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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 4, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> two bay area women kidnapped in egypt are free and ready to come home. >> surprisingly, they say they were treated like family, and tonight, tomas roman spoke with one of the women. >> tonight we spoke to patti ganal. she said that the kidnappers treated them like family, actually continuing their tour. what could have been hours hourf terror turned into an interesting captivity. the two women were on a christian pilgrimage in egypt when the tour bus they on was stopped by armed men. ganal talked about the
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captivity. >> the guys came out of the truck. they had guns. but they never did point the guns at us. the guys, the top guys, the three of us, and then i said then shy be the one to go down because i'm the leader of the group. so i went down, and they says i want more. they want my husband. but my husband is physically challenged. so my guide said, no, you can't take them. they treat us like family and reassured in a nice way, we want you to know we will not hurt you. >> the they wanted to trade them for tribesmen who were arrested. >> ganal says at another stop she spowk spoke to her cappers about god and family. >> about two hours from where they pick us up, and then they
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build a fire and brought some things to snack on, like dates, and cheeses, and bread, after after driving the captives around, the men negotiated we egypt shawne police, they were released unharmed. >> they were very nice. depends how you talk to them. it was god that just asked them to listen to their hearts. >> she says she has led tours to egypt. she told authorities if they want to get tourist back, they have to provide security so this never happens again. >> a small band of "occupy oakland" demonstrators were at it again tonight. 50 protesters beganrooming the -- roaming the streets of downtown oakland.
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police in riot gear shadowed the group as they meandered through traffic. right now you're looking at live pictures of the group there at franco gala plaza. no report of arrests or property damage. >> the city of oakland says the "occupy" movement has more plans for activities on monday in the downtown area, but city offices and services will stay open, and the city is encouraging businesses to stay open as well. >> across the nation, police cleared out two "occupy" encampments in washington, dc and us a -- austin, texas. in the nationies capitol, eight people were arrested and an officer was hit in the face by a brick. last night in austin, texas, another four-month camp was broken up. city officials cited costs, health issues and criminal activity. >> state water crews are trying to figure out what caused a water line to break. >> several people had to be
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evacuate when a river of mud and water swept through the warm springs neighborhood in fremont. sergio quintana has details on the cleanup. >> streams of water flowing through the neighborhood, pushing dirt and other muck along the way. one resident says, his wife first noticed the problem. >> my wife heard a loud thump or pop, and thought it was a little unusual because it was louder than just the normal cats jumping on the roof. >> instead it was thousands of gallons of water rushing into his yard. the water from a nearby aqueduct that sprung a week after maintenance crews finished up work on the line. >> not a huge gusher into the sky but it created enough flowing down the hill it brought sediment down. >> even after the water line was shut off, residents had to deal with the muddy mess and headaches of the neighborhood.
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>> we're left here without any numbers, who to call, who is responsible for turning on electricity, responsible for letting us go back inside or not. >> this family is one of four evacuated from their homes. according to the fremont fire department, water seeped into those houses. they have been allowed to iran. total of 15 homes were affected. the state department of water resources says most of the dam was restricted to yards and garages, and into the second night of dealing with the water line break, crews with suction trucks begin their cleanup. >> the biggest problem for home owners is the water trapped in basements. this crew that siphoned out a thousand gallons of water from this home. >> and crews continue their work on repairing the damage from the rush of water in fremont, abc-7 news. >> san jose officials are fuming over a report tonight suggesting the city would be better off with fewer police and firefighters. the report from ibm says the
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city's public safety could increase if departments were re-organized and technology added. ibm suggests the police department could drop a few hundred officers. >> i think our police department is already too small and the fire department is stretched too thin. there are better ways to deploy resources we have. that's what we're searching for. >> ibm analysts believe the fire department spends too much time on medical calls and should have fewer people on each engine. perhaps cutting the analysis, ibm manufactures crime pretickettive soft ware. >> a person -- police arrested a 44-year-old of millbrae after receiving a report of possible physical abuse of students at roosevelt elementary school. teaches developmentally disabled and awe cities tick children. the incident hand at the school and involves two four-year-old boys who are stunts there. >> in daly city, a search for a
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hit-and-run driver that killed a pedestrian. the chp says the female driver took off in a newer dark blue prius after fatally hitting a man who had gotten out of his car on the freeway. david hannah of san francisco was pronounced dead at the scene. >> san jose police arrested a man they say kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, assaulted her friend, and then rammed their car while trying to keep them from escapes. the man was arrested shortly after 1:00 this afternoon. his ex-managed to escape and call a male frefnltd then padilla assaulted the friend with a night and rammedded the okay they were trying to escape in. >> mitt romney picked up his second win this week. this is this evening's count. the romney rivals aren't letting up the pressure but may not be able to stop his momentum. here's the latest on the race.
