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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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le at a time when many police and fire departments are having to shrink their ranks, a study suggests a bay area police department may have a surplus. >> a new public safety and staffing analysis is causing a stir in san jose. the study found the fire and police departments are overstaffed and inefficient. lisa amin gulezian joins us live from san jose city hall. lisa, how did the whole study come about to begin with? >> reporter: the mayor asked them to look at the city's books and figure out ways to save money, resource services and work efficiently. the findings are not what police and fire union leaders want to
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hear. recent cuts to san jose's police and fire departments have both officers and firefighters worried, but this latest analysis published by ibm, has become safety officials fuming. >> this is not a good report. the recommendations are absolutely dangerous for our citizens. >> ibm says public safety can increase if departments are run better and re-organized. analysts believe the fire department spends too much time responding to medical cals and should have fewer people on each engine. as a result staffing could drop by a third to 505 firefighters. >> i think they're looking for a new place to do business, and they're making recommendations that are going to put our citizens at risk. >> ibm makes crime predictive software and suggests adding technology to focus on trouble spots when fighting crime. >> the report says, quote, these new models can be greatly informed by new an littics and
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technology, neither of which are being deployed to their potential. >> there's an unpredictability factor in public safety that no computer model or analyst can predict. >> san jose has just under 1100 officers, the same number it had in 1974 per capita when the crime rate was three times higher. >> i think our police department is already too small and our fire department is stretched too then. -- too thin. >> the mayor says cutting isn't the goal, but saving money is. the police officers union president wants assurances. >> if you want to look at the other recommendations forks ahead, but police and fire are offlimits. >> taxpayers or attorney. >> i'm for being experimental, and trying technology during lean times is worth a try. >> like to see my money going to hiring more officers.
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>> reporter: on wednesday, the mayor will ask city staff to review the analysis and then make recommendations, which the city council will start voting on in the spring. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> police in oakland are bracing for another "occupy" oakland rally and march. while the group has been holding a weekly demonstration on saturdays, this is a week after last saturday's protest when police arrested some 400 people, most after they stormed the ymca and a group vandalized city hall. "occupy" oakland's web site says the protests will be a, quote, militant action, where protesters will march against what the group calls police aggression. >> an elementary school teacher is facing charges of child endangerment and battery. police received a support of possible physical abuse by a teacher. today they arrested 44-year-old
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alexcia bargdes in millbrae police are not releasing details but say the incidents happened at the school and it involved two four-year-old boys who are students there. >> a woman in castro valley is recovering after being hit by an ac transit bus. there were 20 people on the bus when the accident happened this morning. passengers say the bus had a green light when a woman tried to cross the street in front of the bus. >> i just can't believe, why would you by across the street, not inside of a crosswalk, and try to beat a big bus? >> the victim suffered leg injuries and was taken to the hospital. no one on the bus was hurt. >> this morning a car dealership in burlingame was damaged after a crash involving two vehicles. the impact sent a car smashing into the showroom of the dealership. a pickup truck slammed into a
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street light, knocking it down. there were who serious injuries. >> cleanup in fremont after a major water main break. water gushed into the warm springs neighborhood west of interstate 680. the water was shut off about 30 mints later but not before damage to yards and gradges of six properties. one resident says he is frustrated with the cleanup effort. >> without a plan of what to do, without any numbers, who to call. turning on electricity, who is responsible for letting us go back inside or not. somebody tell me, when can i turn on the power and call the cleanup guys. >> the department of water resources says residents temporarily displaced have been allowed back inside. crews are working on providing assist sans to home owners. authorities say there was no water delivery interruptions.
