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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 24, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning, holiday havoc. a fierce blast of winter weather on this christmas eve, causing treacherous travel from wisconsin to texas. so, which states will see a white christmas this year? everything you need to know to get to grandma's house safely this christmas. the perks of procrastination. with less than 24 hours to go, it will be chaos today at america's malls. for those who waited, the deals will be huge. although, the lines will be long. if you're a procrastinator, are you actually better off waiting for the deals on the day after christmas? royal scare. a frightening day for the royal family. prince philip, the queen's husband, is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. we have the latest on the
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90-year-old's condition. how will his illness affect kate's first royal christmas? and -- ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way >> kickoff your christmas with us. we have great tunes. ♪ with a one-horse open sleigh ♪ >> which will be the soundtrack to a fierce competition. which "gma" anchor can build the best gingerbread house? ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ in a one-horse open sleigh ♪
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they are good. >> i know. beautiful. >> they are really good. >> you're listening to the joyful sound of the world-famous boys and girls choir of harlem ensemble. we're happy to have them back with us this morning, on christmas eve. merry christmas eve to you, dan. >> thank you. they, by the way, will be the judges in our gingerbread competition. backstage, i was greasing a few palms. no big deal. >> the gloves are off. also this morning, the christmas truce between republican presidential candidates. no negative ads over christmas. but with the iowa caucus just ten days away, how long can this really hold? and what is donald trump up to now? we're going to tell you about that in a few minutes. meanwhile, president obama is finally with his family in hawaii. but there is a canine conspiracy afoot? first pup, bo, has been spotted in both washington and hawaii. how could that be? we're going to bone up on bo's travels, coming up. >> no more puns, we promise. we begin with travel troubles making for some tough
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sledding this christmas eve. bad weather brewing up roadblocks in some parts of the country. and "gma" meteorologist, ginger zee, is here with the details. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, everyone. as almost 90 million hit the roads according to aaa, things could get a little messy. i'm saying it could be messy. let's look at west texas, where they started to get snow for the first time around christmas in 25 years. one to four inches has already fallen. they'll get up to another inch today. it doesn't take much when you're not used to it to get really, really messy. another spot that was a little icy yesterday and will continue to be today, the northern great lakes. wisconsin, showing pictures here. heavy snow that briefly made the roads a little ruckus. if you are driving anywhere in texas, just have a little extra time with you. want to leave you with one last picture of just who will have a white christmas. it's not like last year. look at this. no one in the northeast or the
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midwest. all in the rockies. let's head back to dan. >> that map is just a little sad. ginger, thank you very much. now, to the power of procrastination. check out this statistic. with 24 hours before christmas, 24 million americans are going to be rushing to finish their holiday shopping today. and the stores, they know this. they're going to be the scrambling to get you in the door. abc's t.j. winick is in the thick of it, at macy's in harold square. t.j., good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. i think you have to be a little cooky to want to be shopping at 3:00 in the morning. this has been open all night long. one woman's explanation, not so cooky. she told me she hates crowds and want to avoid them. holiday shoppers have been at it for four weeks now. but now that it is christmas eve, you might just find some of the best deals yet. in this corner, holiday shoppers, holding out for the best deals, hunting for those deep discounts. in this corner, retailers, who
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are trying to get shoppers to pay as close to full price as possible. as the christmas eve experts say, you have the upper hand. >> the discounts are around 40%. we're now seeing them move up to 50%. and next week, you could even see some 60s. >> reporter: it turns out, procrastination has its perks. >> they are giving everything away there. >> reporter: that is, if you can find what you're looking for. >> these are hard to get because they're running out. >> reporter: toys "r" us and restoration hardware are two of the well-known stores offering big sales, 25% to 50% off before christmas. online, is offering 10% off. and amazon is cutting toy prices by 75%. retail sales are expected to jump nearly 4% this year. and stores have been pulling out all the stops. several macy's locations are open 83-straight hours in the run up until christmas. >> it drives excitement to the store. and i think we're going to see more companies over the next few
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holiday seasons stay open longer and later. >> reporter: there was too much excitement for a pair of sneakers at several stores across the u.s. when impatient shoppers lined up for the nike retro air jordans that went on sale for 180 bucks. it was absolute pandemonium. you know, actually 10% of holiday sales come the week after christmas. that's because of all those gift cards that folks get for the holiday. and, bianna, i have to tell you, if dan hasn't gotten your holiday gift yet, tell him to give me a call because there's some great coach bags here on sale. >> of course he hasn't gotten my gift yet. i'm going to send him there after the show, t.j. thank you. >> you bet. we're going to turn, now, to the royal scare for the royal family. after complaining of chest pains, prince philip, queen elizabeth's husband, was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency heart surgery last night. and just a short time ago, the queen and prince charles arrived at the hospital to visit the prince. abc's lama hasan is in london with the latest. lama, good morning to you. what is the latest on the prince's condition?
