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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 2, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news this morning. damage control. >> critics piling on mitt romney again for saying he's not concerned about the nation's very poor. rivals are quick to strike, as donald trump meantime elbows into the campaign today. mystery in the night sky. millions saw this strange light last night. flooding facebook with images. so what exactly was it? and stoned joan. the must see by the nearly 80-year-old legend. joan rivers gets high on legal pot and then gets the munchies. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. las vegas seems to be the
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perfect setting as showman and real estate mogul donald trump makes an announcement on the republican race today. >> meanwhile, mitt romney looks for votes in vegas as well, as he is trying to recover, though, from yet another gaffe. tahman bradley joins us from washington with more on the day ahead. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. newt gingrich says a second place finish in las vegas won't be good enough. he hopes to turn things around, especially with mitt romney in damage control. in need of a boost, newt gingrich might play a trump card. two campaign advisers say they expect their candidate will receive donald trump's endorsement at a las vegas event today. gingrich has not been told directly about trump's intentions. the potential endorsement comes as front-runner mitt romney is under attack once again for something he said. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs a repair, i'll fix it. you can focus on the rich.
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that's not my focus. you can focus on the very poor. that's not my focus. my focus is on the middle americans. >> reporter: his comments lit up the political world. his opponents argue that what he said shows that the billionaire businessman is out of touch. >> i'm running to be the president of all the american people. i'm concerned about all of the american people. >> reporter: president obama's campaign manager tweeted. so much for we're all in this together. even rush limbaugh chimed in. >> he makes himself a target with this stuff. he comes across as the prototypical rich republican. >> reporter: romney critics say this is not the first time the candidate has said something that makes him seem aloof. >> corporations are people, my friend. i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> reporter: romney is trying to change the subject. he talked about automatic increases in the minimum wage to keep up with inflation. something many republicans don't support. paula and rob? >> tahman bradley, thanks.
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looks like mitt romney suffers a little bit from foot in mouth disease. >> thanks, again, tahman. turning to southern california.ere are worki crews there are working to fix a radiation leak at a power plant there. the leak is thought to be minor. it's raising troubling questions about nuclear safety. with more, here's david wright. >> reporter: officials say the radiation leak likely occurred in the steam generator tubes of san onofre's reactor number 3. >> no danger to the public. no danger to our workers. >> reporter: did any radiation leak out? >> if there was any leakage at all, it would have been so minor. >> reporter: that steam system, which is supposed to be shielded from any exposure to radiation, was replaced in december 2010. so, the question is, why did those parts fail now? >> it could be a mechanical issue, due to new equipment. there is also the possibility that the e that the equipment was defective and this is a harbinger of more problems. >> reporter: san onofre is one of dozens of u.s. reactors
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facing new scrutiny after japan's nuclear crisis. right on the coast, in the heart of america's earthquake country. just next door to the marine corps west coast hub. camp pendleton. we came here the day the fukushima daiichi plant in japan melted down. plant officials were eager to reassure the public the same thing could not happen here. is this plant safe? >> absolutely. this plant is safe. >> reporter: after japan, the nuclear regulatory commission updated its seismic model. and a report issued found that 96 reactors in the central and southern u.s. are in regions at higher risk of a quake than previously thought. now it is essential to underscore that sit not clear that this event had anything to do with earthquakes. it's likely just faulty equipment. plant officials are assuring the public and the workers there is no danger whatsoever.
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people are understandably nervous after what happened in japan. david wright, abc news. >> our thanks to david wright. u.s. combat troops could leave afghanistan by the end of next year under a new military plan. that's about than earlier nato plans. leon panetta says that trainers and advisers will remain in the country through 2014. the approach is similar to the one used to end u.s. military involvement in iraq. and egypt is in mourning right now following a deadly riot at a soccer match. at least 74 people were killed. hundreds injured. it started after the home team secured an unlikely win against egypt's top club. fans, look at this, running on to the field attacked opposing players and their supporters. many accusing security forces of doing nothing to stop the attacks. newscasters overcome with emotion while reporting. this is the deadliest soccer violence since 1996.hington sta same-sex couples could walk down
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the aisle by june. the bill was passed in the state senate last night. as supporters watched there from the sidelines. the house is expected to approve the measure as early as next week. the governor says she will sign the bill into law. now to the strange sight over texas. a bright light streaking across the sky last night turned out to be a meteor. this video was captured by a dash cam on a patrol car. sightings reported as far away as kansas. many people say they heard a sonic boom. there's still no confirmation that the meteor hit the ground. >> what an amazing sight to witness. time for the weather across the nation. late-day blizzard-like conditions from the rockies to denver. gusty winds, hail, and a chance of tornadoes from oklahoma city to amarillo and dallas. thick morning fog in the upper midwest. early showers from d.c. to west virginia. >> near 50 here in new york. 67 in atlanta.
