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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  December 1, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc literally, twisting in the wind sheet metal and fences stood no chance against ferocious winds overnight. >> damage cleanup is underway. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. we have live team coverage. we begin with] eric thomas in the east bay >> we are in the 36,000 block of cherry street. early this morning, all over the east bay, cleanup is underway because the winds were just so gusty.
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if you look, you see that wire dangling from that pole? it caused a scare this morning. the wind it -- the wind blew it down and landed on a school bus with two students. a few tense minutes pg&e determined it was a cable tv line not a threat so the bess left quickly, nobody was hurt. >> in san leandro the fire department says a real powerline blew down on the roof of this build -- building they were able to get it knocked down quickly even with gusty winds, nobody was hurt the building was vacant. not far away 164th avenue, gust of wind got corrugated mel al radio roof of this storm shed and peels it back
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like orange rind. luckily in all these incidents nobody was seriously hurt. finally, a move only the grinch could love the wind blew over all the christmas trees on this lot. it is hard to determine how many were damaged or how examine civil they were damaged. they have to -- extensively they were damaged. they have to find some way to keep them standing. standing out here, with the leaves blowing by it is pretty windy. be careful on the roads. er rim thomas, abc7 news. storm has kept pg&e very busy with more than 24,000 customers without power in santa cruz county north bay 5,000 in the dark in the south bay nearly 1400. a couple hundred customers are without power in the east bay and peninsula, no outages in san francisco >> winds are expected to let up this afternoon. mike nicco with more. the good news is they are already letting up in some
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areas. here's the entire state oranges are the high wind warnings yellow advisories lesser advisory for slower winds. we have the fastest winds behind us. the unfortunate news is the winds will hang around in our highest elevations until 10:00 tomorrow morning. right now you can see winds still gusting quickly 40 miles per hour in livermore, faster than 30 in san jose, mountain view, hayward, 25 to 35 in the north bay valley. the worst is over but the wants still going to play a major part in our afternoon forecast. the bay area isn't the only place getting hit hard by the wind. let's look at damage done when winds sent a tree crashing into a home in sack machine tomorrow the damage was so severe the city determined this house is no longer inhabitable. nobody in the home was injured.
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stronger winds expected today in los angeles high winds flipped over trees like toys and knocked out power to more than 300,000 customers overnight. forcasters say some of the worst santa ana winds blew through overnight creating gusts of over y miles per hour. high -- winds added to the trouble of firefighters. it was a frightening fire in the mission woke people out of their sleep this morning many had to be rescued, several injured. katie marzullo joins us with more itch >> reporter: we are learning -- that the fire started inside an enclosed deck on the top floor around the back the top floor was the scene of dramatic res crews. the wind threatened to -- spread this fire farther than firefighters could imagine. >> my roommate was yelling get out! >> reporter: 4:30 this morning fire forced dozens from their
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homes. >> it was a growing yellow coming out of the back. >> reporter: elliot nathan an artist lives on the first floor he and his roommates escaped safely. different story on the third floor where the fire started. >> we had people running out of the building people on the third floor hanging out windows. >> sparks falling from the sky, smoke out the won't there were people upstairs who were hanging out the window calling for help. >> reporter: the blood on the window shows how desperate someone was get out. the resident was standing on sharpds of glass. a lieutenant suffered minor smoke inhalation during one of rescue. >> one of victims was brought down the ladder and our firefighter gave his mask up so she could have fresh air to >> reporter: four hurt, two turned. it -- two burned. it took crews an hour to knock down the fire. >> because of the way the city is built with all theisswood structures it could push the