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>> reporter: good morning, bianna. you're right. here's what we know. as you rightly said, the queen, along with her sons, princes charles and edward, are there visiting prince philip, as he recovers from his surgery. they're the first members of the royal family to drop in and wish him well. and the word from buckingham palace today is that the prince had a, quote, good night, following his treatment. prince philip was choppered to a hospital, 60 miles from the queen's private country estate at sandringham, where members of the royal family have been gathering to celebrate christmas. the prince was suffering from chest pains. and after some precautionary tests, he had minor surgery to open a blocked artery. >> if you're going to have a problem with your heart, this is a good one to have. to have an isolated blockage that can be successfully opened in a less-invasive way with a stent. >> reporter: in a statement, buckingham palace said it was a successful, invasive procedure. fit for his age, prince philip
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has generally enjoyed good health. and until recently, taking part in the demanding carriage driving competition. the last time he was hospitalized was in 2008, for a chest infection. and even then, philip, who has been described as a tough man, didn't accept any visitors. preferring to catch up with paperwork, instead. rarely missing any royal occasion, he's always by his wife's side. and the queen knows it. >> all too often, i feel prince philip has had to listen to me speaking. but he has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years. >> reporter: but as he turned 90 in june, he scaled down his grueling schedule. >> i've done my bits. i want to enjoy myself. with less responsibility, less frantic rushing about. less preparation. just sort of winding down. >> reporter: for the first time, kate will spend christmas with the in-laws, hosted by the one and only, her majesty, the
7:09 am
queen. the queen is said to prefer handmade gifts instead of extravagant ones. and according to some sources, kate has been hard at work making her homemade strawberry jam. a hint, perhaps? the royal family is keeping with tradition. they will begin with high tea today, followed by a formal dinner. and then, the official opening of gifts. but the question is, will prince philip be well enough to join in the celebration? dan? >> lama, thank you. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. and a christmas cease-fire on the campaign trail. the negative ads have stopped. but how long can this hold? given that the iowa caucuses are just ten days away. also this morning, yet another twist in the long, strange, political odyssey of one donald trump. abc's david kerley is covering all of the action in washington this morning. a lot of stuff going on. david, good morning to you and merry christmas. >> reporter: and to you, dan. good morning.
7:10 am
a lot of action overnight. we heard a big blow to a couple of candidates. both newt gingrich and rick perry failed to make the ballot in virginia. that's a blow to both of their campaigns. and in iowa, on this christmas eve morning, the naughty has been replaced with nice. call it a christmas miracle, a sudden truce between mitt romney and newt gingrich. for the next few days, negative ads like this -- >> newt has more baggage than the airlines. >> reporter: -- will go the way of frosty, simply melting away. gingrich has been calling for this. >> maybe for a few days, we can slow down, enjoy life, and then, get back on the trail next monday. >> reporter: this is no holiday present for newt. rather, it's romney's gift for the voters of iowa, who have been bombarded with ads. instead, romney directed his fire friday back to president obama. >> any christmas wishes for the president? >> for the president? i think a permanent vacation, following the november elections next year would be great. >> reporter: but take a look at this calendar. christmas is tomorrow. new year's, a week later.
