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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good thursday morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. state investigators will look into whether work rules were violated when a man dug a trench yesterday that almost became his grave. amy hollyfield is live on the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: he is very lucky. osha will have questions about how this could happen. here's the scene of where the man fell in and this frontyard the hole is now covered up. take a look at this dramatic rescue. crews spent three hours trying to dig out the man. he was buried with dirt up to his chest. fires say because he was packed in cold mud they were
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very worried about the possibility of hypothermia. paramedics were monitoring him and treating him while crews were trying to dig him out. osha will be out here this morning to be asking questions about how this could happen. and whether the man was permitted to do the work. and where the safety measures broke down. >> my understanding that this is being done from a resident so i'm not sure if this is a licensed contractor or if this is a neighbor helping a neighbor. >> reporter: the 50-year-old man from oakland was taken to the hospital. he looks like he's going to be fine. he was complaining of pain in his legs and pelvis but he was talking, alert. firefighters say he was very lucky, especially since his head wasn't covered by the dirt he was just buried up to his chest. i was quite a spectacle out here, 200 people gathered to watch the dramatic scene which involved emergency crews from as far away as orinda.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:03. san francisco's st. ignatius prep will remain shutdown until monday after more than 350 students and teachers came down with what may be the norovirus. officials planned to cancel classes for one day but the problem got too big. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco's sunset district with the late owes on the health department's investigation. >> reporter: -- big as you said and maybe about to get bigger. the health department feels pretty certain that this could be that norovirus under the umbrella of gastroenteritis or stomach flu. they know what it is but not sure how this all got started at st. ignatius. there is concern it could be fanning out around the bay area. take a look at one of the students who came down with this. nick has got it in a big way he's spending day or two of
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his sudden vacation in bed. public health says this virus spread rapidly. 325 or so reporting having symptoms. crews have been disinfecting surfaces. experts try figure out where it came from. officials say it wasn't the food prep area, wind the water supply. a doctor with cal pacific says it could be a food handler bringing it in because it happened so quickly. now back to our friend nick. >> i was really excited about it and then i woke up at 1, not feeling too good it was downhill from there. >> you get aches and pains, diarrhea and vomiting. then quickly you get very well and you are back on your feet. >> reporter: the doctor says no reports at other city schools but he says it is a possibility it will spread around the city maybe even the bay area because of the
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interaction of students in sports and other activities. i know that a number of st. ignatius students come from the north bay, east bay and south bay they are going out into those areas. hopefully those are students who won't be spreading it. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the oakland police department has released new video of the saturday night occupy rampage that included the trashing of city hall. the security camera footage shows protesters breaking into the building and grabbing an american flag and the chaos that followed. police describe efforts to prevent demonstrators from occupying a vacant building near city as hall as a street battle it ended with 400 arrests and occupiers claim authorities violated their first amendment rights. according to postings oakland occupiers are planning another day of action monday. supporters of a proposed new 49er said number --
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stadium in santa clara, attorney filed a lawsuit yesterday against an opposition group. that group is trying to put the resolution authorizing the 850 million dollar project back on the ballot in hopes voters will reject think time. city leaders argue in their suit since voters already approve this measure in 2010, it cannot be challenged again. pg&e says the company will appeal a million dollar fine for violating state regulations by misplacing more than a dozen pipeline maps and not performing gas leak surveys. yesterday pg&e officials admitted safety officials never checked for leaks in a larger area than the utility disclosed following the deadly san bruno explosion. pg&e says the area stretches from fresno to yellow -- yelo county and includes part of the bay area. the company has surveyed lines and found five leaks the most
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severe found in napa and needed immediate repairs. new 28 million dollar elementary school in santa rosa's roseland neighborhood is ready to go but may not be able to open as planned. because it has no sidewalks. according to the -- they were supposed to be built using funds provided by santa rosa's redevelopment agency. yesterday, the state dissolved all redevelopment agencies unless alternative funding can be found the school will be forced to remain closed because a lack of sidewalks would mean no safe route for children to walk to school. when you walk your kids to school this morning you will probably notice parts of the bay area cooler. >> let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for a look at what is really going on not what punxsutawney phil said. >> he's on the east coast he probably has -- out here we are still waiting for winter it may never come in the form of heavy rain.
