab completed work on a six-legged creature named dash. it was designed to crawl around collapsed buildings in spaces too small for humans. some obstacles proved too difficult to climb and dash could be faster. this is the new model, dash plus wings. there's a lot of wind providing a lot of thrust. the part came from a toy ordered online through amazon. the wins do not make it fly. but they reduce its weight so it can survive high falls. -- >> glide down instead of fall down and we land on our feet. >> reporter: and provide thrust so it runs 90% faster. this critter weighs less than a canary yet it can carry a
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battery, wireless network and camera. there >> there are otherses in the lab working on cameras this board has and ter face for a small cell phone -- has an interface for a small cell phone camera >> reporter: already dash wings has help biologist bolster the theory that early winged creatures first learned to glide from trees. >> wow, it is noisey. i guess it is not a stealth robot. >> not exactly. the sun isn't going to be stealthy, right? >> no, it will be out in full force later in week we need to worry about it. big chains in the forecast coming as we flip -- big changes in the forecast coming as we flip the calendar tomorrow. we are throwing everything at you, fire, rain, maybe thunder, even some frost within a
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five-day period. today, look how gorgeousland 19 from looking down from emeryville and to the left this morning. still mid to upper 40s north bay valleys, the rest of news the 50s monterey bay fog forming. 51 in santa cruz. today temperatures are going down except for treemont, 75 which is where we were -- were yesterday. -- 74 concord san jose 73. santa rosa record high yesterday 81, san francisco biggest drop from 73 to 66° this afternoon. joined in the mid to upper 60s by san mateo 68, richmond 67, half moon bay 63. everybody else in the low to mid 70s. even with the foggy start mid
5:20 am
to upper 60s monterey, salinas. tonight, going to be cooler. cold front moving through today quietly a few upper level clouds. notice wealth of 40s tomorrow morning compared to this morning. of course up in the north bay valleys also along the coast palo alto, fremont, livermore, morgan hill, santa cruz everybody else low 50s. here's that cold front sandwiched between two areas of high pressure sliding through during the afternoon overnight hours through tomorrow morning. high pressure will build behind it from that to the cold front quite a bit of a pressure change we talked about this last time we had the fire threat. lower humidity brings better fire danger. fire weather watch from tomorrow morning to wednesday morning in the north bay
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mountains into the east bay hills. the rest of the forecast, cooler the next couple of days after that front moves through. another front rolls on thursday and friday, this one promises to bring us rain and temperatures 10 to 15° cooler than today. cool weather will last into saturday, sunday. saturday morning we could have a chance of frost. you see the icon, set your clocks back and change batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors. have a great day. good morning. we start off at the bay bridge toll plaza, a few cars in the cash lanes no metering lights smooth ride into san francisco. quick look at those drive times, westbound highway 4 out to highway 242, 12 minute right. good ride along westbound 580, 19 minutes from 205 towards the dublin interchange. westbound 80 from the
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carquinez bridge to the maze, 13 minute ride. for the latest traffic go to 5:22. >> you don't have to tell us, all right so we'll ask, what are you dressing up for as halloween? the prosecutor who can claim he's more than meets the eye. it is the cat's meow. a movie review based on one of the most beloved characters from shrek. sales. that's "america's money." i'm rob nelson. hey guys, what can i get for you?
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puss and boots was the real cat's meow at the weekend box office. how about the smell of success. it earned 34 millions in its debut weekend to take the top spot. that was antonio banderas' voice. it drew a strong family audience. paranormal slipped into second place earning 18 1/2 million dollars. in time took third spot followed by remake of footloose and the rum diary came in fifth with 5 million dollars in ticket sales. >> a lot of people like to does up as popular halloween or movie characters for halloween. check out deputy district
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attorney growing adler transformer. by day a family prosecutor by night a transformer. saturday night he won the $10,000 grand prize at a las vegas halloween costume contest. it took adler 14 months to build his transformer costume which weighs 90 pounds. it costs about $2500 in parts. adler says he has looked forward more to halloween than christmas since he was a kid. going all-out there. 5:26 now. two days ago, a shark bit him in the neck. this morning he could walk out of a hospital. next, the california surfer who may be among the luckiest people alive. critical items that oakland city hall will be returning to occupy protesters today. and why some say those items will make it harder to get
5:27 am
protesters to leave. monster nor'easter leaves millions without power. details of the october snow storm. here's our airports local airports running on time. most of the country running on time. there will be flight delays because of what happened over the weekend. any time you travel check out our flight tracker. our main area of influence or problems around philadelphia fright arrival delays. boston, new york upper 40s to low 50s. 89 in phoenix. go to and head to the bottom. [ mom ] hey guys. guys...
