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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:01. we have a lot of news. i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. topping our news right now. it is not ferris bueller's day off it is an entire school's day off. private institution in san francisco has cancelled classes today after hundreds of students got sick. >> reporter: for those who don't have the stomach flu this is a heck of a good day, 1400 students go to st. ignatius college prep yesterday 200 called in sick or got sick because of what they are calling the stomach
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flu. take a look at what they are doing to sanitize the campus to make it safer. the plan now is to have them come back tomorrow. city health officials say it is not influenza but an outbreak of viral gastroenteritis refered to as the stomach flu it lasts 27 hours. you want to rest and drink liquids if you get it. highly infectious it hits people who don't wash hands after rusing restroom or after getting sick there was plenty of that going on yesterday. >> people were throwing up everywhere. coughing everywhere. >> in order for us to properly clean so this doesn't spread to anybody else, we are taking the precaution to close down schools to do a deep cleaning >> reporter: the girls basketball team took the court last night one member of the team got sick on the court.
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regardless of that, the boy's basketball team is supposed to be taking the court tonight. even though seven players were sick as of yesterday, including five starters, that game is supposed to go forward. we'll keep you updated. also updated on the reopening scheduled for tomorrow. for more information on the stomach flu as they are calling it, and what to do about it, take a look at and click on see it on tv. we've linked to you a lot of important information on it. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. looks like a bug is going around in sonoma county. an unusual number of students at two santa rosa schools have been going hom0vjpz@3/j)f
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those will be fleeting by about noon as the system rolls off to the east high pressure moving in you can see the next system pushed north that means increase in sunshine in afternoon after if we are lucky upper 50s to low 60s close to where we should be for this time of the year. as we look at the seven day, a little fog tonight, total sunshine tomorrow, all the way through sunday with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s a slight cooling trend early next week. let's find out about your traffic this morning. frances has been covering a couple of accidents better news now this crash in the fairfield area we are hearing westbound lanes should be roped in a few minutes they've been closed --
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reopened in a few minutes. they've been closed about an hour this is jamison canyon it was affecting traffic in both directions eastbound lanes are open. i want to take you to the waze traffic maps, because of drivers heading through we can tell you how slow it is four miles per hour, 13 miles per hour eastbound. this is because we've had drivers turn on this waze application and it shares their speeds with other drivers. also, at the bay bridge toll, minor wait for some of the cash-paying lanes. 6:09 now. this is a very important recall that any woman and birth control needs to hear. the pill that may not be offering you the pregnancy protection you thought they did beware of the budget the treasurer issues dire new warning about california's checkbook. the public servants who risked their lives to pull a úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú l
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:13. live look at the iconic golden gate bridge suffers from the same malady the rest of the bridges do, wet and slick from the drizzle overnight. mike will tell us more. more details on a developing story this morning affecting women on birth control. pfizer recalling one million packets of birth control pills with a packaging error that
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could lead to accidental pregnancies. the problem affects 14 -- pfizer found that some packets of pills had too many active tablets others had too few. the pills manufactured and packaged by pfizer were sold -- you have any of the affected pills the company is advising to you use an alternative method of birth control and you can go to for more details. peninsula assemblyman says pg&e's plan to upgrade natural gas pipeline system burdens rate payers with too much of the cost. jerry hill says he will urge state regulators to reject the plan. he will release a study he says shows the cost will be more than five billion dollars over 50 years, buck the amount the utility -- double the amount the utility projected and customers will a over90%