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>> it's two in a row for mitt romney. >> what a great showing. >> with his victory in today's caucuses, romney is on a modest winning streak and has his eye on the general election. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence, and this time i'm going to take it to the white house. >> nevada was friendsly federal for romney. entrance polls showed motorhome opinions made up a quarter of today's caucus-goers and overwhelmingly went for romney. nevada republicans said they want a candidate who has the best chance of beating president obama. voters who said that was their most important factor, over. hingly went for'm romney. goodrich driven -- newt gingrich is fighting an uphill battle in nevada. >> it isn't go enough to nominate obama-light.
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>> santorum kept up the pressure. >> running around telling everybody, i'm the candidate because i have the most money, the most financial backing, the best organization and that's why i'm going to win. and in the general election he is not going to have the most money. >> the road ahead looks good for mitt romney. over the next five states to vote, he won four of them in 2008. abc news, washington. >> coming up, getting tough on hazing. the brawl that sent more than a dozen men packing from the navy. >> a desperate race to save dolphins washing up on shore in record numbers. >> at 11:30. super bets and super mistakes. the countdown to super bowl xlvi. >> i'm frances dinglasan in for leigh glaser. we have another beautiful day in store for us. here's a live shot of oakland, where it's currently 52 degrees. we have rain on the way. i'll tell you when and i'll have your accuweather
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> news out of the middle east in ejirnghts maximum gunmen blew up part of a natural gas pipeline. egypt has been in the grip of antigovernment violence since wednesday. >> worldwide condemnation is pouring in over the attack by syrian forces over a city. 200 people have been killed. anger erupted after china and russia voted against a resolution calling for the syrian president to step down. >> for months, this council has been held hostage by a couple members. these members stand behind empty
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arguments and individual interests, while delaying and seeking to strip bare any text that would pressure assad to change his actions. >> russia has been a friend of syria since the soviet days and continues to supply damascus with arms. >> well, eight sailors have been kicked out of the navy after a hazing incident. the men received general discharges after being accused of assaulting a fellow sailor on a san diego-based shipment one of the men said it was innocent horse prey. the action follows recent hearings on hazing in the military, including man who committed suicide last year after being beaten by fellow marines. >> a person is dead after an explosion at a remote training base. 38 families were evacuate after a propane gas explosion damaged
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seven homes. it happened in a mono county town of coleville. the cause of the explosion is still being investigated. >> more than 200 people on two cruise ships headed to south florida have been hit with the noro virus. 140 expeangz 80 crew members became sick. the companies delaying sailings until crews disinfect the ships. >> rescuers are trier to save dolphins that-beaching themselves. more than 100 dolphins washed up on the cape cod shoreline. it's the largest single species standing ever in the northeast. the mammals can only survive out of water a few hours. 84 have died. why they're becoming stranded is a mystery. >> we performed necropsies on
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nine of these animals so now the sign -- scientific part of the process begins. >> researchers say dolphins searching for food can get caught in the low tide and become strappedded. 31 dolphins have been nursed back to health. the survivors are tagged and released into deeper waters. >> a driver into the sonic drivethrough surprised his server with a sir made. >> what can i help you with? ♪ can i have a number 8 ♪ with chili cheese fries >> what kind of drink? >> the sonic burger was blown away by the singing voice. the young man says he likes to do random things to make people
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smile but can't deny the popularity is giving his ban a lot of attention. >> meteorologist frances dinglasan is in for leigh glaser. weather ahead. >> frances: great weather ahead. lots of sunshine in store for us tomorrow. and we have a clear night with a beautiful live shot. we're looking towards the bay bridge, and san francisco. a lot of folks out this evening, and do enjoy the day tomorrow as well because we have rain on its way. we'll start out with a look at current temperatures. we're already in the 40s in a lot of locations. 40 in santa rosa, 41 in napa, 52 in san francisco. 550 in san jose, and as we head a little farther south, in santa cruz, 46. 50 in monterey. so, here are the highlights for the forecast. these are the things you just need to take away. clear and chilly overnight. sunny and mild tomorrow, and
