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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 8, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PST

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i require a bit of a love letter . that's it you are getting the love all year through . and we were chuckling after the break . i asked about baby breath . it is bad form to buy roses and baby breaths and you said to me, it is like giving somebody carnations . you give them a high maintance girl a dozen cornations- on carnations . >> later on . you see a flower and you say only if you pick them yourself . >> and if you pick them . carnations are dated like the baby's breath . if you go and it is rarely used anymore . >> i think lizzie needs to do a segment for guys on not to get .
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i give my husband, a list years ago of the five favorite flowers and he has the problem . he brought me home flowers i didn't like . i think they stink and i am not crazy for them . what do i did get y and he keeps the list in the wallet and never repeated that mistake . >> unless he loses the wallet . and i will continue my education here from lizzie . we'll have more tomorrow including your opinions and reaction to the stories today . stay tuned for the news at four . lizzie and i will see you tomorrow . [ female announcer ] these are the crescents you love on a holiday. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy dinner. pillsbury ham and cheese crescents. school night ideas made easy. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls.
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we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. several agents sift through a garbage can. >> others take boxes from an apartment as they take the lead in the investigation of a customs officer. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it began 17 hours ago when the federal officer was shot in front of his home in newark. >> alan wang joins us live from the apartment building of the suspected it shooter in piedmont. alan? >> carolyn and dan, after arresting dennis bagwell agents began scouring this apartment building off
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piedmont avenue. what we mains a mystery is why an op optometrist who became an apartment manager would want to shoot a u.s. customs agent. federal agents from the fbi, homeland security and customs comb they had apartment building where dennis bagwell is the property manager. newark police say he shot a customs agent before 6:00 this morn . >> this was an off duty incident. >> he waited for him to walk out of his home and fired five shots, seriously wounding the 61-year-old agent who works out of san francisco international airport. >> i never would have guessed he had a gun. >> residents in peaked -- piedmont say he took over in october. >> dennis was always helpful. anytime there was any issue you call him or text him and
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he is on it. >> bagwell had access to the entire 30-unit apa 30-unit aparo the federal agents scoured through the dumpsters and the parking lot before taking away several boxes of evidence. we do know that before bagwell ended up as a property manager he was an optometrist, seen in the middle teaching students at bay area op tau cal schools in union city. for 35 years he owned and operated a practice in redwood city and managed two laboratories. police had specific information to go looking for dennis bagwell which indi knowet motive. police cold his car over and arrested him late this afternoon. reporting live in piedmont, alan wang, abc news. a triumphant night for rick santorum. they are enjoying a boost of momentum after winning contests in three states. in missouri he beat out mitt romney with 55% of the vote. santorum is the declared winner in minnesota where ron paul came in second.
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and it was close in colorado, but santorum is the project edwiner there. these victories are the first for santorum since his narrow win last month in iowa. >> there is probably another person who maybe is listening to your cheers here also. that might be at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. you abouter start listening. >> they carry bragging rights, but don't award any delegates. that may be why newt gingrich barely stumped in these three states. >> well, new welding on pg&e pipelines is apparently flawed. the problems could be potentially lethal. they report that the two veteran welders told regulators that the lines were plagued by corrosion and the welding could jeprodize the integrity. it was done during pipeline safety testing last year in response to the san bruno disaster. a pg&e spokesman says the company takes the accusations
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seriously and is investigating. a woman and a 12-year-old boy are in the hospital following an explosion in an apartment near san francisco city college. you can see the damage the blast did to the flat on capital avenue. the explosion was apparently caused by a butane torch being used to convert compressed marijuana into hasish oil. for those for and against same-sex marriage an important turn in the debate. in san francisco, three federal judges ruled prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. but as john alston reports, both sides know full well that this is not the end of the fight. >> the celebration continued into the evening at san francisco's lgbt community center. it was mixed with treppe paw dation that if the case reaches the as.s. supreme court as expected, same-sex marriage supporters may not get the same outcome as today.