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>> a commune in redwood city is providing help to the victims of a devastating fire. a parent-teacher organization partnered with the redwood city fire department today to put on this garage sale. proceeds from the fundraiser will be given to family at the school whose home was destroyed in the fire that ripped through a trailer park last month. they raised over $1,000s. >> the polls are still open in nevada, and mitt romney is hoping republicans will give him his second consecutive victory. fresh off his win in pennsylvania on -- in florida on tuesday, romney was in nevada. newt gingrich made a few campaign stops in nevada, and rick santorum turned his attention on tuesday's primary in colorado. they both continued to attack romney. >> sen good enough for the republican party to nominate obama-light. >> what did romney say the other
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day? he doesn't care about the very poor, the very rich or very poor. his program is going to focus on the 95%. >> nevada is friendly territory for romney. mormons make up 25% of today's voters and in 2008 he landed a caucus victory there. ron paul is second behind romney in the caucus four years ago. results should come in after polls close after 7:00. >> activists describing what could be one of the deadliest episodes in the uprising against president assad of syria. >> two bay area women or kidnapped by gunpoint in egypt. why they say the experience was a pleasant one. >> i'm in for leigh glaser. just a gorgeous day today. another one in store tomorrow, but you need to have your ulm?ññ
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>> an effort to stop the killing of protesters in syria fell short at the united nations today. >> reporter: amid reports the syrian military has killed more than 200 protesters using mortars and nail bombs in the latest round of violence, the unighted nations security council met in a rare weekend session. 13 members voted in favor of a revolution -- resolution aimedded a ending the blood should but russia and china vetoed the measure. >> the syrian government has waged an intensified and
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especially horrific campaign in homes, to murder hundreds, including women and children. >> reporter: the u.s. fired an unusually harsh rebuke at mock scow -- moscow and be giant. >> any further bloodshed will be on their hands. >> reporter: 5400 syrians have been killed in the protests, and tensions in the northeast are rising after iran is threatening to close down the strait of hormuz. israel was warned not to strike their nuclear facility and threatened the attack would be ten times worse for the united states than iran. iran is now willing to tarring u.s. citizens on u.s. soil, and an internal security document obtained by abc news wants of possible attacks here; abc news.
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>> two bay area women kidnapped in egypt are calling their captors time and saying it's an experience they won't forget. norma, on the right, and patty, offered themselves as hostages after armed tribesmen required two americans to get off the bus. the kidnappers made them coffee and tea and dried fruit and talk religion. the men released the women several hours after negotiations ban. >> the girl scouts are getting new gad -- gadgets to make their cookies hard to resist. >> bay area home owners getting help to avoid foreclosure. >> changes coming up in the forecast. you may actually need your
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umbrella. the d
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>> president obama is pressing congress to approve his plan to help home oregons refinance their mortgages. in his weekly address he says this plan would offer more than 10 million home owners the chance to save $3,000 a year by refinancing. >> i want to be clear. this plan will not help folks who bought a house they couldn't afford and then walked away from it. it won't help fought whose bought multiple houses to turn around and sell on speculation. this plan will help millions of responsible home owners so make their payments eave month but who until how to couldn't refinance because their home values kept dropping or got wrapped up in two much red tape. >> the president admits his
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refinancing plan a couple of years ago didn't help as many families as he hoped. he says a fee charged to the country's largest lener means the latest proposal won't add the deficit. >> bay area home owners are getting help from the very banks that denied them a loan modification in the past. today was the second day of the american dream convention held by the mortgage nonprofitted a voas --ed a victory group. many home owners negotiated reduced payments and lower interest rates. the event runs from 8:00 a.m. to 8 pl tomorrow. it is free. for more on the documents and to register, go to abc-7 and click on thin thin thin. >> the next time you buy the thin mints from your neighborhood girl scotts, you can say charge it. this year they're carrying a mobile credit card reader. 32 troops in 23 states will use
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the mobile credit card device. just last december, the girl scouts introduce a new cookie finder app that helps people find the closest play to buy the cookies. >> that's all we need. >> didn't you use to be a girl scout? >> i was. >> don't you wish you had the app? >> now i'm going to spend so much money on girl scout cookies. francis is in for leigh glaser. >> frances: no one stopping us from buying cookies. can't say doirnghts -- can't say, don't have any cash. we're looking towards san francisco, temperatures coming down, even by five degrees this past hour. half moon bay, down to 58. 61 in san francisco, and 65 in oakland. 63 in mountain view. overall it was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine, even climbing into the 70s in some locations. santa cruz right now is 62.
