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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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6:01. a lot going on. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. i'm kristen sze. we begin this half hour on storm watch. >> meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the storm. timing not good because it is going to hang around throughout the morning commute. strongest near sacramento and offshore this is how they are move which is to the north possibly to the east or northeast so we have heavy rain now better radar returns around south san francisco towarding daly city and san francisco the same around
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the sunol grade into the east bay valleys. heavy rain on either side of the santa clara valley not much in the santa clara valley this going to hang around through 9:00 scattered shower in the afternoon. let's find out about your commute. good morning. hot spot on westbound 580. i want to take to you abc7's exclusive waze traffic app this crash was reported half an hour ago near grant line road still blocking the left lane. look at what it is doing to traffic slowing traffic down on to westbound 205 out of tracy almost backed up to 11th street. one of the commuters reported a stand still five minutes ago. the cool thing about this application is you can see -- you can see where drivers have turned it on. earlier i did see someone moving around 40 miles an hour. in san jose north clermont
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avenue closed between mckee and madeleine drive because of wires that came down. we begin with breaking news. anonymous has struck again. the hacker group has just released the personal information of some of oakland's top city officials online in response to clashes between occupy oakland and the police. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom with the latest details. >> reporter: the group anonymous just released the information saying they are disgusted and shocked by the behavior of oakland city officials. they have released the personal information of the officials, including the mayor, the city council and the city administrator and the police chief. the details that they have made public include home addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and e-mail addresses. the group posted a statement targeted saying: we have been actively monitoring your behavior since occupy oakland started. you've tear gassed us and
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arrested us and beat us. the people on this list are supposed to represent the best of what the city of oakland has to offer. if they are the best, why is there so much trouble within the police department and the city of oakland? the group ends the statement by saying you should have expect us. anonymous is an internationally known hacking group tied to computer attacks on the pentagon and the white house and several other government organizes. this story is still developing. it just came into the newsroom moments ago. we will be working on it throughout the morning and try to get reaction from oakland's city officials as soon as possible. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:04. hours from now a federal appeals court in san francisco will announce its ruling on whether california's gay marriage ban prop 8 is constitutional. terry mcsweeney is live at the federal courthouse with what is coming today and what happens next. >> reporter: today's issue is
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going to be remembered by the people who started a rally here at 10:20 at courthouse. they will march to city hall there is not going to be weddings takes place it is not the final decision what happens today will influence the u.s. supreme court when it does make that final decision. take a look at some video and we'll talk about the issues they are facing. ' three-judge panel is going to be making the decision from the 9th circuit court of peels. the question they are going to be deciding is, is voter approved prop 8 defining marriage at one man and one woman unconstitutional? that was the ruling by federal judge vaughn walker. a ruling on right of homosexuals to marry or a narrow ruling that california voters did not approve suzuki suzuki marriage because they did not like -- approve suzuki suzuki marriage because they did not like gays getting
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married that would be more difficult for the u.s. supreme court to overturn according to some legal experts that is where the case seem to the best going. >> undoubtedly, the losing side will ask for mean the entire court hears it. -- think maybe valentine's 2013. >> reporter: two separate same-sex couples are the plaintiffs. another decision made today should judge walker's ruling be set aside because he's a gay man in a committed relationship and stood to gain from the outcome of his own ruling? two separate rulings today. again there's going to be a lot of people in the streets demonstrating in favor of same-sex marriage.
