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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. and this morning, blizzard warnings. so much for that warm weather. as a groundhog day whiteout targets the middle of the country with more than a foot of snow. this as extreme and dire conditions in europe, trap 11,000 people. stranded in a massive blizzard and record cold. donald trump touches down in vegas overnight. is he there to endorse newt gingrich today? will the donald shake up the race? does it mean he won't run? secret life revealed. the mysterious check, a possible hitman and the mistress. the sordid details in the murder mystery. now he speaks out for the first time. and gisele. how she's asking family and friends to pray for tom brady
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right now. the very private e-mail that's gone public this morning. don't know around the country. here in new york, gisele's e-mail, front page news. >> of course it is. >> it was a very sweet e-mail. >> i love the ending, love g., smiley face. good morning, everyone. and we do have plenty of news to get to as well. we have the latest on the radiation scare in southern california. workers at the san onofre plant set to get inside a reactor today to find out why there may have been a small radiation leak on wednesday. and millions of people have a lot of questions. >> so far, we think any radiation would have been far below dangerous levels. also we have new details on demi moore's health situation. boy, turned out she arrived in such a ravage condition, doctors were also worried she had a fatal disease.
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we have a story that is about to shake your head. many are about to become billionaires. when facebook goes public. but this guy? all he did was paint some walls for facebook. now he's set for a $200 million payout. >> how about a decision? they say, you can have a few thousand dollars or a few shares of stock. we know what he took. great decision. let's get some news from josh. >> it's fair to call that the play of one man's life. we'll have that for you in just a bit. we're going to begin today with the biggest storm of the year for millions of americans. blizzard conditions from denver into omaha tonight and lasting into tomorrow. some areas bracing for up to a foot and half of snow. sam is by in moments to show you the storm's track. we're also following breaking news concerning deadly weather overseas. word that some 11,000 people are trapped, unable to leave their villages in serbia because of an historic blizzard. at least 113 deaths are blamed on the extreme cold. gripping eastern europe.
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now we turn to a major announcement about the war in afghanistan. the u.s. mission in afghanistan may be wrapping a year earlier than expected. martha raddatz joins us with the very latest this morning. good morning to you, martha. >> good morning, josh. the u.s. opened to end the combat mission at the end of 2014. but this morning comes word directly from tsecretary the of defense that the combat mission may end by the middle of next year. leon panetta, on his way to nato meetings said hopefully, the u.s. will be able to take a support and advisory role by 2013 and let the afghan security forces take the lead. panetta said it doesn't mean that we won't be combat ready, we always have to defend ourselves but the role would change. the u.s. has close to 90,000 troops in afghanistan now. the number drops to 68,000 this fall. panetta did not say whether this would allow for troops to come home sooner. but it's a strong
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indication that the war is truly winding down, although there is already some opposition to this, josh. >> hardly surprising. martha raddatz, thank you. in egypt, protesters are blaming the military and police for failing to stop this. a deadly riot at a soccer match. 74 people were killed. hundreds injured. when, as you can see, fans stormed the field, attacking first, players, and rival fans with knives and clubs and stones. some suffocated while trying to escape. meanwhile, two baptist missionaries from texas were found murdered in mexico. john and wanda casias were killed in an apparent home envision in santiago where they have been living. violence is so bad, police in one city in mexico have been told to leave their homes and move to hotels because of death threats from cartels. and a california woman who sued honda because of gas mileage on her hybrid has won. an unprecedented legal battle. a judge awarded heather peters nearly $10,000 in small claims court, far more than honda had
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originally offered. her case could pave the way for thousands of similar cases. >> we were wondering how that would work out. >> honda is expected to appeal, however. finally, close encounter with a strange streak of light. take a look at this. people from texas to kansas who happened to be looking up last night saw that. a fast object flying across the sky. turns out, oh, nice, it was a meteor. this dash cam video from a texas patrol car captured it. no word on whether the meteor actually hit the ground. no word on if that was in fact a meteor. >> we used to call it a falling star. >> if you're a fan of conspiracy theories. like a certain news anchor on a certain morning program, a meteor, i don't know. no word if any little green men walked out of that meteor. >> you go investigate, josh. turning to politics now, "your voice, your vote." all eyes today on las vegas. the next contest is on saturday. mitt romney has all of the many momentum.
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donald trump looking like he may weigh in for newt gingrich later today. as romney tries to recover from his latest verbal miscue. abc's david muir covering it all from las vegas. as always with donald trump, plenty of hype but we're not completely sure what's behind it. >> reporter: george, good morning, back on forth on this all night long, a city that loves to play the odds here. we've learned that members of the bring rich campaign do expect endorsement later today but we also learned that gingrich himself have not heard from donald trump. it leads to a guessing game. if there is an endorsement we'll be there in this city where there is a political show stopper later today. donald trump flew into las vegas overnight with considerable secrecy, surrounding why it is he's here. the new season of the show is about to start, the promotion, but he might be able to promote somewhere else. if it's newt gingrich, it would be a much-needed moment in the spotlight. he's been vastly upset by the romney campaign. trump considered a run for
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president. saying at one point, he might offer himself up as a third party candidate. meanwhile, romney made it clear, he's moved on from gingrich, at least for now, campaigning against president obama. >> i'm afraid he's detached from reality. i don't think he really knows what is going on in america. >> reporter: but his argument that the president is detached comes just as the governor's own words come under fire. when answering a question about a new poll say iing more voters think that the president knows more about the needs of more americans than romney does, he answered this way. >> i'm in this race because i care about americans. i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i'll fix it. >> reporter: when pressed about how this sounded, this is how he responded. >> we'll hear from the democratic party about the plight of the poor. no question, it's not good being poor. my campaign is focused on middle income america. >> reporter: newt gingrich pounced. using it as brand-new ammunition in nevada. >> i'm running to be the president of all the american people. and i am concerned about all of the american people.
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>> reporter: even rush limbaugh weighing in on mitt's moments. >> corporations are people, my friend. i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. i'll tell you what, 10,000 bucks? a $10,000 bet? i'm not concerned about the very poor. >> everybody knows what he's trying to say, but he didn't say it. he makes himself a target. he comes across as the prototypical rich republican. it will make it harder and harder and harder to go after obama. >> reporter: back to the donald trump endorsement. if there is a political show stopper here, no one know what it will be. donald trum not talking and gingrich has not heard from it trauma p himself. >> david, thanks very much. >> let's get to jake tapper in washington. let's start with the news from donald trump and newt gingrich later today. even if trump gets behind him, even if that makes a difference in nevada, it's still hard to see a path to newt gingrich for this nomination.