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then you'll notice change on monday when the cloud move in temperatures will be cooler. the rain on tuesday. so, that's what you need to know for the forecast, and the lows for tonight will be pretty cold. we're talking 30s in santa rosa. 35, 39 in vallejo, and concord. possibly patchy valley fog in parts of the delta. 46 in san francisco. 38 in morgan hill. now i want to take you to the satellite radar image. we have this area of high pressure giving us the nice, pleasant weather. and then with the air circulating clockwise, you'll see an offshore flow so warms temperatures than what you expect this time of the year. tomorrow in the 60s. 65 in san francisco, 63 in richmond, and 66 in concord. 69 in san jose. so normally this time of year we're in the upper 50 ssms gives
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you an idea how much warmer it is. especially when you see numbers in the low 70s. 72 in salinas. we're not going to break any records. 68 if your heading to the beach in santa cruz, and 68 in watsonville. i want to take you to monday night and show you our forecast model with the rain moving in. mondays we'll see the clouds move in but no rain. and then it's going to slide through the bay area. so we start off with a wet commute tuesday morning, and then by tuesday afternoon, breaks up into showers. however you'll notice this area of pink and white. that's good news. that's actually snow expected in the sierra. here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny for sunday. monday, cloudier, cooler. rain on tuesday, and we need the rain. we're only at 40% of normal. then partly cloudy for the rest of the week, with temperatures around the low 60s. >> all right. thank you, frances. >> shu, it's award season.
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>> mike: i didn't win anything. the nfl handing out regular-season awards. jim harbaugh was rewarded. and on the hardwood, warriors and kings renew their rivalfully sacramento. stick around as we throw it down ne
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>> mike: super bowl xlvi hype is officially over. kickoff is set for sunday at 3:30 p.m. from indianapolis. today, regular season awards handed out and jim harbaugh was named coach of the year. no surprise to nifnlt led the 489ers to a 13-3 railroad -- regular season record. congratulations to coach harbaugh. >> green bay quarterback aaron rodgers won the nfl mvp award in a landslide. earning 48-2 for new orleans drew brees. rodgers led the nfl in passing with a 122 rating, 45 chowb
11:25 pm
touchdown passes and a 68% completion rate. >> lots of award handed out today. baltimore tyrell suggs, defensive player of the year, alex smith is second runner up, mathitude -- mathitude stafford was the comeback player of the year. >> let's skip gears. warriors and kings, a barnburner in this rivalry. the head coach chatting with his successor. third quarter, it's drained. kings up 11. here come the warriors in the fourth led by nate robinson. puts the warriors up one. currie on the bench. rush for the flush. warriors by two now 15 seconds left. warriors down three. robinson to thompson. watch the rookie.
11:26 pm
ties it up. going to o.t. he had 16. then evans, the rainbow. the kings win it 114 1-rb 06. >> hoops. cal trying to rebound from the loss in arizona. three-ball, count it. cal shot 27% from the arc. gutierrez, the three. he had 10. 18 at the break. crabbe, another three. cal up 28. the bears getting it done from everywhere. thurman throws it down. cal never trails in the win of the sun devils. on the farm, stanford band, and arizona. defensive battle early but style points. from downtown, 14. wildcat, seven steals. nick johnson, a flush, and the
11:27 pm
wildcats win it 56-43. >> take a brief time-out before we hit the ice in phoenix where the sharks got ambushed by a pack of coyotes. it ddd
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>> mike: the sharks played coyote ugly in phoenix in front of their dads. fathers making the trip to the desert. sharks down 2-1 in the second. the great deflection. the dads are loving it. sharks up 4-2 with less than 1:00 to employment thornton to marlowe. good passing for the goal. sharks within one but got no closer. into the open net. coyotes win 5-3. >> a record crowd of more than 172,000 showed up for the third round of the phoenix open where the most ratty hole, the 16th, is the attraction. check it out.