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a warm 82 in miami. kansas city, 62. minneapolis, 41. 50s in the pacific northwest. 68 in phoenix. coming up, the body blow thousands of american airlines workers as the company announces massive layoffs. >> rough news there. plus, this morning, the multimillionaire in hot water who, get this, has now adopted his girlfriend. some legal experts are calling it a brilliant move. and on this groundhog's day, when groundhogs go bad. we're right back.
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welcome back this thursday morning. facebook's initial public offering filing yesterday gives us a glimpse inside the company. including what worries the social network. the number of new users could level off. facebook ads have not been that effective so far. some of the employees will make so much money off the ipo, they may leave. next year, founder mark zuckerberg will be paid just $1. i think he'll be all right. >> yeah, no one's crying for the facebook staff today. there's turbulence ahead for american airlines employees. the bankrupt airline wants to slash 13,000 jobs. that's about 15% of its workforce. they want to end the pension plans and cut health benefits for retirees and current employees. the airline's union say they are stunned. auto sales are taking off.
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most auto makeers posted strong sales in january. this could be the best year for the industry since the recession. many drives need to replace aging vehicles. the average car on the road is how old? about 11 years old. markets were up overnight on better than expected economic data from the u.s. and china. tokyo's nikkei average picked up 67 points today. hong kong's hang seng jumped 406. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow gained 84 points. the nasdaq rose 34. the nfl is using social media to help 150,000 fans expected in indy on sunday. the first ever super bowl social media command center will monitor twitter, facebook, and other sites as well. they're ready to answer questions such as where to eat and what parking garages have spaces available. can you overstate the power of facebook and twitter? amazing. >> it's completely changed everything we do. next, the treasure hunter
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rain also soex i. 10 and 20 in texas and louisiana. heavy snow on parts of i-15 and 80 in wyoming and utah. flight delays possible in chicago, minneapolis, denver, salt lake city, houston and new orleans. a wealthy houston businessman has adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend in an apparent attempt to shield his assets. >> john goodman is charged in a fatal 2010 drunk driving accident in florida. the parents of the 23-year-old man killed in the crash are suing goodman. but he decided to adopt his girlfriend after a judge ruled that the trust funds set up for his two biological children are off limits. >> folks are look at this as it's brilliant or a crazy stunt that could backfire. >> the adoption took place three months ago but was not disclosed until this week. he's facing a criminal trial on
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the dui manslaughter trial. he could get up to 30 years behind bars. mississippi's highest court will laer legal challenges to the pardons by the outgoing governor. he sparked a lot of outrage by pardoning dozens of people, including kirls and rapists. and a bunch of treasure unt hers are waiting for the right conditions to start what could be mare last recovery mission. it will take place 50 miles out in the atlantic. the wreck of a british ship sunk in world war ii. they say there's about $3 billion in platinum on board that ship. the hope is to keep the mission mostly a secret to avoid piracy. it's not expected to start for a few weeks. good luck, fellas. in medical news, researchers say sugar can be harmful, just like alcohol and tobacco.
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a group of scientists from the university of california san francisco wrote a paper calling sugar a toxic and addictive substance that should be taxed and regulated just like booze and cigarettes. >> it would raise a lot of money. security forces are cranking up the alert levels as we get closer to the big game. homeland security secretary was in indianapolis detailing new security measures. fans are told not bring anything to the stadium that could disrupt the big game, including umbrellas and camcorders. private aircraft will be banned from flying near the stadium. now for hoops highlights. we check in with the gang at espn news. good morning, i'm jorge andres. we start with the nba. the thunder. taking on the mavs. okc off to the best start since they were the seattle supersonics.