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>> it depends on your version of reality. i would suggest, yes, that's probably right. this is how it looks from the gingrich campaign. they're hoping for a great february. now it looks as though the stars are aligned for mitt romney to have great february. they're hoping for a great february. if they can make romney have more unforced errors. such as the comments david just highlighted. if they can win some delegates in these caucuses, if romney loses any of these caucuses which he won four years ago, if there's a call for romney not to be the carrier, the messenger of the conservative brand, they're hoping super tuesday comes in early march and that gingrich can go on for the nomination. they're hoping super tuesday comes in early march and gingrich can then go on to the nomination. >> that is a lot of things that have to happen. >> that is a lot of ifs right there. he does have the big southern
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states on super tuesday. this is playing off as the obama campaign saw all year long. they expected mitt romney as a nominee. they think romney is coming in with vulnerability. saying his unfavorability has gone up for several weeks. on the other hand, mitt romney basically tied with the president right now. >> especially in the key battleground states. that's one of the big problems for president obama going forward. they are trying to paint romney as a heartless robber baron, without any core convictions, somebody that is out of touch with the american people. they hope romney will keep making comments like this. if you look at the polling, in the key battleground states, obama will have a tough race. >> okay, jake tapper, thanks very much. now to the investigation being launched this morning into a possible radiation leak at the san onofre nuclear power plant in southern california. nearly 7 million people are in the vicinity. david wright has the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the plant's operators insist that at no point were the public or their workers in any danger.
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southern california edison says that the leak was contained within that dome, but a spokesman for the nuclear regulatory commission said it's possible that minute traces of radiation may have leaked out. workers hoped to get inside the power plant today, to determine what caused the steam tubes of reactor number 3 to leak. 7 million people live in a 50-mile radius. for those living closest, any trouble at san onofre is a cause for concern. >> scary. i admit, it's scary. >> reporter: the plant's operators insist wears overblown. they say what failed was a part that was replaced in december 2010. >> no danger to the public, no danger to our workers. >> reporter: did any radiation leak out? >> if there was any at all, no it would have been so minor, sensitive equipment wouldn't even have ficked it up. >> reporter: after the power
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plant meltdown in japan, there's been a new focus on safety of nuclear reactors worldwide, including a new nuclear regulatory commission report issued just this week, saying that 96 u.s. reactors in regions that may be more vulnerable to earthquakes than previously thought. >> they're saying nothing to worry about here? you know the steam that's coming out? that's mixed with radioactive water, and there's no way around that. >> reporter: workers are set to head inside the plant today to begin repair, but it could be several days before this plant is back online. george. we're going to turn to the mom that disappeared from a denver parking lot, leaving her two toddlers in the car for hours. she showed up at a local hospital 12 miles away saying she doesn't remember a thing. but facing charges of child abuse, she's speaking out for the first time to abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: this morning, sarah hatfield is out of the hospital but not out of jeopardy. as doctors urgently worked to narrow in on what caused 12 hours of her life to vanish.
7:13 am
>> what's the last thing you remember about saturday? >> sitting in the car, waiting to get gas. >> reporter: after that, she says her memory is a black hole. police say she abandoned her car at a gas station, leaving her 2 and 4-year-old sons inside. >> the keys are in there. nobody seems to know where the parents are. >> how long have they been here? >> they've been here for over a couple hours. >> reporter: she's now facing charges of misdemeanor child abuse, not allowed to see her children without supervision. have you been able to talk to them? >> once. >> reporter: what did they say? >> he said i lost him. it's what he would say. mommy, you lost me. >> reporter: what did you tell him? >> that i love him. and that i'll see him soon. >> reporter: hatfield is baffled about what happened that day. she believes she walked nonstop for 12 miles, finally snapping
7:14 am
back into awareness at midnight when she called her husband. >> she doesn't know how she got there? >> she was crying. she was freaking out. >> reporter: hatfield says her doctors believe she may have suffered an epileptic seizure, may have had a psychotic break, or, experienced a wish, but frightening condition called transient global amnesia. she says they believe her story, but still don't have a diagnosis. how frustrating is it that they can't narrow it down and give you an answer? >> very. it's very. because i don't know what happened. there's so many unknowns. >> reporter: the worst part, she says, is the fear it could happen again. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> so bizarre. now an eye-opening plea by a prestigious medical journal this morning. could sugar be as bad to the body as alcohol? a new study say sugar does more than just pack on the pounds. researchers are even saying, like alcohol, sugar should be taxed.
7:15 am
abc's dr. richard besser is here with us. this is raising a lot of eyebrows. >> it sure is. they're saying not all calories are the same. the ones from sugar are the ones we need to worry about. here's why. they link sugar to the metabolic syndrome. metabolic syndrome has abdominal obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides. put those things together and you got heart disease, which is the number one killer in men and women in this country. and it's all about the added sugar. >> added sugar. because there's so much sugar in the food we eat. and other products, we don't even realize how much sugar we're intake. >> they say if there wasn't the added sugar, the other sugar we take in wouldn't be a problem. but look at this, robin. 22 teaspoons of added sugar per day is what the average person has. >> this is what we're adding per day. >> that's what we're adding. let's look at what smuger we're taking in. let's start with breakfast. when you have that glass of orange juice in the morning. that has six teaspoons of sugar.
7:16 am
cereal, five teaspoon, granola, sounds healthier. but that can have six teaspoons in one cup. if you put ketchup on your french fry, one tablespoon of ketchup has a lot of sugar. >> the sugar association said to label a single food as the one and only problem misinforms, misleads, and confuses consumers and adds to the problem. what do you think? should it be taxed? >> you know, tax will cut down on it some way. here's what you can do today. bottom line, get rid of the sodas, get rid of the sports drinks. only one glass of fruit juice a day. >> thanks, rich. >> you do that, you won't have to worry about the sugar you're getting elsewhere, because that's where the bulk of the sugger is coming from. time for the weather and sam champion on this friday eve. sam. >> hey, robin. like to hear that. good morning, doctor. good morning, robin. let's talk about the snow in the middle of the country. there are winter weather watches, warnings and advisories out for nine states. we have three states with the blizzard watches and warnings. colorado, parts of colorado, kansas, parts of nebraska.