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and pg&e will make a profit. this morning hill plans to ask chairman of the public utilities commission to remove himself from an investigation on whether pg&e should be fined for the san bruno pipeline disaster. controller chung says california will run the of money by early march unless swift action is taken in a letter to lawmakers chung says the state needs to quickly come up with 3.3 through borrowing and payment delays state tax revenues are 2.6 billion dollars less than what governor brown and state lawmakers assumed in their budget last year. chung is hoping lawmakers act quickly. he's seeking more than two billion dollars in delayed payments to universities, counties and medical as well as additional bar reing from outside investors. -- bar reing from outside investors. mike is here, we see the roads are a little wet. very small, nuisance, very much a nuisance out there,
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just enough to coat the ground enough to be measurable a couple hundreds around santa rosa, not much but it is going to be a little bit of a pain. frances thinks maybe that caused some of the accidents this morning. be aware when you step out. live doppler around the santa clara valley where we have the best radar returns now. returns are slowly dissipating as the storm system is starting to move quickly down through this part of our neighborhoods. you can see right there that is just about over in fact let's move on and show what has happened over the last three hours or so, definitely a weak system falling apart, best chance of getting anything measurable is right now. once that sun comes up, the atmosphere is going to expand and dry and see a lot of sun this afternoon. 50 san rafael, 52
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half moon bay mid to upper 40s everybody else mid to upper 40s around monterey bay and inland highlights, partly÷2x$p cloudy this afternoon, cooler tonight patchy fog forming warmer than average during our afternoon starting friday through the weekend. even with the late sunshine temperatures close to average upper 50s around san rafael, richmond, san francisco, san mateo, half moon bay, clear lake the rest of us in the low 60s monterey bay will see increasing sunshine this afternoon and upper 50s around salinas, watsonville, monterey you see in the green the yellow santa cruz, morgan hill, gilroy and hollister low to mid 60s. tonight watch the fog form mid to upper 30s santa cruz, napa, clear lake, cover detail, palo alto, morgan hill, everybody else in the low to mid 40s tomorrow morning. weak front moving through
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rapidly. if you watch our timeframe the best chance over the next hour or so of showers drizzle will linger until 9:00. by 12:00 it is gone during the afternoon hours watch the clouds break up then the sky will quickly fill with fog overnight. here's your seven day forecast, for groundhog day, upper 50s at the coast, mid 60s for rest of us. mid 60s spread to the coast friday, saturday and low 60s at the coast and possibly upper 60s around the bay for sunday. hope you have a great day. here's frances with the details. we finally have better news in that fairfield area high 12 jamison canyon reopened in both deck shuns after the injury -- both directions after the injury crash. i want to show you a detailed version by going to the waze traffic maps. this will take to you the street level. notice traffic heavy moving
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nine miles per hour, even seven in both direction as approaching the scene. this is a driver heading through, candy is moving around 25 miles an hour. around 5:45 she was stuck in the eastbound direction. she said it was at a complete standstill. 880 area where we've had five to six accidents reported right near winton and a street traffic still going by, not too slowly on 880, i think the slick roads may have contributed to all these accidents that you see. 880, hayward, even on to 238 be extra careful i'll tell you more about how you can have that waze app. here's a live shot bay bridge toll, metering lights were turned on it is starting to back up beyond the end of the parking lot. looking good in san jose headlights northbound 280
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that's highway 17 across your screen. i wanted to show you the south bay that's where mike was showing radar returns. of course the waze app is a free traffic app, you can learn more and download it from it is now 6:20 this morning a police cruiser's dashcam is offering the world a look at two heroes. what you are hearing is two police officers in new jersey yelling to a driver in a car that is on fire. you see the flames right there. when they got no response the two braved the flames and managed to pull the unconscious driver to safety. officials say the man behind the wheel suffered smoke inhalation. thanks to theñ:p brave officers, no burns. guardian angels. 6:20. coming up, getting there faster. the deal that will get you through security more quickly at sfo if you are willing to
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pay the price. less than a month from oscar sunday. if you can't wait you might want to visit for exclusive content, videos and blogs. we'll be right back. h@
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welcome back. san francisco international will soon offer faster security prescreening to travelers who are willing to pay for it. the clear program is expected to return in april at sfo.