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first quarter, delonte west making it look easy. rick carlisle is upset. russell westbrook. and the jam. after the quick, carlisle apologizing to a fan. why? he kicked the ball and wrap, right in his face. he would get ejected from the game. kevin durant, jumper, easy. thunder up four. later, westbrook, three-bomb me please. thunder win, 95-86. college hoops, number six baylor taking on texas a&m. jones. to jackson. he makes three balls look easy. baylor up by five. just over 2:00 to go. david to daniel alexander. knocking down threes. and we're up. under 40 seconds to go in the ball game. nice move. and a bucket.
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texas a&m up by two. 20 seconds to go. jack-up three to pull-up three to go. baylor bears up by one. nine seconds. turner. quick. looking to have something. not going to do it. it's 63-60, a baylor win. that's your spence news update. for more, tune in to espn news. on this 30th anniversary show last night, david letterman cracked that when he started on tv he still had his own hair and heart. he welcomed howard stern to help him mark the big occasion. >> some long-time staffers did their top tens. one told letterman he was incompetent. coming up next, the artist who is about to be worth almost $250 million because of facebook. and joan rivers channeling
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all ri e to check "the pulse" the stories you'll be talking about today. today is the day. groundhog day. in the spotlight it's punxsutawney phil behaving nicely last year. that's not always the case.
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new york's major had his fingers chomped on a few years ago by staten island chuck. they can't predict the weather either. it's been a mild winter. i'm guessing he'll not see his shadow. spring is coming early. i feel it. >> i don't. now to the latest shocker on reality tv. this time from the one and only joan rivers. >> in the latest episode of "joan and melissa, joan knows best" she's seen smoking marijuana in car with her friend. they're so stoned, they call her daughter, melissa, to come get her. >> you have to come get us. we need you. >> i don't know what you're up to. >> she has the prettiest hair, melissa. >> i know lynn has nice hair. >> and my hair is pretty, too. >> it's so pretty pi.
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>> oh, my gosh. >> the day when the daughter has to act like the mom. joan and her friend got the munchies. they stopped for burgers and fries from a food truck. >> what do you say about that? we mentioned facebook is going public today. lots of people are in for a huge windfall. among them, bono. >> he paid $120 million for a chunk of facebook two years ago. and david cho, who painted their offices in 2005, he chose to be paid in stock instead of cash. wise decision. his shares could be valued at $200 million when trading starts. >> he said he once thought the idea was ridiculous and pointless. i don't think he or his wallet feel the same way now. >> for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else,
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remembering a legend. soul train's don cornelius. for better nutrition. is te and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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next life and death battle after a man is tapped in a trench. rescue on camera and the questions the state is asking. research saying sugar is as toxic as tobacco. meteorologist mike nicco has your groundhog day forecast. >> definitely will feel like spring today. i found another cans of rain in the forecast. updates today's top stories. expectations are that donald trump will endorse newt gingrich today in vegas.
4:27 am
but with the donald, you never know what will happen. workers are trying to plug a leak at a nuclear plant in san onofre. investigators are trying to find out why a knew part malfunctions. if the senate approves the law, same sex couples could get married by in summer in washington. a big weather hits the northern rockies today before hitting denver and moving into the great plains. some areas could be buried under a foot of snow. get those shovels ready. finally from thus morning, remembering the pioneer of television's soul. "soul train" founder don cornelius apparently took his own life at the age of 75. >> here's chris connolly. >> the hippest trip in america. >> reporter: what don cornelius created for television would become the most influential m
4:28 am
music program of its time. >> i wanted to do a black american ban stand. >> reporter: the first national guest. gladys knight and the pips. ♪ everyone across the nation no ♪ >> reporter: over the years, stevie wonder to the jackson 5. ♪ oh, baby, move it baby >> reporter: james brown. and so many other greats. even aretha franklin. >> esh watched "soul train" and don cornelius. he was a gentleman first, last, and always. >> reporter: contemporary music by african-americans. it was placed front and center here. >> when it came on, it was
4:29 am
overnight hot. not because it was such a wonderful show. but because it was there. >> reporter: because as everyone knew, the biggest stars on soul train weren't the singers. they were the dancers. >> flat forms. bell-bottoms, afros, big afros. >> nice wig you got on there, man. >> i hope he knew at the very end what he gave us to all. because it's amazing. his contradiction to african-american culture, to american culture, if it's every forgotten, we should be ashamed. >> i'm don cornelius. we wish you love, peace, and soul. >> reporter: i'm chris connelly in los angeles. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc


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