7:17 am
we're going to get up to 12 inches of snow, maybe more in some locations. if you take denver, it's more the eastern half of denver, not really the western area. this is more of a plains event. most of the nation continues to be so warm. and that doesn't change. houston, 77, nashville, 62. washington, d.c., 56. even as this blizzard moves out of the plains and towards chicago, it becomes a rainmaker because all of this air is so warm. we'll go over the fog and there's a lot of it in the next half hour. for right now, that's the weather around the nation.
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>> we have fog and severe weather, lots of it to talk about in the next half hour. robin. we were all stunned when we learned about this after the show yesterday. music and dance fans around the world paying tribute to the pop culture pioneer this morning. don cornelius, apparently took his own life at the age of 75 on wednesday. for over three decades, his show
7:19 am
entertained audiences, the "soul train" line made tv history. abc's chris connelly takes a look back. ♪ >> reporter: what don cornelius created for television would become the most influential music program of its time. ♪ soul train >> reporter: over the years, stevie wonder, the jackson 5 -- ♪ oh, baby >> reporter: and so many other greats. ♪ let's get it on baby >> reporter: even aretha franklin, who recalled cornelius. >> everybody watched "soul train" and don cornelius. he was a gentleman first, last, and always. >> reporter: contemporary music by african-americans, a mere side salad on network shows back then, was placed front and center here. >> when it came on, it was overnight hot. almost in minutes, every black
7:20 am
person in town knew about it. >> reporter: he rallied and celebrated an entire culture. that became the envy of young people around the world. as everyone knew, the biggest stars on "soul train" weren't the singers. they were the dancers. >> when the aliens come in about 2,000 years, they want to see what was going down in black life, they can watch all episodes of "soul train." that's how we got down. >> reporter: it felt like a blessing from a high priest. his impact will be felt in american music and culture, long after his death today. >> love, peace, and soul. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> no, no, no. love, peace, and soul! remember? >> that takes us back to saturday mornings. >> it really, really does. >> great stuff. >> it does. coming up, a bizarre twist in the grosse pointe murder mystery. is the husband in the case hiding a secret life? he's speaking out for the first time. and a billionaire's move.
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♪ ♪ good morning i'm eric thomas. this morning a federal appeals court in san francisco will announce if it will unseal recordings of the prop 8 trial. the trial judge may the recordings to help him reach a verdict over california pace
7:25 am
ban on same sex marriage. media groups sued to have the video made public a federal judge ruled in their favor prop 8 supporters appealed they say the video will make their witnesses targets of harassment. we start off with the slow down westbound 80 in fairfield, 17 miles an hour all the way towards the truck scales because of an earlier accident that has been cleared. at the bay bridge toll this morning you will still find it backed up towards the 880 over crossing slow in all the usual spots getting towards the maze. >> when we come back meteorologist mike nicco hasúúúú
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welcome back. here's a look at some of that patchy fog highway 101 in san jose. everybody else okay napa fog there also. let's talk about what is going to happen, temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning. even 53 at half moon bay. as we head into the afternoon, all the sun means low to mid 60s, warmer than average. 30s and 40s tonight. warmest afternoons are
7:29 am
7:30 am
oh, he does -- he's about to. check out the paintings there by graffiti artist david cho, painted back in 2005. he wasn't a big fan of facebook at the time. he took stock instead of salary. now he's set for a $200 million payday. whoa. for graffiti. >> very smart guy. new details on demi moore's downhill spiral. we'll get to the obsession that landed her in the hospital, to the brink. doctors thought she had a fatal disease. plus, a multimillionaire's move. this mogul, facing up to 30 years in prison, has adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend, legally making her his daughter. >> well, he's 48. >> okay.
7:31 am
and that makes it better how? >> we'll get into that in just a little bit. the big question of the day, it's groundhog day. did punxsutawney phil see his shadow? sam is going to tell us in just a couple minutes. plus what is ahead in the next six weeks. >> shhh. you were watching. not now. we'll leave it up to you. >> i can tell you what kind of news is it, sam. >> it won't be sleeveless february for much longer. right to the new details emerging in the murder case of the michigan mother of two found strangled in her mercedes. her husband has finally broken her silence, making an emotional statement on wednesday. he's facing allegations from an alleged accomplice. abc continues to be on the story for us, dan. >> reporter: curiouser and curiouser. a case that involved marriage, money, and murder. possibly paid for his services, an accomplice. it now has a reported mistress, an accomplice.
7:32 am
and accounts of a secret sordid life compete with an s & m den. with his mother on one arm and his son on the other, bob bashara, a man undpossible scrutiny, walked out of his home and thanked everybody who has shown love and support for "my jane." >> everyone needs to know how absolutely wonderful and how much this has meant. they'll never know how wonderful this has been for us. >> reporter: this morning, bashara, already called a person of interest by police, is facing even more questions, as news accounts surfaced that he had a girlfriend on the side. and local media reports that he was involved in a secret sex dungeon. an s & m den down this stairwell in the basement of the hard luck lounge, a bar located in a building he owns. he can be seen on this video, posted on youtube, promoting the bar. this woman lives next door. >> people were going in and down in that basement.
7:33 am
somebody told me he had an s & m thing going down there. >> reporter: meanwhile, this man is apparently singing to police. he used to rent an apartment from bashara, reportedly said he was paid less than two grand, to kill jane bashara, a marketing executive, found eight days ago strangled in her mercedes. this morning, there are reports that gentz's stories are shifting. that he only killed her because he had a gun to his head. bob bashara's attorney is attacking gentz's credibility. say saying he has told, quote, four stories. >> do you have anything to say about this joe guy? >> no. >> reporter: they reported that gentz cashed a $452 check from bashara's company the day after his wife's death. something bashara's lawyer denies. >> who pays a hitman with a check?
7:34 am
you pay a hitman with cash, not a check. >> reporter: in his brief statement, bob bashara says he continues to cooperate with police. you may have noticed his son was with him, but not his daughter. she has apparently gone back to her school to finish her classes. the son made clear that he and his sister are still supporting their dad. >> let's bring in dan abrams now, our legal analyst. we see these alleged conflicting reports from the accomplice of what could or could not have happened. he has been arrested but not charged. >> yes, you have two tracks here. one, what does it mean for him. two, what does it mean for bob bashara? when it comes to him, it will lead the authorities to continue to question him. they're going to want to figure out what he knows. he's not just some crack pot. remember, yesterday, we talked about the possibility that in high profile trial, you get people coming in, they're confessing. this is someone who knew bob bashara, was in contact with him leading up to the time of the
7:35 am
incident. the second question is, now he is now, implicating bob bashara. the authorities are going to want to be very careful here as to when they move forward on him. they don't want to be rushing the investigation. on the other hand, they have a guy sitting there, at the police station, saying, yeah, he's the one who told me to do it. >> but bashara's attorney is saying that bob bashara, when he was asked for a list of people who could have wanted to cause harm, he gave this guy's name. >> and said that he may claim that bob bashara may have something to do with it. it's one of the things that make this case even more incredibly bizarre. the other side, if someone is trying to implicate bob bashara, he was protecting himself. he knew they were going to find him, and he wanted to make sure he got it out there in the beginning. in the end, i don't think it will make much difference. the police have a lot of stuff to sort through here. it is clear they are looking at bob bashara.