11:31 pm
>> oh, no. >> mike: bubba watson having fun as was rickie fowler. the fans will boo you if you don't get on the green. levin from the beach. the leader by six going into sunday. >> that was your toyota sports report. tom brady's dad set don't -- down with me before he left for indy. a proud father he is. >> the worst kept secret. >> mike: i'm going with the giants. >> coming up, super bowl sunday is just minutes away but the betting is already underway in vegas, the odds and the big mistake already online. >> a new honor for the city of
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san francisco and why singles should pay attention. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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>> good evening. >> in tonight's headlines, pattie ganal on the right, says she and her friend norm ya are looking forward to coming home. they were kidnapped in egypt while on a christian pilgrimage. >> about 50 "occupy" oakland protesters marched through the streets of oakland, shadowed by police officers. the march was in protest to allegations of police brutality. >> you tilt crews with a suction creep in fremont, continuing to clean up the aftermath of aning a question duct leak. >> san jose officials are responding angrily to an ibm report saying their city could do without hundreds of police officers. officials say the department is stretched thin enough. ibm says the city would run more efficiently on crime predictive software, which is makes. >> we're hours away from super bowl xlvi. while the patriots and giants face off in indianapolis, some
11:36 pm
of the fastest action will be taking place in las vegas. >> david wright checks out super bowl weekend on the strip. >> reporter: 70,000 fans will be at lucas oil stadium, but four to five times that many will watch the game in this gaudy neon oway sis in the nevada desert. who do you think will have more fun, indianapolis or las vegas. >> jimmy may be the most influential bookie in vegas, setting odds on sports for more than 50 years. >> we all know there's a recession going on. people find money to bet on football. >> as much as 93 million wagered on one game. making the super bowl from a better's perspective the biggest single sporting event of the year. lease says chief of marketing at the cosmo poll continue and says for casual betters, fortunately
11:37 pm
is less intimidating. >> i don't know what that means but with football you know the game. you know where to put your money. >> it's true. >> will chad ochocinco score a touchdown. will the first player to score a church have an odd or even numbereddeersy. every other casino game comes down to probability, how likely to roll a seven or make blackjack. instead with sports, it's all up to the bookmakers. >> the pressure is on you. >> a little there, yes, a little bit. >> this is an ideal location for the super bowl. >> i would watch that morning -- more than the game. >> night clubs like this one are sports bars for a day. even the refreshments are exotic. >> will got will with nachos? >> i think it will go great with nachos. >> win or lose, no better place to watch the super bowl. >> it's not just the game people want to watch. a lot of people tune in to watch
11:38 pm
the flashy and expensive commercials. it's big business and arts enter spain takenment reporter dawn san chez says the commercials need to be memorable. >> who will noise the hot model. >> go daddy, always been a bet provocative. david beckham's underwear spot is likely to cause conversation. >> a man asks for three hot girls and gets three rottweilers. >> anything that hat funny over the top humorror tends to do well. >> the auto industry has been roaring back. matthew broderick recreates ferris buhleer to hit the road in a honda, and jerry seinfeld is trying to get an the wait list, a 30 second spot costs $3.5 million. >> america loves to see and be
11:39 pm
entertained by iconic brands so brand that invest are rewarded. >> she is a founding partner of a san francisco ad agency that creates odd dispots. this one is about vampires. they launched it on facebook at a game. now the commercial has had seven million views and hasn't even aired dwhrevment impact of social media has never been bigger. >> facebook is the number one destination people go to before the game, during the game, and after the game, to show their ads, which is interesting. >> they're tweeting, reacting to commercials. >> now it almost feels like if you're not maximizing the social media you're leaving serious money on the table. >> the game is really second day for advertisers. for them the score should be super bowl ads 35, the giants gs and patriots, 41. >> a big super bowl oops. 24 hours before kickoff, the nfl