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fire from building to building. we did have embers and heavy smoke blown. >> reporter: the fire stayed within the original structure. >> i grabbed the biggest and my favorite paintings that i could. >> i'm feeling really lucky. >> reporter: it is technically two buildings but they are attached six units within them. dozens are displaced the red cross is helping them out. katie marzullo, abc7 news. now hiring! where you need to go to get in on the hundreds of jobs that employers will be looking to fill less than an hour from now. deadline for the occupy camp in san francisco. there may already be a deal to save the camp. ñ/ñ/&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñ&ñfq
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. minutes ago bart's board of directors adopted a policy that cell phone service will be cut only during extreme emergencies. bart now becomes the first transit agency in the country to have specific guidelines for cutting off cell phone service. bart shutdown service temporarily in august trying to prevent a planned protest over a fatal police shooting. that lead to months of demonstrations. this new policy is expected to outline specific conditions for any future shutdowns and
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identify who will make that decision. san francisco officials have told occupy protesters they must be out of justin herman plaza by noon today. most are red to do that. a majority of the -- of the protester willing to move to a mission district location offered bay the city. the site comes with bathrooms and running water. also has new rules, including a strict no pets and no children policy. previously, the occupiers' general assembly voted not to move. that assembly requires unanimous consent to approve any proposal. in santa cruz police are considering their options after an unsuccessful attempt to clear occupy protesters out you have vacant building. 30 officers in riot gear tried to clear the building last night. demonstrators barricaded if the inside. protesters linked arms to prevent miss from getting in. officers pulled back to avoid
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confrontation. -- the labor department says the number of people applying for jobless benefits last week rose by 6,000 to 402,000, the second straight weekly increase. there are hundreds of jobs available today at an job hire event.kfy >> reporter: if you are looking for a job you should probably be we are at the doubletree hotel on gateway place in san jose. abc 7 is helping to stop sore this free job fair which kicks off at noon today. 13 companies will be here looking to fill 250 jobs. those companies include prudential, big five sporting goods, new york life and nasa research center just signed on. this is a diversity hire event
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with a technical component. you can expect lots of i be dust streets to be represented here -- lots of industries to be represented here. >> everything from entry level inturns, student inturns up to a -- interns student un s up to treasury of a company. technical, engineering, medical, finance, accounting, sales entry level management, management trainees. we have a wide variety of openings today. >> reporter: again, the job fair is free. from noon until 4 p.m. today. if you are looking to polish up your resume those services are also being offered. hundreds of jobs available, 250 to be exact. they are hoping lots of people will come down and take part in this event. >> thank you. mike nicco has the
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forecast. >> still windy and still east-west bridges are not susceptible to the winds as they continue to blow out of the north. all the white caps on the bay that's how fast the winds are blowing. we'll talk about how long this will last. i think i found a chance of rain in the forecast. we can beat this disease. president obama's big announcement today on world aids day to combat the epidemic globally. sesame street headed to afghanistan. it won't be the same show we see in the u.s.. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable.
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we continue our wind storm coverage. katrina rusk joins us with a look at all the damage in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: behind me you can see one of the intersections that is without power. 1 longtime resident told me this is the biggest wind event they've seen in 10 years. -- there was a lot of warning pg&e crews mobilized. road closures, power outages one small school in davenport is closed.
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in the santa cruz mountains weather events are like clockwork. >> when it rains the mountains come down. when the wind blows the trees come down. when the trees come down, powerlines come down. >> reporter: that is what happened. by 10:00 this morning there were 80 calls to the dispatch center. they started coming in last night and did include dramatic stories. >> we just rescued a gal and her young son from a house up the hill. trying to get ourselves down the mountainside -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: that account is why when the winds starting gusting heather left her felton home. >> we came home last night i can't handle it i'm shaking. we went -- don't have the money for a hotel but we stayed there instead. so i could get some sleep. >> reporter: 20,000 in santa cruz county are without power.