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it allows participants to move closer to the front of the line to get carry-on items screened and bypass the first regular security tier where passengers show a drivers license or passport. the clear program will cost $179, a similar program was cancelled three years ago after the previous vendor shutdown. >> >> new survey offering disturbing proof that many of us don't want to be without our smartphone, even for a minute. -- the study finds that 3/4 of us admit we bring our mobile devices with us when we go to the bathroom. what are we using them for? 3/4 said they are tweeting or texting. half admitted they are calling friends or business associates. almost 40% say they surf the web or shop. the study was done by -- >> the less said about that the better. still ahead, opt-out, the vote that could give pg&e customers an option to avoid
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smart meters. last minute reprieve for a few service nose such luck for employees. the vote will cost dozens of -- city workers their jobs. drastic move alameda county's d.a. has taken to prevent future violence at occupy oakland protests. >> reporter: facebook executives aren't commenting on what might happen today. but everyone else is talking about it. i'm amy hollyfield live in menlo park, i'll explain, coming up. sfo reporting flight arrival delays of 56 minutes. everybody else on time. use that flight tracker at ?t?t?t>
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trading has just gotten underway on wall street. stock futures getting a boost from solid manufacturing data around the world. investors keeping a close eye on facebook's expected ipo filing today. we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. wall street's big focus today will be on a stock that isn't publicly traded yet. facebook is expected to outline its plan for going public. there are estimates it would be the biggest silicon valley ipo ever. amy hollyfield is live at facebook headquarters in menlo
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park with more. >> reporter: it is exciting eric. this is typically an experience for the big time investors. some are thinking facebook likes to do the unexpected. maybe the company will put a provision in for its users and set some shares aside for the small time investor. something for all of us to be looking for in that ipo gets filed today. some in the wall street world are expecting pandemonium in terms of demand for stock. if they file that ipo today as expected, the stock will start trading probably in three to four months from now. it will be a big payday for employees and investors. there's hope and great expectations for what it will mean for the economy in menlo park. facebook executives are asking the city council if they can expand on their new campus. >> we currently have occupancy of 3600 on the existing
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campus. we would like that to move to 6600 which are great high paying jobs in the community with lots of other contractors and vendors and construction workers onsite. we've invested 250 million dollars in construction on the existing sight alone which has -- existing site alone which has been a huge economic boom to the area. >> reporter: they were at the council meeting last night asking the council to consider letting them add on to the current location. the company appears to be unstoppable. many in silicon valley are excited about the new millionaires possibly buying big houses and fancy cars, maybe donating to local non-profits. people are dreaming big down here. facebook is not commenting about the possibility of an ipo being filed today. just about everyone else is talking about it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. :32. this morning health officials in sonoma county investigating
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after an unusually high number of students at two santa rosa schools started getting sick. school officials believe the norovirus may have struck last week and monroe elementary this week. it matches symptoms both schools have sent notes home to parents. outbreak of the stomach flu has cancelled classes today at st. ignatius college prep in san francisco, 200 students call out sick or became ill at school yesterday. officials decided to close so they can deep clean the campus today. health officials say it is a viral outbreak of the stomach flu and not influenza. it is easily spread when people don't wash hands after using the restroom or after getting sick. terry mcsweeney will have more in 20 minutes. this morning the california public utilities commission is expected to give pg&e customers the choice of
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operating out of having a smart meter -- and keeping their old analog meter customers who choose to opt-out would be required to pay a $75 fee and $10 monthly. low income customers will a initial $10 and monthly $5. pg&e says the fees are necessary for man training the meters and paying workers to read them. consumers protested against smart meters pause of privacy and health concerns as well as questions about their accuracy. breaking news for music fans, tmz reporting that soul train creator don cornelius has been found dead in his sherman oaks home. law enforcement sources are calling it a suicide. police were first called to the home around 4 a.m. on reports of gunshots reportedly cornelius was found with a gunshot wound to the head. he's credited with changing the landscape of television when his show "soul train"
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debutted in 1971 and ran until 2006. don cornelius, dead at the age of 75. sheriff ross mirkarimi is asking for a speedy court hearing so he can ask a judge to allow him to see his 2-year-old son. his attorney filed a petition asking for an expedited family court hearing friday. the sheriff was barred from seeing his boy by a judge after he was look booked on domestic violence charges. mirkarimi is accused of bruising his wife's arm during a new year's eve argument. his trial is scheduled for february 24th. today occupy oakland protesters plan to outline their plans for their next protest now scheduled for next monday. some may be risking a lot more if they take part because a judge has issued an order barring them from coming within 300 feet of oakland city hall. the 12 who received the stay way orders yesterday were among the 400 arrested saturday night.
