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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 8, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news this morning. revived. >> rick santorum sweeps, winning the latest round of primary voting. three states. a shocking outcome. forcing mitt romney to rethink his message. he looked right at me and closed the door. >> the chilling calls to 911 just before josh powell kills himself and his two sons. and the frugal family vowing to go a month without spending a cent. could you do it? good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. it was a super tuesday for rick santorum. voters revived his campaign with
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wins in missouri, minnesota, and colorado. >> tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: it sure was.romnre. before the vote, the romney campaign was trying to downplay expectations, pointing out there were no delegates at stake. but it was a bad night for romney. rick santorum made ate clean weep. >> wow! >> reporter: he may have breathed new life into his push for the gop nomination. he had victories in three states. >> i don't stand here to be the conservative to mitt romney. i want to be the conservative alternative to barack obama. >> reporter: he said he's not listening to the voice of the american people. >> he's never listened to the voice of the american people. why? he thinks he knows better. >> reporter: tuesday was a punch
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in the gut for mitt romney. this minnesota voter talked about why she supported santorum. >> his values. his lower government spending. his social conservativism is important to me. >> this was a good night for rick santorum. keep he'll keep on campaigning down the road. i expect to become your nominee with your help. >> reporter: the former speaker is trying to hold on to the spot as the chief alternative to romney. romney per form worse in all three states than he did four years ago. paula and rob? >> those true conservatives and tea partiers not rallying around romney just yet. thanks for the live report. one explosive issue in the
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campaign has been a new administration rule that requires employers to fully cover birth control this their health insurance plans, even if they're religious organizations that oppose contraception. the white house says they're working with the catholic church to resolve the issue. he wants to respect religious beliefs and convictions. the white house is also saying there are no balance to arm opposition groups in syria, despite calls from congress. the violence inside the country seems to be growing worse. though officials have asked for options or plans, they're looking at options because they are always prepared for multiple scenarios. same-sex marriage moves one step closer to the supreme court now that a federal appeals court ruled that it's unconstitutional to ban it. >> this is a huge day. >> reporter: a landmark for civil rights advocates.
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a federal appeals court struck down proposition 8. the california ban on same-sex marriage. t they wrote -- proposition 8 served no purpose, had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in california. >> marriage equality is the next step to finally showing california that my parents are equal. that our family is equal. >> reporter: proponents of prop 8 vowed to challenge the ruling. they said we'll appeal this misguided decision that disregards the will of more than 7 million californians, who voted to restore marriage as the unique uniwhereon of only man and a woman. prop 8 passed in 2008. in 2010, a lower court judge declared the measure violated due process, and equal
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protection under the law from discrimination. the battle over same-sex marriage in california is by no means over. it's possible the future of proposition 8 could be decided by the united states supreme court. gay and lesbian couples won't be allowed to get married just yet. the federal court of appeals agreed to stay the ruling pepding appeal. diana alvear, abc news, los angeles. the son of new york city's police chief will not be charged on a rape claim. last month, a woman reported she met kelly for drinks in october and he then sexually assaulted her. they decided no criminal charges are appropriate. a soul train will be rolling through chi town tonight as the city remembers don cornelius. his legacy will be celebrated at the museum of broadcast
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communications in his hone town of chicago. >> i've been there to that museum. very cool. time for the weather across the nation. cooler on the east coast. rain and snow showers in new york and washington, d.c. thunderstorms and heavy downpours in florida. up to an inch of rain in south texas. springs andm springs and nia, san diego, a few sprinkles in the pacific northwest. 44 in salt lake city. 20s from fargo to omaha. 44 here in new york. near 60 in atlanta. and 81 in miami. coming up, new details in the story of josh powell. and his sons.911 the 911 tape j. did authorities delay getting to the scene? also, an important health alert this morning. our salt doesn't come all from the shaker. is bread one of the main culprits behind our obsession with sodium? and two words for you.
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bacon milkshake. >> yes! c@c@bra breakfast.