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abc7 news is going to break into programming around 10:00 this morning with whatever that decision is. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 6:07 now. a billboard highlighting the domestic violence case involving the san francisco sheriff may go up near the hall of justice. the shelter for victims of domestic violence says the bill board campaign is in opposition to sheriff ross mirkarimi's statement that the case involving him and his wife is a private matter. the billboard would read domestic violence is never a private matter analyst the hotline number. right now the group is trying to raise the $4,000 needed to pay for that billboard. fire investigators are beginning the long process of looking for a cause after an overnight fire at a union city taco bell. the fire started 3:45 this morning it appears to have be again in the restaurant's kitchen. it took firefighters 20 minutes to knock this one down. they say there are no injuries. vallejo residents who live
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near the scene of a big warehouse fire are complaining with the emergency warning system. a malfunctioning phone alert system kept making automated shelter in place calls to people in a four mile radius up to 10 hours after the alarm was livered. fire officials activated the alert at about 10:45 sunday morning pause the warehouse generated a huge smoke cloud. officials blame the mistake in a computer program. they say it will be fixed and the service will be improved. sonoma county's planning commission expects a packed hearing today as it considers whether to captain number of medical marijuana dispensaries. allowing nine in unincorporated areas. they say the pot business, legal or not, is a chief cause of crime and environmental pollution. medical marijuana advocates say the limit is arbitrary and liquor stores and pharmacies don't face a similar cap. the issue could head to the board of supervisors next
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month. rainy overnight, you are facing that when you get up this morning to drive to work. mike is here to look at who is getting rain now and how much longer it will stay. great guess, light rain everywhere except -- great questions. light rain everywhere it going to stay around for the better part of the morning commute at least until 9:00 we'll have light rain. winds gusty but below the threshold for the advisories so it has been dropped still breezy 33 mile per hours in hayward, 36 san jose, 26 mountain view, 24 in half moon bay. here's what is happening. if you watch here you see a curl up to the northwest that's the parallel, another smaller curl developing down to our south that is going to take all the moisture away from us that's why we are going to have light rain through the morning commute then will quickly become scattered showers during the afternoon the bulk of the rain
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is going to fall in southern california be prepared for scattered showers even a peek of sun mid 50s to near 60. looks like fog the next couple of mornings then sun warmest afternoons as we settle into low to mid 60s friday through the weekend. here's frances with a look at a busy bay bridge. good morning. minor accident on the upper deck it cleared metering lights were turned on within the last few minutes that's why we are seeing a back up develop earlier than normal for some of these fast track lanes. within the last few minutes new crash reported in san mateo north 101 we'll look at that in my next report. i-80 berkeley getting crowded westbound heading towards the bay bridge toll. san mateo bridge still fine across the span hot spot westbound 205 approaching 580
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because of an earlier crash that still may be blocking the left lane. 6:10. just ahead, south bay school district that is getting into the health care industry. why it could be key to saving students and families thousands. we have a deal. the new plan that club and restaurant owners hope will make the downtown district in san jose safer for patrons. some call it conservation, peta calls it slavery. the case meant to determine if animals have the same constitutional rightsúúúúúúúúúúú
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a san jose school district is getting in the health care business offering discounts on prescription drugs to employees and residents. anyone with or without insurance with or without children they can sign up for discounts from 20 to 85%. they are partnering with a health insurance breaker the district says its interest is in having healthy kids. walnut creek city council is expected to discuss ways to deal with growing violence at bars and nightclubs downtown. business owners met yesterday to come up with a plan they hope will avoid more regulations from the city. the owners plan to step up security and hold monthly meetings to address concerns and share ideas and intelligence. they plan toe improve dialogue with police. -- they plan to improve dialogue with police. >> we would prefer not to see another level of government
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put on top of us especially if it is an ordinance that is open-ended. >> drunken late night brawls have been increasing in recent years as this very joe -- as this video shows. for the first time ever, a federal judge has heard arguments in the case that could determine whether animals enjoy the same constitutional protections as humans, peta filed a federal lawsuit against seaworld demanding it release five killer whales in san diego. peta believes seaworld is violating the 13th amendment because the orcas in peta's words being held in slavery. seaworld's attorneys want a judge to dismiss the suit calling it a peta publicity stunt. we find out from mike where the rain is. >> just about everywhere. still very light but still adding to what we've had overnight.