11:40 pm
web site posted the giants are super bowl champions, on its web site, complete with an image of the lombardi trophy. the nfl said the web page was set up for possible use after sunday's game and was inadvertently posted. >> crippling housing prices and state budget woes have six california cities ton the list of most miserable places to live. the study looked at crime, weather, and the work commute. miami, florida, was number one as the most miserable place to leave, and detroit was second. but six california cities ranked in the top 20. sacramento came in as number five. stockton, 11th. merced with 15th. bakersfield, say lay hoe and modesto were 17th, 18th, and 19th. the magazine listed high unemployment and high foreclosure rates. >> san francisco ranked as the best dating city in america. according to the dating web
11:41 pm
site, how about the site believes it might have insight because it pairs singles by looking at their proposed first dates rather than by comparing personal profile. san francisco singles saw a 20% higher response rate than in any other u.s. city. >> known for singing and song writing, but her n new game is reality tv. candy burris talks about her her new roles. >> you can get in on the oscar objection -- action on >> good evening. i'm frances dinglasan in for leigh glaser. it will be gorgeous if you have outdoor plans tomorrow, and here's a live shot in tahoe at heavenly, where they have been making snow for a while. i'll tell you when they might get chance for
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>> a royal welcome for queen elizabeth. the oceanliner arrived in san francisco. it's the second largest canard ship built. it has ornate rooms that pay homage to the royal family and high society. >> she is a grammy award winning singer and songwriter who has penned songs for various
11:45 pm
artists. >> now she's a fan favorite on the real house wifes. she talked about her life as a business woman and reality star. >> to see how you work as a songwriter and a producer, what a gift you have. >> thank you. >> what gift you have. you have written for tlc, destiny's child, mariah cary, do you wake up, open your eyes and you have lyrics in your ahead. >> sometimes you may say something that parks an idea. that might be a cool title and i will walk off and a song comes up in my head, and i try to record it on my phone or write it down so when i see somebody that actually -- i cannot play unfortunately, but i hear it in my head. so i will sing it how i want it to go to somebody like little ronnie, and he will play around
11:46 pm
with whammite coming up with. >> anything going on with you? >> no, just my player. >> he is a cutie. >> everybody loves him. >> okay. so, if i said killer popcorn -- you have to take a shot of your -- i love me some -- my god. oh, hi. >> i actually -- we do know them. i'm part of the team. yeah. i tell people off. >> how do you manage everything, juggling mom, song writing, producing, business woman, store, everything. >> it can get overwhelming at times, but it's like right now, i feel like i'm on a mission to do everything that i want to do in the next couple years, and i'm going to kick back. after. >> i like that.
11:47 pm
>> yeah. >> going to go big right now and then take time. >> yeah. i'm going to go hard or go home for the next couple of years, and then i'm going to chill for a while. everybody has a timeline in their head, like, okay, i feel like this age i will be able to just chill, and for me, i've always said at 40, i want to be able to chill if i wanted to. i'm 35 now. so i got five more years to go hard. >> you can watch 7 live every weekday from 3:00 to 4:00 right here on abc-7. >> let's check in with frances dinglasan in for leigh glaser. >> frances: hi. we have clear and chilly conditions tonight, and into tomorrow morning, sunny and mild again, so another beautiful sunday. cloudy and cooler monday, and then a change -- the rain and the change comes on tuesday. for tonight, you can expect lows in the 30s.