7:36 am
the question is if and when they move on him. >> yesterday, you said, do not talk. then we saw him come out and give a press conference. >> it wasn't the problem with what he did, he just came out and made a brief statement. he wouldn't answer questions. he started crying the minute he got up there. you can't go out there, start crying, not answer questions. either don't go up there at all, or make it seem like you're ready to be forthcoming. >> all right, dan, thank you. george. now to the bizarre story out of florida, 48-year-old john goodman is adopting his 42-year-old girlfriend. he's trying to protect his fortune as he faces trial and a lawsuit for manslaughter. andrea canning is covering this for us. this stems from a drunk driving accident where he ran a stop sign driving drunk and killed someone. >> reporter: it's one of those just when you thought you heard it all. some legal analysts are calling this brilliant. the money set aside for his children cannot be touched by the courts. but it is raising all kind of
7:37 am
ethical questions. the judge in this case called it surreal, the victim's family said they're in a legal twilight zone. john goodman was living the high life in tony palm beach. millions of dollars, a beautiful girlfriend. owner of a celebrity-filled polo club. then this happened. now he's embroiled in one of florida's most bizarre legal cases. >> the local polo mogul charged in a fatal dui crash has adopted his girlfriend as his daughter. >> reporter: you heard right. 48-year-old goodman adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend, making heather hutchins, his legal daughter. now he's been accused of exploiting a legal loophole to protect his millions from a bitter civil lawsuit. it started in february 2010. when goodman was allegedly driving home with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. he allegedly blew a stop sign,
7:38 am
and he hit this car, causing it to flip into a canal. the young man inside drowned. goodman allegedly walked away from the scene. >> are you sure you don't want to say anything to the young man's family? >> reporter: wilson's parents are suing goodman. experts say even if they win, they might not get any money. the majority of his fortune is untouchable, tied up in a trust fund for his teenage children. after adopting his girlfriend and adding her to the trut, she could cash out part of that fortune and if she want, share it with him. >> here, she becomes the beneficiary of the trust. now, because she's 42 years old, she is immediately entitled to the money. >> reporter: goodman's lawyer insists the adoption was designed for estate planning. not to shield his fortune from a lawsuit. a probate court has to decide if the adoption is legitimate or a sham.
7:39 am
the parents of the drunk driving victim have filed an emergency action. george and robin. now let's get the weather from sam. boy, sam, phil really let us down. >> i gotta say. i was really surprised on this one. the overnight party in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, phil says six more weeks of winter. that, to me, was very surprising. if it's six more weeks of this winter, i think we're all okay. staten island chuck and shube sam from nova scotia say spring is going to be early this year. those are the ones that have just come into us. groundhog day, a big overnight party where people share cooking tips and recipes on groundhogs. >> really? >> no. let's deal with what is going on down here. no groundhogs were harmed in the making of this segment. houston, one mile visibility.
7:40 am
tallahassee 1 mile. chicago, four miles this morning. the fog is a real issue. it's houston and chicago you have to keep an eye on. check the flights in those areas. fog could make some delays there. the stronger storms, wichita, oklahoma city, wichita falls. we could see 70-mile- >> all of that weather was brought to you by macy's. robin? george? >> i'm going with staten island chuck. i like that better. >> you like staten island chuck better? okay, you take the mail. coming up demi moore's health crisis. alarming details. about the obsession that made
7:41 am
have led to her breakdown.
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we're back at 7:44. now to demi moore. new detailed emerging about her possible obsession to turn back the clock. paula faris has more. >> this is an emergency. you need to get here as soon as possible. >> reporter: by the time emts arrived, they found a barely conscious demi moore. the actress was so alarmingly thin and weak, hay thought she
7:45 am
was suffering from a deadly disease. >> some of the paramedics thought it was a cancer patient in the final stages of treatment. >> reporter: the latest issue of "people" reveals new details of the actress's battles with inner demons for years. and how she was tormented by insecurities about her body and age. >> the weight loss that she's had is indicative of a much bigger problem. problems involving drugs, reckless behavior, and a refusal to eat. she's been so obsessed with staying young and staying thin. >> reporter: and her erratic behavior dates back years. this 2010 concert shows her dancing wildly on stage while ashton kutcher, looking on, was "embarrassed." sources close to the star say her deep-rooted insecurities were part of her split.
7:46 am
claiming she was not the person ashton fell in love with anymore. exhusband bruce willis is said to have asked her to get help. one of the highest paid actresses in hollywood, she's known for youth and grace. showing off her body in this twit pic from 2010. she'll have to deal with the public revelation of her most private struggles. >> she's absolutely mortified and so humiliated that all of the problems covom to light. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. coming up, josh had "the play of the day." an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail.
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> we've been teasing this all morning long. check these out. murals painted by graffiti
7:51 am
artist david cho. but an upstart company in palo alto, whose mission he thought was ridiculous. he was offered cash or stock. when facebook goes public, he's set to be over $200 million. $200 million. snooki, j-woww next. the ultimate birthday party checklist. don't forget thank you cards. how soon after part should you send them out? get the answer at on yahoo!. ♪
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> 325 st. ignatius college prep students and 30 teachers were hit by the virus tuesday. health officials are trying to figure out if it was the norovirus that made everybody sick. let's get a look at the forecast now. good morning. thick fog still in napa and santa clara valleys until 9, 10:00 total sun and low to mid
7:57 am
60s clear and cool tonight, 30s and 40s. our warmest weather will be this weekend. westbound 80 very jammed through fairfield because of earlier injury accidents and one at travis. southbound 101 along the peninsula heavy san mateo to palo alto with an accident in the northbound direction.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ oh we're halfway there oh living on a prayer ♪ a nice crowd out there in times square this morning. but why are we playing bon jovi's "living on a prayer"? here's the answer. gisele bundchen sent out a private e-mail. we got a hold of it this morning. she's asking everyone to create a prayer circle. >> i get it now. >> you get it now. we're going to have that hail mary message that's gone public in a little bit. >> her school famous for strong football players. but they have nothing on her. so why did she turn down a five-figure modeling contract? >> oh, wow. we gotta get to the gym. >> we're really letting it go.