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welcome back, everyone. good news for you that are looking for work. your odd of finding a job are better than at any time since the start of the recession. the number of openings jumped in december. it's now at the best level of three years. there's about four applicants for every open job, down from a
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high of almost seven. consumer borrowing accelerated in december for the second straight month. some of that credit card debt probably for holiday gifts. most of it was school and auto loans. overseas markets are mostly up on hopes for greece and because of a sunny forecast from toyota. tokyo's nikkei average gained 98 points. hong kong's hang seng rose 319 points. in london, the ftse opened lower. the dow picked up 33 points. neenl, the nasdaq index rose two. and the so-called food police want the whole truth about the whole grain claims. the center for science in the public interest is demanding that the fda define the terms whole grain and whole wheat. right now, there are no rules for those claims. if you're ready to throw nutritional caution to the wind,
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jack in the box has something for you. a bacon milk shake. i'll take one. a large has more than 1,000 calories and 54 grams of fat. it's part of the chain's bacon promotion. i like my bacon crispy. not sure i would like it in a 34i8ing shake form. i'll try it. >> in a shake? we'll try it. send it here to abc. coming up next, on this wednesday morning. blowing the whistle on air marshalls. the armed security on so many flights today. some are found sleeping on the job. and shocking new details from the powell family tragedy, from knewly released calls to 911. ♪ look at all this... where do we start? unpack this one first. ♪ it doesn't matter where we are.
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a firefighter in a cold water suit jumped into that icy reservoir to save the dog. he managed to stay afloat until help arrived. he was freezing but otherwise okay. now for a look at the morning road conditions. wet on i-5 from l.a. to san diego. seattle to portland. rain drenches southern texas, especially i-35 from san antonio to laredo. slick highways this evening from d.c. to new york. if you're flying, the skies are pretty clear. possible delays in miami. >> it's 80 degrees. they're okay in miami. they'll make it through. moving on to more news this morning. police in washington state have released the first 911 calls about josh powell. he killed himself and his two little boys. >> the calls were made by the case worker who had taken the boys to powell's house only to
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be left outside. >> the parent, the biological parent, whose name is josh powell, will not let me in the door. what should i do? >> reporter: the social worker in charge of the visit is trying to remain calm with a dispatcher. >> i think i need right way. he's -- he's on a very short leach with dshs and cps has been involved. and this is the craziest thing. he looked at me and closed the door. i could hear one of the kids crying. >> reporter: he hads been a person of interest in the kis appearance of his wife. >> i would like to pull out of the driveway smell i smell gasoline and he won't let me in. >> reporter: the operator seems to downplay the threat. >> i don't know man. they have to respond to life-threatening emergencies first. >> this could be life threatening. he went to court on wednesday
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and he didn't get his kids back and -- i'm afraid for their lives. >> reporter: police say powell had stock-piled ten gallons of fuel, using it as an axel rant. igniting an infer know. part of his plan for murder-suicide. taking his own life and his children with him. >> that story just gets worse. that was jeff pegues reporting. the 911 center also heard from josh powell's sister, who feared the worst after getting e-mails and messages from josh. >> i think my brother might be in trouble or something. >> what's going on with your brother. >> he's sending -- i don't know. he's sending weird e-mails, he's saying good-bye and stuff. >> and this was the josh who has been in the media, right? >> the one who has been being abused by everyone, i -- i -- >> alina powell wanted police to
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go to her brother's house but didn't know his address. she was terrified to go over there herself because of what she might find. well, air marshals charged with keeping the skies safe are being charged with outrageous conduct. one marshal was caught sleeping on a flight with a loaded gun. others are accused of targeting gays and minorities. there are tension and distrust within the ranks. 1 in 4 air marshals said there's a problem that adversely affects safety. too much salt can cause serious health problems. you may be surprised to hear where it's coming from. a new government report found that bread and rolls are the number one source of salt, followed by deli lunch meats, pizza, poultry and soups. all my favorite stuff.