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>> reporter: he's on the men and expected to be released today. i'm live at regional medical
5:30 am
center in san jose. a shark attack victim has been for only 48 hours and he should be heading hope this morning. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live at the scene of occupy oakland. protesters are planning their next course of action. they are doing so uninterrupted. the city is not bothering them and is allowing them to camp once again. good morning. welcome to halloween. nothing scary about our weather yet. fire danger, thunderstorms in the forecast. things starting to get busier at the bay bridge toll plaza. new accident in the east bay. details coming up. 5:30 on this halloween morning. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. a surfer came face-to-face with a great white shark may be released from the hospital.
5:31 am
katie marzullo is live at regional medical center with a big warning and one incredible story. >> reporter: nonlife-threatening injuries. are those not the most incredible words you have heard in relation to a shark attack. this just happened saturday morning. this young man is scheduled to be released today. 27-year-old eric tarantino was attacked saturday morning at marina state beach in monterey county. he has told doctors he thought the shark was about nine feet long. that is massive. luckily that shark's aim was a little off. >> he's one of the luckiest unlucky people there ever was. to be bitten by a shark is obviously unlucky but it missed the carotid artery and jugular in his neck by maybe two millimeters. >> reporter: bitten in the forearm and the shark took a 19 inch chunk out of his surf
5:32 am
bore. tarantino is in good -- condition expected to be released today. we are hoping when released, he will tell his story because we are anxious to hear what happened and what it was like in his own words. what we do know he has said, since this happened, is that he will most likely return to the ocean and continue surfing. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 5:3 now. occupy oakland protesters and police can agree on one thing this morning.ág that the demonstrators should get back the medical supplies swept up in last week's police raid. they may not agree on the general strike protesters are calling for later this week. amy hollyfield live is -- is live told us more. >> reporter: the city bracing for the strike. it is gaining momentum this group is calling for a general strike wednesday. protesters held a few planning sessions over the weekend. the strike is beginning momentum. union members are threatening
5:33 am
to shutdown the port of oakland wednesday night. the group of occupy oakland held a march saturday, mostly peaceful one person broke out at a window at the police recruiting office the group says that was not an approved action. those with the movement say it feels good to still be going strong even after last week's confrontation with police. >> i think people bad mouthed, [ inaudible ] it showed more people power than they thought. everyone is seeing something magical is happening. >> reporter: you may have heard reporters that -- reports that protesters were going to occupy mayor quan's office today. organizers say that statement did not officially come from occupy oakland and there are no official plans to do that. officials plan to be meeting the protesters in the middle on some issues. tent city being allowed to day for now. we have not seen any police
5:34 am
officers out here. the mayor has said she will be evaluating this on a daily basis. she thinks clearing it out now will cause more violence. for now they are being allowed to stay the mayor's office has greed to return the medical supplies to -- has agreed to return the medical supplies. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. doctors expect that the iraq war vet injured last tuesday to make a full recovery. a close friend of scott olsen says he seems to be doing well but still can talk after suffering a skull fracture. he was hit in the head as police fired tear gas into the crowd. police are investigating. olsen was rushed to the hospital but has been transfered to another medical facility. there has been no confrontation with police in santa rosa where protesters set up at city hall over the weekend. city leaders are letting them day for now.
5:35 am
the incident in oakland last week is influencing how they deal with the situation. santa rosa city leaders will discuss the handling of the new encampment at their next meeting. chp investigating ago accident that killed a pedestrian on 680 last night 9:30 southbound lanes north of route 4 near martinez. the lanes have now reopened. unclear why the victim was walking on the freeway. vta light rail back to normal after being stopped last night after a train hit a woman. the accident occurred at 11:00 last night at north capital avenue. san jose police say it appears she only had minor injuries but was taken to the local hospital to get checked out. there is a possibility the new 49er stadium could open a year earlier than planned. the 49ers are telling city leaders to expect -- expect a financial plan for the billion dollar project soon.
5:36 am
santa clara city councilwoman gilmore says the council hopes to approve finances by the end of this year. team is confident it has the money lined up and wants to land for an opening date in 2014 instead of 2015. 5:36. if you are looking for a halloween block party tonight, don't look in the castro. for the five straight year the san francisco neighborhood will not host its traditional halloween street bash. the party starred in 1979, the city -- shut it down in 2006 after incidents of violence wound up with nine people wounded in a shooting incident. it used to draw 200,000 partiers. if you are trick-or-treating tonight with the little ones looks like it going to be a dry one. >> clear skies, hoping for nice conditions all around mike. >> going to be clear. slightly cool, the sun will go down at 6:12, we'll drop from
5:37 am
the 70s into the 60s when that happens. breezes start to pick up towards the latter parts of trick-or-treating. here's the cold front, going to knock our temperatures down a little today, a few high clouds, otherwise you may not notice much of a difference than from over the weekend. right now calm, west wind at 5 at sfo, three miles per hour out of the east at san jose. everybody else, calm and clear except for along the coast, visibility half moon bay quarter of a mile. 40s, 50s, clouds spilling into the bay bay 8:00. noon high clouds and sun, -- upper 50s along the coast into san francisco. a lot of six tess until you get to napa, fairfield, -- by the afternoon hours, low to mid 60s along the coast san francisco.