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we have a lot of sun in the forecast today. lack of clouds will allow that will allow temperatures -- -- allowed temperatures to drop last night. half moon bay and antioch two degrees warmer everybody else needs to dress for temperatures two to nine degrees cooler, two in oakland nine in howard and concord and six throughout the north bay valleys that puts us in the low to mid 40s in most neighborhoods even 39 at livermore, 51 now in antioch and 53 at half moon bay, 48 in san francisco, some of the warmer spots those last three. here's the jet stream moving nor, taking the storm track well up into canada and possibly even the arctic circle and that brings high pressure back to our neighborhoods that's why we'll have cooler than nights because of the clear air, calm winds and dry air and warmer than average afternoon temperatures low to mid 60s, upper 60s in the north bay valleys. seven day forecast, a lot of
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sun through sunday, mid to upper 60s for super bowl sunday. monday and tuesday, a chance of rain and cooler weather. good morning frances. good morning mike. earlier there was a fire in san jose highway 87 at kurtner they said it was in the center divide first they said southbound, then northbound either way traffic slow northbound, southbound at the scene the fire has been cleared all lanes are open. you may want to consider 101 northbound as an alternate someone just dropped a tv near 13th, so look out for that. chp should cheer it quickly. bay bridge toll backed up forever the -- for the cash paying lanes. >> got to find out what size screen, the super bowl is coming up. a flier firing landmark vote that has gay
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. former san francisco superintendent of schools anger man has found out she is not he will -- ackerman has found out she is not eligible for unemployment after leaving her recent job. she should be okay financially after the district bought out her contract for $900,000 she was fired in august after clashing with unions,
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community members and elected officials in pennsylvania. she filed for $573 a week in unemployment benefits. this week pennsylvania officials turned her down. ackerman says she will not appeal. planned parenthood has seen a surge in donations after a breast cancer organization announced plans to pull its funding. susan g. komen announced cutting to planned parenthood, they have a rule prohibiting giving funds to any organization under investigation. a republican senator claims federal money is being used to fund abortions. congresswoman spear is saying the controversy stinks of politics. >> today i rise saddened by the news that the susan g. komen race for the cure has made a political decision. a fine non-profit i've been associated with for years.
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i have been a big booster of the susan g. komen organization, but not any more. >> planned parenthood says komen announced its decision $400,000 in new donations have poured in. same-sex marriage taken a step towards legalization in washington state. the house is expected to pass the bill and the governor has promised to sign it. would it make washington the 7th state to allow same-sex marriages opponents promised to challenge it once it becomes law. thousands of workers at two companies are about to lose their jobs. american airlines says it plans to cut 13,000 jobs. american is in bankruptcy and hopes to save two billion dollars a year by cutting labor costs by 20%. meantime, microsoft says it is going to lay-off 200 employees as part of a reorganization plan. no word on how many bay area employees will be impacted by
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either company's decision. you know who needs to be out of a job? >> who dat? >> punxsutawney phil. >> i was looking at the other ones, punxsutawney phil, general lee from georgia, manitoba merv, will low the wood chuck from winnipeg. and chattanooga chuck. >> how do they all do? >> not good, three for winter, two for early spring that's how they break down. >> what you say, that's what counts? >> we need winter. we need rain. good morning. warmer than average weather as we turn high pressure up again and bring a dry pattern and warmer than average pattern in the afternoon hours back to the bay area. beautiful picture from mount tamalpais looking to the south over on san francisco where the temperature is right
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now, 48°. 38 in santa rosa, 39 in concord, 37 in livermore phone the cool spot allow the low to -- low to mid fireties around the bay shore, antioch and half moon bay 51 and 54. low to mid 40s monterey bay, mid to upper there's inland to gilroy and salinas. let's talk about our highlights the first one sunshine today no need to worry about wet weather gear warmer this afternoon, a spread of probably ten fire to 30° between the morning -- 25 to 30° between the morning lows and average highs. chance of rain monday and tuesday of next week. as far as what is happening today compared to average all of us on the positive side one degree in san francisco, 61, redwood city and san jose 64, 65 in napa, five and livermore 64 today, also six degrees warmer than average. sunrise at 7:13 it will set at
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5:34. 64 san jose, santa clara and sunnyvale. 60 half moon bay upper 50s as you head up to daly city and sunset. 58 bodega bay. low to mid 60s along the east bay, mid 60s into the east bay valleys and down around the monterey bay low to mid 60s with mid to upper 60s inland. chilly tonight more 30s and than 40s. even tomorrow the sunshine dominates and will hang out in the mid 60s mid to upper 60s through sunday cool we are that chance of rain monday and tuesday. have a great day here's frances. all lanes open on highway 87 in san jose following an
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earlier fire, slowing northbound from the capital expressway towards kurtner, 20 miles an hour, slow southbound at the scene hopefully it should recover because lanes are open still heavy at the area bay bridge toll metering lights still not on, traffic backed up for the cash paying lanes beyond the end of the parking lot. north bay 101 san rafael southbound still good right now from novato not golden gate bridge. i want to take out to waze traffic maps and show awe accident reported westbound 580 through the altamont pass this was reported by a cuter in the area six -- by a commuter in the area six minutes ago. traffic is slow through the area. we have calls to the chp looks like a couple lanes may be blocked. then it remains sluggish through the altamont pass. i want to show you it is slow already in livermore as you head -- 27 miles an hour.