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let's look and show what is going on. good morning everybody. 6:17, a little breezy. we are not under a wind advisory any more they are staying below the 40 mile per hour threshold gusting around 30 to 35 at times you can see from vollmer peak it is bouncing a little. for the last three hours, live doppler that's what it is showing you. waves of light rain still moving from shout to north. it -- moving from south to north it looks like a shelf life of 9:00 then becomes scattered showers. mild this morning with southerly winds 48 fairfield low to mid 50s everywhere he will until you get to fremont 57 livermore at 59°. around the monterey bay, 60, mid to upper 50s for everybody else even as you head inland. you will have to deal with the rain and breezy conditions all the way through the morning commute. then we'll have showers,
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scattered in nature during the afternoon hours. then getting home will be drier than getting to work or school this morning. foggy the next couple of mornings now we have moisture the ground sunny and warmer the rest of the week starting tomorrow. 60 oakland and palo alto else in the mid to upper 50s we may stay close to where we are right now during the afternoon hours 60 around monterey and salinas upper 50s the rest of the bay and inland. foggy spots out there, low to mid 40s in most neighborhoods upper 30s around cloverdale, clear lake, santa rosa and upper 40s around san francisco, san mateo and half moon bay. here's a look at front bearing down on the bay area right now. one small area of low pressure developing down to our south taking the bulk of the moisture with it after the 9:00 hour that's why you can see steady rain is over as we head to noon, just scattered light showers those will continue during the afternoon and early evening only to
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dissipate overnight as the low moves, fog forms will hang around until noon tomorrow then afternoon sun and warming trend will begin. rainfall amounts from a quarter inch to 3/4 of an inch around the bay up to 2/10 in the south an inch or two in our mountains. look at the low to mid 60s tomorrow, mid to upper 60s thursday. partly cloudy afternoon friday through monday in the low to middle 60s. rain is here, let's find out how it is affecting traffic. good morning. definitely starting to slow things down. bay bridge toll backed up a little earlier than normal because of a minor the upper deck metering lights turned on early beyond west grand now for most cars. hot spot is westbound 205 in tracy this is waze traffic application 16 miles per hour as you can see for folks
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heading to 580 approaching that crash, looks like west grant line slow heading through the area. i was thinking of the it as a possible alternate, but we are seeing slowing there as well now i want to take you back to the traffic maps to talk a new injury crash reported this is southbound 101 at will fred look out for this because i -- at wilfred look out for this, because i think it might slow things down. that crash is on the shoulder no slowing at this point through san mateo good news for you. flooding reported southbound 505 at midway as i head towards vacaville if you want to -- as you head towards vacaville if you want the waze app go to and join our traffic spotter group. definitely a slow down so be careful out there. >> 6:20 now.
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clicking the dislike button. the angry bay area mothers taking a direct stan against an unpopular face book policy. oscar sunday february 26th, right here on abc7. you can predict winners and get the latest buzz right now on you can download the oscar app. it will give you live video from the red carpet and
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6:25. the web's biggest retailer is about to take a page from the traditional business hand book. reports say is considering opening a brick and mortar store in seattle. saying the e-mailer wants to find out if it can make a -- profit by selling higher end merchandise in a mall-setting. mothers hope facebook has gotten the message from a nurse-in. a breast feeding activist claims facebook suspended her account twice after she posted a breast feeding image. other nurse-ins were held at facebook offices across u.s. and in london and apart . still aide had, new information -- on our breaking news oakland -- oakland city
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officials personal officials just released and the hacker group claiming response -- claiming responsible . the santa clara d.a. makes a decision about whether to file charges in a high profile salt case involving a teenager assaulted at a shark's -- game. 55 minute flight arrival delays into sfo. two hot spots this morning bay bridge toll starting to pack up to the foot of the maze because of earlier -- to back up to the foot of the maze because of earlier problems. more details after this break hope yox!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!x!!
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u.s. stock futures are falling as talks drag none greece on terms of a second bailout to prevent bankruptcy. markets will be monitoring talks in athens. we go live to the new york stock exchange in 15 minutes. 6:30 i'm eric thomas, thanks for joining us. and i'm kristen sze the winter storm moving through overnight and this morning. >> meteorologist mike nicco is here to tell us about the kind of rain that is falling now. it is really light a nuisance because it is keeping everything wet for your morning commute. good morning. here's the storm track around salinas, another near
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sacramento even though we are seeing a healthy return over the san mateo bridge that's where supposedly the most energy is now. light rain throughout the north bay also as you medicine into the bay there's that better radar return if you are heading to the east you are going to drive too it to the west or san mateo you will drive out of it through the san ramon valley healthy returns up near mount hamilton otherwise light and will continue through 9:00 as you can see more water moving ashore from the south. it has caused some accidents let's find out if there is a new one. >> southbound 101 what the wil fred causing slowing not blocking lanes the driver can get out of the car. with emergency vehicles slowing heading to the grade. bay bridge toll backing up into the maze because of separate incidents this morning one near the nearing lights they are trying to clear from the middle lanes
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and hot spot westbound 580 at 205 this is abc7's exclusive waze traffic app this accident has been blocking lanes for an hour, 13 miles an hour backed up on to westbound 205. i wanted to show you this traffic spotter she took grant line road earlier and was able to bypass the whole area that might be a good alternate for you. now the very latest on breaking news. a computer hacking group this morning posted personal information of key oakland officials online. the group says it is a matter of revenge. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom. you tweeted me you just spoke with the mayor's spokesperson. >> reporter: that's right. i told her what happened she call the move unconscionable. she hasn't seen it yet her first question was, where can i find it? we told her. the group anonymous posted the personal information and a