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many businesses are closed, including the felton safeway which closed last night at 11 the owners of the doughnut shop without power but hanging tough. >> i'm doing fine. we are still in business. we have doughnuts. business is still good. >> reporter: you did get a smile with your doughnut, but no hot coffee. at last check nine road closures throughout santa cruz county andykp 20,000 without power. karina rusk, abc7 news. higher elevations i guess the winds have started to slow a bit. >> a little bit. still seeing 50 to 60 mile per hour gusts still dangerous some coming down to the lower elevations. first, i want to show you, we worry about fog here in the bay area and in the central valley they had freezing fog, you hear me talk about that in the north bay. fog forms, temperature drops below freezing and black ice
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develops, that's what happened in tennessee outside of nashville that's why they had a 45 car pile-up. not only are we dealing with bad weather, they are also. here we are from mount tamalpais fastest gusts around 40 miles per hour the official word. unofficial reports like wayne in the marina, always calls during weather events his anemometer, 48 miles per hour at his house in the marina, ocean beach it is getting churned up by the wind. mount diablo so far the fastest 77 miles per hour. hamilton 71 on their official recordings i haven't seen anything higher. oakland hills 47, los gatos 47 about at 2,000 feet in mount tamalpais again 40. those winds, those speeds very, very fast. let's look at what going on currently. 45 mile per hour wind gusts in
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fairfield, to concord i'm sure that 75 is probably not right probably more like 35 or 45 we'll double check. san jose 40, say ward 37, mountain slew 33, sfo not that affected by the -- by the winds, no flight arrival delays or departure delays. half moon bay 51 mile per hour wind gusts now 39. 59 and okay, all the rest of news the low to mid 60s. -- 59 in antioch, all the rest of us in the low to mid 60s. winds taper in our valleys that's why i have frosty temperatures dry pattern the next nine days not this saturday, next saturday we could get rain. low to mid 60s where we are now that's where i think we'll end up for high temperatures 70 santa cruz warmest spot mid to upper 60s around the rest of the monterey bay and inland.
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palo alto and south bay only the east bay shore, san mateo, san francisco and half moon bay will be in the 40s. look at how tight the winds are through we had a report of a 150 mile per hour wind gust in mammoth mountain, worse to our south this large pressure difference will relax slightly during the afternoon in our valleys once the sun sets relax more winds stay up in the mountains above 1,000 feet that's why the advisory is in effect until 10:00. tomorrow afternoon the wind nose longer a factor. temperatures remain mild low to mid 60s tomorrow into saturday 50s return to the coast by sunday rest of news the low 60s with sunshine through wednesday. -- major day now on the fremont bart line because a train hit or a tree near the station this morning that is happening now. >> too bad. right now more news. today is world aids day. president obama announced a deeper u.s. commitment to
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combat the disease worldwide. the president said he was setting a goal of getting aids drugs to two million more around the world by the end of 2013. 30 million have died from aids related causes worldwide. the president is ordering 50 million dollars in new spending on treatments here in the u.s.. >> the president: make no mistake, we are going to win this fight. but the fight is not over. not by a long shot. the rate of new infections may be going down elsewhere but it is not going down here in america. >> in the bay area in less than half an hour hundreds will gather at the national aids memorial grove in san francisco's golden gate park. this was an event there last night. former president clinton will be honored today for making this grove a national monument. for a list of events to mark world aids day log on to and click on see it on tv.
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the children's program sesame street is being broadcast in afghanistan. it is not exactly the same show seen here. the show is being tailored to be culturally sensitive for afghan children encouraging kids to exercise as opposed to showing dancing or singing, puppets will he ed entertain with educational messages. 30 years of war left the educational system in shambles. [ unintelligible ] the producers are hoping afghan kids will get to see -- images like themselves on tv. we have what is hot, next. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ lots to do this weekend in the bay area. >> don sanchez has it all in today's what's hot. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: be while saturday in the -- [ inaudible ] celebrating with the san francisco symphony the best of the time year with holiday favorites. youth ballet 11th version of the nutcracker four shows at mercy high theater: >> celebrating 10th anniversary immemorial theater.
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-- immemorial theater. -- [ unintelligible ] [ inaudible ] . >> reporter: help is on the way. monday night. now you have to decide what to do. busy weekend. thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> have a great day
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