8:01 am
>> she's going to join us to discuss from the great state of georgia in mere moments. >> and i want to know about the cast she's wearing. to be continued. and a new war brewing over the best way to raise your kids. it's mommy versus mama. that was my french accent. >> that was your french accent? >> yes. oui. yes, it was. we go inside the new book that explains french moms know best. and "the jersey shore" comes right here to times square. snooki and j-woww. they talk about the spin-off. and the rumors of the pregnancy. we'll get it sorted out. >> hey, robin. >> sam is in my seat. do not send out any inappropriate tweets. >> it was josh. it was josh. >> i know, i know. but we have the big event of the morning, ladies and gentlemen. it's emeril versus mario. facing off to see who can make the best dish in just 45 minutes with a secret ingredient.
8:02 am
it's not muskrat or groundhog or anything like that. you chose the ingredient. the stakes could not be higher. let's talk to the kitchen combatants and good friends. in one corner, mario batali. ladies and gentlemen. in the other, emeril lagasse. and you're all here for a very, very great cause. tell us about that. >> chefs make change is the brain child of "food & wine." dana cowin. she started out doing an issue about how some chefs give back. she realized the pervasive ubiquity of the idea of philanthropy in our business. putting it together. she put together an article with ten of us, just as the tip of the iceberg to show how you can raise money for great things, really great. >> the mario batali foundation, and the emeril lagasse foundation. mario's been part of my foundation since day one. i've been a part of his. we're going to try to make a little change today. >> can i show you the secret ingredient? would that help?
8:03 am
that's great what you're all doing. this is something that you voted on at home. the secret ingredient is -- >> a ha. >> bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon. you have 45 minutes. you must incorporate bacon into your dishes. are you ready for the challenge? >> we're ready. >> all right. they'll be cooking throughout the show. and we'll be checking back with them. let's get now to josh. >> i've never been more excited for a 45 minutes to elapse here on "gma." we're going to begin with politics. a boost for newt gingrich. donald trump now widely expected to endorse gingrich today in las vegas, just two days before the nevada caucuses. it comes as front-runner mitt romney looks to recover from another verbal gaffe. during an interview wednesday, he said he's not concerned about the very poor in america, because they have a safety net to fall back upon. romney says critics taking that line out of context, because he did say they would try to repair any holes in that safety net. meanwhile, u.s. combat troops could leave afghanistan by the end of next year under a
8:04 am
new plan. that's about 18 months sooner than anticipated. defense secretary leon panetta says trainers and advisers would remain in the country through 2014. the approach similar to that, but ended u.s. military involvement in iraq. meanwhile, three days of mourning under way in egypt after a deadly riot at a soccer match. within the last hour now, the death toll has risen to 79. people are blaming the police and military for not stopping the violence. in eastern europe this morning, some 11,000 people are stranded in villages after a record blizzard in serbia. historic conditions, including temperatures as low as 22 degrees below zero, are now being blamed for at least 113 deaths across the region. meanwhile, same-sex couples could soon be walking down the aisle in washington state. the senate there just passed the bill to make washington now the seventh state to allow gay marriages. the house is expected to approve it next week. meanwhile, the sports world has lost a legend of the boxing
8:05 am
ring. man who never threw a punch. angelo dundee trained 15 champions in 60 years. in professional boxing. most notably, muhammad ali, george foreman, and sugar ray leonard. ali and others described him as a brilliant corner man and motivator. he died last night, surrounded by his family, at the age of 90. meanwhile this morning for the first time ever, we're getting a close-up view of the dark side of the moon. take a look. images taken by a nasa spacecraft show craters, many of them far deeper than those on the side of the moon that we see from the earth. they were caused by asteroids slamming into the lunar surface. scientists hope to use this video to gain a better understanding of how earth and other planets were formed. meanwhile, here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane. >> and good morning to you, josh. a medical break through tonight when nothing else works. could the cure for depression come in the form of a
8:06 am
recreational drug? it's making doctors rethink treating depression. and we're going show you what happens tonight on "world news." and real-life sunken treasure may have been located off the coast of cape cod. and you're not going to believe what it could be worth. professional treasure hunters have found the wreckage of a british merchant ship torpedoed by germans in world war ii. they claim there's $3 billion worth of platinum on board. now, british officials say they'll wait for the cargo to be raised before deciding whether to file a claim on it. it's the cargo or 15 murals for facebook. it's up to you. you make the call. >> we're going to go to lara now. good morning. gwyneth paltrow simply stunning. in the march issue of "harper's bazaar." i have a girl crush. she is so cool, so comfortable in her own skin. talking about her husband, her
8:07 am
kids, her red carpet regrets. her beliefs on botox. she believes in wrinkles. she also dropped blind items about fascinating relationship advice she's given to an actress friend she will not name. and the unnamed ex-boyfriend that used to cheat on her all the time. could it be brad? could it be ben? who knows? you can be the judge when the issue hits the stands on valentine's day. a royal spokesman has confirmed the little pitter patter of feet in kate and will's welsh home, yep, it's paws actually. the duke and duchess have welcomed an unnamed cocker spaniel puppy, unnamed, that we know of. it's not this one, but it looks like him. it doesn't look like that. it's not this one. but it looks like that. there he is. the royals are protecting the actual puppy from the paparazzi until he's old enough to understand his royal role. we know he's a few months old. he's the son of a dog that belonged to kate's mom. the royals love their dogs.
8:08 am
from the corgis to portraits from back in the 1600s of the princes proudly posing with their pets. and finally, we have your "modern family" sneak peek. phil and claire have a dinner guest. who turn out to be a bit of smooth talkers. >> i'll put up a for sale sign. i have to put up a sold banner. then the next day, same deal, for sale, sold. for sale, sold. >> great sale. >> i'm getting there. right. i gotta go relieve the babysitter. my ex-wife took 50% of my stuff and left me 100% of my kids. they're great. >> hey, listen, thank you so much for coming. >> oh, no, thank you, phil, so much for the salmon and the bake and the chicken and the shrimp. it was great. this guy is very lucky to have you. >> oh. >> okay. >> well. >> "modern family" next wednesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern. right here on abc. that was great. wait, we have a special.