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64 watsonville. so, for tonight you can expect it to be cold and clear, especially into the early morning hours. sunny and mild tomorrow. another gorgeous day for us on sunday, and it's going to be cooler and cloudy monday. but you also need to take airplane -- away from the forecast is rain is heading our way for tuesday. so we'll look at the slide sleight radar image and show you what's going on. overnight lows in the 40s around the bay. 46 is one of the milder spotness san francisco. but look for low 40s in richmond, oakland, san san mate, and cold in the valleys with temperatures in the 30s. 37 in napa. only 35 in santa rosa. livermore, cooler at 34. and then patchy valley fog in the delta overnight and tomorrow morning. here's the satellite radar image. this area of high pressure kept the system to the west and to the north, and with high pressure we see air circulating
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clockwise, getting a slight offshore flow tomorrow and again more sunshine. temperatures even a few degrees warmer than today, and we're already much milder than what you normally expect this time of year. so 60s for everybody. 68 in santa rosa. 63 in vallejo. 68 in oakland. and 69 in san jose, and as we head a little further south, even see some 70s. 70 in morgan hill. the warm sport, 72 in salinas, the beach is going to be nice in santa cruz and watsonville. upper 60s and sunshine. i want to show you the forecast model that shows the rain moving in monday night is when we're starting to see it hits the coast. and tuesday morning. so we could have a pretty good wet commute tuesday. possibly an inch and a half of rain in the coastal mountains. but everywhere else more like a tenth to an inch max. so here's the accuweather
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seven-day forecast. another gorgeous day sunday. temperatures in the upper 60s for me most part. monday, more cloud, and temperatures come down by four degrees. cooler. and then rain on tuesday. much-needed rain, and then a little break for the rest of the week. >> a little snow in tahoe, too? >> a chance of rain and snow in tahoe on tuesday. >> well, shu, did you think this would be your year? >> 45 straight years haven't been inducted into the haul -- hall of fame. maybe the hall of shame. the nfl coach of the year handed out. you know who won. full plate male announcer ] for some reason those five food groups sound a whole lot better when you put them in a taco shell instead of a pyramid. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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and show a ford explorer a thing or two about what it means to have best-in-class towing. the s.u.v. is back.
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>> mike: 49er head coach jim harbaugh won the nfl coach of the year away. no surprise to nip as harbaugh led the niners to the nfc title game where he lost to the giants. he earned 45 of the 50 boats, beat out mike mccarthy and john fox. mike smith was the last coach to win in his initial season. congratulations to coach harbaugh, who would trade it all for a shot at the super bowl. >> former viking defensive end is joined by cortez kennedy, and curtis martin, saints willy rope, and dem monte dawson, and
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a senior selection, jack butler. congratulations to all whoa will be inducted in can'ton in august. >> spring training is two weeks away. thousands of fans turn out this morning to get autographs and take pictures with their favorite giants, buster posey there. some dressed up for the occasion. players met the media yesterday, today it was all about the fans. >> a lot of people, excitement, black and orange, a lot of buzz. >> this is an awesome experience, something we look forward to every year, meet the fans that supported us all year, and take pictures and sign autographs. >> say thank you to the fans, they give you big support. so this year is going to be different. a great lineups, see what's going to happen. >> mike: mactwelve hoops are leading up. today, cal hosting arizona
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state. bears looking to rebound from their first home loss at arizona. alan crabbe, three ball. they shot 47% from beyond the arc. giewtgutierrez, bottom. crabbe, another three. led all scorers with 19. cal by 28. thurman for the jam. the win over the sun devils. down on the farm, stanford and arizona. foul points for the cardinals. the alley-ooper. stanford down one at the break. wildcats had seven steals. up to nick johnson. nowow what's coming. wildcats win big, 66-43. >> usf women hosting santa clara, great move here, spinning
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through the lane. dons by one at the break. the broncos controlled the next 20 minutes. the baseline jumper and the broncos knock off the dons, 59-51. >> aaron rodgers named the mvp, cam knew -- newton the nfl rookie of the year. and it's a damn say that eddie debartolo did not get in the hall of fame. were you surprised? >> mike: i wasn't because he has some dues to pay, you know what i mean. but 24 years, five superbells, -- superbowls belongs in the hall of fame. >> you're going do like this one. the chicken wing cupcake. up cu
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>> coming up at 6:00, one-month-old baby found alone on a sacramento sidewalk. who left him there and why. >> the growing battle over hazing in the mill gather why some say it's going too far. join us at 6:00. >> so, called the ultimate sun bowl party snack. >> giants fans are pounding down the new chicken wing cupcake. >> the cupcake is made of corn bread. >> it's no wonder americans are expected to eat 8.5 billion weeks on super bowl


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