7:11 am
then, it's january 3rd, the date of the all-important iowa caucuses. that leaves just ten days for the gop candidates to try and shake up the race. but will anyone be paying attention over the next ten days? >> even for voters in a place like iowa or new hampshire, south carolina, their attention is going to be elsewhere right now. so, if a candidate were going to get attention, they might have to do something so outrageous, they wouldn't want attention for it. >> reporter: so, mitt, newt, and the other iowa front-runner, ron paul, will be hitting the trail hard, with the holiday over. and those negative ads will be back up on tuesday, on iowa's airwaves. >> he was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. >> reporter: now, the latest on the donald. never one to shy away from publicity. the real estate developer let everyone know he is no longer a republican. he has changed a party affiliation to unaffiliated. and, dan and bianna, as you know, that makes it possible for him to run as an independent for president. what a christmas present for
7:12 am
political reporters. i'll tell you what. >> well said. david kerley, thank you. all right. let's check the other stories developing this morning with mr. christmas spirit, ron claiborne. what's going on, man? >> good morning to you, dan. good morning, bianna. that's a very nice sweater. in fact, it looks the same color as donald trump's hair. did you see that? >> oh. >> i was about to compliment your hair cut. >> well, thank you. >> maybe i'll take it back. >> see? what did i say about christmas spirit? >> that was a compliment. our referee here. good morning, everyone. the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in america has had his powers reduced. a federal judge has ruled that arizona sheriff joe arpaio and his deputies cannot detain people solely on the suspicion that they're in the country illegally. the ruling sets the stage for a possible trial in a lawsuit on alleging racial profiling. last week, the u.s. justice department accused arpaio for
7:13 am
unfairly targeting latinos for detentions and arrests. and a large-scale search for missing toddler ayla reynolds was slowed on friday because of snow in maine. ayla's family showed up for a vigil in waterville last night. ayla's father reported the 20-month-old missing from his home last saturday. and a 23-year-old man will be in court in colorado today in connection with a fatal accident involving some children. a 5-year-old was shot to death by a 3-year-old. adam dean laham faces charges of child abuse resulting in death and criminal negligence. and there's new questions about tsa policy, after a massachusetts woman says her cupcake was confiscated in a las vegas airport. the tsa agent at the airport told her the frosting on the cupcake, in a glass jar, was enough like a jell, and violates a restrictions allowing liquids and gems on to flights. the tsa says it is reviewing that incident. and from cupcakes to ice cream, it was a rocky road. yeah. more dessert news. a rocky road. you missed that one.
7:14 am
>> i got it. >> it was subtle. for holiday travelers near ft. wayne, indiana. a semi trailer, carrying 40,000 pounds of ice cream tipped over, spilling the ice cream across two lanes of interstate highway. it took hours to clean up the cartons. you want to know the flavors, right? vanilla, caramel praline crunch and other flavors of edie's ice cream. >> ron likes the ice cream. >> i like the sweater. for real. it's time for the weather. and back to ginger zee. i love that red on you, ginger. >> thank you. and i love all of you this morning. [ laughter ] okay. let's start things off with your weather. i have some new information on an older story. thursday night, there was a tornado in northern georgia. maybe you heard about this. we have video from that tornado. and now, information that it was an ef-3. so, 150-mile-per-hour winds-plus. luckily, no one passed away from this. but there were minor injuries.
7:15 am
looking at the mild weather in the southeast, they're not going to have any trouble today. texas, the only spot that should have issues delay-wise. so, dallas, houston, and a little tad bit in seattle, problematic as far as weather goes. i'll leave you with the fly across the nation. for now, that's the big picture. >> on this merry christmas eve, i'll show you a couple of facebook photos that i received this week. mountain pics, from north carolina and boulder. the boulder picture was right after they received all that snow.