8:09 am
>> george's life is changed. >> it has. the all-american family. oh no, a little trouble. now you'll tune in. i want to know what happens next. a super bowl special in pop news. we want toabout jis sell, finally. you have heard of the hail mary in football. tom brady's supermodel wife is throwing what we call the hail gisele. she sent out an e-mail. asking friends and family to pray hard for her husband. this sunday will be really important day in my husband's life. he and his team work sod hard. pray for him so he can feel so strong and healthy. we've obtained that e-mail. we think it's pretty fascinating. josh, you'll let us know if it works firsthand as you're in the stands reporting for us on sunday. >> i have a feeling it may work or may not. who are we kidding. just a few friends and family, and millions of readers. >> yeah, one person leaked that. she was trying to do a little chain. let's go outside to sam with
8:10 am
the weather. sam. >> good morning, robin, george. let's go right to antarctica. we have happy crowd here. i want to show you pictures. nasa researchers have found a giant rift or crack in an antarctic glacier. sucking that that giant iceberg that you're looking at that is larger than new york city could break away in the next few months. this crack is part of operation ice bridge. what we've been seeing there. how they've been following the cracks there. it's the largest airborne survey of the polar regions. they're looking at that and expecting it could break away just in the next few months. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. we show you where the blizzard warnings are today. three states, about seven, nine states with winter watches, warnings, or advisories out. that's a big hit of snow. so what happens with that? it goes into the warmer sections of the country and turns into rain. and doesn't change much in any place else other than the plains, where that snow is falling.
8:11 am
>> and we're live in times square. just talking about >> and we're live in times square. just talking about our plans for the rest of the day. lara? >> thanks, sam. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" -- does this mommy know best? we're going inside the secrets of parenting the french way. and life's a beach for snooki and j-woww. is it hot in here? no, it is. emeril and mario turn up the heat in the great kitchen cookoff.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
time now to take a look at a new book about to burn up the mommy blogs by arguing that the american parents should be more french. it's called bringing up bebe. juju chang got the scoop. they're probably right, right? >> i suspect so. we don't just spoil our kids, we spoil them rotten. by making them the center of our world. i spent time with a french
8:17 am
family. they feel kids should be kids. but the parents like grownups. it's the new culture clash. from the people who bring you haute couture and haute cuisine. they suggest that french mothers are ooh la la. do the french have it right? americans are completely hyper parents? >> maybe, but at the same time, we learn a lot from american people. >> reporter: so if you please, he's a basic lesson in the language of french parenting. is it stuffed with something? >> yes, i put some vegetables. spinach. and there's -- >> and the kids will eat the spinach. oh, my goodness, my dream. >> oh, they love it. >> reporter: clearly, i'm doing something wrong. the one and only snack is at
8:18 am
4:00 in the afternoon. french children don't snack all day. french kids eat what adults eat is what you're saying? >> yes, yes, at the restaurant, they never pick in the kid's men you. they don't think it's diverse. >> reporter: we talked to american moms. general and bash don't agree with everything in "bringing up bebe." though they admit when it comes to cuisine, the french nay have the advantage. >> i made the mistake, the kid food and adult food. i had to do serious damage control. >> reporter: there's also la pause. the phrase coined. don't jump at your child's every whimper. french mothers allow baby as young as 6 weeks old to cry for a few minutes. how young were they when they started sleeping through the night? >> three months.
8:19 am
>> reporter: and then attend. it means wait. the french say the kids are not the center of the universe. >> i think my children, of course, i have three, are really important. but at the same time, i have a husband. i have -- i work. so for me, it's the sort of balance. >> reporter: we can make our kids the center of the universe and have our own passions and interestso outside of that. >> reporter: so they're not mutually exclusive? >> no. >> reporter: and the final french word. no. no means no. don't negotiate. do you negotiate? >> no. it doesn't work every time. but i'm the parent. they're the children. i think it's okay to say no to the kids. >> reporter: and the american moms beg to differ. >> they do need to know what no
8:20 am
is. >> it's as if the tiger mom is saying americans are too lazy. the french moms are saying the parents are too hyperparenting. >> it's different cultures, different philosophies. we're the melting pot. we take a little bit of all of the cultures. hopefully, we can pick and choose and craft the right experience for us. they've good the food, the fashion. they're not getting the parenting. we are pro parenters. >> reporter: go usa. the mothers here are frazzled because they don't get enough help. in france, there's subsidized day care and child care programs. are we raising a generation of entitled children, george? >> we want to get everyone at home to weigh in. who has the better style of parenting. do it in the "gma" app on the smart phone. well, the jersey girls are in the house.
8:21 am
nicole snooki polizzi and jennifer j-woww farley are in the house. there's soon to be a spin-off. hello, let's talk. we were discussing off camera. you've been in the media the last couple of days. you're not happy about it. >> i'm wondering what will happen today. what is the rumor today? >> you're referring to yesterday somebody asked you -- >> yesterday, i was pregnant. last week, i was engaged. yesterday, she was injajed on google. >> why do you think people are asking you questions about that? >> the rumors were that an insider said something. i never said i was pregnant. i'm thinking people are thinking i'm fat or something. like an insult, kind of. >> you were on radio show yesterday. you were not pleased about it. >> it sucks.
8:22 am
because, you know, being pregnant should be a real thing and happy thing. i'm not. you know, i have been working on my finance a lot. i don't know. >> what did you say? >> i'm like, did i get fat again? what's going on? >> and you're very protective. >> yes. >> you were outpospoken as well. >> we don't care. but when it's like wildfire, it gets ridiculous. i quit smoking and caffeine and smoking and they assumed i was pregnant. >> you were pregnant two months ago. >> now i'm pregnant, i'm enga engaged. >> let's set the record straight. >> i do want kids. i'm not pregnant. >> thank you for straightening that out. i know yesterday you were saying it was really a pain.
8:23 am
in your day. you're promoting a new season. you're in the midst of it again. gtl all the time. now we're hearing you're getting a spin-off. what is the problem with hoboken? >> ask her. >> you're going to have people that love us and people that don't like us, i guess. it would have been just nice if she met us first. >> she being the mayor of hoboken. >> right. our show is going to be different than "jersey shore." it will be more of our relationships and us. not clubbing and going wild. just our real lives. >> we need to see a little bit of that. >> we don't party all the time. >> we, as "the jersey shore" we don't go to a town and trash it or disrespect it. we never went to italy and did that. we never went to miami and did that. we want to bring it revenue, profit, awareness. that's what we did in the last show.