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-- 6:20. >> coming up is it valid criticism or empty allegations? slinging mud at google's new privacy policy. flower power. the political protest that left a candidate stunned and a woman in hand
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if you think politics rough-and-tumble here look at what happened in france. yesterday a woman dumped flour on the leading candidate in france's presidential elections during a campaign appearance. we don't mean the kind with stems and pedals. the woman was immediately tackleed by security and dragged off the stage. the candidate was covered in flour, but not hurt. ash rival taking aim at google's new privacy policy. microsoft is running ads that say google's new guidelines don't benefit users. the ads claim the new policy will provide more data for advertisers. the ads suggest users turn to
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microsoft, hotmail and bing services. he is -- overnight shootout that left a taco truck employee and would be robber injured in oakland. ruling coming this morning that could offer new insight into the courtroom battle over california's same-sex marriage ban. >> world's if you ariest and most famous -- world's furriest and most famous weather predictor, not mike. what punxsutawney phil -- >> reporter: a man in brentwood buried alive up to his chest and lived told the story. up next, see his dramatic rescue. not that adorable but i do have claws. [ laughing ] >> minneapolis st. paul flight arrival delays everybody else
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on time.
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good morning. 6:29. the opening bell is about to ring to star the trading day. the labor department released -- to start the trading day. says fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week a sign companies are cutting fewer jobs and
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stepping up hiring that is a good indication ahead of tomorrow's january jobs' report. good news for job seekers. we go live to the new york stock exchange coming up in 15 minutes. right now 6:30 on the do the. thank you for joining us on this thursday i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. this morning, state invest -- investigators will look into whether work rules were violated when a man dug a trench yesterday that almost became his grave. >> amy hollyfield is live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: quite a dramatic scene that captivated this neighborhood. two hundred gathered to watch it happening. they were watching crews huddled around a , a trench in the frontyard which is covered up with boards. -- check out this pays bag video of his rescue after three -- check out this an macing video of his rescue after three hours of digging they were able to put a harness under his shoulders and lift him out he's okay.
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he's being called lucky the dirt didn't cover his head. he was packed in cold mud and crews were word about hypothermia. >> there is pressure piped into the trench for the workers and victim. we are rotating crews through this because it is slow and tedious hard work. you also see that the crews are going in to rehab making sure the safety of the firefighters are being taken care of. >> reporter: paramedics were monitoring the man while he was trapped. the crews were working around them to dig him out. i was quite a team effort. the 50-year-old man -- it was quite a team effort. the 50-year-old man look like he will be fine. he was digging a 10 foot deep trench when the dirt collapsed in on him 5:30 yesterday
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afternoon. now osha will have questions for him and the home other than. was this man a permitted worker? was he just a friend helping out? why didn't he shore up the dirt around him to keep from it caving in on him? amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:32. this morning oakland police are investigating a shootout that wounded a taco truck worker and his would be robber. investigators say it happened after 1:30 this morning near the intersection of fruitvale and foothill boulevard. detectives say both men were hit in the shootout and both are listed in stable condition. in the east bay authorities are trying to figure out if a fatal shooting in solano county near vallejo tuesday night is connected to a murder in berkeley last week. information on one of the victim's facebook pages shows the two men knew each other and may have been cousins. 35-year-old kenneth warren was shot and killed last thursday in berkeley while leaving work.
