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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  October 31, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. kristen sze is off today. >> amy hollyfield joins us from oakland. before you talk about the strike there appears there is a new victory for the occupiers regarding those medical supplies? >> reporter: right. city officials just returned medical supplies police confiscate last week when they cleared out this camp. not only were they returning
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the place they were busy responding to a threat to city hall. a threat that turned out not to be credible. an investigation griff action looked like -- aggressive action looked like the last thing on the protesters' mind this morning. but there were was support. people are not being allowed to walk into the front door. a private security firm has guarded throughout the building. the mayor's reception area is locked. a woman who works at the front desk spoke to us through the locked door. occupy oakland was quick this morning to deny plans to take over the mayor's office. >> someone got into our e-mail discussion group and then falsely released a press release saying we planned to sit-in at the mayor's office. it is not true. nothing like that. >> reporter: the city does plan to"z return the medical supplies that police confiscated last week when
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officers moved in and cleared out the camp. >> i don't know how to interpret it. i think they are doing damage control. it is embarrassing for the city, what has happened. >> if more people came down trying to help organize things and help get people involved and provide services for some of the people who are homeless, that would be a much bigger olive branch than just giving back stuff that is already ours. >> reporter: another mission, to plan and spread the word about a city wide walk-out once day. >> the group is asking people to skip work and school and not to buy anything. >> i think we are going to shutdown the port for one thing. maybe some of the banks too. the main thing is for workers to show their combined strength. not only by not working also by not consuming. >> reporter: we tried to get a comment from the mayor but we with unable to find her. we wanted to ask the mayor
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about the fact that people are being allowed to camp in front of city hall despite the fact that her police chief was quoted as saying he thinks this is a risk to public safety. she was not available. occupy oakland will be holding a press conference later this afternoon to talk more about that staoeubg and push people to join them. -- that strike and push people to join them. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in san francisco the occupy camp has excepted its own security team. 10 peacekeepers are volunteering to ensure the tent city is safe, clean and drug-free. they are wearing armbands so they can be easily identified. they say they are tying to make the area more family-friendly. they want to include children because much of the occupy movement is geared toward a better future for them. two bay area congresswoman are beginning a challenge to if they can survive on a food stamp budget for a week. congresswoman spear plans to
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spend $4.50 a day for five days that's the average daily amount a food stamp recipient in california receives. there was a round table discussion this morning in millbrae. congresswoman lee is also taking part in the challenge. lee received food stamps as a young mother years ago. religious groups nationwide are issuing the challenge to raise an which areness about the growing number of families relying on the program and to prevent federal cuts. critics say spending on food assistance has skyrocketed partly because of fraud. the department of agriculture estimates fraud accounts for no more than one cent of referee food stamp dollar. >> spear's challenge -- rated a lot of talk on our facebook page. let's hope she brings this to washington. >> can she also live with no money for anything else?