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statement explaining why. anonymous says: we have been watching since occupy oakland started and monitoring city officials' behavior. the group says it is shocked and disgusted by officials' behavior. members have posted information such as the birthdays, addresses and phone numbers of top officials and their family members. the targeted include the mayor, police chief and city administrator with the city council. they get into extremely personal vents in their lives such as councilmember --'s son's conviction for rape. the hacking group is known for is cyber attacks internationally on government agencies, including the pentagon and white house. the group has done this to some oakland police officer. this story is still developing it is just coming in this last hour city officials are just now become ago wear of what happen. -- now becoming aware of what happened. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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when they do figure it out, it will be something. 6:34. key riling in the battle over same-sex in -- a key ruling in the battle over same-sex in california is 3 hours away. a decision on whether the prop 8 gay marriage ban is constitutional. terry mcsweeney is live outside the federal court house. >> reporter: a three-judge panel will be handing down its decision about 10:00 this morning not just one decision, but to both important. look at video and we'll talk about the two rulings. ruling number one, whether prop 8 is unconstitutional? that is the proposition approved by voters in 2008 making marriage between one man and one woman. i was ruled unconstitutional in by judge vaughn walker. -- number two whether the
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ruling should be set aside because he's a kpwaeu man in relationship and stood to benefit from his own ruling. we have commits from both sides. -- comments from both sides. >> the yes on 8 people don't have anything. they tried their darnest they just don't have anything to stop this. >> a win for us would be a supreme court decision saying this is not something that judges should decide this is something that the people and their elected representatives should decide on a state by state pays is. >> reporter: -- legal scholars will be looking at is how broad or narrow a ruling today's decision. the broad ruling may be the constitutional right of homosexuals to marry. a more narrow ruling would be specific to california whether voters here in california approve prop 8 and turn down same-sex marriage because they
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don't like homosexuality. if that is the case, it is a more narrow ruling as this case goes forward and ends up at the united states supreme court. legal analyst johnson says it could get there valentine's day of next year. today's decisions both are going to be announced, we'll break into programming here on abc 7 and have that for you live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. developing news now in san jose. a tree and downed powerlines are causing traffic troubles. katie marzullo just got to the scene she joins us live. >> reporter: i'll have you look for yourself and our viewers take a look behind us. you can see this huge branch an entire third of the tree came down on north clermont at mckee road that tree brought
6:37 am
with it powerlines. someone was here earlier and roped this area off. when we got on scene pg&e was not here but pg&e has just arrived back on scene there's a man here doing some reconnaissance as to what is going on. significant damage on this quiet street. some might not be awake to realize what has happened. they will realize it when they see their power is out. pg&e reports 10 customers in this area are without power because of this storm damage. we'll have to see what happens when those folks wake up if their alarm clocks go off no this morning. pg&e just arriving on scene to do some damage control and see what is going on. they have roped it off to keep people away.5%h8o also there's a second outage i don't have a location in that case 900 customers are without power. pg&e still working this morning to investigate the cause of that outage. this one is pretty clear.
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huge tree branch coming down maybe doing some damage on somebody's car that was parked on the sidewalk most importantly taking with it powerlines which is going to make for a dark stormy morning for 10 customers out here this morning in san jose. katie marzullo, abc7 news. 6:38. a san francisco private school now says a stomach flu virus actually sickened hundreds more than initially believed. st. ignatius college prep is reopen now after last week's outbreak shutdown the school. city health officials said more than 300 had talent ill. the bug hit more -- had fallen ill. the bug hit more than 500. health officials believe the virus was brought in by a student and spread from there. in los angeles, a school district is making an unprecedented move after two teachers at one school are charged with molestation. at a meeting last night the
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superintendent announced that he is replacing the entire staff of miramonte elementary school, transfering them to a different place from the janitor to the principal, effective immediately after teacher mark berndt was charged last week with committing lewd acts on 23 children. days later another teacher martin springer was arrested on suspicion of fondling two girls in his classroom. every student -- >> i can't have any more surprises even though the police will do what they have to do and if there are no more, thank god, we deal with the more record and the tragedy i have already. and if there are more then we will have to deal with that. >> new teachers and staff members have been hired and screened. many parents say kids will suffer because some good teachers are being forced to leave. no charges will be filed against san jose sharks fan who knocked a 16-year-old girl
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unconscious at a game. maggie was at the shark tank rooting for her hometown canucks last december when she was hit from behind. prosecutors say they couldn't fan any witnesses. maggie has been treated in the past for a brain tumor suffered a slight concussion. the woman accused of striking her said it was an accident that happened while she was cheering for the sharks. we wonder how much more remains? >> how much rain remains mike? >> i think another 1/10 or 2/10 by the 9:00 hour. we talked about winds yesterday they didn't meet the threshold so the wind advisory cancelled. still gusting to 36 in -- 24 half moon bay. coming out of the southeast that means it is going perpendicular to the dumbarton, san mateo and bay bridge so it could get dicey out there.