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on tuesday night 38-year-old dorian walls was shot and killed. before the shooting he posted about warren's death on his facebook page. police looking into new lead in the 23-year-old kidnapping case. 9-year-old michaela garecht was taken from outside a hayward store in november of 1988. police are focused on a san quentin inmate convicted of four murders still on death row his partner in crime herzog hung himself last month. he wrote a letter to the newspaper claiming herzog was responsible for the abduction and know -- noted the resemblance of the abductor. >> obviously, we hope it is . as a family we are -- we hope it is resolved. as a family we are hoping she
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is out there and will come home some day. >> police released a statement emphasizing this was never a cold case and have reviewed leads over the past month. this morning a federal appeals court in san francisco is expected to decide whether to release courtroom video from the 2010 prop 8 trial. a judge ordered the tapes of the legal showdown be made public but prop 8 supporters objected and appealed to the 9th circuit. today decision only affects whether the tapes should be released not whether prop 8 is constitutional. that constitutional question is pending in appeals court. looks like it will be six more weeks of winter. america's most famous furry forcaster, punxsutawney phil saw his 0 -- his shadow this morning on this groundhog day.
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phil emerged at dawn this morning in front of thousands on a tiny nil pennsylvania. since 1886 phil has seen his shadow 100 times and has not 16 times. the tradition traces origins to a german superstition. >> we could use six more weeks of ter here in california. readings from the -- latest snow pack survey are among the lowest ever recorded. state hydrologists say the snow pack is 37% of normal for this time of year, 15 inches in some places. because of all the snow that fell last year the state's major reservoirs are higher than normal. the water department predicts because of that it will be able to give customers at least 60% of what they've requested. >> at least 60 of what they requested. at least 60% of what they've requested. [ laughing ] >> i got you babe!
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6:35 now. time to check in with meteorologist mike nicco. all right everybody, don't drive angry this morning.mñ >> we are all pulling out our groundhog day stuff. >> love that movie watch it this afternoon, hopefully. good morning, all kidding aside, a little fog, very patchy most visibilities at our reporting stations are 10, unlimited, seven in novato fog in the east bay hills. winds very light, most have a northerly component so the winds will push the fog to the south if you see some to your north it is coming your way before it dissipates 8:00 it wail start doing that until then mid to upper 30s inland low to mid 40s around the bay shore to the coast and san francisco, upper 40s total sun by noon mid to upper 50s even a sprinkling of 60s as you head inland all of us will catch up to the 60s 4:00, low to mid 60s total sun from 60 in san francisco and half moon bay to 63 fairfield,
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concord, oakland,. >> an, san jose, maybe 65 santa rosa for the warm spot. cool -- cool nights followed by warmer than average arounds sun through sunday chance of rain cooler monday and tuesday. good morning. starting to slow down in a few spots. crash reported in san rafael, this is southbound 101, it was reported near lincoln but it doesn't look like it is causing slowing past marin civic center that's good news so far no injuries in that one they might clear quickly. bay bridge toll metering lights on traffic backed up past the 880 over crossing, 10 minute wait. san mateo bridge looking fine no major trouble westbound on the right hand side. now the waze traffic maps, crash reported in the solano county area reported by one of our abc 7 traffic spotters, westbound 80 in the fairfield
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area, near the truck scales, reported by jenny mack. i called the chp the right lane is blocked. injuries have been reported so they are sending an emergency crew to the area. there's jenny mack right now heading on southbound 680 through the area. 580 things are slow westbound through the altamont pass near grant line road because of another crash, near 31 miles an hour. this traffic information is available when you need it, while you are on the road. go to, download the free traffic app to your smartphone or iphone it is like a gps with traffic information on your cell phone. 6:38. still new legal questions raised about front loading washers. live report from the new york stock exchange. first up, a live look at the big board, dow up 16 mints.