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>> we have to hope it doesn't happen that way, but definitely a concern. the 9th circuit court of appeals ruled the ban is unconstitutional. the gay and lesbian couples appeared in sphrn to -- in san francisco to applaud the ruling. >> i look at my family and i feel such pride and excitement in what lies ahead. >> we are anxious to get married before our youngest son, our twin boys, graduate high school next year and begin their lives as adults. >> 17-year-old spencer perry says letting his parents get married is important. with this ruling and i as a government my family is finally normal. we are different, and we don't need a trial to prove we love each other. >> a three-judge panel voted 2-1 that proposition 8 serve no's purpose and has no affect
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other than to lessen the status of gays gays and lesbians in california and reclassified the relationships as inferior to those of opposite sex couples. the constitution simply does not allow for laws of this sort. prop a supporters are preparing are -- prop 8 supporters are preparing for the next fight. >> this is out of step with all of the other law out there in the country. withly it is out of with californians and the seven million voters who came out and after a full debate says prop 8 makes sense. >> the rule was written as to only to apply to california and to possibly avoid a supreme court review according to some experts. the ruling is on hold until the prop 8 supporters file an appeal which means same sex weddings cannot resume in california anytime soon. >> all right, john. oakland is teaming up to fight a spike in crime and they have p people in their
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sights. these are the fiewr most wanted wantur most wanted fugitives in the city. there have been 20 shootings in oakland including five homicides. many of the crimes are linked to rival gangses. he is devoting resources to so-called hotspots and focused on getting illegal weapons off the streets. a mother and her children are recovering after escaping from a fast-moving house fire. we have dramatic video of the rescue from a firefighter's helmet camera. >> let's go. >> if you look closely at this video you can see a woman handing firefighters one of her kids there coming off the staircase. neither the the mother nor her children suffered serious injuries. the alameda county fire department is testing the helmet camera. helmet forthe firefighter training. he was the face of the egyptian revolution last year. tonight google executive is in the bay area reflecting on his
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role in the arab spring uprisings. lisa amin gulezian spoke about the cause and the future jie. how did a nice boy like you get mixed up in the revolution? >> it was the first of many questions posed to him. the google exec made headlines as they helped organize the first massive protest that lead to the ousting of president mubarak. >> i wanted to put the spotlight on their practices hoping it would change. >> reporter: it started on his facebook page. he is in the bay area to reflect on the past year. he is in the u.s. to promote his book "revolution 2.0". it is a memwior that takes readers from his childhood in egypt to the revolution last year. but itrevolution that a revoluts now stalled in someways. he sat down with abc7 to talk about the state of egypt today.
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the military remains in control and protests and killings continue. violent crashes are blamed on anger toward the army rulers. >> i have faith that the power will be transferred. i open at the end of the day that it will happen fast. why? i care about egypt jie. he is. >> he is sure that democracy will prevail. in mountain view, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. up next, the top five tech predictions, the stuff of science fiction we will all be using in the not too distant future. >> and the university that is stocking a vending machine with the morning after pill. >> and the young wizzards who impressed the president. >> all that have is coming up, and then late other "nightline." >> the mystery mality making
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young girls twitch at one high school leaving experts stumped and parents arguing over who or what is to blame. and air marshals gone wild on the taxpayers' dollar. that's on "nighghghghghghghghghl everyday, an average of 5,000 people switch from cascade to finish dishwasher detergent.
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the ipad and an assistant named siri were from a few years ago. >> and over the next few years things will change dramatically. now, predictions about five technologies that will change your life. >> maybe this has happened to you. you realize you forgot to charge your phone. siri, how siri, how much battery life do you have left? >> checking my sources. i don't know that. would you like to search the web for it? >> dumb technology is all too familiar. >> familiarity is said to breed this from the latin for dismyself. >> what is contempt. >> watson is smart. one year ago the giant computer beat two human jeopardy champions. soon this could be in your pocket. >> it does president -- doesn't read your mind, but it learns from your behavior. >> every year he picks five futuristic technologies that could be commonplace in five years.prediction number prediction number one, phones and computers will actually
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know what you are thinking. >> ♪ go, -- ga, ga >> reporter: say you are having an imaginary romance with lady gaga you can hide i ae computer jie. it notices every time there is a news clip you can cruise through it. it will therefore come to the conclusion that are you a fan, and if tickets become available to a concert, it will instantaneously offer you those tickets saying, i grabbed them, you have 30 seconds to make your mind up. >> reporter: i called analytics, using lots of data to figure out what it wants. and advertiser finally could fiy stop flooding you. >> there is junk on some awful algorithms. they say you look for a pup p. >> with g mail -- if g mail were like watson they could
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show you ads you want instead of spam recipes in your spam folder. >> lord forbid you make a pun. >> siri, do you understand puns ? work.o work.stion, now let's >> your phone doesn't need a prediction. it needs cameras and microphones. pass words will keep doing this, and your phone is a big reason why. >> it actually has the capability of facial recognition and v nighs and -- recognition and iris scan. it knows it is you. i can't hack your account because there is no pass word. >> a phone that can tell you apart from a thief can become your key replacing the four-digit code. assuming the battery doesn't die. >> where is the nearest el >> i ct? >> i couldn't find any place request a matching electrical outlet. >> having a device with no way meaning less. less. >> new ways to charge a cell phone like a self-winding mechanical watch. microgenerators will use your body movement to charge your phone while you walk.