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alameda's district attorney asked the order for so-called repeat offenders. she says the city won't coll rate -- tolerate people who come to oakland with the intent of causing violence. 6:36. dozens of oakland city workers will fan out if they are the ones the -- will find out if they are the ones the ax will fall on. there's a reprieve for two popular children's destinations? >> reporter: there is some good news which will keep kids happy among others. funding has been saved for the oakland zoo, children's ferryland, hacienda historical part -- park and some art groups. in the original proposal those destinations faced a 40% cut to their budgets. there's bad news, 105 positions eliminated, which boils down to 80 people losing their jobs. the city is going to sell a former fire station.
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parks and recreation and human services departments are merging. some rec centers may have to reduce hours. governor brown cut redevelopment agencies to save the state money some agree with that and some don't. >> the state is broke. we can no longer afford this kind of expensive corporate welfare that redevelopment has come. >> i do affordable housing i think my job is important. it is difficult. >> oakland police and fire departments and the library budgets will be untouched. it could have been worse in oakland the redevelopment funding contributed to the salaries of 200 employees. city leaders were able to save some of those jobs by reorganizing departments. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:37 now. the state department of water resources is planning to conduct its second snow survey of the year later this morning. like the first manual survey taken january 3rd, at echo summit the water content
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measure is expected to be small. it was 19% of normal then. the latest electronic readings indicate water content in the statewide snow pack is now 38% of normal. a lot more rain and a lot more snow are needed more than just a coating the pavement out there. meteorologist mike nicco takes a closer look at that coating. we have light rain in many areas and some drizzle it going to hang around through the morning commute. 9:00, it will start dissipating by noon completely gone on the embarcadero southeast from our roof low in the visibility, we have flight arrival delays into sfo. it is hard to see the drizzle and light rain with this particular system. let's move on and show you what it looked like three hours ago when some of the better showers moved through boundary pushing to the south
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the clearing not coming in until later on this afternoon. 1 1/2 mile visibility, novato that's as low as it gets. through 8:00, scattered rain and drizzle to continue icloud did temperatures in the mid to upper -- by noon everything is dry and pockets of sun start to develop and we hit lower to middle 50s. by 4:00, partly cloudy, mid to upper 50s for your time outside at 4:00 even the commute home at 5:00, 6:00, temperatures hold steady until then. seven day forecast is warmer and drier after the fog fades tomorrow morning through sunday. frances dinglasan keeping an eye on those accidents. we've had quite a few in the last 10 minutes. six accidents out there, new one westbound 80 san pablo road traffic slow there. as you head to the bay bridge toll, metering lights on now backed up towards 880
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overcrossing for taillights moving into san francisco. also, typical delays, 680 walnut creek brake lights southbound towards highway 24, new crash reported southbound 680 castlewood no details on that one yet. san mateo bridge westbound more conjested. still flowing well across the san mateo bridge but there's slowing southbound 880 through hayward because of several accidents in the area. just keep that in mind. we head back to the waze traffic maps to show you how it is improving on jamison canyon. there was an injury crash during the 5:00 hour that blocked lanes. all lanes have been reopened. notice starting to move, although still slow in both directions 34 miles per hour eastbound towards 80 and 11 along that short westbound stretch. you can have this information available to you when you need it for your commute by going to download
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it to your iphone or smartphone and join our traffic spotter community. 6:41. trading is underway on wall street. all eyes on facebook's filing for an ipo expected today. we'll have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at building board dow up 107 points. >> city of berkeley flexes its financial mussel. why it is ready to -- financial muscle. why it is ready to pull hundreds ofúúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúúú