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here's a look at low pressure to our south this going to steer the system more to the southeast and take most of the moisture with it. that's why i don't think we'll see the steady rain past 9:00. temperatures mild upper 40s to 50s at the 8:00 hour. noon you still may get rain if you are heading out for for lunch low to mid 50s rain still in the scattered nature same around 4:00 mid to upper 50s. once the sunsets through 7:00 we'll see showers taper then fog the next couple of mornings, warmer afternoons back in the 60s. here's frances with an update. with the wet weather traffic slower than normal. bay bridge toll wind advisory has been issued. traffic is backed up into the maze. a couple earlier accidents, one still at the metering lights that may be blocking middle lane. san mateo bridge fine across the span with the camera bouncing it is a little windy
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as well. there is a wind advisory for the dumbarton bridge. 680 walnut creek starting to see slowing southbound slow near north main towards highway 24 earlier crash at monument is on the shoulder now. north bay definitely slowing on south 101 approaching wilfred avenue injury crash on the shoulder because of the emergency crews folks are slowing to take a look. keep that in mind heading towards the grade. now the waze traffic app, westbound 205 jammed this morning there was a crash at 580 and 205 that has opinion cleared it blocked lanes almost an hour. a lot of folks headed to grant line road as an alternate it is moving a little better now. you can get this application by going toe -- by going to it will give you the information you need while commuting for speeds on where
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you are going and maybe alternate routes. 6:43. we have breaking news in newark where police are investigating the shooting of a federal officer. right now newark police are not saying much more just that a federal officer was shot before 6:00 this morning near the intersection -- no word yet on the condition of that officer. that federal officer or which agency he or she is connected to. we have a crew on the way and more details as we get them. 6:43. the -- [ unintelligible ] we'll get the latest on the markets live from the new york stock exchange. first up the dow is off 36 points. you are getting snowed. ia ski resorts believe they are getting a bum rap for the skiing conditions righúúúúúúúúúú
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oh will you grab us some yoplait? sure. what flavor? mm, one of each. lemon burst, hm, cherry orchard, blackberry harvest...
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my daughter's grabbing some yoplait. pina colada, orange creme. i can't imagine where she is... strawberry cheesecake. [ grocery store pa ] clean up in aisle eight. found her! [ female announcer ] yoplait original. 25 flavors for you to love. it is so good. welcome back. live doppler you can see rain up and down the coast even some light snow in the sierra but it won't be a big deal but it will continue those snow showers through the afternoon.
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scattered showers through the central valley mid to upper 50s chico and sacramento low 60s fresno and big sur wall of water heading for southern california going to be wet this afternoon mid to upper 60s there. no joke, comedienne roseanne barr's name will be on the june primary ballot she will be one of three seeking the green party nomination for president. last week she announced her candidacy saying the two major parties aren't serving the american people. the green party's nominating convention will be held in july. the leading candidate in the race for the gop nomination is taking what some are calling a dangerous stance on a recent controversy. mitt romney is weighing in on the susan g. komen foundation's decision to continue giving planned parenthood money to pay for breast exams. romney told a conservative radio host komen should not give money to planned parenthood because it provides abortion services and neither
6:49 am
should the government. komen reversed an earlier decision to suspend funding for planned parenthood amid a crush of criticism. today's republican voters will caucus in minnesota and colorado and will hold a primary in missouri. banks ever doing unusual things to convince underwater homeowners to sell. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. sell your house and get $35,000 from the bank for doing so? those are among the incentives as they encourage the struggling homeowners to unload their property for less than what they owe. banks will take less of a loss in a short sale rather than foreclosure and avoid the legal problems all of this as we wait to hear more on a settlement between states and the biggest lenders over alleged faulty foreclosure practices. california is one of nine
6:50 am
states refusing to sign on to that multi-billion dollar deal for now. in a few minutes ben bernanke will start testifying on the outlook. the markets light volume this was the case yesterday and today. dow down 45 points. bloomberg index trading a slight bit lower. i'm jane king. 6:50. tahoe ski resorts say they are getting a bum rap and ski conditions are better than people think. the resorts are churning out a lot of manmade snow they said last month's storm increased the snow base. a few skiers say they like the less crowded conditions. many resources won't reveal how business is going. the industry association says the christmas season was down 40%. not going to get much out of this system. >> no, i don't think we'll make up the snow nor that 40%