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you can join the conversation go to the surfer who survived a shark attack over the weekend is recovering. 27-year-old eric tarantino lived to tell his tale but keeping quiet while he heals. >> reporter: we understand the doctor is with eric now. he is doing an evaluation. after that, he will know whether or not he will be released today or what time. there's a very good chance it will be today. >> i looked over at that point i saw quite a bit of blood come out his arm. and going into the water around him. >> reporter: 27-year-old eric tarantino lived to tell the tale of being attacked by a nine foot shark. lucky is almost an understatement. >> it missed the carotid artery and jugular vein in his
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neck by two millimeters. >> reporter: they were tempting fate just by income the water at marina beach this is shark season the so-called red triangle is their ever. >> more than half of all attacks of white sharks the only species who attack human beings in california have occurred within this 100 mile stretch of beach. more than half of the attacks have occured during august, september, october. >> reporter: a fact not lost on one surfer who witnessed saturday's attack. >> it could have been me or any one of our other friends. >> reporter: scary. picture this, eric was airlifted to the hospital saturday morning. it looks like later today he could walk out of here under his own power. he has told one hospital administrator that he plans to surf again. katie marzullo, abc7 news. investigators are trying
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to determine the cause of a motor home fire that left two severely burned. the fire broke out 5:00 this morning gutting the mobile home park. both people inside escaped not before being badly burned. one woman was burned over 80 to 100% of her body. a second person has burns over 20% of his or her body. >> both burn victims were treated at the scene and flown to uc davis medical center by helicopter. >> it took crews 20 minutes to put out the fire which spread to a wood pile but not cause any other major damage. more than 20 doctors and nurses are preparing for at least an eight hour surgery to separate conjoin twins in palo alto. 2-year-olds were born in the philippines and now living in san jose. the girls are joined at the
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sternum and have livers and diagrams that are tightly fused together. they have separate hearts, ribs and digestive systems. the doctors are holding a news conference to outline how they will conduct that procedure tomorrow. >> the man about to get a 100 million dollar severance package. and he's not leaving the company. >> plus, passengers stranded on the tarmac for more than seven hours. a jetblue pilot begs for help and blasts his own airline. >> later, doctors change the recommendation for when teens should receive regular hiv testing.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. an oil drilling company is about to give the it ceo and chairman a 100 million dollar severance aout but he's not leaving the company. -- 81-year-old eugene eisenberg is promoting his lieutenant to ceo but will remain as the company's chairman. the drop in title triggered a laws entitling him to the 100 million dollars as a result of change in responsible. the payout is more money than the company netted in 3rd quarter income. republican presidential candidate herman cain says he has never sexually harassed anybody. a report by politico says the national restaurant association settled complains from at least two women while
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cain headed the trade group in the early 90s. today cain admitted he was accused of sexual harassment but says the charges were false. >> when the charges were brought, as the leader of the organization, i recused myself. and allowed my general counsel and human resource officer to deal with the situation. and it was concluded, after a thorough investigation that it had no basis. >> cain says he was not aware of any settlement with the women. according to the report they each received five-figure financial pay outs to leave the at social and barred them from discussing their departures. neither woman was identified. the national restaurant association refused to comment on a personnel matter. much of the northeast is still covered in snow. residents are digging out after one of the earliest winter storms on record. at least a dozen have died in the storm. it brought up to 30 inches in
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some areas. millions of homes and businesses remain without power. officials say it could be days or a week before everybody's electricity is back on. many roads and schools are closed. for some communities it is one of the earliest snow days off school in history. while that storm caused major headaches for thousands of travelers over the weekend, more than 100 passengers were stuck on the tarmac who are than seven hours on a runway saturday. the plane was headed for new york but had to divert to a connecticut airport because of the storm. the wait became so bad even the pilot was begging for help from air traffic control. >> we can't seem to help from my own company. i apologize. is there any way you can get a tug and tow bar to us and get us towed to a gate or something, i don't care, take us anywhere. >> i was a nightmare. nobody wants to be stuck on a
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plane without water and access to a bathroom. the bathrooms were getting nasty. >> jetblue says six of is planes were diverted to connecticut. officials there say power outages made refueling and deplaning difficult. the airline has apologized saying they did the best they could. a federal law the airline could face huge fines for holding passengers on the tarmac for more than three hours. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> hi there! it is halloween. >> yes and i'm dressed up like a big pumpkin. >> you look great. i went a little more minimal. i don't think an orange suit would work for me. >> a little fog out there, this is going to be short-lived. we have fire danger on the way, rain and even frost in the forecast. countries around the world mark a new milestone in our population. the symbol -- symbolic held
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for these newborns. ♪
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the world's population reached a record seven billion this morning. in the philippines a baby girl named danica was two minutes before midnight and welcomed with a cake and gift certificate for free shoes. russia celebrated the delivery of a boy minutes after midnight as the world's seven billionth. the united nations chose to mark festivities around the world saying the celebrations are symbolic since it is impossible to pinpoint the exact arrival of the seventh billion resident. we have added five billion people during the past century. >> now we all talk to each other on facebook. >> that's right. >> we are going to connect with real weather.