5:38 am
69 palo alto, the rest of us low to mid 70s. tuesday, wednesday when the fire threat jumps up. thursday, friday, rain and cooler weather on the way. saturday morning the possibility of frost. good morning. we start off in antioch. new crash westbound highway 4 at summersville right lane blocked. speeds 22 miles an hour getting past the scene of the crash this will slow you down out of antioch this morning. san mateo bridge, a stalled vehicle in the eastbound direction at the highrise blocking the left lane. westbound direction is looking good as you make your way from hayward to foster city. 5:38. how would you like to get a college degree without leaving home? the huge step the cal-state system is about to take to make that happen. break the law, but avoid a fine? the plan to give by sicklies in one city a big break --
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bicyclists in one bay area city a big break. steve jobs he assist ter ♪ when life gets busy... there are days where you want to give your immune system some support. try airborne. each serving contains 14 vitamins, minerals and herbs including zinc, echinacea, ginger, and a blast of vitamin c.
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school online expansion program. the san francisco chronicle reports developing csu online is planning on a multi-year roll-out to begin next fall with extended master programs and undergrad courses. csu already offers many online degrees mainly in the masters programs. head of the academic senate is worried about what quality control mechanisms will exist. faculty members say cheating is also a worry. >> like traffic school, bicyclists in san francisco cited for failing to stop at a sign or failing to use hand signals could avoid paying fines by taking bike education courses. the bike advisory committee is pushing for policy change to exempt some from paying the $114 to $554 penalty. the -- to $154 penalty.
5:43 am
[ unintelligible ] the police department is now reviewing the plan. we are learning more about the final hours of steve jobs. his sister says before he died with his family around him he looked up and his final words were "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow." she said death didn't happen to her brother, instead he achieved it. she met him she was 25. jobs had been put up for adoption. she said her brother was hum -- humble, loyal and continuing to learn. record storm hits early in the northeast. millions without power. thousands of schools are closed. halloween fun in jeopardy. incredible new estimate for cleaning up a we are power
5:44 am
plant devastated by the japan quake and tsunami. planning the future of yosemite. it could mean ♪
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here's a look at your california forecast dry high clouds around eureka 58, upper 70s to near 80 through the
5:47 am
central valley late this afternoon around big sur 76, l.a. 77, san diego 69. sun and high clouds along the sierra. 70 yosemite. 90s in palm springs, 92. 5:47 now. no airline delays reported this morning at bay area airports after what can only be described as christmas in october in the northeast. at least a dozen deaths are blamed on the storm. the early nor'easter dumped 30 inches of snow some areas. >> reporter: good morning. the snow here in washington didn't stick parts of maryland got half a foot of snow the worst hit new england. the monster nor'easter has passed but the damage remains. across the northeast more than two million without power. in southern new hampshire some of the towns still in the
5:48 am
dark. nobody expected snow in october. >> i'm shocked. i think everybody is shocked. the trees are shocked. >> reporter: countless trees fell tearing down powerlines. in connecticut crews are racing to restore power for nearly a million residents. >> no heat, no food, no mower. and it is object. >> reporter: downed lines and blocked streets could make it too dangerous for trick-or-treating. >> we have left it up to municipal officials to call celebrations on or off of hall wouldn't events in their communities. >> reporter: the heaviest snowy fell saturday caused a headache for travelers. a jetblue flight from ft. lauderdale to newark was diverted to where passengers sat on the tarmac with no food, water or working bathrooms for seven hours. passengers grew restless as the plane's pilot told air traffic control of tension aboard the aircraft. >> i got a problem i need cops
5:49 am
onboard. >> reporter: the government is investigating. 48 passengers on an amtrak train traveling from rochester, new york to boston were stranded for 14 hours. the cleanup continues. the storm was just an early test. winter is seven weeks away. this autumn storm claimed the lives of a dozen people. rough weather back there. >> yeah. not the situation for us. at least not the start of the week for halloween. >> not at all. any time we get the weather we've got as long as we did they are going to get rough weather because of the seesaw effect abnormally warm here it has to be abnormally cold somewhere usually off along the east coast they are talking about melting snow for hall wouldn't we are talking about sunshine and a few high clouds. as november rolls in, -- oh
5:50 am