6:51 am
the snow is there. good morning 6:51 right now. you can see the low hanging clouds and the light rain on doppler that is falling from them causing nearly an hour flight arrival delays for those incoming flights into sfo. light rain through 9:00 then scattered showers this afternoon. 49 fairfield everybody else in the 50s mild as we expected this morning. 60 monterey, mid to upper 50s the rest of the bay and inland. afternoon showers steady rain for the morning commute getting around today will be easy as we head too the afternoon. foggy start, tomorrow and thursday sunday and warmer the rest of week. today's temperatures won't move much mid to upper 50s possibly 60 oakland and palo alto same monterey 60, 61 salinas everybody else upper 50s with scattered showers. tonight showers over moisture will create fog partly cloudy
6:52 am
with foggy spots from upper 30s in santa rosa to upper 40s around san francisco and san mateo. 7:00 to 9:00, the steady rain gone by noon scattered showers will linger through the early evening and watch as they dissipate overnight that fog fills in temperature in the 40s tonight. mid to upper 60s thursday as warm as it gets. couple new accidents reported in the east a northbound 880 tennison this one with injuries we'll probably see slowing through hayward another southbound 238, south 101 wilfred traffic improving. over to the south bay, northbound 280 definitely getting crowded out of the downtown area up towards cupertino. 101 in san rafael, we see more crowds still fine through the marin sieve -- civic center. westbound 205 the hot spot
6:53 am
here's our waze traffic app this earlier crash cleared on westbound grant line traffic backed up to 205 past 11th street. you can have this information available while you commute go to put it on your smartphone or iphone. 6:53 now. a cupertino teen who won a major science competition will have the opportunity to present her science project to president obama today. 17-year-old angela is in washington, d.c. this morning getting ready to take part in the white house science fair. the senior won top individual honors at the foundation's annual science competition. angela won a $100,000 grand prize for her research on cancerous stem cells. oakland's police chief, mayor and city council are waking up and hearing that much of their personal
6:54 am
information has been posted on the web by hackers. >> reporter: oakland's mayor's spokesperson calls this unconscionable. the group lists personal information of top city officials including the police chief, city council members and the mayor. the group posted a statement explaining why it is so mad. anonymous says: we have been watching since the inception of occupy oakland. we are shocked and disgusted by your behavior. before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. the group then goes on to list the home addresses, property value, birth dates, phone numbers and other information like that of city leaders and their family members. except for councilmember rebecca kaplan under her name it just says, thank you for your support. this grown is known internationally anonymous has launched cyber taxes against several government agencies including the pentagon and the white house and now the city
6:55 am
of oakland. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we are following breaking news in newark police investigate the shooting of a federal officer. >> police are not saying much more just that a federal officer was shot before 6:00 this morning. no word on the condition of that officer or which agency he or she is connected to. we know the area has opinion shutdown. >> we have a crew on the scene more during "good morning america" on abc7 news at 11 a.m.. if you are leaving it is going to be wet everywhere break in radar returns. santa cruz mountains and peninsula. more rain is down to the south that will come across your neighborhoods in the next couple of hours. by 9:00 it becomes showers and expected to be pockets of wetness during the afternoon.
6:56 am
mild with 50s to near 60°. as far as what is going to happen the next couple of days, morning fog, that will give way to sunshine warmest afternoons tomorrow and thursday before low to mid 60s through the weekend. bay bridge toll backed up into the maze, wind advisory for the bay bridge and dumbarton. now the waze traffic app, new crash north 80 at tennison traffic going to slow. someone reported heavy on 880 through hayward. hot spot has been westbound 580 at 205 because of an earlier crash still heavy even though the accident has cleared you can see it is moving at 16 miles per hour on westbound 205 approaching 580. thank you for joining us for the abc7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. keep track of the latest on twitters -- on twitter.
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we will stand by for the 10 a.m. expected ruling from the federal appeals court on prop 8. we will bring that to you live on air. you can get the latest on abc7 news and talk about the stories at >> we'll of course follow that shooting at -- of the federal officer in newark. officer in newark. have a great day. closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc
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