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welcome back. 6:45. check out some of the wet weather and high elevation snow moving across the northern half of our state. if if you are heading in the central valley or sierra they will probably not be there by the time you get there. low to mid 60s, big sur, los angeles and san diego, sunny and 75 in palm springs. 6:45. mitt romney fresh off his big florida primary victory has made a new eyebrow-raising
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comment in an interview with cnn he said he's not concerned about the very poor. he explains because they have an ample safety net and he's focused on the suffering middle class. it be fodder for his opponents. in yesterday's florida race romney received 46% of the vote. newt gingrich came in second with 32%, santorum 13% and ron paul with 7%. romney leads all gop candidates with two primary wins, including new hampshire. >> this campaign about is about more than replacing a president. it is about saving the soul of american. >> beginning rich -- gingrich says his campaign is far from over. >> when i become your president, i pledge to you, my life, my fortune and my sacred honor this is about america.
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santorum said he's not surprised by last night's results. he and paul left florida early to get a head start in nevada. all the candidates are there now. the state holds its caucuses saturday. investors waiting this morning on the next best thing since google many reports that facebook is expected to announce plans to go public today. >> jane king joins us live if -- on the latest. some calling it the most anticipated initial public offering since google in 2004. facebook has chosen morgan stanley to be unwriters and expected to file paperwork today. -- with the underwriters and expect to file paperwork today. hedge fund manager thinks facebook is overhyped. >> this is a very overpriced company facebook at 100 billion dollars would be 25
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times revenues. that doesn't happen linkedin was 11 times revenues, even google was only 15 times revenues. i don't understand people who are rushing to buy in at 25 times, it seems like it is destined for tears ahead. >> reporter: though no question facebook is one of the biggest ipo's of the year. headlines on twitter research firm says microblogging service going to triple by 2014. we have a higher open this morning optimism about jobs, chrysler out with a nice turn-around profit first yearly since 1997 big jump in january sales. the bloomberg silicon valley intext up half percent. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. --
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the city of berkeley leading another socially-minded charge. the count still voted last night to withdraw 300 million dollars from the downtown wells fargo bank. the proposal is in response to the bank's role in the housing crisis that the economy reeling. >> i feel this is one way which we can make a statement and push for changes to promote better banking practices and more equity in our society. >> the bank released this statement: over the past three years wells fargo has donated who are than three million dollars to 89 non-profits in berkeley. the city council wants to put the city's money in community banks or credit unions. it needs to know if they can handle assets from a city the size of berkeley. mike nicco checking out our wet commute. >> you can see on the golden gate bridge even though the radar returns aren't as robust as they were earlier we have a moist atmosphere and
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drizzle until 9:00 this morning. good morning. let's take a look at live doppler, bulk of the radar returns moving south with the boundary creating this moist morning. a couple of hundredths is about all we are going to get but enough to make things slick this morning. we'll talk to frances dinglasan in a minute. around the monterey bay and inland temperatures in the mid to upper 40s with cloudy conditions and drizzle. by the afternoon, partly cloudy and we'll see this trend continue as we need tomorrow even more sunshine before that it will be cooler tonight with patchy fog and warmer than average weekend afternoons it will feel like spring for the first weekend of february. temperatures climb throughout the month it is a leap year we go to the 29th, these are average highs santa rosa, redwood city, two degrees warmer by end of the month in san francisco and oakland