7:16 am
that was up to three feet southwest of boulder. >> you get the best pictures. they are gorgeous. ginger, thank you. well, hollywood could use a visit from santa this weekend. the holiday season is typically a cash cow for movie studios. but this year, the numbers have been down right dismal, with three-straight weeks of weak sales. will a big hollywood blockbuster save the day and the year for moviemakers? abc's neal karlinsky has the story. ♪ >> reporter: you may have woken up this morning dreaming of a white christmas. but in hollywood, they still have their fingers crossed for a green one. >> no pressure. >> reporter: the big gamble this season is that more is better. normally the time for a few huge hits. this season faces a hard-to-keep-up-with smattering of no less than nine new releases, vying for your attention. everything from a war horse. to chipmunks.
7:17 am
>> i'm the king of the world. >> reporter: the latest sherlock holmes. >> it's in my face. >> reporter: and that "girl with the dragon tattoo." >> with nine films in the marketplace, some films are not going to do as well as others. >> reporter: box office revenue is down 4%. and attendance has slipped 5%, the largest drop in six years. >> i've gone to the movies less this year because movies haven't been seeming as appealing for me to spend the time and money to go to the movies when i can see it on tv a few months later. >> reporter: is it a poor economy? competition from new forms of technology, like smartphones and ipads? or just a good, old-fashioned run of lackluster films this year that didn't get people excited? >> the year's been off a little bit. i mean, it's had its high points, its low points. the last few weeks have been off. >> reporter: the big holiday
7:18 am
week faces a slight disadvantage right out of the gate. theaters won't be open late saturday night because it's christmas eve. but after that, theaters are hoping for big things. the latest tom cruise "mission impossible: ghost protocol" is reason for optimism. it shot to the top of the holiday box office wednesday, with $8.6 million, according to early studio estimates. the final numbers won't be tallied until the new year, making for a nervous holiday in tinseltown. one studio execs are hoping won't have a sequel. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, hollywood. speaking of hollywood, the nation's first dog seems to have pulled off a real stunt. first, bo obama was spotted on a shopping trip with the president in washington. then, he was seen in hawaii, where the rest of the obamas were on vacation. >> it all had tongues wagging. is there a doggy doppelganger? here's abc's yunji de nies. >> reporter: it's been quite a week for the first pooch. bo has been everywhere. his likeness featured around the
7:19 am
white house for the holidays. button bo. trash bag bo. marshmallow and licorice bo. pom-pom bo. and a 4 1/2-foot-tall felt bo. the first lady told abc's barbara walters, bo has an enviable life, saying she wouldn't mind being reincarnated as the family pet in her next life. >> i would want to be bo. he has a great life. >> reporter: bo made the obamas' holiday card, much to the chagrin of sarah palin who wondered aloud on fox news radio, why the card didn't accentuate family, faith and freedom. he's so ubiquitous, bo is now the center of the ultimate canine conspiracy. >> i'm ready. this is holiday, bo. >> reporter: on wednesday, bo was seen with the president, christmas shopping at a mall in virginia. but on sunday, "the honolulu star advertiser" reported that a neighbor spotted him in kailua, at the estate where the first lady and daughters have been waiting for the president since
7:20 am
last week. so, let the political intrigue begin. did the first family fly him to hawaii and then fly him back wednesday to keep the lonely president company? or perhaps, does the secret service have a bo double? a doggy doppelganger to keep the first dog safe. the white house assures us bo never was on the beach. he was in washington all along, and caught a ride with the president to the island on air force one. so, more likely, that neighbor doesn't know bo and mistook another hound for the famous pooch. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, honolulu. >> glad we got that figured out for you. coming up on "gma" on this christmas eve, this mother calling it a christmas miracle. the college student that was about to be taken off of life support after a car accident. then, a huge surprise. plus, our extreme gingerbread house contest, inspired by our favorite christmas movies. which of us will build the best one? and much more music coming
7:21 am
up, as well. ♪ i'm dreaming of a white christmas ♪ ♪ just like the ones i used to know ♪ ♪ where the treetops glisten [ male announcer ] it has a famous big brother.