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the cdc says americans eat so much bread that it raises their salt intake. salty snacks like chips came in at number ten. hard news to swallow this morning. >> i love bread and all of that stuff, lunch meat. time for sports from or friends at espn news. good morning, this is your espn news update. paul pierce and the celtics taking on the bobcats. boston down two. rondo finding pierce from the corner iffer the "j." celtics tie it up at 35-35. third quarter, pierce, hitting the three, and moving ahead o larry bird. larry bird. to second on the all-time scoring list for the celtics. boston wins, 94-84. how about college hoops. number one kentucky taking on the florida gators. bradley peal. anthony davis, a huge block. under 11:00 to play, 16 points
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for him. kentucky wins 78-58. how about third-ranked ohio state hosting purdue. purdue down two. jackson, turn-around "j." knotted up at 40. second half, a steal. taking it the other way for the jam. later in the second. first shot won't go. rebound. the finish and the foul. he would make the free throw. tied at 62-62. under thr3:00 to play, buford f three. under 1:00 to play, jackson, jumper. it won't go. the other buford taking it the other way to the house. the buckeyes go on to win, 87-84. that's your espn news update. i'm jorge andres. for more, tune in to espn news. well, new york city welcomed the super bowl champs back home
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with a ticker-tape parade. the players took their victory lap on a stretch of broadway called the canyon of heroes. >> i know this story breaks your heart, you patriots fan. that ended in rally where the mayor gave the players a key to the city. he declared the city the big blue apple. >> the big apple. now it's the big blue. wanted to get that out there. up next, the critics still piling on the patriots, creating another internet sensation. we'll show to it you. on top of that, daniel radcliffe admitting to very adult behaviors with his groupies. mm-hmm. stores. rehouse (phone ring) hello? warehouse stores? consider this your wakeup call! only sears has all top ten brands. so they're the only experts on all ten. and only sears can guarantee the best price on all ten.
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don't wait. lipitor may be available for as little as $4 a month. get your lipitor co-pay card today at all right, time to check "the pulse, wts t" the stories be talking about today. hundreds of butter fingers candy bars were dumped on a street yesterday. >> the candy was a not so subtle jab at patriots player wes welker's dropped fourth quarter pass. speaking of the losing effort, look at the latest vira. >> it's called bradying. pictures of people bradying have been showing up across the net. the picture on the left is brady in sunday's game. next to him are some of the
4:23 am
internet copy cats. >> to practice, try hanging your head and looking deeply sad. it looks like daniel radcliffe is no harry potter. the child star is all grown up, now admitting in an interview that he's had sex with his groupies. >> he says he prefers sleeping with girls he nose. but he says he's had one-night stands while drinking. i'm sure there will be a lot of women coming out of the woodwork, yeah, he's my baby daddy. well, it looks like obama girl is not so sweet on president obama anymore. >> remember amber? she got her 15 minutes of fame awhile ago. she said she's undecided about this year's election, keeping her eyes and ears open. >> she's hurt that the president never thanked her for the video. it's been viewed more than 24
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a very abrupt end to a high speed chase. the overnight crash that shutdown 101. mike has the forecast. >> fog is forming. we'll show it to you. and talk about the warmer weather on the way. >> frances is t updating the day's top stories. mitt romney's momentum has come to a stand still after he was soundly beaten in three states
4:27 am
last night by rick santorum. the white house is working with the catholic church on a compromise of a rule law that would force them to cover birth control. the ruling on same-sex unions in california has been deemed unconstitutional. taking a look at today it's going to be cooler with rain and snow showers from washington, d.c. to n morning morning showers in southern california. and finally, from us this morning, tightening the purse strings. one family's vow to gro frugal. >> i love this. a california couple says they spend too much money on things they don't need. they're refusing to spend any money for a month. >> i thought it was just frugal friday. i thought it was one day. i thought, we can do that.
4:28 am
turns out, it's frugal february. >> it gain as an idea for this family of six that developed into a life of its own. >> since my pockets were empty, it's not a tough decision to make. >> reporter: the du in rks in rks ings, taking a vow to stop spending money for a month. mom shelly decided to go all the way. on january 31st, they went shopping for a lot of groceries. >> loaded up on therom butter . costco. nuts. a lot of things for baking. we're planning to eat a lot of rice. we have a lot of frozen meat. >> reporter: the family's now walking instead of driving. and all miscellaneous spending on hold. just a few days in, look what's happening. the kids are playing. and thinking about stuff they don't really need. >> after school, i thought, i wonder if we can do go to the
4:29 am
dollar tree, maybe. then i thought, oh, no, we're not spending money. we have to use things we already have. >> reporter: so she made this wallet out of multicolor duct tape. crafts are getting a second look. >> this one is going to be a really long necklace.onr: not en board. >> i have a lot of money i want to spend. >> reporter: other than nick, the dunnings are open to this lesson. >> i hope lit reset our clock on everything. i hope that at the end of this month, we can look back and say, gosh, we -- we had a loot of fun with each other and -- >> you just find out what's truly important. >> i'm going for it. >> there's nothing in


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