i'm sorry i thought were you looking at me. are you okay? okay. we'll move on. 5:50. looking down from vollmer peak. let's talk about temperatures then the fire danger, rain and frost that is on the way. more areas in the 40s now all the north bay valleys into fairfield everybody else in the low to mid 50s. monterey bay fog continues to form around watsonville and salinas upper 40s there 50 monterey and santa cruz if you are stepping out gilroy 46 the cool spot mostly sunny today not as warm as it was yesterday set a record high in san to -- fire threat returns tomorrow and wednesday after that wet weather thursday and friday after that frost for saturday morning. you can see how things goinging to change once get tkpwhaoe november. -- today in fremont 75 like yesterday, oakland three degrees cooler at 73. concord 74 san jose 73, four
5:51 am
degrees cooler than yesterday. santa rosa 81. today 75. biggest drop san francisco seven degrees cooler barely make it to 66° this afternoon. richmond around 67, san mateo 6, half moon bay six -- 66 -- mid to upper 60s around monterey and salinas low 70s watsonville and santa cruz. tonight with the cold front moving through we'll be opened up to more 40s tonight like livermore, fremont, palo alto, morgan hill, everybody else in the low 50s. cold front quietly sweeps through today, brings a few high clouds during mid-morning to mid-afternoon. once front heads to our south high pressure moves in quickly behind it lines of constant
5:52 am
pressure isobars tightly packed, tight pressure gradient fastest winds tomorrow morning tapering into wednesday fast enough that we'll have fire weather watch tuesday morning into wednesday morning. once we get past that thursday, friday another front with cooler weather, 10 to 15 cooler dry day, chance of rain thursday and friday, frost saturday morning. set your clocks back change batteries. have a great day. emergency crews on the scene of that accident westbound highway 4 at summersville in antioch. sensors showing speeds as low as 13 miles-an-hour, cars inching past the scene of that crash. this will affect your morning commute out of antioch this morning. drive times westbound 580 from 205 towards the dublin
5:53 am
interchange, 27 minutes. quick look at bay bridge toll plaza starting to see a build-up at metering lights. still not turned on. 5:53. new survey about what some women may really want from their jobs. >> here's jane king with the business report. good morning. growing number of working women may be more interested in time than money. survey says 43% say they are less ambitious than a decade ago. 25% say they are working towards their next promotion. 73% say they would not apply for their boss' job. harley davidson trying to appeal to more women. the maker is trying to attract customers who don't fit the usual mold, including women, minors and people outside the u.s.. because core customers older white male boomers are moving
5:54 am
beyond their born to be wild days. some of the shine may be coming off apple's iphone 4s. the battery in some drains very rapidly. the problem is linked to a flaw in the new operating system which results in the phone constantly checking location even when the 4s is stationary. at new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. yosemite park officials asking for help to protect eco system. officials trying to draw up a master plan. some options could alter visitor facilities, and possibly set limits on the up in allowed in at any one time. park officials are asking the public to weigh in. they will hold a series of meetings for public input, including one in san francisco november 9th. something exciting happened overnight.
5:55 am
a baby girl born two minutes before midnight in manila symbolizes the world's population reaching seven billion. the milestone was noted with special united nations ceremonies around the world. the baby was born in a crowded public hospital where a cake marked 7b philippines was served. nobody knows where the seven billiontm person was really experts say most likely countries with high populations china or india. today cal berkeley physicist will present research showing the earth is warming up. for two years muller tried to prove global warming did not exist. he says his turn around is not a big deal just the result of more available information. his research was funded by a foundation which discounts global warming. it could take three years, -- 30 years to safely close the
5:56 am
nuclear power plant damaged in that quake and tsunami in march. the fukushima daiichi is the site of the worst nuclear accident since chernobyl in 1986. a new report says the plant is currently stable but will take three decades to totally shut it down and clean it up. yes, our country has chemical weapons that's what libya's interim prime minister is confirming this morning. inspectors will arrive this week to deal with the issue and post-gadhafi libya has no interest in keeping those weapons. >> nato will officially end seven month campaign that enabled rebels to overthrow and kill gadhafi. the bombing had already ended now the no fly zone enforcement will conclude. the operation was meant to protect civilians calls up in the civil war. just ahead, we've all her the phrase what's in a name? apparently the answer is 100 million dollars. the ceo who is about to earn
5:57 am
that much just by naming somebody else ceo. >> reporter: occupy oakland protester and city officials appear to be meeting midway on key issues. i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. the new momentum that has this
5:58 am
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