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-- 16 points. we'll tell you more about the new fire chief of oakland. >> and why she is making history. huge fall-out after a deadly soccer riot. the dramatic decision one country has just made in the wake of the violence. >> reporter: i'm katie marzullo live in the newsroom with a warning about what you eat. new research shows sugar is wreaking havoc on our health and the government should step in and help. úúúúúúúúúúú@@úúúúúúa
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welcome back. live doppler clear across the entire state. sunshine will dominate even real warm weather l.a. and palm springs 70 and 75 san diego 65. mid to upper 60s through the central valley, big sur mid 50s eureka and yosemite sunny, cool 45 in tahoe. 6:43. this morning egypt's current military ruler has dissolved the soccer federation board after yesterday's post match riots that killed 74 and injured as many as 1,000. several fews in and a stampede broke out after egypt's club lost a match in what many are
6:44 am
calling a huge upset. witnesses say police officers stood by and did nothing. a health ministry official said a majority of the dyes were caused by concussions, cuts to the head and suffocation from the stampede. doctors at -- say they've identified addictive substance that can cause illness and death awe are exposed to it dozens of times each day, sugar -- if doctors get their way it would be regulated like alcohol or cigarettes. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: i don't think any of us thought sugar was good for us but this takes it to a new level. in their study published in nature the researchers say sugar is the cause of many diseases not only in obese people. 40% of normal weight people have metabolic problems that can lead to diabetes and heart disease. researchers believe it should
6:45 am
be tacked and regulated and you would have to be -- should be taxed and regulated and you would have to be a certain age to buy something like so day. >> here's what one doctor is saying and dr. richard bess weighing in. >> we are in the midst of the biggest public health crisis in the history of the world. and nobody even gets it. >> they link sugar to something called the metabolic syndrome it has abdominal obesity, diana, high blood pressure, high triglycerides. put those together and you have heart disease which is the number one killer in men and women in country. -- it is all about the added sugar. >> reporter: americans take in 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day beware even ketchup is a culprit. dr. besser says taxing items like soda would help but
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people should cut back on sugary drinks. we posted a question on our facebook page, should sugar be regulated? strong response on both sides join the conversation at katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning, donald trump is expected to make a presidential endorsement in las vegas. "the new york times" says he's going to throw his support behind newt gingrich. it is supposed to be a gala announcement at the trump international hotel and tower with several candidates courted trump. nevada holds its primary caucuses this saturday. gingrich is looking to bounce back after a big defeat in florida >> jobs picture appears to be looking up a little. >> jane king at the new york stock exchange with that. and another lawsuit over front-loading washers that more and more people have. >> yeah, really interesting general electric may be smelling a problem as people debate whether to stick with
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the top-loading washers or move toward the energy and water-saving front loaders law sought about moldy problems with the front loaders general electric sued claiming a design defect is making their clothes stink. it claims ge hid the need to run extra cycles of hot water with bleach to hide the smell and hid the cost for that additional work. we have a per than expected weekly jobs report. 367,000 people filing first time unemployment benefits, the number has been slowing, steadily improving in recent months. still worries over europe's debt problems. investors on the fence with little movement. bloomberg index is up a 10th of a percent. you know a facebook stock offering would make instant millionaires at many in the company this guy david cho decided to take stock instead
6:48 am
of cash for painting the walls with graffiti at the company's first headquarters. his shares are expected to be worth upward of 200 million dollars when facebook trades publicly this year. mark zuckerberg has 534 million shares of the company valued at more than 28 billion dollars if the company ends up being worth 100 billion when it goes public. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. [ unintelligible ] more news now. we have new video of a spectacular rescue at a ski resort in wisconsin. a little boy was dangling from a ski lift 25 feet off the ground. a group formed under the boy then a man on the lift held him and let go. >> i was probably 100 yards
6:49 am
away. i could hear them saying okay we are going to let him go, we are going to catch him. i'm like wow this is going to be interesting. they said 1, 2, 3 and the person on the chair lift let him go and he was free falling and they just caught him just effortlessly. >> caught him so well, the boy didn't suffer a scratch. no word on how the boy ended up dangling from the lift in the first play -- in the first place. local ski resorts looking for more snow. >> possibly maybe monday, tuesday, otherwise pretty dry not good news there. hopefully punxsutawney phil, willow the wood chuck and chattanooga chuck are correct, three who think we'll get six more weeks of winter. there's actually an armadillo in texas. you know texas, they had to come up with their own.