8:24 am
what's the big deal of doing it in hoboken? that baffles us. >> your response was, their loss. >> yeah. she'll realize it. but, you know, don't get us wrong. we still love hoboken. it's an awesome place. >> have you found that city yet? >> we just found out yesterday they don't want us. >> what do the boys think about your spin-off? and the boys of "jersey shore" of yet have not. >> well, pauly has. i think vinny is going to be doing something with mtv. >> what about the boyfriends? will we see them on the show this year? >> yes. of course. >> they're a big part of our lives. gianni is my best friend. roger is hers. >> and what about vinny, is he okay? >> better now. we're happy to have him back. you'll see the whole show
8:25 am
change. >> yeah, vinny left the show. you were sad not to have him. you've become a family. dysfunctional, but a family. >> very dysfunctionaldysfunctio isn't? >> you're the best. thank you, j-woww. let's go to robin. we tried our best to keep quiet. we're at the halfway point. what do you have there, mario? >> nothing. nothing at palm i found this spaghetti sauce next to mine. i thought i would give ate shot. >> a good mixture. >> there's a challenge going on here. tell us, the secret ingredient is bacon. what are you preparing? >> he's got a secret ingredient in the over. >> what are you cooking here? >> i have basic pork chops. i'm feeling a little bacon gravy.
8:26 am
>> nothing is ever basic about what you prepare. oh, look what is coming out of the oven? >> i have this magnificent langostines. >> what are those? >> quail eggs. >> he's bringing the heat, emeril. >> what do you have? where is your bacon? >> i have a bacon rice pilaf beginning on. how much time we got? >> about 21 minutes. >> what about the pasta dish next. >> and again, this is all for a great cause. right? >> that's right. chefs make change. we could raise half a million dollars in the next week, i have agreed to part with my pony tail. i think we're closing in on the number. any little bit they throw in. >> i will cut it. i will cut it.
8:27 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. this morning a federal appeals court in san francisco is expected to announce if it will unseal video of the prop 8 trial. a judge may the recordings to help him reach a verdict. media groups sued to have that video made public. a judge ruled in their favor. prop 8 supporters say the trial video will make their witnesses targets of harassment. busy morning for frances. a lot of accidents. two injury crashes, one north 280 blocking lanes traffic moving at 16 miles an hour on the waze maps. then another map northbound 101 in san mateo traffic slow
8:28 am
as well. there's a new motorcycle crash at peninsula southbound heavy. still slow in san jose and other places and fog in san jose. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco has the bay area forecast.
8:29 am
good morning. thick fog down to 1/16 of a mile in san jose check our flight tracker at the bottom. page. low to mid 60s everybody
8:30 am
sunshine today. chilly overnight mid to upper 60s throughout the weekend. have a ♪ the heat is definitely on. the clock is also ticking. just under 18 minutes to go. pan to pan smackdown. who will serve up the winning dish? we're having the audience, because there's though way we could decide. we're putting it on the audience. >> we have a studio full of bacon right now. the aroma in here is hard to -- >> and bacon is the secret ingredient that the audience chose. >> bacon makes everything better. >> take one big whiff. we have secret deals and steals this morning. tory johnson here with bargains. these are only for "gma"
8:31 am
viewers. >> i love this song. >> josh? you're going to the super bowl? >> i am. it worries me. we'll be live in indianapolis tomorrow, the super bowl blowout. unbelievable surprises. "gma" heading to super bowl xlvi. it's going to be tremendous. >> i love how you say "gma." you're going. >> if by "gma" i mean me. and "gma" is very excited. >> we can't wait to see you there. >> "gma" better take an umbrella. >> raeally? how far would you go to realize your dream in we're going talk to a woman who pushed herself to achieve her dream as a cheer leader.
8:32 am
♪ anna watson is your average american cheer leader. ♪ well, maybe not average. because this 21-year-old probably could bench press most of the football players she cheers for. >> i've always been active in the gym and like cardio, running, exercise. someone introduced weight-lifting to me about two year ago. >> reporter: anna went from 125 pounds to 175. and caught the attention of a fitness modeling agency who offered her a $75,000 contract. >> i would need to put on 50 pound of pure muscle mass. >> reporter: she was benching 155 pounds. guzzling mass gainer shakes. it wasn't enough. the agency said sthey wouldn't
8:33 am
sign her unless she took legal steroids. >> i'm going to stick to my guns. i said no. >> reporter: wow. anna is here this morning to tell us more. you have an injury here. what happened? >> about a week ago, at cheer leading practice, i was tumbling fast. my body wasn't warm enough. i snapped my achilles when i took off. >> you've been putting your body through a lot. let's talk about turning down the $75,000 contract to be the fitness model. was it difficult? >> it was. it was tempting at first. the agent came at me from all angles. i've grown up in the church. i've been in the word for whole life. this is not something god wanted me to do. my body was created the way it's supposed to be. putting that stuff in it was not what i'm supposed to do.
8:34 am
my story is a modern day daniel story. the king got the men to come in and get strong enough to go to war. he offered them choice wine and choice food. daniel said, me and my men will do what we're called to do. at the end of the 30 days, they were more tough. tougher than the men who had the king's food. i might not end up where i hope to end up, but in the lord's eyes, i know he'll be pleased. >> how did this happen for you? >> if been active since i was 5. when i first went to school, would do cardio all the time to relieve stress. i realized i lost strength and muscle. a trainer in hawaii said, why not try weight-lifting. an agency called and said, if you can put on the size and the strength, we can use to. i got hooked to it. >> you use the word addicted. it happens to some people.
8:35 am
>> yes, ma'am. i think anything can be an addiction. i put off an excuse that exercising was healthy. when something that you love -- a passion becomes an obsession, it's too much. >> that's your message to young people. don't let it become -- it can be a passion. >> it can be. you have to have balance. if you swing too far one way, it throws you off kilter. >> where do you find the balance? >> i'm in the lord. i wasn't satisfied until i realized my image and identity was in the lord. >> it is refreshing. your spirituality. you wear it on your sleeve. you don't shy away. and you call me ma'am. you do it, university of georgia. everything is going well over than the achilles? >> i found peace.
8:36 am
i know the lord has me where he needs me. i'm excited. >> all the best to you. let's go out to sam and the weather. >> that's all you need right there. that is all you need. tell me who that is. her name? >> angeline. where are you from? >> honduras. >> absolutely beautiful. thanks for stopping by. >> we saw "lion king" last night. >> we're all big fans. you look at the twitter and facebook pictures. a double rainbow. you can hang on to it. you can keep going. it's all right. and a beautiful sky out of saint augustine. it's not a short run of snow here. it's a longer run of snow. as it steps out of the denver area to the plains, once you're through there, it's in the form of rain. a quick look at the boards today. ice fog as well.