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we've had it easy the last couple of weeks. people talking about how october has been super nice that is going to change starting tomorrow. when november is here. for now a little fog trying to sneak under the golden gate bridge into the bay. the sunshine is starting to erase it from our sky. mainly along the coast the next couple of hours then gone from there also as we have a cold front that is going to shift our winds and open the door to this new weather. right now a lot of sundown town san francisco. you can see the northerly push of winds and clouds erasing from along the coast. temperatures 59 half moon bay foggy, mid to upper 60s elsewhere to 70 in concord and around the monterey bay northerly wind keeping monterey around 58. mid to upper 60s santa cruz, watsonville and salinas, 70 in gilroy. mostly sunny today, not as warm as yesterday. fire threat returns tomorrow
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hangs around through wednesday. a chance of wet weather thursday, friday, some frost saturday morning. maybe another chance of wet weather on sunday. when the pattern changes it is going to be significant. today fremont 75, three degrees cooler in oakland with 73. concord 74, san jose 73, four degrees cooler than yesterday. santa rosa, asterisk means 81 was a record yesterday. san francisco down to 66 this afternoon. 60° weather richmond 67, san mateo 68, half moon bay 63. everybody else mostly sunny low to mid 70s. monterey bay temperatures in the mid to upper 60s with monterey and salinas getting northerly wind keeping you cooler. tonight once the front rolls through more 40s. north bay valleys you expect that coast without clouds palo alto, fremont, livermore
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and morgan hill everybody else in the low 50s. cold front slowly sliding down through northern california right now. it will push through during the afternoon and evening. a few high clouds possible. the big story behind that tightly packed lines of pressure these isobars you have a tight pressure gradient, fast winds they will increase so fast and the air will be so dry the diablo range east bay hills north bay mountains under a red flag warning from 6:00 tomorrow morning through 6:00 wednesday morning. breezy tuesday and wednesday temperatures won't drop that much the next system thursday, friday from alaska bringing a chance of hours both days. break saturday models are hinting sunday may have showers. saturday night daylight saving ends set your clocks back an hour change batteries in your
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detectors. some bay area members of a legendary japanese-american army unit are heading for a congressional ceremony to honor their bravery. an 88-year-old of morgan hill is a veteran of the army's 442nd regimen talcum bat team. surviving members of that unit with 100 battalion and military intelligence service will receive the congressional gold medical wednesday. that is the country's highest civilian honor. the all japanese-american army units are among the most decorated many fought in italy, france and germany even while their families were being held in interment camps back home. the president just sign add executive order more than an hour ago. he said the u.s. has seen how drug shortages can have an adverse impact on patients
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>> the president: there's a combination of tools contained in this executive order to make sure that lifesaving drugs are available and if we start seeing shortages we are able to catch those ahead of time. >> last year the fda reported 178 drug shortages, including cancer drugs. anesthetics and drugs needed in emergency rooms. s did are changing recommendation for who should receive -- doctors are changing their recommendation for who should receive hiv testing, recommending teenagers 16 to 18 to get regular routine tests if they live in an area wheremore want one had 1,000 people have been infected. >> the fda has a new warning in time for halloween. people 40 and older should be careful about eating too much black licorice. eating more than two ounces daily for two weeks can cause a person's potassium levels to
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prosecutor by day. at night he's a 10 foot tall transformer. saturday night after winning a $10,000 grand prize at a las vegas contest. it took him 14 months to build this 10 foot tall costume it weighs 90 pounds cost $25 in parts. he is going to hand out candy tonight in his costume. he's a prosecutor. maybe he ought to wear that in court. >> he's primed to show kids a good time. >> have a happy halloween to everybody. thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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