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pes perfect for developing yes yes -- countries where electricity is scarce. >> you put up one tower and you can handle thousands of phones to deploy a power infrastructure. it is much slower. >> in some villages communication means knocking on doors. the cell network is there and the electricity is not. but it is the digital divide that will disappear changing everything from family life to rm faking. >> -- to farming. >> you can look ahead to look at weather to plant. all of these things we take for granted are not available throughout the world. and it will make a dramatic difference in the quality of life. >> microgeneratorsgenerators the are not on the market which is a shame because your phone probably just shut itself off. mind bog>> it is mind bogg. this story generated comments on our facebook page and some innovations. cynthia m would like to see ipads in stalled on a car's dashboard.
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charging stations forles, cell s automobiles, cell phones and computers. we would like to hear your ideas go to a a small collegetracted ths attracted the attention of state regulators for providing the morning after pill in a vending machine. it off -- of offers the plan b contraceptive along with condoms and pregnancy tests. plan b is available without a prescr 1 anyone 17 or older, but state officials are not sure whether distributing it in a vending machine complies with regulations. well let's m weather weather forecast. one brief day of rain sprks we are back to the w su sunshine. >> sandhya patel is here with the rainfall totals. >> i will show you the rainfall totals, and then we will talk about spring-like weather revisiting us. the totals have varied from redwood city all the way up to an inch at cloverdale.
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it is a quarter of an inch in oakland. napa 4600 and fairfield half an inch. you get to the rain shadow of the mountains. livermore didn't get a lot. san jo .08. same thing for half moon bay. it is done and it is over with. and now the temperatures are in the 50s. we still have a lot of cloud cover and fog is beginning to form. we have low visibility in spots. santa rosa down to three miles. six miles in napa and livermore both reporting foggy conditions. half moon bay is visibility is coming down to 3 miles. you know you will need more time tomorrow morning as we head out the door. mostly cloudy and patchy fog. sunny and warmer the next two days. we are looking at dry and mild we weekeninto the weekend. thatd. that doesn't mean the entire weekend will be dry. we have rain returning as we head into sunday night. high suffer of -- a high surf advisory 13 to 16 feet with
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strong rip currents are a possibility. wave heights up to 9 to 13 feet and they will continue to build as we head into your wednesday. just be aware of this if you want to check out the waves. we lost our weather graphics. i have traphics,eather graphicsr but there is a problem with our key. >> sorry about that. the key is a lot of sunshine and warmth. coming um next, the commander in chief gets pumped up over a science fair project. >> and remember oscar sunday is february 26th here on abc7. you can predict the inwinners and get the latest -- predict the winners and get the latest buzz. you can download the latest app that offers live videos from the red carpet and back stage on oscar sunday. stay with us. the news continues after this.
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the front split apart and tonight the clouds will be with us. in the afternoon it is warmer
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for your wednesday. sday.arming trend will take us overnight readings with the fog around and the clouds. 39.temperature in the 40s it is sunshine and rm whatter and really a nice looking day with mid60s santa rosa, napa, oakland fremont. san jose, palo alto mid60s. low 60s around san francisco and half moon bay. 65 in santa cruz. 66 morgan hill. gilroy getting up to 67 dries. if you are -- drie you are heade y weather.pebble beach it will tomorrow it is dry by the way. 66 degrees on thursday. cooler on friday, saturday and sunday. but crosby weather expecd this year. looking at the mild forecast you will find it hard to believe it will get to 70 on thursday. unseasonably mild for this time of year. cooling off as we head into the weekend and a chance of showers returning by sunday
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night into monday. sandhya. ated by student projectsa was ps on display at the white house science fair. >> especially cool stuff like this marshmellow gun. >> let's see the marshmellow and what happened. >> it ended up hitting a wall clear across the state dining room. gite president was intrigued by a dissolveddable sugar packet invented by a high school student. >> the president asked when he can buy stock in her company. what a fun day. >> that's spectacular.ular.larr. you have to see monty ellis going off tonight. locked in a shootout with kevin durant.