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♪ hark the herald angels sing ♪ ♪ glory to the newborn king ♪ ♪ peace on earth and mercy mild god and sinners reconciled ♪ ♪ joyful all ye nations rise join the triumph of the skies ♪ you're listening to the beautiful voices of boys and girls choir harlem ensemble, singing one of our favorite traditional songs, "hark the herald angels sing." good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. merry christmas to everybody out there. those guys are great.
7:31 am
we're so happy to have them here. >> so beautiful. they will be serving a dual purpose. they're also going to be the judges in our gingerbread contest. handing out the coveted gingerbread trophy. you know who to vote for, right? >> yes. >> say it once, very clearly, dan. >> dan. >> by the way, the guy that won last year, ron claiborne, here with the headlines this morning. how do you feel now? >> i feel pretty confident. i'm ready. the leading question. good morning to you, nonetheless, dan. good morning, everyone. in the news, tens of thousands of people across russia are protesting today. it's the latest demonstration against suspected election fraud and a growing challenge to prime minister vladimir putin. cuban president, raul castro, is pardoning nearly 3,000 prisoners. but american subcontract, allen gross, will not be among them. gross has served two years on charges of endangering cuba's national security. and a group of former
7:32 am
professional football players is suing the league over brain damage they say they've suffered that's linked to concussions during their playing days. they accused the league of hiding evidence that concussions link to long-term problems. a similar lawsuit was filed earlier this week. finally, christmas eve here. but it's christmas in some places of the world. and santa claus is already on the move. you see him right there. norad is tracking st. nick, who started delivering gifts on the other side of the world. it's time for the weather and ginger zee. ginger? >> ron, all the northwest wants to for christmas is to catch up on the rainfall. well, maybe they don't want that. maybe they wanted a white christmas. but a dry weekend overall, until the next storm system, which starts a pretty active pattern, begins later tomorrow. on christmas, the night of, you'll get a little bit of precipitation. let's talk about the rest of the nation. who else does have the precip, rain and snow for much of the state of texas. the rest looking good on this christmas eve. let me show you the christmas
7:33 am
pictures, so you can look ahead tomorrow, if you're going to grandma's house. 60, atlanta, with developing showers. new >> this weather report has been brought to you by thermacare heat wraps. and i am forecasting a win for myself. for the gingerbread competition. >> gee. >> i admire the confidence. thank you, ginger. we'll see you in a little bit. now, though, to what's being called a christmas miracle. a terrible accident left a college student on life support. but just before the plug was about to be pulled, something truly unbelievable happened. it was a horrible five-car pileup in tucson, arizona, in mid-october. among the injured, sam schmid, a
7:34 am
junior and business major at the university of arizona. when he was air-lifted to this hospital in phoenix, he was in a deep coma. but just as the staff was about to take him off of life support, and possibly make him an organ donor, sam's doctor, the renowned neurosurgeon dr. robert spetzler said he had a hunch. >> i said, let's get one more mri scan. >> reporter: when the scan came back, it showed sam was not brain-dead, even though he was still in that deep coma. that's when the doctor approached his mom. >> he said, let's keep him alive for another week. >> reporter: and that night, sam wiggled two fingers on command. >> it was a miracle. >> reporter: shortly thereafter, he was getting around in a wheelchair and even talking. >> it's a miracle, from where i was, to where i am now. i know i made a lot of progression. >> who's better looking? you or your brother? >> me. >> reporter: and here he is
7:35 am
friday, at a news conference. >> right now, i'm feeling all right. doing pretty good. >> for him to be walking in here, just a couple of months later, that's a great christmas story. >> reporter: dr. spetzler, who has performed more than 6,000 surgeries, and even trained the doctor who operated on congresswoman gabrielle giffords, says he is dumbfounded. >> the odds of him making it were very slim. there's no question about that. but in medicine, we see things, always the exception to the rule. >> reporter: sam still has a long way to go. rehab is grueling. >> i want to be back to normal. >> reporter: doctors say that is entirely possible. and the road to normalcy will start on christmas day, when sam will be allowed to go home. it will be a big day for his family. what a great kid. coming up on "good morning america," here it is, dan. our gingerbread house competition. ron may have won before. but can he repeat? >> i'm predicting no.