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san jose and livermore we start out 60, 64 by end of the month. this month we see our days extended by 59 minutes and one second. let's look at today temperatures close to average, upper 50s to low 60s. with the increasing sunshine this afternoon we'll have upper 50s around monterey, salinas and watsonville, low to mid 60s the rest of the monterey bay and inland fog tonight cooler mid 30s to near 40 inland low to mid 40s bay shore to the coast san francisco the mildest at 47°. the last in the series of weak systems moving through cold front and you can see how quickly 9:00 things die up. by noon we are already -- things dry up. by noon we are already seeing breaks in the clouds sunshine latter parts of the afternoon into the evening lack of cloud cover allows the fog to form tonight. look for a sunny groundhog day upper fives along the coast
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mid 60s for the rest of us. mid 60s along the coast and mid to upper 60s as we head through the weekend around inland neighborhoods and the bay. there ought to be beautiful sunsets like this one, crop this, caught in half moon bay earlier this month. earlier last month isn't that absolutely beautiful? if you have a beautiful picture like that and you have a catchy name, go ahead and send it in. let me crop it to make it fit. i must say our viewers have some of the best nicknames submitting pictures and also a lot of our waze traffic drivers out there, great nicknames. bay bridge toll backed up now past 880 overcrossing metering lights on. 880 stretch we've had six accidents southbound through hayward one now at highway 92
6:53 am
blocking lanes one at stevenson also blocking lanes slow in those stretches from 238 to dakota road drive time 16 minutes. live shot now of 101 in san rafael, you know it is slow in the north bay for headlights moving southbound and we'll also check out the ride in the south bay for you, so far no major trouble, you will notice for those headlights, things are starting to get more crowded as you head towards northbound towards cupertino out of downtown san jose area. now the waze traffic maps to show you where slow, livermore 13 miles per hour, you will find typical heavy traffic on westbound 580. you can be part of this community by going to our website. those bubbles are commuters who have turned on the free traffic app. go to, download it to your iphone or
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android and be part of our traffic spotter community. 6:53 the old span of the bay bridge which is about to be replaced isn't going anywhere any time soon. caltrans says the project to demolish the old span will take longer than originally estimated largely because of the environmental concerns that will require a painstakingly slow dismantling of the old span. a spokesman for caltrans says the project will cost about 244 million dollars and take five to seven years. the demolition process will begin late next year assuming the new bridge opens on time. you may want to take the can is to the oaklazpfn/ zoo to meet total cuteness, maggie the first female giraffe born at the zoo in nearly a decade will make her public debut tomorrow. she measures six feet but has a lot of growing ahead of her. the zoo in will have a conference next week to discuss --
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recapping: students at st. ignatius college prep in san francisco are getting an unexpected day off a massive disinfecting campaign is underway after hundreds of students came down with the stomach flu. >> terry mcsweeney is live with details. >> reporter: 1400 students are getting the day off at least 200 of them hopefully are in bed resting up and getting fluids. look at what the school is doing while the school is closed. they are trying to disinfect out here working on desks, lockers, door handles, anything they can find that students may have touched. city health officials say it is not influenza but viral gastroenteritis, known as the stuplt flu, lasts 72 hours. the school plans to reopen thursday this is highly infectious it spreads when people don't wash hands after using the restroom and it can be spread through contact with
6:56 am
someone who has gotten sick, spreads rapidly that explains why 200 students got it all told, yesterday. symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea. extremely unpleasant. it was unpleasant at last night's girl's basketball game when one of the players got sick on the court. the boy's game still scheduled for tonight even though the starting five all have the stomach flu. if you want more information go to terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. final check on weather and traffic. good important. be prepared for wet weather not showing up much on doppler but there's a lot of drizzle out there, flight arrival delays into sfo. sunshine and warmer starting tomorrow afternoon. bay bridge toll traffic backed up towards the 880 over
6:57 am
crossing wet ride jamison canyon road still sluggish follow ago earlier crash lanes have been roped. new accident in the south bay -- northbound santa cruz avenue. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 news. >> have a great day and we'll you pack here tomorrow
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