11:48 pm
36 in cloverdale, 37 in napa. definitely cool with possible patchy valley fog in the delta. 34 in livermore, and low 40s in richmond, oakland, 46 in san francisco, 40 in san jose. here's a look at highs around the bay area. 60s for the most part, and we're going to be even possible lay degree or two warmer than what we saw today. 65 in san francisco. 63 in richmond. 66 in concord. 69 in san jose. and once again, we'll see the 70s. actually made into it the 70s in parts of monterey bay. so looking up to get up to 72 in salinas. 68 in watsonville, and low 70s in morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. around the state, we saw the live picture in tahoe, at heavenly. might get a chance of snow on tuesday there but it's not looking like a great chance at this point. your highs for tomorrow. 43 so just a degree warmer
11:49 pm
compared to today. 65 in sacramento so sunny almost statewide. mild in southern california, with temperatures in the low 70s. 73 in los angeles and 73 in palm springs, and here's a look at your accuweather seven-day forecast. the sunny conditions tomorrow again, beautiful day ahead. monday, we'll see increasing clouds and temperatures coming down around four degrees on average, and that makes way for the rain on tuesday. >> thank you very much, frances. >> shu, finally going to give us your super bowl picks? >> we have one last bit of super bowl hype as i sat down with tom brady's dad before he left for indy. what he thinks about his son's career and the big game, coming up next. [ female announcer ] pillsbury presents:
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[ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. >> mike: a little business, kickoff for super bowl sunday at 3:30 p.m. today regular season awards were hasn't out and jim harbaugh was named coach of the year. no surprise. coach harbaugh led the niners to a 13-3 regular season record and to the nfc title game. earning 45 of the 50 possible votes. green bay quarterback aaron rodgers won the mvp award in a
11:53 pm
landslide. he led the nfl in passing ratings, a 68% completion rate. the packerred went 15-1 and won the nfc north. the bay area taking on willford vazquez, jr. here comes the combo. vazquez knocked down for the first time in his career. it's a split decision. now 28-1 after claiming the junior featherweight title. >> anytime the warriors and kings get together, seems to be a barnburner. kings head coach chatting with his successor mark jackson. third quarter, drains the three. kings up 11 after three. here come the warriors led by nate robinson. warriors up one. curry on the bench. then nate finds rush, the flush, warriors by two 15 seconds left
11:54 pm
now. warriors down three. the rookie buries it. going to overtime where it was all kings. tyreke evans, he had 26. kings win it. >> to the ice, sharks' players fathers making a trip to the desert. tied at two dads are loving in. sharks trail 4-2. less than a minute to play. marlowe, great passing. starts -- sharks win one but got no closer. the coyotes get the win 5-3. >> the pride of san mat day, you're tom brady, will try to join terry bradshaw and joe montana at the only quarterback to win five super bowls. tom senior could not be more proud of his son. >> we're tickled he is having the success he has. this doesn't get old. >> would you have ever thought
11:55 pm
when he was growing up as a gangly, skinny, tall kid, this would have been his future? >> no. >> this doesn't leave this other. if i'm the son of god, tom brady has to be the guy's nephew. >> i got the miracle worker. >> as was said on saturday night live, maybe he is the nephew or the grandson of god, because he has been rewarded in good things. he has been kind of sprinkled with gold dust. >> terry bradshaw and joe montana. the only quarterbacks to have four super bowl rings. if tom wins, this will be this fourth. i know montana was one of his odd -- idols so i think tom would enjoy joining this class. >> joe i the top of the pantheon of great quarterbacks, and tom just to be in the same conversation of being something special, kind of makes a dad
11:56 pm
feel real good but it's a big, big mountain to climb because the giants are going to be very tough. we were this close the last time. >> tom0s only loss in a super bowl so a bit of a revenge factor. >> just another opportunity. we don't know how many times these opportunities are beg -- going to keep knocking on the door. you're going to put everything in you can. the question is, is that going to be enough? >> tom is playing against the betts competition in the league. if we were to win his fourth he might be considered the best of all-time. what does that make you feel? >> humbled. it's -- that's pretty special. >> last question. a prediction. >> i see patriots winning 37-35. >> wow. >> and that was your toyota sports report. you notice that ring.
11:57 pm
i asked him if that was the first super bowl ring, and i said, he didn't give you that ring until he won two more. he likes the patriots. i like the giants. i think they're a better balanced team and they're defense is going to make it tough for tom brady, but you're a father, i'm a father, and it's fun to watch and he is really proud of his son. >> almost made him cry. >> mike: i do that to people. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank
11:58 pm
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