8:37 am
pretty heavy hit of fog around the coast. drying out on the west coast. cooler on the east coast. >> all that weather was brought to you by i want the microphone. you want the microphone. coming up next, a little bit of heart in "good morning america." we're going to show you steals and deals all geared towards -- yeah, it's a big day coming up.
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♪ i love you i do and we're back now with a special valentine's day edition of secret deals and steals. tory johnson here with deep discounts. at least 50% off, everything. >> really great.
8:41 am
as we say, everything is while supplies last. go to on yahoo! to get the links and promo codes. >> you're guaranteed to get it by valentine's day. >> yes. three different sweet companies. they're all women-owned businesses. great national recognition. a little rice krispie treat. you get a box like this with six gigantic treex. reck larry, six of them, $21. we're slashing it in half. $ $10.50. this is really hot. it is usually bigger. we made it 45 minutes ago. >> it's a souffle. >> it is. you can make it in the mi
8:42 am
microwave. it's $11.50. look what's disappearing. they're sneaking by. you would actually get four of these chocolate dipped decadent brownies. is it gone? what happened to it? >> gone. >> you would normally get four of them. from this company called brownie points, run by three sisters-in-law, all named lisa. >> all right, made with love and kisses. >> my girls love these. >> the comfiest stuff. all made in america. blankets, shorts. lounge pants. pajama pants. lots of valentines pat ernest. >> the girls put these on. he's are a little big for them.
8:43 am
>> they come from toddlers to adults. also, regularly $36 to $50. we're slashing it in half. then some jewelry. >> buy, pay attention. >> marlon schiff earrings. they come in 23 different krors. regularly $52. for these, a 60% savings. a little under $21. can't beat that. aren't they beautiful? >> these are great. >> this is one of my favorites. sacred jewels. three necklaces, three bra bracelets. these are regularly $77 each. but for "gma" viewers, $38.50. a 50% savings. >> this is unique. >> this is fun. so this is called a dna kiss portrait. i did this.
8:44 am
basically, you take -- that's tory. you take a white sheet of paper, put on lipstick, kiss the paper, take a digital photo. they send you a proof. this is regularly $299. 50% savings. $150 and free shipping. >> a pretty good deal. >> and it's a beautiful thing that can hang on your wall. all the deals, plus a whole bunch of exclusives we're not showing here, you can only find at on yaho yahoo!. when we come back, there they are. time to pick the winner@b
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whoa. you see the time remaining. only ten seconds left, gentlemen. five seconds. >> four, three, two, one. >> thank you, josh. >> walk away, baby. >> step away from the plates. step away from the plates. time has run out. the chefs have put the final touches on their dishes. we opened up the "gma" pantry. surprised them with a secret ingredie ingredient. i can do my happy dance now. it smells wonderful. tell us what you prepared.
8:48 am
>> i had two dish. a little brown sugar cayenne bacon with a bacon and goat cheese omelet. and smothered pork chops in a bacon giravy. >> make you want to smack your mama. >> i made three dishes but i put them all on one plate. this is traditional bucatini. the jowl bacon. i have taken a fresh langostino, wrapped it in pancetta. and a bruschetta with blc, bacon, lettuce, and celery, topped with a quail egg. >> how are you. over the pot is always better. >> i thought the same thing. go right to the pot. >> we can't decide. >> george goes for the pasta. >> because i was standing
8:49 am
between him and the pork chop. >> we're going to have members of our audience judge. >> okay. >> all right. >> you're going to have to taste. y >> you can put that down for a minute. >> i'll hold the paddles. >> we have a -- >> it's going the take them a few minutes to taste all the food, right? >> we have time. >> where's mine? >> right here, ma'am. >> you got it. take your time. savor it. this is legit. emeril, step away. you have a sense? >> this is amazing. >> thank you. that shrimp is you're into it, is a langostino fresh. >> oh, that pasta is not -- >> i'm not lefing a witness.
8:50 am
>> emeril's trash talking. >> take a bite of the bruschetta. don't rush. >> this ain't the chew, all right. >> it's doing all right. take your time. take your time. >> time is of the essence. >> i'll take that for you, denise. >> and now -- >> start with that. there we go. start with that. >> robin? robin? this is yours. >> oh, wonderful. >> all right. so, um -- >> the tasting panel. how is everything? >> there you go. got it. >> yeah. >> all right.
8:51 am
>> wow want them to try your bacon and eggs? >> yeah, i got one here. another one right here. >> yeah. >> take a little bite off the corner, right? >> another one here. >> do not worry. we have a large crew here. all of this food will be consumed. >> we need an omelet down here. >> are you done? >> i'm done. >> here are the paddles. we have to get your votes. >> all right. >> can you go first? >> live here at the -- >> your vote is? >> all right. we got one. >> and gino? >> that means you voted for lagasse. >> and one for mario. >> denise, you're the tie breaker. >> double lagasse. nice.
8:52 am
>> i don't know which one to turn. >> i believe it's a tie. you're so confused you don't even know. >> we'll take a tie. [ cheers and applause ] >> making change. >> you can find out more about chef's make change on our website, on yayahoo!. you can see mario1ñ
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
again, we want to give a big thanks to snooki and j-woww. the newest episode of "jersey shore" airing tonight. >> we just came out and apologi apologized. we were inside chewing on every imaginable. we had to come outside the talk. i apologize for whatever is coating the teeth. >> i haven't seen your teeth. >> helping us get closer to our 1 million coats. we can't thank you enough. folks are dropping you are a their coats. you have come by to help us. >> the star of "ice loves coco." today, we need it. >> these are four personal jackets from my coat closet. so this is from me to you know, i guess --
8:56 am
>> someone that really needs it. >> thank you so very much. >> you're telling people it's this easy to do. thank you. >> i'm a charitable person. i need to get rid of whatever is in my closet. >> let's get back inside. >> thanks, guys. robin still enjoying the food. have great day, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. dell plans to add hundreds of employees to its south bay facility over the next few years. dell opened in santa clara last october and hired 200 workers. the office has reached capacity in the research and development portion. now dell is going to lease a building next door and move in by june. good morning. sunshine total sunshine this afternoon, low to mid 60s. the clear, dry air will lead to cool conditions tonight. 30s and a few 40s. warmest temperatures this weekend. it has been slow on the peninsula because of an earlier motorcycle crash north 101 it has been cleared traffic still heavy from 92. check out fog in san jose


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