7:36 am
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nothing like a little sharp-elbow competition to spice things up on this christmas eve. in time for the holidays. this is the great "gma"
7:39 am
gingerbread contest. everybody competing for the coveted gingerbread trophy. the last time we squared off, ron took the honors. we are ready to give mr. claiborne a run for his money. we have a movie theme this year. and i'm pretty sure i have the box office winner. it is the ultimate christmas culinary competition. >> four anchor elves -- >> paired with four pastry pros. >> it's not bad. >> the mission, build the jolliest gingerbread house of them all. inspired by our favorite christmas movie. >> to tackle this test, i decided to stick with a christmas classic. >> just like i am really santa claus. >> one of my favor all-time christmas movies "miracle on 34th street." building macy's department store, all out of dough. hear that? it's perfect, she said. i'm the reigning champion. i own the championship. they have to take it away from me. bring it on. >> ron is going to need a miracle. he's building new york.
7:40 am
but i'm building a whole gingerbread whoville. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ >> i picked, "the grinch who stole christmas." ♪ you really are a heel >> i thought it would be whimsical. look, ma. just like me. >> ginger's been great. she's actually very talented. >> so far, i feel very confident about this competition. this seriously is a dream. i feel this is one. >> i feel my talent may be too small. but i'm bringing comedy to this competition. >> santa's coming to town. >> oh, my god. >> i picked the movie "elf," because it's one of the few holiday movies that's genuinely funny. >> have the north pole workshop house. and here is rockefeller center. we're going to put in the ice skating rink. >> i love it. let's do it. >> let's do it. >> i feel like even though i'm horribly bad at cooking -- i'm not good at this -- i can beat
7:41 am
all of them. guess which one of these i did. the one that looks like it was designed by a 2-year-old. i don't have to try that hard to beat bianna. bring it. >> oh, really? my house is about to light up the competition, literally. the movie i chose was "national lampoon's christmas vacation." i think we know the scene i'm talking about, when the griswolds' house is lit up. they're so bright, that the power for the entire city goes down. i'm envisioning a gingerbread house with a lot of lights around it. and i think that's where we're going. i'll need more than just icing to win. i'm pulling out the big guns. >> eddie? >> no. not cousin eddie. but these guys. >> power tools in the kitchen. i could get used to this. >> clearly, we all got a real taste of the competition. >> scrumptious.
7:42 am
>> but when the cookie crumbles, only one of us can be the star on top of this christmas tree. >> all right. let's take a closer look at these gingerbread houses. we all know that ours won. but let's give everybody a chance to talk about it. ron, what have you got down there? >> you're not going to win, dan. my collaborator is lauri dutinno, right next to me, who is from cake alchemy. you're a cake tailor. not exactly a pastry chef, but a cake tailor, right? describe our house. >> our house is "miracle on 34th street." we have the backdrop of macy's. and santa's here with susan. all of the reindeer. the tree of lights. and ron helped with the leaves and the sugarwork. he helped roll out the gingerbread. >> it's lauri's vision, though. >> ginger, tell us about yours. >> my artist is jennifer yee.