6:50 am
he will come out later and let us know. beautiful sunrise if you have access to the computer go to our weather page, just gorgeous this morning. definitely cooler need a heavier coat this morning, 38 santa rosa, upper 30s around concord and livermore, 40s everywhere else until you get to antioch and half moon bay, low to mid 50s low to mid 40s monterey bay mid to upper 30s inland. a lot of sun and warm they are afternoon, one of those mornings will you get rid of the heavy coat as the afternoon wears on you won't need it when you go back home khafpbls of rain next week. as far as our 24 hour temperature change. everybody going up. extra two minutes of sunshine today 10 hours and 21 minutes before it sets at 5:34. mid 60s in the south bay, 66
6:51 am
los gatos low to mid 60s peninsula peaches half moon bay 60 everybody else upper 50s -- near 60 downtown and south san francisco low to mid 60s through most of the nà(>3k bay valleys santa rosa and ukiah 67. mid 60s in the east bay valleys. monterey bay temperatures in the low to mid 60s this afternoon mid to upper 60s inland. tonight a lot of 30s. a few 40s around san rafael, richmond, oakland, san mateo, half moon bay and san francisco high pressure moving in as we talked about yesterday, look at it push that next system so far north it is going into the arctic circle cool outbreak heading east of us, it chases the clouds away from us as high pressure settlements into the great basin this -- pressure settles into the great basin this afternoon.
6:52 am
monday and tuesday we have extra clouds and a chance of rain and cooler weather. want to show you a beautiful picture of some of the clouds earlier this week. some fog from the berkeley hills submitted by annie, thank you for that. if you have video, photos or knowledge like the rattlesnake they used in tucson today, send it to us. freddie the rattlesnake in tucson, good for him. >> a lot of rodents. bay bridge toll looking from emeryville you can see traffic backed up to almost the west grand avenue over crossing still a 10 minute wait metering lights on. the south bay looks foggy, north 101 for headlights slowing before you get to 880,
6:53 am
880 is still fine highway 87 recovered from an earlier fire. mass transit something to consider this morning, so far bart, cal train, ace and muni no major delays. major delay developing in fairfield i'll show you that with a traffic map. we told you about in accident westbound 80 near the truck scales it was reported by an traffic spotter jenny mack 20 minutes ago. notice now that there's a little bubble there that yellow bubble that's commuter turned on the waze traffic app, it is free. this person reported a complete standstill approaching the scene so you know it is heavy through the area. we know from other drivers heading on jamison canyon moving 20 miles per hour westbound this is great information only available through waze. get more information by going to you can put it on your iphone
6:54 am
or smartphone. 6:53 oakland's police and fire departments have new leaders this morning. one is making history. teresa reed is the first african-american female fire chief in a large met follow tan city she was previously the assistant chief at the san jose fire department. she has been a resident of oakland for 20 to years. she said it won't be business as usual. >> change maybe the mindsets of this is how we always did it. because change is coming and we have to look at how we are going to be able to evolve with that. >> meanwhile, interim police chief howard jordan is now the permanent head of a department that has been battling budget cuts, lay-offs and protesters. jordan has been with the department more than 24 years. recapping: state safety officials will be in brentwood this morning asking difficult questions about a homeowner's construction project that very nearly took a life.
6:55 am
>> amy hollyfield is live in brentwood at the scene. >> reporter: osha will want to know why the dirt shoveled out of this trench wasn't shored up and kept from caving in on him while he was in the 10 foot hole which is now covered by boards. also unknown whether he was a licensed contractor or just a friend helping out the homeowner. check out this video of his rescue it took crews three hours to dig him out. he was buried up to his chest in dirt. because he was packed in cold mud, officials were worried about the possibility of hypothermia. paramedics monitored his vital signs and gave him oxygen while firefighters did the digging. two hundred ed to watch the scene. the -- gathered to watch the dramatic scene. the 50-year-old hand was taken to the hospital complaining of pain to his legs and pelvis but it looks like he's going to be fine he was talking and alert, firefighters are calling him very lucky. he has a lot of people to
6:56 am
thank. there were crews from as far away as orinda, all doing an amazing job of saving this man. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:56. >> other top stories: stomach flu outbreak is forcing officials at a private san francisco high school to cancel classes until monday. 325 st. ignatius college prep students and 30 teachers were hit by the virus tuesday. nd steam to disinfect the campus. city health officials say it may be an outbreak of norovirus that sometimes hits cruise ships and other crowded places. one final check on weather. good morning. patchy fog. otherwise clear and cool with upper 30s to 40s even 51 antioch and half moon bay all airports on time. afternoon sunshine low to mid 60s mid to upper 60s this weekend. bay bridge toll backed up to the west grand avenue
6:57 am
overcrossing. waze traffic maps westbound 80 near the truck scales earlier accident has been cleared to the shoulder. traffic should be recovering soon. also slow elsewhere, you can find them by downloading the waze app. thank you for joining us fors#+çt the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with an update at 7:24. ?t?t?tñ
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