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monty ellis exploded against oklahoma city for a new career high. but old kc has kevin durant. ellis attacking early. the corner three and monty with 18 in the first quarter. check out russell westbrook with a 360 spin. serious athleticism. kevin durant, this will be with authority. back to monty. fading and floating on the baseline. he had 30 in the first half. to go. than four minutes to go.n 45 points and warriors up four. the thunder answer. westbrook and durant 10 rebounds and and 25 seconds left and montay, career high 48. durant shoots a bank shot for the lead, are you kidding me 1234* 117-116.
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back to monty and a good look on the three, and no. this one hurts. thunder win it, 119-116 is your final. after a 10-year absence tiger woods returns to play the in pebble beach pro-am. he met the he met the have beenthn tumultuous, the surgery and implosion with his personal life. tyinger is 36 years old, although healthy he is starting to feel his age a little bit, especially when he plays with the kids. >> they are not very tall yet, and bending down there and playing with them and build things and coloring and doing all of those things, it is pretty low to the ground. so i do get sore. it is something i don't remember ever being like that. >> today the 49ers and san francisco giants competed in a five-hole shootout for charity. dwight clark rolled in a short putt on the final hole for a 3-29er victory. and the stars were all out at
2:34 am
there. jerry rice, the clark among the competetors. matt cane blinded some with his -- oh my goodness. mike shu man asking about wardrobe selection and got the flavor of today's event. >> what is up with the pants? >> they are great. have to represent the giants and represent the colors. >> i feel like the baseball players have an unfair advantage. i feel like they have more time to play during the season, especially pitchers. >> you can feel the competitive juices flowing. itit has to be bella check and stoops and edwards. .> it is always a competition. that is your toyota sports report. >>ing it is always intense. always intense. >> i'm dan ashley. and i'm carolyn johnson. keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter and abc7 news bay area. >> check us out there. @q
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>> but just with that bird's eye, that camera view you really get a true sense of the danger that these guys have to undergo every time they walk into a building when all of us are running out. >> brave is the word, right? okay. let's get to some political news this morning. a lot to talk about. the mitt romney campaign now facing a major challenge this morning after three devastating losses in three states last night. romney lost last night in minnesota, coming in third, actually, behind rick santorum and ron paul. santorum also won the missouri primary, which gives him the
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bragging rights but no delegates. they'll get to that awarding of delegates next month. on top of that santorum was also declared the winner in colorado's caucus. even more devastating for romney is that he performed much worse in all three states than he did four years ago. and consider this as well. romney is winning in every state that hillary clinton won and losing in every state that she lost. and we can remember from four years ago how that turned out. and the victories were santorum's first since his slim win in the iowa caucuses early in january. he told a cheering crowd last night in missouri that the win shows conservatism is alive and well. setting his sights beyond mitt romney, santorum said that president obama "thinks he's smarter than you. he thinks he's someone who is a privileged person who should be able to rule over you." well, the tallest skyscraper in the south has been foreclosed. the 55-story bank of america tower in atlanta was bought back at auction by its lender yesterday for $235 million. a california real estate firm had bought the building in 2006 for 436 mill, but it couldn't
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make the mortgage payments. it's being called atlanta's priciest repo. and a bright spot for job hunters this morning. new labor department figures show 3.4 million job openings at the end of december. that's more than 250,000 more than the month before. it means about four applicants for every available position. abc's david muir tells us where we can find those jobs. >> reporter: the number of employers now posting those ads, those signs, "help wanted," now at a nearly three-year high. and when you look at the private sector alone, the picture is even brighter. the jobs listed now at the highest point in almost 3 1/2 years. where were the jobs posted? more than 650,000 in the northeast. 760,000 in the midwest. nearly 776,000 in the west. and nearly 1.4 million jobs across the south. and we wanted to know how much do these new jobs pay? can they support a household? >> sales reps generally across industries, 20 to 50k. truck drivers, a lot of demand in the midwest and south, 25 to
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55k. the technology occupations, software engineers, 40 to 100k. health care occupations, registered nurses in the 40 to 80 k range. >> these are salaries that can support a family in some cases. >> i think so. because when you look at the cost of living in different parts of the country, you'll see that in some parts those types of salaries are certainly enough to get you by. >> reporter: but there are still more than 13 million americans looking for work. and that's how you get that figure. four people competing for every job. economists tell us in an ideal job market that number should be two americans competing for every job. in a simple experiment i asked on facebook, know of someone who's been hired? in 30 minutes we learned of 20 new hires. and finally we wondered about alvin sweat, who we reported on just last week, part of the long-term unemployed, losing


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