7:43 am
we already have a win with that. jennifer is with sho restaurant in the financial district. i told you whimsical, fun, and whoville, and you went amazing. tell me what you did here. >> like you said, we had a lot of fun. gingerbread is about candy, colors, sprinkles. and i think we managed to get everything on here. >> and the grinch is right up here. >> and the little grinch to steal everything away. >> excellent. my partner here is michael gabriel, the executive pastry chef at patina restaurant group. so, talk us through why this is going to win. >> because you were my partner. >> yes, thank you. >> mainly because we have the funniest movie at christmastime, "elf." and we have the largest character. >> this is an edible version. >> everything is edible on this piece right here. we made gimbels. we made the ice rink. and the little santa workshop. >> i made a crazed bear. but he hid it behind one of the buildings. >> i had elizabeth hode,
7:44 am
she's the owner of elizabeth hoed custom creation. "national lampoon's christmas vacation." why is this going to win? >> you can see the scene through the window there. we have a sugar santa lawn ornament. the tree crashing through the window, in typical griswold fashion. and you can't have a clark griswold house without the lights. >> we need to get to the winner now. the judges are the members of the boys and girls choir from the harlem alumni ensemble. so, take it away. who won? ♪ ginger >> ginger zee. congratulations. i can take solace in the fact that ron did not win. beyond that -- great job. great job. >> ginger, i guess you would win it. >> right? >> thank you to all of our chefs. you guys did a wonderful job. coming up here on "good morning america," we'll be right back with more music from the boys and girls choir of harlem alumni ensemble. and a special edition of "your three words" on christmas eve. keep it here.
7:45 am
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all right. well, we are here with the boys and girls choir of harlem alumni ensemble.
7:49 am
artistic director, tyneshia hill. what an amazing show you put on this morning. >> thank you so much. >> and you have big news to tell us. >> yes, we are launching the boys and girls choir of harlem alumni ensemble. >> tell us about that. you are part of the ensemble when you were part of the choir. >> alumni ensemble is a bunch of us getting back together and singing and doing what we love. what we do best. >> you're going to sing one more for us, right? >> absolutely. >> "the christmas song." >> thank you very much, guys. a very special "your three words." merry christmas. >> merry christmas. ♪ ooh ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪
7:50 am
♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir ♪ ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ ♪ ev'rybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe ♪ ♪ help to make the season bright ♪ ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow ♪ ♪ will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪
7:51 am
♪ they know that santa's on his way ♪ ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ ♪ and every mother's child is gonna spy ♪ ♪ to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase ♪ ♪ to kids from 1 to 92 ♪ ♪ although it's been said many times, many ways ♪
7:52 am
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the choir is humming. ginger is gloating with her trophy. thank you very much for watching us this morning. and merry christmas to all of you. congratulations, ginger. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. you're the best. >> thank you, jennifer. >> thank you, jennif good morning. on this christmas eve, here a lisa. >> good morning from emeryville. it looks pretty out there. you can tell the haze in the atmosphere and spare-the-air day and temperatures are quite frosty around mount tam.
7:57 am
another nice shot but very little wind out there, not a lot of mixing. a lot of pollutants close to the ground. fairfield is down to 23 degrees. so a hard freeze around the delta. sacramento valley. take a look at the rest of the bay. redwood city, 29. mountain view and los gatos as well as livermore below freezing 28 in concord with 26 in santa rosa. the windchill in napa down to 18 degrees. oakland, 37. not close to any records here, but we will be looking at moderating overnight lows come christmas night when we see more moisture in the air. it's a very dry air mass, and a freeze warning until another hour or so and then our temperatures will slowly come up. we're talking about more 30s and 40s. by the afternoon with the hazy air, once again upper 50s to low 60s.
7:58 am
poor air quality, santa clara and moderate quality around the coast. so high pressure hangs on through christmas day. increasing clouds christmas night. that will bring us up a little bit temperature-wise. first chance of rain will be on wednesday. coming up at 8:00, you've heard of the grinch that stole christmas. we have a story of shoppers that are doing it for real. and police are trying to solve ztzp
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